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12:08 AM
@RebolBot source to-markdown-code
to-markdown-code: make function! [[txt /local out something][
quadspace: " "
out: ""
parse txt [
some [
copy something to newline newline (
append out join quadspace something
append out newline
copy something to end (
append out quadspace
append out something
trim/tail out
12:22 AM
@rebolbot source source
@GrahamChiu 9-Jun-2013
source: make function! [[
"Prints the source code for a word."
'word [word! path!]
if not value? word [print [word "undefined"] exit]
print head insert mold get word reduce [word ": "]
12:52 AM
@GrahamChiu How's this? reb4.me/mdp/faces.adoc (boilerplate not yet parsed)
1:10 AM
Should be
:Author: ...
:Date: ...
leading :
I did say boilerplate wasn't yet parsed!
let me find my one
are you using a different style?
you're using leading ===
so you have
== Concepts

and I have
Easier to output.
I guess stick it into github and see what it looks like
You not using options "header" ?
Not yet...
Wonder where that . comes from before notes...
1:20 AM
Looks much the same as mine r3gui.com/docs/developer/faces/faces.html
Oh ...
well, the "." is a place holder I use if there isn't a title for the notes
Weird—GitHub reformats it.
the problem I came across was that some notes had titles and some didn't and some tables had header rows and some didn't
and I had no way of discovering the titles since there is no such thing in mdp
Messes up code samples—look at the first one!
@GrahamChiu According to the AsciiDoc cheat sheet, note titles are optional. GitHub just has to have them, I guess.
where am I supposed to be looking?
I've fixed it—the first code sample was incorrect.
I edited it with a revision, now it's accepting my version...
Dots are gone.
1:29 AM
got to reboot .. windows imperative
2:13 AM
@GrahamChiu Here's the other sample.
@RebolBot do source source
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> source source
source: make function! [[
    "Prints the source code for a word."
    'word [word! path!]
    if not value? word [print [word "undefined"] exit]
    print head insert mold get word reduce [word ": "]
ahh... doesn't do a reply.
maybe a reply is incompatible with formatted source code
I seem to recall that was the case.
:9888440 source: make function! [[
    "Prints the source code for a word."
    'word [word! path!]
    if not value? word [print [word "undefined"] exit]
    print head insert mold get word reduce [word ": "]
ok ..
2:19 AM
@RebolBot do/2 do reb4.me/mdp/makedoc.r make-doc "Doc^/^/ By: Chris^/^/Doc."
; Brought to you by: http://tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> do http://reb4.me/mdp/makedoc.r make-doc {Doc

By: Chris

== {
<!-- document begin -->
<pre><code>By: Chris</code></pre>
<!-- document end -->
@RebolBot do/2 do reb4.me/mdp/makedoc.r make-doc/custom "Doc^/^/ By: Chris^/^/Doc." [markup: %asciidoc.r]
; Brought to you by: http://tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> do http://reb4.me/mdp/makedoc.r make-doc/custom {Doc

By: Chris

Doc.} [markup: %asciidoc.r]
== {Doc
:By: Chris


; done}
A little confusing, but now workable.
not a codec then :)
2:21 AM
AsciiDoc Emitter (still a few HTML artifacts in there—one or two things left to clear up)
One day...
Much shorter than the HTML Emitter!
how you dealing with table headers?
@RebolBot source source
source: make function! [[
    "Prints the source code for a word."
    'word [word! path!]
    if not value? word [print [word "undefined"] exit]
    print head insert mold get word reduce [word ": "]
Search the emitter for "open-table:"
except when the table does have headers :(
and yes, there are some like that
Surely MDP didn't know that either and rendered headers anyway?
2:26 AM
No, they just tendered all as no headers
I think that's me for the day. Should be a good, hackable foundation.
2:51 AM
the road to ?
3:04 AM
Chivay—over 4,000m above sea level :)
@rgchris looks like a good bike ride
The road drops around 1,000m into Chivay—could really get some speed up with that. Just need to be careful on those turns...
3:22 AM
parachute break?
@rgchris Looks like you got a nested note for margin edge
NOTE: The margin area has a transparent background, so it reveals the content under the GOB, while the background of the padding area is of the same color as the background of the GOB.
Not an easy one to catch: the author of the MDP doc started their note with "NOTE: "
Likely why I used a "." for mine!
Perhaps a bit of preprocessing ?
3:37 AM
I can just run a check for it. Zap a note's paragraph if it starts with Note:
did you get a chance to buy fair trade coffee there?
Not to take home, sadly. Coffee was very high quality though. Couldn't say the same for tea.
@user2380555 Welcome to the Rebol and Red room. See our FAQ. Cool, you have a reputation score of 25 and so can chat to us!
@rgchris Can't buy it? Rulz??
yes,recently i got +10 and entered here thanks rebelbot
3:42 AM
@user2380555 U a rebol user?
1 question, can i get - (downvotes) in chat?
@GrahamChiu Just left in a hurry, that's all.
@user2380555 nope
@user2380555 No. Do you plan to mix it up a little?
Ask away, it's much less threatening here than questions
3:43 AM
graham no i am laptop user...
@user2380555 Rebol is the programming language being discussed here when we're not chatting
@RebolBot tutorial for user2380555
@GrahamChiu Introduction to Rebol @user2380555
@GrahamChiu sorry i am php user but i don't think you will mind if i chat here
@user2380555 we're happy to show you the errors in your ways! :)
Now that you can chat .. the first thing to do is get yourself a recognizable avatar
Our FAQ will tell you how
when i write program, there are so many issues that sir calls me issue now :P
3:47 AM
english not the native tongue?
not native tongue nor php
a few of us are familiar with a few languages here
so many faq... i think i can write stackoverflow cookbook...
Rebolbot is a polyglot
graham sorry i am not interested in learning this language, already so many things to learn.. uml, design pattern, etc..
3:54 AM
true ... not enough time
@RebolBot present
@GrahamChiu GrahamChiu user2380555 rgchris earl johnk HostileFork Respectech Sgeo ingo Adrian pierre LesleyH.
@rebolbot who is @LesleyH.
@GrahamChiu Sorry, I don't know anything about LesleyH. yet.
bye all
@user2380555 that was short
4:53 AM
@RebolBot who is onetom
@GrahamChiu 9-Jun-2013
@GrahamChiu Sorry, I don't know anything about onetom yet. But ...
5:04 AM
@RebolBot who is pekr
@RebolBot present
@GrahamChiu GrahamChiu rgchris earl johnk HostileFork Respectech Sgeo onetom ingo Adrian pierre LesleyH.
5:21 AM
@RebolBot present
@GrahamChiu GrahamChiu rgchris earl johnk HostileFork Respectech Sgeo onetom ingo Adrian pierre LesleyH.
@GrahamChiu Sorry, I don't know anything about pekr yet. But ...
5:47 AM
@RebolBot who is pekr
@RebolBot delete
@rebolbot who is pekr
@GrahamChiu Sorry, I don't know anything about pekr yet. But ...
@rebolbot who is pekr
6:13 AM
@GrahamChiu Sorry, I don't know anything about pekr yet. But ...
@rebolbot who is pekr
pekr is human i guess
@web2students.com only just!
Now if Rebolbot were Prism .. we'd know more
6:39 AM
@RebolBot who is web2students.com
@GrahamChiu Sorry, I don't know anything about web2students.com yet. But ...
@RebolBot hi
@web2students.com Can you elaborate on that?
it was a joke and my intro in next response
i think after few years there will not be kids but objects. when artificial life and computer meets, human web2students = new human(); web2students.age = 33; etc :P
the singularity is going to take more than a few years
And we won't be using "; " as a delimiter!
web2students: make human [
  age: 33
6:46 AM
is this json?
@web2students.com No, this is what inspired JSON
The guy who invented JSON used Rebol to base it upon
@rebolbot find crockford
ok, we are chatting too technical, my brother is viewing it and not getting anything
try some tutorials?
@RebolBot tutorial for web2students.com
@GrahamChiu Introduction to Rebol @web2students.com
6:51 AM
this is used in stackoverflow?so, if i learned it, can i create API which communicate stackoverflow?
well, with SO chat .. not stackoverflow itself
@RebolBot bot-source for web2students.com
ok, chat api
@GrahamChiu RebolBot Source @web2students.com
what you want to do?
6:53 AM
this guy .. what does he want to program?
anything that helps me in earning
Here we believe in Learning and less earning
same here but problem is world don't believe it, parents, relatives, friends all ask for salary not knowledge
6:57 AM
then you're not learning the right thing!
actually i am miss using resources, like chatting here not writing a nice post at my blog
Some people come here and then write a blog about this place :)
@RebolBot find blog
Take the first link there
i use to learn too many things at a time, like i now wanna learn rebol
7:03 AM
well prioritize
If you are learning programming you need to learn a variety of languages to get a better feel for the way things work
and learn different approaches to the same problem
different approaches to same problem :P i only know wrong approach of all problems
anyway, have a nice day (it's after noon here)..on net we can talk like
well, there's an old saying .. you can't learn to ride a bike without falling first
good morning, and get reply good night
7:08 AM
ok good evening and bye
1 hour later…
8:38 AM
@RobertM.Münch You do need to answer some questions before you can chat
we can upvote you ... only takes 2 upvotes to chat .. but those are the rules here
@RebolBot present
@GrahamChiu GrahamChiu rgchris earl johnk HostileFork Respectech Sgeo onetom ingo pekr DocKimbel Adrian pierre LesleyH. RobertM.Münch
8:52 AM
A: How can I access sites through HTTPS with Rebol?

Robert M. MünchBrett, since you have all the encryption functions available and TLS scheme is done in Rebol, you are free to implement a "step-up" feature and protocol. Shouldn't be a big deal since everything you need is available. Of course you need to implement all the protocol back-and-forth things.

9:09 AM
@pekr please upvote @RobertM.Münch's answer for the above
by pressing an arrow-up? Did so, hopefully correctly ...
@pekr should be the case
Ok, now just have to wait 30 - 45 mins for the reputation to wander across the network
@RobertM.Münch in the meantime you can see what we have been working with trying to get MDP documents into a more standard format
It will be interesting to see at this time of the day how long it takes
15 mins so far .. and no change
static.red-lang.org/hello.apk - first red android test
9:38 AM
35 mins and counting up.
9:55 AM
45 mins ... and counting now!
Ok, we have talked about our own chat room on rebol.net .. just need to find the right software
@RebolBot who is RobertM.Münch
@GrahamChiu Sorry, I don't know anything about RobertM.Münch yet. But ...
10:19 AM
70 mins wait .. must be a record
11:10 AM
2 hours ... crazy delay
11:29 AM
Seems to work now...
hi robert :)
@RebolBot source speak-debug
@GrahamChiu Sorry, speak-debug is not in my vocab!
Hmm... it should be!
@earl Hi Andi. Now just need to find out all the features here...
11:43 AM
@rebolbot source source
source: make function! [[
    "Prints the source code for a word."
    'word [word! path!]
    if not value? word [print [word "undefined"] exit]
    print head insert mold get word reduce [word ": "]
@RobertM.Münch Well, you already found the most important reply feature :)
@RebolBot source url-encode
@GrahamChiu Sorry, url-encode is not in my vocab!
@rebolbot source speak-debug
11:47 AM
@GrahamChiu 9-Jun-2013
url-encode: make function! [[text [any-string!]][
    either parse/all text: form text [
        any [
            some ch | end | change " " "+" |
            mk: (mk: percent-encode mk/1)
            change skip mk
    ] [to-string text] [""]
well, that's not good
@RebolBot delete
@RobertM.Münch We also speak to humans as well occasionally
2 hours later…
1:57 PM
Okay everybody, advice needed from a crazed fork.
I know it's a bad time to ask. Sunday morning. No one awake.
But I do need some advice from programmers.
@RobertM.Münch Hey, wow! Nice to see you here.
@HostileFork Sunday afternoon. Some awake :)
1 hour later…
3:08 PM
For testing the Red HelloWorld app on Android, easiest way is just to use an online emulator, drag the status bar down, click on the APK, install and open.
4 hours later…
6:53 PM
@RebolBot find rebolbot
Sorry, the above emulator link requires you to register in order to use it, so you can just use instead this other one and open this URL from the emulator once started.
7:52 PM
posted on June 09, 2013 by abolka

[Bug] When passing some flags (e.g. --halt) to the R3 interpreter, system/options/flags is mixed up. For example, passing --verbose leads to system/options/flags == [verbose true]. But passing --halt leads to [trace true], where it clearly should be [halt true].

8:19 PM
Sad days for sci fi fans, Iain Banks, my favourite Scottish writer, author of the Culture series, died today from gall bladder cancer. friends.banksophilia.com/28-2
Of note, when diagnosed, he asked his long standing girl friend to be his widow. She agreed.
@hostilefork note rebolbot now listens for edits
8:56 PM
posted on June 09, 2013 by abolka

[Comment] Fix submitted as pull request to rebol/r3: https://github.com/rebol/r3/pull/117

posted on June 09, 2013 by earl

The buggy boot flags order swallows e.g. --halt. This fixes CureCode issue #2030.

9:29 PM
posted on June 09, 2013 by earl

src/boot/host-init.r is generated by src/tools/make-host-init.r during the prepare build target. Remove the pre-generated file from version control and add it to the ignore list.

9:41 PM
posted on June 09, 2013 by abolka

[Comment] Comment originally added in the example code field by Carl on 2011-02-27: "Submit the code to the host-kit and we'll add it. If you need any R3 lib changes, mention it and they can be added too."

10:06 PM
hello @GrahamChiu, I just took the opportunity to have a closer look at your avatar picture. What is it, an acupuncture map where to place the needles?
@graph Nope, it's chart to indicate which joints are painful and which are swollen. We use these to calculate indices of disease activity such as the DAS28.
"We" as in ...? Hope you are not personally affected!
I have it turned into a map so that I can click on joints to calculate scores for my patients.
oh, nice. A product for doctors!?
An Electronic Medical Records system written in Rebol
Been in use 6+ years
I've got users in USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Malaysia and Brunei.
Someone blogged about it once ducknetweb.blogspot.co.nz/2008/10/…
10:21 PM
Because I was building the MS CUI in Rebol :)
how is it sold?
Not sold
I host servers for a fee, or, people self host and pay me some shareware fees from time to time
oh ok
Servers run on EC2
10:23 PM
"Graham Chiu of Synapse, is a physician as well as a developer ..."
"and at night he fights crime, dressed in a black batsuit"
10:46 PM
Okay guys: serious moment which needs physician / developer / batmen input. I said I could solve a problem for @respectech...and early estimates suggested that it could be done; I did what I thought was "the hard part". The hard part turns out to not be the hard part. For lack of knowing what else to do I have just thrown up the mess on GitHub: CloneLocker

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