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12:00 AM
@TylerH another pefect duplicate to be reclosed if you don't mind: stackoverflow.com/q/66378075/8620333 ...
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3:28 PM
posted on February 26, 2021

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

4:09 PM
@TemaniAfif Not sure those are good dupe targets, even though the answers on them solve the same problem, the questions are different. I'm thinking something more along these lines google.com/…
but can't find a perfect one
4:45 PM
Hello all, I have a question about css grids: I have two items. Depending on the width of the grid, I would like to stack these items horizontally or vertically. How can I achievethat?
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6:04 PM
@TylerH not sure what I changed and it wont let me rollback the changes *eye roll*

I can't figure out why my "dropdown" is now out of line with the other items https://jsfiddle.net/whvp83f5/
6:23 PM
For some reason the anchor wrapping around the button was causing that
6:54 PM
@bigchungus JSFiddle doesn't have an undo button but you can ctrl+z inside each editor box (CSS, HTML, JS). Otherwise you need to go to a prior revision
you may find creating an account useful. It's free and lets you keep track of your fiddles
I know. I was working on it in VSC
put in there to share
But I fixed it.
I was wrapping an anchor around my dropdown-content and it threw it off?
Why can't I wrap that
https://jsfiddle.net/arpk7dub/ with the anchor, it screws the positioning of the Dropdown

https://jsfiddle.net/unyzwp9v/ without the anchor, it is fine?
7:11 PM
@TylerH the question is not really different. The OP want to have 3 div side by side with equal width and more precisely to have them left/center/right if you check the text-align he using. You are probably thinking about this one: stackoverflow.com/q/5078239/8620333 (the one to remove white space between inline block) but the one I gave are more direct since they give all the possible solution to make 3 element side by side (equal or not)
The issue is why does calc 100% divided by 3 result in one of the children wrapped to a new line
it's because the white space covered by the classic "white space issue between inline element"
but they only give the reason and the ones I used as target give better solutions
I tried adding a css element .dropdown a {} to display the dropdown button like that of the other anchors but nothing facepalm
the space between inline-blocks is one avenue to fix it but IMHO is solving it from a different tack
^ so this target apply as well: stackoverflow.com/q/5078239/8620333 .. it explain the space issue and we can find the flexbox solution there
7:20 PM
Hey guys
Im new here
@bigchungus you are using a lot of float, consider flexbox instead
Does anybody use repl.it?
@AndrewLiu Hi Andrew
@TemaniAfif Hai
7:22 PM
I'll compromise by using a mixture of all of them :-)
@AndrewLiu first time I hear about
7:58 PM
8:12 PM
In my anchors, I have target="_blank" which is opening the link in a new tab, but the window also switches to the new tab. Is there a way to have it so the link opens in a new tab, but the current window stays at the parent of the anchor link

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