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2:03 AM
posted on January 20, 2021

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

@TylerH Well, face it, Flash has a bad rep. It's true that it's full of security holes, it's also true that it's been heavily used irresponsibly by developers (intrusive ads, malware, inaccessible content, etc). It was more ubiquitous than any browser, making it a target for attackers
I would hope there's nothing inherently wrong, bad or insecure about the SWF format, but we don't know that for sure either. But we can still implement a more or less secure player for it
The only thing about Flash that has EOL'd is the official Flash Player, and the killswitch mainly prevents it from playing any external SWFs (e.g. from online)
2:22 AM
I mean OK I guess in a way SWF/AS3 are no longer being worked on but you get the idea
12 hours later…
2:17 PM
@Feeds heh
2:27 PM
@BoltClock Yeah, but my annoyance is with browsers that auto update that then actively block attempts to run the software
like, putting it behind a toggle where you have to manually acknowledge a warning and run it every time isn't enough?
3:15 PM
chrisheilmann.medium.com/… Didn't know Chris Heilmann had such boomer takes (he's Gen X)
3:37 PM
OK, fine, I'll click that medium link because it includes Neopets in the URL...
to be fair, it's hard to distinguish some Gen X from Boomers sometimes; my girlfriend's coworker is 40 or 41 this year and a lot of millennials or Gen Zers (his students) consider him to be 'boomer' because to them it's just anyone who is old
and 40 is definitely old enough to have been on the youngish side of old as the internet was really in its prime (IMHO): ~'98 thru ~'08
yeah, that's a boomer take for sure
Hows it going
I need to GET information from a HTML form/SharePoint list and post it to another page in HTML format. The JS I know how to do, I am just curious how difficult/easy is it to display that text in the format I need
@TylerH Someone like Chris should know better than to use Medium
@bigchungus depends on the format you use to get it. If you get it as a JSON file or XML file or CSV file it should be fairly straightforward to insert as desired into whatever your waiting output structure is
if you're doing list data I'd probably use a table or, preferably, a C# gridview
3:51 PM
I have not ever programmatically harvested SP list data before. Programmatically I've only ever inserted/updated data to SharePoint lists using the CSOM in an ASP.NET application.
4:05 PM
to be honest I am unfamiliar with ASP.NET. I've done it with jQuery & AJAX
I'm not familiar with this guy, is he a prominent programming writer/blogger/personality?
oh, "Principal Program Manager for Browser Tools at Microsoft"
I guess these tweets and articles explain why MSFT's browser tools suck so much
Q: POST Data From SharePoint List to Separate Printable Page

codingdreamingI have a SharePoint list that holds data that has been submitted through an HTML form. This list includes Data to be used as Headings, Subheadings, and then the notes/text to be posted under the subheadings. For Example a weekly report of NFL teams. The Team name is the main heading (in bold), th...

@TylerH had to post on this account bc for some reason this one got banned from posting... For repetitive questions or something like that
But I explained what I am trying to accomplish in a lot more detail if that helps
4:42 PM
@bigchungus Just so you know this is considered circumvention and is an excellent way to get your question and new account destroyed and your old one suspended
Q: What can I do when getting "We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account"?

ArjanIf you are reading this, you may have been affected by one of our post quality bans. If so, it is important that you read the following information to understand what has happened and how to regain the permissions that you lost. While trying to ask a question, one could see: We are no longer acc...

Read this and follow the instructions there
Or specifically for Stack Overflow:
Q: What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”?

Robert HarveyDo not repost the question you were about to ask until you have READ EVERYTHING WE ARE ABOUT TO TELL YOU. While trying to ask a question, one could get: We are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more. Likewise, for answers: We are no longer acceptin...

Guess I will delete other account... But I have gone through my questions tried fixing them, deleted ones that seem to be "repetitive" which they really aren't that repetitive. They are all irrelevant from months ago...
4:58 PM
Questions aren't irrelevant just because you have received an answer
Remember that posts on Stack Overflow are not just for you but for future readers (even moreso than for you)
You don't know why might, years later, have the same question as you and be thankful that you asked it
Obligatory XKCD comic: xkcd.com/979
5:55 PM
@TylerH He's pretty prominent yeah. Not as up there as the likes of Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer but close. Used to work for Moz, most people my age & from my generation of web devs know him from his Moz days
6:43 PM
Why wont this span place in between the table rows? jsfiddle.net/nd4fs5p6
7:24 PM
Do you have experience with Bootstrap 5 ?
I am struggling how to compile SCSS to CSS
I am trying with node-sass watch mode
"node-sass -w styles/scss/custom.scss styles/css/main.css --output-style compressed"
but this does not compile scss from subdirectories
why didn't you just start with CSS instead of SCSS
I am not to familiar with SASS but everytime I have used bootstrap, I use CSS off the bat
Because it's not optimized
I don't need the whole bunch of bootstrap.min.css
1 hour later…
8:38 PM
@bigchungus span is not a valid child of <tbody> or <table>
so the browser is moving it automatically

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