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12:54 AM
do you guys know what kind of tag is this <t:multiselect multile="true" /> (jquery, bootstrap?)tried to find online but I could not. i
1:25 AM
1:37 AM
Is my css good
2:24 AM
@GameMaster1928 I can still see the panel on the right while it's collapsed
And I'd say the scrolling seems resource-intensive for such a simple page
@Domino that’s intentional
And maybe the scrolling being intensive is because of the backdrop-filter on the navbar, that’s a big performance hog for some reason
I should probably remove it
3:05 AM
🤔 Well, it doesn't look intentional when you can only see one letter
As the for performance issues, that might be it, but my computer was also falling apart. Rebooted it and it's running fine 😅
3:56 AM
I just through it looked better like that
Besides then I can use that nice animation where the navbar pops in and out like an SD card
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5:12 AM
posted on March 31, 2020

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

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2:13 PM
@Feeds lel, self deprecation
Q: What is the meaning of this tag: <t>lorem ipsum</t>

Stephen LeadThe template page http://www.blacktie.co/demo/kelvin contains a tag I haven't seen before: <t>Email</t> The corresponding CSS styles this: #footwrap t {font-weight: 700;} I'm curious as to the significance of the <t>. It's not listed at http://htmldog.com/reference/htmltags or other lists I can...

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3:51 PM
posted on March 31, 2020 by CommitStrip

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8:49 PM
stackoverflow.com/q/60951234/8620333 a perfect duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/27935938/… reopened by the queue (with member having 0 activiy within CSS ..)
^ even if not a duplicate, it's a too broad question

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