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5:05 AM
hello, can someone guide me on this?
Q: Can first column be skipped when using isotope with bootstrap columns?

Vishal BhattI am using isotope to filter blog posts category wise. My layout is as below: I am using bootstrap column classes for grid items. As per layout, I have to leave first column for category listing and start isotope filtering from second column. I have tried offsetting the column but absolute posit...

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12:19 PM
12:36 PM
I have these links displayed as a boxes. When it comes to graphics, how do I take into account for mobile and tablet devices?
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1:51 PM
I guess to be worded better I mean to make the page responsive
2:01 PM
@TylerH I was using this for reference, but it didn't make a single difference when I tested it.
2:19 PM
I would recommend using MDN over W3Schools, for what it's worth.
much better/more accurate documentation
@bigchungus "taking into account mobile and tablet devices" is called responsive design, and it's a bit of a meaty topic. In other words, there's no quick fix or single property you can apply to magically fix things
@bigchungus First, I would start by reading this: alistapart.com/article/responsive-web-design
(don't worry, most of the page height is from comments, not the article)
I enjoy a good read so I don't mind haha
After that, I'd recommend this: smashingmagazine.com/2011/01/…
Then you should be ready to try out specific scenarios
Much appreciated
Quick question in regards to this.

I finally was able to get them to be three on top and three on the bottom, but now I can't seem to get them centered anymore
2:29 PM
just FYI <h1> elements do not go in the <head>
they go in the <body>
also <strong> is not recommended as it is styling, which should be done via CSS instead. On top of that, it's unneeded inside <h> tags, which already bold text by default
Well hey the more you know
As for the issue with centering, it's because you've added additional div wrappers and moved the flex properties up to the new div wrappers
you have to apply display: flex and justify-content: center to the parent div of the element you want centered
Another small FYI - if you ever have & in HTML, it's recommended you write &amp; instead. That way you can avoid some encoding issues that might happen
like in text
I noticed it kept having a red squiggly under it
2:49 PM
all I needed to add to .center
Now it works like a charm
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5:52 PM
posted on October 26, 2020

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

6:27 PM
Is it possible to use just HTML/CSS to have a square with a certain gradient, and when hovered over the gradient flips upside down? Is this possible without an event listener
7:05 PM
@bigchungus Yes, you would just use a :hover style on the element
I figured it out.
7:51 PM
@TylerH sorry for the pings, you just seem to be the only one in here 99% of the time haaha
How can I get these two buttons evenly spaced on the page jsfiddle.net/m20b3dez
@bigchungus yes, unfortunately it's not as active as it used to be
@bigchungus you mean centered?
they appear to be evenly spaced apart from each other already
I got them somewhat centered, but they are touching
what browsers do you need to support
If you just need modern browsers, this is how: jsfiddle.net/TylerH/jn7L5cqm/5 I removed some unnecessary stuff
and implemented it via flexbox
8:03 PM
Modern browsers
The next thing to keep in mind on your HTML/CSS journey [:-)] is that floats are not the best way to design layouts
Is there a babel or something for the outdated browsers?
float was designed as a way for text to wrap around images, not as a way for you to make stuff show up in line
Something similar to babel I guess is what I mean since babel is js
@bigchungus I don't know about babel.js but there is a library that is typically used: modernizr
even Microsoft and Google use it
8:05 PM
It's a JS library
One more thing, so the buttons look fine, I was gonna keep them bigger like before, but the supervisor told me they were too big. The ones you sent are quite the right size, but are centered funky in the sharepoint page and very close together on top with two lists underneath and they dont line up
See jsfiddle.net/TylerH/vf61as5p/4 for an example of what float is for. The top is an image mid-flow. The bottom is how articles were laid out in newspapers and magazines, and so CSS added the float property for websites so that they could achieve the same "floating image" design for articles/webpages
If you find yourself using float for something other than that, there's a good chance that there's a better way (other than using float) to do what you want
the only difference between the two articles is that the second one has float: left on the image
@bigchungus As I recall, SharePoint injects a ton of additional divs into the page markup (if you ever inspect it in the browser, it's like literally div div div div div div div div div div div div div > your content)
Ya sharepoint sucks beans
so make sure there's not another container or wrapper somewhere with additional styles that are throwing off measurements or overwriting your styles
The browser's built-in tools for inspecting website code are invaluable here
worst case you should be able to just throw some !importants at the end of the properties that are getting overwritten
8:14 PM
I was unaware of !important
And I am very aware of the dev tools
!important is a big hack so always use it knowing that. But it can save you a lot of grief, especially during testing
I have a way in HTML where it is rendered in html some like:
is there a way to hide an element in css which has no content?
let display: none;
for the class of the list
yes but i have other li that has content
give it a different ID or class than the other lists
8:27 PM
i want to write a selector that selects only elements that dont have actual content
or are they all inheriting from same parents
i don't have control over the html
my only control is the css
html gets pulled from a CMS i don't have control on
8:51 PM
is there a way to do that?
hide an element that doesn't have text inside
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