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5:45 AM
posted on July 27, 2016

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

6:37 AM
Hey guys
Plz can you help me with this task?
6:49 AM
it's still incorrect with the alignement
1 hour later…
7:57 AM
@MadaraUchiha can you check css3 docs i've just added a new example "media queries" and it went to nowheres
@CSᵠ Why is there even a css3 docs?
It should be covered by CSS
i have no idea
we know there's no css3 but that doesn't matter
8:48 AM
stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/13098112 lol "This edit defaces the post in order to promote a product or service, or is deliberately destructive." I don't know what to believe now, well nvm, doesn't matter
Hi there :)
3 hours later…
12:31 PM
stackoverflow.com/documentation/proposed/changes/57523 Another example of people changing identifiers for no real reason other than because they don't like what's there
stackoverflow.com/documentation/proposed/changes/56750 could have sworn I rejected a change that made all the uppercase type selectors lowercase and now someone is changing it back
stackoverflow.com/documentation/proposed/changes/56214 Here's the later edit by someone else that got through
@caub lol
@MadaraUchiha because there is a tag
There is no way to prevent the creation of Documentation for an eligible tag. Eventually it will be created once enough people commit
is 4 users in, only one of them with actual knowledge in the subject (and it's not me)
12:53 PM
Imagine if MDN were as messed up as this
1:10 PM
That edit has been suggested at least 3 times now
Added and removed at least once
Does the user look at the feedback? heck no
1:27 PM
Oh, and while I have your attention, can you make this tag documentation disappear?
@Cerbrus no
Mods can't do anything moddy with documentation at the moment
I'd like to see the staff come up with a solution for this
Except unilaterally reject changes
@MadaraUchiha And submit changes without approval
@BoltClock Well, some changes.
Last I checked pinning an example still required review for me
That kinda sucks
There are some topics out there that should just be burninated
1:52 PM
There always seems to be some small inside joke i'm missing in the majority of these comments
I'm aware of politifacts statement evaluations but still feel like there's something i'm missing..
2:46 PM
@MadaraUchiha eventually they'll let us synonymize tags which will delete and block secondary tags from being added again
just one of the things they're already working on
@TylerH, that's a really novel idea on how to 'sell' an unwanted property. Though, I, like them, would much rather have the cash value of the property than the property itselft
from my local airport it's 6 legs and $2200 to get there!
@clickhere Yeah but you could turn around and sell it (depending on your contract agreement with the previous owners) for a profit
and a massive one, at that, considering they only paid $49...
Or just shut down the business and have a private island to themselves
3:03 PM
yeah, i'd totally sell it in this position. Keeping it seems like a headache. I don't think he owns the island just a small resort on it. He'd still have to deal with upkeep/security. Can you imagine flying in a contractor ? hah
Question, I know you can track mousedown and mouseup events, but can you track mousehover?
I'm building a heatwave for shits and giggles, and putting it out there for people to use for free
nvm, stupid question, mouseover is what I'm looking for
@zsawaf mousein, mouseout, and mouseover are the ones I believe
@zsawaf also pls no more heatwaves, it's hot AF outside these days
yep, they are indeed. But I have to think of a way not to make the website performance suffer. It'll be impractical to trigger on every mouseover. Maybe I'll write an aggregate algo or something
Tell me about it, it's crazy hot outside
83ºF here, not bad :D
88F here currently, but it's still morning
3:17 PM
Oh snap. This is going to be trickier than I thought. I have to store the mouse/touch x y values in terms relative to the page because of browser resizing. Also a separate heatwave for mobile layouts.
what even is a heatwave in this context?
like those little ripples that tell you where your mouse is?
or you're building a heatmap to tell your client where most people click on the screen?
Nope, analytics. To see what users are doing on your website
Exactly :D
You don't need a heatmap for that
you can just store clicks in a counter
It's not for me though, it's for people to use. There are a bunch that are hella expensive, I'd like to make one for free. And it's not just clicks, it's all mouse activities
Altruism isn't dead, friend.
@zsawaf Right, I mean, you can make a little UI or something that presents the info to them in a useful/easy to read manner, but the data collection method doesn't have to be some intensive real-time visual tool
Just use a counter on each element and/or section to count how many times the mouse cursor enters, leaves, and clicks on an element :-)
3:27 PM
haha yeah you're right. I suppose I can track the class/ids of where the activity occurs. But that assumes developers use proper naming conventions
Or just add Google Analytics to their pages 0:-)
Google analytics doesn't do that though, does it?
You can trigger custom events on an action
and track it, but it doesn't it do it automatically for you
mmm, i love google analytics. I just wish I wasn't 90% of the tracked data on my site..
Me and you both, brother.
@zsawaf use Google Tag Manager
3:29 PM
Freaking google man, they literally know everything.
chances are for something common like that, though, there's bound to be a few public implementations somewhere
Have you ever thought of something that doesn't exist?
Ugh, I feel so useless. I've done zero contribution to the community
All I do is answer SO questions for people who don't want to try hard enough to get their things working
@zsawaf one or two things but just ideas
the key is thinking of something that doesn't exist that the community finds useful and that you can implement
I have thought of lots of stuff that doesn't exist but is totally useless
rube goldberg implementations of stuff X-D
@zsawaf pick a subject that interests you, find an SO question on it, and learn that subject by trying to answer the question
That's pretty effective, and after that you're now probably able to answer other questions on the subject/tag as well
bonus points if it is a new or low-answer tag
Honestly, I think I've plateud with web dev. I might migrate to AI for the next year
Before you know it you'll be a top user and your contributions will be highly valued by the community
3:34 PM
haha yeah, I started doing that last week
sure, it's good to move around a bit if you feel yourself stagnating
Well if your ideas are open source and aren't for monetization purposes, hit me up. I'd love to contribute
I've long since forgotten them X-D
Derp lol
though one I haven't forgotten that I'm kind of surprised about not being around is a browser add-on (or site extension) for Facebook; filtering out newsfeed posts based on keywords
Don't wanna see anything with the words "politics" in it? Or "religion", filter those posts out. Tired of seeing babies? Pick some keywords that are used regularly "precious", "adorable", "newborn" "momma" etc. and heuristically match them to relevant posts
3:37 PM
That's actually pretty easy to implement
free browser add-on with a donate button would bring in some modest money, if implemented well
@zsawaf Yeah, the only tricky part is combinatorial matches
people might say "precious" and "baby" on posts not about babies
Well it depends on how smart you want it to be. It can start of being dumb, then eventually you can build a Bayes Network to make it more accurate
There would have to be a lot of data mining though
The one class I regretted dropping in university. RIP
Bayesian probability... might as well just build an AI :-P
That sounds like a fantastic plugin
lol ya, that's the idea. I don't know how else you would make a smart search
You need to find the probability that this is a certain topic, given you have the following keywords
3:42 PM
What I'd also like is the ability to hide certain types of posts on linkedin. I'm sick of getting slammed with notifications of people adding other people to their network
Well, it's the same algorithm
You can apply it anywhere
The algorithm wouldn't be that difficult, I just don't know where you'd get the data to work with
It's the same exact algorithm for detecting spam emails
I'd assume so, at least
spam emails are often detected via honeypot methods
Hey guys
Yeah, I throw a honey pot on every form now; even closed
I'm trying to nail down an experiment I'm trying out with SCSS
Really? I thought it was also a Baysian Network i.e probability email is spam, given these words in the subject / body
@MassDebates what're you trying to do?
I have a <body> element with repeating <div>s that each have the class ".page" and I figured a great way to learn some of the key features of SCSS all at once (after trying them independently) was to have SCSS that successively styled each repeating <div> a slightly darker shade than the last
Oh, it doesn't use ` to notate code, woops.
I wanted to try a grab-bag of different features of SCSS. Here's what I'm working with right now:
I'm trying to use an include, a darken() color operation, an -if- statement (added with else), and a few other things
I have a codepen, and while it'd be easy for you guys to look at it and just tell me the right way to do things
3:49 PM
@clickhere Solution: delete your LinkedIn account
No, i need it
Ah, I'm sorry I'm not sure I can help. I've never dove that deep into SCSS. Share your codepen though, I'm interested in what you're doing
I'd prefer to have you .... 'give me hints' - if you will be so kind - to tell me what I've learned incorrectly
Okay, but if I share it, don't paste in correct code or anything, okay?
@zsawaf just use your own facebook page and add an interface that marks "detected" posts with a red border that you can check as "good catch" or "bad catch"
3:50 PM
Or add a checkbox to each post, "mark this post as a true positive"
Exactly :D
@MassDebates unfortunately our resident Sass expert has quit Stack Overflow
cimmanon hasn't been around in some time
yo, wanna do it Tyler?
That's fine; I don't need an expert; I just wanted to see if there's anything obvious that I'm doing wrong (including expecting impossible features from SCSS)
@zsawaf I don't have time atm, but feel free to grab the idea and run with it yourself if you like
time for meetings for me now :-/
3:53 PM
haha sweet, I'll keep hacking away at it while I have free time at work. (Going really really slow)
@MassDebates share the codepen
box shadow mixin modified from this: gist.github.com/garyharan/957284
I know I'm not using the @include anymore; was working and now I'm moving on to the next one
.page-#{$pgct} { box-shadow:0px 0px 15px 1px darken(#ff00ff, #{$pgct} * 10%) inset;} I'm looking to see what i did wrong here. Don't tell me though!
Yo man, I admire your dedication to learning.
Thanks!!!! I'm blushing now.
.page-#{$pgct} { box-shadow:0px 0px 15px 1px darken(#ff00ff, 10%) inset;} this works, but I need to somehow isolate the darken() function
I'm looking at the documentation now to see if maybe I need to create an interim variable, or if there's a pre-cooked way to address using a variable as a parameter inside of a color operation within @for statement
I forked your code, I'll play around with it
To add two different fonts for my website, do I need two of this @font-face { } ? Or I have to write that once and put the url of those two different fonts into it?
3:59 PM
But this is the first time I'm learning you can do loops and conditional statements in scss
So thanks for teaching me something new
@stack you need two different onces
No problem!
I was looking at SCSS a week or two ago, and I was trying to learn some stuff about it
@zsawaf ah I see. thank you
I honestly just use it like regular css, but with variables and nesting. But I'll look into the features :D
4:01 PM
My experiment/learning tutorial was to use SCSS to recreate syntax with abbreviated/shortened property names that is a bit more workable. If my experiment works out, I'll have a CSS framework that works off of SCSS
Good idea, I'll have to afk for a bit, lunch
be back later
So, instead of something like:
padding:5px 6px 7px 8px;

I'm going to try to create a stylesheet framework that goes like:
pad:px 5 6 7 8;
and will compile to the same, but still have the flexibility to handle traditional styles or short-hand styles, or a mix of both!
pad:px 5 6 em 7 8
But again, that's just an experiment to help me learn (first priority)
mixing units within a property often isn't good practice
it leads to unexpected inconsistencies
The 2nd priority (creating an even more abbreviated syntax) would be just a text of the knowledge gained, if it were even possible. If it was and I did it successfully, I'd look into creating a UI that allows people to generate CSS in a more human-like syntax
I understand @ZachSaucier , thanks :) It was just an example, but people do sometimes need to mix units in shorthand.
Regardless, that'd be an input example; something that I created would parse that and generate it into much more readable (after compile) by the browser.
in other words:
pad:px 5 6 em 7 8; (input language)
gl, I don't think SCSS does what you need it to for that
you're talking about creating your own pre-processor
4:09 PM
The syntax modification, no, but it'll help me get a basis down and I'll be able to follow suit with their principles when I create my own preprocessor
yes, exactyl!!!
But, for the meantime, I'm trying to learn how to incorporate several features of SCSS together. I can't seem to get 'darken()' to work within a @for
@ZachSaucier Is there any way one can 'isolate' a darken() function so it can be used within something like @for? Do I need to just set up a placeholder variable for the interim?
You'll have to provide a minimal demo for us to help out with something like that
Okay. I have it, but PLEASE don't just dump the correct code in front of me. I'm trying to learn this solidly
By the way, I know there's no @include in the stylesheet; I was already working with it, got it to work, and I'm just keeping it there for now.
I'm asking about the @for
you should look at the errors CodePen shows you
I have
> Invalid CSS after " $newColor ": expected ":", was "= $oldColor;"
4:14 PM
Yeah, I know. I've been switching in and out old information
So what's the problem?? It's working as you tell it to besides that
Apologies; I've given you a demo with mixed version code. Give me a moment, I'll shoot you a new link in less than 5 minutes! (Currently 12:16PM GMT-5 if you have timestamps off)
I've tried:
.page-#{$pgct} { box-shadow:0px 0px 15px -1px darken($oldColor, #{$pgct * 10%}) inset;}
.page-#{$pgct} { box-shadow:0px 0px 15px -1px darken($oldColor, #{$pgct * 10}%) inset;}
.page-#{$pgct} { box-shadow:0px 0px 15px -1px darken($oldColor, #{$pgct} * 10%) inset;}
.page-#{$pgct} { box-shadow:0px 0px 15px -1px darken($oldColor, #{$pgct} * 10) inset;}
remove the #{}
For the first attempt?
.page-#{$pgct} { box-shadow:0px 0px 15px -1px darken($oldColor, #{$pgct * 10%}) inset;}
for the demo version you sent
A: What does hash (#) sign do outside loops in SASS?

Jay Zelenkov#{} is used for string interpolation: http://sass-lang.com/documentation/file.SASS_REFERENCE.html#interpolation_ There is one exception to this, though: when using #{} interpolation, quoted strings are unquoted. This makes it easier to use e.g. selector names in mixins. For example. So this...

4:25 PM
Okay, now I'm confused
Sorry. I'll work on my demo more to see if I can wrap my head around this.
I've found it's easiest to try and just do math and if it doesn't work then try putting it in a #{}
Got it, thanks
@MassDebates You should use something like autoprefixer
especially for demos/experiments like you're doing
it saves you time
? oh, with my box-shadow prefixes?
Shamelessly heisted and modified from gist.github.com/garyharan/957284 for educational purposes.
Thanks though. I also like modernizr
by the way, I don't think you saw, but I gotta give you hands-down props for that one post you did in graphic design.
Amazing breakdown. I linked to it for at least 20 people since I saw it.
I don't recommend using modernizr in 95% of cases
4:34 PM
Love it.
I'm glad you found it useful!
zachsaucier.com/blog/resources.html might be useful to you. Let me know if there's something that you'd like to have a post on but can't find one (anywhere)
I've luckily (sarcasm) found myself falling into a crack that called for it.
I hated learning how to implement modernizr. Hated it.
Now that I've done it, though, I think it's an amazing thing.
Really powerful when called for.
I think you're right; a majority of people spend more time doing modernizr than the most appropriate solution.
Kinda like bringing a 'buckshot-shotgun' to sniper fight
5:31 PM
@ZachSaucier Now I've got a question for you
@ZachSaucier I'm looking back at the example I made earlier and I'd like to know if it's possible to carry this directive over ALL elements (* selector) - with the @for
Or, would it be necessary to use @each?
I don't understand what you mean. Do you have a demo?
submitting a contact form for a website and the comment section disallows lowercase... feel like I need to add a disclaimer that I'm not actually mad..
codepen.io/anon/pen/zBaPgY @ZachSaucier - I don't know how to make an example for it, but right now it's being applied to all divs with the appropriate classes
Documentation just before vacation
What if I wanted this to apply to ALL elements, like debugging?
5:37 PM
apply what?
The box shadow's color changes by 20degrees in hue each time it's applied
The selector is currently .page-X (whereas X is the counter)
What if I wanted the selector to be * {styles}
you can't really do that. CSS can't count all the elements in the page
What about passing a content block name into the syntax to generate a content block selector instead of a class selector
What do you mean by "content block"?
element tags
Right now it compiles .page-1, .page-2, .page-3 selectors that are indicated by the respective classes. What if I just wanted the resulting compiled selector to indicate an element type, like div, a, table, td, tr, th, etc.
5:44 PM
then you change .page-#{$pgct} to div or td etc....
if I replace @for $pgct from 1 through 50 { .page-#{$pgct} { with @for $pgct from 1 through 50 { div { The successive styling is no longer being applied.
In other words, the color stays consistent with each element, not the other way around like before (where the box color changes by 20degrees in hue each successive time its applied)
Sorry, I'll retype that
if I replace
**@for $pgct from 1 through 50 { .page-#{$pgct} {**
**@for $pgct from 1 through 50 { div {**

The successive styling is no longer being applied.
Okay, so how do I apply it in that manner?
Wait, let me get this straight: you're still confused as to what I'm aiming for?
I think I understand
but it goes back to CSS not being able to count
Does it not count with @for $pgct from 1 through 50 { .page-#{$pgct} { ???
5:57 PM
you could use CSS's nth-of-type selector paired with that, but it only works if they're on the same level
@MassDebates That's counting numbers preset. What you're trying to do is dynamically determine how many divs there are
I believe you're assuming too much about my goal here. I'm fine with the amount that is created; I went up to 50
There's only 3 elements.
I believe you don't understand how CSS works :P
CSS has no idea what elements are on a page
I know.
Let me ask you a question
it just says, "Hey, if you have anything that matches this format, style it in this way"
Bootstrap: there's a variety of styles in the sheet
Columns, etc.
When a developer is working with bootstrap, the writers for bootstrap didn't actually know a full-count of ALL elements the developer intends on using, right?
I would assume not.
Running on that same logic, I don't even know how many elements I'm going to be playing with in this experiment.
To say I don't understand how CSS works is unfair; to be honest, I don't really care how many elements there are. I know that the compiled result will certainly cover all of the elements I've put in there. If not, I can always add a '0' to the end of the 50 in "... from 1 through 50"
Now, @ZachSaucier, Are you telling me that I need to know how many elements i plan on including in my experimental codepen in order to accomplish what I'm expecting to accomplish?
6:06 PM
No, I'm saying it's impossible to know the count of the divs if they're on different levels
9 mins ago, by Zach Saucier
you could use CSS's nth-of-type selector paired with that, but it only works if they're on the same level
Oh, I was going to ask about that again, but I'd like to first address how we got there.
@ZachSaucier This was 30 minutes ago. You told me that it can't count all elements on a page.
Crap, well, I can't seem to quote on here yet.
you drag the permalink to the comment section and don't type anything after
but no need, I got you
Look, let's try this:
Can you show me how I'd be able to do it without classes?
All divs within the body (direct child or descending, the difference between the two is negligible for my purposes atm)
by 'do it' I mean apply the successive changing box-shadow to every div on the page. Yes, I know that I'll have to previously have knowledge of how many divs there are
If not, I'd prefer you not waste my time; I'll chew on it a bit more for 5 minutes before I post it on stackoverflow
6:12 PM
if you think I'm trying to waste your time then you're deeply mislead
That's nice; I would've been sorely disappointed otherwise.
and thanks
Yes, I know about @each
So can @for be used without classes?
why don't you try it and see?
I did, but I'm not sure if it didn't work because of my faulty execution or because it simply cannot be done
(with @for, that is)
6:15 PM
if you have a request for help with implementation, create a minimal demo and ask using that
It can't be done.
Not with successive styles AND using the @for
sure it can
Which is probably the main reason why they've created @each
use the nth-of-type selector like I have said several times
right, and have the variable inside of it
I know, I'm just trying to see if I can do it without that
6:19 PM
then no
Awesome, now I'm going to work on seeing how I can combine the control structures
3 hours later…
9:05 PM
posted on July 27, 2016 by Pedro Botelho

Sans Francisco * Imperio * Typography.js * Grafika * Surround360 System * Clipped SVG Slider Collective #232 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

2 hours later…
11:20 PM
@zsawaf started on that with some ugly code :-) jsfiddle.net/oqxprbze/1
what do i do it if i have a table that is too long in lenght and its getting in the way of a another table below by not displaying it below that table?
@anatp_123 sorry not sure what you mean, have you got an example?
@joshhunt created a little jsfiddle.net/rd7erako
its the 3 table , since the lenght of the second table can be bigger smaller , and its gets in the way of the 3 table
by length do you mean width or height?
i use the <br> but the problem its since theheight
* height
11:33 PM
you want it to go to the next level?
or what?
maybe remove the float form the 3rd table?
i want it below the first table , below the second table line
i could use the <br> but since the the height of the second table is dynamic , idk , if theres examples online it be appreciated, i think im just searching for the wrong keywords
11:49 PM
@anatp_123 "clear:left" maybe is what you want?

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