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5:26 AM
@joshhunt that's true of all areas, really
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7:57 AM
posted on July 25, 2016

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

9:21 AM
hey guys
9:32 AM
I have been doing that model: imgur.com/a/EeCBX
but unfortunately this is what I've done: imgur.com/a/KE2p5
how to correct the alignment?
this is my code
9:47 AM
Hello guys, does anyone know how to make min-height work on Safari?
10:10 AM
Do you plz help me?
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11:28 AM
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12:52 PM
I have to setup 50 icons on a website I have all icons in vector, what should I do should I just load them in with the SVG code in the html, or are there beter ways? SVG -sprites? ( I would like to have the icons loaded as fast as possible )
1:10 PM
posted on July 25, 2016 by PixelBuddha

A set of 30 sports and games icons coming in two design styles and various vector and ready-to-use PNG formats. Freebie: Sports & Games Icons (AI, EPS, PSD, SVG, PNG) was written by PixelBuddha and published on Codrops.

2:00 PM
@Oleg Did you add the -webkit- pre-fix?
Also does anyone know where is a good place to start to learn how to develop AI?
AI in javascript?
Nope, generally.
There isn't an AI room unfortunately
AI with regard to machine learning?
or more procedural
I'd like to learn both machine learning and neural networks.
I did some procedural, i.e min-max
state games
I'd like to get into something a bit more advanced
I feel like it's going to be the future of programming, I want to get a headstart :P
well, if you're open to Python. scikit-learn.org/stable is where most people start
2:04 PM
Definitely open to python. Reading it right now. Thanks man
Just what I was looking for! Cheers
@zsawaf o_O for min-height??
Do you have your code somewhere in a snippet?
2:21 PM
shit like this makes me hate SFF.SE scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/135308/…
because it got so much traction?
@Duikboot that's a lot of svg icons. Why do they need to be SVG?
Doesn't have to be :)
css sprite with a png could be also done
I thought svg would be nice for having them always sharp ( on mobile for example I have larger ones )
Sure, that's true. But if all of them stay the same size always there's no point in SVG
SVG's file size is larger than an image, generally speaking
3:00 PM
@clickhere because it was asked in the first place, but also yes because it got so much traction
even if there wasn't already a duplicate... 20+ upvotes on it and 50+ upvotes on the answer...
A core group of users a while back kind of seized control of the site and have heavily influenced what's OK and what's expected behavior
now they all have 50k rep on the site for answering questions like "When is Harry Potter's birthday" and "What color is superman's cape" and other shit like that
what color is superman's cape??
ty, was panicking a bit
(not counting his other suits)
he has cape-less suits and some suits with white capes or black capes
for when he needs resistance to red sunlight or extra absorption of yellow sunlight or when he's turned evil due to some plot device or w/e
Like this harry potter question... it mentions his birthday in literally chapter 1 of book 1
yeah, that does seem rather absurd
2 hours later…
5:24 PM
Currently biting my nails about whether to upgrade my desktop from 7 to 10 while it's still free...
do it
Where's @Sampson to convince me when I need him!
10 Pro is gonna be $200... I probably will
I've gotta read up again on whether I'll need to reinstall programs
Looks like Windows silently removes some programs based on whether it thinks you want them or not
that'll be hella annoying
meeting time
i would have stuck with windows 7 if i had the choice
I wouldn't have. I see no reason to, Win 10 just offers improvement
I don't like all the advertisements/search function of windows 10. Only improvement of value to me is the ease of editing path environment variables. which is not much of a benefit
5:34 PM
@clickhere turn it off then.
it's like 3 clicks to do so
Internet of Things: The day my toaster got a snapchat account
5:53 PM
6:44 PM
@clickhere for me it's the lack of user control over various aspects of the OS
a lot has improved over the past 12-18 months though
@TylerH like what?
7:04 PM
well there was reduction of control over what shows up in the start menu (you cant pin them as line items, only as tiles). You couldnt remove the tile window section even if it were empty (since been fixed tho)
cant pick what updates to install or a date to install the, beyond delaying them another day each time
a lot of the settings/controls are split between the new metro ui style Settings 'app' and the classic control panel
AFAIK that problem hasnt yet been addressed
some non core apps are highly uninstallable
like sports stuff. crapware basically. You've gotta be a sysadmin to really uninstall it basically (like, that good with computer systems, not just an administrator account lol)
integration over Cortana use was initially disabled totally if you didnt opt to log into W10 with a microsoft acct vs a local user account
they've since enabled local accts to use it, I think, but you have to opt into the most liberal data sharing settings for the entire OS to use it
the usage of my bandwidth to download windows updates to give to other users of W10 on public wifi networks was a big one; not sure if they addressed that
8:00 PM
@TylerH right click -> uninstall works for me
8:23 PM
@ZachSaucier For most stuff, yeah
but there are many that are deeply integrated into the OS and shouldn't be
similar to how IE is integrated into the OS of XP - 7 and you can't ever uninstall it, etc.
except these are all very subject matter specific apps that I would never use let alone install
8:56 PM
@Wes you around? any idea what this does in composer.json? "provide": { "ext-curl": "*" }
for whatever reason it causes an error when I am trying to install sendgrid/sendgrid. "[LogicException] Package "ext-curl-" has no version or name and can not be locked."
1 hour later…
10:01 PM
anybody using Safari v10 here?
10:23 PM
1 hour later…
11:31 PM
@joshhunt i'm around now sorry.i don' get pings anymor
no worries, how are you?
sound was disabled i think :B
@joshhunt trying to solve the error wait
not a composer expert though
could it be because php5-curl isn't installed?
what's your composer.json?
seems weird that it only happened when trying to install that one package though
11:40 PM
i think sendgrid killed composer :B
does installing sendgrid not work for you?
it did when I installed it in an empty folder with no composer.json
ah it's in your own composer? why did you add this? "provide": { "ext-curl": "*" }
I didn't add that :/ someone else set it up (don't work here anymore). No idea what it is for
imho you can remove it. it doesn't make much sense
what does "provide" do? I read the docs but don't really understand it
11:44 PM
but is that just the composer from laravel?
or are making your own modifying laravel's?
because you are not supposed to use composer.json's from other projects like that
if you want to use laravel you just need
    "require": {
        "laravel/laravel": "*"
and run composer update --lock
sorry back. fml you are right, I didn't even realise he had just copied it from laravel
though I can't see the provide thing in any of the laravel composer.json files. Guess I'll just remove it

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