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12:00 AM
@AdrianMole That's just a accurate statement, which wasn't mean to imply anything. :;
I'm not trying to be cagey or evasive just for the heck of it. Nominating myself is something I've been considering. However, it is a large commitment. The commitment is the equivalent of a work-month per year, minimum.
However, I tend to over-do such things, so it's likely to be substantially more than that amount of time for me.
And I wasn't trying to be flippant. I really do understand your dilemma. The fact that you are so concerned about the commitment only underlines, to me, how good a candidate you'd be.
12:17 AM
@AdrianMole Thank you. np. It looks like we just missed each other's tone, which is, unfortunately, easy to do. :;
@Makyen "equivalent to 1 work month per year"....."I don't really understand your dilemma".... :/
@bad_coder You may have misread Adrian's messsage
@RyanM If I did, the succession of quotes would still be be worth it :)
Your quote appears to have an extra "n't" after the "do" that's not there in the original :-)
@RyanM ohhh that's right :)
12:49 AM
Q: What can we done to improve/increase the amount of Close Votes reviews and to stop <3k user’s close flags ageing away?

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2:13 AM
Q: What is the right unsalvageable category for "Wall of Code" questions that need a Minimum, Reproducible, Complete example?

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8:43 AM
@ChristopherMoore Ok since you've acknowledged the message I'll lift the review suspension
^ done all, thanks
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