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12:53 AM
@NewPosts 10-year-old account btw
1:06 AM
@NewPosts I think this Meta question should be salvageable, and the main-space closure reason was wrong (it should be "needs more focus" instead).
1:16 AM
w/e, I left 3 near-max-length comments on the main-space question and hopefully that deals with the matter, assuming OP hasn't ragequit
I would like to strongly encourage people not to encourage such ragequits in the comments, and treat those who are "not seeking input or discussion", as much as possible, as if they could in principle be convinced to seek input and discussion.
1:30 AM
Q: It seems quite unreasonable that one downvote be an insta-ban after barely using the site for a long time

The TI haven't really used this stack that much for a very long time. I don't remember asking anything in the past four years. I asked a question recently that has one upvote. I suspect because of how bad questions were perceived by the community that one simple downvote was enough to re-instate the b...

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2:30 AM
Q: Is it possible to suggest an edit instead of apply one?

MarsThere are many times when I want to propose a fix to OP, not railroad my own style or linguistic beliefs through their writing. Unfortunately, I have enough rep to directly edit questions and answers, without any real checks or balances. Is there any way to just suggest an edit?

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5:01 AM
@NewPosts okay, I tried really hard to find that duplicate but couldn't >_<
@Feeds am I strange for thinking it's desirable for an eclipse to be seen low in the sky?
Q: What is the appropriate action when a post consists of nonsense?

AmadanWhat is an appropriate action in this case? (It is resolved now, but I would like to know for the future.) The post was just mashed keyboard: Ghhehehehhrhejejdndhggyyh My initial instinct was to Flag as Spam, but "exists only to promote a product or service, does not disclose the author's affil...

5:25 AM
Q: I can't get code to post in a question - it "appears" there is unformatted code but there is not

DaleI have spent almost two hours creating a new question, trying to provide helpful information and code - I couldn't use a code sandbox because sqlalchemy and flask are not available on codesandbox.com as dependencies. When I get to the "review" step of my post, I get an error that says: Your post...

@AbdulAzizBarkat Thanks, Feed. like the new avatar. And username. :P
(I was just about to post the same thing)
@AbdulAzizBarkat Question posted in 2020 and gets migrated today, is that a new record?
@VLAZ The new feeds user is at your service ;)
Q: some users constantly answer in comments - what to do

teylynThere is a growing number of members that answer questions for a specific tag in comments rather than by posting an answer. Most meta discussions about answering questions in comments are from 2015 and older and I feel the platform and usability aspects have changed a lot since then. Hence this n...

5:54 AM
@KarlKnechtel IMO needs details or clarity is fine. "convert a MAC address to IPv6 address" isn't really clear in the sense that MAC addresses don't necessarily map to IPv6 addresses. The question whose answer they link to specifically shows an example of conversion from a MAC address to a link-local IPv6 address (Which again can actually be customized). At a minimum they should explain that they want that rather than depending on the linked answer.
6:04 AM
Specifically for what they wanted "convert a MAC address to an EUI-64 format link-local IPv6 address" would be much more clear.
ah, well, see, that analysis requires subject-matter expertise ;)
I won't say I'm an SME on networking. Just have basic knowledge. Think about it being similar to "convert MAC address to IPv4 address" the question just doesn't make sense. There's no fixed mapping between MAC addresses and IP addresses, there might be some techniques (Like EUI-64 for IPv6) but again that's not necessarily always the case.
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9:54 AM
Q: What Contributions outside of Editing Questions will lead to regaining Question privilege?

Mr. IrrelevantSince some of my beginners questions were poor and I dont know what could make them better, any other contribution I can make to over time get the privilege of asking Questions back? The Help Center says "The ban will be lifted automatically by the system when it determines that your positive con...

10:08 AM
@AbdulAzizBarkat Yeah, correct. One MAC address can have multiple IP addresses. Or one IP address can go to multiple MAC addresses (multicast). It's just not 1:1 mapping. There are further complications: you can put the network card into promiscuous mode, so the machine then receives all packets on the network, not only those addressed to a MAC address that belongs to this machine.
MAC addresses might not even be unique in a network. Usually that's not great but entirely possible. You can change the MAC address of an interface in many cases. Especially if it's a virtual one. But even possible with some physical ones.
10:48 AM
Q: Tag request [swift-date]

soundflixI think we need a new tag swift-date for questions on Swift Foundation's Date. There are many questions that relate to this, with no matching tag. There's already a tag named swiftdate which in its description says it's for a 3rd party framework. Questions about Swift's Date carry this tag too. T...

Q: Where is Ask with AI link on SO?

Damir TenishevWhere is the Ask with AI link now and why is has disappeared from the left panel? I still have the link to the https://stackoverflow.co/labs/search/ in my links collection, but now it requires a separate registration and I still didn't get any replies on my email, so I can't use the tool. Does an...

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2:37 PM
@AbdulAzizBarkat I thought it was migrated by CM, but apparently it was by mod. I guess the 60-day blocking is only on the client-side...
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5:18 PM
Q: Kafka source connector encoding issue | Oracle JDBC Connector

Pradyumn JoshiI am trying to connect to Oracle server using Kafka connect JDBC connector, here is my connector config: CREATE SOURCE CONNECTOR hsr_source_connector2 WITH ( 'connection.url' = 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@//HOSTIP:PORT/Service', 'connector.class' = 'io.confluent.connect.jdbc.JdbcSourceConnector', 'c...

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6:38 PM
@NewPosts I could have sworn I made a MSE post about ideas for making the q-ban more reasonable, but I can't find any such thing in my history
6:48 PM
I don't recall seeing that, but I don't always catch MSE stuff
I probably would've upvoted that
I maybe recall someone posting something about making it care less about really old questions, actually?
@AbdulAzizBarkat nope. ...relatedly, this was how it was discovered that the check was client-side, because I did not actually expect that migration to work.
7:12 PM
Q: Why, exactly, is opting to delete your account, then opting to later return to the site, not recommended if you are question banned?

user22200698If you are question banned, rate limited to 1 question per 6 months, and then you delete and recreate your account, you will be limited 1 question per week. This is by design because otherwise they would just reinstate the full 6 month ban if you recreate your account instead of the 1 week limit....

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8:12 PM
Q: Saying "thank you" is not NAA anymore?

M--I raised an NAA flag on this answer Answer to: Blank space appearing at bottom of all webpages in Google Chrome on iOS [closed] which got declined. As I explained in my comment underneath the post, the "answer" is simply thanking the OP for their workaround/solution. The objectively bad edit has ...

8:41 PM
What are the complete rules for when questions become eligible to have delete votes cast; and where is this documented?
9:18 PM
"You must wait for a question to be closed for 2 days before you can vote for deletion. This restriction is removed for trusted users when a post scores -3 or lower." - much too hard to find, IMO.
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11:30 PM
Q: How to answer a question when I can't find any "answer" buton? And why can it ever happen?

Alexander GelbukhI want to answer this question but on that page I cannot find any button or link like "answer". Is this a technical problem with the dtackexchange engine or is this that I have insufficient reputation? (Mine seems to be over 2000). What can I do if I know an answer?

@NewPosts almost a ten-year-old account, btw. Asking why a blog post can't be answered
it can be answered though

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