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6:58 AM
Q: Closing as lacking debugging details gives an unhelpful message to the poster

LundinI just noticed that if a question is closed as lacking debugging details/minimum verifiable example, then the poster just get this unhelpful message in their face: Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Where the link leads to a page which does not...

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8:19 AM
Well, crap
Time to step back.
8:40 AM
Funky name.
I saw a lot of references to Dune recently. Is the movie coming out or something?
Late to the party, I see? :)
9:16 AM
Q: Can't edit a question because it contains too many code

justANewbieI was editing this question. I deleted some weird text under the question and format the code. But then I submit the edit, and it says that most of my edit is code, please add some text. I tried to add some words, eg: Here is my code: But it still says the same error. How can I resolve this?

9:40 AM
@ᕮ_ᑐᑌᑎᕮ4 Yes. It did remind me that I probably want to re-read Dune. I read it a very long time ago, I was probably 10 or so. Also, I think it was just the first part.
It also reminded me that, weirdly, there doesn't seem to be a lot of Dune-related stuff in games. Something I've mused about in the past. The Dune universe is pretty cool. Yet we hardly have any games or mods that draw on it. Yet there are a ton of Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and so on influenced content in games.
IIRC, there was the old Dune games that were predecessors to Red Alert and...that's what I can think of in terms of gaming.
9:58 AM
@VLAZ I'm not sure I'm following. Dune had two games back in the early 90's, one of which defined the RTS genre.
Maybe you expected there to be more of those, but I suppose it's only aligned with the popularity of Dune itself. It was never as popular as Star Wars or Star Trek.
Yes, those are the only two I know of.
But there are a ton of mods for various games that turn them into Star Wars, for example. I saw one for Mount & Blade, for example, where instead of going around different cities in some medieval land, you navigate between different planets in space.
If anything, Dune would fit even better as a total conversion mod there. But there is none. There are also Star Wars mods for Rimworld that add force powers. Again, nothing Dune related I know of.
Yeah I mean, I'd sure love some more love for Dune, but the problem is the same: it was never as popular.
Star Wars made fantasy science fiction more mainstream in the late 1970's. What Dune got around that era was a twisted film adaptation from David Lync in 1984, which brought more of a cult following rather than mainstream success.
This year's film will hopefully give it a nice boost.
Yep. It never was. Still strange. I've seen projects that try to recreate Legacy of Kain Blood Omen in Oblivion (IIRC. Or some other game). And LoK is probably less popular than Dune ever was. There have been quite a lot of mods and projects to recreate BO, in fact.
Shruggity shrug
Yep. I guess the same reaction as most the world. Until this year.
I've not seen the old movie, in fact. I can probably give it a watch before the new one.
And read the books at some point.
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2:04 PM
Q: Can we delete downloading a FTP directory recursively? It's off topic and alswe answered elsewhere

BraiamThis question is about using a venerable ftp client (probably netkit's ftp client since the original one has passed hands several times in distributions). There's nothing programming here, no api, library or similar. Just plain simple normal user task. Can we delete it? This question already is o...

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5:04 PM
Q: Why was this typo question reopened?

Donald DuckThis question looks to me like something that should clearly be closed: it dumps a piece of code with several typos and asks why there is a syntax error. So I voted to close it and asked for it to be closed in SOCVR. Two other users voted to close it, so it was closed and I thought that was the e...

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7:16 PM
Q: How to handle deceptive users who waste everyone's time?

sj95126I'd like to ask about an occurrence on StackOverflow recently. I'm not at this time going to identify the posts as I think my question is generic enough, and I don't want my estimation of the situation to be taken as an accusation against a specific individual. Someone posted a question and the b...

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11:22 PM
Q: This publication may be re-opened

Arcanis - The OmnipotentThis publication may be re-opened, it has already been edited and includes what was missing. Communicate functions in chrome extension of popup.js and document.js

11:34 PM
Q: Weight of Answers in lifting Question Ban

Ulto 4A couple day ago I was question banned. Upon further review I do realize my question were under developed and I went to edit all of my question that hadn't been answered. I accidentally deleted a couple but nothing I can do about that. Since then I gained 200 rep, and the only thing I haven't don...


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