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9:48 AM
Good morning all :-)
10:12 AM
Hi guys
Hi grandangelo :-)
one question: I've a beautiful TextBox with its validation rule.
When rule is not satisfied, a red border is drawn around my TextBox.
I don't understand how to change this red border thickness. I tried wrapping the TexBox with a Border, or setting the TextBox Margin or Padding without any luck.
Neither I found something useful on SO.
Can you please give me an advice?
Thats validation error template
oooook... thank you XAM|MAX
np :-)
10:22 AM
here it is:
<Style TargetType="{x:Type TextBox}">
    <Setter Property="Validation.ErrorTemplate">
                <Border BorderBrush="Red"
                    <AdornedElementPlaceholder />
easy if you now what to look for :-)
Excellent! :-)
You are in the right place to ask
10:57 AM
Morning Alex
Hi Xaml
11:31 AM
Hi guys
Hi Mav
11:57 AM
Hey Maverik
Sir :)
Showed the JSON patch link you shared to a friend at work and he was blown away by it
Too many amazing stuff going on out there
Want to find the time to read up on PWAs
12:42 PM
gm all
Morning, Lynn
For some reason, Chrome isn't letting me see the errors in its console
It gives me the total errors in top right hand side. But no details
1:03 PM
Hi guys
I am having problem adding textbox to each of the row of datagridview in winform application
Hi Learning. You may have a challenge getting answers to that here.
We do WPF/XAML tech
All right Alex
No problem :)
Good luck, Learning
1:20 PM
Thanks alex
and wish you the same :)
any idea about how can i use service broker to create jwt authentication in wpf?
1:50 PM
MoreMag, just ran a google on your question: auth0.com/blog/add-auth-to-native-desktop-csharp-apps-with-jwt
That article covers JWT auth w/ WPF specifically
The service broker piece is something else
i don't think it's a question we can answer
^ what Maverik said
2:07 PM
How do you get webapi to return json instead of xml?
send in your header accepts:application/xml
json is the default iirc
I just was looking at this example docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/web-api/overview/…
and when I added the controller and get items, it returned it as XML
you're in classic webapi and not core web api right?
one solution says I need to wrap the result in { }
2:10 PM
ha ha sorry, send accept:application/json
should just work with content negotiation out of the box
yea that header
this is my controller

    public class OCRController : ApiController
        public IEnumerable<string> GetAllProducts()
            return new List<string>() { "1", "2" };
        public IHttpActionResult GetProduct(int id)
            return Ok("test");
How do you request data from it? AJAX? jQuery?
just in the browser that launched in debug mode like - localhost:57368/api/OCR/3
that's the problem
2:13 PM
Have a look at the network tab
your browser is asking for text/html content - your API doesn't have that type.. so it's picking up the first format that it can respond with which happens to be xml
in developer options
What Mav said +1
if you have VS Code, this is an amazing extension for testing http requests: github.com/Huachao/vscode-restclient
GET localhost:57368/api/OCR/3
Accept: application/json
^ that's all it'll take to get result
haven't gone back to postman or anything of the sort since I found this extension
that's a bald statement! :-)
2:19 PM
ha ha yes, I mean bold!
Shame it doesn't have NTLM support
guessing you mean Integrated authentication..
I used postman instead, it wasn't obvious how to use the VSCode extension so I gave up on it :/
Yes, that's what I mean Mav
@erotavlas you mean the extensive documenation provided on the page was too extensive to spend time reading :) - you could have just copy pasted my code
well it said to paste the link in the editor and this send request is supposed to appear, but I saw nothing appear
2:34 PM
because you ran it as Plain text file i bet
you're supposed to set language mode to Http
ok that did it, thanks
2:51 PM
you're welcome
4 hours later…
7:16 PM
Hello, I used [this tutorial](https://www.technical-recipes.com/2018/navigating-between-views-in-wpf-mvvm/) to learn about how to change views in WPF using MVVM. I got their sample setup and working, but after handling some dependency injection using SimpleInjector library, the buttons that change my views broke. I seem to be stuck in a CanExecute loop found in RelayCommand.cs.

Does anyone have any insight on this?
8:01 PM
Maybe you're running into this: stackoverflow.com/a/33149910/177416
In my code, CanExecute implements method from interface System.Windows.Interface.ICommand using .NET 4.7. I will keep reading, but just thought this extra information might help. Also, the code that I found using the tutorial that I linked works and I am able to change views using that code. So I'm confused as to why it isn't working anymore. It happened after I started injecting dependencies, but that could also be a rabbit hole.
8:23 PM
Maybe you can just show us your code?
@ButterJones Please provide a gist.
Q: Why C# WPF button binding command won't change view after using simple injector?

ButterJonesI'm using the following articles for starter code: Navigating Between Views in WPF MVVM Simple Injector WPF Integration Objective: Trying to go from View 1 to View 2 in WPF form using a button binding command and Simple Injector to inject dependencies into views. Note: These dependencies are rep...

Next time, please, give a link to the Q if it exist. It will save some time from additional questions
Yes, sorry that is the question.
8:47 PM
Also, the EventHandler CanExecuteChanged is never called when I click my button, however it does in the example tutorial.

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