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12:00 AM
dam substrings always getting in the way of my strings
question: should I even bother answering questions on SO from users with 1 rep?
don't discriminate based upon reputation
read the question first
It must get tiring after a while answering the same questions over and over again.
...which is why I rarely answer anything
What shall I discriminate upon?
I need something.
12:08 AM
post content
return you.interestIn(question) + you.desireForRep - you.laziness;
"read the question first" got it
also, lol
me.desireForRep = 1; // Out of 10
me.laziness = 8; // Out of 10
me.interestIn(question) has to be at least 7 to even yield a non-negative result
me.desireForRep = 1;
me.desireForRepInNodeJSTag = 9;
me.desireForRep = 0;
12:19 AM
me.desireToEncourageDomTag = 3;
12:48 AM
Q: Add custom shortcode button to Editor

jasondavisBefore the new version of Wordpress 3.0 came out I was using this jQuery code below to add custom buttons for my own shortcodes to the editor toolbar in the admin panel, it worked great. However with version 3 out now, it has stopped working, if I view source in admin panel I can see my code bel...

1:06 AM
me.desireToTroll = 11; // out of 10
@rlemon Dieses Video ist in Deutschland leider nicht verfügbar ...
GEMA troll protection lol
1:40 AM
A: Can I overwite a <div>?

RaynosWhat you want to do is add a click handler to your div and go grab some fresh HTML over XHR within the click handler. Then just set the textContent with the responseText from the XHR. div.addEventListener('click', updateContent); function updateContent() { var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); x...

Why no-one appreciate DOM :(
2:02 AM
Q: Customizing urlbar formatting in Firefox

iglvzxFirefox 6.0 introduced URL formatting in the address bar, i.e. the domain.tld is black, while protocols, subdomains, and paths are grey. The related about:config entry to enable/disable this feature is browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled. I would like to customize these elements. For example, inste...

2:19 AM
no one is in the jquery chatroom so i have to ask here: how do youknow if the jquery .get function actually has data passing through it? I mean its getting data as html from echos in a php doc somewhere else, but sometimes it echos, and sometimes it doesn't. How do i know when it does, i just want it to run a function when it does.
Think of the client and server as two rich people from Victorian times. The client and server communicate via mail, but obviously they are too good to walk.
So, they send out messengers to deliver their mail for them. The messengers don't care what's in the envelope - it could be empty, it could be filled, it could be poop. They just deliver; no peeking, no re-writing
The xhr doesn't know. It's a request to the server. The server generates output. xhr captures that output and returns it.
Like how the messengers don't care. They wait outside the manor for the letter to be finished, and only then deliver it. Unless it's transfer-encoding:chunked, but one at a time
so if i get the data, and then convert it to html, and then check?
You asked how it knows when it echoes. I told you that it doesn't, it just sees the output.
No output === empty string
2:29 AM
so ill just check for the output
You definitely should. Who knows, maybe the server decided to have a bowel movement in your xhr
but how do you convert a data object received from .get to string?
I dunno what kind of magic tricks jQuery does. Normally, you'd operate on xhr.responseText, but I have a feeling jQuery doesn't magically convert incoming html to a DOM tree
!!/jquery get
Well that was certainly not as dramatic as I thought...
!!/jquery get
2:32 AM
huh, the bot froze...whoops
!!/jquery get
erm, .get is a selection function. not an ajax method
oh wait
!!/jquery jQuery.get
Q: create a "random webpage" but 1 link only 1 day

ranpagezzI want to make a html file, or php file. suppose it's a html file when I open this html, it will redirect to random page, ex: this time it redirects to google, another time it redirects to facebook, and I found some script to to this, but they were not really good. here is javascript code: http:...

2:47 AM
yay, logging into MyOpenID programatically completely failed!
3:16 AM
Ok. I'm back. I watched all he videos in the series you guys linked in chat. Thank you btw. I learned quite a bit in such a small series.
2 hours later…
5:33 AM
RT @attasi: My first experiment of the new year: Pure CSS3 Bitmap Graphics http://attasi.com/labs/picsselz/
RT @beverloo: CSS Selector Profiler, Source Mapping and Software Rendering http://goo.gl/K2Ol3 #Chromium #WebKit
RT @stshank: Looks like @nginx is on its way to bumping Microsoft's IIS as the second-place Web server, says @netcraft: http://t.co/3iDQ ...
5:54 AM
feeds y u spam
6:30 AM
Q: how can stop page to redirect on link click

megha vermaI am working on a project of globalecommerce.eu in which i have designed a lightbox which open on a link click.The problem which i am facing now is that on link click that lightbox opens but the page is redirected to the in index page if you are on some other page.. The problem can be visualized ...

2 hours later…
8:34 AM
RT @ChromiumDev: A DevTools fan? Read this update in detail: http://peter.sh/2012/01/css-selector-profiler-source-mapping-and-software-rendering/ Go To Function, Dock to Right, Selector Profiler, Remo ...
RT @johnpolacek: Added some more info on how to use Scrollorama. http://johnpolacek.github.com/scrollorama/#instructions-animation
8:58 AM
RT @kangax: Opened Mozilla ticket for implementing CSS selector/style profiler, similar to Opera/WebKit ones — https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=713031
RT @slicknet: New blog post, CSS media queries in JavaScript: http://www.nczonline.net/blog/2012/01/03/css-media-queries-in-javascript-part-1/
9:10 AM
RT @jonathanstark: Good article from Mozilla about building offline web applications http://mzl.la/zMUDWN
1 hour later…
10:23 AM
RT @slicknet: Why yes, I did just propose JavaScript detection be added to CSS Media Queries: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2012Jan/0034.html
RT @brad_frost: If you love CSS font stacks (and I know you do), check out this handy little tool: http://cssfontstack.com/
RT @mathias: A <progress> polyfill using only HTML and CSS, plus a nice overview of the various browser gotchas: http://t.co/8LDwX ...
RT @annevk: Proposed HTML elements and attributes: http://www.w3.org/html/wg/next/markup/ (Overview by @sideshowbarker)
10:47 AM
RT @brad_frost: A Plea for Progressive Enhancement, a brilliant post by @stephanierieger http://stephanierieger.com/a-plea-for-progressive-enhancement/
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1:14 PM
I've got 3 invites to IRCCloud.com in case anyone wants one.
2:04 PM
RT @mapagella: An small demo of Tracy, my easy-to-use, minimalistic, CSS-Powered 3D Framework: https://plus.google.com/108345055129148191266/posts/UXww8f711Hw
2:37 PM
Q: Create a Color Picker, similar to Photoshop's, using Javascript and HTML Canvas

André Alçada PadezI am not at all versed in Computer Graphics and am in need of creating a color picker as a javascript tool to embed in an HTML page. First, and looking at Photoshop's one, i thought of the RGB palette as a three-dimensional matrix. My first attempt envolved: <script type="text/javascript">...

2:53 PM
Hi all
Q: jQuery and external Sizzle with external stylesheets

bubba_gumpI'm seeing some strange (to me) behavior with jQuery and Sizzle. I use a few CSS 3 selectors in an external stylesheet in my <head>. If I include only jQuery 1.7.1 js just before the closing <body> the styles using the CSS 3 selectors aren't applied. If I add Sizzle js as well, the...

3:16 PM
RT @zoltandulac: My New Blog Post: Cross Browser #HTML5 Progress Bars In Depth #css3 http://bit.ly/yHPmAl (please RT)
RT @robinberjon: A simple HTML sanitiser for NodeJS https://github.com/darobin/html-sanitiser
3:34 PM
@Neal I can't even believe the audacity of that.
Like, what the hell?
"It has nothing to do with it" ... "Yeah, but like, what if man, you know?"
"No." ... "Yeah but like I can edit it and stuff!! You're wrong!"
@Incognito i disagree
I wouldnt be suprised if jQUery or sizzle fixed your style sheets in the background
as part of their herp derp lets help you behind your back without telling you
Sizzle is a selection library.
@Incognito lol and i believe he downvoted me lol
@Neal Yeah I saw that.
3:42 PM
@Incognito Delete it anyone?
I only have like 4500 rep.
@Incognito flag for delete? lol
@Incognito :-P
gist: Are you a subject mater expert (wrt an open source project), 2012-01-04 15:55:16Z
## Synopsis
A metric for determining the depth of understanding required to be a subject mater expert within a particular field software engineering.

## Motivation
When a person speaks about a subject with authority, how can we determine the legitimacy of that authority? Perhaps a metric can be applied that will be both fair and flexible. Consider the following  tangible accomplishments and the requirements for the depth of understanding behind each one.

## Tangible items

 - `100` Did you conceive/invent the subject
 - `60` Core contributor to the subject
 - `40` Have you written a library/tool that is a community dependency (such as `NPM` for `Node.js`)
 - `40` Are you a contributor to a well known framework for the subject.
 - `25` Did you co-found a business that is solely focused on the subject or uses the subject so extensively that it is well known to the subject's community.
 - `20` Do you have one or more libraries for the subject that have more than 100 followers
 - `10` Do you have a well known blog on the subject that shows good trafic volume with google analytics?
 - `10` Have you written a book on the subject?
 - `5` Do you have a CS degree?

## Grading your score

`100+` Subject Matter Experts, top quality authority
`80-100` Highly knowledgeable, high quality authority under supervision of SME or peers
`30-80` Employable, teach workshops under supervision
`5-30` Model Student
`0-5` Student
That is depressing :( I score 0
3:58 PM
lol wow
I score 0 too
same here haha
I don't think it's fair, really
I almost score on the 100 follower blog thing, maybe 1 point for that
I score a 1 :P
Hahaha. I don't even have a blog. :P
3:59 PM
I have 16 watchers for my snow plugin lol
and get maybe 100 people a day on my blog
w00t 5
cs degree neal?
@Loktar you get 20 points for code library with 100 followers
I dont have 100 followers though
so I just gave myself a 1
I have nearly 40 on the dom-shim
4:02 PM
I just wanted one point, just one!
@Raynos It isn't understanding that's demonstrated through these things, it's participation.
thats a very elitist test though
I don't understand anything :( 0
its like me saying your not a true gamer if you own less than 500 games, and own a popular gaming blog.
@Incognito I know
I mean to say I have solid understanding and little participation
4:03 PM
> A metric for determining the depth of understanding required to be a subject mater expert within a particular field software engineering.
<insert meme>
@Loktar its a test for whether you are an 'expert' on a field
@Raynos it seems to be trying to determine a lot.
By giving scores like 0-5 = student and so on
guys how can I block users from getting my web page images?
heh yeah
any scripts?
4:04 PM
and 30-80 employable?? really?
@Saber you cant. You can just not show the images
if I can see the image I can steal it
or setting permissions
at least for external linking
I mean honestly the top 5% probably score high in this, if that even.
4:05 PM
but how come in flickr.
You can't.
People who can see it can easily take a screenshot to steal it
detect printscreen!! /me looks to see if thats even possible
well i know that. but getting that aside.any scripts available to disable save image or copy image
Does anyone have an idea why, when I have a <div> and set its contenteditable = true. The content is not editable ? The div highlights when I click it, but there is no cursor
4:06 PM
@Loktar Whatever you guys are talking about, data sent over the net is sent, that's the end of it. You can't control it after that.
@Incognito I think its a terrible idea I was just joking
@GregAgnew Set up a demonstration on jsfiddle.
but now im interested to see if its possible to detect printscreen with js
@Loktar lol yep
@Loktar It isn't.
4:07 PM
I'll try lol, I don't know if I'll be able to reproduce
~meme show "crockford" "You didn't invent javascript" "You don't understand javascript"
how does flickr disable us from saving image. :(
@Esailija Generating image
@GregAgnew How can I help you if you can't show me the problem?
4:08 PM
i dont mind the print screen thing
bah you're right @Incognito
@Loktar You can probably detect keypress of printscrn, but only if the document is in focus on the OS level.
it doesn't even register in keypress
Probably a security thing.
but im on a laptop, so I have to hit func first maybe that has something to do with it
but its enough to make it not consistent
just would be funny to insert random images into the clipboard
like on keypress of printscreen swap the image out on the webpage with something nutty for a quick second
so the user just sees a flash
4:11 PM
@Loktar Doesn't detect keypress for me either
ah damn, lol would be so awesome to do
@Incognito yeah thats my problem too :/
"I swear I did not printscreen an image of a donkey riding a unicycle!"
@Loktar its not. dont be stupid
Thats why I score a 0 @Raynos
4:12 PM
@Loktar I'm also a zero
it just means we havnt achieved anything of value
<div contenteditable="true">This is a editable div</div> Is how the div shows up in developer tools. (I am unable to reproduce in this js fiddle: jsfiddle.net/7y6W4/2)
@Raynos Do you want a copy of my ignore list?
its means we are mediocre
bah whatevs
@Raynos It means random js dev wrote something.
4:13 PM
Its cool to be mediocre
What about owning a site which gets greater than 20k visits daily
most people are, theres nothing wrong with it
thats gotta count for something
and being in pcgamer
Ill always have that lol
@Loktar Really? That's bad-ass.
yeah I was freaking out
my fav magazine of all time
and they mentioned zombiegames.net
4:13 PM
I'd frame that.
I planned on it, framing company did a terrible job
I need to take it somewhere else
@incognito Are there any css styles that disable content editing? user-select maybe?
Did you get to talk to anyone from pcg?
no, it was just a very small blurb
it said "The most comprehensive zombie game website on the net"
but it was enough for me to be happy, had a sub since i was like 13
4:15 PM
@Incognito Yep, that was it. If you were wondering it was because I had user-select set to none on my body element
Had a sub since you were 13?
but alas it has nothing to do with my dev skills, just got lucky
subscription to the mag @Amaan
I'm still trying to get my blog stuff going, I feel my writing is just sub-par.
but still anyone in this chat in my mind is above mediocre
4:16 PM
If you want to be a good writer, watch a lot of movies, and write as if you were talking dialog in them
@Loktar Because you need 20 rep to get in here? :P
haha no, because we are developers who at least care about our trade
something thats not the norm from my experience anyway
yay thats my problem too. damn laziness, I have so many ideas to code and so many topics to write about for my blog, but.. this lazy-force is too strong :p
@Incognito welcome to the club
@Loktar your definition of mediocre is too low ;). Try using absolute definitions rather then relative ones
mediocre is relative
4:18 PM
@jAndy do something useful >:(
Talking of useful
@Raynos Y U NO CODE
even in rare situations where I actually have nothing to do I'm lazy sometimes.. its terrible :p
@Raynos My problem is two-fold: my posts are monolithic, I'm crappy at reviewing my own writing for quality/issues.
sucks I gave up on the AI Challenge
no js entries made it into the top 100
not that I would of, just sucks to not see any at all.
@Loktar What AI Challenge?
was the ant one
4:22 PM
Ended long back, didn't it?
I think mid December or something
MDN hasn't announced the winners of the November Dev Derby yet
Was supposed to be announced by the 20th of December
4:36 PM
Social media makes me feel better about my blog.
Link to your blog
I have one comment, and three tweets about my post.
Yeah, feels good
Post it to Hacker News
HN didn't upvote it
Reddit downvoted me however. Honestly this first post is a re-hash of something I wrote a long time back and updated. Tomorrow I post my self-review of where I am on the programmer competency matrix, on the 7th is something cool from project euler.
HN is much friendlier than Reddit
4:40 PM
hey I had a question related to Crystal reports. Does anybody know crystal over here. I know this is not the correct place to ask, but I did not find any room where I could talk about crystal reports.
No, sorry
How can I make a div not focusable?
Is there a style, or must I do onFocus(){preventDefault()}
@developer This is generally a programming site for people who actively write software, not so much use the software.
@Amaan I think HN will like a post I'm putting up on the 12th.
oh ok. Sorry..
@Incognito Why do you have this schedule?
4:43 PM
Anyone, Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?
Hi Greg
Because I have roughly 20 posts, I like to review them to make them better, add to them as I go, it gives me a time buffer to let me write them and keep them posting every 2-days.
Oh. Makes sense.
@Myra Hello
4:44 PM
@Incognito Where is that from?
@Amaan The future. It's the start of my post on the 12th.
@GregAgnew Where are you from ?
@Incognito Can we get a preview? ;P
2 mins ago, by Incognito
user image
4:46 PM
One moment.
@GregAgnew Really :) I was once coming to Canada,but my program's been changed.One day I will,Where in Canada exactly ?
@Myra I don't usually disclose my location on the internet..
Same post too.
@GregAgnew I understand
4:49 PM
@Incognito Ping me when you post it.
Anyone in this room,works with OpenLayers ??
@GregAgnew You should fix your profile.
Q: Javascript: cannot add bookmark before closing ie

ilikefishI tried to add bookmark before closing the web page in IE, but failed, it just won't pop up the add bookmark box. can someone let me know what's wrong? here is my code, thank you. <script type="text/javascript"> function ConfirmClose(e) { var evtobj=window.event? event : e;...

Should I? I haven't look at it in a long time lolo
@Incognito Oh, lol
@Incognito Looks like Myra failed detective class
4:58 PM
Lucky for you stackoverflow's robots.txt says not to cache that page.
Or perhaps it doesn't... can't remember.
Rofl @ the comments in the file... stackoverflow.com/robots.txt
# this technically isn't valid, since for some godforsaken reason
# sitemap paths must be ABSOLUTE and not relative.
Can anyone take a look at this jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/23326/2/

I'd like the contentEditable div to not loose focus when the other div is clicked. I can't get this to work.
@GregAgnew textContent, not innerHTML
One sets text, one invokes an entire html string tokenizer and attempts to build a dom tree then returns a documentfragment and re-nests the fragment inside that element.
@copy Thanks! I should have been able to get that lol..
Unix time \o/
5:13 PM
@GregAgnew That's a fairly awful test in general. Why are they editing a style tag with js?
I donno, cause thats how they roll
I'd assume its the same for a div though, no?
@Incognito I'm running div now
Looks to be nearly the same results
@Incognito ...
.firstChild and legacy browsers? -.-
Oh wait, what's the old way?
It was something weird like childNodes[0]
yes it is
childNodes is DOM 0, not sure what browser support is like for .firstChild
5:22 PM
It's level1 spec, I'd hope it's common.
but it doesn't seem to work...
Durr, nodeValue.
I don't think that childNodes is DOM0...
(I worked on a DOM0 browser few years ago)
and of course, there wasn't any chilNodes
5:40 PM
migrating from hg to git now...
level 1
that's not really DOM0
> The term “DOM Level 0” refers to a mix of HTML document functionalities, often not formally specified but traditionally supported as de facto standards, implemented originally by Netscape Navigator version 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0. In many cases, attributes or methods have been included for reasons of backward compatibility with “DOM Level 0”.
I'm having a hard time believing childNodes wasn't DOM 0
I don't really think there's an authority we can say "yeah this is dom0"
5:44 PM
without that collection, you can't access nodes
then again, it would highlight the need for DOM 0 inline handlers
document.images, document.form ...were our friends
> implemented originally by Netscape Navigator version 3.0
that's all
Anyone have the NN3.0 source code? :P
I found mosaic, but that's uhh, dom level -1?
5:45 PM
I know that DOM0 was not standard ;)
@Incognito value only works on CharacterData
is that lynx?
5:54 PM
do me next :D
I think thats not bad
it makes sense, really
that would be why DOM 0 handlers bind this
5:59 PM
I like how you can control cookies on a per cookie basis
@Loktar ahaha must be a troll
lol yeah
6:04 PM
not sure he is really a troll
lol, "Nothing is more fun than getting trashed and ripping around the lake on my boat. This song reminds me of that!"
for Redneck Yacht Club
he is a troll.. he made very similar comment to another book except about c++
he reminds me of "'ol gil"
> the fact that actual professional programmers (including myself) had to consider the possibility that this review was "real" says something about how poorly most employers conduct technical interviews.
6:07 PM
"Everybody knows by now that airplanes cannot actually fly. A book with information relating to the theoretical airplane is outdated and has no place being read."
you're right, he's trolling
but he's not as good as David Thorne 27bslash6.com/missy.html
ahh david thorne, the best
yeah :)
1 hour later…
7:12 PM
posted on January 04, 2012 by kangax

.profiling-css ul li { margin-bottom: 5px; } I’ve been recently working on optimizing performance of a so-called one-page web app. The application was highly dynamic, interactive, and was heavily stuffed with new CSS3 goodness. I’m not talking just border-radius and gradients. It was a full stack of shadows, gradients, transforms, sprinkled with transitions, smooth half-transparent

AH man
That was some class A trolling
today's lesson: using the type attribute on anchor tags to help the UA with MIME types
now if only I can get Opera to stop parsing an fla file as a zip file...
7:43 PM
Hello! Would like to find Mootools guru :)
Anybody here?
I'm not sure anybody here uses Mootools, but we're all pretty good with JavaScript, so we might be able to solve your question without any MooTools knowledge.
you just got your answer (that, and I gave you the best resource for mootools discussion)
8:38 PM
ok, seems I underestimated how slow new Object() is
@IvoWetzel compared to?
just {}
one would think it gets optimized away
but it seems that some magic is happening in case of new Object
which makes it like 7x slower
wow crazy
do you really need so much objects ? According to jsperf my Chrome can create 70.000.000 objects per second
8:59 PM
> The leading having a heart attack site on the net
@IvoWetzel is that from 0.5ps to 3.5ps per operation?
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