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12:08 AM
only one person i could selected(1st), other people seems run for SELF-profile to me.
@sailfish009 That's your option. I think they all mean well and would try to do a good job. Though I suspect some would suffer burn-out faster than others.
1:06 AM
Good luck everyone!
@YvetteColomb Best of luck to you as well. Hope you're one of the three.
last years placings were:
@GypsySpellweaver thanks :)
@GypsySpellweaver the key is to pace yourself. There's always the temptation to throw yourself in boots and all. It's better to act as if you've been doing it forever and pace.
And I have my private bets as to who would/not pace themselves.
1:15 AM
@GypsySpellweaver did you use that script? That will be giving you a vote breakdown
Haven't installed anything yet.
I think, as suggested, it's open to all eligible voters.
@GypsySpellweaver hm that's odd... stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/established-user
@Shog9 any reason why @GypsySpellweaver with rep of 188 can see vote breakdowns for election and @Catija with rep of 107 cannot?
I can't see vote counts on other meta questions, or the main site. Only on the election pages. This one and the last one.
@GypsySpellweaver yeh I know
1:22 AM
I think it's going to be on account of my rep being >= 150, so I can vote, so I'm allowed to see election stats. Catija isn't eligible so hasn't earned the privilege of seeing vote stats.
sound plausible
If people want to gain rep by editing to vote (that's fine) - just be mindful not to change any words that are in the code - no need to capitalise words used in code - in most cases that will damage the code. Also the difficult thing is, sometimes the code will need to be formatted. So that's one tricky area. I often reject edits that don't address the whole question. If it requires as much effort or more to correct it, I'll reject.
@Shog9 thanks
Another thing - trivial edits on old posts - doesn't really help - it just bumps the posts. That's my opinion.
enough of my suggested editing nit picking - I'm off to see my horses \o
1:34 AM
hi all
anything up ?
The sky, and in some locales the temperature, in others the wind.
You forgot the sea level.
That, unfortunately tends to be quite variable, and when it's considered as "rising" for some, it's "falling" for others, And, the worst part, it often leads to politically charged religious wars over science and ecology.
3 hours later…
4:35 AM
hello ..
o/ @AK.Sharma
5:23 AM
hw r u all .?
well, supposedly anyway.
3 hours later…
this chat isn't as vibrant as last years
@JohnnyBones can you add some vibrancy to this chat please?:D
when did u start programming? @YvetteColomb
8:51 AM
@PeterHaddad 7 years ago
1 hour later…
10:02 AM
Think Liew, Rob and Brett the best candidates
10:57 AM
who do you think are the best candidates @HardikMandankaa?
11:34 AM
I would love to encourage the student @ArtOf
@ArtOfCode, i mean
u should encourage liverpool fc :p @Salah-1
I think i should :)
1 hour later…
12:49 PM
Night chat
1:06 PM
1:26 PM
Hi Paddy! o/
1 hour later…
2:48 PM
3:39 PM
Hi colleagues)
4:02 PM
I hope that a PHP developer will be Moderator
For that reason I'm voting to Floern
I don't care if the moderators know PHP, or even know how to write software in any language. If they can help keep the community, and site, in good order that's what they're elected to do.
4:32 PM
@JeremyBanks I suspect the SmokeDetector one is just because a report got deleted
I voted for newest member
@quartata I was wondering about that
5:58 PM
are there currently any female mods?
Not sure why it matters, but you can decide for yourself if any qualify.
Just curious, I'm a stats person.... and it's no secret that females are disproportionately represented in tech trades
in North America anyhow. Some parts of the world are the other way around.
@GypsySpellweaver yeah I was looking at that, some are unclear, but nobody definitely female
You might find some posts interesting on CSEducators. Poke around from either of these:
Q: How to prepare students for bias in industry

Ellen SpertusI teach at Mills, a women's college near Silicon Valley with a high number of students of color. We do a great job of preparing students technically -- they do very well on the job market and then in their jobs. What I am unsure of is how to prepare students for the transition from a nurturing, f...

Q: Why did the percentage of CS bachelor's degrees going to women peak in 1984?

Ellen SpertusAs shown by the following graph, the percentage of bachelor's degrees going to women in the US has increased over time in almost every major, with the dramatic exception of CS, which peaked in 1984 at 37%, then fell drastically, never to rise again above 20%. Why are the numbers for CS so diff...

second one is big on stats.
Maybe you have ideas to help.
6:06 PM
sensitive topic for ya? bias against possible bias?
I'm just an outsider looking in and see many things. :)
Don't you know you can always trust a Gypsy?
but it's a long way between there and here, your vision might not be as clear as it seems :)
Here and There are often the same place, it's the binoculars that make them look different.
I trust everyone equally at first... even Gypsies (much to my mother's demise). and everyone has equal opportunity to lose my trust & respect... (as my mother did, actually)
hmm deep. So I'm inside of you now? Woah.
Welcome to reality. We are all one.
6:12 PM
oh sorry... you'd better go get yourself "checked" then.
It's probably better to "check in" than out anyway.
alas I digress. I came here to do my democratic duty.
✓ check that
Mine's been done. Now I await the tally
whens that
i forget
Ends in 3 days,
6:14 PM
i already voted too... for underdawgs
I hear it's not as fun of a job as i would've first thought
My 1st choice is an underdog, but I think likely to be the best for the good of the site.
just like with country leaders, there's no surefire way to see how performance will be based on past or on "campaign ads"
Sanitation Engineer likely seems like a glamours job compared to an SE mod, and the SO mods are the most over-burdened of the lot
a 12 year old might walk in and be the next Atwood.
There are several "teen" mods in the system. Not on SO, at the moment, but elsewhere.
6:18 PM
i heard stories of longtime member becoming SO mods and soon after , quitting the site to never return
Often I think they do better because they have not yet developed bias
agreed. which goes back to the trust / respect thing.
one thing i'd like to vote for is MORE mods. double em up
i realize too many ain't good but this isn't enough for the traffic this site, and more and more newbies by the day. A few years ago the average question scored 5.5+, this year is < 0.7
One of the candidates has been seen in chatrooms "moderating" situations when needed, and doing a fine job when needed. Doesn't have buckets full of rep, but lots of common sense.
Most of what you seem to think the mods can do about the newbies can, and should, be done by users.
The mods are "human exception handlers" not babysitters.
i'm not saying its mods jobs, i'm saying more work is created because of newb's (flags etc). I agree that everyone needs to take ownership, ( and many, many do). I try to make a point to say "Welcome" to every Q where Rep=1. (usually followed by "more info please!, links, etc"...
The two do tend to go together, don't they?
6:25 PM
the site itself could make minor changes to deter new members that might only be here for free coding, etc, but I'm sure they have no intention of deterring new users of any quality
i see a lot of people get frustrated with newbies, flat out rude even. six months ago I was that newb.. There's a brutal learning curve on this site these days.
I believe that the best thing the users can do to control content is to not answer a Q until it's worth keeping.
Comment if you have something, like a welcome, that's helpful, but do not answer until the question is a good one.
that's not a black & white decision though.
I don't expect stellar, or polished gold nuggets, just decent.
and the news with 50 rep always gonna jump at an easy question from a 1-rep'r
And, if that 50 rep answer isn't any better than the question, it can end up being a 40 rep user.
6:29 PM
i hear that a suggestion of a separate newbie version of SO was shotdown at some point... I can think of a lot of advantages, for everyone. I'd still spend time there
Actions, even on SO, have consequences.
quaility <> rep gain
I an not, and never will be FGITW, on any site.
I might have an instant reaction, or thought, for a question, but my answer, if ever written, will come when it's ready, and probably not one of the first three.
I found the tool that a new mod on SO needs.
i probably "waste" a lot of time explaining the same things over and over to new people , compared to some, when I could be making fast rep
to hose down conflict?
Something like that. Maybe just to "clear the court"
Other sites don't need so much
6:35 PM
ah - firefighting - gotcha lol
ah ha , theres my chart i was looking for :
this one's purdy... I actually woulda guessed that more Q'sd were from newb's on a daily basis than that.
Newbies looks to be constant % since about 2013, or thereabouts.
Seasonal fluctuation across the board.
although ths one paints a different picture:
Only because it joins the first two groups of the other graph and splits up the rest of the groups.
6:50 PM
since you brought yup fluctuation patterns... this one made me LOL for some reason....
my brain went "what is THAT"... ohhhh "Hump Day".... hehe they're Humps
and now that stupid song comes in my head every time i look at it
yeah i'm juvenile at heart.
Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
o/ @ArtOfCode
yeahhhh... i've been having a weird year with that. Turned around fast... for the better
you tagging someone or is that directly at me? (I'm a chat newb)
the "@" in front of their name causes them to get a "ping" @ashleedawg
k i assumed... @ashleedawg
this is the longest i've been in chat here. i've wanted to move convo's here a few times but silly rule doesn't let me invite people <15 rep
or 20 maybe
6:56 PM
Art: Someday, when this is all over, I'd like to spend some time asking questions about keybase
Heh, not sure I know a huge amount, but I can give 'em a go :)
Maybe next week, unless you end up with a new job on SO, I'll ping ya.
@ashleedawg That rule's bitten me a time or two as well.
Kinda doubt I'm getting elected at this point, based on primary voting
shrug just need to spend some time actually getting rep
Well, admitted, but I can always hope.'
Seems that rep is the "coin of the realm" even when good deeds have more value.
2 hours later…
9:12 PM
@GypsySpellweaver Pretty sure I still count ;)
@Undo I'm not going to "point" to any of the ones I know of. Not my place. If you claim it, that's your choice.
points aimlessly
I didn't read any of the transcript so I'm unsure about the context, but teens like Undo are always more than welcome :P

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