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how are you binding that value ?
changing that format might be a good start
that's java-ui.min.css. I just like playing with the monsters :D
and well on aspx page.
$("#<%=txtNiyatDate.ClientID%>").datepicker({ minDate: new Date(2017, 2, 21), maxDate: new Date(2023, 07, 11) });
I feel like every time i ask you a question you come back with something unrelated like that somehow helps
jesus I'm getting really pissed, VB6 functions don't accept totally edible variables
@HéctorÁlvarez stop eating your vars then
provide it only in-edible vars
there are no vars in VB6 hiss
and "null" doesn't exist
12:02 PM
vars = short for variables not actually "var" as in most "decent languages"
ah yes ... vb6 and null ... bringing back the nightmares
@War haha :D sorry that the answer is unrelated. I just shared an extra information with you that i am reading and making changes in jquery-ui.min.css (helps me to learn how to code jquery)
oh right
@ARr0w the best way to code jquery is not using jquery
use angular or any SPA-oriented framework instead
@ARr0w oh jeez ... only you
and tell your boss windows update packages affected your JS and they lost all the dollars
@War well, either its Jquery-ui.js that is what i mean. (in this project they are using the compressed version Min...)
12:05 PM
How I read your reaction there ...
input with date aint formatted correctly when converted from object to string ... I know i'll edit core framework script from jquery, surely the guy that wrote that knows less about css than I do and that has to be the problem
@HéctorÁlvarez lol he ain't that stupid. He also have a science background with experience.
@HéctorÁlvarez totally plausible fo sure!
@War no no that is not how i view it. I read these codes to learn that's all.
@Shaneis You there?
learn methods that datepicker have
12:07 PM
@ARr0w lol, you'll never learn anything good from jquery's core code
wow it also doesn't accept 2 function names with the same name, even if they have 2 different overloads
alright, i'll stop going into min files. But right now that is what is available here :(
you'll learn more about jquery form the docs than from reading the code IMO
jquery has a ton of legacy "hacks" in it to make old browsers work the same way
♪♫ provide you with versatility...
an API with extensibility!
JQuery is something you can't ignore,
write less... DO MORE! ♪♫
12:16 PM
HAhaha @HéctorÁlvarez i like that humor
@War true that and don't worry i do read everything that increases my knowledge and is for my own good.
@ARr0w if I read everyhting I needed to completely do my job right I would have never ever written a line of code
@War be half of everything i guess? :D
start here
much simpler
lol, well i do that part too
hahaha :D omg
I am not even that into sql but i just enjoy this chat the most :D
jquery will help you build ur website.com outside of DOM? :D
@Tomm friendly environment is what people are attracted too.
not the 'asking us to do your homework?'
12:27 PM
i am attracted to gurls
@Tomm i didn't mean the attraction in that sense.
I know
I was just joking
@Tomm i know i know, wouldn't it be weird that people would be attracted to channels and be like 'mom i want to marry a website channel'
12:29 PM
I have a table called projects in taskManagement database this table contains project_id as pk Project_start_date and Project_end_date fields How I can normalize it to meet 5 and 6 normalization states
Hello @JavaFan
hi @ARr0w
You'll need a Project Table.
Do I need to date table?
12:34 PM
if you have multiple dates for one project.
but since this table already have start_date and an End_date
there are two dates the start_data and end_date in the table
i don't think you need a date Table.
It 's complies 6NFs?
if you have primary keys, foreign keys and last a master table.

usually the structure should be

Project tbl, ProtjectDate, TaskManagement

where TaskManagement should be something like

id, ProjectTblID, ProjectDateId
that will help you to get your data with ease.
Should I make a table for the Db itself?
12:43 PM
@Shaneis ;)
@JavaFan i didn't understand your question.
Sorry guys, was out at lunch
what's up?
@Shaneis welcome back. Had good lunch?
TaskManagement Is the name of my database
Really good! currently digesting with a caffeine like drink
how's things @ARr0w @Blake @Sami
12:44 PM
The sky is up
@Shaneis things are great.
@ARr0w how's the hand?
@Shaneis How are you?
@going good bro..just done with my evening coffee ;)
12:46 PM
@Shaneis elbow is better, palm and the finger bones have pain.. can't able to bear the pain when gets force on those bones.
@Shaneis include the wrist joint.
What did you do @ARr0w
@JavaFan you can name your table as
@Tomm fell from bike in winter :(
That sucks
@Tomm yeah but its healing, slowly, but im glad its healing and all bones are ifne.
true true
12:47 PM
its just the pain of the impact
@ARr0w Let us in Projects table
@Shaneis I have a question for you about SO database which we discuss about it before
As you know SO use SQL Server
@Sami I'm with you so far
@ARr0w what's with the hungarian notation
Well, I'm not understand how the users table help in this case?
@JavaFan Why do you want to achieve that level of NF?
12:51 PM
@Shaneis his db also have the name "taskManagement"
so i adviced him to create a table as tblTaskManagement
to make the difference.
@Sami Don't you need a list of users?
@ARr0w okay, I don't see why they cant both be the same?
How the SignUp work?
And how the LogIn work?
normalization beyond 3rd NF requires some desire of self-inducted pain
@Shaneis You are already connected if you can SignUp (insert row in users table)
@HéctorÁlvarez It's necessary 4,5 and 6 NFs?
12:54 PM
I'd assume Signup is when they created an account and login is the last time that they connected to SO
@JavaFan Do you host something the size of Microsoft's infrastructure?
No @HéctorÁlvarez
@Shaneis they can be same, but it is better for understanding when using them in other platform languages. like c#
and when a programmer is stressed out he does silly things on very simple things. These notations are very helpful then.
@Shaneis Ok, but when you signup, is a dabase user created or what? also why you need anything when you can alreeady connect to the server and insert a row in users table?
a database user as in a user that can access the SO database?
12:57 PM
@Shaneis plus he wants to fulfill his all NFs :P
@JavaFan then 3rd NF is fine, unless you have some sort of retarded school assignment that specifies you need 4th, Boyce-Codd, 6th, up to the yet-to-be-embraced 7th NF
Nnnn, I should understand the logic here cause I don't face something like that
Look @Shaneis Let's say you decide to join SO today (you don't have an account)
When you fill all the fields needed to SignUp, and click SignUp, what's happen?
How the row can be inserted in Users table while you don't have a login account in the server?
@JavaFan in short, nobody hinders their ease of maintenance in favor of 0.001% better performance, even less today, in the age of cheap terabytes
in this scenario, it creates an entry in the user table with your details plus the value of signup and login would be the same date
2 mins ago, by Sami
When you fill all the fields needed to SignUp, and click SignUp, what's happen?
How the row can be inserted in Users table while you don't have a login account in the server?
How the row can be inserted in Users table?
Are you the Guest in this case?
I suppose you don't have access to the database, and the server neither
1:03 PM
@Sami oh! you mean the actual database dump?
I never looked, probably did some sort of clean up before they publish it
give everyone really high permissions for when they download it
@Shaneis Which LogIn account excute the insert statement when you click "SignUp" button?
@Sami probably whatever account the website is using
Ah, ok now we start to move on the case
@Sami haha you're coming across as a detective @Sami . Best o'luck Hercule Poirot!
Ok, now the row inserted, Is there a trigger or something create a login after the row inserted?
1:08 PM
Did u mean The ease of 3NFs Maintenance and Performance?
yes that is what NFs is supposed to do, @JavaFan
So why people invented 4,5 and 6 NFs
@JavaFan but you're a Java Fan :o
@JavaFan maybe cause they were bored and had nothing to do?
he is not a java fan he is JavaFan
1:09 PM
or should it be javaFan (camelCase)
Potentially! you can check the database for them though.
The website could also do some sort of insert itself if it's checked the database for this user and never seen anything
@JavaFan to make their database faster on huge (and I mean huge as in billions of rows) tables, when partitioning didn't seem like a viable alternative
so it could be trigger, website, or something else
can't help you there @Sami , sorry
1:10 PM
@JavaFan the core SQL guy is @Shaneis. I'm hybrid :P
@Shaneis You did a great help already, thanks :)
@HéctorÁlvarez As I understand if my rows size are not very large I should use 3NFs only?
@ARr0w Oh hey, I'm a level 300 MS-certified SQL Server DBA
@Sami glad to help!
You spot anything interesting, make sure to share it here ;)
@HéctorÁlvarez Hey @ARr0w, @HéctorÁlvarez wins!
@HéctorÁlvarez my bad. @JavaFan ... Also @HéctorÁlvarez .. go jump on his lap and ask away your questions
1:12 PM
@JavaFan the point about 6NF is if you have a table as follows:
ID | Name | Surname | Job
You will get this
ID | Name
ID | Surname
ID | Job
lol really?
3 tables that eventually mean sh*t, because you are likely not going to query those 4 fields separately
joins all the way.
Red X
yeah, that pretty much worked when they stored permissions as a bit mask instead of a set of booleans, because every byte costed 0.01<currency>/second
1:15 PM
@HéctorÁlvarez I think your IP is :D
I think in my example Project table (project_Id,Project_start_date,project_end_date) I should normalize more @HéctorÁlvarez?
@JavaFan it's fine, also normalizing beyond that will destroy your index and force you to set a greater fill factor... I assume you don't even know what that is, but feel free to research around
Normalizing makes me want to kms
i freaking hate that
@HéctorÁlvarez okay
1:18 PM
@JavaFan Simple question: You want to understand normalization?
I understand 1,2,3 at least
just apply them
and everythings good
Forth is x,(y,z) multivalued
@JavaFan Please answer as the question: You want to understand them? /Yes/ No
1:19 PM
@ARr0w the problem is you need to understand it before you can apply it, otherwise you just look at the screen with a poker face and your brain suddenly combusts
@JavaFan Practice is your friend
okay @Sami
@HéctorÁlvarez true that but i have explained him above.
enough for him to understand how he should start..
and for reading alien stuff, google's there.
@JavaFan Belive me practice is the best practices
1:22 PM
yes I practiced 3 NF a lot but 4,5 and 6 no
I'll take the chance to learn from anyone here, and do a lot of practices
and never feel stupid to ask a question
cause who don't ask he will stay stupid
Science is hunting
The writing is a constraint
Practice is a guaranteed success
So you have to hunt the science
And restrict it by writing
this is deep
more deep then the deepest hole on the surface of earth
definitely starred <3
@ARr0w Brother, In algeria we do't have uni as under the world yes, we don't have a half of what for example UK have, but yes I'm trying to do the best to be good in my specialty, and why not the best
I belive that ^ what all should do
even the life is an open book has (n) pages
1:37 PM
@Sami exactly bro.
@Blake LOL change "private files" to "public files", you are in public man :D
2:05 PM
@JavaFan don't waste your time going beyond that. Seriously.
2:21 PM
Quick question: I've got several tables, each holding the "posts" on some forum. Let's say each table represents a different thread on the forum.

Does it make more sense to, instead, keep all posts in *one* table, where said table just has an additional column which specifies which thread a post is in?
Q: set Windows authentication for postgres

Andy KI'm trying to set Windows authentication for a postgres server. The process is not well documented and makes the whole thing, obscure. I'm using this doc. In the necessary steps, the doc says that you need to create a domain user. Yet in the screenshot, it says DomainServiceAccount Once, yo...

@AmagicalFishy tricky
@AndyK Ah! Good. I'm updating something I wrote a while ago, and figured there must have been a reason I wrote it that way—what are the reasons one might keep each table separate (even though the tables have the same columns)? [sorry if this is a newbie question; i'm pretty bad at this]
@AmagicalFishy performance
one table would be a bit slow, depending on the number of characters for a post
Ah! Ok. I'll definitely keep the tables separate then (the forum is used as a large laboratory's logbook, and there's a lot of different looking up and organizing based on which experiment is being looked at)
posts can range from a few characters to a few paragraphs
thanks @AndyK :)
@AmagicalFishy try to keep it separate then
@HéctorÁlvarez mentioned normal forms
you may need to have a look to ponder your design
2:28 PM
would this be the relevant wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_normalization ?
@AmagicalFishy read a bit and look for something on google too
alright. doing that now, thanks :v
jon skeet ASKED a question last week :O
cool. i think my table is pretty normal!
@WhatsThePoint that happens?
Prove it!
2:40 PM
who's that guy?
@HéctorÁlvarez youve never heard of jon skeet?
@Shaneis me, or whatsthepoint?
eh...why not both?
2:42 PM
WHAT THE [Object]!?
@WhatsThePoint wow
and a 500 rep user answered it,must feel like a legend
Jon Skeet is a little bit like the God of C#
@AndyK hes a god of everything
have you seen how many gold badges he has?
@WhatsThePoint c'mon he's a man only
2:46 PM
thats alot of gold medals
more gold badges than points the person who answered has
more gold badges then whatever my account is lol
heading early guys, tty
but I tell you that guy's going to wake up tomorrow to 200 bronzes, 50 silvers and 5k points
@Shaneis cya
2:51 PM
hes nearly got more gold badges than my rep points
Is it okay to put JavaScript code in a .jsp file?
tty @Shaneis
@Shaneis o/
I need help with VB6, the room is frozen and I really don't understand this shit
I don't want to start studying on it, jesus
@HéctorÁlvarez try me
i know a bit
not much though
@WhatsThePoint alright, so why can't I pass my array to a function that takes and array and returns the Count equivalent of C#?
it works for the previous 5 arrays, but not for this one
let me copy some code
3:04 PM
Function Count(array As Variant) As Long
    Count = UBound(array) + 1
End Function
@Ricky Hello, finally you talk:D
that takes an array of any type, and returns the element count, which I coded like a troglodyte
@Ricky hi! o/
im pretty sure ubound returns the highst value in the array not highest index
it's the upper bound
for an array from 0 to 9 (10 elements) it returns 9
@Sami Yep been logged in...just been ridiculously busy - been 100% fixing stuff style work
rather than any improving stuff style work
@WhatsThePoint let's assume it works, I counted and it works as I expect it
the point is why am I getting an exception
your function will return the highest value +1
Compile error: Only user-defined types defined in public object modules cant be coerced to or from a variant or passed to late-bound funtions
I need to move on
3:09 PM
@WhatsThePoint no man, those declarations aren't values for the array, they are the dimensions
when you are putting efforts and the guy who is acting as the guy who is supposed to be the boss of your unit is messing around
littleArray(6) is an array with 6 positions from 1 to 6
fuc***** tw**
@AndyK you need a thicker skin
but youre not getting the count of the items? didnt you want the count?
3:11 PM
@HéctorÁlvarez my skin is wearing thin
I'm really thinking just to resign and move back to Paris, and breakup with my gf some days like this
@WhatsThePoint that returns the count. For an array that goes from 0 to 9 it returns 10, which is the item count. The problem is arrays are declared by convenience starting from 1, not from 0, no idea why and I don't want to learn why
what do you want your function to actually do?
@AndyK I've resigned before, and that was a good decision for my conditions back then. I haven't had a girlfriend so I can't say anything on those grounds though... but go with the wind unless you are like 40 or older
@WhatsThePoint that doesn't matter, even if it returns "Hello World" it's good
the problem is I get the exception I said before when I pass an array, but it doesn't happen with previous calls
@HéctorÁlvarez soz for the tantrum. I needed to rant/vent.
We all have to some time
3:15 PM
@AndyK don't worry mate, I've been in your toes before, it ends at some point
I just had my rant somewhere
Lets say it like this, I cant wait to be 18 so my parents dont have saying over me anymore
whats the exception? are all of your arrays the same type? i.e strings, ints etc.
yes, they are all arrays of Long type
how do I quote myself?
@HéctorÁlvarez it will end, it just too slow in my perspective but well @ARr0w's tenacity is a good reminder that I need to grind my teeth right now
all longs?
3:17 PM
@AndyK my advice is look for a better job, when you find one, quit the one you have
here in spain we must bring all the documents 15 days prior to departing
but we can take those days as holidays if we have any remaining
@WhatsThePoint yes, the arrays are all dimensioned as follows
@HéctorÁlvarez that's well said
Dim whateverCrap() as Long
can i see the data inside the arrays?
@WhatsThePoint Sure, I can give you an example:
thats in all the arrays?
3:20 PM
each array has different numbers, but yes, they are all filled with longs
wait, sorry, it returns longs
they can beof any type
I have these data structures
Public Type parada
    Codigo As Long
    Latitud As Coordenada
    Longitud As Coordenada
    Radio As Long
End Type
Public Type Coordenada
    Grados As Long
    Minutos As Long
    Segundos As Double
End Type
I've tried to pass an array of type parada, and it doesn't work either
but why D:
the only thing i can think of is that the ubound(array)+1 isnt working on a certain type
it doesn't get in
the error is thrown when it arrives at the call
every array has an upper bound, it should work, shouldn't it?
oh thats a different story all together
i thought it couldve been the +1 causing an issue if used with a string but if it doesnt get there thats different
which types work and which dont?
3:26 PM
according to the exception, it looks like VB6 can't pass my array as argument
looks like Long types work
15 minutes ago they didn't, maybe because I rebuilt the project... IDK
Parada arrays don't work
is it just your defined types that dont work?
apparently yes
the exception text also states that
but they are also public!
maybe your own defined types dont fall under the Variant blanket?
wait so Variant isn't like Object?
i thought it was, but i never declared my own types
try creating a function explicitly stating the type of your array, see what that does
it appears that variant doesnt support user defined types, in modern versions of vb it does though but not vb6
3:33 PM
byref argument type mismatch
when you explicitly stated the type?
oh god I did the math inline and it works
Here, have a star
that's my sheriff badge
Whats the point
my vb6 knowledge is very limited, all i have done is convert a program to c#, so i was just clutching at straws really
good enough for me
3:56 PM
take a walk, feeling better now
home time
@WhatsThePoint cya
@AndyK yay!
@WhatsThePoint o/
@HéctorÁlvarez sometime I feel in a hole, especially close to the evening
it usually means it is time to go home!
it's a good indicator. For me it means I have to take a breather and slack a bit
4:14 PM
@HéctorÁlvarez same here
Is anyone here good with javascript?
no one in the world is "good with javascript"
it's basically a language with no rules
Can we format code in ssms 17?
you can format code however the fuck you like
I'll downlod it
cause ssms 8 is not good
832.080 MO take long time fucking internet
4:42 PM
get brodband
5:08 PM
looks like a crap ISP
5:18 PM
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