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5:55 AM
@Sami @MadhurBhaiya how sql server or mysql do optimizer when it comes to do operation explicit join?
Explicit inner join syntax (INNER JOIN, CROSS JOIN, or unadorned JOIN) is semantically the same as listing the input relations in FROM, so it does not constrain the join order.
In postgresql.. How about mysql and sql server?
6:31 AM
morning \o
Afternoon here.. :D
comma based joins are old
and ANSI 92 onwards highly discouraged
Yes i know that..
But i am curious about other rdbms do with explicit join..
It just i think to make a thread about why we should avoid explicit join.. But as i know.. The semantics are same..
So why we should avoid that..
6:50 AM
We should avoid because it is unclear
not easy to read
and many times cause inadvertent errors
Maybe later i will show the sample..
With more provide info..
Cause weekend make me lazy.. Haha
am also lazy today
going out for some personal work
see ya later
7:09 AM
See yaa!! :D
2 hours later…
8:46 AM
hey guys need help here
i try to do anything on the mysql shell(just downloaded it for a school project) and it says not connected
is there a mysql default server that i can connect to?
2 hours later…
11:20 AM
can anyone help?
11:47 AM
Hey! Is there a way to catch a signal in mysql for the purposes of continuing loops when sql state '45000''s are thrown?
nvm i resolved that issue
now all I need to do is get my netbeans working
for some reason it just show a blank screen and does nothing when I click new project
OS? Netbeans version?
says unexpected error, I dont really know how to set the JDK up
windows 10, netbeans ide 8.2
during installation it said that it cant find path to jdk so I manually specified it in my c disk>program files>java>jdk
did I do something wrong there?
11:51 AM
Do you have the lastest version? -> oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/…
yeah i downloaded jdk last night
C:\Program Files\NetBeans 7.x\etc\netbeans.conf
make sure the jdkhome path matches the path to your jdk
what does that mean?
also these questions are easily answered through < 10 second google searches. as a programmer, you may want to get into the habit of finding solutions on your own
11:54 AM
google searching the issue shows that if you open up C:\Program Files\NetBeans 7.x\etc\netbeans.conf in a text editor and make sure your jdkhome path matches your actual jdk path, it will probably solve your issue
if it doesn't, reinstall netbeans
whoa i dont even have a netbeans 7.x
probably should reinstall everything
This is more of a theoretical issue... say I'm making a bulk update to a M-M table and I want to do a bunch of deletes and a bunch of inserts in a transaction. Is there any difference if I interleave reads/writes:
/// etc


// etc
@EvanTrimboli it doesnt matter what netbeans version you have, the path is the same
please google the answers, they come right up and they are easy fixes
@EvanTrimboli you aren't reading and writing here, you are deleting bytes from disk. This will raise problems:

1. if you are trying to read A in one of operations and deleting A in another.
2. If you try and delete something that isn't there, you will get issuess

but generally, this will just lead to "element does not exist" or some flavor of that. If you interleave reads/writes, it absolutely does matter, a lot
12:01 PM
I'm talking more from a performance standpoint. In this case there won't be any kind of conflict in that regard
Well if you are talking about performance, without knowing specific context and properties of A/B, I'd say it would be negligible
but as always, it depends
general case you don't have to worry
Gotcha, thanks

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