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12:42 AM
woop woop. Almost 2 am and ended up succeeding in something useful
managed to create a working patch for an embedded Linux distro which allows to load a script from external memory and execute it in uboot to boot a second core with a different architecture
what a time to be alive
3 hours later…
3:47 AM
Hi all... any hardcore professionals/enthusiast/gamers want to perhaps take a stab at this question I have on Arqade? Unsure if this is really the place or topic for here... but I'm desperate...


In particular, the portion I edited in today with the debugging info I found. It seems C-ish to me, but I'm no C developer.
4:04 AM
@TimothyG. I suggest that you contact the manufacturer (developer of GoW).
I've considered it - the error report goes to Sony I think which I don't see an easy way to contact them. I'll look into that more.
10 hours later…
2:01 PM
@TimothyG. We can't touch that due to legal constraints. Doing so would be opening ourselves to legal jeopardy
2:15 PM
@Mgetz legal constraints? For what exactly?
@TimothyG. This thing called the license constraint which forbids decompiling reverse engineering etc.
Sony is notoriously litigious
Oh - well That would be an issue I suppose, but I'm not asking anyone to go that far. I was just wondering more about if anyone knew what "agsSetDisplayMode" could be, anything about the exception, etc.
And if that information could lead to a solution
2:28 PM
Legally no, doing any sort of reverse engineering is a license violation
@TimothyG. looks like it's part of some of AMDs Open GPU libraries
It's related to switching display mode to HDR
so maybe try disabling HDR
2:47 PM
@PeterT I noticed that it seemed HDR related. I have HDR disabled on my monitor, and I think that would force the game settings to also be disabled, but I'll have to check. I still don't quite get how this could be using AMD GPU software if I have an Nvidia GPU (I suppose the game could still use these libraries to do whatever it needs to do for its graphics?)
Wont be able to check for a bit though
If you used to have an AMD GPU or whatnot, maybe make sure that you run DDU
The OpenGPU libraries aren't all AMD specific
That would make sense then. I figured it was something along those lines.

Never had an AMD GPU in my system. I do have an AMD CPU but that shouldn't matter
It makes sense that GoW used a bunch of AMD optimized stuff since it's a PS4/PS5 port
oh right thats true. the consoles are all AMD powered
> While the AGS SDK samples will run on non-AMD hardware, they will be of limited usefulness, since the purpose of AGS is to provide convenient access to AMD-specific information and extensions.

@TimothyG. otherwise if you have a display connected via HDMI, maybe try connecting via displayport or vice-versa
2:59 PM
It's currently display port. I can try that as well.
otherwise if you have FSR enabled in GoW, try disabling it

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