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1:45 AM

Now, granted, C++'s variant implementation is not the prettiest sight; but I'd usually prefer it over getting down-and-dirty with pointers. <-- look of disapproval
@einpoklum what about virtual dispatch, using pointer to type erase with a pure virtual class is a pretty good pattern.
@einpoklum honestly your answer misses a lot of good reasons to use a pointer.
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4:40 AM
anyone know how i can make a qt widget scale with the window size. every post i read just says "lol just add a layout widget and it will just work dude..." but it doesn't... no matter what layout widget i choose it still does not scale. example of what i would like to do: stackoverflow.com/questions/65526963/…
4:50 AM
You should be able to directly try it in the Qt Designer.
You click the background window, then the horizontal or vertical layout button and that should be it.
There might be the issue that the widget you have is not actually resizable.
i just deleted everything and started over. looks like creator is picky and you have to carefully place the layout widget in the top left corner of the main window or it wont scale correctly
5:16 AM
You don't place it at all. The window itself has a layout.
You would only place multiple layouts when the single layout the window gives you cannot express the layout you want.
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9:17 AM
Talking about all green autonomous cart ...
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2:20 PM
Ugg, getting some weird problems with doxygen. Anything with an "underscore" needs to be ignored but, EXCLUDE_SYMBOLS = "_*" seems to not include namespaces, for example fmt::_foo isn't ignored.
well at least you can blame other people/software. I spend the whole just adjusting some transform matrices to get it to properly pivot around the center. Now it's still broken for non-uniform scaling.
And I'm not even talking 3D transformation matricies, just simple 2D stuff
Lol, I could probably solve your problem but not sure about this doxygen thing :-)
I suppose the obvious EXCLUDE_SYMBOLS=*::_* didn't work?
Yeah, I was hopefully but no it doesn't work
Well if it was just doing the matriecies from scratch then I'd have no issues. I remember enough from linear algebra for that. But there's surrounding code doing all sorts of weird stuff around it. Because it uses the non-uniform scaling to adjust the frame for the content, but then counter-acts it to keep 1:1 pixel ratio in the image. Worked fine until I had to add rotation into the mix. Now, not so much.
2:38 PM
so when I was using nvidia's image primitive's library the only way to scale imagines was resize them by a factor (approximately) the library would internally perform a multiplication which was sometimes off by 1 pixel. So I had to use golden section search search to find a slight epsilon in size that would give me the desired output size and scaling factor.
It's not really that complicated, I'm not talking about 1:1 input versus output, I'm talking about 1:1 x versus y.
basically it does the M_t * M_rot * M_scale * p and then tries to counter-act non-uniform scale afterwards. Which obviously can't work without undoing the rotation first, otherwise you get shearing like in the picture
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4:02 PM
What's a good enum name that has "Softlink" and "Hardlink" as values?
It's about symbolic linking/hard linking :p
Currently the enum is called "FileType" which is kind of bad.
LinkType_t -> soft, hard
LinkType is better yeah
I saw FileType on another site, which was why I used it.
But yeah, thanks, thats much better! :D
2 hours later…
6:09 PM
posted on July 04, 2022 by Adrien Hamelin

Did you read it? Embracing Modern C++ Safely, Book Review by Bartlomiej Filipek From the article: C++11 has been around for around 11 years and C++14 for 8. From my experience, I see that even today, many companies struggle to use those standards in production in the most efficient way. As always, with new stuff came benefits, risks, and increased learning effort. F

6:25 PM
7:03 PM
posted on July 04, 2022 by Vinnie

Several Boost authors have embarked on a project to improve the performance of boost's associative containers. Boost.Unordered by boost.org About the improvements: Boost.Unordered's new implementation of std::unordered_map (and multimap, set and multiset variants), and to extend its portfolio of available containers to offer faster, non-standard alternatives based


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