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2:48 AM
[enum class doubt].
Which casting from int to enum class is preferred :
1. `static_cast<Color>(2)`
2. `Color(2)`
Thank you for your time!
2 hours later…
4:53 AM
hi there,


if i have an array, say: a = [1,2,3]

what kind of algoryth do i need to find all subsets

[1] 1 1
[2] 2 0
[3] 3 1
[1,2] 3 1
[2,3] 5 1
[1,2,3] 6 0
5:17 AM
Now obviously the atack is dynamically allocated, although this problem is probably also present in ASM
2 hours later…
7:13 AM
Now I can receive data on rasbberry pi from arduno, arduino suddenly wouldn't print out anything at all, not even on the serial monitor.
7:29 AM
Life as a serial bug killer ..
Umm ... seems that I need some sort of delay inside the loop. Could someone tell me why is it so?
7:50 AM
@TelKitty what s your issue on which you need explanation precisely? I ll give it a shot
I had to add delay(100) inside loop on arduino otherwise nothing prints out.
But now my problem is that I am getting this on rPi from arduino:
arduino serial monitor is giving me the right values.
But not when I run it on rPi, output gives me garbage as above.
@TelKitty does not look like garbage to me... COuld it be that you are using a GPS? One typically gets garbage when eg baudrates do not match
then you get all kind of weird inexistent symbols
but those are clearly letters of the alphabet if you see what I mean
as for the delay, I d check under which condition,s the hardware buffer of your microcontroller gets flushed to te outside world
maybe... you re writing faster than it is able to handle data transmission. But this looks unlikely to me
Maybe the arduino lib does some buffering before passing it to the hw buffers
a bit like glibs. Glibs itself does buffering, then the kernel buffers and it is only after this that it may reach to the outside world
Yes that looks like the gps output. But it should not be, unless for some weird reasons, the config changes.
Should I do serial.flush() at the end of each loop on the arduino side?
Also I free the memory at the end of each loop too.
maybe read the documentation for the code you copypasted?
8:05 AM
Yes I need to read the documentation for arduino. I have been tidying up the code and adding many new things. :x
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12:22 PM
The reactions are a bit underwhelming
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3:56 PM
plz I feel lonely here ç_ç
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8:25 PM
poor Morwenn all alone all day. I was at my nieces birthday party, so I didn't have my eye on SO chats.

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