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12:28 AM
If pigeons are as retarded as people make them out to be, how could they be so infest in the human society.
1:00 AM
Who do you guys tell when you're really proud, and want to show a project you completed?
@Mikhail I suppose you have github links?
The professor I work for made me take down my github a week or two ago
@Mikhail IP reasons?
Yes, although he is wrong.
1:05 AM
@Mikhail All of my research are on different github repos. except for one project where we signed NDAs
At the end of the day my repo had an algorithm that is a competing algorithm with my work. It is not my work. By sharing the repo I've gotten at least 1 co-authorship. A Chinese competitor asked for my code. I sent him the github link. Helping to reproduce science is apparently frowned upon. Or maybe helping your competitor. The guy I work for threatened to sue me. Whole thing was not fun.
@Mikhail You're US based?
Also this is the second time in the people I work with threatened to sue me for collaborating, or discussing published data.
Yeah USA
Worst thing you can be in academia is competent
I ask only because that kind of insanity allows for one stereotype. benevolence also seems frowned upon.
While I understand that researchers are employees of the university, in this case I was shut down for disclosing work that isn't commercialized. So we lost papers. Further had I published it as part of a supplemental, it wouldn't have raised an eyebrow.
My own work is artificially limited in its reproducibility by my advisor's conflict of interest. He won't let me share it because he is trying to sell it.
1:13 AM
@Mikhail "in this case I was shut down for disclosing work that isn't commercialized. So we lost papers" so you disclosed work in progress?
@CaptainGiraffe No. I wrote a GPU code for an algorithm for a competing method. I got one paper out by simply sharing the algorithm. The work was disclosed 20 years ago according to EU/US patents.
@Mikhail I do almost all of my work in public. Documentation, status reports.
@Mikhail I want to buy you a beer so we can sit an hour and share our thoughts on the shitty academic integrity that seems way too prevalent.
where are the days of science for science's sake...
@ratchetfreak all over the place, I think it's just US that is requiring to commercialize it at the Uni level.
Yeah, every faculty member, I'm aware of has their startup company.
Its also killed their research work
As mentioned, I was told to stop distributing a competing technology that was giving me (us) papers.
This paper was a pretty good read, as they have a cogent narrative related to the growth of "team" oriented science:
Sad, like many critics Fortunato doesn't go far enough. For example, there is little discussion about how most of science is falsified bullshit. Further, there is little discussion about how the mistreatment of students is orthogonal to scientific productivity. For example, you can be a slave driver and still do good science. Why the assholes we work for push hard to do bullshit was a mystery in my early years.
For example, in the EU they are a lot nicer, but still doing bullshit (if not more)
1:32 AM
@Mikhail Clarification needed.
Which part?
The EU does less novel work, often focusing on using existing techniques or theoretical simulation. You can see this is terms of patents, or VC money per capita.
@Mikhail but still doing bullshit (if not more)
In optics I'm aware of zero, zero, zero, zero, zero new imaging techniques that came from the EU.
Zeiss had to setup shop in the US to stay in the game.
@Mikhail VC money is also way more prevalent in the US. In the EU we have most of our grants from different EU projects.
Yeah, its a different culture. Its not a culture of innovation.
1:38 AM
@Mikhail Its not a culture of innovation. If you mean the EU Academia you are quite out of your depth.
The academic system the US is more short term and tech startup oriented. Training grants, for new students, are starting to require an entrepreneurship component. To renew your funding agency, you need to explain how many companies it produced.
@CaptainGiraffe The world - google play store/apple app store/youtube etc. People who knows me well doesn't care about what I have completed. :/ ... not until years after their completion and heaps of people have used them anyways. It's weird.
@TelKitty Mom or Dad? I'm gonna show mine to Dad at least. Mom sees very poorly.
@TelKitty also this creation I had in mind is extremely domain specific.
Nope, not immediately after I have completed a project. The only people who seem to be interested in those projects were the people were already interested in the area anyways (possibly before I even started the project).
@CaptainGiraffe Find a group who is interested in the domain and show it to them.
@Mgetz MS devs are out of touch. They sent me that blog post. The CUDA 10.1 installer won't install the build tools for VS 2019. I already upgraded everything. Every feature I add has at least one bullshit ICE I have to work around. Yesterday I had to remove a constructor in a specific class. Its true, they fixed one bug, but there are hundreds left. The only solution is to unify GPU code generation with the compiler front end. That is what they did with LLVM.
1:54 AM
I mean, I dragged a few friends of mine to my A.I. in robotic group, none of them attended any of the group meetings. On the other hand, we have a core group of a few people who attended almost all events after they had joined the group.
2:51 AM
Anne Brokenbrow, 104, arrested to fulfil her greatest wish
Then, as part of an initiative by the Bristol Wishing Washing Line, a charity that collects the wishes of people in care homes, Anne filled out a form saying: "My wish is … To be arrested. I am 104 and I have never been on the wrong side of the law."
6 hours later…
9:05 AM
This world needs useful innovation, this world has witness the creation of many useless innovation and a lot of people got rich because of them in the past 20 years. World population has increased 25% mean while. Given limited tech advance and exponential growth of population, humans are doomed and end will come soon. Let's change this.
I do consider some people to be quite intelligent. But their intelligence does not get to show under current system. I blame it on the system.
I do hope humans are not like dumb fish in the tank. Exponential growth in a limited space, end is death. Population has doubled in the past 55 years. In another world, world population is likely to double in your life time. Increase in global temperature is just the beginning.
10:07 AM
"end" of that system* only about 80%-90% would die.
10:20 AM
@ABuckau Except you don't know who are in those 80%-90%, also you could be too optimistic
Except i dont need to.
Also underground bunker isn't going to save anyone in the long run. I mean, living a dark, lonely life with no future is hardly what I call living.
Why woukd they live in a bunker their whole life?
70% starve after first year or two... safe to go back up.
Safe to go back up to what?
Let's list the number of disasters that an underground bunker could possibly save anyone from getting killed, shall we. Would you like to start?
not especially, but feel free.
my main worry is people, not disasters.
10:27 AM
I wonder how long can people live without sunlight.
if for any reason oil stops, everything else stops..large cities twar them selves apart. rural communities survive 75%
im not worried about natural disasters...but 50000 starving people make me nervous.
You need to migrate to a country with more sparse population and surrounded by ocean ... ideally with fatter people. But later condition is a bit hard.
Ill take my chances in Alaska.
10:55 AM
@ABuckau How long does it take for a Venezuela refugee to reach Alaska?
11:34 AM
@TelKitty assuming they get cold and turn around: never.
whem they get here and realize Alaskans average 5 firearms per person , will they want to stay?
But if they have devoured all the people in the warmer parts of the country ...
@ABuckau Think about it: you can put on more clothes if you are cold, but if you are starved ...
You will just keep on moving.
Im not worried about it.
I know, I know ... earthquakes are probably of more immediate danger ...
On the other hand, Venezuela refugees would take months to reach Alaska.
I should stop provoking getting people emotional online, I don't want anyone to stalk me and whip me with a bunch of shallots.
12:30 PM
Q: #define OUTPUT(j) count++ what does this do?

bh_earth0i want to translate this to c#. but i am stuck at the output. what does "#define OUTPUT(j)" do? ive seen this. C++ Define function it looklike func defining but input param j is unrelated to count. code is from : https://github.com/smart-tool/smart/blob/master/source/algos/raita.c #define...

/cc @Mysticial @milleniumbug
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3:19 PM
@Borgleader wtf
@fredoverflow any chance you've looked into Ktor at all yet?
2 hours later…
Q: I accidentally down voted your answer

Michael VekslerI accidentally down voted https://stackoverflow.com/a/55234247/4955498 probably while scrolling the phone SO app. Now can't undo the mistake until you make an edit. Tell me if you make an edit so that I can undo it.

@Mysticial top kek
a 5k rep user mistook question input field with comment input field
5:49 PM
Q: The Ask Question Wizard is Live!

Jon ChanI'm really happy to announce that the Ask A Question Wizard is now live on Stack Overflow! This is the end of a long arc of experiments that have been happening for over a year to provide structured guidance to newcomers when asking a question, and I'm so excited for everyone in the community to ...

Without having tried any of the options... hmm...
> I need help with a homework problem
Automatically closes the question.
> I need a hardware recommendation
Tells user to GTFO.
> I need a software recommendation
Tells user to GTFO.
> I need to troubleshoot some software or hardware
Tells user to GTFO.
Oh shit. I'm not entirely wrong.
It really does tell the user to GTFO.
@Mysticial really?
@Mgetz It sends them to hardware rec, software rec, or SU.
6:05 PM
Hi, I am trying to code a C++ program that replicates the behaviour of Windows + D, but only for the windows on the monitor with the pointer. This is my first C++ project, and I have hit a roadblock and do not know how to proceed. The link to my question is: stackoverflow.com/questions/55151886 . Can someone please help me out? Any help is appreciated.
6:22 PM
@Mgetz It's gonna be an interesting stress-test for the moderation on those 3 sites.
@Mysticial probably, we'll find out
@KartikSoneji don't try to replicate built in functionality?
6:39 PM
@Mgetz The default behaviour of Windows + D minimizes the windows on all monitors. I am trying to replicate the behaviour, but only minimize the windows on the monitor with the mouse pointer, while leaving the windows on the other monitors maximized.
3 hours later…
9:31 PM
A: The Ask Question Wizard is Live!

gparyanibug The wizard shakes violently when loaded in Internet Explorer 11. This makes the wizard completely unusable in that browser and can cause accessibility issues with users with photosensitive epilepsy. I've captured an animated GIF of the issue, but it's in spoiler markup because epilepsy warn...

^^ lol
@KartikSoneji Your question is too long to read and is unlikely to receive attention. I would break it up into something more focused, narrow in scope. For example, only ask one question.
Anybody working on anything cool?
Is there some known issue with KVM switches? My HDMI KVM sometimes doesn't forward the display signal. Plugging the monitor directly fixes this problem.
Yes. Only the really expensive HDMI KVMs will work. They "fake" the signal from the computer to keep the monitor in place.
What do you think about this one? Certainly meets the expensive criteria. amazon.com/IOGEAR-4-Port-Multimedia-Switch-GCS1794/dp/…
I've seen that at Microcenter. Maybe. I haven't actually bought an HDMI KVM yet. But I've been wanting to for a long time so I've done enough reading.
The problem now is that I want a 1440p + 4k compatible HDMI KVM.
9:46 PM
That guy says 4k compatible
That can hold 4 machines + keyboard/mouse/audio. But everything I've found falls one or two short.
Costs 3x more than the crap I baught
that guy might be lying to ya
Costs more than 200 hamburgers
So I'm still using a $100 VGA KVM from 2009. And it sucks.
It was great then. But my newer machines no longer output analog.
And at some point in the future, that 1080p monitor is gonna turn into a 1440p or 4k just because that's the direction that things are headed.
9:50 PM
In the future, instead of buying components you will buy a subscription to components
isn't that what apple is trying to push for?
10:05 PM
But not saying so directly, which makes it so evil.
If you consider Apple a phone manufacturer, then planed obsolesce is the norm.
I grew up with Macs. But I switched to Windows at around OS8.
Now the only Apple (hardware) product I use is the iPhone and its accessories.
Which I'm willing to switch off of when the circumstances are right.
Their shit is too expensive and locked down.
My PPC 7300 is still running, got one of those Sonnet cards.
I also kept my PPC. Haven't turned in on in a long time though.
How will history view Apply classic?
User Experience >> Threading Support?
10:50 PM
So, Apple Classic threads apparent were divided into cooperatively mulitasking and "multiprocessor" tasks which supported preemption. But did Apple Classic computers with multiple processors exist?

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