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12:56 AM
Welcome to BackYardChickens.com, the largest and best resource for learning how to raise chickens.

There are thousands of chicken enthusiasts looking forward to meeting you and answering your questions.
sounds familiar to certain site?
1:42 AM
did you click on one of those "local chickens want to meet you!" ads?
if there is such an ad, I would like to posting one myself - "3 handsome roosters want to meet you!"
need to send them away before they start crowing and attract council to give me a fine
someone liked my chicken picture <3
2 hours later…
3:24 AM
bought wide angle camera to replace IR camera for the autonomous (toy) car
but in fact I prefer wide angle IR camera
4 hours later…
7:47 AM
Hi :)
3 hours later…
10:35 AM
Everything I wrote this weekend worked. I am the greatest.
11:05 AM
@Mikhail I would have preferred this one to be "Select All images of the best animated joker"
11:31 AM
A: Qsort and incompatible comparator function - C++

Max LanghofWhat you should really do: bool compare(const subPolygon *p1, const subPolygon *p2) { int s1 = p1->size; int s2 = p2->size; return (s1-s2 < 0); } std::sort(subPolygons.begin(), subPolygons.end(), compare);

(s1-s2 < 0) premature optimization? or just trying to be clever?
11:58 AM
@Borgleader IIRC depending on how it's used it isn't even optimized properly
1 hour later…
1:10 PM
when your 3Go .tar.gz contains invalid data and you only learn about it when it's close to the end >.>
1:27 PM
:42292771is that the man himself basically saying that it's ok to that we don't sugar coat the real world for the newbs?
sigh... edit window
@thecoshman was that to my twitter link of Jeff?
so if you read through the responses his real point is that there sort of need to be multiple systems
Yeah, but SO itself is 'fine' from his pov it seems
a system for FAQ questions that should stick around for a long time and can have upvotes and downvotes. And a less enforced system that is more discussion based that's more ephemeral
because a lot of people want SO to be quora apparently
1:37 PM
So why not use Quora? I assume it's an existing system that is up and running
@aaronmallen most people should get what they need by searching / reading the millions of Q&As already posted. To jump right to "I gotta ask a question" is already indicative that things are going awry
I also thought that most of the debate was that people seem to be very mean to new people who don't appear to have put in any effort to solving their own problems
@thecoshman I would say that's a distraction, in general having a system that helps them find answers faster to their questions would probably solve the problem. The issue seems to be that nobody is interested in using it.
I often find, the best way to find the answer to my questions is to start writing up my questions as if I was going to post it, then look at the suggested other questions
That almost always finds an existing question
@thecoshman you don't buy into the sunk cost fallacy. Personally I find writing up the question helps me find the answer before I ever even consider posting it
which is why I only have three questions
1:43 PM
@Mgetz that's what I mean
I write the question, and through that find other question/answers and so don't need to post what I wrote
The problem is many users just hit "Post" they don't think about looking at that
Maybe that 'similar question' needs to be harnessed better, so that if another question is detected as similar enough, you have go through them and say "I've read that questions, and I still feel my question is distinct enough to ask"
But again, I don't know how well that would help
People may well still just click through those 5 other questions
@thecoshman I would suggest changing the whole process from "Post question" to a search where you start typing up your question in long form
But eh... I'm a little wary of posting suggestions to meta at the moment
@Mgetz Maybe, it seems to be the way a lot of people find questions
@thecoshman That would seem to indicate the existing search is horridly broken and bad
1:48 PM
Maybe ask it as an opinion piece? "How common is this workflow where you type up a question to find existing answers"
If you search for a question that does not come with a valid answer on stackoverflow, it's usually because 1) there is something changed and you are the first one to notice 2) there is no answer to the question
I often find the 'search' box in-effective for finding existing questions compared to just writing up as if I was going to post a new question
2:07 PM
I want to play with standardized concepts, ranges (including the smaller stuff), parallel algorithms and whatnot already :/
@Morwenn I thought concepts had made it into clang and gcc trunk?
hmm looks like I'm wrong, GCC has a TS version in GCC 6 and later
that's pretty much it
I believe that there's a concepts TS implementation of the range-v3 too
on the other I'll most likely have to reimplement a few standard concepts anyway because I require less strict parameters from the users of my algorithms than the std concepts do >.>
@Feeds so true
2:16 PM
I currently guarantee that the algorithms only use ++it and --it but never it++ and it--
@Feeds This is why Python is having serious issues. I don't know what the proper string solution was... but Python 3 created a heap of issues that I don't think will ever be solved
@Feeds I remember having had a shitton of problems between having two Python versions at once + another one in docker + a few virtualenvs for shit & giggles
I'm fairly sure the main reason to use docker is to make it less insane trying to use python
that's not what happened when we had to use it at work xD
until you end up trying to use a system that needs both python 2 and 3 :negative:
@Yakk nah, this room has been dead for a while
We all have been shadowbanned from chat; we see a room with other shadowbanned C++ lounge users and nobody else.
@Morwenn long live free speech on discord, where we constantly berate the platform for being shit, not that I would dare imply this platform is anything but perfect, and I say that without any fear or implied fear. SEND HELP!!!
alternatively send nudes
o_0 I said 'send help', what else are you going to send?
2:49 PM
@Rapptz im assuming youve seen this pbs.twimg.com/media/DKr_vBzUMAE8Rx8.jpg
<over the top insult that both send and recipient understand to be a joke and nobody else should be 'offended' on anybodies behalf>
@thecoshman I can send messages, links and images, but that's pretty much all I can do
I could try to send a bit of love, but it seems that SLTP (Secured Love Transfer Protocol) isn't widely supported yet
@Borgleader that chaotic neutral xD
@Morwenn I'll look to nabs on the case :D
I would say this room largely solved the problem with the discord.
3:01 PM
I wouldn't say 'solved', but yeah
but I wouldn't be surprised if they nuke this room on reputation alone
@thecoshman outsourced is probably the right term
I doubt it's held that reputation really
@thecoshman we still have blue mods that hang out in here as a safety valve
@Mgetz really?
I'll fight 'em!!!
@thecoshman I'd tell you who they are... but the last time you had a fight with mods you lost pretty badly
also I'd be blowing their cover
3:04 PM
I don't recall ever loosing to a mod :D
Oh yeah, so there are a couple of BBB
Don't recognise them though
o_0 I'm the second most frequent in this room
Any bets on how long this meta.SO shitstorm is gonna last? We're on week2 now.
@thecoshman Goes to show who ended up losing then :).
@Mysticial depends on how they approach it. If they approach it in crusader fashion it's going to cause major issues. If they actually slow down and listen (which they have usually done to an extent) then it will drag out but will taper off when people get bored and Shog9 makes funny jokes.
@ScarletAmaranth What do you mean>
@Mysticial someone start a YT series about it :D
@thecoshman Last time mods butted in, the majority of the lounge packed their stuff and left vOv.
3:15 PM
@ScarletAmaranth I was one of those
Yeah, so it's quite amusing that you're among the more active ones here.
"Fuck this shit, we're going somewhere else where we can fuck this shit"
@Mgetz In the past whenever they did it in crusader fasion, they ended up driving away a bunch of long-time users. If they do that enough times, there won't be anyone left. Though I have a feeling we're already at that point.
@ScarletAmaranth Seems those of us who left we're a big part of this channel
@Mysticial THere's noone left, now why are you still not on discord with us?!
3:16 PM
@Mysticial There's like single figures 'old school' people here
@ScarletAmaranth We don't care about the magic points over there :vv:
@Mysticial Crusading tends to do that yes. Unfortunately there are always those that feel something MUST be done instead of taking a light hand approach. Honestly my preference is small change that result in big longer term impacts that nobody really notices.
@Mgetz Well you've clearly stated that "we" lost badly.
@Mgetz you mean, thinking smarter not harder?
Which is in contrast with what you're now saying.
3:18 PM
@Mgetz I figure if there isn't any major contributors left and all you have is a bunch of pissed of newbies, I guess it doesn't hurt to try to make the newbies happier by further stepping on the no longer existent population of contributors.
@thecoshman for example fortnite had a shotgun problem, they solved it by simply marking shotguns as 'less prestigious' than other weapons
@Mysticial I guess that depends on what you want to be ultimately.
@Mysticial come to discord :(
@ScarletAmaranth cum to discord
Q: Does Stack Exchange have an ethical responsibility to address global discrimination and marginalisation?

Yvette Colomb1. Stack Exchange has a Problem There's been a commotion on Stack Overflow since the latest blog was posted. Too many people experience Stack Overflow¹ as a hostile or elitist place, especially newer coders, women, people of color, and others in marginalized groups. This question Does Stac...

2 hours later…
4:57 PM
Happy -- Awesome TV series, I loved it.
2 hours later…
6:58 PM
@Mysticial A counter argument is that some people use their rep on SO as a part of their resume don't because of the stuff I write in chat. Nevertheless, there will always be contributors .
No better place to rep whore than stack overflow
@Mysticial but I think you were spot on with the comment about having tiers of stack overflow to feed the vampires and rep whores.
@Ven nicely sniped
@LucDanton It really wasn't that hard ;).
@LucDanton Bon par contre faudra reprendre l'anglais, si tu veux que ton père te paye le cursus il faut que tu parles la langue
j’ai pas compris :(
oh I didn't realise the profile has that much public
I’m also not sure why I did that course lol
@LucDanton just remove it; it doesn't look clean ;P
7:14 PM
it’s not in it :(
What's not in what?
oh what a mess, it must be because I’m doing the English -> German course
I assume there is no English -> English course
@LucDanton Try here.
@Ven it’s not there
@LucDanton Try switching to that course first maybe? :o
7:18 PM
yeah I had to do the switcheroo to go to French mode first or something
Never go full French mode.
1 hour later…
8:22 PM
In mac KDevelop doesn't work and Xcode doesn't integrate with CMake well, I have to add files manually then generate the project file. So CLion with academic license only option though my mac air gets hot in times
It drains battery too. I love KDevelop but until that or something like that works in mac what is the option for mac ?
2 hours later…
10:05 PM
Q: It's my way or the [huawei]

MachavityIn the grand tradition of [apple], [microsoft] and [htc] (all company tags) I give you huawei 164 questions that don't describe the question, just the company who made the hardware.

Well played
RIP C++ Lounge then lol — Lightness Races in Orbit 6 hours ago
Someone hasn't been paying much attention
10:29 PM
It varies @ScarletAmaranth @thecoshman i.imgur.com/31amUMg.png
Frequent, not current
10:42 PM
@sehe lol, there used to be so many people that I was nowhere near the top.
@wilx Vsetko sa vzdy zmeni vsade tam kde nabehne inkvizicia :).
@ScarletAmaranth Heh. To jo no.
@wilx Si malo na Discorde.
@ScarletAmaranth Mě se to tam moc nelíbí. Tedy ta aplikace se mi nelíbí.
@wilx tak pouzi ich web verziu a zmen si CSS :P
10:52 PM
@ScarletAmaranth To není jen vzhled. I to řetězení odpovědí je tam divné.
Tak je to lepsie ako stredoveke spanielsko :).
Those messages are not welcoming and inclusive! According to the new policy I must flag it all or the lounge will get closed without warning!
11:22 PM
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: 7 years of warning [c++] [c++11] [c++14] [c++17] [c++-faq]
I might be slightly off with the dates, but the reference to Tibet was enough to forgo a fact-check
Facts are not welcoming, they make people who are wrong look dumb. Instead you should reassure them that their feelings are valid.
@sehe Man, what did the Lounge do this time?
@Puppy nothing
are you saying there's a problem with a chatroom and it's not the Lounge?
I don't think they specifically meant the lounge, and if they did, it's serious grudge holding
Been some time since the lounge has been active enough to cause people to get fucked off
11:39 PM
@Puppy nothing
@thecoshman Actually, about 2 times I'd register as "unpleasant" since Discord.
Not sure mods noticed.

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