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12:00 AM
hah, got to say 0 seconds
@RogerPate I wish that was the way we get taught, we are trying to use a potential very powerful IDE with out really knowing what its doing. Our lessons on debugging where terrible, just press f10 till it crashes, then you know where to fix... yer... ¬_¬
@thecoshman If you're just going to go until it crashes anyway, you might as well hit F5 and let 'er rip. When it crashes, use the call stack to walk back through was was going on. Then again, that's not necessarily a bad way to do things either. It's often what I do first to at least see what general area of the code is leading to problems (and more often than not, careful scrutiny of a few preceding lines shows the problem).
@JerryCoffin yer, smart way of doing it, but not something we where told about back in first year.
@thecoshman At the risk of sounding old, believe me, it's still a lot nicer than the debugger I had available when I started out. I don't even remember the name (probably something brilliant like "db") but Control Data's debugger for Fortran IV was about as fun as getting teeth pulled...
12:20 AM
they give me happy gas when getting teeth pulled, so everything is very pretty
break though! that dam original library is fecking old and a new (c++) vesion can be downloaded! yay :D light for the morning
i'll call it quits for the night here then. Night all
Calling it quits for the day sounds like a nice idea...
@JamesMcNellis Doesn't it though -- unfortunately, I still have two reports that need editing before morning...
@JerryCoffin I decided to refactor some code today. Now I have to make it work again...
12:32 AM
@JamesMcNellis Oh, but James -- refactoring never breaks code! :-)