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5:00 PM
why people don't use image as a body background in their websites??
it looks fancy
@james bandwidth & speed, mostly
I probably know the answer but I just want to verify it. Can you force a rename to a Computer on your Server 2008 network that's using the server? I'm assuming you have to physically do it on each computer but someone might suprise me.
Personal Preference Question: When writing an abstract class that includes concrete methods, do you place the abstract methods above or below the concrete methods inside the class code?
Basically, abstract methods at the top -or abstract methods at the bottom?
@rdlowrey Concrete above abstract, for me
on LetsBy.com when i am sending requesting for any page ...the whole page gets refresh except those header and footer
how to implement such funtionality
5:08 PM
@orourkek Same here ... I thought I'd ask to see if there were some consensus that other people used
@rdlowrey mostly just because those methods are the ones that get edited the most, so I like not having to scroll down :P
@rdlowrey public, protected, private, then alphabetically with no regard for abstractness.
@Paul no regard for abstract, huh? I was considering that because I do same as you otherwise ...
@rdlowrey I prefer abstract methods further up, so one can see the methods that have to be implemented more easily
I guess alphabetizing the abstract methods in with the others could make them easier to find ... you'd always know where something will be regardless of whether it's abstract or not
5:10 PM
I'm with @NikiC on that one
Yes, once you make a rule you have to stick with it and not have exceptions (as much as I would like to have abstract easiliy visible).
Hehe, so there's basically no consensus at all ... other than pick something and stick to it :)
mhmm :]
looks that way :)
5:11 PM
The problem is that abstract becomes concrete in a derived class. then the order switches.
@Paul Good point. I think you've converted me.
I better go fix up one of my classes now that I have said all that.
I like to have the abstract methods near the top, altogether, then I copy/paste in to the concrete class to get me started.
@Paul hrmm...very interesting. I think I may be doing some code rearrangimicating later tonight
@CharlesSprayberry Me too ... in SQL parlance: ORDER BY access_level ASC, method_name ASC
5:15 PM
i still need to get one or two magic methods up into a section with the __construct, __get etc.
How do you guys find names for libraries/frameworks and stuff? Any suggestions?
@Donut Pull something out of my ass. Does it sound stupid? If yes, pull something else out of my ass. If no, use it.
@Donut I pick whatever comes into my head, and stick with it
(it's usually a stupid name)
What if you can't think of anything or "can't pull anything out of your ass" ?
@CharlesSprayberry Another rule I used to break was naming $ObjectLikeThis and $variablesLikeSo. Eventually it all had to assimilate.
5:19 PM
I consult childhood experiences like character names from movies or video games I liked when I was a kid :)
shakes fist @rdlowrey 's provider
@Paul I like objects PascalCased and primitives (non-objects) camelCased.
Although sometimes I go the boring route: I'm about to push my logging package onto github and it's simply namespaced "Logme"
Though logging is pretty boring, so a boring name makes sense.
Something like "DynamoLog!" would be cheesy.
@CharlesSprayberry yes, i used to. It was nice, but then when another layer went over the top of it with a dependency injector I had to change it.
Why does this code turn my $kanal-var into nothing? pastebin.com/z6GX9zUr
Thanks for any tips :)
5:23 PM
@JensHendar Either $_GET['kanal'] isn't set or var_dump($_GET['kanal'] === ''); // true
the usual value would be "trean"
@JensHendar , don't writing new code with the ancient mysql_* functions. They are no longer maintained and community has begun the deprecation process . Instead you should learn about prepared statements and use either PDO or MySQLi. If you care to learn, here is a quite good PDO-related tutorial.
Okay. Thank you both :)
I'm going to continue starring those mysql messages each time one leaves the sidebar at right.
I suppose you could also not have a valid connection to a MySQL database and mysql_real_escape_string() is returning false on error
but, you should also listen to @tereško and not use mysql_*
5:25 PM
I was just thinking it needed a perma-star. Can we edit it to "don't write"? Also, I like PeeHaa's gist for that too.
no , its a bit too late
I really wish the edit window was 5 minutes and not 3 ...
Got it working now. I'm stupid. Sorry for upsetting people ;)
I'm looking forward to the time when it is fully deprecated.
@tereško another good one to link, though I'm not sure why they don't bold the part about not using mysql_*
5:30 PM
@orourkek , yeah , but i am encountering length limit
Do you think we could get close votes on all those tutorials that still teach mysql_* ? stackoverflow.com/q/10538932/212940
@tereško you could use bit.ly or some other linkifier service to shorten your urls to squeeze more in
i was about to
It would actually be nice to do that and always use the same text so you can track how much your evangelizing has actually helped get people to valid resources
5:35 PM
Please stop writing new code with the ancient mysql_* functions. They are no longer maintained and community has begun the deprecation process . Instead you should learn about prepared statements and use either PDO or MySQLi. If you cannot decide, this article will help to choose. If you care to learn, here is a quite good PDO-related tutorial.
Nice work @tereško
goodnight all
@tereško Fighting the good fight. Don't mind if I steal your verbiage?
jesus christ thank god someone else said it
somebody buy this man a beer.
hey uh whats the char length on domain names
5:47 PM
@CharlesSprayberry : pastie.org/3890747
@Mike , there is a length limit to the comments/messages
@Paul 'night
even better ->
@Mike 105 Not Resolved lol :)
register it
just bought it
@Mike I own ancientmysql.com, going to make a w3fools style site in the next week or so
internet connection is painfully slow today!! :(
should we pass around a cup , to collect coins for @Mike's new keyboard ?
there is something broken , and best case scenario is "keyboard"
5:55 PM
i copied that from godaddy
GD likes to put shit in caps on their page
i gotta change my name. i keep getting pinged.
i think i should do some shopping .. i am out of sour cream and salami
mmm salami
it would go into my omelet
mmm omelet
5:58 PM
oh ... and i need pepperoni and beer too
I've actually been there, the welcome sign is huge :)
@MikeS do you get pinged every time @Mike is used?
@orourkek If it is a general ping, yes he sees the notices. If you send a ping to a specific message and that user is not specifically MikeS he will not get it
I have the same problem with a regular user named @Charles
I'll keep that in mind
6:10 PM
@orourkek yes
6:23 PM
Anyone up to help with a math question?
I'm trying to figure out the math used for a table of values I have if anyone is willing to help.
anyone knows from which movie this is ?
Young Guns? problynotthough
6:55 PM
@EventHorizon Don't ask whether someone is here or can help. Just tell us your problem :)
Well its more of a math problem, thats the only reason I asked
Saying that if its more complicated than 'how many beers in a 6 pack' I'm stuffed!
Math and programming are the same thing anyways :P
@NikiC , i honestly disagree
7:00 PM
@tereško I wasn't being particularly serious ;)
@RepWhoringPeeHaa Howdy
I heard a new word today. It could possibly be a made up one, but it's so good I think I'm going to find ways to work it into every conversation from now on.
7:15 PM
Omnishambles. My favourite new word.
Q: php session variable multideimensional associative array issue

MaurerPowerI've looked around SO, but can't find an explanation to what is going on in my $_SESSION variables. @ob_start(); $k=@ob_get_contents(); @ob_end_clean(); @session_start(); unset($s,$m); $m1 = explode(" ", microtime()); $stime = $m1[1] + $m1[0]; echo $k; $_SESSION['resendConfirmation']['function'...

Wow, that's a strange one
@GordonM I like it.
Issue is I need to find out how the value 45 got turned into this table:
56.25 67.5 78.75 90
61.88 78.75 95.63 112.5
67.5 90 112.5 135
@RepWhoringPeeHaa nice :)
7:18 PM
@Event_Horizon Huh?
@rdlowrey :-)
What I know so far:

horizontally 45 is multiplied by x=1.25, which goes up by .25 each column.

vertically 45 is multiplied by y=1.25 which goes up by 0.125 by row
I need to figure out a single formula that encapsulates how the values are made
@rdlowrey Don't use mysql_*. It's an omnishambles.
If no one can help just say so, I'll go to the Mathematics Stack Exchange site
7:22 PM
But serious:
A: php session variable multideimensional associative array issue

RepWhoringPeeHaa<?php $notAnArray = 'somestring'; $notAnArray['id'] = '8'; var_dump($notAnArray); But you already know that right because or the PHP warning. Ow wait...

i upvoted ur answer lm,ao
I don't think the OP appreciated the humor ...
Heheh I just think he OP doesn't get it :P "There was no error there, solved, please see update"
No error, but it was solved
this just in. i hate idiots that refuse to post code
due to NDA
@Mike Do you have a link to go with that?
7:26 PM
this just in. i hate idiots that refuse to post code
no but this question reminded me
Q: When i try to $query->result_array() after a $query tells me that result_array() on a non-object

MrSanders Fatal error: Call to a member function result_array() on a non-object in /home/servernb/public_html/colsubsidio_madres/application/models/flash_model.php on line 182

well why not change variable names, shouldn't affect NDA then if no one knows what it's all about
no NDA stuff but kid wont post code
@you @should @have @answered @that @question @like @this
7:27 PM
on my list -> learn coffeescript
so i can be one of the cool kids
how about you try to learn proper javascript
=P and @tereško bit
@orourkek there might be need for an error surpression char detector for QA measurements ^^
you might even start from here : yuiblog.com/crockford , @Mike
7:29 PM
bahahah @rdlowrey +1
I'm never going to get a Peer Pressure badge.
@rdlowrey Getting rep on that is soo bad. +1 though ;)
@tereško ill read up on those, js is def a shortcoming for me.
You made that guy -16 rep in few seconds. He must be sad :(
i see -8
is it 2pts for each down?
7:31 PM
Poor guy :(
7:31 PM
and if he deletes the question the down votes are gone ..
"fuck this, these guys are assholes /quit"
@Mike Wow, the "proper" answers show some serious ignorance. Makes me wonder about my fellow PHP coders, to put it mildly.
7:32 PM
@Event_Horizon Well, isn't it then just 45+(1.25+0.25*x+0.125*y)? (with x and y starting at 0)
watch out for him on meta :)
-12 -> -10
Gave him 7 rep. Let it be.
has anyone encountered this error before? Error: SQLSTATE[42000]: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Implicit conversion from data type varchar to binary is not allowed.
@Donut you can't stop the !
7:34 PM
I'm just going to leave this comment here... — BoltClock 33 secs ago
Givin' him 7 rep is like givin' donut to cop.
i have no idea what it means or how to fix it. google isn't much help either
@MikeS what does your query look like? Are you using *?
i have no binary data
7:35 PM
Q: Why is Global State so Evil?

TruthBefore we start this, let me say I'm well aware of the concepts of Abstraction and Dependency Injection. I don't need my eyes opened here. Well, most of us say, (too) many times without really understanding, "Don't use global variables", or "Singletons are evil because they are global". But what...

@NikiC Unfortunately no
If anyone wants to share his thoughts.
@NikiC Close, but if you do 1 for x and y, you get 73.125 not 78.75
@Truth Surely there's a duplicate for that question already?
@rdlowrey I actually found none.
7:36 PM
@orourkek i'm using a framework not an explicit query
@Truth do you REALLY want to ask that question.
@Mike I'm actually looking for alternatives.
but i can connect to the db, all back-end stuff appears correct. don't know how to print out the query. it'd be nice if i did. how do i output that w/ straight php?
Wow that was quick ... the new SE system for calculating rep is way better than it used to be. My upvote rep from the omnishambles downvote question from a minute ago is already gone :)
stupid questionhere
7:40 PM
@Truth , for two reason : you cannot track down where it gets changes , and you loose the modularity of application
diff log for programmers vs SO
@Truth usually the rest of reasons revolve around bad application design and untestable code
@tereško I'm not asking why it's bad when noobs use it
Because they generally abuse it
huh ?
@tereško +100 ... that's the best answer there is.
7:42 PM
@Truth commented again ;)
What happens when you need something to be available to the entire application?
modularity ftw
@Truth does it make the shit to smell less of it is shat by perfume maker ?
@tereško What do you do when you need something available to the entire application?
@Truth dependency injection
7:43 PM
@Truth like what?
@rdlowrey It seems rather silly to pass an object around to over 10 classes instead of making it available
@RepWhoringPeeHaa App-wide settings etc.
@Truth like what?
@Truth , the "good globals" would be immutable .. and php have them : they are called CONSTANTS
singletons FTW!
@Truth How rigorously do you unit test your code?
7:44 PM
@vascowhite not sure if trolling
@rdlowrey I do it a lot
just a little :)
I sure hope so
@rdlowrey Which is why I said, I don't need my eyes opened here
I'm well aware of the risks involved when using global state
But again, assuming you do it right, and not bloat it out of proportions, I don't see the evil here.
I'm talking about a global settings, that only happens once, and nothing changes it
@Truth isn't that a constant?
7:47 PM
@RepWhoringPeeHaa I must confess to using them in the past, but I learnt the error of my ways.
Ow wait already said... :P
@RepWhoringPeeHaa Not if you need something a little more than a boolean, string or integer.
@RepWhoringPeeHaa .. which i already tried to explain .. and got ignored
say an array?
@truth or dare to use global state? ^^
7:47 PM
@tereško I didn't ignore you.
@Truth Can you give an example of such an app wide setting
for app wide settings there are also constants
@Truth , then you have too many settings , imo
@Truth Consider this metaphor ... You pull out a piece of bread and it has mold on it. You cut off the moldy parts and eat the rest. Yes, you compartmentalized the potential risk. You knew what you were doing and you avoided the problem. However, if you get sick from it you have no one to blame but yourself. Instead, you should've just not eaten the moldy bread in the first place.
@tereško That's also an option
7:48 PM
Q: How can I find the formula for this table of values?

Event_HorizonHow can I find the formula for this table of values? Things I know: This table horizontally is 45*1.25+(x*0.25) where x is column number starting at 0. This table vertically is 45*1.25+(y*0.125) where y is row number starting at 0. These rules only work for the first row and column I believe...

If you unit test rigorously that is enough reason to not use global state. Globals make unit testing harder or more funky. This, by itself, is reason enough to not use globals.
@vascowhite I'm just glad that was a troll post :)
@CharlesSprayberry +1 Unit testing beats the global out of anyone.
@Event_Horizon superuser?
i am not sure it it as rule of thumb or not , but : you should favor architecture by concept over configurations , @Truth
7:49 PM
Again, I'm not talking about a global variable which is shared and changed inside of the program
@Truth if storing non-'simple' data in constants/globals is such a necessity, why not have a class to manage the config settings? (or whatever it is you need to store)
2 mins ago, by RepWhoringPeeHaa
@Truth Can you give an example of such an app wide setting
@orourkek And again, how's that different than a singleton?
@Truth Then it is, in fact, a constant.
@RepWhoringPeeHaa unsure what you mean in relation to the post
7:50 PM
Constants all over can still make testing things difficult, though.
@EventHorizon I would say borderline SO. superuser.com
@Truth It's only slightly better because of the single point-of-entry for modifications to the data. But an example of what you mean could help with alternatives...
@EventHorizon but let's see what happens with it :)
@orourkek Let's say I want a global array of rules to pass to the application
@rdlowrey Indeed. I was using some constants for file paths and it made my unit tests a lot more difficult to write or required some funky coding to "work". Also, chances are that not everything in your app should have access to that data. By allowing your entire app to have access to it you're making it easier to make bad design choices.
7:52 PM
what rules ?
ACL rule ?
rules that can't be stored as constants?
they should come from database/cache
@orourkek 100 rules?
100 rules of what ?
7:53 PM
global state is also nothing for oop as it breaks secrets that should only be part of classes and hidden from the "global state" i think
@RepWhoringPeeHaa Hopefully something comes of it
such a number of rules would need administration/maintenance , and should be stored in database , and encapsulated in an object , which you then inject where required
if u make something in ur websites and when u try it in IE , u hate your website hahaha but if u try it in FF u like ur website :)
flagged as stupid
hahahahahaha I shouldn't laugh but I couldn't help myself.
7:57 PM
@tereško stupid it may be, but don't flag for stupid reasons
And yes I know you are serious @tereško
@MooingDuck , would "inappropriate" make it go down easier ?
@RepWhoringPeeHaa SO should make the question field in their submit process redirect to a google search before letting it be posted...
.. and i get the feeling, that i have taken over the star-list
@tereško it's not really "inappropriate", just stupid. We have "ignore" for that.
8:00 PM
@truth Did a lot of editing and updating to my answer to your question. Hope it's useful.
well, at least i know why my i get that sql error. my data is getting returned in this condition pastebin.com/zmkWDhzM. now i just need to find out why it's doing that
@orourkek , no , it shouldn't , because google has too long memory .. try for example searching "how to connect to mysql database in php" .. gues what you will get
@GordonM Your answer is by far the best now :) +1 +v
can I ping mods?
@tereško true enough, but 'I dont understand dependency injection' is solved with 2 words into google
8:02 PM
summon @boltclock ?
@tereško holy shit @ the crockford videos, that history is badass.. being someone who has no formal training or theory classes behind my knowledge this is awesome
@tereško There's far more than 2 reasons why globals are bad. But given how many reasons there are for globals being bad, it should be self-evident
@orourkek , just dont forget the "hide personal results" button ( the globe on the right side ) ... you might notice that fowler, for example, will be much lower in that result list
24 mins ago, by tereško
@Truth usually the rest of reasons revolve around bad application design and untestable code
@tereško true enough again, but in this example the person was just lazy :/
@GordonM , i tried to ignore the reasons which might not have any immediate effect on OP
8:07 PM
> A moderator has deleted this post and it cannot be undeleted
(click on this box to dismiss)
grrrr :(
@RepWhoringPeeHaa it worked!
@BoltClock Why did you delete my perfectly valid answer?
How does it answer the question?
All I can see is a simpler version of the OP's code with a not very helpful remark...
The so called multidimensional array (at least that's what OP stated) wasn't a multidimensional array. It was nothing. Then a string. The string was converted to an array and the 0 index was changed.
8:13 PM
You could have written that in your answer to begin with
@tereško Oh man, I actually searched for "how to connect to mysql database in php" and it took me to the last link on page 3 before I could find one that used mysqli or PDO
Instead of some unhelpful remark that will only attract flags (and not just your regular "not an answer" flags...)
8:19 PM
@BoltClock it got flagged? Wow. At least I don't think it wasn't helpful and some people seem to agree. It's just that OP had to think about what was happening.
Anyway thanks for kinda clearing it up and listening to my summoning ;-)
@RepWhoringPeeHaa No problem
Just in case somebody here wasn't aware
Q: Problem with a user

TiborI posted an answer on a question about PHP/MySQL, specifically something vaguely related to SQL injection prevention. I know this is a touchy subject for many developers, so I tried to be objective and provided a viable alternative reasoning. A question got voted down with a comment, so I edite...

REally should get round to looking at all that Stanford U stuff on Objective C some day. but I'm lazy :P
@GordonM I've seen it. It's quite a lot, but I prefer Apple's own learning materials (WWDC et al)
@BoltClock Thanks I'll keep that in mind. How does it stack up as a language?
Other than being a strict superset of ANSI C and not being C++ I don't know a huge amount about it.
8:25 PM
@GordonM The syntax and the reference counting voodoo takes a bit of getting used to. Other than that I don't really compare languages
YMMV, though
It grew on me pretty quickly
Red letters are good, right? :)
@rdlowrey color of love so: yeah!
Or do you like your colors tanned? ;)
Am mostly a PHP guy but I've got a fairly good grasp of Java as a language (if not all the packages that come with it) and have done some programming in the academic's favourite language in my time, and dabbled around. So I think I'm not too bad at adapting to new languages if they're not too weird.
8:29 PM
Who needs passing unit tests if one's got tan?
my thoughts exactly
$this -> assertTan ();
there is a fine line between tanned and medium rare
@BoltClock can I edit my (deleted) answer and comment in the accepted answer. That answer doesn't solve the problem it hides it. Or should the question be closed as too localized all together?
@tereško THAT is funny. I need to ease up on the starring though. I've been an active starrer today.
8:33 PM
@RepWhoringPeeHaa You can edit your own answer and I'll undelete it...
wow one year ban.
Also fine with me
Anybody knows whether it would be possible to make a site / page about pdo and php which will be the top result in Google when people search for mysql and php. Is it even doable?
You could hack cnn.com and replace it with a PHP tutorial :)
that might not work
@GordonM You think cnn is using php cgi? :P
8:38 PM
@RepWhoringPeeHaa ooh, well-timed insult, sir.
@RepWhoringPeeHaa Nah, just that it's a high traffic site, and anything you put there should end up high in Google's ranking pretty quick.
@RepWhoringPeeHaa I'm currently building ancientmysql.com, though the SEO part will be harder than the html :P
Though if they did use PHP-CGI that would make it a simple job
@RepWhoringPeeHaa I think that would prove very difficult to do, if not impossible.
8:39 PM
On a more serious note, maybe adding a PDO article to Wikipedia with a lot of text in the article comparing it to mysql_* might be a good strategy. Unless the Not Notable Nazis nail you
damn. Why did I even try to open that url?
@RepWhoringPeeHaa Flag your answer when you've edited it. I may forget
@hakre Shrapnel? Yeah. He's been banned a number of times.
Problem with URLs like ancientmysql or mysqlgotohell is they might be construed as attacks on mysql itself rather than the old mysql_* functions
anything longer is just too long IMO
I was going to go with dontusemysqlfunctions.com at first
@GordonM This is a valid point. I would imagine the people who need this information the most aren't going to really grasp the difference between MySQL and mysql_*
8:43 PM
But the uri is mostly irrelevant, the content is what matters
you could always contribute to the w3fools , regarding the subject of mysql_*
I know how to fix it: have PHP 5.5 remove the mysql extension entirely and cause massive BC breaks. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.
If you can't be bothered to fix your terrible code you don't get to upgrade. Problem solved.
@RepWhoringPeeHaa you could try mysql-functions.com; it's still available (and with good SEO, can make the front page)
@Sam +1
@BoltClock fixed. tnx again
8:50 PM
@Sam I'd vote for that too
and if you make it , this chat-room might assist in "targeted spam" to gain some additional page rank
And seriously, why have they not at the very least made the mysql_* functions emit E_DEPRECATED yet?
I'm all about targeted anti-mysql-extension spam.
So we all agree to go with mysql-functions.com ?
@RepWhoringPeeHaa Thanks. I cleaned up the comments, those aren't needed anymore.
8:51 PM
Maybe php-mysql-functions.com or something. Just to make it clear it's PHP. But yeah, it should be pretty good.
is php-mysql.com free ? looking up
Taken according to my lookup
It's occupied by a site that seems to be selling PHP books.
taken and redirects to amazon php mysql books
then mysql-functions.com and mysql-function.com (you need both) would be the best bet
I was thinking of starting to down vote any answers that encourage the use of mysqli_ and using something like @tereško's comment as a, um, comment.
8:55 PM
@GordonM They've only just began the soft deprecation process.
@vascowhite what's wrong with mysqli_?
@vascowhite , here's the text : pastie.org/3890747
sorry typo, mysql doh!
@tereško Thanks, I have it linked. Bed time now. GN all.
8:57 PM
@CharlesSprayberry Well I wish they'd bloody hurry up! A few server hard drives filling up because of enormous error logs would certainly provide a bit of motivation to actually update some crappy old code
Yuck. I just cannot get used to the new github interface

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