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12:35 PM
have u any idea about xmpp
how to send request in xmpp
@AliAshiq Little bit, You can find may samples right?
no i cant find till now will u give me some idea
i have a class in which i have created a connection right
and i am to send a presence like this Presence presence = new Presence(Presence.Type.available);
@AliAshiq I didnt remember all these classes. but it provides some method to open the connection
12:42 PM
yes exactly now i have to add friend and send friend request how could i do this what should i do
like for sending message i am doing this
PacketFilter filter = new MessageTypeFilter(Message.Type.chat);

Network.connection.addPacketListener(new PacketListener() {
public void processPacket(Packet packet) {
Message message = (Message) packet;
if (message.getBody() != null) {
String fromName = StringUtils.parseBareAddress(message.getFrom());
Log.i("XMPPClient", "Got text [" + message.getBody() + "] from [" + fromName + "]");
/*messages.add(fromName + ":");
// Add the incoming message to the list view
@AliAshiq Any issue?
yes how could i subscribe a friend using xmpp
will u please help me'
@AliAshiq You cant maintain data in xampp. you need third party service for that
xampp is medium to exchange messages. have you googled it?
12:49 PM
i am creating multiple arraylistwith hashmap like this ArrayList<ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>>> data = new ArrayList<ArrayList<HashMap<String,String>>>(); now i want to retrieve value from this
how can i ?
yes i have already googled it actually i am new to this and this already done by sir now task is to send friend request
@AliAshiq Which Friend, From where you getting friend list?
@Mahesh Give a try, and debug your tries you will get
like i have a use abc.vlivetech.com right and i have to add that user in my roaster
like from where i do start guide me please
i tried this but it gives me null value
ArrayList<ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>>> data = new ArrayList<ArrayList<HashMap<String,String>>>();
for(int i=0;i<data.size();i++)
ArrayList<HashMap<String,String>> idata=data.get(i);
for(int k=0;k<idata.size();k++)
Log.d("idata"," size--->"+idata.size());
Log.d("idata"," type--->"+idata.get(k).get(DB_Constant.MYFILES.FILE_TYPE).toString());
Log.d("idata"," Subtype--->"+idata.get(k).get(DB_Constant.MYFILES.FILE_SUBTYPE).toString());
@AliAshiq ok, did you able to get friends list?
@Mahesh what is idata.size() ?
12:53 PM
data size is 15
but when i try to get idata size on 0 position
than it gives me 0
@Mahesh Is data properly stored?
yes i haVe checked at the time of store one by one is stored
and also gives me idata size and data size
ok i will trace it again and let you know
hello all
all google developer ?
i mean android
1:08 PM
no @Abhi i dnt want to get list i just want to add statically
your third party server can do it na, i mean your local server
@Abhi hello
@AndoMasahashi hello
@Ramani hi ramani i need one help bro
i need also u .so tell if i know tell
1:19 PM
@Ramani i need to execute multiple url in doinbackground like 1) url+list of argument
2) url1+ list of argument and getting response stores in json array can you tell me how to do this
@AndoMasahashi asynctask?
yes @Ramani
new ImageDownload().execute(" ");
public class ImageDownload extends AsyncTask<String, Void, String> {

protected void onPreExecute() {


protected String doInBackground(String... params) {
1:27 PM
Q: Wedding countdown timer calculate

RamaniI am less experience in android .How to calculate the wedding event countdown timer. I have the Unit in Kisses,heartbeats,Default,year,month,week,day ,hour,min,sec. I complete the code for Kisses,Heartbeats,Default Calendar noteTS = Calendar.getInstance(); String time = "dd-MM-yy...

@Ramani WHAT IS THIS ?
wedding countdown timer remaining date and timer for event
@Ramani What is the issue?
how to show the select unit like
else if(unit1.equalsIgnoreCase("Year")){
txt3.setText("Year " +year +"\n"+msg1);
else if(unit1.equalsIgnoreCase("Month")){
txt3.setText(m +"\n"+msg1);
else if(unit1.equalsIgnoreCase("Year,Month")){
txt3.setText("Year "+year +" Month "+month1 +"\n"+msg1);
else if(unit1.equalsIgnoreCase("Year,Month,Week")) {
txt3.setText("Year " +year + " Month " +month1+" Week"+ week1 +"\n"+msg1);
but this way in 5041 combination 7!
why my list display blank at the end when i display
any one help me
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is anybody there
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6:02 PM
is anybody there>

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