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3:32 AM
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6:51 AM
stuck with the issue dude
look at this
vaat to su karu bhura
bhiriyau he
english ma aav
halo taiye
english eni maa ne
6:53 AM
jay lpd
Jay LPD ho
aaje javu ne mall ma
koi bole to kai deje ho
bapu apda bhai ne koi kai bole to keje
ha ho
KKV e j ubha ame
6:54 AM
ketla message thya
hal malya
apda bdha bhaiyu nazik ma j che.. 200 KM ni andar\
bhavnagar, jamnagar, jasadn
6:55 AM
haji ekadu yad ave to kejo
mane yd nthi
surendranagar ma pan ek be tatuda che haji :D
halo have LPD
7:19 AM
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12:37 PM
!define piracy
!!define piracy
@HassanAlthaf [piracy](http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki?curid=180643) (nautical) Robbery at sea, a violation of international law; taking a ship away from the control of those who are legally entitled to it.
How shoud the international community respond to Somali piracy?
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But then even I myself is starting to hate linux now
Linux is borin sometimes
@Unihedron and why is that?
12:46 PM
linux aint got much eye candy as Apple.
I've been using Linux as a dektop os for more than 20 years now without a problem -- never looked back
@fge holy sht.
I'll explain why but we have target audience here who even uses windows, that's a waste of my time
@HassanAlthaf who cares? It's about getting the job done; and Linux does just that; it gets the job done
12:47 PM
I don't give a f* about eye candy
@Unihedron You hate everything when you get to know it well enough ;P
I'm content with FreeBSD
@Unihedron Im no longer Windows user, recently switch to Ubuntu
ewwww FreeBSD
FreeBSD, yeah
12:47 PM
Soon we'll see an new OS on the market; Unixhedron.
FreeBSD has its shares of flaws as well
@HassanAlthaf get out
Isnt that so old
They are just not as well publicized as Linux's
@fge indeed
12:48 PM
I like Ubuntu
@fge And when Uni gets too fed up with them, he'll make Unixhedron
But I don't wanna use it cuz its hard to get drivers for stuff on Ubuntu
-1 not enuf originality
No matter what any *BSD proponent says, Linux is the king of all OSes as far as stability, scalability and features are concerned
@HassanAlthaf no it's not
12:49 PM
lol ye it is
@fge that's your opinion and it's biased
I first used Raspbian on my Pi 2 a week ago
@HassanAlthaf of course it is; because you don't need any drivers
Morning, Java!
12:50 PM
this conversation is too funny
@fge Drivers for your graphics card?
I'm glad I'm not near anyone or they'll think I'm crazy
@Unihedron that is my opinion based on my knowledge; have you forgotten? I have been a systems engineer for 15+ years, I know my turf
@fge a LINUX systems engineerer
12:50 PM
@Unihedron and do you really believe I didn't look at alternatives in the meanwhile?
@fge Tell me some good linux OS which has got eye candy and good tools.
@Unihedron Maybe you should get an IDM to kkep your internet stable through all this insanity ;P
Get a grip
@Gemtastic XD
@Vogel612 Welcome back to the hood, mate!
12:51 PM
@fge I believe you did but I don't believe in your effort in looking at alternatives
That bitcoin mining software running in the background? Don't mind that.
@Gemtastic It does not boost the Internet, It just download the file by chunk along with other chunk at the same time.
@deadlydragon00 Yeah, just like any other torrenting software...
@deadlydragon00 we know how it works, it was explained back there :)
12:52 PM
Ergo; it sounds like a scam.
Torrent softwares rox
but even caring about IDM is just a joke
@Unihedron y tho. we got slow speeds. internet is expensive here.
that's irrelevant; how often are you downloading a huge file?
I like CrunchBang. But the developer is no longer supporting it. :(
12:53 PM
Every week or so.
Apple rolls out large file updates.
that's too rare to matter
I deploy my server daily
how old r u unihedro
idk look it up
12:54 PM
He's like, 5 or something.
not there anywhere
@Unihedron 15 years; enough said
16 to be exact
You know by now that when I am on a job I'm doing it seriously
12:55 PM
wow 16 and so smart xD
le prodigy.
@fge yes enough said, your efforts [both looking up and trying to convince me] aren't working
im 15 i barely know sht
I think this conversation can now get back to more relevant topics
@HassanAlthaf prodigy and genius
Yay! Vog suggests a Java topic!
12:56 PM
@Unihedron you are just not experienced enough to understand them
And that's the truth
@HassanAlthaf Watch your mouth, I'm not 'smart'.
@Unihedron yea... would someone please review my latest CR question?
@fge k I'm a scrub and everything I do is useless ok?
12:57 PM
@Unihedron and @fge break time??
@Vogel612 link plz
Q: Translating the Rubberduck - Übersetzen der Gummiente - Part 1: Modelling

Vogel612So I have committed to making a German translation for the guys over at Rubberduck, which is localized via .resx files. Now these files are basically XML-Files with a certain, rather simple document structure: <root> <!-- Snip --> <data name="Resource_Key"> <value>Resource Value</value

@Unihedron you just overvalue whatever efforts you put and think is "good enough" to derive some truths you believe are absolute; hint: that's not the case
~coughs loudly
@fge No, I didn't.
12:59 PM
@Unihedron you pretty much did; just "hear" yourself "talk"
I don't value my efforts. Or yours. Simple.
guys I'm this close to trash the last 5 or so minutes...
because you're just giving each other hell without any good reason...
@Vogel612 please do; it's just not worth the trouble
I'm not stopping you.
@Vogel612 If I am concerned about these conversations at all I'd have trashed over 300 messages by fge by now.
But seriously, @Unihedron, get a grip about what real life is
1:01 PM
@fge Sure.
You'll understand a lot if you, you know, just tried and heeded other people's experiences and thoughts
I never say anything lightly
too much of a pain
@Vogel612 just thrash it all
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3:46 PM
@Unihedron what kind of technique i can use for make a my own validater ?
plz help me
@FastSnail Just give up.
never give up
never never
Then don't. But don't say I didn't warn you when you crawl back crying you regret trying.
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who kicked me ??
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11:17 PM
var links = document.getElementById("demo").contentDocument.documentElement.getElementsByTagName('a');
for(var i =0; i<links.length; i++){
links[i].target = '_parent';
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11:55 PM
I made a dictionary like this;


I am going to read a text area and whenever I see "bear" on a line for instance, it would add +1. How do you add values like that when I've added "bear" to a variable?

I thought it would be something like;

var monster = arrayOfLines[i];
monster_dictionary.monster[0] +=1;
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