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4:48 AM
GM all!
VGM all!
can any1 tell me how 2 post an image in stackoverflow?
on SO or here?
there is image button right on the top in the menu!
good morning to all
4:56 AM
yes, i have uploaded the image bt it's nt showing up. @iAnum
it should show in preview. If u can't show it, use some external site for image uploading, and give the link in the post
Good morning to all
posted on March 27, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:31 AM
hello guys, I have a Question here... while uploading app on play store, there was an issue "certificate is going to be expired soon". validity is 25 yrs.
can we renew certificate with same set of keys?
@DroidDev any idea dude?
Which state does activity possess when status bar is opened so that activity is no longer visible?
@iAnum this link may understand for you stackoverflow.com/questions/21781256/…
@Allu thanks for the link
@iAnumgood moring
hi Good Morning all
5:47 AM
GM @Edge n @JaiSoni
@iAnum i am unable to double tab funcation
i donw know where am doing mistake
@iAnum sorry, nothing
@DroidDev np :)
@Edge can u first tell me what is issue? I didn't get ur point
5:55 AM
see i have to Double tap any where in actvity i want call one function on that and single tab i want to call another funcation i have implement OnDoubleTapListener with 3 ovveriden method but unable to display toast
please look my code
good morning guys
heya rekire ^ what's up
@iAnum oh that is an interesting question
@iAnum I just fall out of my bed went to work and started my computer^^
5:57 AM
@rekire so you work from home, right?
"Fall out of ur bed" :D
@DroidDev no I work in a normal office
@iAnum just kidding
@rekire wasn't that you who showed us a pic of four monitors?
I thought you work from home
In office I have two external plus that build in of the notebook. at home I have a single tiny screen
Good Morning Guys.. :)
5:59 AM
@MukeshRana vgm
@MukeshRana good morning
I got the silver android badge :D
@rekire oh. My mistake.
@DroidDev no problem :)
@rekire I crossed 1K yesterday :P
6:01 AM
@DroidDev great work ;)
<-- still a noob
VGM @rekire @Edge
Q: Android distinguish between tap and double tap

OsmanI am using the onTouch method to catch a touch with ACTION_UP and GestureDetector to capture the double tap, my issue is a double tap results in a tap then a double tap, then a tap. Is there a way to have a double tap block a tap or something like that? I know logically what its doing is correct,...

@rekire that's great :)
<--- not as big as him @DroidDev
6:01 AM
@rekire okzz ;)
@DroidDev ah you where talking about rep I thought you were talking about upvotes in the android tag
@Abhishek you are pointing towards a pencil
n congo rekire for the badge!
droid congo to u 2 :P
@DroidDev lol
@DroidDev see i'm that big of a noob i can't even point at myself
my next goal are the 20k rep
6:03 AM
@rekire lol, I was just talking for sake of talking.
@iAnum thankses
@iAnum i have used same funcation but no toast is display when doubble tap
Do you know the person with highest repo on SO ?
i think its jon skeet
I met #7 of them in person
@MukeshRana you don't know about him!!!!
6:05 AM
@DroidDev lol i know ;)
Q: Jon Skeet Facts

Bill the LizardI'm looking for Chuck Norris Facts style answers. In case anyone is curious, this question was inspired by Jon's own comment to this question. EDIT: If you're into cryptography, you may enjoy these facts. Now with official sanction from the powers that be!

@Edge I dont know then what's wrong :\
@DroidDev the best part about this is the accepted answer is by Jon Skeet as well lol
my rank is #3320
@Abhishek yep :D
6:07 AM
plz check issue in my code why not double tap or single tap working
@lol - with +40 and "answer", Jon gets a guru badge for a question about... Jon ;-p — Marc Gravell ♦ Nov 23 '08 at 15:28
okay and the answer with most number of upvotes??
@MukeshRana now you are really annoying
> Jon Skeet can divide by zero.
@Edge you want to enable double tap ??
@DroidDev ;(
> Jon Skeet coded his last project entirely in Microsoft Paint, just for the challenge.
6:08 AM
@DroidDev great one
@rekire the highest upvoted comment was also on highest voted answer, but it was deleted for being too chatty. There is a screenshot of it lying in tavern somewhere
@DroidDev :O intersting fact.. is that true??
@MukeshRana yup, 100%
6:10 AM
paste.ofcode.org/32UksTF7mvJyaZQWgwqwDRT here is my code i have use same OnDoubleTapListener implemnts but no action fired
@DroidDev referrence??
@MukeshRana this answer
@Abhishek so true
6:15 AM
question in general how many downloads has your app? and if possible how many users are equal online? @ all
@rekire so this question is for all ?? :P
@MukeshRana yes I did not write @ all because there is a user called Allu and I don't want to ping him
@MukeshRana issue fixed by space :D
@rekire haha.. so you got a crack :P
6:18 AM
@rekire I work for a company and I have developed multiple projects that are on playstore
ummm.. so far most of my apps have users in between 5-10k :D and there are some with 500-1000 as well
:22332245 you made my day :D
one of mine has around more that 25000. But, its the best one that I ever did
@rekire :D
wow mukesh n droid ^
@DroidDev i have made an android l lockscreen and it has reached upto 2 lakh :P but google removed that app just because i Used android l locscreen namespace :(
6:19 AM
I just looked in analytics for checking something and saw 100 users online. I reached the 50k downloads last week
@MukeshRana lol not really?
@rekire hmmm.. and that lockscreen was developed in just one night ;)
@MukeshRana not bad
@MukeshRana that's pretty sad. Did you contact them about other possibilities?
like you could have changed package name
Just saw this stats:
1,999 Votes Cast
1,982 up / 17 down
@DroidDev ummm.. we didn't bother much after that bcoz at that time android l keyword was at peak and so the user but now all are very much familiar with that.. so no point in uploading again with different keywords
6:25 AM
@MukeshRana don't know for sure, but you didn't try anything. You should have tried that. 2lacs is too much of a big thing for portfolio
@DroidDev ummm.. it's actually not the first time, we have made youtube video downloader, mp3 downloader and as soon as we cross one lakh mark, google everytime screwed us.. :(
@MukeshRana well...you developed a lot of things worth 100K. That's for sure. Great job man!
I wonder why don't I get those ideas :/
@DroidDev ummm.. that downloader credit goes to @berserk actually, he solely developed that video downloader and mp3 downloader :)
@MukeshRana Great job @berserk !!!
hmmmm... one serious question now guys
i need to livestream a url, so what are the available options for me to make it play on android??
6:31 AM
@rekire btw, can I ask, why did you asked that? of-course, if you are ok with answering, otherwise, you can ignore :)
@MukeshRana service for audio
is here a aws expert?
@rekire not an expert
@DroidDev service for audio.. didn't get you??
@DroidDev just for interest
@DroidDev I want to create a spot request per code
@MukeshRana I mean a background service
just keep running it and it will keep streaming
6:33 AM
here any one know java server side code for to receive the image fro android device.?
@rekire didn't get you, sorry
@DroidDev how can a background service help me in this case, i need to livestream a url, i need to make a video player actually
@rekire sorry man, never done that
@MukeshRana oh! a video player. In that case, MediaPlayer class will handle streaming. Just pass the url. It keeps buffering and handles that. Why do you want to handle it yourself?
@DroidDev I have to do at least 12 manual steps to start that^^ that sucks a little :D
6:36 AM
@rekire haha, couldn't agree more ;)
@MukeshRana there is one asynktask i have create that work fine in on create method same thing am trying to display in Popup but onPostexcute fruitList.setAdapter(adapter); Error is coming
@DroidDev ummm.. Android native mediaplayer won't help me in my case. well leave that.. !!
6:55 AM
Good Morning Guys :)
7:06 AM
@MukeshRana Oh stop it you ;P
Hi guys i have one small doubt like can i know the device id or userid who has purchased my app?
@berserk ;(
I meant that lol
@Allu you can make an api, which sends that from the device to your database after they purchase it
@DroidDev is it not saved in play store or anywhere(default in google)
7:10 AM
@berserk don't blush, if you want to, then first change your avatar
@MukeshRana cant we display Listview on popup
@Edge we can..!!
7:13 AM
is there a way to flush the dns information in mingw32?
$ ssh -v aws
OpenSSH_4.6p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007
debug1: Reading configuration data ...
debug1: Applying options for aws
debug1: Reading configuration data ...
debug1: Applying options for *
debug1: Connecting to usergrid2 [xxx.yy.52.141] port 22.

$ ping usergrid2
Ping wird ausgeführt für usergrid2.zzzz [xxx.yy.20.141] mit 32 Bytes Daten:
@MukeshRana i am having problem to get Index List from item in android
I don't get this error
@DroidDev is there any option instead of make api
@rekire In Windows you can use ipconfig /flushdns
@TheLittleNaruto I know, but you can see that it works for ping but not for ssh
I restarted my computer as workaround
7:29 AM
Hmm. Okay Let's see if restarting works.
it did
nice :)
but I still didn't understand that
I restarted that shell but it did not change anything
Don't we have something that can forcefully clear it ?
Tell me a thing... Do we always have to ask questioner to upvote the answer if it is not accepted? :\
7:37 AM
@iAnum that is not an easy question, even if there are also other answers
@Appu hey
@rekire hmm ok :( btw, there are only two answers. accepted one and mine. Well let it go. Selfish Questioner... hnn
@iAnum Leave it to the questioner. Keep on answering :D
@rekire Howdy!
@iAnum I would write a comment about that he should accept answers in general and point out that it is not mandetory that he accepts yours
@Appu I got the silver android badge ;D
7:42 AM
@Appu hahaha :D
@rekire no, u don't need to write any comment, Leave it dude
@rekire Wow! you rock ;P
@iAnum I did that anyway sometimes
@rekire Lol. He did that himself. Now I won't call him selfish... he's a nice guy u know :D
A: NSInvalidArgumentException when opening SKScene from UIViewController

iAnumAnswer accepted does not tell the reason for the exception. The exception is raised because you are trying to call presentScene on the view of type UIView, while method belongs to SKView. Storyboard by default sets self.view class to SKView. Since you have deleted storyboard, and trying to use c...

this what I have done. Please see the updated answer. Thanks for your efforts I really appreciate it. An upvote shows my appreciation. Hope my question is also appreciated and helps others who visit it. — madLokesh 18 mins ago
I can see a nice guy there ^
yes.. that's y I changed my statement in the last comment
1 hour later…
9:23 AM
@MukeshRana one Query
i am printing data in Listview corresponding i have display albhabet in text using index concept but there is error coming
to convert list to String array
you need alphabet index scroller for your ListView??
there are number of samples availabe fot that
9:31 AM
List<String> indexList = new ArrayList<String>(mapIndex.keySet());
here Error is coming
Null Pointer Excption
lol NullPointerException is one of the simplest exceptions, you can easily find it out where it is coming
There is Problem to convert list to String array
i think
coz i have running code i am able to do that wehn i get data from Sting Xml file as string array
you can simply convert your list to string array via this single line
Foo[] array = list.toArray(new Foo[list.size()]);
then how
please suggest me
i did this same
but still isue is coming
String[] stringArray = list.toArray(new String[list.size()]);
check this
try debugging @Edge you can easily find out where the exception is coming
9:49 AM
TextView textView;
List<String> indexList = new ArrayList<String>(mapIndex.keySet());
for (String index : indexList) {
textView = (TextView) getLayoutInflater().inflate(
R.layout.side_index_item, null);
List<String> indexList = new ArrayList<String>(mapIndex.keySet()); in this line Exception coming
index list am getting blank
10:20 AM
List<String> indexList = new ArrayList<String>(mapIndex.keySet());
this line does not add any "string" in your arraylist
10:34 AM
how to add @KetanAhir
using this code i am able to display listview data but not display its index
String[] stringArray = list.toArray(new String[list.size()]); using this code am converting list to string array
@Edge what you want to do ?
helio @all
snag.gy/IhEmK.jpg i want like this
suppose if click on A then it scoll A
E then it scroll to E
11:23 AM
Q: How to parse diffgram anytype response from .net webservice

jenilI am getting the following response from a .net webservice which is of anytype format.I need to parse this format and read the data value like RemMessage and INVM_ID provided in the format.I am not able to parse this format and get appropriate value.The java code is .. public class WebService { ...

@Edge i searched and got this: getListView().setSelection(21);
setSelection(int position)
Sets the currently selected item.
look my code
what is 21
what i have to change @MohamedIqzas
hello @all
11:39 AM
no.. now only i saw ur code... ur logic is fine... what error you are facing?
bye guys
ok. am reading ur messages above
ArrayList<String> stringArray = new ArrayList<String>();

for (int i = 0; i < list.size();i++) {
no Error But here am getting Null this unable to convert list to strng array
@Edge one change in your code
need little bit help
i have some JSON in service
now i want to clone that and display in listview android
11:46 AM
@Jigsh what i should change and where
i think you have to wait for the asynctask to get completed before u can access that datamodel list
that is working fine
but am having Problem to list to string array converson
@MohamedIqzas u are telling to me
11:48 AM
try it or not@Edge
ok wait le me check ur code
its getting executed in different thread na... and you trying to convert the list into string array straight away
yes. @Edge
that is ok
change your for loop @Edge
thats workign fine
11:50 AM
ok great @Edge
you convert into string array on post execute methos
no yaar
problem is not there
that alredy done
your problem is the list is empty by the time you convert into string array na?
11:51 AM
code is working fine or not @Edge
but Problem is new download().execute();
List<DataModel> arrlist = new ArrayList<DataModel>();

ArrayList<String> stringArray = new ArrayList<String>();

for (int i = 0; i < list.size();i++) {
is here man @Jigsh
@Dev free ?
@MohamedIqzas r u replying me pls tag
you should not do the string array conversion immediately after calling new download().execute();
11:52 AM
wait min
@Erum No.
what i have to do please suggest
@iAnum yes at 2
oh okz
done :\
11:53 AM
no @Jigsh this code is alredy i have written
thats reason am able to display data in listview
am having Problem to display alphabet so that i can scroll alphabetically click
before showing the pop up first convert your list into string array... and move this entire code of showing popup and converting to string array into the postExecute method
hey uh, got a question for those of you who've used cardview
stop the show pop up function with new download().execute(); call and do the stuff in post execute
11:57 AM
which layout is cardview most similar to? I used to think it was a linearlayout until i threw in multiple textviews in there and they all stacked on top of each other
sorry if i am not clear. brb
what's problem ?@Edge
but it also won't take the layout_below or layout_toLeftOf arguments like a relativelayout would
you have to use a layout like relative, linear or frame inside cardview to adjust UI according to your requirement
12:01 PM
hm, but if i do that my layout file would become a nesting hell.
puu.sh/gRAR9.png this is enough nesting to house 500 pidgeons
if there's any other way to achieve the effect i'd be glad to use it
parent class is framelayout
@Abhishek make a custom layout and putit in your drawable, make it somethign look like card like facebook
or you can use a SVG image as background
List<String> stringArray = new ArrayList<String>();
List<DataModel> arrlist = new ArrayList<DataModel>();
for (int i = 0; i < list.size();i++) {

String[] arrString = (String[]) arrlist.toArray();
This is am unable to get value
resend your code @Edge
12:18 PM
please look
if u want i will send full code
then u check
if u want plz send mail i am doing some minor mistake but am unable to find that so plz if u
12:39 PM
is here man @Edge
@Jigsh: my doubt is download().execute() will call the dowload task in different thread
immediately after new download().execute() he is trying to access "list" assuming that it has been populated with downloaded items...
but is it right?
shouldn't be manipulating downloaded data and show it in UI using postExecute?
1:05 PM
@Edge @Jigsh this is my suggestion... paste.ofcode.org/KqqPJpk7zP8j9x6WWT94cK
may be some minor compilation issues since i moved few code between different blocks..
that's possible @MohamedIqzas

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