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GM all
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Hi, do you know how getBaseContext() differs from Activity.this and which out of these are more preferred? I went through answers of similar questions but could not find any relevant answer.
d morning all! how to get phone number with contacts?
posted on May 25, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

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@berserk I have 100 reputation but I am get into Android Room can u tell me the reason.I am not getting why they are rejecting.
Good morning guys all
Hi! Does anyone know how to get the console output back after running a jar file from a batch file?
@Allu They only allow people with good Q/A ratio.
There is a link to the rules in the room.
You can check it out.
Morning Harish.
@shyam No clue.
in Java, 20 hours ago, by Unihedron
You're not entitled to being approved to talk in gallery rooms.
in Java, 20 hours ago, by Unihedron
If the room owners don't let you talk, then you can't talk there. No exceptions.
Uni still wearing that cap? :P
5:50 AM
@ -_- I'm stuck then! :D
public class FancyCoverFlowSampleAdapter extends FancyCoverFlowAdapter if my class extends from this FancyCoverFlowAdapter and FancyCoverFlowAdapter extends from BaseAdapter then how can i apply animation in adapter class
@berserk any idea

Uni discourses on the gallery Android room

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no idea
I already told you, it is just an animation which you have to apply in getView.
yes applying same there are some little other issues
Good Morning Guys :-)
@Unihedron I guess they are frustrated people who are tired of people asking questions without research.
Good morning Guys:)
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@TheLittleNaruto : you have idea about this
@TheLittleNaruto : you have idea about this?
Chat is blocked in my office :-(
@HarshalKalavadiya I won't be much help, sorry
@TheLittleNaruto : oK
but can you suggest me which place i make wrong in my code?
lol @Uni that bookmarked conversation.
@TheLittleNaruto Hehe
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Why on earth networking team have blocked chat SO ? T_T
I can access the main site. But not chat one. :-(
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Any one have idea how to restrict map search first to specific country
@all I have one small doubt that I made some mistake in android old version and then it is getting one exception in that version. After that I changed my code and uploaded as a new version then also it is showing same exception in new version.How I will overcome this, means when I update as a new version then it will be updated in users devices or it uninstalls the old .apk and installs as a new .apk

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