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4:17 AM
hi all
hw to create segamentment controller in android with same animation like in ios
can you help me out
Not an android dev
hoo k
no prblm
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5:59 AM
Good morning guys
mrng :)
gm to all
@TheLittleNaruto gm
how are u
6:19 AM
@MukeshRana u there
@ErumHannan mrng :)
mrnng to u
got rid of your problem ??
6:35 AM
no still not i did not get any solution can u pls help me
i have used reciever but still my reciever is not getting called
u told me u wl see issue have u seen ?
Hi @All Anyone tell how to do in android for this stackoverflow.com/questions/17381486/…
@ErumHannan sorry i just forgot don't worry i'll see
i have to give build on tuesday now friday
can u pls see now ?
if u havetime
@ErumHannan just post what you have tried and what is the problem right now. i'll see it today for sure
i cant post
6:47 AM
why @ErumHannan ??
7:02 AM
@ErumHannan Hie.. Wht's the issue ?
does anyone knw abt xamarin ??
as i checked some blogs, it says xamarin allows to code in c#... bt when i started to code, i can't see any c#... it is similar to android only... it looks like it is only providing framework, nothing else... then wat is the benefit of it ???
7:21 AM
i have been blocked to ask more questions thats why i cant post question
@MDroid the issue is i m unable to bring user back to my activity as soon as user click on enable or disable button in activity settings page using intent
Intent i = new Intent();
i.setData(Uri.parse("package:" +systemArrayList.get((Integer)disableButton.getTag()).getAppPackageName()));

try {

} catch (Exception ex) {

@ErumHannan lol.. i was saying to post here in chat :P
good morning guys
@ErumHannan try this
startActivityForResult(new Intent(android.provider.Settings.ACTION_SETTINGS), 0);
thn you can navigate back through BACK button
Try that one line code
mrng @rekire :)
@MukeshRana vgm
7:31 AM
then after navigate using back btn i wil be on Resume right ?
or onActivityResult will be called
pls reply
see @ErumHannan i don't think it can be possible to get an event fired when user enable or disable the settings but yes on back pressed your onActivityResult will be called if you have used startActivityForResult() while calling that intent
yes the issue is onActivityResult is calling before onBackKey
as soon as user click on button it open application settings page and simultanoulsy called onActivityResult
okay and what happens when user press back key in appliation settings page??
it called onResume of protected void onResume() {
of my activity
@MDroid i have to open specific application detail settings page
and one thing more i m trying to open this application detail settings page from dialog button is this issue ?
on,listitem i m showing dialog then on dialog button click i m showing application detail settings page
7:48 AM
@ErumHannan this is weird.. you mean to say onActivityResult is never called after user presses the back key??
onActivityResult is called as soon as application detail settings page opens intent called and simultanously onActivityResult called
can you show your Activity code and your adapter code??
@ErumHannan i got your problem
The activities of the settings app are not documented to support startActivityForResult(), and the main activity (Settings.ACTION_SETTINGS) does not offer it at all.
so you simply make use of onResume method
7:56 AM
In your activity, add

private boolean isReturnedFromSettings = false;
When you want to open the settings activity, use startActivity and set isReturnedFromSettings = true;

In your Activity's onResume, add this:

if (isReturnedFromSettings) {
isReturnedFromSettings = false;

now onActivityResult is called that was because on i.addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK);
one thing more i m getting cache size using
try {
getPackageSizeInfo = packageManager.getClass().getMethod(
"getPackageSizeInfo", String.class,

Log.d("AppDetail", "Start Package Size Invoker");

try {
String appSizeLocal = "";
getPackageSizeInfo.invoke(packageManager, p.packageName,
new IPackageStatsObserver.Stub() {
public void onGetStatsCompleted(
PackageStats packageStats,
boolean succeeded)
throws RemoteException {
over here i want to make filter if cache size == 0 then do not add in arraylist else add in arraylist
nops still suffering from issue
when trying to open using dialog button then its calling onActivityResult before back key
that's why i was saying for application settings don't rely on startActivityForResult
make use of your onResume
ok doing
and can u see other issue ?
its quite necessary to make conditions
its giving me error
8:05 AM
paste your code in pastie.org and i didn't find your arraylist here in this code
error shows you have not called adapter.notifyDataSetChanged() when you alter the values of your list that has been set in your adapter
arraylist returning from this function is the list that you actually need i.e list of app whose cache size !=0 ??
have you debugged this list to see is it returning exactly what you want??
i have got this list from the method and then passing list to adapter and then notifyDataSetChanged
8:18 AM
because the error doesn't seem to be there
when i m removing this line then no error appears
can you post your activity code where you are setting adapter
@MukeshRana :-- @ErumHannan should have use notifyDatasetChaneged() method!
yes i have used that
now @MDroid will look upon your issue
i am going for lunch @ErumHannan
8:21 AM
junkArrayList = getSystemJunkApps();
AndroidUtil.sessionManager = new SessionManager(this);
Log.d(TAG, "junkArrayList size:" + junkArrayList.size());
// put system apps list in listview using custom adapter
junkSystemAdapter = new JunkSystemAdapter(this,
good morning all
Any one ever used GCM
@MDroid I M Ddoing
if (cacheSize == 0.0 || cacheSize == 0) {
Log.d(TAG, "cache size 0 if block");
Log.d(TAG, "selectedJunkPosition:"
+ selectedJunkPosition);
and removeItemAtIndex is in adapter class
Hi, everyone,
Anyone ever used Google Analytics?
@ErumHannan check that you are not updating your listview in BG thread
Actually I have implemented it already but getting an issue..that the hit is not being sent...screen shot attached..
It just stuck at "sending" not being sent
8:33 AM
yes i guess this is the issue i m not updating listview i m trying to insert objects in arraylist inside getPackageSizeInfo.invoke(packageManager, p.packageName,
new IPackageStatsObserver.Stub() {
public void onGetStatsCompleted(
PackageStats packageStats,
boolean succeeded)
throws RemoteException { and one thing more i m trying to delete
8:57 AM
How to get one view from grid ?
@RoshanJha Using getChildAt() from its parent
@PiyushGupta I setted one tag to all view in grid, now I have that tag and I want to get that view from tag
@RoshanJha so wts d problem?
@PiyushGupta Can you tell me how ?
try this int count=(Integer)gridview.getChildAt(position).getTag();
9:04 AM
Say I have 12 views in Grid, and each has tag setted as string (ex:- view.setTag("one",....))..... Now at some time I have tag available say tag is 10 now I want to access view whose tag is 10
got it ?
@PiyushGupta I dont want tag from position
then use view.getTag().equals("10");
@PiyushGupta Not in grid brother :(
then where?
out of getView method
Declare one global varaible View view and reference it to convertview like view = convertview;
Now you can get access out of gridview
9:10 AM
@PiyushGupta How only one view will solve this ?
@RoshanJha You don't want to access it using position
noon @all
9:27 AM
@PiyushGupta no.. using tag
9:39 AM
@MukeshRana there ?
9:55 AM
this is the issue ....i m trying to get arraylist that contains cache size >0 and then passing arraylist to adapter from onCreate
but still getting erorr
11-28 14:50:41.420: E/AndroidRuntime(30722): java.lang.IllegalStateException: The content of the adapter has changed but ListView did not receive a notification. Make sure the content of your adapter is not modified from a background thread, but only from the UI thread. Make sure your adapter calls notifyDataSetChanged() when its content changes. [in ListView(2131230817, class android.widget.ListView) with Adapter(class com.example.cleanerapp.ListViewAdapter)]
hello guys/....
@ErumHannan u are adding elements inside arraylist from background thread.
Insert elements inside arraylist from main thread.
@ChintanRathod hey :)
@ChintanRathod hi
yes but i need to find cache size for every package and to find cache size i m using getPackageSizeInfo.invoke(packageManager, p.packageName,
new IPackageStatsObserver.Stub() {
public void onGetStatsCompleted(
PackageStats packageStats,
boolean succeeded)
throws RemoteException {
this is in background thread
so i m still failed to find the cache size is > 0 outside of this background thread
what can i do
@ErumHannan why you are making changes in that ArrayList which you are passing to adapter if you know you have to do calculations in background thread
10:02 AM
@ErumHannan There is something called runOnUIThread() i guess
no my arraylist inside function is different from the arraylist which i m passing to adapter i m first taking arraylist from the function and then passing whole arraylist to adapter
can someone help me how to avoid this issue
post the function
using pastie.org
pls check it
tell me the line no of function
private ArrayList<JunkAppBean> getSystemJunkApps() {
line no 100
10:14 AM
g nun 0/
remove junkSystemAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged();
Line number 68
noon :)
10:17 AM
ok doing
@TheLittleNaruto how is your login progress?
10:20 AM
still same @bersek now there is another error
11-28 15:18:39.210: E/AndroidRuntime(3076): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
11-28 15:18:39.210: E/AndroidRuntime(3076): Process: com.example.cleanerapp, PID: 3076
11-28 15:18:39.210: E/AndroidRuntime(3076): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.example.cleanerapp/com.example.cleanerapp.JunksFileActivity}: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
@rekire good morning
@PiyushGupta vgm
interchange line 66 and 67
these lines
10:23 AM
no efect again crashed
show full errorlog
using pastie
i m checking i have intialized arraylist
now it fine there is no error
again error
i m pasting logcat
10:46 AM
Hi all
i need popup like this how to achieve this
any one idea
make custom
i know but how to display in screen
Using Dialog will easy
here is the logcat
every time i m getting this error
11:07 AM
@KeTaN make customlayout and inflate in dialog box
how i have create but app crash not display in home screen
@KeTaN wanna display on Home screen??
@PiyushGupta @KeTaN @ErumHannan Hello how to assing javascript var to jsp variable ?
@PiyushGupta 11-28 16:46:44.810: E/AndroidRuntime(9645): FATAL EXCEPTION: IntentService[AppService]
11-28 16:46:44.810: E/AndroidRuntime(9645): Process: com.gemeindekirchberg.sg, PID: 9645
11-28 16:46:44.810: E/AndroidRuntime(9645): android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException: Unable to add window -- token null is not for an application
11-28 16:46:44.810: E/AndroidRuntime(9645): at android.view.ViewRootImpl.setView(ViewRootImpl.java:540)
11-28 16:46:44.810: E/AndroidRuntime(9645): at android.view.WindowManagerGlobal.addView(WindowManagerGlobal.java:259)
@PiyushGupta geting this error
@KeTaN are problem tara widow attachment ma che
11:19 AM
i did not work in jsp
@PiyushGupta i need this popup when notification arrives in screen
like whatsapp get new message display popup
@ErumHannan ok lemee check
@berserk :O
what happend?
11:28 AM
@ErumHannan try commenting both lines
ok one thing more in case of listview i want to make all checkbox checked by default and want to save ids (means position of row )of all selected checked box in an array
but now positions are repeated why is it so ?
Make a boolean field "selected" in JunkAppBean/
set it true on select and false on deselect
and add checks in your adapter
if(selected) chkbox.setChecked(true);
add checkchangelistener inside adapter, and on check change event, send a broadcast to activity and modify the arraylist there(i.e. make the selected filed of that index true or false) and then notify the list.
i want to create an array of all selected checkbox positions
how can i make that
if row 1 , row 2 , row 3 ,row 8 are checked then my arraylist contains id : 1,2,3,8
like this how can i maintain array i m maintainng right now but my positions are not unique its repeated again
How are you maintaining for now?
Log.d(TAG, "checkbox checked position:"+position);
Log.d(TAG,"phoneBoostselectedIds before clicked:"+phoneBoostselectedIds);
and on deselect i wl search that positions in an array and if found that i will delete that array item from list
11:40 AM
Are you using on onitemclicklistener on listview?
yes i m using ontitem click listener and as well as checkbox listner
ok wait my target is just to get position and maintain all selected checkboxes position in an array
Hi all, does anyone have an idea on Navigation drawer?
11:59 AM
@ErumHannan You must be needing broadcast receiver.
12:11 PM
hello does anyone know how to get google ads on android api 9<?
@Shishi AdMob?
Yeah AdMob is for api 9 and higher
But I saw that advanced task killer for example has ads for lower version too so it should be possible
12:37 PM
@TheLittleNaruto you are noted there as person "two"!
@PiyushGupta hello
I have a method, getPost(id) Which should take post id as input and return corresponding row. I know i can return resultset but i want to closed the statement object inside the method itself. How should i return the row
@RoshanJha hi
getChildAt returns null
@berserk what about my last option ?
1:29 PM
hi all
@nisha hello
1:44 PM
11-28 19:08:15.268: W/System.err(23178): at javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress.parse(InternetAddress.java:609)
guys anyone got this type of exception if yes then how to solve it..?
have you entered wrong email address
@ChintanRathod do you know what collapse and expand animation is actually called??
@ChintanRathod in this when i'm passing multiple addresses as [] then i'm getting this exception but when i'm passing single address it is working fine..
@MukeshRana yes
what we call ??
1:56 PM
no no I was not talking about ValueAnimator. I was saying like we have translate,scale and alpha animation, then is there any another name for collapse and expand animation??
okay thanks :)
@Harish i think you are doing something wrong..
Q: Send Mail to multiple Recipients in java

PrateekI want to send message to multiple Recipients using following method :: message.addRecipient(Message.RecipientType.TO, String arg1); OR message.setRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO,String arg1); But one confusion is that in Second arguement, How to pass multiple addresses like : message....

check this
@MukeshRana :)
2:02 PM
@nisha there?
@ChintanRathod but here the to addresses will come from db..
no problem.. you can use it in for loop...
give it a try
you can also make a single string by applying , after each recipient
any result?
@ChintanRathod have you seen the above code in line 102..
2:19 PM
@Harish yes i did

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