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12:00 PM
chuna is a hindi word @neferpitou
chuna searched a result mava's (masala)choona @ankitagrawal :D
@neferpitou yo sup
@Kaushik hey
long time no see @Kaushik
lol @PranavBhatt
@TheNightKing but google shows that only
Hey, guys ..anyone knows how to pick call programmatically ?
12:01 PM
@PranavBhatt ^
maybe i will pick bignaruto as name then
@ankitagrawal I was refering to that drawing ... for "Chuna"
i know @neferpitou bro cat
BTW the right spelling is " Tsunayoshi Sawada"
but in our country it is Chuna
ohh that's google problem not mine @ankitagrawal
12:06 PM
lol but since you said google it ,i guess it is your problem now also
@neferpitou i see
@neferpitou Hitman
looks like loki from fairy tail @PranavBhatt
@ankitagrawal Look new avatar
loki from fairy tale ?@ankitagrawal
i see @PranavBhatt
i am planing to get a new avatar too
12:11 PM
Selena Gomez - Come & Get It ---> used hindi words
hitman lol
I like Selena
@PranavBhatt :3
12:12 PM
:3 @neferpitou
Why do hitman likes formal attire?
dont knew :D
well who knows :3
@RobinHood now m in hidden appearance 3:)
u didnt tell me which is ur co,
escape rope
12:15 PM
so how r u?
my office's net sucks
@neferpitou hitman knws
@Kaushik still playing COC?
@PranavBhatt ask him :3
12:16 PM
mid th9
coffee break
unlocking new troops
baby dragon?
@PranavBhatt good
yup Baby
12:17 PM
@Kaushik :D
BTW I need to go :3 , bye all have a happy day all cats
@neferpitou happy weekend
12:21 PM
I'm developing an app using phonegap build and while following the instructions I bumped into how to publish in android
so I can't generate my keystore in command line
I already set the environmetal variable JAVA_HOME to point to the jdk folder
@Hans1984 how is your health now ?
its better now. i will go back to work on monday @AshuKumar
@Hans1984 where is Cat Gifs
12:23 PM
hans is a sick cat
there was no energy for cat gifs
what happened?
got a cold
with fever and everything
get well soon
im already feeling much better
12:24 PM
like i said
back to work on monday :)
unless they fired me already
maybe cat pics next week
for now you have to ask @PranavBhatt@neferpitou@TheLittleNaruto
on behalf of @Hans1984
yes or @AshuKumar
12:28 PM
Wait... Do I mute-kick @AshuKumar or @Hans1984
thx my cat friends
I'm confused...
hey @Joe'sMorgue
how does it feel in CATLAND?
anytime @Hans1984
12:29 PM
wow full chat
full cat
hehe right
12:33 PM
hi @Hans1984
hey o/
@Hans1984 WElcome
Hru now?
im doing better, will go back to work on monday
wow cool buddy
nyc to heared
nice @Hans1984 cat
maybe some cat food will heal you
also try dog food for a change like pedigree
12:37 PM
woof woof :8
oops wrong food
@PranavBhatt do say you are on right :P
ha ha
12:42 PM
hows the weather
still so hot?@PranavBhatt
yeah @PranavBhatt melted yesterday
was oxidised just minutes before
:D :D @ankitagrawal
@Hans1984 40C
little Down
well, atleast a little bit better
12:48 PM
hmmmm @Hans1984
@Hans1984 @PranavBhatt @ankitagrawal is it good practice to call setAdapter having values of 200 row on main thread instead of Asnyclass?
call this type of methods on main thread
when adapter start creating view , user touched the screen frequently , app will not crash ?
12:52 PM
ui operation should always be done main thread
user touched the screen frequently , app will not crash ?
hey i got new project - small project
thanks for info @ankitagrawal
1:09 PM
@AshuKumar Cool
@TheNightKing ok
@MukeshRana Yes
@TheNightKing lol I make fun of 'em
@AshuKumar hehe nice
@Hans1984 Can't today.
k fox
@TheLittleNaruto nvm
@Hans1984 ;)
Ok Kids, See ya later tonight
or may be tomorrow
1:16 PM
thanks, you are the only appreciated me :)
@AshuKumar congo congo
thanks @HitMan
good evening @HitMan
VGE @AshuKumar
1:32 PM
bye cats o/
ba bye Cat @Hans1984 TC
cya soon get well soon
on monday :3
bye bye @HitMan
my tym @AshuKumar 07:30 to go :D
i m also going to home
1:45 PM
Hi guyz have you tried this. I got 8 gb ram in my system and Android studio eat up all my ram. I disabled some plugins like VCS and google related and half of my RAM is free now.
try to on power saving mode
in file menu @Shubham
it will significant reduce Ram :) but background process will stop like compile
it will stop all the background process
Thanks Man @Ashu
Hi guys
1:55 PM
bye all TC :)
2:10 PM
hi friends
need help with this question
Q: How can i change incoming call screen of phone in java?

karimkhanI want to change incoming call screen to my own layout. I used a sample to do this for me. but it sometimes appear(when calling) and sometimes not. I do not know how to solve this problem that my own layout appear every time. This is my codes. public class PhoneStateReceiver extends BroadcastRe...

2:21 PM
I am too happy right now my RAM is free @AshuKumar
@ankitagrawal u will not understand my pain bro
bro i have same issue as yours
8gb ram
studio struggling
remove plugins like VCS related and google related
and enable power saver mode(it has its own pro and cons ) @ankitagrawal
i already know that @Shubham
power saver mode is shit
it disables everything
2:32 PM
yeah but it working fine for me right now. I will disable and enable it whenver required
i dont have any other solution as i have struggeled a lot and tried MOST of the thing that is possible
for now, i can rely on CTRL+SPACE
good morning all
Good morning
In my DDMS explorer there is a folder named "Eye For Eye (From_Aako_) - Single"
I am trying to delete it via the ADB command rm -r Eye\ For\ Eye\ \(From\_Aakko\_\)\ \-\ Single

The error message is "No Such file or directory", but the directory still exists ? How can I delete it ?
@blahfunk hi
WHy laughing ?
hehe nothing it was not for you
delete it from device
why you need adb for that
2:40 PM
I am so ready for this three day weekend
I need to get laid, badly
It is an emulator
do you have a chick?
no. I've been divorced for over 5 years. Had a few ladies since then, but nothing currently...
2:41 PM
since I have the children, I never really have time to go out
find a callgirl then
so, tonight, I don't have them...
time to get drunk and find some loose women
2:54 PM
when starts the event?
hey guys, so I'm following this tutorial about how to implement Google cloud messaging for android
I'm trying to use Volley library to upload the registration id to the app server
would any one would like to look at the question I posted?
Q: volley library is not uploading data when used in an AsyncTask

Sam IbraheemI'm working with google cloud messaging, in this code I'm retrieving the registration id from Google cloud and trying to upload it to my own server. Now the id doesn't seem to be uploaded to the server.I'm using two AsyncTasks: The first one is GCMRegistrationTask, it connects to the cloud and ...

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4:08 PM
@AshuKumar me ? when? for what ? @@

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