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4:47 AM
how to resize line with user touch events
i found for rectangle
Q: How to create a resizable rectangle with user touch events on Android?

ipmanI want to create a rectangular shape that will be resized with the touches of the user. Below image is a good example of what i want to do: Is there any example like that? What do I need to study to implement this? Thanks in advance,

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6:14 AM
posted on March 06, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

6:50 AM
hi all
i have 123456789/12 in db column while retrieving i want to retrieve only 123456789 how?how to write query for that is there any function @Appu
7:44 AM
@Harish u can parse useful part (the one before slash) after fetching from db
8:17 AM
no from db i need to get that i have only before part of slash so i need to compare that i need to get that front part to check equal or not..
8:49 AM
@Appu ru there?
9:04 AM
Q: compare part of inserted value and retrieve the values from the particular column in sqlite?

Harish columnx 1425795755580/0 1425785965412/3 i have inserted milliseconds/noofdays in db in columnx.Now i want to retrieve that using the currenttime is equal to that milliseconds so for that i have written a query as follows. SELECT substr(reminder,0,14) from tablename where substr(remi...

9:59 AM
@Harish Yes, sorry was busy. I think you can make use of substring for that.
or you can take that string out and then you can use split
10:49 AM
@Appu hi
android:enabled="false" />
i try this but enabled false not work

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