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good morning @PankajArora
@Anil make a singleton class to pass values
i told you same thing so many times
Hi Guys @ALL
@PankajArora for which issue
17 hours ago, by Anil
@rekire how to pass value from Popup to to Fragment can u please tell
4:43 AM
that is done
Q: how to create asynk task so that i can with differnt parmeter

Anilpublic class sendMesgTask extends AsyncTask<String, Void, Void> { String msg = ""; @Override protected void onPreExecute() { super.onPreExecute(); } @Override protected Void doInBackground(String... params) { try { ...

@PankajArora plz check this
@PG_Android hello
@TopCat morning dude
check my que
4:59 AM
We have the powerrrrrrrr !
5:29 AM
@ItachiUchiha I already used that power :D
5:44 AM
@rekire there
@PankajAndroid Hi good morning
@PG_Android godd morning
@PankajAndroid hows you?
@PG_Android find and u?
@PankajAndroid me also fine. Hve you worked with KML file in google map?
5:52 AM
@PG_Android no idea about KML. in google map only rout path
@PankajAndroid ok. So in your route have you worked that when user walk from his location on to the route then his current location will be updated with that route and blue pointer will be navigated on that route
Something like this i want
@Anil now again
good morning guys
@PG_Android when user move from one location to another location u want to display that like navigation
@PankajAndroid yes exactly
@PG_Android but i dont know about to display that navigation i had just track sales man so i had just store loctaion i had not display any navigation
6:00 AM
@PankajAndroid oh okay nope. can you know anyone who implemented like this one?
@PG_Android no but i think @KetanAhir is doing one apps like this today cannot found him in this group but mostly he is in this group
yaar many Query i have
@rekire for u
@PankajAndroid for u too man
@rekire Very Good Morgan :)\
@Anil if you provide a MCVE, a stacktrace and this in mind go on :)
@Shyildo vgm
@Anil ys pls wl try my best
6:11 AM
@rekire man smal small stuff i have to ask
go on ;) ask your question^^
Hi all
Is this place appropriate to ask OSGi related questions ?
theoretically this is right but I never saw here such questions. I know OSGI a little but I cannot answer questions about it :(
6:26 AM
@rekire Thanks for responding.
@PG_Android Hi,Use Location Listener
@Abhi I have yar. But want to implement on my loaded route
good afternoon @all
6:42 AM
@PG_Android You have one loaded route on map, on that map when user is going same route you need to show a marker in which he is going.. Is this your task?
@Abhi Yes
that one
@PG_Android Location Listener will give you updated coordinates right? so when user is going get that coordinates and update marker, Usually marker will move on your loaded route since both have same Coordinates
@PG_Android hi
@rekire @Anil @Abhi @Anjali good morning everyone
@Shweta good morning
@Abhi i did what you said already bro . see this pastie.org/9561040
@Shweta Hi
6:51 AM
@AliAshiq Good Morning / Afternoon
@PG_Android what is the issue then?
@Abhi :) Good Afternoon
@PG_Android can u tell me how to retain last checked status in radio button
Q: how to get User Name and pass to URl after Json parsing from server in android

Anilclass getuserdetail extends AsyncTask<String, String, String> { @Override protected void onPreExecute() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub super.onPreExecute(); } @Override protected String doInBackgro...

please help
@Shweta when you checked your radio button save one boolean in SP and in onCreate() method just get that boolean variable and check if its is true then permorm your task means retain last selected radio button or nothing
@PG_Android look my Query
6:58 AM
@PG_Android I am sending u code on ur id please checked it
@Shweta Ok
@Anil Run your second AsyncTask when your first Async is completed in onPostExecute() method and pass username to your second asyncTask as a parameter and execute it. simple
@rekire where is @TheLittleNaruto ?
good question I was asking that me myself
@Anil got it?
my whatsapp is also not sent out to his device yet
7:05 AM
@PG_Android pastie.org/9561074
please check
i got but not getting solution
let me check
will get back to u
@PG_Android have u checked
@Shweta No was in my TL cabin. can u show me ur screenshot of it
@Shweta want to retain in your listview adapter?
@Shweta you can use sparsebooleanarray for it
@Shweta another thing as usual using boolean variable. for more detail see this will helpful to you stackoverflow.com/questions/8771083/…
Q: Only select only one radio button from listview

SharifI have searched the question over and over, there are many questions I have found in stackoverflow but I did not come up with a solution. Here is my problem. I have a list of item in a linearlayout like this: When the screen comes first, the last radion button is selected automatically. But ...

7:26 AM
@PG_Android tell
Good morning to alll... :)
@PG_Android, where is navya ???
@PG_Android there
7:43 AM
@rekire whats is your whatsapp no?
beginning with +49 haha I don't write that public
no problem bro
8:01 AM
@Anil No idea
@ItachiUchiha Heya Sinchen ^^
What's up you boy ?
@ItachiUchiha Grant access
Q: How to open the main app from the wearable?

rekireI'm playing a little with wearables, I already created notifications from my micro app with some little restrictions and I'm wondering how I can create a pending intent for an action to open the main app on the phone.

check also the embeded second question
8:14 AM
@rekire @ItachiUchiha hi
hi @maven
by the way TheLittleNaruto is fine he is relocating and will be online on friday again
@maven at first this is outdated (but the direction is still valid), but I'm trying that in my example code :)
ok all the best
8:57 AM
@rekire how to prevent showing the past days in datepicker now i'm trying like this
but still it is showing previous dates
@Harish there is an option to set the min date
@rekire but this in this we need to return some thing right so what to return?
as far I remember so can restrict since Android 3.0 that dates you want to get
@rekire it's ok for me but in returning what i can return
I guess a Date object
9:09 AM
A: prevent selecting past dates in timePicker DialogFragment

Shobhit PuriUse setMinDate() function. It sets the minimal date in milliseconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 in getDefault() time zone. Set the minimum date to today's date, so user won't be able to go past it. Something like following in onCreateDialog: final Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance(); int year...

9:28 AM
@TopCat please upvote
Q: how to get User Name and pass to URl after Json parsing from server in android

Anilclass getuserdetail extends AsyncTask<String, String, String> { @Override protected void onPreExecute() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub super.onPreExecute(); } @Override protected String doInBackgro...

my Question asking account blocked
pleas activtaeit
@Anil It cant be helped! Because of your non-sense questions. I am sorry.
how i can get back it
should i edit
hi @PG_Android
9:51 AM
@Anil there is an editing feature USE IT
where i can find this man
plz Suggest
use the up key to edit the last entered message there is no need to enter 8 meassages after each other
not only in the chat also in the web if you were baned from asking questions you asked to much bad questions
i have deleted that Question
that is not enough help other users and get some rep
plz u helped me
9:54 AM
there is a meta question, you should have a banner on the top which poitns you to that
I cannot stop you asking bad questions... that is about you. I guess the reason is that you have soo many downvoted questions.
u can man
but i got more solution
please vote give me some re[utaion
reputaion man
I will been abused if I do so
yaar then i will never ask Question ?
yaar kar do
9:57 AM
boy use the editing feature
yaar i did man
as I told you help other users improve your old questions and you will be able to ask qustions again
n ow u please help
i am getting user name from server using asynk task
I am helping you. on a meta base
now i want to pass that user name to another class
9:59 AM
don't you have a supervisor or so which can help you? That are quiet basic questions allways did you learn all by yourself?
man u not understanding Question actually
U not understanding Question and u telling its simple man
@rekire yaar
Anil I told you three times in the last 5 minutes to edit your messages in the chat. I hate to see multiple messages containing less than 3 words
pastie.org/9561433 see my code and tell me it should Print User name in Toast i am getting value User name in dobackground
My point is that I'm not willing to give you solutions until you do your own homework. I always like to help on a meta base or to point to hard to find resources, but you ask just simple things which are easy to slove. I have to work while I'm in the chat. So I have in general no time for a full support
OK just look that issue and suggest me
@Anil it is a quiet wired way you do it but okay what does not work do you get an exception?
@ItachiUchiha done
thanks :)
NOthing Exception i am getting Null user detail so in Toast no value displaying
you have to move the toast line to the onPostExecute method. the data you want to know are not on the device yet
in that i am getting value
10:09 AM
yes did you rename yourself to edge?
what i want i want get that name and that value i have to pass another web service u getting my Point ?
of cause I understand that, but your currient problem proves did not understand how async code works
Ok leave it i will do it k
I have now a quiet complex question where I know that I will not get an answer: how can I allow on a clock to any app I want to let it read the notifications? (root options included)
@rekire how to handle such people stackoverflow.com/questions/25887727/…
10:23 AM
@ItachiUchiha closing and downvoting :) they will run automatically in the question ban as anil aka edge
anil has been banned from asking question ?
looks like more of trolling
I understood him in this way I'm not absolutly sure, however from his questions patter it would match
@rekire he has deleted his comments
@ItachiUchiha lol
10:30 AM
You would have dropped from your chair laughing, if you had read them
i have project in html i want to create android application that contains that html code now i want to build this app and it will generate apk file
can anybody give me link for help?
@ItachiUchiha lol
10:47 AM
@MuneemHabib Have you familiar with Android development?
@MuhammadRosli intelxdk generate apk file for html code i am asking is there way in eclipse?
any body can tell me tool for layout in android for UI designing
@MuneemHabib Interesting. I never use Intel XDK before. If my understanding is correct you are looking to develop android app using HTML5 in eclipse?
@MuhammadRosli yup i have html5 app i want to create wrapper project that can be used to generate apk file
in any IDE
10:57 AM
@MuneemHabib Have you seen this question? stackoverflow.com/questions/12840977/…
@MuhammadRosli yes its much closer to what i want
11:25 AM

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