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11:11 AM
my issue didn't resolve yet....:(
Hi @PankajArora @PiYusHGuPtA @Appu Good Eve :)
Q: How to display Custom colour bar into list view Adaptor in android

Swap-IOS-AndroidI want to display Custom colour Bar like column (but not graph) into my custom list view of android. I tried AchartEngine but it gives me unnecessary things like chart name x and y values plus code into Getview method of list adaptor is memory consuming. I am looking for solution which can draw ...

Hello Friend
can any one help me ?
@PankajArora no.. not yet.. was doing other task
11:27 AM
@Mobile hello
hows u
fine thank you
@mobile and you ?
me fine
any thing new in life
11:29 AM
@mobile i have to track user's activity like PushUp, Situp, Running by Accelerometer
@mobile no idea about it, what should i do ?
i am display images and videos continueously but after few hours app goes outofmemory error is there any solution for this ?
@Mahesh you have to Recycle you bitmap
u mean to say push notification s
11:32 AM
@Mobile Push notification ?
@mobile means
is there any one knows about java script?
mean notification at the title bar
@amitsharma_ujj here is my code
first by using notification builder
and then sending cloud computing
@mobile is this answer for me ?
11:34 AM
what exactly u r struck
@mahesh where is the loadResizedBitmap function ?
Good evening guys ^_^
@TheLittleNaruto Kumar bhai GE
loadresizebitmap function
11:37 AM
hello all friends
I want to build ffmpeg library for android in windows os
@Shyildo what's up bhai ?
@TheLittleNaruto hiii..need help
Can't. Online from mobile
Hello guys
can someone help me in a problem regarding ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor?
@George02 ask your question !
11:44 AM
Good evening to all
Ge @piyush
@TheLittleNaruto Hws you bro?
How can I restart the period from scheduleAtFixedRate ?
Fine you say
@TheLittleNaruto me also fine
11:47 AM
@TheLittleNaruto Fine bro
humm..all has changed.......:(
@TheLittleNaruto ki haal hai paji ?
so if I have someting like scheduleAtFixedRate(new Runnable etc, 0 , 5, TimeUnit.Minutes) the task will execute every 5 minutes . Now I have a button that execute that task imediately between that period of 5 minutes . How can I reset the time back to 5 minutes ?
@Shyildo cool as always :D where are you ? Pune ?
@navya what happened?
11:50 AM
@George02 So you are scheduling the task
then a button's action can execute it immediately
@ItachiUchiha yup
@George02 how are you scheduling the task ?
@ItachiUchiha using scheduleAtFixedRate method
I understand that !
hello all, just a quickie, I have a default android studio project and I have just one integer variable, incremented by a Button on click and shown in a TextView. I run it on the emulator and when i hit control+F11 to change orientation, my TextView has its normal value - it's not reset to 0 as expected.. am I screwing something up or is this an expected behavior?
11:52 AM
see you must be having a method timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(timerRunnable, TIMER_INTERVAL, TIMER_INTERVAL, TimeUnit.MINUTES);
@ItachiUchiha yes . that is what I have
Q: ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor executeNow();

George02How can I tell ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor(let's call him sht) to execute his task when a button is pressed ? For example if I have something like this : sht.scheduleAtFixedRate(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { method1(); method2(); method3(); ...

@AnPel I think that's because when you change the orientation the activity is calling again the onCreate() method . I think
Ok I get it
@AnPel you could make that integer variable static
I would do it in a different way
future = timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(timerRunnable, TIMER_INTERVAL, TIMER_INTERVAL, TimeUnit.MINUTES);
on button click, when immediate action is done, call
then, just schedule again !
future = timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(timerRunnable, TIMER_INTERVAL, TIMER_INTERVAL, TimeUnit.MINUTES);
@George02 I just rigged my Activity's onCreate method with Log messages on it's first and last lines, it does not seem to get called at all
11:58 AM
this will reset your timer !
and cancel the current timer
@ItachiUchiha ok. thanks for your reply ! I got it
@George02 Welcome ! :)

seems strange . This guy says that his activity is restarting when he change the orientation
@AnPel see the 2nd comment ?
@TheLittleNaruto yes bro
@George02 well it does, at least docs say it's supposed to. I cannot test in a physical device for an hour or two to determine if this is an issue with my emulator or not. Views also do not change state, they are just shown sideways on landscape mode. Aren't they supposed to be rotated?
12:05 PM
@all can any one tell me where i need put bimap. recycle for recycle images in this code ?
try to add in the manifest file this line into <application> tags


and see if that helps.
i have setted bitmap recycle is this correct ?
in above pastie code
@Mahesh I don't know :-??
@George02 absolutely no difference. I will get back to reply after I've tested on physical device. thank you for your time anyways!
@Mahesh ask @ItachiUchiha maybe he knows
12:11 PM
i want to set bitmap recycle in this code for this what i want to do ?
here is my code
pastebin doesn't open for me
Hello guys I am trying to make a guiding pointer like effect for my mobile website can anyone help me out with this
can you paste it somewhere
can any one help me on Fragments?
@PiYusHGuPtA @PankajSharma @JaiSoni
@Harish say?
12:17 PM
@Harish I will try
pastebin doesn't work for me
the site is firewall protected, so I cant access it
12:21 PM
Whats your question ?
i am displaying continue images and video randomly but after few hours my app goes out of memory so i want to recycle bitmap where should i use this bitmap recyle ?
images and video from sdcard
have you applied any profiling technique, to see which object is causing the OOM ?
@PankajSharma I while coming back using back press on my screen back button the title of the fragment is not changing @JaiSoni
@PankajSharma i am getting the same issue..
which was in morning
related to listview
@Harish are you using action bar?
12:27 PM
@navya which issue?
@Harish working on same problem
@PankajSharma i have listview in which i am playing video..and the problem is that...after sending one video..
when i am sending another video my layout shape is not showing properly
@PiYusHGuPtA no my own layout
@PankajSharma no in my app
@navya sending means?
i am using xmpp..liek chat..and message @PankajSharma
12:30 PM
bye everyone :) tcr
@Harish Show that code
@Mahesh please do it ! and try to check which of your object is not getting GC'ed and try to remove it !
@PiYusHGuPtA you mean layout or fragmentactivity
@navya not worked ever on xmpp
12:31 PM
@Harish both
it is not the part of xmpp..right now...i am just taking a video..and showing in listview
@navya Still facing over lapping layout issue??
but its not showing properly...@PankajSharma
@Mahesh try adding the bitmap options options.inPreferredConfig = Config.RGB_565;
options.inDither = true; and android:largeHeap="true" in the Application tag within the manifest
@PiYusHGuPtA yess
12:33 PM
@Harish action bar title ??
@navya Okay finally tell me the problem is only over lap video in list view when you are going to capture another video after one is completed?
@JaiSoni i have customized it
@PiYusHGuPtA after showing one video in listview..when i am showing another listview ..my view is overlapping
like this
@navya Where is your ListView? Means in which parent layout it is?
@Harish use onResume of fragment and update activity title in it
12:39 PM
wait i show
@JaiSoni ya yes i'm doing that only check my code
@Harish show ur code
@Harish any exception?
@navya i think this is because use of relative layout.
6 mins ago, by Harish
12:42 PM
@jaiSoni bro can you give me suggestion on how to build a web tour like flipkart app. for my web app
Who have worked with expandable listview??? @JaiSoni @navya @PankajSharma
@PiYusHGuPtA ask?
I thought of using WebsiteTour http://tympanus.net/codrops/2010/12/21/website-tour/
and customizing it
@PankajSharma In that want to show child view data which is from server but only using Bean class
@navya you need to do one thing
private void prepareListData(ArrayList<ScheduleInfo> arrayList_schedule) {
listDataHeader = new ArrayList<String>();
listDataChild = new HashMap<String, List<String>>();

for (int i = 0; i < arrayList_schedule.size(); i++)
List<String> list=new ArrayList<String>();
12:45 PM
@Harish u hv to use fragment's on resume
make first the list for exp list
then bind it
@JaiSoni i used that only..
@PankajSharma In my WS there is two json array and i have usign two different bean class for it and all data saved in one common arraylist
@PiYusHGuPtA i cahnged that in linear also..but not working
@PankajSharma what i do??
@PiYusHGuPtA then customize the list and data
@navya i think u r setting wrong thing on layout after vdo recording complted
12:48 PM
@navya no my mean to say that you have given weight to your listview which is in linear layout and there is relative layout and other layout so give weight to both them equal same as listview
@PiYusHGuPtA u mean in relative and linear??
@PiYusHGuPtA i have posted my code can you please help me
@PankajSharma i didinot understand..can u explain plz..:)
@navya yes
@Harish Yes checking
@navya after vdo recoding u set that in to listview?
12:51 PM
ok...i try.
@PankajSharma yes..
okz after vdo recording completed when u add that also in list view where some are already existing?
amm..wait i check
@PiYusHGuPtA that is not working
i have done like this
@navya have you changed layout file?
@navya have u tested on device?
i think there is issue due to memory
1:00 PM
@PankajSharma i m testing on device
comment the code where u set the current vdo in to list
and check now
@PankajSharma send me demo if you have foe EXP.
@navya show me updated layout file
@PiYusHGuPtA ok
@PiYusHGuPtA title is not changing in the fragmentactivity while coming back from the other fragment
@Harish have you checked in onResume method?
1:05 PM
@PiYusHGuPtA in the onResume only i have added the title could you please see the 99th line
@PankajSharma ok
@navya did wrong
@Harish Do one thing save your title in SHARED Preference and in onResume method retrieve it
1:11 PM
@navya wait
@PankajSharma same error
Check this @navya pastie.org/9426668
@PiYusHGuPtA ok
everything got invisible..@PiYusHGuPtA
@navya after using that?
wait wait..hehehe..1 min
1:24 PM
Has anyone done disabling the navigation buttons in android?
Like MX child lock? :3
@PiYusHGuPtA there?
@PiYusHGuPtA both are same na.
@Harish Both are same but may be you are doing at some where wrong in your code but using SP may be you get ur solution
@Anjali Ye
@navya When you complete it then let me know
nh hua...:(
1:39 PM
@navya can u share ur codes?
@Harish have u got any solution?
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