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3:43 AM
hi gm all
hi gm to all
im working a similar app like radio for angular change to control volumne of the mobile device
4:29 AM
@TopCat good morning
hey need ur helpo
4:41 AM
4:56 AM
was up @Indiandroid
5:18 AM
@berserk hello
@berserk GOOD MORNING :)
how are u
morning :)
i m fine
me also fine :)
whats going on brother
5:28 AM
work at office, as usual :P
@ArijitMukherjee hey nothing new man...waiting for vacation..;)
@berserk hey
hey @Indiandroid :)
great no vacations :(
@TopCat meow XD
:] @berserk hooy
5:31 AM
work work :(
@Indiandroid do u have any sample app's for android wear?
hello @TopCat u not replying
same here work work and work :(
5:34 AM
@Edge was busy and now too :( . u tell :)
hi topcat how are u ASLAM OALAEKUM
@AliAshiq wa alaikm salaam
how are u
me very fine :). U say
5:35 AM
hello guys, good mornings
good morning
me also good :)
@ArijitMukherjee no brother
@X'Factor hey PRO
@Indiandroid VGM
5:43 AM
good morning guys
@berserk mie issue still same
Good morning budy....
@rekire hey GM..;)
5:46 AM
@Indiandroid vgm :)
right @berserk
android studio sucks
issue still not resolve help me, i have tried ur way as well image view wala
5:51 AM
takes ages to build app :(
but badge nhe show hota
@Avijit I feel same way
ok i will and aj problem resolve hojaegii na
again write message i havnt seen
please keep in mind to write englisch
@berserk again say i havnt seen message
5:56 AM
@rekire Good Morning Sir
gud mrng @all
@X'Factor vgm. I'm no sir (just a master haha :D)
@rekire Oh great and sorry Master!!
ok ok
anybody got struck with gradle path issue?
this doesnot help me
5:57 AM
@rekire +1
@ArijitMukherjee yes
as the last file is unable to be found under the random folder its empty
the path is where android studio is installed
@X'Factor That was a joke that is just my academic degree.
@berserk how u solved it?
Q: Gradle location is incorrect error while importing ActionBarsherlock in android studio

Qadir HussainI m also trying to import the ABS in new updated android studio. I m following this tutorial. but on step Adding Action Bar Sherlock library to Android Studio im getting the error Gradle Location is incorrect. here is pic. when i go to the path C:\Users\Sir John Qadir\ there is no any grad...

@berserk :D
5:58 AM
this sayd something else
let me try
@rekire yeah. But though very good person you are!!
thx :)
5:58 AM
Ah I can upgrade my IDE and my SDK
Great. I also need to do it
@X'Factor hi
@Shweta Hi
Did some one publish multiple versions of his/her app?
I'm thinking about to publish the *same* app in three editions:
- legancy (without wearable nor TV support)
- modern (with wearable and TV support)
- amazon (without wearable, but with FireTV support)
6:00 AM
really? who?
@X'Factor have u remembered my issue ?
@Shweta Yeah i have
@X'Factor still I am facing that issue no solution I have
@Shweta Oh really? still? Nothing change in that issue still?
What do you think about it? @berserk @X'Factor @Indiandroid @TheLittleNaruto @Appu @chintankhetiya
6:02 AM
no idea @rekire
@X'Factor yes can u help me
@rekire I always publish for normal android device and tablets
@Shweta yeah sure
@rekire Regarding ?
@berserk well for TV support you need to design a compleatly differnt UI
@Indiandroid that mesage from me above about multiple app versions
6:04 AM
@X'Factor if u want to share my code then I can
@rekire i agree
@rekire dude no idea about TV and wear..:)
@Shweta Yeah please share it
@rekire ;)
@Indiandroid I'm more thinking about to create multiple apps in just one project with diffent flavors
6:05 AM
naruto told me about flavours, but i didn't get it exactly :P
Hello anyone need help with Tabswipe in Navigation Drawer. Im facing the following issue.
Tabhost tabs are appearing for first time and second time tabhost linear layout background is appearing. As shown in below image
@Indiandroid oh^^ I was thinking about that topic some hours this weekend
and what did u conclude ?
@berserk I played with it this weekend it is quiet interesting... you have one base app which has a diffent set of manifest extensions which just will been added to your APK if it is in that special flavor. In my case I got it manged to say in that in my modern flavor I expect API 17, so I can support leanback for Andriod TV support, and I just add the wearable microapp in that build
@Indiandroid I'm not sure about best practice in that topic. I mean I write one app but I need to test three one
I'm also not sure about to release multiple APKs at once on the playstore depended on the API level of the client. I want to know how to set dynamically the right version code so that all possible upgrade path are working
Does it means we can design differently for different API levels in a single apk?
6:11 AM
@berserk hello
my handler is not working
hello...... ummm.. what?
@berserk No that not you can create multiple APKs at one in just one project, read also my last message about it
I got it
It means single app, but different device will get different apk depending on its API level, right? :3
I'm also thinking about to publish my app on amazon... I have just no clue which device apis I need to support on that store. I know the first fire devices where API 10, so do I need to worry about it or not?^^
@rekire my handler is not working in back ground
6:13 AM
And my biggest problem I have yet no idea about how to use alpha, beta testing on amazon... I just found things about A/B testing that is something else
@berserk yes if this is supported by the store... I know that the play store supports that
I see, nice stuff.
That is quiet interesting if you want to cut of some legacy support for modern devices. So you could simple eliminate the actionbar compat, since you know that you can use the native one... but there the problems starts again I would need to implement the compat ether to avoid coding everything twice... I would like if there is a way to eliminate that support code and resouces which are not used at that new builds
@X'Factor hello
@Edge handler can been just only for forceground apps. use threads instead... if you want to update the ui in the next step check my github projects for the UiWorker that does some work for you
@X'Factor r u there
6:20 AM
@Shweta Yes i am
@X'Factor I am sending code on ur email id
@berserk I also got it manged to create a differnt resource directory for TV that is cool :D
@Shweta Ok let me check.
@rekire You mean like tablets?
6:22 AM
what is the naming for the resource directory?
I need to look into my project I may ask that on SO as a self answering question^^
Now my IDE and SDK is upgraded, I may start working now^^
@rekire hehe ok ^^
have a good time ^^
@X'Factor got it ?
@Shweta yes got it
@rekire cool..:)How did u do that?
screen shot would be great..!
6:24 AM
Q: how start background Process Using Handler class to check Online Status and last seen time

user2794306public ChatEventHandler mChatHandler = new ChatEventHandler() { @Override public void UserState(final boolean isOnline) { runOnUiThread(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { if (isOnline) { ...

Good Morning Guys :)
helllo @TheLittleNaruto u have any Solution for my Query
@X'Factor have u got issue ?
mrng :)
@Shweta I am checking it now
6:30 AM
@Indiandroid I'll see that I will write a SO question about that later
@rekire Go for it :)
@rekire sure..let me know when u post que..:)
@X'Factor when u click on down arrow then view will show on every 4-5 item
@Shweta yeah saw it
no one has Solution for my Query ?
6:37 AM
@Shweta Is there no any adapter class?
@X'Factor no
@Shweta ok
@X'Factor it is complete code
@Shweta Yes i m checking
@X'Factor ok
6:42 AM
anybody working on android wear?????
@Edge dont ping on skype, i am in office
Moto 360 looks awesome...:)
@TheLittleNaruto Can u please gift me 1 Moto 360 as Diwali Gift..;)
7:05 AM
@Indiandroid haha, I'm more thinking about the lg g watch r
@Indiandroid lol xD
Gift me first! xD
@X'Factor have u got why it is showing
@Shweta Yeah there is a problem because your view recycles
@rekire LG g watch..!...but I like round shape instead of Rectangle...;)
7:24 AM
@X'Factor how to solve
Q: Implement android Apps for TV

rekireI want to create a TV ready app. What do I need to keep in mind for a great TV experience? Can I share code with my TV app? Can I reuse layouts, strings and other resources?

@X'Factor r u there ?
7:39 AM
Hi everyone :)
Hi guys @ALl how to find this exception where it is occurring..
@TheLittleNaruto @CodingTiger
@Harish working with pager?
@CodingTiger no only fragments
inflating fragment inside fragment?
Recursive entry to
@Harish check FragmentTransactions
7:44 AM
@Harish use getChildFragmentManager()
Q: Recursive entry to executePendingTransactions

MikeI have a MainDrawer to Fragment activity which has a layout for a nav drawer my and my main content where I can load new fragments into. One fragment I load in is calle StatisticsTab Fragment. This Fragment holds a tabhost which each tab is its own fragment of listview items. Once I click on a Li...

Q: ViewPager: Recursive entry to executePendingTransactions

browepI have a ViewPager within a ViewPager and I am getting this exception 09-07 18:30:26.392: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(841): FATAL EXCEPTION: main java.lang.IllegalStateException: Recursive entry to executePendingTransactions at android.support.v4.app.FragmentManagerImpl.execPendingActions(Fragm...

@CodingTiger not using viewpager
Q: Recursive entry to executePendingTransactions

MikeI have a MainDrawer to Fragment activity which has a layout for a nav drawer my and my main content where I can load new fragments into. One fragment I load in is calle StatisticsTab Fragment. This Fragment holds a tabhost which each tab is its own fragment of listview items. Once I click on a Li...

@Harish inflate dekh bhai tu, pager mt dekh
@TopCat not using tabs just using fragments
7:46 AM
fragment transactions me error hai
@Harish check Transactions in fragments
@Harish its not like halwa, jo bna bnaya mil jayga bhai, workaround mil gya hai, transaction check kr
8:24 AM
I am working on a Augmented reality camera application , in which i have to show the locations pics based based on their relative position over camera overlay. But it has some problem of marker overlapping and non alignment. Now i would like to arrange the markers in a tabular format over canvas (non relative to their positions)
So how can i arrange markers (say Rect) in a tabular format on canvas
8:49 AM
Hey need some help
Anyone know what the query format passed out by google maps to search up a map location is like? I mean is it HTML or JSON?
9:26 AM
9:36 AM
later I will read..
whats the best way to show list of alarm sound inside android application
may i need to copy my mp3 files from raw folder to sd card android
2 hours later…
11:13 AM
Q: two device has gat Different time zone in DelayInformation TimeStamp

lokeshjoshi786I am getting delay timezone of MUC message using DelayInformation from openfire server. below is my code DelayInformation inf = null; try { inf = (DelayInformation) packet.getExtension("x", "jabber:x:delay"); ...

12:00 PM
Anyone say how to solve this issues stackoverflow.com/questions/20771395/…
@Liza Wc lizza
12:42 PM
any one use wikitude android 4.0?
I need help to display thumb image marker on camera view with wikitude android api. like following image.With JavaScript and html i can not do that.

Please help me. In Advance thanks.![enter image description here][1]

[1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/61NCs.jpg
How display marker vertically or camera view when it overlapped with other marker using wikitude android sdk.
Q: How display marker verticaly or camera view when it overlaped with other marker using wikitude android sdk

SudipHow display marker vertically or camera view when it overlapped with other marker using wikitude android sdk.

1:07 PM
Anyone alive?
1:36 PM
@Joe'sMorgue missed ebola? here are only zombies^^
Hey @Rekire!
How are you?
is that you karl?
I'm fine, yourself?
No, today I am somebody else
I see...
My son came home this weekend for a visit!
1:40 PM
great :)
[He lives 9 hours away!]
He gave me a tablet as a [late] birthday present!
that is far away^^ [late] best wishes for you^^
He also has no way to travel that distance. He found a [free] way home and back to school, so he took advantage of it!
I found an app that that has code samples for Android, spent about an hour learning
I have some lame code, but it's a definite step forward!
1:58 PM
@rekire can i say something
2:09 PM
sure @ali
@rekire i have put my all effort on my question, and i am working from last week on badge, means show badge on tabs. i have tried everything what i searched and what i red, but i am enable to solve my problem. U people say na search and do task with urself, i have tried all if u want i will share all my snippet and links which i search.
i need help now i have already wasted alot of time and i have been warn by my sir as well. if u help me i shal be very thankful to u @rekire
okay I can remember... I have right now a big bug related with xml attributes which I need to fix soonish and I gonna go home in some minutes... so I would say please ask me tomorrow again I'll see what I can do than
i am using android view badger library and i have followed that class as well but unable to solve my problem today i have tried my all and whole day but no result
the only problem I have is that I never used those tab bars so I have no clue about it... try using a normal viewpager instead. that may help too
hhmm ok i will ask tomorrow
and please guide me if u can sir
2:33 PM
Cya Later @rekire @Joe'sMorgue ;)
2 hours later…
4:14 PM
posted on October 20, 2014 by Emily Wood

Meet District Voices, the latest campaign in our Art, Copy & Code project—where we explore new ways for brands to connect with consumers through experiences that people love, remember and share. District Voices was created in partnership with Lionsgate to promote the upcoming release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. -Ed. Greetings, Citizens of Panem! The Capitol has joined forces w

2 hours later…
6:16 PM
Any1 alive?
@ItachiUchiha Do you program in Android?
1 hour later…
7:31 PM
@Joe'sMorgue Nope
7:49 PM
Anyone here?
I have a quick layout question, is it possible to do something like alignNexttoButton1 if I want to align Button2 next to button 1 in Gridlayout?
I'm here, but I don't know about coding for Android

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