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3:44 AM
GM all
1 hour later…
5:01 AM
posted on July 31, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:33 AM
Good morning all
@ChintanRathod morning
5:51 AM
good morning guys
6:26 AM
hi if there any website for create assets using android application?
1 hour later…
7:26 AM
Good Morning Guys ;-)
7:49 AM
@sakthi I just know a page to generate asserts for android apps
lol if i resize my browser to 2/3
it only says "TheLittle" in the chat
i wa sabout to ask you why you changed your name
@rekire which page buddy?
7:50 AM
@Hans1984 me! when ?
when i resize my browser to 2/3 of its size
now your name in the chat is only "The Little"
7:51 AM
and mine is Hans198
well im not that tall
makes no sense
So How are you doing ?
its my last day before vacation
alot of stress before vacation at work
I'm lucky my name won't been shorted
7:52 AM
but i gues thats normal
all of a sudden everythign has to be done in this last day
Did you guys check the video ?
i have to work on a guideline for my app
so they can work on it if they have to while I'm gone
wow what a feeling I can start working now. this was impossible yesterday
8:25 AM
no i have to explain my app to everybody on my last day before vacation
haha I love those *Übergaben*^^
i hate them
and its my first..
i already hate them^
everybody is getting on my nerves
i think is just leave on the spot
oh no
it looks like the temperature is getting back to 40° the next weeks :/
8:49 AM
@Hans1984 great
i dont think its great at all
its absolutly awfull
there have to be some weather rockets or something
we've messed up the weathe ralready so it doesn't make any difference
i can recall that they used some kind of weathe rrockets in china at the olympics to move the rain away
Weather modification is the act of intentionally manipulating or altering the weather. The most common form of weather modification is cloud seeding to increase rain or snow, usually for the purpose of increasing the local water supply. Weather modification can also have the goal of preventing damaging weather, such as hail or hurricanes, from occurring; or of provoking damaging weather against the enemy, as a tactic of military or economic warfare. Weather modification in warfare has been banned by the United Nations. == History == Wilhelm Reich performed cloudbusting experiments in the 1950s...
For the 2008 Olympics, China had plans to utilize 30 airplanes, 4,000 rocket launchers, and 7,000 anti-aircraft guns in an attempt to stop rain. Each system would shoot various chemicals into any threatening clouds in the hopes of shrinking rain drops before they reached the stadium.[2]
app getting tested by customer now
pretty cool if you use intellij, i gues
what happens with the truck
cant watch videos now
10:23 AM
hello guys
i m new in mobile development
please help me
my question is
how i play youtube video on app by link
use webview
but webview is not playing video but show there..
when i click on play button then it does not play video
ok than i can't help you
this wa smy only gues
does it play the sound?
10:29 AM
i m testing only video
not issue sound
maybe this can help you
Q: WebView - YouTube videos not playing

AmitI have an activity which is displaying a web page using a WebView. Within that page, there is a link to a YouTube video (so it's not a video I can or need to embed). The problem is that the video won't play - I can see the video preview image with a click icon, but clicking it has no response. I...

yes exectly this
anybody have solution..
click on it
theres an answer in it
maybe it helps you
i tried it but it also is not working
ok then i cant help you
i'm busy
once i searched 2 weeks for a solution to a problem
don't give up ;)
10:34 AM
ok thanks to u
@Hans1984 it flys
someone familar with the intent url schema? I'm not sure how it works
10:50 AM
Hello every one!
when I am on B activity and click the back button how to reload/refresh A activity
do you reload logic in onResume or in onActivityResult
hii @rekire
@Barun hi
Can you help me to show android app banner on website
there is a tool on the web: developer.android.com/distribute/tools/promote/badges.html did you mean that?
10:58 AM
@rekire I want something like this:- adianteapps.com/blog/article/…
parse.com databases - any experts?
11:20 AM
hi how to get location of phone call dialer?
11:46 AM
@Barun in our company those are called smart banner. this may help you. I just found an equal named jquery plugin: github.com/jasny/jquery.smartbanner
Q: Get Latitude and Longitude without inserting Sim Card and Start/Stop Gps from Application

AnkitI am trying to fetch Gps latitude and longitude, but i am having a query that whenever i try to fetch Lat & Long without sim card, it is not providing any info where as soon i insert my sim card, it provides me all information in desired manner. LocationManager mlocManager = (LocationManage...

use for country code
12:03 PM
Q: Android FragmentPagerAdapter Circular listview

developerI want to create a circular listview in android, however I'm using/extending FragmentPagerAdapter and I want to check the item position in order to check the next item in circular listview. I just want to develop a infinite listview which will repeat itself when the scroll ends. My Code: priva...

any one answer for this one...
@rekire yes , I have gone through it. If I am right it will be integrated at webend, right.
12:24 PM
@Barun yes
@Joe'sMorgue hey how are you?
Waking up...
Ah those timezones always funny, I'm done with lunch^^
hi @Joe'sMorgue
12:26 PM
I thinks today, I'm going to upgrade to Win10 official release
I did that already yesterday. The first thing was to hide the search field^^ so annoying
@rekire @Joe'sMorgue and its evening time here.
I HATE that...I got rid of that 3 months ago
Been running Win10 beta since before my Asus motherboard died [many of you remember that]
@Joe'sMorgue lol I read as first anus mainboard^^ yes I can remember that
Asus = anus?!?!?!?
Sounds about right
12:38 PM
I'm trying to DL a new Win7 install disk so I don't have to update Win7 before I can update to 10

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