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6:03 AM
Good Morning Guys
good morning@all
6:18 AM
goodmorning all
i injured...today...:(
Ah! How ?
my nail broken....,i was putting off laptop chrger
its bliding kumar @TheLittleNaruto
and its paining also
Ohh! Did you take proper medicine ?
no i m in ofc:(
@navya thts why, keep the nail small
6:27 AM
Good morning everyone! :)
@Barun humm
@TheLittleNaruto i am using this permission
@navya Looks ok to me.
yo berserk-sama
humm thn
6:35 AM
Try to match everything from demo and see if you're doing any mistakes
ook...can u give me any front camera example
@berserk Nothing much berserk-sama , coding. You say ?
6:40 AM
@berserk You'll like it berserk-sama xD
6:55 AM
7:40 AM
@berserk :O
How to convert text(multiline) to image in android?
@berserk any good animation for full screen
in android
I found few answers on stackoverflow but they seem to convert the text when the text size is known.. how to convert when the text size is not known.
7:57 AM
@ErumHannan Can you be more specific, so that It would be easy to search one for ya ? :P
@Anuj Check APIsDemo in your sdk/samples folder
@ErumHannan Check this once
i need full screen means animation can b seen on whole screen either from top to bottom or bottom to to
Same thing you can apply for Activities as in the image it has be done with Dialogs ^^
how can i apply animation on whole activity ??
means when i start my intent
it should start with animation
hihihihi :D I have got one function for you :)
overridePendingTransition(R.anim.push_up_in, R.anim.push_up_out);
See this example as well :D
Rest @iAnum will help you. Do not worry :) @ErumHannan
overridePendingTransition(R.anim.push_up_in, R.anim.push_up_out);??
8:15 AM
yup naruto
Hello erum! did u find sol?
8:57 AM
nops not yet
yr koi achi transition ho jo full screen pe dekhne me maza aaye bus sirf ek page pe
animation hi chalegi
@ErumHannan lol! It means you just want to find some cool animation, rest thing you can do by yourself. Right ?
Also, Do not speak in other languages except English specially in this room. Hope you'll take care of that next time ^^ :)
9:51 AM
yes ok
10:06 AM
how can i rename a sdcard folder programatically ?
@berserk lol :D
Q: How to rename files or folders in android?

p0p0tsI was trying to brainstorm on codes how to rename a file in android and I've searched on the net but i didn't see anything. My goal is that when the user press the rename button a dialog box will appear then the user will input the name that user want and it will rename. Guy's please help me abou...

will it work for folder as well
10:26 AM
Q: Zebra MZ320 - feeds few lines after black mark is found

SweetWisher  シI am working with Zebra MZ320 printer to integrate Black mark. I am facing issue when black mark is set to True. The printer feeds 2-3 line after black mark is encountered on paper The command used to calibrate black mark successfully : ! DF CONFIG.SYS ! UTILITIES ...

@erumhannan yes it should work.
Also see this link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5856725/rename-folder-in-sd-card
ok looking into it
but why do you like to rename folder instead of file? you should change the directory of file
10:44 AM
i have user created folder now user wants to rename folder what ever folder user has created
@Yousefkhan pls ping me
so tht i can read ur msgs
ok @erumhannan so is it done now?
no not yet
11:13 AM
Q: Android: convert textview to bitmap

AnujI am following this link: Android: Generate bitmap of a view without drawing But it is not converting properly. See the first one is imageview and second is the textview. Is it possible to generate imageview such that it looks same as text rendered by textview? Code to generate bitmap: public ...

File file = new File("your old file name");
File file2 = new File("your new file name");
boolean success = file.renameTo(file2);
this is old file name or old file path ??
@erumhannan file name with the path like /sdcard/tmp/filename.png
@anuj , didnt get your problem. if i am not wrong then you are able to convert the text view into bitmap right?
ok and problem is?
But if the textview has a long line wrapped up into two or three, when converted to imageview it becomes only one
and text size becomes very small
as you can see in the image in the question
the upper one with small characters is imageview and below the same with textView.
11:27 AM
can you show me code of your textview in xml ?
<LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

This is the whole layout
ok @anuj try adding android:textsize property to your textview and check again
it's the same..
ok then try one more thing, instead of wrap_content use some fixed size for both width and height
no change even after adding fixed size
the problem here is that when converting to imageview, it is not considering the text size and wrapping of text.
11:42 AM
i got it, wait for a moment
hello everyone
@Yousefkhan File file = new File(userFolder.getFolderPath());
File file2 = new File(folderName);
boolean success = file.renameTo(file2);
Log.d(TAG,"change name status:"+success);
its returning me false
and not renaming folder name
has anyone got NDK up and running in a project using Android Studio?
11:47 AM
@erumhannan let me know the both paths (old and new)
@anuj try
Bitmap b = Bitmap.createBitmap(v.getDrawingCache(true));
no change
@anuj ok remove that change and try this
here false is autoScale flag
@anuj and you dont need to call
in the second last line
@Yousefkhan still the same
Can i get the text from textview and use canvas to draw it?
that is weird, let me try your code
@Yousefkhan done thanks
11:56 AM
@erumhannan (y)
Hi everybody , anybody know how to call this crop area? i.stack.imgur.com/cqeDL.png
(y) >??
@erumhannan (y) > (Thumbs up)
12:23 PM
@Yousefkhan any success
@anuj yes there is little issue, just 2 min
sure.. thanks for putting so much time on it
12:38 PM
@anuj remove following lines
v.measure(View.MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(0, View.MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED),
// View.MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(0, View.MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED));
//v.layout(0, 0, v.getMeasuredWidth(), v.getMeasuredHeight());
secondly, you can not do this in oncreate() method, do it in postDelayed or onClick
how can i aplply password in folder that is on sdcard
it's crashing
Bitmap b = Bitmap.createBitmap(v.getDrawingCache());
with NullPointerException
I am doing in onClick
let me see your code @anuj
It's working now, I was setting the visibility to gone for textView
@erumhannan i guess you can not, if you want to create a folder accessible only from your app then use following code
Context ctx = getContext();
File folder = ctx.getDir("NewFolder", Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
@anuj is that working fine now?
12:45 PM
But it requires textView to load
why can't I do it in onCreate
because in onCreate() system can not judge the length and width of items as they are being created in this function
yes i want to make folders that is visible inside app but is there any limitation of size in private mode
12:47 PM
Thanks so much
even cant i apply password inside my app folders ???
there is an app that is doing so
in case of private mode can i see where i m creating my folders ? in sdcard
@Yousefkhan Also, that means, I cannot convert a text to bitmap as I would not be knowing it's height.
1:00 PM
@erumhannan i guess you can apply password to internal folders (not in sdcard because they are accessible by other applications).
what do u mean by internal folders ?
@anuj you can do it in oncreate method too but not in the main thread... got it?
@Yousefkhan will u be here at 7pm
I got it.. thanks :)
@erumhannan cant say anything. may be or may be not.
1:06 PM
what do u mean by internal folders ?
internal storage
@erumhannan these links will help you
there is an app that has folder on sdcard
but that folders has images
and all images are encrypted
theese images are only visible inside app
yes encryption is different from locking
@anuj http://paste.ofcode.org/JffFc6ShVnStYdh3F7yWSy
incase you want it on onCreate() method
8 hours later…
9:06 PM
can someone pls tell me stackoverflow.com is not working i m getting alert in browser that
For Security Reasons Framing is not allowed press ok to remove frames
@Yousefkhan do u know this error pls ping me
i m getting this error from 2 days and no SO website is accesible from my home laptop
already tried browser restart , fresh installation , router restart

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