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11:12 AM
@Anil I'm really interested to see your final app^^
sure @rekire
Lot of thing is there man
@Anil have u any idea about using xmpp to send request ?
no dude i have done in My app Push NOtifcation Using GCm
I implemented last year a facebook like app so I know how complex a such app can be
u have complted that app
11:14 AM
Q: Store the sms broadcast within app to send later

berserkI want to block incoming sms using my app. But, when user disable the blocking, I want all the previously blocked messages to go back to Inbox. I am aborting the sms using abortBroadcast() in smsBroadcastReceiver. How to resend these messages to inbox later? Do I have do something like saving the...

@rekire Yo! Do u have any idea?
@Anil no unfortunately not, but I guess based on the content it will been never published after the last changes of the terms and conditions
see i have To just apply Notifcation part
@Anil I used that days frozenmounten for such things...
11:17 AM
some one post some messge we have to display in IN-APp Notifcation
@berserk store that blocked sms in a sqlite database and put it into the real sms database if the user is unbanned, that shouldn't be too hard
how to put it in real sms database?
there is challenging in this to create custom adapter
how to move msg in inbox?
rest all thing i cleared
11:18 AM
I will store phone number and message.
But how to push it in inbox?
any @rekire i will ask for help
@berserk there are several apps which allows backup and restore of sms so that should be an easy task. I think it is just a contentprovider... such one's should also allow to insert sms
@Anil what's the problem? adapters are easy
U mean this?
A: How to save SMS to inbox in android?

Josef PflegerYou can use the sms content provider to read and write sms messages: ContentValues values = new ContentValues(); values.put("address", "123456789"); values.put("body", "foo bar"); getContentResolver().insert(Uri.parse("content://sms/sent"), values); I don't know why you would want to write a m...

I just wrote it as answer^^
thanks man
11:25 AM
thx for the fast rep :D
@rekire i will ask
if any Issue face
@rekire yaar One more challenge i have that is Messgeing chating Part
@Anil that was not too hard with the given API I had
11:39 AM
U have worked On Signal R
But am tottaly new in this
never read about it
hi all
anybody have experience working in spring security
me not sorry
1 hour later…
1:16 PM
How are you?
Well a little tired xD
@berserk why?
@PG_Android @berserk hello bro
1:18 PM
Trying to wake up still...
coz of work ofc :D
@berserk gr8
@AndoMasahashi hello
@AndoMasahashi yo :D
u know Mashashi Kishimoto?
Hi @AndoMasahashi
@PG_Android @Karl @berserk i need to execute multiple url in doinbackground like 1) url+list of argument
2) url1+ list of argument and getting response stores in json array can you tell me how to do this
1:21 PM
do multiple server hits in doInBackground
I'm sorry, WAY above my skillset
@berserk can you give me some usefull link ?
I'm here hoping to find a person to teach me Android...
@AndoMasahashi u know how to make a web service hit?
@Karl O_O
u wanna learn android?
1:23 PM
yes with httpclient
Yes I do
I have a game I made [and it runs, minus MINOR debugging in behavior] that I want to port to Android
@berserk LIKE
HttpPost httppost = new HttpPost(url);
httppost.setEntity(new UrlEncodedFormEntity(arrayList));
Log.e("urls with para", httppost.getEntity().toString());
response = httpclient.execute(httppost);
@AndoMasahashi good, do it multiple times in doInBackground
@Karl Oh!
@Karl u want to learn android or want some job to be done?
@AndoMasahashi dude, repeat that code in doInBackground
1:27 PM
I want to LEARN!!
lol ok
My goal is to make the game run on Android. After I meet that goal, I will make a new goal...
hehe ok
1:29 PM
I'm autistic, and I have holes in my memory. Working out of books doesn't go over well with me anymore. [Which sucks, because I'm a gifted reader]
add me on fb@Karl
Well, request sent
cya there
Fair warning: My family is insane! Egotistical bigits!
1:33 PM
You will see idiotic comments from them...
Right now, I have a high score that is not being incremented, and I'm not sure why.
1:51 PM
High Score ? Where? on SO?
In my game.
android ?
Oh Okay
Not yet. It will be after I learn how
I give the player 7 to start with. and more can be earned in the game. At first, I was just going to watch to see the most they have at any time [which is not working], but I'm thinking that I should simply count the number they have earned. Later in the game, I will earn one, and use it instantly...
pastie.org/9519202 @all why my list was clear at the end i print
2:29 PM
Q: Inner Arraylist<Hashmap> display null at the end after adding in android?

Maheshi am accessing data from database and store in arraylist but at the end i display complete list it display null Output : 09-01 17:26:49.550: E/data(16620): ---->15 09-01 17:26:49.550: > E/data(16620): ---->[[], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []] public sta...

3:24 PM
@berserk Still here?
2 hours later…
5:53 PM
I'm back!
hey friends
I am stuck on my android app
need help
Can any one tell me how to start service from CALL_STATE_IDLE ... bcoz it call multiple time when incoming and outgoing call comes up
2 hours later…
7:34 PM
Dead chat...
1 hour later…
8:56 PM
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