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3:36 AM
Good Morning Guys :)
1 hour later…
4:44 AM
Good morning to all @TheLittleNaruto @neferpitou @ResearchDevelopment @rekire @LuminiousAndroid @Shubham @berserk
GM all
Good morning @JaiprakashSoni
Hey all, I have a question regarding array and linked implementations of List, Stack, and Queue ADT. I understand that array are a contiguous block of memory and linked is many non-contiguous blocks of memory. So my question is is this the main difference between the two regarding List, Stack, and Queue ADT?
5:11 AM
@AshuKumar gm
how is going work?
5:40 AM
Good Morning Guys :)
@AshuKumar vgm
Good morning @MukeshRana
VGM :)
6:02 AM
Good morning guys
6:22 AM
anyone worked on tourGuide ?
no I haven't.. but it looks like a cool library, especially for tutorials screens
thanks for sharing the link (y)
yeah. it is... but I am facing issue with customizing it..
I haven't used it but you can still share the issue , may be someone here can respond to that
6:45 AM
I am facing this issue
Oh, so someone already posted an issue there. Let me try running the code and see if I can help in any way
7:02 AM
posted on May 03, 2016 by The Scripting Guys

Summary: Learn the top three tips to effectively use Windows PowerShell to sort data in this blog post by the Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson. One of the fundamental things that I need to do when I look at any kind of data is sort it so that I can make sense of what I... Read more

technet? uh when was that added?
I had added when I was learning Powershell ^^
Today I was trying to add more tags to the room info. But was getting SO server error.
So I couldn't
ok I see
tried just now. No luck
Oops! Something Bad Happened!
7:27 AM
Hi All :)
Q(X_x)Q(-_-Q) pow!
rekire has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
rekire has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
rekire has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
rekire has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
just a general advice. What should be preferred if there is a error in the FORM and field containing error is not visible.
A. smoothScroll
B. something like setting focus
good rekire!
8:24 AM
posted on May 03, 2016

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

rekire block it1
how to work with webservices in android calendar.?please help me
@SweetWisherツ Hey, I just gone through the code and it looks they are using FloatingActionButton for the Pointer. We can do two things now, either we should change the dimensions of that FAB or we can simply play with the scale up and scale down animation.
9:23 AM
Why there is so inactivity in this group !!!
i m busy with project @Shubham
okayz @AshuKumar
hello everyone
and what about u
same here. :P
full time programming..
9:26 AM
hi all @rekire @TheLittleNaruto @neferpitou @Hans1984
@PranavBhatt hi
rekire has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
@AshuKumar Guten Abend :)
whts up?
whers cat?
@berserk it's now 11:27am not really evening
9:28 AM
xkcd removed? :o
@rekire Here it is 2:58 PM ^^
Oh wait, what was for afternoon?
@berserk yeah^^
@berserk much better ;)
stabs wolf with @TheLittleNaruto and beats wolf with @MukeshRana
@berserk I'll use my Fox nails.
good fox
9:33 AM
yep I guess
pats @TheLittleNaruto
:30305373 lol ok
starts spanking him suddenly...
@berserk Arigatou
@berserk NOOOoooo!
9:39 AM
10:16 AM
posted on May 03, 2016 by Google Blogs

Access to clean drinking water is a concern all over the world, but in the United States it’s often a foregone conclusion. That is not the case recently for the residents of Flint, Michigan, many of whom we now know have been exposed to lead in their tap water. It’s a crisis, one to which the American people readily responded by donating water and resources to help alleviate the immediate pain.

@berserk I'll make use of my delts :P
u mean belts?
oh googled
sure lol
iGoogled ._.
yeah I know
I was just trying my hand on that
10:36 AM
@MukeshRana @berserk what is best way to convert app into multi-language
best way?
i created app and now converting into multi language - taking too much time
what does that mean
you should support localisation from the very beginning
:( my client ask now
but you are the app developer, you should take care about the app scalability whenever you start a new app
10:40 AM
this is my first app so that i forgot to support multi language :D but now i m know what i forgot :(
next time i will take cart about it
Good Boy (y)
When I develop an app, I care that I can finish it...
Everyone thought of getting rid of the old app and start with the new one
but sadly it remains in thoughts :(
With my coding skills being low... I look at code I wrote before and think "WTF was I thinking when I wrote that?" and spend an hour going through the code to understand WHY it's written that way...
10:48 AM
I don't comment my code very often...
I had a couple of people, one was seeing the code for the first time, tell me I don't really have to, as it's very readable....
Made me feel good.
this happens with the good programmers, with every new project, you find your previous code as shit and you think that the new project has the best code so far until you again start a new project and find the previous one as full of shit :P
I don't like commenting as well, it doesn't look good to me in terms of code UI :P
@MukeshRana sometime we finish old and created new one but error came out in old and force us to back to old one :(
What a lame day! Nothing has been achieved so far. :/ Not even a single task I did.
This headers and authorization things have become pain in my ass.
I started and completed an entire task since I joined in this conversation
...I am now properly dressed to face the day
11:01 AM
Good for you
If I won't complete my task I am gonna stay here until unless won't finish it.
@AshuKumar hmmm :(
@rekire Have you ever used angualr js for parsing API ?
ok.. thanks
@rekire is the only one in this room, from whom I can expect help at last, if he says "no"
Do I want to cook breakfast?
11:03 AM
....I am fucked up!
Question for EVERYBODY in the room:
What is a traditional breakfast in your country?
Chapati and Potato-Bhujiya and juice @Joe'sMorgue
I generally don't do breakfast as I don't have fucking time for that. All I do is a Brunch ;)
What is Chapati? [I saw the pic...] and what is Potato-Bhujiya?
@TheLittleNaruto my Friend is working in Angular js , i can give u his number
11:06 AM
@TheLittleNaruto hehe true. I used the last time ajax directly without any libraries
@AshuKumar Don't give me his number. Just ask him if he ever had to parse an API which needs Authorization token in headers.
@Joe'sMorgue Check the picture
I saw the pic of the Chapati BEFORE I asked... Is that a bread type? Is there anything in it?
@Joe'sMorgue granola, rolls or bread
The Potato-Bhujiya looks good.
11:09 AM
Potato bhujiya as breakfast?
@Joe'sMorgue It is wheat powder. You mix it with water in certain proportion and then you role over it to make it round and then you cook it on a pan.
it's a snack
@berserk I know. That's different thing
If you cook any vegetable curry without gravy, we call it bhujiya in my state.
you meant to say for your state Tinda is also a bhujiya if cooked without gravy ?
11:12 AM
ehh.. ya
you are so lucky then
but if you don't know about Tinda, you have no rights to live here in India
@TheLittleNaruto Is that a TRADITIONAL breakfast, or something you have often for breakfast?
@Joe'sMorgue Yes, But it varies in different areas as our country has different culture and custom.
if you'll go south India, you'll see people take Idli n Dhosa as breakfast
For example see yourself:
11:18 AM
8 mins ago, by berserk
it's a snack
Yeah, that's what lead me to asking...
berserk is from different part, so he said it's a snack
I noticed how he didn't answer my question too
He left the room already
No he is back
@berserk Alive?
@MukeshRana What is a traditional breakfast in your culture?
11:25 AM
The part of India from where @Muk is, is a heaven.
You would love to give a visit.
Did I kill the chat?
Looks like it....
): I'll start digging a grave...
thinkster.io/angularjs-jwt-auth @TheLittleNaruto may be it will help you :)
@AshuKumar thanks.. Checking..
It's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah :)
geeks.gallery/simple-json-parsing-example-in-android-part-v - Basic Authentication (android coding only)
parsing API is easy.
sorry, i did not get you , you need android side coding or server side (angualr js) or both
i m good in googlnig, may be find some good tutorial for you :)
Actually I am working in IONIC which is angularjs based cross mobile platform framework.
@AshuKumar Grrr....
I thought you asked your friend who has worked on angularjs
11:45 AM
Grrr... ?
@TheLittleNaruto Maybe I can help... I'm good at giggling too! Hee Hee...
yeah i asked, he gave a first link and rest i searched, hope they will help you :)
as you helped me a lot ;)
kicks @TheLittleNaruto in his butt for not knowing about Tinda
slashes @Joe'sMorgue into two pieces using a katana
@DroidDev What was that fo?
Wow! There's two of me... Maybe now I can have an intelligent conversation in this room...
11:49 AM
just wanted to check the sharpness of my new katana
[Yes, I have felt the world needs more of me!]
slices @Joe'sMorgue into nano particles using his nano particle sword
@Joe'sMorgue there you go ^
@AshuKumar See, ask him, how to send headers properly, show him what I am doing now: hastebin.com/mawovuyuna.lua (if you can.)
:( I need a faster computer...
i ;m really sorry, right now he is at work - Delhi, but i can show at night, and try to get solution, i m really sorry :(
11:54 AM
No need to say sorry.. I told already.. if you can...
faced a mean rain attack during my lunchbreak outside
15 MINUTES to install the java jdk... :( I need a faster computer...
i5 +8 gb ram still slow when gradle build
12:03 PM
AMD [true] 8-Core, 4Ghz + 16 Gigs RAM, installing to an SATA III SSD
@Joe'sMorgue ummm.. for me it's makki di roti and chha :P now don't ask me to make hyperlinks because I don't know how to do that :P
thats a good pc
@TheLittleNaruto I just did another trek of 18km this weekend
will send you a video
i wish i had that good of a pc at home
quadcore 2,3ghz +4gigs ram
I built it from Amazon... Spent about $720 for it... originally.
12:04 PM
how is everyone?
its 7 years old though :=)
but its still working
Replaced the Asus motherboard [don't get me started] and just swapped in a larger/faster SSD, and moved the old SSD to another desktop
i wont exchange him aslong as he works
its like a family member by now
@MukeshRana wow! Send me video
he has his hick ups here and there but who hasnt
12:06 PM
@Joe'sMorgue Dunno.
@TheLittleNaruto will whatsapp you in the evening
I eat a lot of potato toast in breakfast...
@PranavBhatt OK will wait
12:07 PM
bye :3
hahahahah @TheLittleNaruto
since im santa
well more liek a nightmare version of santa
TRADITIONAL here: 2 Chicken eggs, toast, ham, bacon, or a sausage, and a juice... I usually eat the eggs, and maybe ham
12:08 PM
@Joe'sMorgue Okay, nothing veg to eat?
Not for breakfast... Most common juice is Orange [for breakfast]
toast is vegan isnt it
I usually wash my breakfast down with a Coca-Cola
12:11 PM
@Hans1984 yeah, if not stuffed with bacon or other stuff...
Toast is grain...
oats for breakfast
I usually have milk tea....
Bacon is from a pig... Pigs eat plants....Bacon is a veg! :P
hahah yes joe
12:13 PM
mhhh bacon
i rarely eat bacon
i dont like to eat that heavy in the morning
i prefer cereals
Has anybody heard about the Zeppelin class processing coming from AMD?
@Joe'sMorgue I will vote for you sir...
Thank you very much
@Joe'sMorgue I only heard Led Zeppelin...
32 cores in a single chip! [Some are for doing graphics, but most are processing cores]
12:14 PM
I really want to star that, but not doing due to vegan reasons...
Be back soon
32 :o
@berserk I usually have veg sabzi ;P
I can break your record. What is your average times a week?
umm.. +3 streak so far...
or maybe... +4, don't remember
Pfftt....that isn't much. I know people with near 7 a week :P
12:19 PM
Wbu? You were quite confident....
@MukeshRana Sure.. Will wait for that video.

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