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2:01 AM
Any survivers?
@Nooble Hippo
I never said I can spell
How are you today?
@Joe'sMorgue Hehehe.
Good to hear
Feel free to ignore me, I'm just here to kill time
Don't kill Time! He's done nothing wrong!
2:13 AM
This is scary...
I thinks all drivers with under 100k miles experience needs to watch this...
Good Morning Fellas! :0
It's 07:50AM. too early to wake up... at least for me :)
Karl! long time!
fyi, I usually wake up at 11.00AM or something.
When I wake up, They say "Here comes the laziest guy."
2:29 AM
When I wake up, I ask for somebody to pull back the covers for me...
Anyway, How is it going with ASUS ? :)
FINALLY got a working motherboard....
Well, the replacement was defective, they repaired it...
Congrats! :)
Congrats was on the CPU...
2:32 AM
Because of the board, the CPU got damaged, AMD replaced it with the next gen ver of my CPU. Not only did I get a better performing CPU, it was also .4 Ghz faster.
Now, I'm running at 4.319 Ghz [Original was at 3.6 base]
That's what I call a performance.
8 Cores on top of it...
I need a faster computer...
Well you have already now.
So you're satisfied now with ASUS ?
2:35 AM
Will NEVER knowingly buy another Asus product again....
Talking with people on the Asus' FB page, I found out I had GOOD customer service....People were telling me they were at 6 months and counting, it only took me 3.5
haha :D
Asus fixed that...
They won't let people post comments on their FB page anymore....
Well I am scared because I have ASUS Notebook. :-/
@Joe'sMorgue :O
Like how they take care of customers? Instead of fixing their service, they won't let people complain...
This is bad!
2:37 AM
ONLY if you have a problem with their product....
If you have a good product, they are the best...If you have a defective, they are THE WORST.
One day my notebook HDD got crashed, and they replaced it within 5-6 working days, iirc.
Not a repair item...Just a swap...Got lucky
I'm running Win10. Pulled 1/2 the RAM to put in my TVPC....Kinda a HTPC, kinda a game system....
That has the AMD 10-Core.... 4 Cores CPU, 6 cores GPU.
NOT on an Asus board...
AMDs new A10 series does GPU in the CPU, I thinks Intel is going the same way. It speeds up the graphics by them not having to move data as far, plus it all runs at the speed of the CPU.
My son's new computer is 12...4 CPU, 8 GPU.
I actually saw a memory issue on this machine because I'm only at 7.7 Gigs right now. Normally, it's 15, plus 1 for vid.
BTW: The 8 Core, all 8 are CPU, Graphics are handled by the video card...
2:52 AM
Watch the vid
Not bad....
Is the CPU OC'd?
@Joe'sMorgue Jesus! RIP Car Driver!
2 Days in coma...Shattered hand....
Bad driver...
Of course he is.
2:55 AM
Possibly inexperienced...
I think that needs to be shared with all low experience drivers....
The details I shared are in the article...
The least I could do!
I don't drive a car.
Because I don't have one.
2:57 AM
Their biggest mistake was following too close to that semi...
I don't drive a car either, I drive a truck! :P
Haha! You're safe!
No...Even if I did [I traded in my truck for a Prius, but if I admitted that, I couldn't go for the laugh] I could do the same thing in a pickup...
@VandadiBalaji For your safety, watch the vid on this link: toprightnews.com/…
Prius is a car ?
Made by Toyota, Hybrid....
He can't talk, He doesn't have that much repo
I see.
3:00 AM
He can click on the link
We don't have Prius over here.
Over where?
The Toyota Prius (/ˈpriːəs/) is a full hybrid electric mid-size hatchback, formerly a compact sedan developed and manufactured by Toyota. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board (CARB) rate the Prius as among the cleanest vehicles sold in the United States based on smog-forming emissions. The Prius first went on sale in Japan in 1997, and was available at all four Toyota Japan dealerships, making it the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. It was subsequently introduced worldwide in 2000. The Prius is sold in almost 80 countries and regions, with its...
It's a very well done car...
Do you work as a driver too who picks up things and drops somewhere ?
3:04 AM
No. That is my personal car. Used to use it to drive to/from work. Now my wife does, as her minivan gets 1/3 the mileage of the Prius
What is new with you?
Nothing new. Just that I have got relocated to new city
It's Mumbai. I don't know if you know this city.
What do you think of it?
I have never seen it, but I've heard of it.
This city is too much crowdy.
Do you have a wife?
No. :D
Mumbai is Bollywood city of India.
3:08 AM
It can be a good thing, especially moving to a new city.
See, If your purpose is visiting this city, You'll enjoy for sure. But for working purpose, It's not good.
I want a city which has peace and less crowd.
What do you do there?
I am working in a product based company. I develop Android Applications for 'em.
I wish I could focus enough to develop the projects I have in mind...
I get burned out easily, when I do, I can't even read code and I have to mentally step away...
That java game project ?
3:14 AM
Also makes it difficult to progress on skills...
That game is almost done...
I have other ideas for projects I'd LOVE to do...
WoW! Did you publish tha Android version on play store already ?
ALMOST done, not done....
What does that mean ?
I have an idea for what started as a PC game, but I think it can be done multi-platform...
There are a few bugs that need to be worked out...
I found a guy who is willing to help me with it, and he pretty much wrote the android ver, but it's not complete yet...
My game is his first android project...
Nice that you found someone to help you with that game dev.
3:18 AM
If I could do my console, I'd be VERY happy...
I have a concept for a home entertainment console that could be very popular...
Would need quite a bit of custom software...
I told him I'd give him part of the money I get from the game...I think I owe him about 1/2...
It's past my bedtime...
3:40 AM
Good Night Karl ?
Gm all
1 hour later…
5:08 AM
what are the details can we get from facebbok sdk like name, mail Id, profilepic other than that what we get and in Instagram sdk also@all
5:33 AM
@Joe'sMorgue good to see u alive again, hope u still remember me
@rekire @berserk @TheLittleNaruto @MukeshRana hi all ;)
good morning guys
the last two days for me here for the next two weeks^^
here ????
the chat
2 weeks summer holiday
Enjoy your holidays! @rekire
5:49 AM
The plain starts in 44h and 10 minutes
You got the timer on :P
@rekire BTW where are you going for trip?
@rekire enjoy :D
@maveň hi, wb :D
@Joe'sMorgue hey! long time no see!
Did you see I woke up so early today ? @rekire
5:51 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I was confused again a deadline? ;P
vgm btw
@rekire You mean plane right? ^^
Haha No, I don't know why but I woke up :D
@berserk uh yes^^
5:54 AM
@berserk but this does not change my flight^^
@rekire have a look ^
haha yeah
lol at first look, I thought it says: This route has trolls xD
@TheLittleNaruto do you want to meet me? I'll be there within that timing
Haha sure
Lol @berserk
5:55 AM
O_O you in India? @rekire
@TheLittleNaruto :D
@berserk no but @TheLittleNaruto was checking how long he needs to travel to get where I will be the next two weeks
You're going with family , right ? Rekire
Or colleagues ?
Cool, my little friend will enjoy the trip! ;-)
5:57 AM
I hope so
Impressive that google path calculation
What's that std ?
Good Morning Droids :)
@maven hey
@rekire how longer did you travel via a single flight ? I mean in hours!
@TheLittleNaruto to turkey? about 3-4 hours
6:15 AM
No.. I am asking, so far, maximum hours you spent in a single travel via a flight ?
@KetanAhir did you check my answer on your parse question ?
I have updated that.
@TheLittleNaruto I could not find time. I will check it.
Time is there only, no need to find it. :3
@rekire have you used Navigation view
@TheLittleNaruto I mean...busy with projects so could not find time to look at that question again.
I was kidding :)
6:21 AM
Hello guys. May I have some help?
@TheLittleNaruto done
Yeah I got notified
I am unable to understand what LogCat is telling me.
Code seems okay completely x.x LIfe is shit atm xD
What does it say ?
6:23 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I guess 4.5 hours, and the shorest time I guess 20-30minutes
@SkibRs that looks bad, use any pastie site and remove it now.
@rekire I see. Usually I won't prefer that long traveling via a flight. I am scared of traveling such long time.
@SkibRs ThirdMain.java line 25 there is something null
@SkibRs its okay gal! :-)
6:26 AM
@TheLittleNaruto if you would need to traval to the us you would swim? ;)
Hehe :P
intent = new Intent(this, News.class);
spec = mTabHost.newTabSpec("news")
Last line is line 25.
If swimming is the only choice I have, I would prefer flight only. :D
@SkibRs amazing
Lol silly mistake?
6:27 AM
mTabHost, did you initialize it ?
@rekire do you know how can I change textApperance of NavigationView
Initialize it where?
First time using a tabhost sorry.
@SkibRs this cashes in the interna, this would not happen in such a way IMHO
Heres the activity.
@Rahul I never did that, you should check the source code to see which styles are read
6:29 AM
They don't have textApperance
I wonder if we can style the menu items text o_o
They use overflow menu for listing
@Rahul in that case it is properly not possible out of the box
I don
don't understand what's wrong xD
I'm sorry :(
Ohh gal!
6:30 AM
those question are for me today too early :(
Yes I think i should use actionViewClass
mTabHost = (TabHost) findViewById(R.id.tabhost);
@SkibRs something like this ^
Ohtay is not working xD
6:48 AM
What do you mean ?
1 hour later…
7:49 AM
!!google NaviagtionView
8:15 AM
Ok thanks
@TheLittleNaruto You're the baby! The cute one!
Very nice :-)
9:07 AM
@rekire You're the baby! The cute one!
eh sure^^
9:27 AM
!!tell rekire eval "Do you have some time for TheLittleNaruto ?"
@rekire "Do you have some time for TheLittleNaruto ?"
Well I have got a query to ask ^^
@TheLittleNaruto "ReferenceError: query is not defined"
The query is about inapp
go on
9:32 AM

While querying for available SKUs (I.e. products) it gives no SKUs
they need to been activated
queryPrices: nothing to do because there are no SKUs.
That's the error
Yes those are activated already
There is only one product, and it's activated
Also I published APK on alpha channel and added a group in which I have added few email I'd including mine to test
I'm very sorry, but I don't know how to help you
9:39 AM
No Problem :)
btw! That's the only thing left in my project.
@TheLittleNaruto that's great I would like to say too that I have only one open issue :(
@rekire There are some bugs though! But I was talking about functionalities.
me too.
Ohh Okay
3 hours later…
12:32 PM
Hey guys! Anyone implemented XMPP in android?
hehe nice badge count
@berserk me not sorry
oh ok np
10 gold ones :o
12:33 PM
@rekire Hi
@Dev hi
how are you?
i'm counting hours^^
12:35 PM
t- 55:37
i need your help
what is the issue?
i am going to develop a app for smart watch
very basic app, just for notification in the first phase
and once you told your wear app is published on play store
that is right
so can you guide me or provide some useful links to add notification
I almost got featured by google for that
well it is the same api like on smartphones
you just set some extra fields
12:38 PM
any helping links?
I guess this link is the best point to start
already gone through this link
later you should have a look about the data api
one more query
very important is this here:
NotificationCompat.WearableExtender extender = new NotificationCompat.WearableExtender();
Bitmap bg = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(context.getResources(), R.drawable.wear_background);
12:40 PM
the app for handheld devices is already completed in android studio
for chat application which is better either parse layer or Channel api or XMPP. If anyone knows please tell me@all
so you set the background image on the wearable
so how can i start the app for watch in same project
yeah..i have to create some watch faces too, but not now
@Dev a watchface is something very differnt that lines adds a background to your notifcation, else you would have a soild background
12:48 PM
I guess you want to try file -> new -> new Module...
@Dev Using Eclipse, eh ?
got it
Cool :)
mail is out
Got it!
@rekire I am sorry what I asked is totally different thing. I asked for DO I need to connect my account credential to withdraw amount ? :-(
1:02 PM
that code is old^^
True :)
@TheLittleNaruto studio
the modification date is 16 month ago
Why am I asking because I did nothing wrong in implementing in-app.
@TheLittleNaruto sorry I'm on an outdated api in my brain^^
1:03 PM
@Dev Then it's easy just add a new wearable module to your existing project.
@rekire Gee..!! :D
16 mins ago, by rekire
I guess you want to try file -> new -> new Module...
like that @TheLittleNaruto
Sometimes I behave like a baby!
@rekire Ohh boy! You have already told that!
@TheLittleNaruto maybe
1:05 PM
Why may be ?
I'm thinking on how mercedis said that in the second mission of vice city
What he said ?
Man! That's YouTube Link!
1:09 PM
I can't access, Blocked!
you may find a different walkthru
it is the second mission
Yeah! I am searching for text contents
Did you play GTA San Andreas ?
all between gta3-gta4
Nice :)
My father liked this game. He likes to drive the bike I snatched from anyone in the game.
ehm okay... that is a little suprising
1:14 PM
why surprising ?
Hey, Did you check the first starred message post yet ?
not yet, holy crap. that german extension of the e40 is also connected to this city
I don't know what are you talking about! :O
Q: How to maintain fragment state without backstack in tab?

droid_devI am trying to save fragment state in onSaveInstanceState but when i go back to fragment, it always reloaded again instead of starting from last state. I looked into onCreateView and onActivityCreated and it always have onSaveInstanceState as null. public void navigateFragment(String tag, Fragm...

@TheLittleNaruto that video, contains a crash in Belgium. this is a neighbor country. Since the highways are connected they have that "E" numbers in that video "E40" that if you follow that street you can drive to cologne
I can understand now.
2:04 PM
Hello All, How to show a notification even app is not running without GCM.
In my application when socket message comes at that time i want to show notification
2:44 PM
posted on June 29, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

1 hour later…
3:47 PM
posted on June 29, 2015 by Google Blogs

When Google Earth was first introduced 10 years ago, it immediately stole my heart. Beyond the freedom to fly anywhere in the world, I was captivated by the ability to paint and visualize geographic data on this incredible global canvas. Drawn to datasets backed by real human stories, I started making my own maps with KML a few weeks after Earth’s release in 2005. For my master’s degree, I use


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