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12:00 AM
ok, OK
Haha, typo.
Why don't they package Immutables with .NET rather than as a Nuget Package?
kind of nice with packages though, enables out of band releases
many things are like that I think, ef, asp, ...
Definitely seems to be the direction MS is going for anything they don't think everyone will want
Now if they just had a better package manager...
12:13 AM
Hahaha, you guys are great.
Works perfectly.
@JohanLarsson Thank you.
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6:07 AM
6:57 AM
I have problem, no anyone here?
write it and maybe someone will answer
I want pass selected id row from Datagrid with MVVM
ok, so bind it?
what have you tried?
7:03 AM
pass selected with datacontext
eh, how much mvvm knowledge do you have?
ok, so do you have a viewmodel?
and it's connected to the window with the datacontext?
7:07 AM
yes, DataGrid show all data, I want if user selected pass selected item ( ID ) to viewmodel
I'm trying to do it myselfe. hold on
ok so just <DataGrid SelectedIndex="{Binding Index}"...
does that work, or have you already tried that?
give me sample or article link. thx
I don't have any
but you have to have a property public int Index{get; set;} in your viewmodel.
do you understand?
7:20 AM
ok, so does it work?
what is it that doesn't work?
maybe you can show some code?
now, i will test sample, hold on
i use the following code :
public int Index{get; set;}
in viewmodel but show me number of selected item
but i want show me first cell of row selected
first cell of row is :
hmm I don't really get what it is you want... so if you press the third column you wish to get the data from the first column in that row?
7:29 AM
yes, see the following link:
first row is selected, I want pass key.
to viewmodel
if I will use <DataGrid SelectedIndex="{Binding Index}"..., I get 0 numer, I want get key of selected
Do you understand?
mm I get it.. I'm working on it, but I think you should get Selected instead of selected item
ok SelectedItem instead
then you get the full row
and then you can get the Key from that
Oof. Using "By" without "From" for TranslateTransform pushed my text off the screen ;)
wait ....
@Markus Thank you
it working
7:41 AM
@Markus How I can add star to you
you can't
7:42 AM
ok, thx
8:26 AM
Best way to load usercontrol and Management User in WPF MVVM?
Also switch between usercontrol?
hmm, don't really know, I have always had static controls
(loaded from start)
How to management user permission in WPF MVVM?
I don't think that there's any standard way, you will have to make your own way. We are binding visibility and enable to different properties dependent of permissions
8:33 AM
Good, but hacker can enable on?????
hehe that might be possible, I don't really know...
ok can ask next Question?
don't ask to ask a question, just ask it. But it's not possible that anyone can help
Ok, I have software with SQL server management
You are right about the hacker stuff by the way...
8:41 AM
My SQL Server in here:
for Insert, Remove, Update and Read
Software connect to smarterasp.net
sql server ok.
Now, problem is : How I can speed up software for CURD. also if software not connect to Internet, use SQLite for save data
You don't implement the user rights just in the ViewModel by disabling/showing controls, you should have it in your business logic also, and any operation that is constrained by the user rights should check the access rights are provided.
@NovitchiS In the ASP.Net MVC I use Authorize attribute,, . in WPF How can use Attribute for management Method?
A: How to Snoop proof your wpf application?

Kent BoogaartBy implementing security properly. If your "security" can be thwarted with a tool like Snoop, then you're doing it wrong. Suppose there's a command that only certain users can execute. It sounds like the only place you're enforcing this is at the UI level (by disabling the corresponding button, ...

@OmidNasri well that's not really a question we can answer here, first of all it has nothing with wpf to do (which is not that important), but more important is that it's not a simple question, it's a project...
Hello all
Hi, now lunch
I had never worked with Command in WPF. How I can create simple command?
I tried this:
    let DoSimpleCommand() =
      MessageBox.Show("Вызываем 'DoSimpleCommand'.");

    let simpleCommand = new Command(DoSimpleCommand)
9:02 AM
@FoggyFinder Basic MVVM and ICommand Usage Example, Following link:
Error - type Command is not defined.
Yes, I used that (second link) example. I did not seen that the Command class is defined in the end of the article.
Download the sample of first link in code project.
I write in F#, I'm not sure this is the right approach for him
9:08 AM
You working in F# language?
No, programming it is my hobby. I learning F# and WPF now
Also see the link:
end article, you can download the sample project. ok
@FoggyFinder ???
Saw. In FSharp.ViewModule much has already implemented
Think, now I rewrite code from C#. The best possible solution I'll find later =)
I found an answer. Earlier, I incorrectly asked a question.
Hm..don`t working
Understand..must add member
It`s working:
    let DoSimpleCommand() =

    let simpleCommand = self.Factory.CommandSync(DoSimpleCommand)
    member self.SimpleCommand = simpleCommand
Perhaps, it was a question on F#, than on WPF. I often confuse them =)
9:56 AM
hi guys, is there a way to check if any changes were made to a model?
what kind of model do you mean?
oh you mean the datamodel?
yep datamodel for a SQL View
so you want to see if the SQL data has been updated?
if any change has been made to the properties' values in the model
i basically have a popup and want to determine if any change was made to the values bound to the model when it closes
10:10 AM
in model attach handler to NotifyPropertyChanged and set a readonly field on the model with modified flag

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