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12:48 AM
Sorry for taking so long to answer, I have no idea right now, tomorrow I'll check it. I just arrived home
10 hours later…
10:25 AM
11:17 AM
jeez you guys were sooo off-topic yesterday .. took nearly an hour to sync up!
it was easier to read to 451 messages yesterday than to read the 50 something today!
Come on, we bring friendship and happiness to the room
well yea but reading through wpf stuff is a lot quicker since i dont have to actually read
i scan most of the lines and catch up
but with a conversation about condos and salaries, I actually have to read to see if there's anything useful in there
11:41 AM
Well you learned about some financial problems of mine and about living in Brazil
That is useful haha
@ReedCopsey Yeah it is public :X Take a look when you can gist.github.com/anonymous/588087d08cd3d6e42484
11:59 AM
"free hugs"
hey, Guys
Hey there @StepUp
howdy stepup
12:00 PM
please, see my trouble pls
Q: An error in handling event. MVVM

StepUpI am using Visual Studio 2010 SP1. I've met a lot of articles where describes code of event handling(see below). For example this and this one. I've added an assembly System.Windows.Interactivity. I am using ICommand interface to handle Commands. However, when I write a property "Command" in th...

or just give me some advice if you want to give advice:)
I really like wpf:). Do you like MVVM pattern?
I don't :P
What you think about if I have to call some controls from viewmdoel then I should write handling in codebehind?
Depends if it doesn't have to interact with the model
See if that helps
It is violation to call controls from view in viewmodel so we should write code handling to codebehind:)
yeah, I've already seen this topic
12:05 PM
If you need to make stuff happens in your View that would not need to retrieve information from your Model, you don't need to use the ViewModel
I've seen this topic and I done what they have written. However, I am struggling:)))
Erm, I think you pasted the link wrongly
you are definetile right)
Q: Properties does not exist : System.Windows.Interactivity?

HydeI have C#/WPF that has a persistent problem loading/resolving the System.Windows.Interactivity I am using Visual Studio 2010 as my editor and already installed Blend 4 + Blend 4 SDK, ...... xmlns:i="clr-namespace:System.Windows.Interactivity;assembly=System.Windows.Interactivity"> why ...

Ok, take a look at this, it pretty much explains it about CommandName and CommandParameter
Q: MVVM Passing EventArgs As Command Parameter

Ahmed GhoneimI'm using Microsoft Expression Blend 4 I have a Browser .., [ XAML ] ConnectionView " Empty Code Behind " <WebBrowser local:AttachedProperties.BrowserSource="{Binding Source}"> <i:Interaction.Triggers> <i:EventTrigger> <i:InvokeCommandAc...

thanks, man!
12:13 PM
It helped ? ._.
it is really cool web site!
yeah, Andre!
thank you very much!
Yey, so it solved your doubt/problem ?
you are my hero!
._. I don't wear a cape, I was i did...
12:15 PM
I posted an answer to your question for future reference.
andre needs some super hero theme music
I would love something similar to 80s batman with freakazoid theme..
Adam West in a red spandex would be really cool
I just noticed I have Pi as badges
3 silver and 14 bronze
haha, I like pi
12:18 PM
But do you like his life?
ba dum tss
lol oh you mean that pi, no that pi is rubbish :)
My joke was rubbish, but I really meant 3,1415 Pi
yea I know :P
Even though I like 1.16 better
Do you know about 1.16 ?
nope lol
12:20 PM
Golden ratio
This chatroom is made based on golden proportion
ahhhh I get ya, although I prefer 1.1 but then im thinking of pie again :P
1.1 as Pi ? wut
oh.. pie
lol bad joke ;)
Silly me haha
who the hell is adam west?
12:32 PM
First batman if I'm not mistaken
lol be thankful i don't have 3k rep yet or I'd cast close vote for duplicate question :p
Not quite the same question, it was not an error actually, it was only a doubt he had
technically your answer is not an answer.. yet marked as such
which implies question is a duplicate even if worded differently
His question was : What is B in A = B + C ?
I answered: Take a look in this question where he askes what is C but explains what is B
yes thus your answer isn't answer because its a link to another question
you're supposed to do that in a comment
12:37 PM
Think as I gave credit to the other guy
PS: I'm not grilling you.. just sharing what i know about SO and what people frown upon
I know :) You love me
of course.. you're half russian!
(in case this confuses: russians in context of prime world - you don't wanna know what's in forums on topic!)
but yea i do love you for being only half russian.. so there's some hope for you :D
Mother Russia ftw
I really wish to learn other languages before I die
German, Russian and any scandinavian language
PPS: Stefan isn't in my basement because it isn't big enough to have both you and stefan tied up there!
12:42 PM
I know I'm fat, you don't need to throw it at my face.
Haha just kidding
i meant my basement is small but yea that too :P
How You Doin?!
I can't read it without making Joey's voice
its the law!
its blasphemy to read it any other way
12:44 PM
Haha, I know for sure that you made that side smile
Not just the voice, looking over his shades bit too!

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