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4:00 PM
bottommost in the list
Haha yes
I like this bit: "if we excluded the use of any tool that can be misused we would have to give up programming altogether."
I love the fact that the guys gets called out by the presenter of the in his company when he thought he was anonymous
Where's that?
4:22 PM
lol, wait someone else replied in the meantime
damn, and the guy deleted his reply
essentialy, the replier was the person at the OPs company that gave the presentation that the OP is ranting about
Aaah, I see
He called the guys out for going to the internet instead of talking to his own team about his concerns
To be fair, that's valid
no, I agree. but the guy did a great job of calling him out, the claws were really out!
4:41 PM
i'm bach
i totally read that as I'm a biach!!! (and instantly recalled alanis morissette!!)
@NETscape You're doing well for a man of 329.
biiiiiiaccchhhh, or like biatch?
later one :)
alanis has a song about it with same name (with right spellings) i think
to youtube!!
4:46 PM
<3 <3 <3 <3
what is that site
similar to this
that mav made/invted us to
4:47 PM
and mav forgot about it -- too many damn messengers :(
you leaving leaving
i also have bleep which is open beta now if anybodys interested
We are leaving the office
4:48 PM
also have a great weekend both! (sean & sean's driver)
But screw Jenkins
Do you want him to have a shit weekend, Mav?
I'm gonna tell him
"Jenkins, some random dude from the internet wants you to have a bad weekend. Are you gonna cry?"
I think he might
Have a good weekend and all that
look ^ sean is talking to himself
did i read that message right earlier today? @Billdr is day drinking?
:( sorry sean, and yes! good weekends are limited to people in my good books only!
@Maverik have you ever got in a fight?
5:02 PM
define fight?
i personally think no
physical, with another male
why would i fight with a male? that's just blasphemy!
haha, for trying to steal your man!?
i never imagined you would, instead i imagine you fighting with intellect
and that would piss me off, and make me want to fight you (i'm joking of course. I've never fought either)
of course
i've had my skirmishes, but never fights because they don't see it coming when i hit them :)
I don't play wizards in games for no reason :P
i prefer max range attacks - by the time you figure out the direction of attacks, you're pretty much dead already
sounds more roguey!
5:17 PM
nah rouges are stealthy
i dont use stealth generally
you just have to work through multiple levels of indirection to figure who initiated the domino effect :)
yes strategy games are fun!
have you played destiny yet?
@Maverik it makes the most sense to have your IMessageBoxService inside the same project as your viewmodels, right?
nope haven't yet
yea i'd do that
destiny has a warlock class
but ultimately i'm about convenience.. so probably not the right person
with homing rounds that are instakill as a special... grrr
well if you have it in a separate project, then if someone consumes your viewmodel project dll, they would have to consume the "service" project dll
that's my thought on it
5:46 PM
@NETscape What?
i read something about burs burs burs
takin off our shirts, bout to make des rifles burs
5:59 PM
takin off our shirts, spin'em round your head like a helicopter?
north carolina, come on and raise up, this ones for who, this ones for you, this ones for us us us.
@ReedCopsey hey, I'm considering a refactor... not sure how to go about it
i want to show the capabilities of a printer, but 1 not all collections and 2, not all items of each collection
(that one was from automation)
for some reason i can't set focus to omni bar manually (probably because its custom control
will need to dig some more but i have a basic thing up that can restart chrome
    public static RoutedUICommand NextCommand = new RoutedUICommand("Next", "Next", typeof(FlipView));
How can I tell controls binding to ^ to check if it can execute again?
have you made a small sample app johan?
not sure why canexecute wouldn't be getting called on a control
6:15 PM
just baout to get out the door .. so have a great weekend guys and see you all on monday
@NETscape yes but it is in an embarrassing state at the moment :)
fo rinstance
nevermind that
@JohanLarsson can you use eventtocommand?
private void OnNextCanExecute(object sender, CanExecuteRoutedEventArgs e)
    e.CanExecute = this.SelectedIndex < (this.Items.Count - 1);
    e.Handled = true; // When am I supposed to set this?
@NETscape maybe, dunno what it is.
What I do is Execute is run an animation before setting SelectedIndex causing a delay
if I set selectedindex directly it works
@NETscape here it is, did not want to show this to the world :)
Problem is when you click the right and left buttons
they are supposed to go away when the end is reached
@JohanLarsson CommandManager has a method to invalidate itself
ty sir
6:28 PM
CommandManager.InvalidateRequerySuggested(); will cause all RoutedUICommands (and many ICommand implementations) to re-evaluate
you speed up my development process by orders of magnitude
just be aware that it invalidates ALL of the commands
as in expensive?
Reed, would EventToCommand work?
works with slight but bearable delay
maybe no delay, hard to tell with the animation
What is a nice way to detect gestures? I need to detect swipes.
6:31 PM
@JohanLarsson can be slow
Played wth InkCanvas a bit
that's part of why my default ICommand implementations don't use CommandManager :)
I like to control that
yeah I guess I could throw in another command instead of the routeduicommand
but feels nice to expose it for some reason
Routed commands are odd in general
why is that reed?
nevermind that, just read it
they are odd, but also could be useful
6:43 PM
yeah - I use them in a couple of places
but mostly for things like copy/paste
where there's one meaning but context changes
for most other things, they're just weird
(and painful to use)
yeah, i can only imagine the "silent" problems they've created for people
Is there framework support for detecting touch gestures? (Win 7)
there are some code project things, I think
and a couple of nuget packages for touch, but I don't think they handle swipes
(from what I remember - just press/hold/multitap/etc)
any reason they don't have swipe? i mean, that seems pretty popular/common.
or do they expect you to handle it all manually? (alt. use a framework)
I did it manually for fun today, don't think it is a good idea
want standard look & feel
6:51 PM
well, WPF adds the tooling you need
but they didn't flush it out with actual gestures
tooling meaning manipulation events?
they are nice but feels a bit low level for standard things
but they give great control
that's what you gotta do when they don't give you things
so its probably pretty good if its working
not just make a framework of your own and publish Johan!
This looks pretty slick, though touch.codeplex.com
6:55 PM
how are you supposed to use static with interface?
gonna read some of the code
@NETscape what do you mean?
public interface IA { void A(); }
public A : IA { public static void A() {} }
that doesn't compile
IA is not implemented
6:56 PM
you could do something like:
IA.A() { A.A(); } though to implement it
public interface IMessageBoxService { void Show(string message); }
public class MessageBoxService { public static void Show(string message) { ... } }
^ for more of a context
that's what I was thinking I would have to do
7:12 PM
what are you trying to do?
because you can't implement it that wya
right, i was just using real names instead of placeholders
i used explicit impl
private void OnNextCanExecute(object sender, CanExecuteRoutedEventArgs e)
    e.CanExecute = this.SelectedIndex < (this.Items.Count - 1);
    e.Handled = true; // When am I supposed to set this?
ahhh, got it. yeah i don't want static
cause i'm passing instances of IMsgBoxSvc to my VMs
7:38 PM
I'm writing better code now :)
7:53 PM
<Style TargetType="{x:Type local:FlipView}">
    <Setter Property="GestureFinder">
            <local:GestureFinder InputElement="{Binding ElementName=PART_Root}" /> // Can this ever work?
8:14 PM
btw @Johan - you never voted for the F# logo this round, did you?
you should vote :)
yea, I started reading but forgot about it
do you have the link nearby?
public class GestureFinder : Freezable
    protected override Freezable CreateInstanceCore()
        return new GestureFinder(); // is this all it takes?
that's the normal implementation
8:32 PM
great I got scared when I saw the signature
1 hour later…
9:41 PM
Turns out my hardware detects swipes, just bind browseback/forward
question is how to detect if the herdware detects it
10:11 PM
Q: Rediculous behavior of MVVM + M

VishalI have tried to implement Mediator Pattern in WPF/MVVM app to make possible the communication between ViewModels. To apply mediator pattern I downloaded a sample project from this link. And then I learned it from the sample and then I applied to my Sample Project. I have got some problems with ...

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