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6:59 AM
Q: Xamarin UWP custom CommandBar

LectereI'd like to create a custom CommandBar for the UWP part of my Xamarin project. I want to make a logo on a background color. The only way to get this, is making a visualbrush or grid, to contain both the background color and the picture. I've read it can be done like so; <Window.Resources> <...

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4:29 PM
Guys using MVVM Light someone can teach me quickly how to pass a class between ViewModels?
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5:51 PM
Q: Binding as a Resource

Kylo RenCan I define a Binding as a Resource? And then reuse it with different Control's properties? Example: Binding: <Window.Resources> <Binding x:Key="MyBinding" Path="MyProperty" Mode="TwoWay" /> </Window.Resources> Reuse in XMAL: <TextBox Text="{StaticResource MyBinding}" /> A...

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6:56 PM
@Kylo Ren have you seen the chat?
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9:25 PM
anyone...out there?

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