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6:58 AM
It is.
@Markus Good morning
@Denver Good morning
@Denver, is that you sneeking around in my backyard? ;)
@KalaJ yea
Where is the problem to solve ? :-)
7:29 AM
@Markus No. It is not me.
Tho if it was me, I would not tell you.
7:43 AM
Morning all
8:16 AM
2 hours later…
10:00 AM
Q: How to enable gesture detect in Scrollviewer control?

imJusticeI create a page in Windows Phone 8.1 which with many component inside it(not just a long list, but some other controls), so I use a scrollviewer control to wrap the controls. In the meantime, I need support some gesture in the page, like quickly swipe up/down. In windows phone 8.1, the ScrollVie...

10:29 AM
whoa.. its that time already?!
Morning (time as in we're 2 years old?!)
10:56 AM
WPF is 2 years old
Birthday: 2012-10-18
Congrats to us!
Why is there no starred message telling us about such a great event?
Congrats to us indeed
There it is.
10:59 AM
Did I miss it? :(
well it is 20th :)
What was it like?
i missed it too... happened over weekend
lots of booze of course!
no chicks could attend though i'm afriad
Well, I hope people enjoyed it.
11:27 AM
Frameworks only have birthdays on weekdays, duh.
11:44 AM
I got my iPhone working as present, what did you get?
Invalid credentials for one of my reporting sites! :D
deep breath and one of our clients is still ignoring our recommendations. Great.
These guys pay us a lot of money for advice they don't take. It's really weird.
wow what are the recommendation? and what's the address to the exploit? :P and they have a desktop services exposed.
11:49 AM
yes! I'm on it :)
wow I got in! waiting for format c:
just kidding...
they have a website that they run over http. They don't want to spring for an ssl cert, apparently this page isn't important.
which makes me wonder why they're paying us to watch it.
@JohanLarsson Would you be quiet? You're talking everyone's ears off.
that had good effect!
12:04 PM
@Billdr :)
I've been in lurk mode lately, been coding
Awesome! Just saying hi, hadn't seen your avatar on the left side of the page in a while. :)
12:47 PM
Four days left until the Extra-Life live stream. Get your donations in now! extra-life.org/…
1:08 PM
Is it possible to disable killing the process of my application?
If it is, it shouldn't be.
Yeah, I know, it is kinda hack.
I just want to joke on my collegue.
1:24 PM
Hm, might be worth trying to create my app as a Windows Service.
1:45 PM
@Denver you can kill a service - try creating a kernel mode driver
"HO-LY COW! You just received a generous donation that pushed you into an elite group of Extra Lifers. Welcome to the $1,000 Hero Club!"
Thanks Anon!
tried getting your link back on the star board but its not there no more it looks like?
1 hour ago, by Billdr
Four days left until the Extra-Life live stream. Get your donations in now! http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participan‌​tID=91438
2:20 PM
(i didn't take it off if you're looking at me)
@NETscape check slack
2:39 PM
@Maverik ye
3:16 PM
how do people just up and leave a community/friends?
are we not important enough #wheresstefan?
My hunch is Stefan had something personal happening, but I'm only speculating.
he decided to actually focus on work
a "hey guys" wouldn't hurt! or stopping in when he isn't working, or something!
you're assuming he has a moment to stop by!
or hes not working at some point!
(imagine being plugged into an exo-skeleton and everything happening with cybernatic implants)
i'll pass on that imagination haha
interesting Mav knows the status of him... i'm going back to #FreeStefan... i knew it would be your fault Mav, its not that Stefan wants to visit us!
3:22 PM
This is just a cover story. Maverik really has him in a basement.
of course he is "always working"
mav has the exo skeleton in his basement
this might be a little premature, but i recommend the app "Sleep Cycle" to ya'll
Weren't you not sleeping at all two weeks ago?
i'm going on day 2 of use
yeah something like that
it's an alarm that tries to figure out what stage of sleep you're in, and wakes you up when you're in light sleep so when it sounds your alarm it sounds it in light sleep and you feel alive when you wake up
wow... i question my sentence structure sometimes.
3:56 PM
I've been thinking about trying that for a few years now. Thanks man, checking it out now.
So... you put the phone under your pillow?
How does it differentiate between my wife, my cat, and I?
It probably doesn't.
My cat is an asshole. If he figures out kneading on my pillow will wake me up sooner he'll totally abuse that.
I have a dog, and she will sometimes come and kiss me when she gets excited in the night.
4:38 PM
@NETscape Would you like me to upload my speech to YouTube for you?
put it anywhere you want. alternatively you could give me a way to contact you and you could send me the link privately... up to you
4:55 PM
I am going to post it to YouTube through my U account. I don't like Google, but my U switched from MS the year I entered (or was it the year before?) because they said it was too expensive.
don't like google 0.o
Now, of course, MS has their free Office Web Apps, free Outlook accounts, free OneDrive storage with each account...
I'll crop the part with my audience for privacy reasons (not insulting you, there are minors in the audience) and upload it after it finishes uploading to the U.
@NETscape justbeamit.com
This domain is blocked.
i just used it five minutes back!
5:00 PM
well you dont need it
hosch250 should use it
its a direct connection - so you keep your browser open (on host side) and it'll download on your pc
What are the terms of use? Can I ever take anything off it that I put on it?
the link expries as soon as download completes
you don't upload anything to any server - just close the window
5:07 PM
So you mean you guys will have direct access to my computer while it downloads?
only 1x download is allowed
that link is valid for only 10 minutes
if you have to use window
wait for netscape to be active
paste link and let him copy it - then delete it
Is there a catch anywhere?
not that i'm aware of - i literally just sent a private file to sean using that
again, if you suspect something is wrong, just close the window and thats it
can't get any safer than that
5:10 PM
How do I know it isn't set up by some government or hacker to steal our files?
you dont
It might say that they come down...
the only thing going for you is, unlike almost all other services, there's no upload involved
Just kidding, this isn't that serious.
so no file leaves your pc - a link that is one shot and expires in 10 minutes - and nothing works once you close the tab.. thats as secure as i've ever seen a file transfer happen
5:11 PM
even if the world wanted to hack you.. you'd need to give them a new link and then keep the browser open for them to hack you
you're going to need quite a few links
Why do I need multiple links?
to give to each agent trying to hack you?
since one link can only work once
Oh, I thought you meant to let NETScape see the file.
no :D
just ping him to summon him
paste the link (if you dont have his private contact)
and delete as soon as he has copied
5:14 PM
OK, 34% on Moodle, so it will be a while.
dunno what that is
Open-source uni software that most uni's use.
My professor's put their classes on it, and I have to upload my work to it.
It is written in PHP according to Bing.
yea would make sense
Isn't that the one that they say looks like a cartoon character swearing?
a lot "developers" prefer the quick and dirty method of getting sites up in php
than learn the patterns and methodologies involved in decoupled asp.net projects
5:16 PM
nevermind the hosting costs involved
I'd rather learn Python that PHP.
I don't care for Java.
pythons definitely better
New java isn't as bad actually
they're still encumbered by old language limitations so working around that makes it ugly
OK. I had to take a Java class the fall of my Freshman year (last year).
but they're starting to incorporate new things so its not exactly ancient language still
5:18 PM
It took about twice as much typing as C++.
yea i strongly doubt they taught you anything that was added recently
Well, it was a beginners class.
yea.. at that sort of level i'd imagine even c# doesn't seem like much different
I already knew all of the concepts from C++ - I knew classes in that, and we didn't even get to multiple classes in Java.
java doesnt support multiple inheritance?
5:20 PM
I don't know - we didn't get that far.
in fact i think nothing except C++ from mainstream languages supports it
Doesn't C#?
multiple inheritance was concluded to be a root evil and was abolished in newer langauges
(class inheritance)
so you can only inherit from one class and implement interfaces on top
Oh. The XAML stuff in .NET inherits things down for several classes.
for any given class, you'll always have one parent class
until you reach object
5:22 PM
Multiple parents.
Must be C++.
thats not multiple parents
multiple parents is: public class TextBoxButton : Button, TextBox
Oh, one parent with a child, with a child, with a child?
nope.. more than one parent
where each parent is a class in itself
that code is valid in C++
No, I meant the .NET button.
Not your example.
but the trouble starts when both Button & TextBox (.net xaml stuff) inherit from a common parent
how do you know which parent to take the value from?
5:24 PM
I don't know multiple parents in C++ either - sounds nasty.
yea it is
i actually lived through that era :)
I know single-parent inheritance.
one thing that i miss from those days: super class!
What's that?
being able to inject something into a class by becoming its parent
that probably was the only good use of multiple class inheritance
(in my limited view anyway)
5:25 PM
How can an object dynamically become another object's parent?
Sound's crazy!
yea.. mind boggling starts now ;)
its actually done fairly frequently in MFC / ATL world
OK, just called to lunch.
See you.
the closest thing we have is C# extension methods
i'm headed off
i'll see you guys tomorrow
SEe you.
@Maverik wait
you still there?
5:27 PM
lets say you paid for all your SW tools, and could pay for anyones you wanted, what would be on your list?
the licenses
VS / R#
okay, just making sure nothing is slipping my mind
5:28 PM
if i still have money after that.. MSDN / VMWare
i'm going to try and get a new pc too
how much is MSDN a year?
no idea
but i find it invaluable if you're MS heavy
VS will come off it too
It's about $800 a year or so for the low tier license.
all windows that you need to test for
right, so we are msheavy
5:30 PM
exchange - sql... all sorts of stuff (and i'm being throttled a lot by SO)
with volume licensing, except we don't get like VS ultimate, instead only premium
premium is fine
Ultimate is super expensive.
I only ever want it for about two weeks per project.
i get the same on my msdn - only my software assurance licenses get me ultimate (which have their own set of restrictions and i stick with premium normally)
you probably won't go through SA program so msdn premium is next best thing i think
msdn also gives you access to some azure resources for free per month
(and for light weight stuff.. you can almost run entire month free)
thx, have a good night!
5:33 PM
just read the benefits of your tier before you commit as they keep changing but its pretty good if you can get it
g'night mate
is there screen recording tools out there for free?
forever free?
i have it, don't you have to pay in business envior?
A free level, anyway.
I used it for a while.
I don't know - if it works good enough, why not just register it per user?
Do you need a screen recording tool?
I create "screen recordings" with PowerPoint.
camtasia's worth the cost if you're doing it for anything "real"
5:43 PM
My U has Camtasia for the professors.
okay, +1. just found it
6:28 PM
@NETscape Do you have Windows Live Movie Maker?
Here is the video: justbeamit.com/72b96
Let me know when you get it.
@hosch250 Can I ping myself?
Apparently not.
@NETscape @NETscape You have ten minutes, counting down...
posted on October 20, 2014 by ericlippert

All right, we have an immutable stack of Booleans and we wish to produce all such stacks of size n that have exactly k true elements. As always, a recursive algorithm has the following parts: Is the problem trivial? If … Continue reading →

See you later. If you didn't get the video, NETscape, just ping me.
7:22 PM
@hosch250 I don't have access to that website... hrmmm
its blocked by IT
7:37 PM
Hold on.
7:50 PM
@NETscape 1drv.ms/1tFD4b0
This is a OneDrive link.
8:11 PM
that was blocked too
do you have a .com address i can access it from?
1 hour later…
9:35 PM
Hey all. If I want to bind on a mouse click event from a parent control AND the IsMouseOver property from the control itself, can I do that in xaml alone?
9:50 PM
@BrandenBoucher I'm not sure. From what I understand, the OnMouseClick and IsMouseOver properties don't bind, they just call code-behind methods when they happen.
ok. tnx
@NETscape Try this: onedrive.live.com/…
If that doesn't work, I'll post it either on YouTube or on gDrive or whatever it is called.
Or maybe you can get it while you are not at work (or do you live at work ;))
got it @hosch250
10:34 PM
@hosch250 is there supposed to be video?
file size is only 2.2KB. i don't hear or see anything.
@NETscape That is funny. Let me check.
@EliteGamer Hi.
hey Gamer, been awhile aint it?!
oh yea
Did you help me a lot with WPF?

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