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12:02 AM
@LynnCrumbling there's actually a pretty nice framework for it
12:13 AM
@ReedCopsey Which one?
12:47 AM
Hi all
Hi again :)
time for some real work
now that I have my full computer screens in front of me
1:53 AM
shit I just realized that with the appbar, text and isopen can both be bound properties
2:40 AM
One vm to bind them all...
2 hours later…
4:39 AM
can I make classes within the vm to help separate my variables?
5:33 AM
btw....found an awesome add-on for chrome
6:12 AM
@Markus Are you there?
Good to know I'm not the only one online at this time in the morning\
I am tired
pff can't keep my eyes open:D
6:34 AM
@Katherina Moorning!
I do my best work at this time
@Markus I was wondering for your opinion
What do you think about Alfa? A friend of mine is selling her Alfa Romeo GT, little bit tuned. it's awesome
the thing is I don't want to spend hours every week for repairing stuff :P and I don't know about the quality of alfa
got a question
I'm using Mahapps.Metro and I am wondering if I should include a separate flyout for each usercontrol
or if I could have one flyout in my main window
7:03 AM
Well, I haven't had any Alfa. But from hearing about it, the quality are a little bit so so, however that was probably most the older cars. are the GT rwd?
they're not rwd
I would say that as usual these rumors about quality are often exaggerated, but as I said, I havn't owned any.
but I've got my M3 for the RWD drives
well then I wouldn't bother...
but it looks amazing
7:05 AM
why have a "sports car" that isn't rwd?
Well It's a nice cruise car tho
3.2 Litre V6
240 hp
Alfa design
personaly I would rather have a old XJ jag as a cruiser
or possibly an old merc sl500 if you want it a little more sporty
in anyway... your a mechanic, so no problems in either case right? :)
Well We have a Black mercedes 180 AMG in the family that I use for cruising sometimes
but it's my dads "baby" my god if it get dammaged I might get killed
180 AMG? is that the 2.3 or 2.5 or what it's called?
it;s a 190 sorry
7:10 AM
ok that I don't know what it is
the rival of my BMW E30 M3
no sorry, got confused. it's 190 I know what it is :)
but my M is older
my poor audi has 3400 KM on the counter :3 I barely drive it
a friend of mine had a 190 2.3e amg or what it was called
Ye it's cool
7:12 AM
he exchanged it for a opel speedster
My work is complaining all the time "We gave you a car to drive, not to come to your work with some old BMW" like it's some random old BMW lol
Ugh Opel, I don't really like Opel :X maybe the older Astra OPC
Opel and Seat is something I won't drive
zeperfs.com/en/duel504-1214.htm BMW e46 330 vs alfa GT specs
lol all these cars and no wpf/c#
whats that?
I have finally began to master the mvvm flow
I'm noob to WPF:p
@franssu u there mate?
i've got good news for you
7:24 AM
yep, hi
too modern for me :P
my new dream is having a golf gte :p
it's not french :p
but there's no french equivalent
Why the gte ?
7:30 AM
I would use 0 gaz 99% of the time
So you will drive on Gasoline all the time?
Hybrid's :( I rather take the bus
8:00 AM
that's what I should really be doing
so you don't want one of these: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citro%C3%ABn_CX ?
Not when in Turkey... i don't recommend public transportation, it's too crowded and smelly :)
@NovitchiS Sounds better then the boring hybrid plugger :p
@Markus someone on my internship has a Citroen CX but 1 newer model
I think
it has hydrolics lolz
hey guys, I am having trouble getting Socket.IO to work in C#
I have a background worker
and it needs to open a connection on a IO.Socket object
yet, the socket won't open
hi Josh, can you show us some code ?
8:16 AM
one sec
That's the communication handler dowork function
that gets ran by the master background workewr
    private void Master_worker_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
And those are all initialized with the viewmodel:
private BackgroundWorker communication_handler;
private BackgroundWorker check_already_running;
private BackgroundWorker master_worker;
private Socket Server_Socket;
private Timer connection_timeout_tmr;
private Timer show_notification_tmr;
private Timer notification_wait_tmr;
private AdministratorData _Administrator;

IMainWindowCallbacks mainWindowCallbacks = null;
public ViewModel(IMainWindowCallbacks mainCallbacks)
what version of .net are you targeting ?
any ideas?
where's the api doc for socket.io ?
I've never used them
8:32 AM
yeah that's the server
it just relays information via events to the clients
maybe you should ask here : socketio.slack.com
what is slack
I already have a vps
vps ?
virtual private server
OS ?
it's a chatroom full of socket.io users
8:35 AM
can't get in
I need to be invited by a team admin
so that's a no-go
nvm got it
did you solve it ?
I put in break points
and it will assign the variable
but none of the events will fire
maybe you can try to create a minimalist project that still doesn't work
9:04 AM
just tried a similar library
no dice
have you worked with sockets before ?
in my previous project that is horrible and doesn't use mvvm
I didn't use a background worker
or a viewmodel
does connecting using telnet works ?
yup, server is online
I see people connecting via the website
it's not the server, it's the damn libraries
why isn't there a socket.io interface that is thread-safe and compatible with background operations
which ones ?
9:08 AM
SocketIoClient and SocketIOClientDotNet
9:23 AM
it conencts on the old version
fixed it
I am officially going to bed
I connected to http
instead of httos
I am going to bed. Good night,
eheh good night
1 hour later…
10:59 AM
@Markus Bought it :p
What noo
well according to TG now your a proper petrol head
I texted her that its Ok :p
Ah well bought it for cheap can sell it anytime
how much was it?
and did you think of why it was cheep? :P
11:07 AM
oh I don't care really haha I know the owner and I know she is a girl who wants to brag with her car but actually has no balls in pulling the gas
I didn't even drove it yet
höhö that could be a mistake!
what's tg ?
what did you buy ?
Top Gear
Well I know the car she is one of my best friends
she couldn't keep it because €_€ gasoline prices
She had found a very 'nice' ford Ka but she had to sell her Alfa first, so I bought it :) it's actually the main reason why I bought it
1 hour later…
12:16 PM
I hatehatehate comboboxes.
Can't catch the Combo's LostFocus event without it firing whenever I click to edit the text manually, because when the internal PART_EditableTextBox is focused, the combox itself loses focus.
12:48 PM
Solution: write a behavior for the ComboBox that handles the LostFocus event, checks if the internal PART_EditableTextBox has keyboard focus, and if so, sets Handled=true to avoid raising the event further.
Need to check how it behaves with LostKeyboardFocus, and hope it's not too fragile.
'morning all
1:06 PM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Are you binding the event to a command with MVVM ?
@NovitchiS Yeah. <i:EventTrigger> and an action to call the command.
i use extensively IsKeyboardFocusWithin in my custom controls
can you pass bindable parameters to EventTrigger ?
To the trigger or to the CommandParameter?
Yes CommandParameter, you can send the IsKeyboardFocusWithin to the handler in vm
1:23 PM
I wouldn't want to do that. My command is SaveTagCommand, and it fires on the LostFocus event - but the VM, and specifically the SaveTagCommand, really don't care what event spawned it, and shouldn't do UI-specific logic.
It's like having a method parameter "doNothing", and if it's true, doesn't execute the method code.
That's why I'd rather catch it in a view-scoped behavior before passing the data on to the VM.
Sounds fare, but don't you want to execute the SaveTagCommand on Enter Key as well?
in my apps i got a behavior IsTextBound, on Combos which will update the Text binding on enter key, and everything else i do from VM using a string property bound to the Combo's Text
I have an attached behavior that listens on PreviewKeyDown, and if it's the Enter key does a navigation TraversalRequest to lose focus.
This is really way too much work for what should be a core component.
4 hours later…
5:08 PM
anyone here good with SocketIOClientDotNet?
Unfortunately not
I use standard TcpClient/Listener
Well, my issue is that it doesn't seem to receive any events from the server
it just goes into an endless loop reconnecting every second
finally got something
ERROR: Quobject.EngineIoClientDotNet.Client.EngineIOException: xhr poll error ---> System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: s
at System.IO.StringReader..ctor(String s)
at Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject.Parse(String json)
at Quobject.EngineIoClientDotNet.Client.Socket.OnPacket(Packet packet)
at Quobject.EngineIoClientDotNet.Client.Socket.EventPacketListener.Quobject.EngineIoClientDotNet.ComponentEmitter.IListener.Call(Object[] args)
5:30 PM
well.... something must be null :)
or not
now I am getting this error(after uininstalling all nuget packages and reinstalling them
To the room: Josh was looking for SE program recommendations in Wisconsin. Anybody know any good ones?
SE as in beer Software Engineering, not as in Stack Exchange.
5:46 PM
lol yes
Finally got it fixed
I have no idea what the issue was
but it just magically started doing what I was telling it to
Ah, the packet fairy... hard at work again. Magically delivering packets to their destination.
6:47 PM
so with mvvm
how would I go about doing mouseenter/leave events
to change the background color of a control?
6:58 PM
you can use a mouse over trigger to set color
pretty sure you can do it all in xaml
I currently do it like this:
<Style TargetType="Button" BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type Button}}">
<Setter Property="Foreground" Value="White"></Setter>
<Setter Property="Background" Value="{DynamicResource AccentColorBrush2}"></Setter>
<EventSetter Event="MouseEnter" Handler="Button_MouseEnter"></EventSetter>
<EventSetter Event="MouseLeave" Handler="Button_MouseLeave"></EventSetter>
<Setter Property="HorizontalAlignment" Value="Center"></Setter>
<Setter Property="VerticalAlignment" Value="Center"></Setter>
ctrl-k to format as code
    <Style TargetType="Button" BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type Button}}">
        <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="White"></Setter>
        <Setter Property="Background" Value="{DynamicResource AccentColorBrush2}"></Setter>
        <EventSetter Event="MouseEnter" Handler="Button_MouseEnter"></EventSetter>
        <EventSetter Event="MouseLeave" Handler="Button_MouseLeave"></EventSetter>
        <Setter Property="HorizontalAlignment" Value="Center"></Setter>
        <Setter Property="VerticalAlignment" Value="Center"></Setter>
and then the backend has the events
as functions
private void Button_MouseEnter(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
Button mybutton = (Button)sender;
mybutton.Background = (Brush)FindResource("AccentColorBrush4");

private void Button_MouseLeave(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
Button mybutton = (Button)sender;
mybutton.Background = (Brush)FindResource("AccentColorBrush2");
I am in the process of shifting this into mvvm
that's my old code
how would I do this in mvvm?
7:01 PM
as Julien suggested
what are triggers?
<Grid Height="200" Width="200">
        <Style TargetType="{x:Type Grid}">
            <Setter Property="Background" Value="Red" />
                <Trigger Property="Grid.IsMouseOver" Value="True">
                    <Setter Property="Grid.Background" Value="Green" />
I see
so it's the same thing, just all in xaml
i'd say its about as far from the "same thing" as you can get
no code behind, one event
functionality wise
7:04 PM
"functionality" isn't a great indicator of equality :)
but yes, they are functionally equivalant
lol I tend to base most of my opinions base don functionality, I am also slowly learnign to compare based on how it actually works rather than functionality
I am already beginning to shit on myself for using the winforms model
and not using mvvm
The other option is to use the VisualStateManager - but triggers are often easier
(until you're doing a lot of them)
it's only for the button mouseleave/enter to change background colors instead of the default ones
also, I tried binding the window dimensions to integers, but it didn't update them so I ended up using a callback function on my MainWindow interface
7:49 PM
guys im looking for a simple circular progress bar
somthing like that
@JoshMenzel Are you sure the binding was working? If you watch the Output window, it'll let you know when you have binding errors.
i've just searched for "wpf circular progress bar" but didnt somthing simple and nice :(
just a regular progress bar but circle
@Slashy So you've seen this? stackoverflow.com/q/30555187/656243
@LynnCrumbling yea
requires mahapps framework though
7:53 PM
but i didnt understand what he have done there. is CircularProgressBar. is a regular class or a user fontrol?
if it's a user control how does it has xaml? o.O
? user controls are not any different them forms, really
@Julien thanks mate but i prefer putre wpf
they have xaml and code behind
hehe then have fun re-inventing the wheel :)
UserControls can be put into Xaml by just adding the markup
    <MyUserControl />
@Julien @LynnCrumbling alright... but there i cant change the value from the code behind.. i just need a simple example which could also allow me to change the value in the c# code
8:03 PM
? change what value
@Julien change the progess bar value
you can bind the value to your view model
do you know what binding is?
@Julien not realy
just found this
Q: WPF Radial Progressbar/Meter (i.e. Battery Meter)

TheMoonbeamI'm working on an Unified fitness app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Ideally one of the core views would feature a daily progress meter. The problem is that I haven't been able to come up with an actual meter or gauge. What I'd like to have is simply a radial progress bar or something on ...

awesome but im getting an error
damn i do have it in my nampespace
<TextBox Text={Binding MyStringVariable} />
public string MyStringVariable { get; set; }
here the text value of the textbox is bound to a property in a class
you can do the same sort of thing for progress bars
but loook it does even suggest me to use it in the options lol
8:15 PM
ignore it and build
xaml designer lies often
^ this

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