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1:38 AM
Odd question...
Is it legal in Objective-C to call macros with a preceding @ symbol?
For example #define FOO(bar) doFoo(bar)
No it isn't. So this guy in libextobjc is doing something clever
Lol honestly I don't know why he would go through all the trouble just to use the @ symbol...
@ FOO() is legal if you use a space.
Well, this guy made something called @weakify and @strongify
I was wondering how in the world he could do that
Now that I've figured out how, I am wondering why he would want to? Haha
Because some people are hellbent on coding themselves into a corner.
The macros themselves are useful and save a lot of typing and redundant variable names
Maybe this forced syntax is a cry out to Apple to include them in the compiler
1:54 AM
Or it's just being fancy
It's so fancy that I've never seen it before haha
Probably because there are small prices to pay for it
2:09 AM
YO homies
good morning everyone
enrico are you still alive?
He is drinking tea with the protesters
I am indeed.
I am fighting for democracy.
I'm still waiting for the adapter I ordered to arrive.
Must get keyboard working.
Totally going to use that old clunker at work.
2:32 AM
nice thing to hear then
Hi room.
Protesters? What's going on in the land of Oz then?
Oh hai Duncan
I'm in Hong Kong right now.
2:56 AM
They are busy making Yosemite :p
Which update Enrico?
I am updating one of my apps. It's 8 days and counting lol.
3:22 AM
Good nite all
Can someone please provide some guidance on this Question please, stackoverflow.com/questions/26112262/…
3:32 AM
I need to go to bed. It's almost midnight here, and I need to get up in about 6 hours.
goodnight all.
I need my damned PS/2 adapter. ಠ_ಠ
Hmm I just subclassed UIButton, then the selection animation disappears. What gives.
Did you still create it with "createButtonWithType"?
I don't think alloc / init is enough
I used alloc init.
I think I ran into this problem before
And the solution was to use "createButtonWithType"
Oops it was backwards
You have to use alloc / init
3:41 AM
Damn, either way it still loses the animation.
Did you override drawRect or something else?
I might have been mistaking it for something else that went wrong
Did you override drawRect? :D
I did
Damn it lol
Bah, it's not because of my subclassing.
For some reason now even a regular UIButton don't have animation. I wonder what's wrong.
4:00 AM
I still don't understand it. The button registers the tap, but it's not animating. Might have to do with I'm putting it in a table view section header.
4:53 AM
Ok Xcode 6, you are a bit crazy. Y u no remove some constraints after I press delete? Lol
I made an audio recording comparing my mechanical keyboards for sound reasons but it turns out the recording does a bad job of capturing room acoustics
Not much of a surprise, I guess.
My friend's in the USA right now and getting crazy.
dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31892/Typing.m4a ← Behold, the sound of two different keyboards. Riveting.
Getting crazy how?
Is that your iPhone ringtone?
5:07 AM
No, that is the sound of me typing mostly the same couple sentences.
I fully anticipate annoying the shit out of my coworkers once I get this keyboard working.
@borrrden crazy like this: dropbox.com/s/empcn2gr12jn4vb/…
(Was talking about different tax rates in different states in US)
Well yeah, the tax rate differs depending on what's taxed, the overall income of the state, etc.
It's not much use taxing the poor, unwanted states more when they don't have enough to cover taxes and continue pumping money into the economy
That said, the poor are generally taxed more than anyone else, relative to their income.
The more you make, the more you get to keep. The less you make, the less you get to keep.
It's pretty true
Besides that, each state is free to decide how it wants to tax people. Some states use sales tax but have no housing tax, some states have no sales tax but tax housing heavily.
Some states don't have income taxes.
It mostly comes down to what they consider the most effective way to tax people is, especially since doing taxes is a huge pain and some states rely on you tracking what you buy and paying taxes later, which most people don't do because it's a) voluntary taxation and b) nobody keeps track of that stuff.
2 hours later…
7:37 AM
Xcode 6 new projects don't include a .pch file??
i take it your starting a new project?
i love doing that
things are so fresh and clean
Yeah I did a few weeks ago.
But I've just realised that fact now
Just found a ridiculous bug in one of our programs
How does nobody find these things? Debugging companies, us, users...
Well the last one is simple...there are no users because nobody downloads this program :p
7:55 AM
Well, I went through 2 months of development without anyone noticing a typo I made on one of the buttons in the main menu.
There's 1 other developer, 1 manager, 1 tester, and 2 representative from the client company who've seen the app for months. No one mentioned it.
yeah i see things like that happen all the time, or worst still 3 months pass a ticket gets raised for a bug and its clearly rewriting the agreed functionality
really makes me angry when people do that as in there heads they must know they are trying it on
and all it will cause is an argument
This one was a downright error
We have multiple users in the application but one section was getting saved into a temporary file name that we never changed...
So it would show up in everyone's save data like Dropbox :p
oh dear, i hope that wasnt bank details and pin number ? :p
I would never allow myself to touch such things
8:00 AM
No, just handwritten notes for a page of the workbook
Nobody has said anything for at least 5 months
The bug is nearly a year old
i have had similar issues some years back when having multiple users logged in on the same device
duplicate data
Actually the iOS implementation was fine because we just relied on Core Data
The Windows 8 version has no such API
So I wrote one
what does WP8 use for data storage ?
However, you still need to supply a name for the DB
Well you can have local settings saved in a registry style file
But nothing big
and they released a phone operating system like that
dear god
8:02 AM
It doesn't even ship with sqlite ;)
Well I'm using tablet, but yeah
im dumbfounded
im really lookign forward to the day that document stores like mongoDB are available on phones
They are
infact ive been saying it for ages someone should port something like that over to the top mobile os's
did i miss something on the mongoDB announcements ?
The company I'm interviewing for just released one this year
oh couchbase yeah
forgot about those folks
8:04 AM
Don't worry once I get the job I'll remind you all the time
you should get the job for just saying that tbh
Well, I basically did
They are sorely lacking a technical consultant for their new Japanese subsidiary
The lone employee of the subsidiary is not a developer and can't field technical questions
So she is totally letting headquarters have it "YOU HAVE TO HIRE THIS GUY"
Plus apparently I made a good impression on one of the senior devs while he was in town
and goodluck
It would be so killer
yeah couchbase are huge
or big
8:07 AM
It's a tech valley company, so I assume I'll finally make a decent wage
i cant say ive used it but a lot of people do
Plus I can work from home
bah working from home isnt all that tbh unless you have a seperate office
hard to disconnect from work when you get used to it
I have the option of using their office space here
but it's not required ;)
They rent shared space in various buildings around Tokyo
I'm listening to Hatsune Miku, FYI.
8:08 AM
still though good luck does sound liek an awesome opertunity
The Japanese employee is already trying to schedule me for talks and lectures lol
I told her "Hold on a second, they didn't even hire me yet...and if they don't I'll be too sad to do talks about Couchbase"
So now she is going to bother HQ again haha
Aww borrrden is becoming like me.
Except I don't like working from home lol.
Well the thing is
I'd have to start working at 6 AM
So that I can overlap with 4 hours in California
I don't wanna have to be somewhere else by that time haha
Wow I hope you can be accepted in couchbase jim
i agree with you Enrico workign from home is good fun for the first month then after that it is to much
8:10 AM
Yeah, otherwise the other employee's year end party is gonna be lonely
I entered a Hackthon that they sponsored under ridiculous conditions haha
Especially when your apartment is pretty small, and you don't have anyone living with you.
Well, you can be in the office at 9am to 2pm then, then go back home after lunch and catch up on sleep =P
I got a special prize for effort since I made basically nothing but I did so while

1) Using a surface tablet the entire time that didn't belong to me
2) Working with Android (starting from setting it up)
3) Starting a few hours after everyone else (1 1\2 hours vs 5)
By the time I was ready to actually try to use Couchbase there was only 15 minutes left. Luckily it was easy to throw in and demonstrate
So I got a special prize haha. The Japanese employee is buying me sushi
Later the senior dev said that it made a big impression on the judges that I was able to get something done under those conditions
Of course they couldn't give me the top prize though because it's a package worth about $3k
I would not accept it if they did because other people there had put in genuine effort and participated properly
same deal with me just me in my pokey flat. The worst part is you end up doing more hours as your already at home and youll do jsut a little bit more, thats my problem, has totally ruined any form of schedule i keep
I have a wife who will surely let me know that it is time to stop working and pay attention to her
haha my last girlfriend was alsoa distraction haha
8:16 AM
Haha I meant it in a good way (hard to work too much)
and pick me up some Katsu Curry and those japanese pickles whilst your there :)
lol that implies that I'm leaving some time
I've been living here for over 5 years ;)
So it really should be whilst YOU are HERE
I really wanna go to Tokyo and make borrrden buy me a katsu curry now.
too late
you are stuck with ramen
He's now only less than 5,000km away from me.
And LINE games invites.
8:18 AM
I downloaded another Line game
Football Manager
But it's kinda hard and awkward to play haha
I spent lots of time in Championship Manager when I was a teenager.
i could never see the fasination with games like that
same as eve online
i played it a bit but i got bored very quickly
As I grew older, I realised that I like quality more than quantity.
Hence I play Final Fantasy, Journey, Zelda games.
As you grew older you also forgot how to type
As I grew older, I realised that I like quality more than quality.
As I grew older I became an old man.
8:28 AM
As i grew older i grew moanier
not even a word
Hmm xcode 6 seems not to overwrite managed object classes when you update them in a folder
just says done and doesnt do it
8:43 AM
What do you mean "in a folder"?
I'm not sure that is a new problem
Xcode has never been good at updating things inside of folder references
Oh, you meant that.
Yeah, I agree with borrrden.
That's one thing I miss from Eclipse and some other IDEs
They will auto pick up the folder structure without me having to add every little thing
I can't believe this is upvoted 20 times:
A: UILabel text margin

yar1vnI ended up just adding some spaces to the text: self.titleLabel.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@" %@", self.titleLabel.text]; Ugly yet effective, and no subclassing required. Edit: This solution was written in iOS 5 and worked well for some users. According to the comments it doesn't wo...

Oh yeah, Eclipse does that quite well. But when I started using Eclipse I needed to right click on a folder and click "Refresh Folder", lol.
Still better than Xcode.
Xamarin Studio also does it
As well as Qt Creator
8:46 AM
You misspelt "everything else".
In "Xamarin Studio" and "Qt Creator"
Visual Studio does not :p
You can kinda sorta force it to but it will get overwritten every time you make a change through the GUI and you have to jump through hoops
Yeah, I was just making fun of Xcode's really bad file system management.
But credit where credit's due, Xcode 6's IB is really good. So many little improvements.
Speak of the devil, designing custom UITableViewCell isn't much improvement ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
9:06 AM
A great story from Australia -> inspiremore.com/…
Wow, nice.
And little by little I'm digging deeper and deeper to this bluetooth sea
It's not a sea, it's an ocean, @nayoso.
Remember those wise words of mine.
9:11 AM
Thanks to that enrico
Do you know where I'm working right now?
I will LINE you that.
It's alright it's asynchronous I don't have to wait.
Ah actually mine is more complex
though a late response, i meant directory
9:16 AM
I deal with the hardware directly too
and I also need to work with the fucking android
Holy shit, seriously?
Are you saying you're modifying firmware etc?
Who's your beacon manufacturers, if you can say?
I'm not writing the firmware directly but me and the ios Engineer works with the firmware engineer
it's custom beacon Enrico sorry, I can't say ;(
I will go home now
see you tomorrow guys!
See you nayoso
Now nayoso even goes home earlier than me.
iPhone 6+ simulator stutters a lot in my MacBook Air btw. Anyone else?
9:33 AM
That's because you have a MacBook Air :p
Hahaha borrrden
9:59 AM
Question: Do you guys copy SO answer's link to you code comment when using answer from them?
I usually don't use it as is
But I have seen it done before
I see.
This answer's so good, I'm copying the URL to my code: stackoverflow.com/a/21267507/361247
So that the guy who work after me on this file will go there and upvote his answer again.
Damn I'm a bit hungry. Let's go home borrrden.
I will go home soon
I am still uploading to TestFlight, will go home in 3 minutes.
If this Macbook Air compiles fast enough it'll be 2 minutes.
I don't know about you, but "Archive" takes a long time on my laptop :(
10:16 AM
I worked out too much at the boxing gym last weekend
Two of my knuckles are cut up on my right hand
One on my left
10:32 AM
UIWebView in iOS 8 renders PDF's with a black background
tried every trick in the book and I can't get it to accept a different background colour
i dont know if this will be useful for you
Q: Rendering PDF in UIWebView iOS 8, causes a black border around PDF

JSA986In iOS 8, when rendering a .PDF into a UIWebview there is a black border and background around the PDF displayed (not the whole background view). Note this is not the UIWebview background which is set to: myWebView.opaque = NO; myWebView.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor]; This is not pre...

That is an awful, awful hack.
I've seen that one whilst searching.
10:47 AM
yes, awful. Anyway, it depends on how fast you have to be xD
11:27 AM
yeah i had that same issue caprtain
infact i have that same issue
let me know if you see a soloution
11:49 AM
I haven't found anything that works so far
only really shady hacks of looping through subviews.

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