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6:06 AM
what language now develop ios
Is that a question?
swift or object-c,or mix
OH Enrico, you're smart, please answer my question, because nobody else will.
Up to you, I use Obj-C.
I'm not smart, that's a misconception.
Let me rephrase - you're smart in comparison to me. Any idea how to upload images to a PHP page?
6:15 AM
@EnricoSusatyo that mean version 0.9 and up to 1.0
Well, nevermind then. Anyone seen Gudiya recently? I don't wanna ping them for nothing.
but 1.0 not included
@nayoso Yes, thanks, I just scrolled down the docs and found that out.
Do you usually use that, or just '0.9'?
6:16 AM
I usually use it
in the future,if swift is replace the object-c
Something I used break because I still use iOS 7 SDK and the pod got updated and uses iOS 8 APIs.
ah I see
but usually they change the version right?
And I have no idea why, I thought ~> means equals.
for example 1.2 -> 2.0
6:17 AM
Then I reverted to '0.9' and it worked again
I see
there are many problems with pod
yeah, this library is not so good, they just increase the minor version but they actually don't retain iOS 7 compatibility
I agree
currently my company iOS engineer also considering dropping pod
for my self I'm using gradle for dependecies in Android
Damn, really?
btw how are you man?
6:18 AM
What would you use instead of cocoapods?
Not sure
I'm good man, next month will be a very tough month
they are still searching
I have to finish 160 points of my scrum within 4 sprints. That's 40 points per sprint lol.
It's pretty tight.
When will come here?
6:20 AM
To Japan?
Hmm, not sure yet.
Is Jim not there at the moment?
but I will go back to Jakarta this may
Jim just got back from SF
he's in tokyo but today is his holiday
ah I see
In May? How long?
so currently his holiday is Sunday and Monday
maybe one week
it's the golden week of japan
6:21 AM
Ah I see
@Gudiya You're currently my go to person for NSURLSession... wanted to know if you're around.
Wait, his weekend is now Sunday and Monday? LOLOLOL
I know NSURLSession a bit
@nayoso hey btw, have you tried Xcode 6.2 with Watch Kit?
I'm so confused, it's so difficult to debug without the hardware.
I didn't do any iOS development lately
6:22 AM
I don't know how to trigger Glance and also rangingBeacons in simulator lol.
Ah, I see.
why don't you use real device?
I know you are working in a start up
but I'm also working in one
and I think device is a right place to invest to
I mean Apple Watch
It's not sold yet lol
ah I see
I'm using iPhones to debug normal stuff.
6:24 AM
My startup's so nice, my boss reimbursed my iPhone 6.
Also, has anyone got any success from doing this?
Q: Swift to Objective-C header not created in Xcode 6

David KristensenI have recently been working to add Swift to an existing project, to get to try it out in a real-world fashion. Upon adding a Swift source file to the project, I have no problems about getting the "Bridging Header", that is, Objective-C to Swift. But the -Swift.h header file that is supposed to...

I tried using Module Name and importing #import "MyClass-Swift.h", but it didn't work at all.
Since you say you know a little about NSURLSession, here's the question. Take a look, if you know, great, if you don't, whatever. I more just need someone here to make sure I made the multipart/form request correctly.
Q: How to save uploaded image from iOS to disk from PHP?

jkaufmanI've recently been attempting to send an image from iOS to a PHP file, then save said image to the disk and add the path to the database. I believe that my NSURLSession for uploading the image to the PHP file is working, but don't hold me to that, as I'm not positive. Even then, I'm not exactly s...

Aww... Swift
It shouldn't be that different. I just have a feeling that the actual form data is screwed up.
Hmm, have you seen Alamofire before?
I have, but I'd prefer not to use it.
I forgot to add that into that question.
6:29 AM
Scratch that, even that doesn't support multipart HTTP request yet
I would just wait it out and add a bounty, unfortunately I don't have that much rep.
I up voted the question, maybe someone else can take a look
I might just look into Alamofire itself and see how they do it, and do two requests.
in your PHP console, do you see the image?
nah, maybe not because Alamofire wouldn't help you much.
PHP console...?
Never knew something like that existed.
6:33 AM
Hmm, I mean when you debug your PHP code in the uploadPicture.php file, do you see the image being passed?
@EnricoSusatyo I also want the iphone 6!
Unfortunately, debugging has been a pain. Since the file is being POST'd, I'm not really sure how I would be able to do so.
@nayoso Are you gonna buy Apple Watch?
at least not the first generation
I think I am buying the cheapest first gen.
@jkaufman Damn, that's a pain in the ass. You'd need to figure that out first I think.
That way you'd know whether the bug is in the PHP side or the client side.
6:37 AM
Probably, I think I might send a string back just so I know the PHP is even being accessed.
yeah, you should start from there
@jkaufman try postman
What is it?
Huh. I'll look into it, thanks.
I at least know the page is connecting, as Instruments shows about 0.3 mbs of data being sent.
Yet I don't receive a response, which is the weird part.
yeah, postman is great
if it works in postman, that means your iOS code is broken
something in iOS. I just commented out the line that sets the body data, and it returned with success.
I wonder if it's reaching the timeout
No, must be the body
Okay, I was able to figure out what block of code the issue is in.
Has to do with HTTP fields and headers and stuff I quite frankly don't understand
6:54 AM
Which block of code is that?
let me pastebin it, it's a little big.
I basiclly have absolutely no idea is to what is going on in that block.
That just came from another SO answer that was accepted.
Yeah, that'd be really hard to debug.
I don't even know why you used something like "---------------------------14737809831466499882746641449".
SO doesn't have many good answers for dealing with images. :P
Do you think I should just edit my previous question, or should I create a new one?
Just edit it
Well, hopefully someone who understands that will be able to answer it soon. Until then, I'm off for bed. Thanks for the help you two.
7:23 AM
Whats going on?
Tomorrow I'm going to get an amazing lunch and a giant cookie with ice cream... yumm
why not today?
cuz its 11:33 PM
7:49 AM
Hey all I'm trying to get two viewcontrollers talking to each other.. Can someone point me in the right direction?
1 hour later…
9:12 AM
This kind of question is asked at least five times a day
That's why we have that in the bingo board.
How are you, non Japanese guy?
Guess what came in the mail today?
A bride?
lol great
9:14 AM
A million dollar cheque which expired yesterday?
why does an iPhone 6 need to be obtained to beat cross road
good question
lol I was trying to make a joke
wait wait, here it comes
hahaha :p
thing is
I already beat cross road :/
9:16 AM
How can you beat it?
It's an endless game...
Turns out when you get 9999 the screen goes black.
No, you haven't beaten it
here's a screenshot
after 9999 they turn off the screen for 10 seconds but you need to keep playing
after that if you suceed the screen will appear again and your score will count from 10,099
what's your twitter enrico?
9:19 AM
I think you follow me.
You have to keep going after that
how the bird got me
keep jumping
I'm working on an endless adventure game :D
9:28 AM
what is it?
what do you mean what is it
what adventure game is it
are you going to let me see it? lol
there isn't much to see :p
the idea behind it is it'll have all procedurally generated content from the world, to quest, to dialog and story
going to be a long project
ah nice
btw have you played Desert Golfing?
I've seen it
looks fun
I'm going to implement a chunk rendering class into my game tonight
so it renders from a specified render range
I saw American Sniper Today
It was absolutely awesome
Loved every bit of it
9:37 AM
I haven't seen that
that logic to procedurally generate the content will be so hard to do
Hi @all !
indeed it will
practicall need to make it self aware so it know what will stop the player from prgressing
9:53 AM
@all doesn't even ping?
No it doesn't
10:24 AM
why is it used?
I think it's the old people who used to chat in IRC.
well then more of a gimmick then a function
I like this song
I'm off guys
Does anyone here has some experiences with cocoapods ?
Enrico does lol, but he left
10:58 AM
coffee is the answer
@EnricoSusatyo "used to"? I've been on IRC almost every day for the past 14 years.
I could get coffee. There's a starbucks in this terminal.
cafe coffee is always better then instant coffee...
I kind of want to just be completely dead when I get on the plane, though. Being able to almost instantly pass out once I get on a plane is useful.
Damn too bad, thanks @Mutch95 !
11:01 AM
I love the feeling of falling asleep instantly, it's amazing, I usually have to lay still for about 2 hours till I actually fall asleep
I've slept probably a total of 9 hours over the last four days.
I though you were meant to be on holiday for a week or something?
I am.
Now I'm sitting in a terminal getting ready to fly home.
what's with the few hours of sleep then?
Because my holiday was MAGFest.
11:04 AM
which is?
I got a fancy badge with my name laser-etched into it.
oh cool!
did you host a vendor or just explorer it
I'm just an attendee.
I'm in a few videos of MAGFest 13 just because I'm good at wandering into range of cameras. Keep an eye out for your favorite bearded idiot.
I have no clue what you look like lol.
is this you nil? LOL!
Probably not. I don't know. It's not loading because airport wifi.
11:13 AM
oh haha
Really, really hope the video of the 3am shit-show gets uploaded.
And made public.
It was special.
3am shit show ?
Magfest looks cool, wish we had something similar in the UK
Friend of mine, Paul, had a sort-of-panel at 3am for when he's got nothing else to do and can't really go to sleep yet. Panel was named "paul wastes time," because that's more or less what it is.
Now normally only like 5 or 6 people show up to it, because nobody cares. This time, something like thirty people showed up, and none of them knew who Paul was.
So eventually everyone gets to asking who Paul is, why he's late (I was sitting next to him while this was going on). By 15 minutes in, they've established that everyone is Paul and have started passing around a water jug and drinking from it while speaking about what it's like to be Paul.
Meanwhile, Paul himself is just laughing and enjoying the entire thing because it's just amazing and hilarious.
11:22 AM
crikey sounds like an introspective nightmare hehe
For him, this is basically fantastic and probably terrible because it's likely done horrifying things to his ego.
I think the second night he said, "I've finally created a monster," which is about accurate.
Second night, by the way, the entire thing happened again with all the same people, except everyone was by that point in on the joke and knew who Paul was, so it was just dumb.
Hehe the cult of Paul
Well, he's the president of MAGFest, so more like MAGFest as a religion, which is a recurring theme.
Well tell him we want one in the UK ;)
He probably knows, but he doesn't do all that much anymore.
Plus I'd guess anyone who wanted to host something like that and had the means could probably contact MAGFest to ask about that.
Hard part is mostly the means since it's the UK, it's an island, it's not as full of game stuff as the US, and so on.
Also money.
11:33 AM
We do have the Namco center in London though
thats pretty awesome
and there are still a lot of oldskool arcade machines
when i get a bigger office and soem staff i will buy a few
if not jsut get a mame cabinet
12:29 PM
morning o/
Q: Custom UITableViewCell with AccessoryType breaks constraints

GuilhermeI am trying to make a custom UITableViewCell with a label and an accessory type, but adding the accessory will cause some constraints to be broken. This is my layout: Without the accessory, nothing bad happens, and the log is clean. When I add the accessory, the constraints between the labels...

this is SO annoying!
12:55 PM
have you made sure translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints is off for the subviews
I would log out all the constraints too and put that into the question
On plane. Promptly passing right the hell out.
1:19 PM
yes, I've set translates to false
can you log out all the constraints on the contentView
1:54 PM
whats going on
2:12 PM
hello Gudiya
Based on "Player Position"
good keep it up
I got a gif
Now to make terrain generation rules
2:18 PM
you have worked on unity ?
Worked with*?
Unity 3d ?
but it's a 2d scene
there's 250k tiles there
and 25 chunks
and my draw call is only 9
my younger brother works on unity
he has made all these games
How old is he?
Haha there's tree trunks!
2:24 PM
he just passed his Electrical Engineering degree
he was a student when he has made them
I'm starting grade 12 on wednesday
thats good (y)
not at all I hate school
it's too repetative
havent learnt much
in the past 2 years
I think uni will be different
He's made more games than me haha, they're quite good
I never finish projects..
yes uni will be good if you are a book worm, not like me always chilling lolz
aha, I like to learn what I enjoy
2:27 PM
yes he is very good in embedded systems too. he made games just for hobby haha
check this, this game is featured by Microsoft
I want to game develop for life haha
I haven't made a 1$ from any of my games though
haha yes it is a good thing and I want to have my enterprise apps :D
I have many $ with my apps haha
I'm broke asf. need an income
probably should get a job
but who wants a job :p
anyway I must be off parents will get mad if I stay up too late it's 12:30
cya another time :)
2:32 PM
lolz sure good night
I leaving from office as well
glad to hear again :D
2:45 PM
can you alpha sort plists?
@Gudiya are you around?
3:02 PM
do you know if you can alpha sort plists?
I have a bunch of static data i need to sort, some categories (dictionaries) just thinking of the best way to do it... either plist or I might create a CSV and convert to JSON
3:15 PM
Grab the plist into NSDictionary, sort it and write it back to the plist
I'd only have to do that once in a build right
once its sorted, it wouldnt have to be done everytime
@Gudiya is here
whats up
@StuartM Yes
sounds good, ill do that then
3:38 PM
what is @MichaelDautermann doing
sitting here coding
what are you doing?
Im here...
the plist editor sucks in xcode
it's a newsflash!
swizzling all apple library methods
3:54 PM
How did it go with Jay? @Gudiya ?
4:14 PM
He got back to me asking for few details
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