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11:24 AM
Hi.. Anybody knows how to fix this one?
dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libswiftCore.dylib
Referenced from: /var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/40985F97-51BD-4A9E-853F-6690312ACEE9/MyApp.app/MyApp
Reason: no suitable image found. Did find:
/private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/40985F97-51BD-4A9E-853F-6690312ACEE9/MyApp.app/Frameworks/libswiftCore.dylib: mmap() errno=1 validating first page of '/private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/40985F97-51BD-4A9E-853F-6690312ACEE9/MyApp.app/Frameworks/libswiftCore.dylib'
7 hours later…
6:06 PM
There is definitely such a thing as Swift Generics hell
6:26 PM
Hey folks. How is everyone?
When did you start doing Android, Jim?
7:10 PM
anyone around?
hey guys!
ok I'm having a weird problem, and I believe it has to do with asynchronous downloading of images in a table. Basically, I can't get my downloaded table image to be circular
Which is weird, because I have it working in other parts of my app
and even in a different mode of the same VC (there is a button that allows the user to search for either Items or User)...Items is circular, but Users is a weird oval shape...i can't figure it out, especially since its the same UIImageView
Screenshot please
Are you...masking it?
I assume the original image is not circular.
7:20 PM
will send screenshots now
here is my code
this is the code that is working (please note my hard coded corner radius)
something is definitely funky, because the imageView is set as 50x50 in Xcode. And in order to get a rounded corner, that "30" I hardcoded should really be a 25 for it to be a perfect circle. The fact that I'm getting it to work, but with this hard-coded 30, makes me think that it is a clue to my problem
the non-working code is literally the exact same as the working code (except in the IF part of the function, with the working code being in the Else...)
So this code is working elsewhere, in other table views?
even in the same tableview
here is the 2 screen shots
So when is not not working?
that is non-working
that is working
one searching for "items", one for "users", they execute different parts of an if/else
The difference is that in the working one, the UIImageView's frame is actually 50x50.
In the non working one it's something else.
7:27 PM
how could it be though, if its the same VC?
Dunno. Cell configuration. Either way, that's your problem.
and if it is 50x50, i don't get why 30 makes it circle, when it should be 25...
30 makes the non-working one correct?
no, 30 is in my working code
though I know it should be half the width/height, which would be 25
in the non-working one, I've experimented with all sorts of different values
can't seem to get a perfect circle
You should just stick a breakpoint somewhere, and confirm that frames are what they should be.
Xcode also has a view snapshot feature, which allows you to click around and see all the frames, colors, etc. for views/layers.
7:30 PM
ok thanks
7:42 PM
The problem is with radius of UIIMageView. You probably have hard coded radius value to circle your UIImageView and somehow size of UIImage is causing your UIImageView to shrink (check UIImageView aspect modes).
That's a good point too.
Image would get that weird shape only because of wrong radius value. I have come across that shape before.
I hope @shadowmoses sees my response before spending more time digging into this.
So I checked the ImageView
its "aspect fill" which seems correct
before returning the Cell, i even did this myCell.imageView?.frame = CGRectMake(0, 0, 50, 50)
but still returning the wrong shape
But once you assign image to UIImageView.image it will shrink the image view. Check the frame of image view after you assign image to it.
I'm running that code after assigning the image
myCell.imageView?.image = theImage

myCell.imageView!.layer.cornerRadius = 25 //myCell.imageView!.frame.size.width / 2

//myCell.imageView!.clipsToBounds = true

myCell.imageView?.frame = CGRectMake(0, 0, 50, 50)

myCell.imageView!.layer.masksToBounds = true


7:54 PM
What happens when you do this
myCell.imageView!.layer.cornerRadius = myCell.imageView!.frame.size.width / 2
when I do that, the image is rectangular
not even sure how that's possible...
when printing the image view: (<UIImageView: 0x13a28ee20; frame = (0 0; 50 50); clipsToBounds = YES; opaque = NO; userInteractionEnabled = NO; layer = <CALayer: 0x13a6acf20>>)
8:48 PM
what do you get if you print myCell.imageView?.image.size
sorry, figured it out
What was it?
very dumb........so my custom cell class has an outlet for the imageView called cellImageView
but apparently regular UITableView cells have a built in imageView property
so I was doing everything based off theCell.imageView
instead of my cellImageView
A. Changing the wrong outlet. Been there, done that.
only spent like 9 hours debugging this one :)
8:52 PM
Don't you just looooove crap like that?
such is programming I suppose...definitely a good test of patience
Wow. How come this one slipped my mind. I made the same mistake probably few weeks ago.
My patience is being tested today as well. For me it's GIT nonsense.
So, that is true though, that there is a built in "imageView" default property
i mean it must be?
GIT like the code repository?
Hey Gents.
Does one of you speak english natively?
9:05 PM
I spek
Awesome @Owatch .
I'm curious about something
Does saying : 1)Create photo
and saying : Create a photo
Is fine from grammer prespective?
I have "space issues" inside my app. I need i'm trying to make it as short as possible.
Both are a bit odd.
Does the "a" is really necessary?
Because you don't usually create photos. You take them.
the "photo" is just a place holder
lets change it to "meme" lol
9:08 PM
I took a picture of a cat, is accepted over I created a photo of a cat.
Create meme. Create a meme
The second is grammatically correct.
Not the first. It's awkward.
You should try something else.
Like "New Maymay"
Ah. The "a" is critical?
Create meme is incomplete.
How about this
Still from video
vs Still from a video?
Does the "a" is critical is here as well?
9:11 PM
Video still is better.
I mean : fetch a still image out of a video
But i'm trying to shorten it
Or "From a video" would work.
Still from video
Yes that's correct.
You can shorted it depending on the context.
If you have a title
Alright. So here the "a", could be cut out?
9:12 PM
"Create a photo from:"
No title. It's just to options
"1: A Video Still / Video Still"
So now we have two options
1)Create a Meme
2)Still from video
I wish i could remove the "a from the first one
You can.
It's just awkward.
Define akward
If it's an app menu
Isn't it understandable?
@Owatch . What works better
1) Still from video
2)Video to still
in terms of context?
9:17 PM
Still from video.
Or Video still.
Or Video Frame
Awkward as in people will know you don't speak english real well when they see your menu, but they'll understand.
So i went to this two options (real options)
!)Create a live photo
2)Still from live photo
Something awkard here?

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