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5:00 AM
I don't know enough about this, but I am sure you could acquire the IP address (Not too useful).
What I was really looking for was some way to access their computer. But I don't know how that would be possible.
You could potentially set up a trap .
For example, hide a document labeled bank info or something, then have some web links in there.
Hmm.. That wouldn't work through a remote session.
Perhaps you could design the webpage so that the VM computer cannot run it without updating something, and the administrator password is required to install that. So rather than wasting their time over the remote session. They will try to access it from their own computer.
Then you could have a trap waiting at the destination URL
some disguised document they download, which actually performs something more clever.
5:24 AM
How how I be able to place an image view in the table view itself, such as above?
Like in the cell?
Is it just a cell styled to look like the table view, or is it done a different way?
No, if you want it in the cell
There's a way
@jkaufman could you please use pasteboard.co when you want to upload.Please upload the image at pasteboard.co and only share it's url
In cellforrowatindexpath
5:26 AM
Will do.
You can set the cell to have an image (Although) does for all cells.
Thanks Owatch.
Are you a moderator or something Albin?
Hold jkaufman
cell.imageView.image = [UIImage imageNamed: Your Image Name];
However, that will put the image on the left side of the cell I believe.
@Owatch No man .I just share this information to him.It may helpful to him or any other person.I believe I didn't blame him
I'll just make a new cell in IB.
5:32 AM
That sounds like a better idea.
Putting it in cellForRow will make every cell have the image, unless you check the index.
And even then, it won't be centered.
@AlbinJoseph Alright, cool.
I'll be off now. Goodnight
Good night
3 hours later…
8:34 AM
Hello boys
8:56 AM
I want to share this one beautiful SO answer
Q: Hiding UITabBar when pushing a UIView

Benny WongI have a UITabBarController where the default view controller is a UINavigationController. I want to be able to hide the UITabBar of the UITabBarController when I push a certain view in the UINavigationController. I've tried adding: delegate.tabBarController.hidesBottomBarWhenPushed = YES; in...

Apple's docs really sucks on that one.
Hi all, I would like to draw charts on iOS, just tried PNChart but I don't think PNCharts a good solution, anyone recommends other open source library to draw charts?
@olajuwon please use coreplot or MIMChart
But in MIM chart have so many bugs and memmory leaks
PNChart is quite popular if I recall correctly.
@AlbinJoseph Thanks, would give a try!
The biggest reason why I think PNCharts isn't a choice is not auto layout supported :/
If there's many bugs and memory leaks, why do you use it?
Seems like it hasn't been updated for 2 years as well :/
I just give him a suggession...If he is will to fix the bug and it's helpful to others also.PNChart is good I used this also.MIMChart design and architecture are good and there is a possibility of more customisations
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12:27 PM
Hi All
Barry from Watford says hello too
@Dev2rights Hello
1:17 PM
@Dev2rights ay
you pinging's hurt my math doing head
but hello
Where can I find out more about what this kind of struct notation is? (CGSize){0, 0}
can't seem to find anything
its a c struct ?
CGSize is
{0, 0} = { width, height }
same works for CGRect
{ x, y, width, height }
{ CGPoint, CGSize }
1:38 PM
yeah looks mote than normal C Structs
i swear they used to be plain old C structs at some point though
@Dev2rights ?
if it is written struct CGSize {0, 0} = { width, height };
ive never written a struct that looks like that
though i haven't written a struct in a while tbh
oh no it's not written like that
it's CGSize mySize = (CGSize){ 100, 100 }
it's a way of setting the values of a struct
I just can't find documentation/writing on it
1:46 PM
Oh i see i thought you meant definition
not initialisation
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3:50 PM
@Dev2rights you still there?
or @Byte or @EnricoSusatyo...
4:08 PM
i am
please don't ping though
to distracting
sorry! :(
4:42 PM
did you want something ?
I was going to ask you if you knew why in my UITableViewCell class when the method setSelected:animated: is called animated is never true
iOS 7 >
nope sorry
1 hour later…
6:11 PM
@mattsven I am now. So is @MichaelDautermann.
1 hour ago, by mattsven
I was going to ask you if you knew why in my UITableViewCell class when the method setSelected:animated: is called animated is never true
I am what?
a big pully!
Sorry matt, no idea :(
3 hours later…
8:49 PM
Creating models manually for XML/JSON is such a pain
9:00 PM
Someone know why AnyObject in swift are called Property List ?
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