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12:35 AM
does anyone know the app Cinamatic? If so, does anyone know how they are creating their effects, whether they are using the native AVFoundation or something else native, or if they wrote their own at a lower level (c++), etc.?
1:32 AM
Try asking them.
Phew, had to move my desk today
where is it now? in a broom closet?
1:43 AM
lol one slot over from where I was before
@MichaelDautermann I am back
thank you Gudiya notification center
Apparently today (yesterday for me) is Dennis Ritchie day
1:59 AM
today is also National Create a Great Funeral Day
according to checkiday.com
In my office tomorrow, we are celebrating halloween day
People will come in weird dress
My book is telling me that I can check if an object exists in a set using the following line:
`- (bool)containsObject:(id)x`
It calls isEqual: on the parameter to check for equality.
2:04 AM
Code isn't formatting
That's annoying.
- (bool)containsObject:(id)x
Mine did.
Didn't for me... weird.
Anyways, it tells me it returns "YES", or "NO"
Which sounds weird
Doesn't it return True or False? And is it not up to me to check that condition with an if statement
It's same.
True or False is same as Yes or No in Obj C
2:06 AM
Oh, that has never been used before in the book to describe true or false.
So it confused me, I thought it must mean it returns something else. Guess not.
Q: Is there a difference between YES/NO,TRUE/FALSE and true/false in objective-c?

KevlarSimple question really; is there a difference between these values (and is there a difference between BOOL and bool)? A co-worker mentioned that they evaluate to different things in Objective-C, but when I looked at the typedefs in their respective .h files, YES/TRUE/true were all defined as 1 a...

lol who makes use of if (something != YES) ?
2:20 AM
Mike is back
just for a little while
until I turn on my DVR
aren't you going to dress in a costume for tmorrow?
i don't have any
wear a garbage bag and you could be a raisin.
Just going to go out on a limb and say
2:30 AM
Laddu must hate Tim Cook now.
how about Chewbacca?
I don't hate him. It is just weird to me.
The breathtaking spread of marriage equality this year has obscured the fact that for too many people, being gay is fraught with economic and personal peril. In 29 states, as Fortune noted, you can be fired for saying what Cook did today.
Wtf seriously. This needs to change.
I would have preferred that he remained in the closet.
and lemme tell you why
because we're all talking about the CEO's sexuality
instead of Apple's products and services, which is what the focus should be on.
2:32 AM
By this argument is that by doing this, it may help people who are thinking that they're ashamed of being one.
I'm on my phone lol.
Where is your image Enrico
nobody's sexuality should be tied to who they are in the workplace...
we all have a job to get done.
I agree Michael, but we are not there yet.
I can get fired (or severely reprimanded) for discussing politics or religion or whatever...
2:34 AM
What image Max?
the same should go for orientation... leave that stuff out of the workplace. Office politics are already awful enough as it is.
your image isn't showing in the chat
Is Michael talking about Tim Cook
look at this piece of shit, twitter.com/maxhasadhd/status/527977736015343616 (the image in the tweet)
I agree Michael, but if he don't speak out, we'll not gonna get there.
Yep... That's what I'm talking about.
If you anticipate being detained, do a shutdown/hard restart on your phone if safe. TouchID disabled for first login after a reboot.
Are you implying a "don't ask don't tell" policy Michael?
I dunno... I just wish politics and hot-button issues could stay out of the workplace
because it always leads to heated arguments or hurt feelings or whatever.
2:40 AM
Hmmm, perhaps he was sick of all the rumors flying around about him?
He was sick 'cause he knew the rumors were true.
Also he took time to make it public, why?
Who knows...
This is not news to his workplace though, so I don't think it will be particularly affected.
2:55 AM
Quick question.. can an enum be used as a tag? o_O
Was about to remove my soundproofing headgear, then someone turned on that dishwasher -_-
In the animateTransition method of UIViewControllerContextTransitioning, how do you control the "depth" of layers that you add to [transitionContext containerView]?
@Pimentelk Sure, it's no different than an integer
As long as you don't make the enums value exceed the max value
3:23 AM
Thank you! I ended up trying it and it worked fine.
Lol why didn't you just try it in the first place? o,0
3:37 AM
@borrrden It's not really a rumour though, I thought everyone knew, he just didn't go all out on that.
Everyone knew he was gay, but they don't know how he feels about it – I think that's what he really said last night.
It was a "public secret"
A badly kept one...
But it seems more like he wants to be a role model
"I'm gay, and I'm the CEO of Apple...BITCH"
@borrrden because I am a newb, look at my typos I am such a trigger happy newb
Well things like that are usually faster to just try yourself than to go through the trouble of asking ;)
3:59 AM
Makes sense thanks
4:49 AM
F ing tab bar controller.
Enrico get a icon!
What are you talking about
Its white!
you're driving me nuts
Your face use to be there, now its not
It's here
I see it.
I see it
4:58 AM
I don't know what you're talking about. dropbox.com/s/65vmlpnk9ark81s/…
But I'm glad it's driving you nuts.
Ima punch all of you in the faces
Bwa ha ha ha ha
are you guys blocking him?
I'm not
And even if I am that's not what he should be seeing
I like celebrating little wins by doing a little dance.
5:29 AM
Hello Folks!
My ActionSheet delegate in my FirstViewController not firing. This class subclassed with custom viewcontroller called BaseViewController there i have created a UIActionSheet with its delegate to occur the events. Both having delegate, so its not firing. How to manage this?
5:45 AM
yep client pissing me off again
Praveen make a proper question with a detailed description and relevant code
If you are asking "why doesn't my code behave the way I want?" then it's common sense to do that
For iOS 9, I wish apple added UITabBar.setUnselectedTintColor. I'm sure it's not just me who'll benefit from this.
Otherwise all we can do is throw out random guesses
And throwing out random guesses is a pain in the ass
Maybe we should lock the room again lol
Guess what they wanna do now? (my client)
My baseviewcontroller has UIActionSheet's Delegate, and wherever i am subclassing this to another VC and again implement UIActionSheet with its delegate method, BaseVC not firing the actionsheet delegate. This is the problem. How to handle this? BaseVC.h BaseVC.m
5:48 AM
Lately we are upgrading our apps to coincide with the print version changes that happened this year
Another one had small changes, but instead of making it an update they wanna make it a separate app because "another school wants it this way"
They want to change the way that the beginning part works
And have two apps with 90% similar content just for the purpose of different schools
I have to get out of here...
p.s. praveen your BaseVC.h is empty
Praveen, make an SO question.
And the BaseVC.m is pointless
You have so much rep, I think you've been asking this for a while now. Why don't you offer a bounty?
5:51 AM
What is "delegate"?
brb lunch
UIActionSheet's Delegate
Let's have lunch borrrden
I had lunch already
No, the "delegate" property of BaseViewController
Fix your BaseVC.h, it is empty
Enrico, are you asking me to offer bounty
5:52 AM
Damn this is quite a late lunch.
Oh I see it now
What is the point of this?
Actually, borrden. I have created a custom protocol for selected actionsheet's index on my VC from BaseVC.
So, i have created that custom protocol on BaseVC
If you inherited from BaseVC, then the child class is also a UIActionSheetDelegate
5:54 AM
Then, how can i represent the selected actionsheet index on my MainVC from BaseVC
You said MainVC is a subclass of BaseVC right?
No no. BaseVC only subclass to MainVC
BaseVC -> MainVC
#import "BaseViewController.h"

@interface FirstViewController : BaseViewController
FirstViewController is also a delegate
just override clickedButtonAtIndex
5:56 AM
But, how could i perform this selected title in my MainVC?
MainVC == FirstViewController ?
You don't need to do anything special
That's the point of inheritance
All of this code becomes FirstViewController's code too
So, should i remove the UIActionSheet's delegate from BaseVC?
Just implement the methods you want from UIActionSheetDelegate in FirstViewController
Get rid of BaseDelegate because it serves no purpose
6:00 AM
Not getting your first point. Just implement the methods....
- (void)actionSheet:(UIActionSheet *)actionSheet clickedButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex {
This one, for instance
If you implement it on FirstViewController then it will be called there
- (void)menuMore <--- this one will be inherited
Nope. Its just a common method. How to inherit this on my FirstVC also?
It happens automatically....
I think you need to take some CS classes :-S
Ah! Okay. Let me try this
If you inherit from a class, you get all of its methods. You can take them as is, or override them to create new behavior
6:04 AM
But, i have called this menuMore here will it get works. Is that fine?
I have no idea what you just said
I don't see a call like that anywhere
Just try it
Okay with your suggestion
Its working fine on my FirstVC. But, if i add more UIActionSheet in FirstVC then it disables the BaseVC's UIActionSheet
It just let the BaseVC's UIActionSheet display only. Not allowing the delegate of UIActionSheet
You can't show two action sheets at once...
Not showing two action sheet at once. Showing different only. But, one is from BaseVC and another one is from FirstVC
Then you need to override menuMore also and make it different
And what is the point of inheriting it then? Is the BaseVC a default action sheet?
6:18 AM
Actually, borrden my scenario is need to create a VC should have 3 common UIBarButton items on navigation bar. So, i have created custom VC to subclass anywhere.

And, in that 3 button one will raise common `UIActionSheet` and perform some action and should represent this action on inherited VCs.

And, also in my FirstVC should have another separate ActionSheet with its delegate method. This is my scenario
Getting my scenario?
And, also in my FirstVC should have another separate ActionSheet with its delegate method. <--- When you don't say information like this....how the hell do you think I can understand what is going on?
It's like people assume that every programming problem has an answer that can be looked up in a textbook....
I mean i need to have more ActionSheets in this FirstVC
So now I've wasted 20 minutes
No, it used in another case for me
Don't think like i'm wasting your time.
I apology for this kind of explanation
Make a question on stack overflow
It's too different than the original. Be sure to show the relevant parts of your FirstViewController
6:22 AM
Sure. I'll do it and paste a link here
And explain what is not working clearly
I don't see anyones images!!!
Reload the page
I have been
and I've been on an off
IT won't work
you're all blank!
If i add one ActionSheet on my FirstVC and implement its delegate method. Then, BaseVC's ActionSheet just showing only. Not fire its delegate method .. clickedButtonAtIndex
6:24 AM
Make a question
make a question why your all blank?
You could if you wanted to, but I wasn't talking about that
6:41 AM
I need something more challenging..
today i started Flow 2.0, thought it would take me until like February.. ill be done like.. next week
and i added a lot. iPad support, new features, iOS 7 support.. its halfway done!
iPad was done basically, move 1 file from my iPad target (into the now universal app) and check if its an iPad and call the code i already made and done
iOS 7 support is just using UIAlertView instead of alert controller, will take me like an hour or 2 to make all of that.. fast 2.0 update
Q: Handling UIActionSheet

PraveenIn my application i should have a common UINavigationBar to hold with 3 UIBarButton items with its actions. So, instead of writting code in every ViewControllers, i have decided to create on BaseViewController which can be subclass to my application ViewControllers, BaseViewController.h BaseVie...

Borrrden i have done a SO question
7:08 AM
Is writing a question with relevant info such a difficult task? Show the part where you actually try to show FirstViewController's action sheet...
In the question, not here
I'm still confused about what you want to do....do you have a button in that controller that shows an action sheet?
And what EXACTLY happens in every case
Write it in great detail in your question. For example "When I push this button X should happen, but instead Y happens"
"X button calls Z method"
7:40 AM
Mail from a new iOS developer: "I actually ended up googling 'sidebar color xcode' because I thought the different colors *meant something*"
Omg Yosemite.
8:31 AM
Yes a button shows an action sheet on BaseVC
@Maximilian You need something challenging? Come work for me lol.
Or try to fix that image disappearing thing so you can see me and borrrden again.
So you want the button to do something different? I said be specific and you are not being very helpful....
For some reason in the past few days my hands are very itchy...
Should I be seeing a doctor...
It wouldn't hurt
Probably something in your new environment
8:46 AM
Maybe my bed sheet as well or something.
Or the humidity, maybe.
Clean your bed more haha
Sometimes my feet get itchy
My wife says it's fleas
And sometimes we use bug bombs in our apartment
Oh wow.
Damn lol.
I'll clean my bed tonight I guess.
Do people in Hong Kong use beds or sleep on the floor? lol
I mean like a futon
On the bed, but the bed is very small.
I meant like the mattress is quite thin.
I like my futon haha
it is an expensive one
My mother-in-law bought two for us
A pink one and a blue one that's a little longer than usual
8:53 AM
Does your back hurt initially?
I prefer fairly firm beds anyway
My back hurts a bit too sometimes :(
Damn, my $90 piece of debugging tool does not work
I have edited my question.
I posted an answer
9:19 AM
Borrrden, it get works.
Ok, now it's up to you to research what I told you. You NEED to understand how this works if you are going to make software.
Okay, i'll do that and post it here.
No need to post it here, just teach yourself and learn about it
Does any of you guys use WeChat?
Okay borrrden. Thank your guidance
Yes, enrico used long ago
In india, today 5-6 states of people will not use their Mobile Data.
9:29 AM
What is WeChat ? o,0
It literally looks no different than the dozen other IM clients out there
Someone just told me to try it.
So I'm trying it out.
I'm liking LINE better.
We are gonna start checking into work with our fingerprint next month :^S
I bet it doesn't work as well as your Touch ID.
Yeah I can just see it now
"Employees must get manicure before checking in"
9:37 AM
We need to be FABULOUS
Why is my view ordering different.
On Xib UIImageView is behind the labels, then when I'm running it suddenly it becomes in the front -_-
Because logic!
┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
But I just did [self.contentView bringSubviewToFront:]
That was really weird... Why would they switch places all of a sudden.
I have a feeling that this is because one of the auto layout weirdness.
10:12 AM
Here's your song of the day:
One of my favourite songs from this guy.
4 hours later…
2:24 PM
There are boxes around your blank images now
but no images!!!!!
and @enricosusatyo ok, send me your jet
2:52 PM
Hey quick question, if I wanted to add payment into my app to allow users to make an in-app purchase, what would be the way to do this? I've looked around and I see that parse.com offers a payment gateway (I use parse.com), there's paypal, and I found something called stripe. What is the standard? Just looking to be pointed in the right direction.

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