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5:00 AM
Im in an android app development class at school
I am going to leave this chat forever if Max starts developing Android haha
It will become a nuclear wasteland of complaining
lmfao, too late
i have no complaints
Android Studio has the BEST code completion I've ever seen
That's because you haven't done anything real with it yet :p
i guess not:P just follow the book which is easy. but the code completion is still amazing
Android's screen size fragmentation dwarfs iOS's
5:01 AM
This is how you make your iPad for a few years.
if Xcode had that kind of code completion, apps would be so much easier to make
(i.e. Engrave your name on it)
:O internet iPad
I wonder if they would engrave mine with "Titty Borden"
Have you used IntelliJ before? That's what Android Studio is based on. It's pretty good.
5:02 AM
I only have wifi ones, i don't wanna pay. one reason why i don't use my iPads as much as i should... i wish i could tester:O ATT hates me
I have not Enrico
"Titty Borden", sounds kinky.
I've been amused by that word especially since zero punctuation reviewed mass effect 1
but i mean Apple needs to buy IntelliJ's code completion because its amazing
And said something like "They let you choose the name so I immediately enter in last name Shephard first name TITTY!!"
For students, IntelliJ is free --> jetbrains.com/idea/buy
5:03 AM
ima make a video, will 3 iPads bend stacked together!?!?1
Max: They don't need to buy IntelliJ, they just need to shove their quick open module to the other parts of Xcode.
well then they need to get right on that
Install this if you really want to try it: github.com/FuzzyAutocomplete/FuzzyAutocompletePlugin
e.g. If you want to auto complete valueForKeyPath:, just type vfkpath, or valkey, etc.
looks nice Enrico
Look at my iPads!!:O
5:11 AM
WebGL is not supported.
Max: I really thought they were going to add that in Xcode 6.
You have so many iPads.
I'm on Safari.
No WebGL??
Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffff sucker
Why do people put such ridiculously basic questions and preface them with "I'm new to iOS programming"
The problem is so obviously specific to the fact that they are new to programming in general
I'm new to iOS programming how do you make an if statement.
"How do I pass objects to other classes?" Give me a break....this is basic required reading
5:14 AM
lol when i asked to join the mobile app class the teacher was like "ok but i won't explain what an if statement is" I'm like LMFAO, if you don't get what an if statement is, you're in the wrong business:P
It's not uncommon
Especially at freshman level
Lots of aspiring CS majors will join thinking "programming is cool" and knowing nothing else
i mean its pretty self explanatory, what else could an if do
5:16 AM
These kids were sitting at a table in the library with me, they are in like Calculus 3, but yet one guy was asking how to make a program to one of the others:O I was like, i can't do that math, and you're very smart, but apps are easy
Smartness is not a linear scale from point A to point B
Programming is pretty much just familiarising yourself with how computer understand things.
It's more like one of those things that scores you at the end of DDR
Or I mean the difficulty...web...thing
Where each point on the polygon is a different factor, and the amount in the middle shows how balanced / unbalanced / strong / weak it is
i really don't wanna do math:P
Programming is just finding a way to do a calculation in a way that produces the result you want
Computer Science is based on math
5:19 AM
16 weeks to learn calc 1, and then on to calc 2... blah. grossnes
You aren't gonna be able to graduate without taking calculus, linear algebra, and others
also one of my fears, complete math in junior college, then have to retake it in college:O NOOOOO
I dropped out of CS once I took linear algebra though lol
It's hard
Calculus is not that hard
Borrrden, did you say you've done Xamarin?
5:20 AM
actually i can (well, from Junior college), calc 1 and 2 are optional, they are 5 credits each (so 5 hours of class a week also) and they are in a category of needing atleast 10. so i can take calc 1 and 2, or take 3 classes of programming/science
Only in passing
science sounds worst than math though:P heat waves and shit. no thanks
Though I'll be mainly doing it at my new job
whats linear algebra
5:21 AM
Here is the list of requirements for a BS in CS at my alma mater -> catalog.drexel.edu/undergraduate/collegeofengineering/…
"Systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, determinants, vector spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, orthogonality, diagonalization, applications."
I don't know what half of that means anymore haha
Ill run from that class
i passed algebra 2, but i really didn't like it
regular algebra is a piece of cake
and i really hated geometry, but i feel like that was because i never studied, and so i had a hard time remembering every little detail
They teach that to freshmen in high school
geometry was 10th grade for me
like you have to do 10 steps to find out 1 angle... grrr
5:22 AM
trigonometry 11th grade
ya i know, i took it already
And I took AP calculus in 12th
and I'm taking trig next semester, then calc 1, then calc 2
I took calc 1 my first semester in college
first quarter I should say
lol, i took pre-algebra B (last half) because i was lazy, then took algebra and then geometry and then algebra 2
oh, i can't because i didn't score high enough on the test, so i have to take trig first
5:23 AM
Seems like a waste of time and money to me
which is normal actually, i didn't do bad on it
What test?
Ok, what do you guys do when someone you just met for 1 minute opened his phone and asked you "Can I add you on Facebook?" and give his phone to you with Facebook app open on the search bar?
before going to college you have to take a test to see which math you can do and which english class
also, brb going to get my parents
Add him
Why not?
If he is a punk then just delete him later
Although lol. nayoso thinks that one reason I am getting mail from recruiters is because I connected with him on LinkedIn
5:25 AM
I have a few embarrassing photos on Facebook.
5:49 AM
Oh man I bored
Jim and Enrico just become friends on facebook!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
what is this <333
6:17 AM
This guy wants to hire me for like $10k
$10k for...how long?
however long it takes me to do the app
Sounds about right
i assume.. he says his company wants to have an app, not app store i think. but for like each employee
so employees use the app to do whatever their business does and it just has to load the page, i think its PDF..
but theres like a lot of files if i recall, idk. he just briefly talked about it and said when i get more time to talk to him
Make sure it's legit
6:20 AM
so ill call him up next week, then ill be able to move out.. and ill have that money forever!:D
Ask to get paid a portion in advance
note: I still have 4k of 11k i made in 2011
oh yes
And write out all the conditions
should i ask for atleast half before?
More than half is not gonna fly
Half is the maximum
It's more professional to ask for payment in milestones
When you achieve a certain level of functionality, you get another payment
All of this has to be in writing before you start
do not be lazy about that
No writing means no agreement
6:23 AM
like just a file written in like Pages, and i write how much i wanna be paid for this and that and then have him sign it?:P
ya i wont, ill need to put off all other apps and finish it ASAP, faster I'm paid all of it, faster i can move out and then finish my other apps and then do another job
Yeah but don't write it like a junior high school journal entry either lol
hmmm.. well then know of any examples that are professional?:P
professional business agreement?
And remember you will be a 1099 contractor
That means you have to pay extra taxes
Here is a template -> biztree.com/doc/…
Also separately write up a schedule with various key functionality and how long you estimate it to take
A good rule of thumb is to take what you think it is going to take, and triple it
Because shit happens always
well... this should be exciting:P
Thanks for this... very important
However, you should check and see if he already has a template like this
As a business, I assume that you are not his first contractor
So he likely already has papers like this
6:28 AM
for an app i think i am
Ehhh, if he has a payroll department then it doesn't really matter what it is for
else idk why he would ask me to make him one:P but ya, he has a big company so he might
They will have filled out stuff like this before. It's standard procedure to try to prevent lawsuits
So what will likely happen is this. You two will communicate about schedule and payment
You will write up the payment and deliverable schedule, and he will draw up papers like the ones that I showed you above
You'll fill them out, along with information for your 1099 tax form
Then you'll get paid. Don't spend it all because you'll need to pay tax at the end of the year. Nothing will be withheld
I spent the first year or two after college doing this kind of work. The good news is that the taxes are not that expensive if you only make 10 - 20k
The better news is that if you have another job, the taxes withheld from that are more than likely too much and you'll just get a smaller refund instead of having to pay tax
haha awesome
oh god, this one app looks so bad
I can't believe  let that on, plain UIButtons, with unicode keys for delete. this guy just wanted to get it out ASAP
mine will probably be the best one
already heard good things on the Bubble keyboard feeling natural and its flexible so its mostly the same code, but atleast its great code
6:48 AM
squeals with delight nerdapproved.com/gaming/…
:O woah
new pair of earbuds already broke
1 day
nope its my mac
dunno why, my sound gets directed to my Apple TV when plugging in earphones now
7:08 AM
My new keyboard is almost done
only have to fix the issue of using the screen width for calculations and use the view width:P Then it should be fine
hmmm... actually it does work
Just the button images look bigger,but all the frames are correctly working:D Hey that was easy
Borrrden.. i can submit this app if i wanted by the end of the night
Holy shit
Im done not getting work done, I'm going to submit this app tonight!
You made this?
Before or after you saw the other guy's? lol
i had the idea over a month ago but i wanted to finish the Bubble keyboard
then i saw someones, and 2 others have came out. all 3 have low ratings
so idk if it really is just crappy keyboards but mines good
ignore the blue line and the green lines, those are borders for me
ill take a new screenshot in like 2 seconds
7:25 AM
I would never type with one hand lol
so ya i probably lost $ by not making it first, but i made the bubble keyboard code so good and flexible that this took me 2 seconds, keyboard supports great deleting (fast on hold unlike many), shift key works perfect, has light and dark modes
i agree
lol, what are you talking about!?!
Unless my other hand was...busy....
7:26 AM
I type always with 1 hand on my old phones
I mess up too much that way
but can't reach the delete key on this phone
too slow
this is the future though
trust me, lots of downloads:D
7:26 AM
So instead I've strengthened my calves so I don't fall over while standing on the train :p
Free 1 week i think to get word out
Ill reserve my trust just yet
ah, idk if i really will be able to submit tonight. keyboard is basically done, just need to make URL keyboard:P
basically done
no need for URL mode on bubble keyboard:P
7:27 AM
that sounds like basically untested
and yes, every key works and all that
so just add a . button in place of the space key... actually won't be that hard
in Cantonese ?
add 1 more view, hide the 3 views and show space, then hide space and show the 3 views. be done in 20 minutes
no. i don't support other than english:P
Well there goes millions of potential customers
oh well
that would be another 300 images:P
7:29 AM
Right less Max trolling and more doing.
actually way more
need 1x, 2x and 3x of each key, in black and white
I just found out that the "n word" (in English) is banned for Japanese broadcast
As well as "Jew"
(in English)
Nick Clegg ? :p
sorry bad joke only english people would get
7:38 AM
And "dutchman"
do you guys have iPhone 6
Interesting...the word "half" in reference to people who are mixed race is also banned. But people on the street use it all the time
No I don't
eh? i hav dutch friends
they cal themselves dutchmen as we call ourselves Englishmen
yes i do
though im using the 6+ as a replacement door
An English sounding word that I can only assume is of Japanese origin is also banned
"Old miss"
It's slang for a divorced woman who moves back in with her parents
Or is that British?
replacement door?
7:43 AM
I cant say i have ever heard it used in England to be honest
7:56 AM
constraints hate me
8:09 AM
Beziers love me
there is to much hate in the world
well this makes no sense:p
ok so for the keyboard, there is the main view and a side view now..
i use visual format so its H:|[mainView(320@999)][sideView]|
so when tapping a button, i remove all constraints and switch them, sideView first, and then the other view still at 320 width.. well if i do that, it messes up and the keyboard goes into the top left corner
if i remove the sideView and have a button, keyboard switches fine.. idk why
ok fixed it, had to add like 4 other constraints. Strange
and enabling the other views breaks it again:P
i don't like this
going to bed feeling uncessful sucks
8:44 AM
@borrrden lol
@Maximilian Are you looking for more contract jobs?
9:34 AM
Seriously, every time I drink coffee I write code 10x faster.
somebody can tell me please why app is crashing on NSDateComponents *dateComponent = [[NSCalendar currentCalendar] component:NSDayCalendarUnit fromDate:[NSDate date]];
in Non-ARC project. Its weird
i have the same power from coffee
but i also stay awake way to late
What is the crash message?
Crikey i havent written any non ARC code in a very long time
Lol me too
I'm glad for that.
9:49 AM
me too :)
high five
NSCopyOnWriteCalendarWrapper: 0x10922ae80>] unrecognised instance
its really really really weird :)
Yeah... I'm gonna need more than that to help you lol
yeah i know. But as i said its Weird so i dont have more info. It does not give more info. Just prints this message and crashes. lol
Anyways i moved from NSDateComponents to NSDateFormatter.
thanks mate btw
This is a really good ad from Apple.
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