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10:57 AM
im having trouble typing as usual
Im ill and at work because its release day
not a happy camper
i was trying to say
Has anyone else found that xcode 6 turns a load of the syntax coloring to white ?
its turned a load of common statements white and im trying to figure out if its xcode being a dick or an intentional "new feature"
all method declreations and if statements seem to be white now
You can change "Fonts & Colors" In Xcode preferences. Maybe the color for method declreations and if statements got accidentally changed?
Ok unix masters, how do I "ls" and also get size of each folder?
11:13 AM
du -sh
Thanks, now I have another problem.
I want to back up my girlfriend's laptop but my time machine is full of old stuff... How can I delete the very old backups (like the ones from 2012 etc)?
Q: Remove unnecessary backups from TimeMachine to get space

myneurI know that oldest backups are removed automatically when there is no space for new ones on TimeMachine. I use TimeCapsule also for sharing files on WiFi, so I’d like to free some space by removing of unnecessary backups: Large files which needen’t to be backed up (e. g. image previews of Ligh...

throw them out.
It seems like that's not answering the question.
sure it is...
Q: How can I manually delete old backups to free space for Time Machine?

Jesper Rønn-JensenI use a Time Capsule for backup and now I want the drive to back up data from an extra Mac. But the drive is filled up with old backups from Mac 1. There simply is not enough space available for the backup for Mac 2. I get this error message when running Time Machine backup: Time Machine cou...

11:16 AM
and if you really want to be pedantic:
A: Remove unnecessary backups from TimeMachine to get space

Enrico SusatyoIf you want to delete a backup from a certain date, there is a solution for that. I saw it from this screencast: Go to the time machine icon on the menu bar, click enter time machine. After your desktop goes into the stars animation, you should be able to see a list of dates of your backups on ...

Really!! Terminal command
It turns out I have had this problem before lol.
you have? maybe it's time to change girlfriends?
It's unrelated I think.
11:44 AM
This is incredibly impressive: themetapicture.com/this-clever-app-recognizes
If anyone is interested, the slides and playground for abizern's FizzBuzz talk are available at downloads.abizern.org/FizzBuzzery.zip
Yeah, I tweeted it this morning Captain.
Since @rage asked for it.
And the funny thing is it's available on iOS + Windows phone first.
Oh thanks Anorak.
11:55 AM
would be nice if Abizern actually showed up here once in a while.
i havent seen him in a long while
i should go to one of the meetups at some point
its long overdue
and captain i want that app
He's been really busy at his new job.
so we got our test iphone 6 plus today
i dont think i could use it as a phone
a dinner plate maybe
frisbee likely
to big for a phone to small for a tablet
i would look a massive tool using it as my music source in the gym
the 6 is bad enough
@Dev2rights It's free :]
the only thing i like about it is playing games on it
12:07 PM
I love my iPhone 6 Plus
it's super awesome.
so you use a 6 plus then as your normal phone ?
and wasnt free i had to pay for it
the "new" apple releases already cost me over a grand
I gave my 5s to the missis and traded up for a pimp phone.
hm see i cant grip it properly when running which means ill likely lose grip of it and throw it through a window
or kill someone
12:09 PM
I don't do any physical activity
other than beating some sense into our placement students
It's a ploy to sell the Apple phone, That way you don't have to carry it.
i mean i could just use another phone install TunedIn on it and use that for the gym
ok Captain you have convinced me to use this "Quake style armour shard" as my phone
at least if someone shoots at me ill have more protection this way
Apple watch, I meant.
ahh good point
i already have a watch i bought over 10 years ago
so i wont want one regardless
I bought a pebble a couple of months ago.
12:11 PM
unless it can make cups of tea and has a tray of buiscuits app on it
morning guys
I haven't worn a watch in about 20 years
No need for them nowadays. Everything has a clock on it.
I'm having an issue with a UITextView. It is intended only for displaying text, so not editable, and the text is longer than the view sizes, so it can scroll. The weird thing is that it's starting scrolled half way through, and I can't find any reason for that to happen
on the same note parkorbird.flickr.com
is that because of that dilbert strip?
or some other comic strip?
xkcd maybe
12:28 PM
12:41 PM
what xkcd is that parkorbird thing
found it
1:05 PM
omg new iTunes logo
im waiting desperatly to launch this project so i can upgrade to yosemite
oh just do it.
no, don't listen to mike
I'm backup up my girlfriend's laptop with time machine patiently
be bold... take the initiative
1:13 PM
Curiosity killed the cat though. I dont think the internet could live with me killing the proverbial cat as it loves cats to much.
I dont want to anger the internet, that's how you get Terminator's.
Anyone else getting constant SourceKit crashes on Xcode 6.1?
1:27 PM
no, I get different kinds of crashes.
Xcode is getting on my tits today.
I am having lots of problems with Xcode search feature
it can't find all the results
Is there a specific god I have to pray to to stop my app from crashing when I make changes to my data model?
I've created a new version and setup the migration options on the persistent store but it still crashes on launch
Is it because you are not updating from the latest Core Data version?
1:41 PM
So if in the store you had Core Data 1.0, then you made changes but you didn't save them as 1.1, then if you update the 1.0 app it will crash because it wouldn't create the automatic migration.
But I assume you did create a new version.
I've created a new version of my model and set it in the model version dropdown
Where are you upgrading from though?
Previous version, or an unversioned version?
what do you mean by "unversioned"
i'm guessing that because I'm asking that, it's most likely unversioned :P
Hello !
Hi, @Loadex
Looks like this question/answer has solved my problems
Q: "Can't find model for source store" occurring during iphone "Automatic Lightweight Migration"?

GregI'm really stuck here with upgrade testing from v1 to v2 of an iPhone application. I have IPA releases that I'm testing via ad hoc distribution via iTunes to my iPhone device, one for v1 of the app and one for v2. Note that: v1 installs runs fine on my device if I delete v1 and deploy v2 (so...

I think that's what you were talking about, @EnricoSusatyo
thanks for the heads up :]
1:51 PM
I need some help about gesture recognizer, it seem like I'm missing something when I'm using them
Can you please take a look on this question ?
Q: Drag and drop prevent multiple item to move at the same time

LoadexI've got, in a UIScrollview, multiple custom subviews which inherit from UIView and which are draggable. Everything works fine with it except that i'm able to drag two or more subviews at the same time. The gesture recognizer are attached to my custom subviews and implemented inside this class. ...

try checking the state of the gesture in your method
if([[self longPressGestureRecognizer] state] == UIGestureRecognizerStateBegan){//etc}
just a stab in the dark ;]
@CaptainRedmuff Yes, that is exactly what I meant! That answer puts it much better than I did.
> At this point it prompts you for the previous model to base it on.
> If youve added a new model without going through this process the lightweight migration may not work.
@EnricoSusatyo I never even knew that you had to set those to be honest. I would have expected Xcode to do it when it generates a copy of the old model
Thank you, saved me a lot of pain this afternoon.
Stabbing in the dark?
whips out a knife
I can help.
@CaptainRedmuff Thanks for your guess, but still, it will be triggered in the same class but in 2 differents instances so it won't work !
2:02 PM
Haha, no prob captain.
Please take a look at this amusing tweet: twitter.com/esusatyo/status/524849528881418241
@nil You call that a knife?
Not really, I call it a human-sized pair of scissors, but that's beside the point really.
nil, No Game No Life is so awesome.
No, Hellsing Ultimate is awesome, No Game No Life has a few good episodes and it otherwise tries to do too much fanservice crap
Granted that Hellsing Ultimate is basically Hellsing fanservice, but that's a different kind of fanservice..
2:13 PM
Once again, I like fan service...
That planet destroyed episode is truly awesome though.
2:43 PM
oh, duh, she is already gone. laaaaaame.
Has anyone ordered a retina iMac yet?
Tempted to go to the Apple store this weekend and fawn over one for a while.
Sam Soffes recently ordered one.
3:03 PM
i keep looking at them and dribbling a bit
then realise that every on release version of a mac product my workmate gets has hardware issues
im waiting till a few batches are released into the wild first
Hi mike
you're there
I thought you were at work
I am
you're not at the apple store looking at the new retina iMac ?
@Dev2rights Yeah. I wonder who long it will be before we see a 2nd gen
3:12 PM
or a 5K laptop
im sure they have all that tech just queued up in a secret warehouse waiting for time to pass
Ahead of Moores law releasing against it
3:43 PM
haha :P
Well, i'm outta here.
Laters folks!
I got free Mac book pro from office
So why should I spend money
Wake up peeps
@Michael How is Polaris company in SF? Is it good?
Max is back
they are incredible
they are the best.
I am
3:46 PM
No please tell me I'm serious
everyone should aspire to work for Polaris...
but only a few people can be part of that select group
Ok goodbye
How how times have changed. #Apple http://t.co/qTRcm4yfYm
Mike tell me
3:51 PM
which Polaris group would you work at? www.polarisinc.com or
The one that's in development or in mobile apps
what's the URL?
I dunno. It's for my friend
are you going to kidnap your friend and take them to san francisco?
She got an offer
So I'm trying to figure out if it's a good opportunity
it's an amazing opportunity
she should do it
Why it's amazing ?
because it's Polaris.... they're the best.
could i get some eyeballs on a SO question? I have a flicker in my animation and it's driving me bonkers
Q: Custom Segue Animation Flicker

oflannabhraI am building an application using UISplitViewController as my root view controller (as prescribed by Apple). However, I needed a custom view for login / management to be displayed prior to the UISplitViewController, so I created a custom UIStoryboardSegue that calls some custom animations. I am ...

3:57 PM
I'm getting this when I try to validate an app
I've just added my account to this team, I didn't set any dev profile in my computer yet
I like your storyboard oflannabhra!
It's polaris wireless in mountain view
ohhhhhhhhh, they're even more famous!
4:03 PM
their glassdoor reviews are all uniformly positive.
hi guys
Hello Avis
How u doing Michael?
I'm doing fine over here...
what are you doing over there?
4:09 PM
thinkin...what if programmers dont have deadline?
they'll be taking a nap in the middle of the day, like I am about to do.
i do that, even we have deadline...
ahh, you're a man of courage and procrastination!
Actually the Japanese think, it's good to take power naps in the middle of the day
yeah, where is @borrrden anyways?
4:13 PM
it's allowed in workplace and schools in japan
@Avis444: are you asking me or telling me?
just sayin...
Im a big time Nap lover..
Fascinates me how it recharges you and how fresh you become... man.. that's kind of a mini heaven
Mini heaven sounds like the place you go when you have been just a little bit good
Kind of like, good effort and all but you didnt make it into Big Heaven
me too...but i prefer nap while sitting :p
4:17 PM
Either that or some very dull Mini owners club in south Lanchashire.
haha, true but makes me wonder.. the big heaven must be soooo boring.. all good people will be there.. no beer and all...
and on the other hand, the real hell must be hugely interesting.. Hitler will be there..
any one know 'MaximBady' youtuber....too funny....
when i wanna laugh...just watch his videos...just hilarious!
so I can't have my email registered for iTunes Connect for 2 teams?
I am on five teams with one email & one apple id.
ive lost count the number of teams im on now
many of which i dont work on
4:32 PM
Michael, I am registered as dev for 2 teams, but I can't add my email to the iTunes Connect account of the 2nd team
is there an error?
Q: iTunes connect will not let me add myself as a user

DarrenI am working on an app in iTunes connect for a client, under their iTunes connect account. I want to add myself as a user so that I can get email notifications of updates in app status. When I try to add myself as a user I get the following message: The email address you entered already belongs ...

4:45 PM
can anyone please go to iTunes connect > Your app and open the Pre-release tab and see if it's working?
5:07 PM
looks like there's something wrong with apple right now
Just 7 reviews for Polaris wireless. Not so good
can you guys login using Application Loader?
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6:43 PM
7:17 PM
I took flu shots
3 hours later…
10:12 PM
ah, so nice and quiet.
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