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4:54 AM
gm to all
5:13 AM
gud morning all devs,@Sport, @KumarKL
gm friends
Gm ot all
GM To All
i m back
5:34 AM
Need your help
for core data migration
no idea about core data
i am use only FMDB
woh bhi 8 month pehla kiya tha
@BulletRaja do you have any idea?
5:51 AM
Please help me out i stuck in core data migration
6:02 AM
@NitinGohel Hi
I have a small doubt, Can you clear that
@NitinGohel How can I pass "&" value to services using one API
Now for remaing characters I am creating one xml string and paasing it using one API(PUT)
Q: Passing special character '&' as input in rest web service

AnandI have a rest web service whose url is "/services/fetchData?id=value&name=value&date=......" In the above if my name has '&' character say 'H&M' then M is ignored. Can you please suggest me how to avoid this situation?

But When I try to pass "&" its not returning successfull message
@Mohit sorry no idea
@Mohit if anyone has any problem pleas esend them on group
Ok sir
Do you have idea about core data migration
@Mohit bhai i am also facing the same problem
@mohit Yes
@Mohit What is your issue?
@satish the problem is we both are getting can't find model for source store
@pankajwadhwa @Mohit What changes you did in "persistentStoreCoordinator" method
in Appdeegate may I know?
and which iOS version you are using?
its iOS 7
changed two methods mentioned on link
You need to add options = @{NSMigratePersistentStoresAutomaticallyOption:@YES,
NSSQLitePragmasOption: @{@"journal_mode": @"DELETE"}
Jus check for this in google
I will tell u
6:22 AM
@Mohit - I know only basics of CoreData
@Mohit @pankajwadhwa Any progress...?
6:37 AM
Still trying
try this
as Satish told u
@Mohit yes i am doing
from the scratch
good guys
keep it up
Ok @BulletRaja Sir
Bye guys will catch u later
6:48 AM
@Mohit ???
ur touchview issue solved???
any doubt
@BulletRaja yes dude again need ur help
So please will discuss it on later
posted on July 30, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS UI Controls,iPad,iPhone,Objective-C     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS UI Controls,iPad,iPhone,Objective-C In the past I mentioned a few libraries that make it easier to test reachability, but unfortunately some issues have come up with updates to the iOS platform. Here’s a nice up-to-dat

As yesterday we had done
ha hahj
6:51 AM
@satish @mohit i have tried doing same in separate project and it worked fine
It will work
i hope now i can manage doing my actual app correct
for iOS 7
6:51 AM
its little different
thanks @satish @BulletRaja @NitinGohel
yep thanks a ton @satish
@satish so please tell us for iOS 7
@Mohit @pankajwadhwa Welcome
6:52 AM
@Mohit why thx to me?
As you are always helping me :)
i also
anyone in XMPP
You and bullet raja both are genius guys in this group
6:53 AM
good joke
Bhai ab kaam hai baad me milate hai bye
u mean to say we don't work
Hii Guys!!!

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