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4:38 AM
gm to all
gud mrng @NitinGohel
very good morning all :)
Gm Every1
@NitinGohel @Leena @Harshad @Nirav @SKT @sanjeet "@aLl" "Good Morning Friends :) :) :)"
@NitinGohel "Jai Shri Krishna Bro.... :) :)"
JSK @iShwar
@pooja_1205 GM
gm to @all
gm to all
GM @MayankPatel @Sport
gud mrng @Sport @sanjeet
Good Morning to all
5:00 AM
Monday is lazy day in a week
wanted to sleep hahahaha
@Yasika GM
my upcoming game
5:04 AM
Gm @pooja_1205
GM to all
have a great weekend ahead
@NitinGohel is it ur new app
using unity rit ?
5:06 AM
Nope simple cocoaTouch
great bhai
@Imran thx
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6:15 AM
posted on March 30, 2015 by Johann

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on our site in the last two weeks. The top resource is an Xcode plugin providing an aciton bar that can be brought up by ahotkey giving quick access to many Xcode acctions, code snippets, and custom actions. Here […]

any one know how to refresh button automatically in ios
without reload viewcontroller
how to reload view controller
no i don't want to reload view controller
i want update only button
you said without reload view controller so i dont know apple provide any code for reload viewcontroller
[self viewDidLoad];
[self viewWillAppear];
i try this
6:26 AM
how do you create button
what do you want after reload button do you want change its text
that i undastand that created programaticully
you have IBoutlate of button
that you can access any where in .m class
so you also can any chagne
at any method
@NitinGohel uploaded in itune ?
yah waiting for review
Congo brother (y)
6:35 AM
free or paid?
will be free
i have so many data I can't change view controller but button text is change dynamically
need quick reply
6:39 AM
every 5 minute change button text
sir if you dont have time then how can i found for fix your issue
for that i was in metting
so what do you want refresh in button
every five minute reload button
data from webservice
condion is that view not refresh
then use NSTimer and evry 5 mint call button IBAction
6:41 AM
but button refresh
sir first think you want refresh button ABAction
that called when button tapped
what do you mean button refresh
button refresh thavu joi pan view refresh na thavu joi
data webservice ma thi ave 6
a bhagavan
taru kay ny thai
Data kya che?
& bija data biji webservice ma thi ave 6
data sena par disply thai che
button na title ma?
6:44 AM
ke UIView ma
to su kyar no Button refresh mandano cho
button ni click even call karavi che m ke ne
@NitinGohel sorry for the interruption...I think he is having more subviews in a viewcontroller and he wanted to refresh data of only one subview instead of all the suviews I think...@MaulikShah is that correct?
he use tableview
he asking for refresh button
he told us data disply in table view
tableview ma so many
ane refresh kali button j karvu 6
6:45 AM
he can not explain what he want
still he is asking refresh only button
@MaulikShah is it possible to share screenshot...so that we can figure out your issue clearly...
use Tag for button
and chagne button value by NSTimer
icc cricket app
6:46 AM
that refresh only button
k thank
i will try
hi @Nitin Gohel
did u know facebook pop framework animations?
never done befor
6:57 AM
ok thank u
7:15 AM
thai gau
i am so happy
Hi Good Morning
good noon
:) kk sry
7:17 AM
I am presenting UIAlertController and not able to dismiss it programaticallly
Q: Trigger UIAlertAction of a UIAlertController programmatically

CharlesAI want to dismiss my UIAlertController with a click on the 'Cancel' button when my app goes in to background. I've set up the background notification with [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(appDidEnterBackground) name:UIApplicationDidEnterBackgroundNotific...

self.datareciever = [UIUtils
alertControllerWithTitleAndMessage:NSLocalizedString(@"Getting data. Please wait...", @"")

[self presentViewController:self.datareciever animated:YES completion:nil];
[UIUtils runInMainThread: ^{
[self.datareciever dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:nil];
Ya i have seen few posts on UIAlertController basically i am stuck in this
it works in login screen and fail to dismiss in home screen
the same logic
might be that is an issue
you are calling another method from another class
use notification Center
for calling method from another class
no i am not calling another class method
1. in my home screen there are few db operations 2. I am starting UIAlertcontroller 3. Start run in background method to run the db operations background
4. stop uialertcontroller
and it doesnt stop
Good morning every! it is 2;23am in the United States of America.
7:23 AM
2.starting uialertcontroller in home screen only*
for smaple i said it works in some screen
@PatriciaCartwright lol you are welcome and very good morning
@NarasimhaiahKolli then why you not self instead of self.datareciever
@PatriciaCartwright Good Morning
@NitinGohel Good morning @NarasimhaiahKolli Good morning!
Does anyone have any experience with in app purchasing?
1. I use self for presenting 2. I call UIAlertController dismiss method on performing db operations
@PatriciaCartwright hi,
7:26 AM
that what i am saying
1.[self presentViewController:self.datareciever animated:YES completion:nil];

2.[self.datareciever dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:nil];
you are calling dismiss method from abnother class
@PatriciaCartwright what an issue
hey datareciever is UIAlertController
but if i dont use self.datareciever also it wont dismiss
if i use only self then also it wont dismiss
I need to know how to add a database as an in app purchase.
database as an in app ?
not getting
1 message moved to VOID
7:29 AM
use pastie for long code past
that have to work
did you got anything warning at Log
when you try to dismiss
@PatriciaCartwright can you pleae explain more
@PatriciaCartwright i sent skype Req to you
I am writing an app where a purchase can be made. When the user makes the purchase, he or she will purchase additional database for the app.
7:31 AM
@NarasimhaiahKolli :i seen
that looks good
ttempt to dismiss from view controller <UINavigationController: 0x7ae32360> while a presentation or dismiss is in progress!
"Attempt to dismiss from view controller <UINavigationController: 0x7ae32360> while a presentation or dismiss is in progress!"
It says like this when i try to dismiss
@PatriciaCartwright ther is some catagorys provide by app like consumable and non consumable
you need to set logic behind that parchase made by use
for additional data adding on existing databae
or you can do by craete statis database
and after parchase you can overrite with existing
@NarasimhaiahKolli you need to use compliation method
What is the difference between consumable sf non consumable?
apple provide very nice documentation :
here it is you find eveythng about in-app
consumable need to use eveytime parchase
Nitin Gohel can you explain it
7:35 AM
@NitinGohel Nonconsumable.
The database is added to the other databases.
@NarasimhaiahKolli [self dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:nil]; use following
[self dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:^{

remain stuff here
@PatriciaCartwright you have to read its documentation that much helpfull to you
I am trying to post some feed to Social Media (FB, Twitter and linkedIn). the image which i want to post is from HttpS url.
i am not able to post it
tel them use http usl instead of https
we want to provide security
7:37 AM
@YSRfan I need to know how to do that too.
so we have created some self signed certificate
may be but not sure
you need to find with your log when you try to post that have to return error for https
@NitinGohel I dont have any other tasks to perform after animation completion
I have to present it and dismiss it
now dismiss uialertcontroller not working
use compliation method that issue you get bcz of something present and dismiss same time
Q: iOS 7 error Warning: Attempt to dismiss from view controller <UINavigationController: 0x1568db40> while a presentation or dismiss is in progress

DarrellI have issue in iOS 7 that does not appear in iOS 6. I have a navigation controller that is displaying another navigation controller to add an employee. This second controller is being presented modally. When I dismiss the second controller either with a "Cancel" or "Done" button, I get an err...

Q: Warning: Attempt to dismiss from view controller <UINavigationController: 0xb359a20> while a presentation or dismiss is in progress

Arun_kIn my Application what i'm doing is: rootViewController -> pushViewController -> pushViewController -> pushViewController -> presentModalViewController From presentModalViewController i want to go to rootViewController Directly. So what i did is : while(theViewController = [theObjectEnumerato...

@PatriciaCartwright did you got the point?
7:41 AM
I will have to read the literature.
@NitinGohel [self dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:^{

remain stuff here
I dont have any other stuff here
I had just finished a few weeks ago working on adding an SQLite database to my app.
sir tis is just an example
you can use completion block for present and dismiss
@PatriciaCartwright humm
will back after 1 hr
1 hour later…
8:51 AM
looking great in new avatar@NitinGohel
lol thx bro
9:07 AM
Hey can anyone tell me if it is possible to mix and scratch audio (.mp3) files that are streamed from server in ios?
sory no idea
ok thanks anyways :)
9:23 AM
Hello all :)
@DrPatience @Viper @NitinGohel hi
Hi @chetu ,Is it possible use Google Analytics to track page index in a scroll view? I doubt it is but I'd would appreciate any suggestions
In collection view some row repeate when i scroll down like ...1 row uimageview image behind the 6 or 7th number row image view image...How to fix this...
@DrPatience no idea about Google Anayltics
@chetu u need to reset the content of cell in cellforrowindex delegate .. since cells are reused in collectionview
@DrPatience hello
for this u need to use observer sir not google analytics
@Viper wat exactly u want to perform ?
hi all
9:35 AM
i want to add functionality like edjing.com in my app.. i am able to stream audio but i am not sure if i can add scratching and mixing in streaming audio
@SKT new profile pic! looking good sir :) and thank you
any one give suggestion for this question stackoverflow.com/questions/13526932/ios-drag-and-drop
@SKT any link or suggestion
@DrPatience thnx
also it will be helpful if mixing option is possible for device audio.
9:37 AM
@chetu u r fetching images from server rit so u need to set its contents to nil everytime a new image is shown
Thanks @SKT let me try it once
@SKT can you please see this ...where i do mistake
@Viper ok
@chetu wait
9:40 AM
@SKT ok
10:10 AM
@SKT ok
i will now thia
10:28 AM
hello can you help me
wat issue ?
How to decide label, button width while working with localisation in ios ?
@SKT i how can create calender the same ios 7 and later with events
can you help me
there is no any library support that
not exist
when click on any day ,, show event the same calendar on IOS native
already suggested u to go with some demo app present in cocoacontrols.com u will get idea
10:40 AM
i see that ,,but not exist my want
u can advice me ?
i download JTCalendar but not completed
cz there is exist calander but without show any thing when click on day
i see that
but not exist any idea about my want
my problem not exist my want,, i want calendar the same ios 7 and later with events
i want click any day show all event this day
on list the same ios native
then open native
in you app
10:54 AM
can open ios calendar native on my application
Q: URL scheme for opening native calendar with specific date

Andras HunorI have found the sample code to open calendar from my app, but i can't open at a specific date. NSString* launchUrl = @"calshow://"; [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString: launchUrl]]; Is there a way to add specific date at the end of the "lunchUrl" string so when the...

@NitinGohel hello sir
@iDeveloper good morning sir
i want the same idea
then use it
that it self Libraray
11:02 AM
it mean no any library about that
must using native ios
and add event
thank you alot
Developer try to found same that he/she doing task
11:04 AM
btw thank you alot
can you ask another
i am trying to solve
lib that not working
kt one
but this qution about ur experince , i don;t need ant solve from google
have you ever use cocoapods
use this for using KT library
@Azar what question about my exp?
hw r u?
@iDeveloper very good
11:11 AM
@NitinGohel sir, do u knw DIvine Desrt?
kaha kho gaye
yah i know her
she is my frnd
ok gr8
she know d answr f mine questn
its she not he
and she is not comes in stack overflow
now a days
11:12 AM
can u pls contact her regarding the following questn
Q: How to receive offline messages in group chat from ejabbered in iOS?

iDeveloperI had implemented group chat, which is working fine. But problem is that: how can i receive offline message when user goes out from group. I had tried, When i set status of user to unavailable from group/chat session, the ejabbered doesn't store messages for that user. And even doesn't store mes...

i cant she is at office
you may contect to @Leena for that
ok sir
@Leena hello ma'am
r u thr??
i think autolayout make help
else set frame of xib'view as par self.view
xib view and self.view both same na
you are using seprate xib
old way of xib
then you can set window frame
@SKT Hey thanks for the link
m creating xib separtly
@Rameswar welcome
11:39 AM
But I am using Xib and all my views are already implemented
if I am going with this code then I believe I have to use a scroll view underneath
which implementing now is a big burden, so are there any other alternatives ?
little bit busy
okay no worries, I'll check out and find something
thanks for your help.. :)
how can add advertisement before any video like youtube with skip button after 5 second
@SKT @NitinGohel
12:01 PM
still u stuck with same problm @Azar
how can add advertisement before any video like youtube with skip button after 5 second
ya i still on custom calender and youtube :'(
i want the same youtube
12:16 PM
u r developer , everything is not previously developed .give some time to find thing whcih help to develop ur app
as far as youtube ad is concerned i dont have idea
12:28 PM
Hi @all, I'm having the issue in dismissing viewcontroller. When the completion of dismiss controller i'm moving to root viewcontroller. At the mean time it shows the previous viewcontroller but it shouldn't. In iOS 7 its working perfect. In iOS 8..No??
Anybdy has any idea??
put your present code when dismiss viewcontroller in side the compliation block
of dismiss view controller
Yes sir i did. How ever its shows lastview controller for some time and its goes to the rootviewcontroller
12:49 PM
@NitinGohel sir i want 2 min
1:37 PM
Hi guys. I am a beginner to OS X dev. I am building a simple app using Swift. The project autogenerate a About MyApp window and it can be accessed under About menu. But how do I modify this window? I found an answer on SO, but its old and not updated with OS X 10.10
how can i implement "invite friend to install the app" in ios
as like android
means "it will look for all apps by which we can share to friends"
is it possible?

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