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4:08 AM
Good Morning :)
Good morning all :)
4:37 AM
gm to all
good morning all
5:30 AM
good morning
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6:42 AM
Gud mrg all ;)
7:09 AM
gud mrng all
have anyone used ffmpeg for compressing video files
7:29 AM
hi all
any body uploaded video on same channel
on youtube?
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8:43 AM
hi @SKT
1 hour later…
9:58 AM
All friends
Please help on the issue .
Q: Sign-In Required Popup in-App purchase issue?

Kirit ModiI integrate In-App purchase in my App, its working fine for purchase and restoring items. But one issue are there, When i purchase the item using test1@gmail.com, its successfully purchase the item also restore working fine. Now, i uninstalled apps from my device, also clear credential from iTu...

posted on March 28, 2017 by Johann

ScrollingCardView is an open source Swift iOS component from Mozilla Mobile for creating custom card views that dynamically resize in height. As the name suggest ScrollingCardView provides scrolling content, and can be constrained to a specific height equal to or less than the screen size. You can customize the background color, corner radius, and also […]

10:41 AM
@VikramKThakor helo
2 hours later…
12:13 PM
Q: Video file compression in swift

pooja_1205I m recording a video and converting it to base64 string to send it to server.But uploading of video is taking a lot of time. Is there any compression library that can be used with swift. I tried bridging ffmpeg but that is creating a lot of issue of missing files. AVURLAsset is not working for ...

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1:57 PM
Q: Use regular expression to find and replace the string from Textfield in NSString

SabsI would like to use regular expression to find and replace the string. In my scenario {3} and {2} are UITextField tag values. Based on the tag value, I would like to replace the respective textfield values and calculate the string value using NSExpression. Sample Input String : NSString *cumput...


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