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Does someone know how to program a container or bucket with swift (sprite kit)?
Help, greatly appreciated)
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4:15 AM
Good morning @All
4:55 AM
Good morning All
5:09 AM
good morning
How can I save currentUser object parse
 PFUser *currentUser = [PFUser currentUser];
[currentUser setObject:@"Sunny" forKey:@"username"];
currentUser always returns nil..
@Mayank @CodeWorrior @ShobhakarTiwari @nitinGohel @Leena
gm to all
GM @SidShah
u cant set some thing like that
if u want to add some thing while creating user table itself u need to assign name and all
then how any example
by using [PFUser currentUser] u can only get details
Do one thing
but How to assign name and all
5:15 AM
[currentUser saveInBackground];
but currentUser is nil how saveInBackground will call
u need to use this at lost so u can save values to your current user
PFUser *currentUser = [PFUser currentUser];
[currentUser setObject:@"Sunny" forKey:@"username"];
[currentUser saveInBackground];
But object is nil none of this value set
Check this example
this is how u need to do
then if this done
u can do your code
@CodeWorrior Ok let me check thanks
5:34 AM
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very good morning ALL
good morning @ShobhakarTiwari @iAnum :)
@Leena GM :)
hello All
5:50 AM
Gm Every1
hiiii @Leena
7:00 AM
are u there
app me push notification chal rah tha achanak ab notification nahi aa rahe
posted on July 02, 2015 by Johann

I’ve mentioned a number of projects providing custom UICollectionView layouts most recently a UICOllectionView layout inspired by the rotary selector seen in Facebook’s paper app called RGPaperLayout. Here’s an open source component from DeveloperLx allowing you to easily create an iOS springboard style interface within your apps called LXGridView. LXGridView is based on UICol

@Sport koi certificate expire to nai hui'
ya update to nai kari
7:09 AM
@Sport check code in appdelegate
is everything fine
mujhe lagta server me to nahi issue hai
hello @sanjeet
code sai hai cha rah tha bhai abhi stop ho gaya
@Sport kuch activity kar ke dekh .. phle
phir se
aa rhi ya nai PN
ha vahi dekh rah server me jake
apns ko ja rah ya nahi
7:16 AM
anyone online can help?
I'd like to know what is good approach for this scenario: updating local notifications every day that have different times stored in array
do I have to use silent notification?
or is there other approaches I can use?
7:41 AM
@user153648 yea say now
@ShobhakarTiwari I'd like to know what is good approach for this scenario: updating local notifications every day that have different times stored in array
do I have to use silent notification?
or is there other approaches I can use?
@user153648 local notification
I am using local notifications it works for notifications for one day but if the app is in the background and my times are not fixed I need them to refresh every day how do I do that?
whr r u
@user153648 have u solved yesterday problm to fire multiple notifcation . ..
yes but not sure if it solved I'm testing it out right now..all I did is replace cancelAllLocalNotications with this UILocalNotification *localNotification = [[UILocalNotification alloc] init];

if(localNotification !=nil)
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] cancelLocalNotification:localNotification];
not sure if this is the right solution
7:52 AM
Hello All
there are two qustion :-
1- how can get all images and followers and following from my account on instgram by objective c

2- how can create tabbar in top screen botton navigation bar and have 7 items.
@user153648 yeah its rit
reason is before firing another one u need to cleaer last one ... so its rit
but in background it lacks
@ShobhakarTiwari I see..thanks
@ShobhakarTiwari yea thats my problem right now how to reschedule in background mode
@ShobhakarTiwari do you know what approach should I use for rescheduling when in background mode?
8:09 AM
2 min
@ShobhakarTiwari take your time :)
@user153648 for background u need to use presentlocalnotification method
read this
i m here
solving my own problems
8:24 AM
okey @Leena
"you can present the notification immediately by calling the presentLocalNotificationNow: method" I don't want to present it immediately I want to schedule the notification
I will check backgroundFetch not sure if this is the right solution..thanks anyways..if you know a better solution please tell me
Hello guys,
Can anyone help me out a bit with Xcode?
any one
8:40 AM
@Azar what is the problem?
1- how can get all images and followers and following from my account on instgram by objective c
how can create tabbar scrolling in top screen botton navigation bar and have 7 items.
Hi All,
I just created app in Parse.com. I want to save image over there. For that I am using below two lines of code,
NSData *imageData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation(self.fruitImage.image, 0.8f);
PFFile *imagePath = [PFFile fileWithData:imageData];
But App is getting crashed here.
Anyone know, why?
8:59 AM
@HassanAlthaf ya say
@Azar google search first then ask here
@user153648 if ur data is comming from server then silent push notifcation or background fetch will be best option
@ShobhakarTiwari my data isn't coming from server but I did background fetch.. in -(void)application:(UIApplication *)application performFetchWithCompletionHandler:(void (^)(UIBackgroundFetchResult))completionHandler - I rescheduled the local notifications
is what I am doing right?
@ShobhakarTiwari i google it
if my queation exist on google , it was ask you
@Azar here is answer of ur 1st question
A: Pulling Instagram images to my app

Cagdas AltinkayaInstagram has an API. You can get user photos using this API with simple JSON requests. Check out this page.

i show this link
bbut not clear i think
so i need other llink
download and run
@user153648 yea
9:13 AM
Client ID.
what is mean ?
@ShobhakarTiwari great!! thanks :D .. one more question how often does background fetch execute? can I make it execute everyday?
u can execute
@ShobhakarTiwari How can I do that?
i know
9:20 AM
u know what i need
coz there is problem
on this library
@Gati full code plz
@ShobhakarTiwari I am currently using this setMinimumBackgroundFetchInterval:UIApplicationBackgroundFetchIntervalMinimum] but I didn't understand how to make it execute everyday
@ShobhakarTiwari "if iOS decides to call your app just once a day or even just once a week than it won't be called more often regardless your minimumBackgroundFetchInterval. AFAIK iOS decides when to call performFetchWithCompletionHandler measured by the pattern when and how often the users start's the app."
@ShobhakarTiwari what if the users don't open the app more often will it not reschedule local notifications?
@sanjeet Thanks for your reply. But I got my mistake. Actually I didn't add application ID and client ID in AppDelegate.
9:36 AM
hello guys
9:49 AM
@user153648 m little bit busy do try to fix these stuff okey!
@ShobhakarTiwari okay thanks anyways
@ShobhakarTiwari needs your help
i am confused about the provisioning profiles
@AppiShinigami ?
actually i am going to live the application
now i want to know that how can i get the correct provisioning cerificate that will allow push noti
i think i need to generate production provisioning profile right ?
10:05 AM
u need to create distribution certi
u have link go through that
means i have two pro profiles in which one have 10 devices for adhoc and another one have 0 devices for apple store so i need to choose apple store which have no devices right?
Any one can help me in Accelerate.framework ???
@AppiShinigami are bhai mere live app k liye devloper wali certi nai chlti .. to generate karna
padega na
are distribution wali
not developer wali
han distribution wali bna
@DayaKevin issue say?
10:11 AM
any1 have any tutorial which guide how ongoing/receiving call be recorded over voip ??
@ShobhakarTiwari I have not worked on this framework yet.. I just want to learn this framework.. can anyone suggest good tutorial to start ??
hi very one
@anandmadhav hi
any body know how to make string as link
i need to share it in facebook suppose i shared it as anand it will show anand as link on face book
10:15 AM
@DayaKevin search for raywenderlich tutorial
hi @ShobhakarTiwari
anyone know about sprite sheet animation in ios
@anandmadhav ya say
10:16 AM
may help you sir
do u know my question
koi toh bolo
u want to show a text should be shown as link upon sharing?
yes @ShobhakarTiwari

10:21 AM
@anandmadhav NSString *shareString = [[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithString:@"message" attributes:@{NSLinkAttributeName: @"http://yourlink.com"}];
@AppiShinigami thnx let me check
this is already a link
@ShobhakarTiwari if i choose distribution profile for apple play store subimition and i generate the ipa then install it to my device will it be get the push notification?
10:37 AM
i have to download image on background more than 10 minute in ios 8 ..but not able to that .....downlaod stop when application goes into background
i enable the background mode
tried lot other ..but no luck
@AppiShinigami no .. adhoc certi use kar
oky but agar apple store vali mai lu aur use live app karu fir muje push niti ayenge hi na?
adhock mai to aa raha hai noti
but jab ami application live karu tab to muje apple wala hi use karna padega na ?
toh kara lo testfilight se
10:41 AM
test karalu test flight se aise na ?
@AKSH bhai max to 10 min hi to deta hai time .. but its totally depend on ios whether it gives total 10min or less than 10 u can't predict exactly
yes exactly ..but i need to do that more than 10 min .....kuch to hoga ..if i m not wrong
@ShobhakarTiwari I have problem in image resizing. i am using this function pastebin.com/fACFRd3J
I am passing parameter width 800, height 530
it gives me exact image
but whenever I save this image in iphone gallery and copy it on mac it shows dimension and size double
please help
10:58 AM
@anandmadhav are you from kolkata ?
@ShobhakarTiwari sir are u thr?
@AKSH background not possible
@VinodJadhav ?
please see my code in pastebin and quection
@VinodJadhav better to use crop
everyone anyone know how to run spritesheet in ios
11:03 AM
@ShobhakarTiwari hmmmm ...may be ..but i need to find a way ....somethign must be there ...welll thnks ...let me look up
A: How do I animate a sprite sheet in Xcode without Cocos2d?

MyNameIsKoI finally found a rather quick and efficient, if unconventional, way of cycling through each section of my sprite sheets without any outside help from APIs. Rather than spending time and power cutting up the image into contexts or individual files, I found that it was more efficient for me to cr...

@ShobhakarTiwari sir image size while save in gallery show correct
but when copy it on computer it shows another dimension
@VinodJadhav do refresh once
sorry fir se batu kya
refresh karo phir se check karo wahi image hai kya
agar resize sahi hai phir aisa nai hona chaiye
11:11 AM
ho sab try kiya hai
@Coder it seems to be center man
@VinodJadhav dont knw exact reason
@ShobhakarTiwari k thanks I will try
11:23 AM
are madhav bhaiya pahchaane nahi kya ?@anandmadhav
11:45 AM
I just watched "What's new in Xcode" and please tell me what is the difference between Instriments Automation tests and UI Tests in Xcode 7
bol bhai kya haal
thik thak chal raha hai bas, or aap bataaiye.
main sanjeet hi hu, system change kiye hai
I don't know why but all I see is some strange words..
actually we talked in hindi language @Dudi
Well that explains a lot :)
12:01 PM
@anandmadhav i think that is not possible. what you asked sometime earlier
i faced this requirement too, but i had not gotten anything related this.
12:52 PM
Antone know how to connect two ios device over internet ?
every thing is possible
will take time
hi everyone
anyone know how to load gif image in splash scree
yap, you are right @anandmadhav
1:17 PM
anyone know how to add gif file in splash screen
anyone here available can help with auto layouts?
2:05 PM
bye bye everyone :)

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