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3:59 AM
hi @BhavinRamani
gud mrng all
gm @pooja_1205
that issue of callout view not solved
if i add a transparent btn to call out view and add action on that to navigate
and on diddeselect i will dismiss that call out
@pooja_1205 removeFromSuperview also not working?
it works
but then in that case if i tap on callout view then it also disappears
does not take tap action
@pooja_1205 In which method you are adding tap gesture ?
when you initialise callout add tap gesture with alloc init.
4:20 AM
in didselect annotation
UITapGestureRecognizer *tapGesture = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self action:@selector(navigateToTrip)];
ok. Is it working now? @pooja_1205
i ll show u the code
Ram Ram 
ram ram..
hello @TheTiger
4:35 AM
good mroning
very good morning everyone out there
@ShobhakarTiwari good morning...
gud mrng @ShobhakarTiwari
@pooja_1205 what issue u facing ?
@NitinGohel Good morning Sir
@TheTiger Ki haal hai Paaji ?
@pooja_1205 Your code is looking right. but don't know why tap gesture is not working.
4:45 AM
@ShobhakarTiwari gm too u too
gud mrng @NitinGohel
@pooja_1205 gm
in annotation custom call out on did Deselect method
i want if calloutview is tapped then it shud navigate to other VC and if touched outside callout view then it shud hide the call out view.
i used [subview isKindOfClass:[MAKRCalloutView class]]
but in this case it never goes to else part
@ShobhakarTiwari Changa ji ... Tussi dasso :)
5:03 AM
@pooja_1205 Is that tap gesture is working now?
no @BoominadhaPrakashM
Change the tap gesture line like below
UITapGestureRecognizer *tapGesture = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self action:@selector(navigateToTrip:)];
And change the function name like below
Check it and tell me whether it is working?
ok @BoominadhaPrakashM
Also, check whether you have added UIGestureRecognizer Delegate
no its not taking tap
it just goes to did deselect
and hides the calout view
5:23 AM
oh okay. I will check it.
what is that callout view?
its a custom annotation view
i hv shared the code above
Yes. I have already seen that.
Check the below link.
Q: MKAnnotationView and tap detection

Log139I have a MKMapView. I added a UITapGestureRecognizer with a single tap. I now want to add a MKAnnotationView to the map. I can tap the annotation and mapView:mapView didSelectAnnotationView:view fires (which is where I'll add additional logic to display a UIView). The issue is now when I tap th...

How is everyone!
5:30 AM
Q: Callout Annotation view is not clickable the center

user2652032I want all my view is tappable and not just leftCalloutAccessoryView or rightCalloutAccessoryView, I also want the center to be tappable as well

ok @BoominadhaPrakashM
Just me I guess ):
@TheTiger mai v wadhiya
@ShobhakarTiwari hi! Remember me?
@BoominadhaPrakashM tap gesture is not working
if i call navigateToTrip in didDeselect then it works
but in that case it does not disappers
5:41 AM
@kermitvomit :0
Kermit Vomit that i only knw
@pooja_1205 didselet and tap gesture both u want to work simultaneously
@pooja_1205 okay. I will check it...
yes @ShobhakarTiwari
only use one both not work
in did deselect i tried to implement both the conditions but it doesnt work
if doesnt go in if case
if (![subview isKindOfClass:[MAKRCalloutView class]])
in this i hv to hide the callout view
Instead of tap can you add invisible button inside the calloutview and add the action for that.
It is just a try.
5:47 AM
i hv tried that also
in that case it does not allow to dismiss
in didDeselect method can i check
which view is tapped
callout or map view
@ShobhakarTiwari @BoominadhaPrakashM
2 hours later…
7:33 AM
@ShobhakarTiwari @TheTiger
Hi Assets.xcassets where is it in swift. ? how can i insert image in Assets.xcassets folder. how can I access from code
@Maid786 At same place where it is in Objective-C
Left side bar of XCode
in Project Navigator
@Maid786 Please don't point to Swift until your question is different from Objective-C
And you can access the image by their name
let image = UIImage(named:"imageName")
@TheTiger ohw shit I found that . it is a very silly mistake . I do not know objective c and swift . I learn swift here only and googling
@Maid786 Hmm Its Okay. But don't point to Swift as your questions are very basic. Which are same in both languages.
purely with the help of you and Shobhankar tiwari sab
You will become Swift developer by your efforts.
7:38 AM
yes I will be
Anyone have some spare time? I'm a bit confused by trying to modify and open source project
7:59 AM
@kermitvomit Hi
@TheTiger hi!
@totoajax You look ugly
@kermitvomit Issue?
@TheTiger I've been struggling with a problem for over 2 days and it's bugging me so much! I'm trying to replicate a function into a different view from this repository (github.com/voisine/breadwallet)
Okay please explain your issue now
There's a function in this view (github.com/voisine/breadwallet/blob/master/BreadWallet/…) called scanqr, but I want to call it in this view (github.com/voisine/breadwallet/blob/master/BreadWallet/…)
I tried setting up delegates, and they call each other, but the function won't work
8:03 AM
@kermitvomit Its an IBAction
what is the relation of both ViewControllers ?
Does an ibaction act differently for delegates?
There isn't a relation.
Well! If you have instance of BRSendViewController in BRReceiveViewController class and scanqr: is a public method then you can call it.
I can call it, but it's not presenting the camera
Yes IBAction is an event which will call on that specific control's action on which the action configured
How are doing?
Show that code
BRSendViewController *vc = [[BRSendViewController alloc] init];
[vc scanQR:nil];
also thank you very much, it's very frustrating for me :)
i called it in viewdidLoad
8:07 AM
You can not do like this
oh, how come
because IBAaction?
Actually its creating a new instance of BRSendViewController and the controls of this View will be nil until its viewDidLoad: get calls
You are doing this in viewDidLoad: of BRReceiveViewController ?
Yeah, just for temporary until I relocate it in BRReceiveViewController
Still same question~ What is the relation of both view?
I'm just trying to get the function working then I'll make a new button
8:09 AM
Yes it will work but in a right way
I don't know the exact term for their relation, but they're in the same container?
hmm, it's not working for me though
These both are different controllers.
it's a paged-based application and one swipes to another
So probably there is a relation b/w both. Like one is presenting the another or pushing the another.
You come on BRReceiveViewController after BRSendViewController ?
8:12 AM
Cool! So you have an instance of BRSendViewController in hierarchy
You need to call that function by that instance
instead of creating the new one
oh hmmm, that makes more sense! Thanks. I'll look that up
It will work then for sure!
I'm excited! Could you point me in the right direction on calling an instance in the hierarchy?
Okay first do it simple, Right now you are on BRReceiveViewController
8:17 AM
So you have created the BRSendViewController before come to BRReceiveViewController
Make a global variable
In AppDelegate
@property (strong, nonatomic) BRSendViewController *sendVC;
Then where you are creating the instance of that viewController .. assign it to that AppDelegate's variable
appDelegate.sendVC = [[BRSendViewController alloc] init];
instead of creating it locally
now in BRReceiveViewController use appDelegate.sendVC to call that function
ok! I'll try it out! Thank you! :)
SO so so much!
8:20 AM
What are you doing after creating BRSendViewController ?
I mean where you are showing that view?
It shows you its UI ?
I'm showing it in BRReceiveViewController?
Could I call a function from that new variable now?
- (IBAction)scanQR:(id)sender function configured with any button in BRSendViewController
And see the last line of this function
[self.navigationController presentViewController:self.scanController animated:YES completion:nil];
It is presenting the self.scanController by its navigationController
so for scanQR, I can have the same settings for in BRSendViewController? or do I need to configure it different?
8:24 AM
So for this ..... this is necessary that it itself should be in navigationController.viewControllers stack
hmm, how come? Because the class hierarchy?
I mean to say that if BRSendViewController is not added/pushed/presented somewhere then it will not present self.scanController
hmmm okay! I'll try it out really quick :)
If you don't need to do anything with BRSendViewController then you will need to write whole code snippet which relates to scanController in BRReceiveViewController view
and then simply write the same function in this view
Presenting a view from any view ... the view itself should be in hierarchy
You are not showing BRSendViewController anywhere according to you
ok! I'm just trying to call it from SendViewController because it has a lot of functions relating to when the photo is actually captured
8:30 AM
Then you need to scratch the code :)
The library I linked is a public repo and not mine. I'm just playing around with it on my own. In mine I have BRSendViewController imported
Yes @pooja_1205
hv u checked it
@pooja_1205 set calloutview.userInteractionEnabled = YES
and try
8:45 AM
also remove the userInteractionEnabled in distance label
this also doesnt work
i tried transparent button also
only 1 out 2 task is done
either i can navigate or i can dismiss the callout view
9:00 AM
you are navigating to some other view controller right.
then why you are worrying about whether the callout view gets dismissed?
if the user tap outside the callout view
then it shud hide
outsize the callout view means tapping on mapview right?
if i touch the pin then callout shud be visible
if pressed on callout then it shud navigate
and if tapped outside on mapview then it shud disappera
yes right @BoominadhaPrakashM
okay. understand
9:11 AM
@pooja_1205 can you create a sample project and send it to me.. So that I can check your code completely
by running the code
ok @BoominadhaPrakashM
2 hours later…
10:48 AM
Guys, anyone here?
yes @Praveen
Have you worked with Tabbar with custom icons?
I've 3 tabs in my app where selected tab icon has to be in UIImageRenderingModeAlwaysOriginal render mode. But, this isn't working in iOS7. Selected tab icons are changed to blue colour
so you want to change image for selected tab am I right?
10:56 AM
hello @MonishKumar
@BhavinRamani: one small help
I am using a scrollview to display list of images horizontally and adding tap gestures to each imageview in a scrollview. but the thing is when the content size of scrollview changes the tap gesture is not recognizing... any idea please let me know
Is there default images in storyboard?
func addAnimalImagesToTheScrollView()
var x:CGFloat = 5.0, y:CGFloat = 5.0, width:CGFloat = scrollView.frame.size.height, height:CGFloat = scrollView.frame.size.height, gap:CGFloat = 20.0;
let images = getImagesAndAddToArray()
for index in 0..<images.count {
let animalImageView = UIImageView()
let rect = CGRectMake(x, y, width, height)
animalImageView.frame = rect
animalImageView.image = UIImage(named: images[index])
animalImageView.userInteractionEnabled = true
animalImageView.contentMode = .ScaleAspectFit
No no Default images
@BhavinRamani: Above is my code I written for it
ok, let me see.
10:59 AM
@BhavinRamani I've fixed it through this
great :) @Praveen
@MonishKumar In any imageview tap is not working?
@MonishKumar Check this link
it might help
@BhavinRamani: Untill I didnt Scroll its working when I scroll the view more images will come If I tap on any one its not working
11:08 AM
@BoominadhaPrakashM: Okay
@BoominadhaPrakashM: Not working
@MonishKumar In many links I found that take button instead of imageview
Okay let me try that too
i hv created a demo
11:28 AM
give me the source.
@pooja_1205 oh good
Is anyone familiar with how to add In-App Purchase for unlocking new features in an iOS app???
hw to provid eu the source code
what is the size of the project?
github not working
11:33 AM
197 kb
Yep. Upload the source in dropbox and share the link.
its working... I did a small mistake.. :)
@MonishKumar: what mistake you made?
@MonishKumar Is it working now?
11:37 AM
inside the tapgesture action I was giving the frame of the copyImageview to the frame which the imageview is added out of bounds
@BhavinRamani: Yes
its working
@MonishKumar Okay. Good to hear :)
any other option
to send it online
send me in email
my id boominadhaprakash@gmail.com
send me in email
11:45 AM
@pooja_1205: okay
12:00 PM
@pooja_1205 it is crashing because of the below reason.
reason: 'Storyboard (<UIStoryboard: 0x7ff330505d90>) doesn't contain a view controller with identifier 'travellerProfileTVC''

Can you fix and give me the updated code.
@BoominadhaPrakashM just comment it
or u can just remove travellerProfileTVC file from the code
@pooja_1205 I have put this line [subview removeFromSuperview]; in else part
callout is hiding
wen it is hiding
it shud hide wen touched on map view
12:06 PM
and wen touched on callout view of the pin
then it shud call navigateTotrip method
@pooja_1205 Kitna bolti ho tum
What is constraint
i m looking for simple defination of constraint
12:21 PM
have you seen it @pooja_1205
this is what the problm is
if touched on callout it goes to else
but if touched on map view outside callout
it shud hide callout
@pooja_1205 you have make MAKRCalloutView which is subclass of UIView which have to be subclass of MKAnnotationView
I told you to see DXAnnotationView :)
12:29 PM
yes i hv seen that @BhavinRamani
Now I think you have to recode for MKAnnotationView class
for wat @BhavinRamani
it create a subclass of it
you have to make subclass of MKAnnotationView not of UIView
@pooja_1205 I am checking.
1:08 PM
@ShobhakarTiwari @TheTiger pastebin.com/BdtbZnjS please check that.
@Maid786 Have you connected button's IBOutlet in XIB?
Make sure btnBackLogin and image should not be nil
I paste back image on asset folder and access this images with the help of four line . first two lines are global variable and last two lines put on viewDidLoad(). please let me know what i need to change
Q: Local Notification don’t update firedate on manually updating time

RinkuSuppose I have created a local notification at 4 pm and the current time is 2pm. After creating I changed the time to 3.59 pm. But it do not fire after 1 min, rather it fires after 2 hour. I checked by changing the timezone (System, local, default)but the behaviour remains same. func registerLoc...

need help on this
I paste back image on asset folder and access this images with the help of four line . first two lines are global variable and last two lines put on viewDidLoad(). please let me know what i need to change

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