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4:17 AM
Good Mornings :)
good morning :) @AshishKakkad
my app got rejected because apple 10.6 guideline
No idea
while sign in using google + it opens safari first
I think leena told you yesterday.
yes after that I have asked query to them
apple review team
4:20 AM
Good Morning
why they only reject for google+ and facebook
then I got following response
You can use POPup to open facebook
Thank you for your correspondence. With regards to your questions, users should be able to log in to Google + without opening Safari first, regardless of the presence of other apps present on the device. This is not the case for Facebook login.
No idea for Google +.
yes I know but as per their reply I think no need to change facebook functionality
is it right?
4:48 AM
GM @ll
gm to all
any one used citrupayment getway
GM To All
@Sport No yar :(
is it possible to convert hindi numbers to english numbers like ९१६ to ९१६
९१६ to 916
hi @NullPoiиteя
5:03 AM
@NitinGohel you just revoked my access ? great
i added here you as well
i revoked for room releted things
dont take this personally buddy
Any one did Pubnub integration for car solution project ?
like uber and all ?
5:46 AM
Q: Send Strings From RPI to IOS using bluetooth

ZealousAm sending strings of data from my RPI to android device using a python script.Am using RFCOMM protocol for communicating with android device continously, and it works perfectly. import bluetooth sock = bluetooth.BluetoothSocket(bluetooth.RFCOMM) sock.connect((host, main_port)) sock.send('examp...

any idea, any one ???
evrybody Goooood Morning :)
good morning :)
6:03 AM
good morning:-)
6:24 AM
Goood Morning :)
@Leena how r u LEENA
i am good @ShobhakarTiwari
6:45 AM
i want to create like this .buttom of the viewcontoller
what is best to use uitableview horizental or uiscrolleview
when there are more than 3 same UIControlls are to be created
7:19 AM
hey can someone please help me in this stackoverflow.com/questions/32963570/… ?
@NitinGohel @AshishKakkad any suggestions ..?
for above question
@ShrikantKankatti you have to reload your tableview
on - or + button click
yes i did after adding and removing
then what is the issue
this value in side the array
liek 1 to 200 with seperat index
i e. i explained each and every step in question with my attempts
of ans
can u please post ur ans to this and what m doing wrong..
i can not understand the issue how can i post
7:35 AM
manage a dictionary that will b easier
8:29 AM
hello everybody
@Leena how are you? i brushed a lot of times ;)
i am good
you say how are you ?
i said that
8:47 AM
Am I the only one that is experiencing itunesconnect running extremely slow?
8:58 AM
can anyone tell me which is the best database lib for ios
i had used fmdb before ....but is there any better lib for that?
@ketanchauhan ????
@warzone_fz realM is new thing for database
else use CoreData
core data is not easy
@ketanchauhan can explain why
compare tutorial of sqlite and core data..
9:05 AM
@ketanchauhan core Data IS BEST
ok use it.. as ur wish
thank you for info
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10:26 AM
11:02 AM
11:32 AM
hello friends
good eveng
i have an issue
i want to add page view controller in place of swipe gesture
Q: UIView automatically reset to old frame after setting value from DatePicker to UITextField

Nitin GohelFacing strange issue in swift. I making one demo that contain registration form and create on UIView in storyBoard and when user select Date TextField I am open this view using animation using following code: UIView .animateWithDuration(0.3, animations: { () -> Void in self.viewD...

stange but true
12:07 PM
@NitinGohel its due to scrolling i guess
@ShobhakarTiwari ther is no scrollview
static textfiled
hello guys :)
was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I have a logic I had implemented in objective - C but I'm having troubles converting it into swift
here is the code pastie.org/10463756
@NitinGohel @ShobhakarTiwari Hello could you kindly have a look please
@DrPatience :( give some time . i m not going to convert this

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