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4:19 AM
@user2417281 hi
i need to fetch all contact and send them on server.but problem is when i edit any contact, how to detect it
@Coder good Morning
@All good morning
@iDeveloper Hi Very Good morning bro
@Coder Do u have any idea about @user2417281 issue
4:26 AM
@Gamex hello
@Gamex vgm
Hello @iDeveloper
@Coder ??
i have a one to do app with local notification ,so want to check is task is complated or not ?
4:28 AM
@user2417281 i think in which screen you are listing all contact. .You have to implement one refresh functionliaty . .if any one is updated than it will replace...
@user2417281 i dont think that we are getting any notification that contact is updated
can i select and match data using single query
i have a one to do app with local notification ,so want to check is task is complated or not ? @Coder
@coder can i select and match data using single query?
@Gamex what is the issue in using uilocalnotification??
@iDeveloper , want to check task is due or complated
4:31 AM
@user2417281 i would like to suggest that.. get all contact and replace with it new list... if you match than may getting some issue.. . But if any add/remove/edit done that get all new from contact list and display it. . .Remove existing list
new to ios
Gm to ALL
@Gamex better u can use NSNotification
@DhavalBhadania vgm
@Gamex whenever your task is completed, u can post NSNotification
4:34 AM
sorry for the silly question but how would know task is complated or not? @iDeveloper
@Gamex which type of task ?? like calling web service ??
May i know, what is the task?? @Gamex
i have a to do app ,when i create one with title name and date and time
it will store and display in tableview and fire notifiction on set time
@Gamex you can schedule your UILocalnotification
whatever the time u had schduled, notification fires
4:37 AM
which shows task completion.
@coder can i select and match data using single query?
ok it's mean when notification fire it's mean task completed @iDeveloper
@user2417281 i havant done it yet. IF you get the updated result using single query. But what about remove and add new contact . So i suggest get all contact again from contact list and display that one in list . Remove old data from list. It will not take too much time.
@Coder it's simple to do app
@Gamex the notification fires at scheduled time.
do u have any task after notification??
4:49 AM
we can handle on notification alert with two option complated or not @iDeveloper
ok..so any idea for that @iDeveloper
on notification delegate, you can add alert with two option
thanks a lot for your time ...@iDeveloper
4:52 AM
thanks ...@iDeveloper
u welcome buddy @Gamex
@coder can i select and match data using single query?
gm to all
@NitinGohel good mrng sir
gm sir
5:01 AM
@coder can i select and match data using single query?
i need to compare all feilds of table and if change then update it
i am uisng sqlite, plaese tell me query
5:15 AM
@NitinGohel gm sir
gm maam
@DivineDesert gm maam
@NitinGohel gm sir
@DivineDesert gm maam
@DivineDesert @NitinGohel @AppleMap Gm have a nice day :))
@IronManGill gm sir
@Yohan hi
5:18 AM
@Leena for you too GM :))
@iDeveloper s......
@Leena maam gm
hi @Yohan @NitinGohel @IronManGill @Coder @AppleMap @Mayur gud mrng :)
@IronManGill gm sir
@Yohan gm sir
@Leena gm maam
@Yohan sir??
@iDeveloper no non no no am not sir am just kid
5:19 AM
@iDeveloper @IronManGill @Yohan vGM
@NitinGohel no non no no am not maam am just kid
All r here sir n maam
@Leena maam gudmrng!
5:20 AM
@DivineDesert you copied ?:-p copyrights 2014
@DivineDesert this rule is by @NitinGohel
@iDeveloper next time mam kaha hai na to ignore list main dal dungi
@Leena vGM MAAM
no maam
5:21 AM
@DivineDesert will add you to ignore list
@Leena There is only one rule here, that there is no rule
'bt pls first confrm by @NitinGohel sir
@NitinGohel pls help me
@Leena My pleasure mam :P
@Leena Hi maam :)
@iDeveloper hello
@IronManGill hi sir
5:26 AM
one more time n you the person will go in my ignore list
@Leena maine kya kiya ? :O
better dnt add mam after my name
@Leena Oh gosh Im so sorry ... I dnt knw u were so influenced by the word maybe reminds u of ur school days and some khadoos maam :D ... what do i add then ... there needs to be a title rite :D
Sab @Leena mam ka kaha manenge :P
5:33 AM
done @DivineDesert gone in my ignore list :P
@Leena hi ha ha
so sad every one has become against @Leena :-p
@Yohan Not true... I am not against @Leena :D
hi all
@IronManGill :-p lol!!
5:37 AM
can you please help me, my appstore app using coredata, on new version of my app has used the new attribute, so my app crasing when update new one, so is there any alternative to without deleting old of on mydevice
hi help me any body
you need to add that attribute programatically
how to set the back ground image in UITableview for ios7
tableview ?
or cell ?
tableBackgroundImage=[[UIImageView alloc]initWithImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"dash-bord-bg-small.PNG"]];


[weeklyTableview setBackgroundView:tableBackgroundImage];
iam writing like this
5:39 AM
@DivineDesert can you please give any reference link
this working fine for ios6
but it is not working for ios7
it wont work like this @user3222991
ok tell me
how to write for ios7
@DivineDesert u there?
cocoapods rocks
@NitinGohel hi
can you please assist my concern
5:51 AM
@NitinGohel tara karane aje main DD ne ignore list maa nakhi didu
@NitinGohel use bol remove kare :@
@user3222991 wait
kya remove kare
bhai yeh mera apna opinioun he ruls nahi he group ka
me sab ko sir or mam manta hu
chahe woh apne se bada or chota kyu na ho
@srinadh what is your concern
ios sdk fetch logged in user details using accounts framework in twitter
i think you need to setup like facebook we did
i need to register user in app using twitter, so i need to fetch data
@user3222991 are you getting white bg ?
so first implement willdisplaycell
and set clear color to cell bg
@DivineDesert can u understand my problem?
i dont want to display uitableviewcell image
6:08 AM
yeah I know what is issue
try once
i want to display UITableview background image
@NitinGohel my issues is my appstore app using coredata, on new version of my app has used the new attribute, so my app crasing when update new one, so is there any alternative to without deleting old of on mydevice
@user3222991 if your cell is having white bg then how will your table image will be displayed ???
5 mins ago, by DivineDesert
http://9elements.com/io/index.php/customizing-core-data-migrations/ @srinadh
do data migration @srinadh
so how can i write?
tell me plz
I pointed you you try once
6:10 AM
@srinadh sorry i have no idea about it
thanks you
@DivineDesert sorry for the late reply im seeing, thanks for your glad help
@everyone HI
@all hello
Q: combine two images and get one image but app crashed due to memory pressure

ChandreshKanetiyaMy app is crashed due to memory pressure. In my app, I have combine two images and get one image and set this image in UIImageView using this code. + (UIImage*)imageByCombiningImages:(UIImage*)firstImage withImage:(UIImage*)secondImage { @autoreleasepool { UIImage *image = nil; ...

6:19 AM
is that possible to write a script which automaticallu check an url to get update
just like for example stock price
posted on April 18, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS UI Controls,iPad,iPhone,Objective-C     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS UI Controls,iPad,iPhone,Objective-C One major issue that arises with iOS apps that use photos or contacts is that the user needs to give permission, and if the user declines to give access they will later need to go into set

6:44 AM
@ALL nyone there
is that possible to write a script which automaticallu check an url to get update
just like for example stock price
you can set NSTimer
in runForloop
setting time interval that you want in NSTimer and calling the URL webservice that you want
each time
i need to write an app stock price type ...which need to get the update from diffrent urls ... i camn do this manuly after a certain perion of time nd update my database on server ...but by question is ..is this posiible that a script run on server after equal interval nd get the update from url specified..
@nitin gohel
@NitinGohel ..sir basicaly i need to make an app which if possible can download the "EARNING CALL" of diffrent company automatically nd store it on server...or i need to do this mannulay
that upcoming url that from server
you just need to parse
this json
and get value
7:04 AM
@NitinGohel actualy i dont need the value xactly .. i need .. like i can search webpage for link(live streaming link ) on a web page and download that video or audio automatically ...
i dont think that possible
thats i want to knw sir .. search a lot abt it ..but dint get nything like that
mean i need to maintain my server data base manulay ...script cant do this automaticalyy .
good morning from italy :)
@AKSH i dont think so
@NitinGohel ..ok ..thnku for time sir ...
@NitinGohel now its get easier for me ...:)
7:15 AM
enjoy sir
@NihitGohe one more question .. any how if i get the all urls on a webpage(actualy i hv an idae to get the links on a webpage) ..in that case .... is this posible by using a script to downlaod the video or audio
from webview load webpage from url
i knw only donwload image
but i did not try like that when you click on url and if you get that particular url than you have to able this download
@NitinGohel.... in case of image ... image downlaoded automaticalyyy
@user2417281 hello
7:27 AM
my database get locked each time i run a query
@user2417281 get locked ...i dint get ur point
each time i run any query, returned result is 5
@abhi you have write access
7:49 AM
i ma opening and closing it multiple times
@Leena can you please give me write access please
@NitinGohel yes why not
first will remove you as owner
then will give you right access
8:07 AM
Where is your bottleneck, reading the contacts, inserting in database ...? — rafaperez yesterday
@Leena sure Maam
8:38 AM
:D :D :D
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msg transferred :)
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@NitinGohel r u ther
@Kani yes''
10:13 AM
@NitinGohel r u ther
Hi all
how to differentiate the images for iPhone4 and iPhone 5?
mean assets
i want to display an full image 320x480 and for iPhone 5: 320x568 .
i am having the two images
what could be the naming convention for both the images.
@YSRfan naming convention
for 3.5 set image.png
for 4inch set image@2x.png
for retina set image-568h@2x.png
thanks yohan
10:24 AM
it will adjust automatically and you ve to set as imageNamed:@"image"; don specify it as .png or any
@NitinGohel hi
hello sir
i tried the same
it is not working
@YSRfan this one method only am using its working
actually for what u setting image
some help overlay
10:33 AM
@NitinGohel u thr ?
yes sir
hi all
Q: Event listner in uiwebview selection movement

SenthilkumarI'm viewing html file in UIWebview. We select text (hold) following code to race for selection(first time ). [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(isSelectionMenuVisible) name:UIMenuControllerWillShowMenuNotification object:nil]; After that I drag the select...

10:49 AM
@TheTiger welcome
@DivineDesert Thanks 
@TheTiger hello sir :)
Hi ;)
@TheTiger Hello
@TheTiger ki haal sir ... aajkal kahan ? aur hamara bajaj ?
11:04 AM
@TheTiger Sir.... :)
@Leena Hello
@Harshad Hi
@IronManGill - fine dude ;) You say
Bjaj bhi yahin hai
@TheTiger hehehe badia hai ... soch raha hun aapke sharan mein wapis aa jaun ... garmi badi hai yahan :D... aur kya baat hai motoshoto g ;)
ha ha
Moto G is mast
gm @TheTiger sir
@NitinGohel GM ? Ok Good Morning 
11:17 AM
here is morning so
@NitinGohel in abroad i think :_))
nope in india
12:06 PM
@all hi good evening
I need to fect logged in user data using twitter api.but i am not able to get user information except user id and screen nam.
12:22 PM
Can i do this using twitter api
@user2417281 sir can you plz do some effort to donwload this demo and check ones
@NitinGohel hi have u worked on background fetch in ios
what an issue
can i fetch user birthday??
i need some help to take correct approach to implement background fetch as i read a lot about background fetch but not still not so much clear. sorry if i ask some foolish que..but i need to clear on confusions
12:30 PM
you can put process in bg max 10 mint
can i fetch user birthday using twitter
ok have u read about new functionality of background fetch in ios 7
1:03 PM
@NitinGohel bhai kese ho
apse ek madat chahie
Do you have any link to draw bar with zooming functionality that will work for ios7
Any body has any idea please share any demo project or links please
draw bar?
yes bhai, bar graph
core plot help for doing this task
Q: Bar Graphs in iOS app

GötzeI want to plot a bar-graph in my application. How should I do it exactly ?(I have no idea in Graphs). Please suggest some steps to start with and go on. Thanks

like this
i did not done this but above link might be help
1:14 PM
but with zooming functionality. can we do with out using coreplot ?
I think we can do that check sample code @Rinku that core plot provide
coreplot is very vast . I have used quartxcore for line graph but not bargraph
pinch zooming was enabled by default in CorePlot.
@DivineDesert with coreplot lot of things we can do. but as per my knowledge is it very vast. have you used coreplot ?
1:17 PM
i did not used but that make i think easy
check this as well
I used long ago
@NitinGohel then it is good. lets me do a rnd on coreplot.
@Rinku it is heavy and adding it to project is headache
using pods
not sure if they improved it
I tried 3 years ago
1:18 PM
ha.. ha
that make very easy to adding in any thirdparty
in to our working project
I know how to use pods but I dont prefer using it
@NitinGohel hav u used coreplot ?
1:23 PM
Thanks both of you. I will do it on monday. Happy weekend to all
@NitinGohel bhai hello
@SaadChaudhry hibhai
how are you
fine buddy
1:34 PM
am good :)
@NitinGohel hello
1:46 PM
u say
@Leena yes MAAM
nothing nitinva
going home byee
2:02 PM
me to
ba b ye

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