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Good Morning @all
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Good Morning 
Ram Ram 
Good Morning all
 Ram Ram Tau 
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Good Mornings :)
Hello Good Morning
good morning @SidShah
Gm @Hiren
gM @all
How are you ?
Good morning!
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@iAnum very good morning ALL
Good morning :)
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@NitinGohel @Leena @TheTiger @Harshad @DhavalBhadania @Coder @ShobhakarTiwari @sanjeet @MaulikShah @Anjan @preetam @SumitSharma @ALL "Good Morning Friends :) :)"
@NitinGohel @ShobhakarTiwari @iAshish "Jai Shri Krishna Brosss :) :) , Radhe Radhe :)"
@TheTiger "Jai Shri Ram Broo. :)"
good morning @iAnum@iAshish@iShwar .... all
@iShwar gm. Jai Shree Krishna.
@asmitaborawake gm
gm to all
good morning @TheTiger @iAshish @iShwar @iAnum @ShobhakarTiwari @NitinGohel @sanjeet :)
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@iShwar Radhe Krishna
@Leena mrng
@NitinGohel mrng mrng
gm @NitinGohel@ShobhakarTiwari
goods mornig
@Leena gm
@asmitaborawake very good morning
@asmitaborawake ji gm
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@iShwar @Leena Khush raho
ha ha ha vgm @NitinGohel ji
Gm @Leena @iShwar @All
@TheTiger bas apki kripa hai
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jai ho
@NitinGohel done
How are all ?
@PremKhetani chunga jee chunga ..tussi dasso
asi bhi chunga :) bus ithe to internet di wat lagadi si to evey baithe hai :)
@ShobhakarTiwari ?
autoresize issue
5:45 AM
Good Morning All
5:57 AM
@Leena @NitinGohel
@ShobhakarTiwari oh ok
using catagory ?
@Dhruv hi
@NitinGohel I need to create a customer on stripe account and save his/her card details on it. I'm not able to get the exact way how we can we do it from iOS ?
you mean creadit card details
check this
6:02 AM
Yeah, I checked almost all the docs from stripe. But none of them clearly provide the documentation on how to store card details from iOS. They have given code for backend like PHP, ruby etc.
here is the documentation how to use
Why so serious?
Q: Store Credit Cards in App

jacobronniegeorgeWhat is the best way to store credit cards in an app? I will be processing payment using Stripe API. Reasons: 1. Eliminate customer having to type in number every time 2. Easy one click payment

Don't do that :)
6:09 AM
So stripe stores credit card info for security purposes. Developer is not allowed to do that I think
If any payment gateway stores the credit/debit card details that means they have rights to do so. They have signed many papers that they would not cheat any person. So they are doing things legally but they can not give user's card detail to developer as anybody can misuse. So Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Authorized .Net etc. have signed contract with government and banks.
stripe provide nice documetation how to use
Your App can store card detail but you will have to more law work. An advocate can suggest better.
@NitinGohel sizetofit
oh ok
6:17 AM
@NitinGohel and remove numberofline = 0 it working
Hey guys, having an interesting problem.
@David ?
Ha ha
6:19 AM
@TheTiger Yes, that's why I need to store details on stripe.
@iAnum I can't store it on my side.
@PremKhetani bella mat baitho ..idhar question ka answer do :)
I can create create token from iOS end, but rest things are handle from backend side.
@Dhruv i already given
You can create create token from iOS end
link that well expain all things
6:20 AM
why you not following it
Yes, I was actually replying them :)
I am using github.com/mutualmobile/MMDrawerController for having a side view controller. I have two other ViewControllers, A and B, that have another ViewController, C, as their side view controller. Since both A and B use C, I decided to use the same instance of C for both to save memory.
I decided I didn't need to instantiate C twice, one for A and one for B. A is my first ViewController... I can work with C no problem there. Then, when I use a Segue to get to B, I can use C as well and even see changes made to it when it was in A because of course it is the same instance.
I saw the docs and also sample code from stripe .
BUT.... when I go back to A via dismissViewController (I'm dismissing B)... I don't see C anymore. It is black... like it isn't there.
Is C being dismissed as well when I use dismissViewController?
6:27 AM
@David Try to find in your sample where and how the developer is attaching the side viewcontroller
I attach it as such: drawerController = MMDrawerController(centerViewController: centerViewController, leftDrawerViewController: leftViewController)
It is the leftViewController
This is just a function
go inside the body of function and find how he is attaching the C with A
It adds a childViewControlle
So, it says C becomes a child of the MMDrawerController, and then it says that C has moved to the parent controller, which is MMDrawerController
I'm guessing that C has a new parent.
So when I go back A, I see that C is no longer there because now the MMDrawerController containing B is the parent.
@David What I know about this controller is that, it everytimes create a new controller with navigation when u select an option
Just dig into Main controller implementation. There are cases handled in selectrowatindexpth:
6:51 AM
@ShobhakarTiwari i want to make cell size to be dynamic based on the content height in the contentview of uicollectionviewcell. Need proper autolayout constraints. Without specifying anything like cellsize in code
@Rakii create a custom cell and and add suggested constraint and then register this cell in your code ..
@David u should check stack for this
i guess vc gets released
@ShobhakarTiwari I used println to see what happens when I ask for C in A once I dismissed B and it seems like the MMDrawerController still considers the same instance of C to be its side view.
@ShobhakarTiwari am using this in storyboard and i need dynamic cell size
@David when black screen appears when u dissmiss rit so better to chek whther vc is alive or not
folks.. i have a question regarding api environments
6:56 AM
@Rakii then follow randerwich tutorial for customcell
@SeriousSam ?
So i have this rest-post-api endpoint which works in postman, but doesnt work in the simulator.. i have added all headers, authentication parameters etc.. but no luck
any clue why it could not be working?
@ShobhakarTiwari Thats for tableview and cant find any tuts for "collectionview" with "dynamic cell size"
@ShobhakarTiwari I know it is alive because when I go back to B it is still there unchanged in all of its glory.
I can call methods to it from A without any crashes... I just don't see it because well, it isn't there.
hey guys, I'm trying to do this: stackoverflow.com/a/27994209/1881749 but it's not working
anyone know why that might occur?
7:18 AM
ah nvm stackoverflow.com/a/19417575/1881749 worked for me :)
Hi All
I have a query that Can i get the device token if notification is not allowed by the user?
That device token is only useful for Apple's sake when sending notifications. If you need to uniquely identify the device, you can generate a token for it yourself, send it to your server, verify that it is unique, and then store it. Pass that token whenever you need to know what device that is. The only problematic thing you run into is making sure that the user doesn't delete that data.
Maybe store it in the keychain or something.
If anyone can help out, would be greatly appreciated: stackoverflow.com/questions/32325596/…
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8:44 AM
posted on September 01, 2015 by Johann

Late last year I mentioned the ObjectMapper library for easily mapping JSON Data to/from Swift objects. Here’s an open source Swift based framework allowing you to serialize/deserialize objects from a JSON format called ModelRocket from Oven Bits. OvenBits supports several basic types including String, Bool, Int, UINet, Double and Float, but also more advanced types […]

Hi all
I am new to swift language
I have a basic doubt
can any one give me the solution
I searched it
I didn't get
@icoder can give you the solution
ACtually I am having tableview
when i click on any of the cell my screen will enter to Detail screen
So in detailedView I placed a UILabel through IBoutlet
I want to give text for that label from TableviewViewcontroller
In Objective-c We will do using properties
but here How can I do?
@NitinGohel.. @Leena...all can you help
what does @GurumoorthyArumugam say?
9:16 AM
me don't get angree for this doubt
@satish just store your data in array and populate it using cellforrow index
@ShobhakarTiwari I have done that
@satish then wat happen ..
I want to change text for UIlable which in Detailviewcontroller
when I click on cellforRowAtIndex Path
@satish ok so u want to pass data from one viewcontroller to other rit ?
9:23 AM
Q: Passing Data between View Controllers in Swift

lagoonI am trying to convert an app from Objective-C to Swift but I can't find how to pass data between views using Swift. My Objective-C code is UIStoryboard *storyBoard = [UIStoryboard storyboardWithName:@"Main" bundle:nil]; AnsViewController *ansViewController = [storyBoard instantiateViewControll...

that too when I click on didSelectRow
segue is best option for this if u r using storyboard
But Can we use it with Tableview
@SumitSharma have u used iexplorer ?
9:25 AM
means didselectRow
Hi @ShobhakarTiwari
han yr
so solved or not ?
maine use kar liya tha
@SumitSharma use english
thanks bhai
9:26 AM
@SumitSharma welcome ..enjoy coding
bhai koi job opening hai
mai job change karna chahta hun
No... :(
@SumitSharma will let u knw if it
@ShobhakarTiwari I will send you my code snap
9:29 AM
@satish do one thing first go through this
then implemnt same thing in ur didselect method
Hi @MichaelDautermann how are you doing ?
happy to see you
were you able to help Satish?
Can anyone suggest me to load images faster in tableview (sectional , We have two sections there)
@DevangGoswami use sdwebimage
9:36 AM
sorry i can not open the pastebin in my office
Yes I am using it
why is pastebin blocked in your office? are they afraid of ascii p0rn?
but some of images are not loading
If I am updating the SDWebImage then sd_loadimagefromUrl method gives me error
and app crashes
sd_setImageWithURL I mean
Govt banned those website in india
@DevangGoswami wat error u getting ?
9:43 AM
I didnt remember exactly but it was like , cancel downloading
let me configure and check
and let you know
government of India!?
that's ridiculous.
@GurumoorthyArumugam try pastie
Check this @ShobhakarTiwari and @Leena
9:48 AM
@Leena that also blocked :(
@GurumoorthyArumugam devang's pastebin link got open
why not yours
Hello guys.. I need some help. I want to list out the devices and details of that devices like their IP Address, MAC address, Device Name etc. that are connected with my wifi router in iPhone app.
where do you want to list them out at?
into the app?
i want to list the details in iPhone app
Q: How to list all shared devices on local WiFi/LAN Network?

SurjeetI want to list all shared devices name which is available on that network by which i use on my device. So that i can know who is using the same internet network. After googling i found that using Bonjor i can do it. I use NSNetService class to discover the available network by make the instance ...

Q: How Scan devices in a LAN network

FabioN1975I would like to do a scan in a LAN network to find devices linked. I'm developping an app in IOS for IPAD How do I do??? Thank in advance Fabio

Q: List of connected devices to local wifi network

Vladyslave SemenchenkoCan I search which devices connected to local wifi network? So I need something like this: Press button Some algorithm I got list with devices ip addresses and ports I think I can't do this in iOS, but maybe I don't know something:)

I don't think your question is asked very often.
9:54 AM
@Leena some of the service providers block these types of sites
Yeah.. It is not asked often.
Hello @all
Help me out !
I have used LanScan api but there are issues with it. It misses the devices and also just gives the IP address only.
Devang, @Janus3399 can answer your question
10:07 AM
i think you have old sd
this missing file
else download new sd framwork or class
check this
my company not opened those blocked websites yet. they blocked when govt requested to block, but they forget to remove the block after govt removed the ban :)

waste company need to change ...
Ok sir
Will it work in section tableView sir @NitinGohel ?
sir that for imaegview
i guess
[cell.yourImageView sd_setImageWithURL: ... so on @DevangGoswami
10:18 AM
anyone knows how to manage Tableview scroll same as like we can do in TPKeyboardAvoidingScrollView ?
@NitinGohel sir ??
Same error
@NitinGohel sir
first series win in Sri Lanka in 22 years
India won by 117 runs
@GurumoorthyArumugam :)
Hello @ShobhakarTiwari and @NitinGohel
It worked , But Its in square :(
Ok done ! :)
10:38 AM
can anybody help me..??
@NirmitDagly issue?
I want to list out the devices and details of that devices like their IP Address, MAC address, Device Name etc. that are connected with my wifi router in iPhone app.
@NirmitDagly not possbile in ios ..for this u can use private library
which private library i can use?
I have used LanScan already but it has bug that It skips the connected devices
@NirmitDagly check my post
Q: Find Available wifi network using ios platform without using Private Framework? (Answer included in it)

Shobhakar TiwariI found lots of link regarding "All Available WIFI Connection ( not talking only connected WIFI ) " , finally concludes Developer only allows to fetch CONNECTED WIFI NETWORK . HERE IS FEW FACTS WHICH I FOUND DURING RND MAY HELP OTHER ALSO : APPLE introduces MobileWIFI.Framework (private FRAMEWO...

10:46 AM
It is for jail-break devices.
You can check out Fing app. It list out all the informations that are connected with your wifi router.
And I want to achieve the same type of functionality.
11:00 AM
anybody work with Localytics ?
Hi friends, is there any way to get facebook page id from facebook page url?
Q: Facebook Graph API - Get ID from Facebook Page URL

Hommer SmithI have seen this question but what I want is different. I want to get the Facebook ID not from a general URL (and therefore conditional if it has Like button or not). I want to get the Facebook ID given a Facebook page using the Graph API. Notice that Facebook pages can have several formats, su...

Thank you for sharing the link. Is there any objective C example for it?
11:16 AM
Q: Regular expression to get a Facebook user ID from a graph API URL?

ch3rryc0keWhat is a regular expression that will pull the user ID out of a URL of the following format? E.g. in the example below, I am looking to get "1227627" as a match after applying the regex. https://graph.facebook.com/1227627/movies?access_token=[access_token]&limit=5000&offset=5000&__after_id=1031...

is this issue still a bug or solved ... m facing this problm
Q: MPMoviePlayer standard interface play/pause status reflection issue

TillOne of my components makes heavy use of MPMoviePlayerController and recently showed a weird bug; when using the standard user interface (e.g. MPMoviePlayerController.controlStyle = MPMovieControlStyleFullscreen;) the player never changes the state of the play/pause button (that thingy in the midd...

as it is a bug in ios5
but same issue m facing in ios8
@NitinGohel @MichaelDautermann
I'm not answering that
because you didn't ping @Sergio
or anyone else.
you don't want to leave anyone out, do you? that's so cruel.
sry sir
@NirmitDagly it is in indian store ?
11:50 AM
@ShobhakarTiwari Yes.. It is available in Indian Store.
@NirmitDagly yea i go through this app
and exactly it is showing wat u r say
@ShobhakarTiwari Yeah...
how to check pem file is working or not
getting fail response from terminal
12:26 PM
anyone have idea about CoreData Batch insert in objective c?
Hello @mitalsolanki
12:43 PM
Q: UINavigation bar disappearing in iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.2)

Shrikant KankattiIt may be a small issue but I'm not getting where & what is wrong. When I am running on simulator from iPhone 4s to 6+ it's working fine. But when I am running on iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.2) the red colored navigation bar disappears. Here is my code - (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)applicati...

What is a multiplier,first item,second item and how to use it?
1:06 PM
friends has any one done uploading imge on server?
Q: Upload image to the PHP server from iOS

Vinay JainI know this question has been asked earlier as well but my issue is a bit different. I want to upload an image to the PHP server and i want to send more parameters along with an image from an iOS. I searched on the google and found two solutions: Either we will send an image as Base64 encoded ...

@iMinion i am developing an app on minions
nitin bhai
ek question hai
maine developer certificate banaya lakin vo provisioning me show nahi ho raha
kya dikkat ho sakti hai
bhai edit main jaakar fir se select kar lo
1:21 PM
@NitinGohel i have code
no one working in my case
em doing me mistake
@SumitSharma dev cer ki private key honi chahiye
check in keychain
your cer dont have private key
@iMinion ?
private key hai
mujhe issue ye hai
jo mai certificate banata hun vo provisioning me show nahi hota
it olways gives null reponse
cer must be create wtih correct CRS
you mean csr
same system
1:24 PM
oh yes csr
han yr mai hi bana raha hun
tab to dikhana chahiye
yr skype pr dekh sakte ho kya issue hai
my skype id : mds_256
pls add me
1:26 PM
add some screenshot for expected and actual result — iDev 7 hours ago
add some screenshot for expected and actual result — iDev 7 hours ago
Q: Active text field takes wrong X,Y origin position inside a scrollview

cloudVisionIn my application i have header and banner images included on the top and bottom of the view, and also included a scrollview with more 15 UITextfields. I used anyW, anyH auto layout and height of parent view is set as freeform with the height of 2500. I used the below codes to hide and show th...

please check the above issue
u have any idea
need to see you code
1:44 PM
self. userImage is UIImage
1 message moved to VOID
use AFN
i already mention in my answer its easy
Hi All
@NitinGohel dis is a Phonegap project
i cant
code = 1;
files = (
"total_files_uploaded" = 0;
and userful
I am trying to hide a tableviewcell based on certain conditions. I've tried hiding the cell in cellForIndexPath and setting the cell height on the particular index to 0. It works as it should but i'm concerned based on the constraint warnings, Apple might not approve the build
1:48 PM
i am check at my side
that is sending one image check at your server
got responce like
code = 1;
files = (
"total_files_uploaded" = 0;
@DrPatience sorry i have no idea about constrain
i think image paramiter issue
ask to your developer
code = 1;
files = (
"total_files_uploaded" = 0;
@NitinGohel thank you for responding
i olways get dis only
paramiter issue
not parsing side
@DrPatience i dont thing apple reject
but i am not sure
parameter as in
on parameter i em sending'
1:53 PM
image paramiter
not not data
its name like we sending username password with its server setting paramiter
imahe parameter i din got?
that same its an image paramiter
simply converting
n sending
[body appendData: imageFileData];
1:56 PM
no no
wat shud b file name'?
Is there is any way to check the timeout error manually without dependency on server side?
ask to your web developer
what is the paramiter for image
2:21 PM
@NitinGohel dey said no param
2:32 PM
can someone solve this question stackoverflow.com/questions/32326523/…

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