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posted on July 01, 2016 by Johann

OMCircularProgressView is an open source Swift user interface component that allows for the creation of highly customizable circular progress views. With OMCircularProgressView you can completely customize the text seen with support for CoreText customization, have multiple layers,  custom layers, and layer masks, add custom images at different progress points and more. Here are a couple [

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4:23 AM
gud mrng all
4:39 AM
Good Morning All
Good morning all....
Good Morning all
4:56 AM
hello @NitinGohel
i m using JSQMessagesCollectionView for chat in my app
it is a group chat
i m getting msgz from an api
how to change the avatar image so that it refelect the image of person sending the msg
if i use this
then i get teh images
but it effects the scrolling of view
instead of using NSData
u must be use sdwebimage
or other uiimage asyn things i told yiou 100s of time
other thing is that if you are getting responce for group chat
you just worried about only your side avtar
for example
you getting some state the chat message send by your
or other
if it send by you then set your avter for right side
other then all left side
i used sdwebimage also
still the scrolling i svery slow
i hv done this setting part @NitinGohel
only image is creating issue
5:12 AM
you are not use sdwebimage
i seen thre is NSData
how could you say you are use sdweb
@NitinGohel gm sir ji
sdwebimage is there but i hv commented it
u can see that in the code
morning @NitinGohel
@rameshbhuja gm
@Gamex mrning
5:30 AM
@NitinGohel one help sir..
@NitinGohel hii :-p
@MonikaPatel hello
@rameshbhuja yes sir
Anyone here use firebase
@NitinGohel related to only sound without vibtarion in pushnotification
that i dont know sir
i never did this befor
@Gamex yes i am :)
5:39 AM
@NitinGohel but some idea than share me
will let you know
oky sir
@NitinGohel just started using firebase
i have one registration screen when user register with name
so how to get user id that inserted record
6:02 AM
Has anyone worked on Augmented Reality apps in Swift?
@NitinGohel @Leena @ShobhakarTiwari @DhavalBhadania @Harshad @GurumoorthyArumugam @Sport @iApple @ALL "Good Morning Friends :) :)"
"Jai Shree krishna :)"
"Jai Shree Ram :)"
6:24 AM
Good morning; :)
6:43 AM
Q: No Vibrate Only want Sound in Pushnotification (ios)?

ramesh bhujaI know the ways for, 1.how to playing sound and vibrating(both) while push notification comes from server to iPhone device 2.Only playing vibrate with no sound. but I did not find any way to "play only sound and stop vibrating when new push notification comes" on device. Please suggest me both w...

@iShwar GM JSK
7:02 AM
@PayalManiyar hello
@rameshbhuja yes
try this
@PayalManiyar try but which key set as sound: ?
down vote
Omitting the sound key should do the trick:

{"aps":{"alert":{"loc-key":"SOME_KEY"}, "badge":1}
The docs state that "If the sound file doesn’t exist or default is specified as the value, the default alert sound is played.". What they don't say is that if you don't provide a sound key at all, no sound will be played. If no sound is played, the phone should not vibrate as well.
as per the answer of link given by me
@PayalManiyar but i want play sound and not vibrate...only sound
@rameshbhuja sorry no idea about that
7:08 AM
thank x ..ji..
@iShwar jai shree krishna
@ShobhakarTiwari see my issue ?
ask @NitinGohel he is master blaster in APN
@ShobhakarTiwari actuly i explain him 100 times
@NitinGohel sorry sir.. but usme vibrate or sound both play ho rahe he
muje sirf sound hi play karna he vibrate nai
7:16 AM
right nopw busy
will see
ok sir
Hello all
Q: How to get time from JSON string using Swift?

LionI tried from my end and browsed too. Might be this question have been asked many times. I parsed weather response of city's (ex: Mar del Plata) based on there timezone. I want time in HH:mm format. Below is the sample JSON response. "sunrise": "2016-07-10T08:05:02-0300", "sunset": "2016-07-10T...

7:39 AM
@NitinGohel tb to shi hai
@ShobhakarTiwari usme bhai set nai ho raha he .. @NitinGohel
hi @NitinGohel
Any update sir @NitinGohel
@rameshbhuja watver link he suggested first go through it first then wat u facing just share here u will get answer
@ShobhakarTiwari i try this way {"aps":{"alert":"Hello from APNs Tester.","badge":"1","sound":"default"}}
check my answer
7:49 AM
but get both sound and vibrate
I do not know exactly but I think it would not be possible.
because it is defined by system. and apple will not allow to do that type of change
@rameshbhuja have you seen that type of nnotification in any app?
no idea about that.. that's y i ask here...:-)
@rameshbhuja hmm
8:04 AM
@PradipKumar set data as pr you need
but main category expnad callpass issue
@NitinGohel oo okey. has the subcategory u got as required?
great suprb@NitinGohel yeah i can see .only thing is that now its expanding till some contant
@NitinGohel hello sir.. u free than guide me plz...
one more thing sir, in that project when u click on search button on navigation bar on home page there i set some alert message. but after closing the message the search button as well as slide menu button goes to the background. why? @NitinGohel
8:16 AM
sorry i have my own work sir
so cannot done yoru wall proejct
i m asking only the idea why its happening@NitinGohel
ok sir can u sent me the edited project so that i can check the further issue that is still there and can solve@NitinGohel
8:37 AM
i almost spend half day
and ysterday event
so i can't spend mor etime bcz
have some other work too
@NitinGohel for me sir .. ?
okok sir
its ok sir@NitinGohel
and thanks for the favor@NitinGohel
9:15 AM
how to Obtain Apple id number before appstore submission for rating
@RajeshVekariya i want application ID
so that i can include rate us feature before submition of my meta data file
@Sandeep go itune and there is id mention when u add new app info there
use that to navigate to appstore
9:39 AM
Like in java we can have getter setter methods to get variable values,,what is same in wif
9:51 AM
@Dory in swift u can do it same way
Hello, does anybody uses Eureka framework ?
A: Property getters and setters

GoZonerSetters and Getters apply to computed properties; such properties do not have storage in the instance - the value from the getter is meant to be computed from other instance properties. In your case, there is no x to be assigned. Explicitly: "How can I do this without explicit backing ivars". ...

@AndreyM. in ios ?
getter setter of array of objects
I am getter error cannot invoke initializer
@ShobhakarTiwari yes
9:55 AM
@Dory u r talking about cutom object or normal !
custom objects
and there is Array<Custom Object>()
@Dory then u need to creat method for it and pass value in it as param
a func ?
for getting value n setting value ?
for each variable
@Dory this way i did pastie.org/10896398
chck this
@ShobhakarTiwari Its soo tedious
10:10 AM
@Dory dar ke aage jeet haai
@ShobhakarTiwari pehle moutain dew pina padega..
10:31 AM
bol have bhai
@Gamex there
tel me you are asking someting about firebase
sorry i wasn busy
when you register user
it's ok bro u always ready to help all of us
A: Firebase: linking user UID to database

Nitin GohelWhen you register any new user you need to do first register code: FIRAuth.auth()?.createUserWithEmail(UserEmail, password: UserPassword, completion: { (user, error) in On the success response you can set the user more details use dictionary and use SetValue method by adding Child using follo...

@NitinGohel sir.. i want only sound
10:39 AM
check my answer about
@NitinGohel not vibrate....
you will get idea
i have register my user getting lat long array
as per user
hi anyone have idea about Toastswift .pastie.org/10896432
but i m not able to draw line
10:39 AM
@PradipKumar did you get the last coupy
yeah i got . thanks once again@NitinGohel
@PradipKumar i did more
will give you letest
there is one issue now
if you oen 3rd tree
i mean section ---> subcekk ---> its value
and you tap on another section that will be crash
ok . m checking @NitinGohel
@Gamex have you check this
Q: how to draw a path one place to another place in google map sdk iOS?

iSaravanani need to find path in google map view one place to another place. how to draw a direction map using google map sdk iOS. can any of give source code. and then explain how to achieve this. Below i attached image also, i need to achieve this in iPhone app using Google Map SDK iOS. Thanks,

10:45 AM
yes sometimes it's working sometimes it's not working
i see
but sir we have now set the first category in section. my screen shot is not like that. first have to set the main categories in cell. and then after clicking on that cell it should expand the subcatery value alond with items @NitinGohel
@NitinGohel sir ji...
np ill check my code first
that we did already
@rameshbhuja i font thikn we can
bcz that is default things
10:46 AM
@NitinGohel ok.. but how any suggestion and idea ?
the subcategory values should be in section of another tableview and its item in cell@NitinGohel
I am changing according to that @NitinGohel
@PradipKumar what is the issue?
data have pizza par tap karop
to ani ander expand thia
ani items ave
ani per click karo
see the screen@PayalManiyar
10:50 AM
to ani ander pachu expan thai
ani sub items ave
3layr expand
sir sir i cant understand ur lang@NitinGohel
dont know bengali
i jsut told to @PayalManiyar
its gujarati
@NitinGohel kya bhai kush share to karo
@PradipKumar u can check=> appcoda.com/expandable-table-view
10:53 AM
@PradipKumar to expand just to return number of rows as we want . and reload the section.
@PradipKumar how many levels are there?
hu kal no mathu chu
thai to gyu
but ana updateSection vakhte crash mare che
@NitinGohel su problem ave 6e?
3 level@PayalManiyar
@PayalManiyar badhu thai gyu
@NitinGohel crash log su 6e?
10:55 AM
have 3rd leval ma hoi
ane koi biji firt level cell apr lick kare tyare glichthai chje
section row move vadi error ave che
maincategory , subcategory and then items@PayalManiyar
@NitinGohel error ahi paste karo ne
@PradipKumar hmm
'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'attempt to delete row 3 from section 3 which only contains 0 rows before the update'
the same app is there in android named Chicos Horwich on google play. can refer it if u need @PayalManiyar
error is simple
that can undastandable
but hard to manage
10:57 AM
hello nitin bhai..
@NitinGohel can you send code? time malse to joish
@RajeshVekariya ano responce khatarnakc eh
need to spend much time
hello @NitinGohel, @ShobhakarTiwari
how is the day going on guys
11:02 AM
@NitinGohel kya kuch solution mila ?
@rameshbhuja badhi link tye joi lidhi che
badhe tari comment che
@RajeshVekariya in free of cost this time spend is huge :D
already spend 1 day
@NitinGohel can you send code? time malse to joish
@NitinGohel ha bhai but koi proper solution nathi madtu
@PayalManiyar 100MB
@rameshbhuja anu solution ja nai hoy I think
11:09 AM
a pan bija no code che
@NitinGohel hmm
@NitinGohel as you wish
hmm agree bhai @NitinGohel
@PayalManiyar what ?
@PayalManiyar what u mean ?==> anu solution ja nai hoy I think
@rameshbhuja notification with sound without vibration
but kya JAV.....?
tame kidhu k ja nai thay
@PayalManiyar helllo ...
11:16 AM
@rameshbhuja yes
kail id
nothing ignore it.. @PayalManiyar
@NitinGohel su nitinbhai kai kidhu tame ?
na ame kai bilyaa pan nahi ane chaiiya pan nahi
@NitinGohel pelu search ma tableview.reloaddata kru chu toh data show nathi karto
11:29 AM
delegate set nahi hoi
delegate set che
cellForRowAtIndexPath call thai che
but no result j show kre che
kaik search bar ne relation kharu
main array ma value hovi hoiye
tamr serach ni api cl kari
ne ana responce je ave a array ma append karvo padepachi reload kari to a array
as a satasource set htia
and tamen koi value maele
first time main array is null.. pachi search api call kari ne data set kriyu..
append nathi kriyu...
log the array hasdata or not
11:32 AM
hasdata ?
has Data == ama data che k ny
print karavi ne check karo
haa mein condition rakhi che
array count print thai che
then that have to disply
khabar nai
first time array is 0
reload data ma pelu func call thai che
@Luke hi

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