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4:09 AM
Good Mornings :)
4:20 AM
@AshishKakkad GM BHAI
Good morning everyone
4:35 AM
good morning :)
@LalitPoptani PMCC :P
Good morning folks!
Folks !
@AshishKakkad uicollectionview k sath kam kiya hai ?
with different cell size
Yes yes
Flow Layout kiya hai
actually panga yeh ho raha hai
i have fixed cell size
when i tap on any cell i want add one cell of bigger size
and thats creating issue
my flowlayout changes completely
4:47 AM
humm, autolayout hoga ?
thats obvious
Autolayout compulsory
isliye ache se sikh le
Then I have to learn :P
I will :)
Good morning all
4:55 AM
@RaviRupareliya bhool se dusare room me to nahi aa gaye na? :P
@AshishKakkad ha ala :P
its a good one but the code is bit old
@Leena humm. then you can check the Pinterent layout.
one example is there. let me find
4:56 AM
Good Mornign @all
Shuprabhatam :)
@Leena github.com/chiahsien/CHTCollectionViewWaterfallLayout May be in this example there is different size of cell.
Like pinterest
In this too
@Leena You are working in swift?
but the one that i have sent adds cell as per my requirement so going with that
Swift isnt stable
so can't use in projects
5:11 AM
Ohk Fine
Else this is good tutorial here : raywenderlich.com/107439/…
Let me try to create in objective-c :)
@Leena morning!
morning @LalitPoptani
5:29 AM
gm to all @Leena @NitinGohel @iAnum @AshishKakkad @ShobhakarTiwari
morning @Sport
@NitinGohel @Leena @DivineDesert @TheTiger @DhavalBhadania @AshishKakkad @ShobhakarTiwari @LalitPoptani @AppleMap @Bajaj @SumitSharma @ALL "Good Morning Friends :) :)"
"Jai SHree Krishna :) , Radhe Radhe :)"
@iShwar Good Morning. Jai Shree Krishna. Radhe Radhe
@iShwar JSK BHAI
6:15 AM
hi GM
please have a look at it:
Q: Craeting a transparent circle in overlay, around a view in superview

AlokI have a UILable added as a subview in a UIViewController. I am adding subview (overlay view) view on UIViewController.view. How to make a transparent circle in overlay view so that the UILable is visible from transparent circle. What i am able to do for now: I am able to create a transparent ci...

you can pass center of label to create transparent circle around it
Anyone used spotify Music Platform ?
6:35 AM
Hello All
Please help me.. If anyone can answer this stackoverflow.com/questions/33909797/how-to-invite-friends-using-linkedin-sdk-in-ios-app
have added my source code here ge.tt/68lqgQS2/v/0?c
7:22 AM
Anyone here? I have an issue.
s8.postimg.org/6uoflv48l/… I woke up and the first thing I see is this :/
And now I can't Xcode ;-;
8:18 AM
hi anyone here?
have used following

scanForPeripheralsWithServices(nil, options: [CBCentralManagerScanOptionAllowDuplicatesKey : false])
It means that duplicate value should get filtered out but it is not getting filtered out and still duplication is occuring what should I do to resolve. Thank you in advance
9:18 AM
u der bro?
9:59 AM
please help me by answering this if you can stackoverflow.com/questions/33913283/…
@ArcadeMaestrex your xcode is downloading
go in mac app store and stop that
one small issue
10:13 AM
i have small issue
im saving nslogfile in document directory
and im saving the into nsuserdefaults
so, while retrieving time its working fine if its running the app
but, if i re-launch the app
the path is getting changing
so, file has no data
    NSData *data = [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:path]];
getting nil
any idea
hi everyone any one done payPal integration recently
10:26 AM
can you show me how you are generating path ?
i have cetain doubts in felling developer acoount details
Any one
from IOS 8
documents directory path will change
on every run
10:28 AM
path is like that
so dnt save path like this way
can u guide me to fix this
whats the other way?
NSLogFile2015_11_24_20_08_36_278.txt save this
will it save?
without giving path?
and generate documents directory path everytime
this path will change
10:29 AM
we created one folder name "LogFiles"
im saving path to nsuserdefaults
how can i change my code
that you decide
i know path is changing after relaunched the app
im investigating this from yesterday
save this "LogFiles/NSLogFile2015_11_24_20_08_36_278.txt" in your user defaults
10:34 AM
i tried this
but, i dont know
was getting nil
whenever your run your app getDocumentsdirectoryPath/userdefualtstring
so debug it dude
while retrieveing
10:54 AM
@Leena hi
i have issue in xmpp framework can u please help me
Q: How to make this vertical coverflow animation with collectionview

RetroI am trying to build the vertical coverflow animation like this but not found any suitable lib using collection view. if someone know how to build it or any lib i would really appreciate. slow motion

@shantha.kumar i am the wrong person
@DivineDesert is expert in that
ok thanks
@DivineDesert hi
can u help me
can you help mw with this problem?
your layout is bit similiar to this
take some idea from this sample
11:04 AM
okay, thanks
Hi @Anilkumar
have you solved issue ?
11:36 AM
im still getting
12:04 PM
@Yohan Hi

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