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4:44 AM
GM to all
5:00 AM
Good Morning to all
@sanjeet hi
hii @chetu
hello guys can i display image in alertview title ?
5:18 AM
you can use any custom Alertview for display image on Alert title.
@NitinGohel how we set A retention time period should be set for the emails residing in the "Deleted Items" folder. The emails should automatically be deleted from the database when the retention time period expires. in objective c
5:44 AM
Does any one worked in Apple Pay integration
5:55 AM
gooooodddd mooorrrrnnniiinnnggggg :)
hi can anyone help me on uiwebview contentEditable support for WYSIWYG Editing
i got a good start from http://ios-blog.co.uk/tutorials/rich-text-editing-a-simple-start-part-1/
but that is well for iPad with lot space, i need it for iPhone
i need to change colour and font size for selected text. but the controls to change that are below the keyboard. my problem is if i dismiss keyboard, the selection is also gone. if i change the view frame, the web view go up, can't see content. :-(
need the keyboard to be hide, but still selection can be done
@Leena and all gud moring
6:43 AM
posted on October 21, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools Here’s a library called IHKeyboardAvoiding that works differently from previously mentioned libraries allowing you

6:58 AM
Good Afternoon room!
7:25 AM
@iAn hi i m facing one probleme. pls help me
7:48 AM
just ask @Rinku
i m down loading the image from the server and showing in the tableviewcell and using afnetworking+uimageveiw. Requirement is cell height should be height of the downloaded image. how can in i do this
how can i khow image is downloaded so that i can adjust the higt
hi is feed is for me ? if yes i have a problem more to solve.
this solution doesn't allow me to show the webview and contolview at same time.
i will explain my isuue with the feed provided. i need to click the facebook button ( say which will alert the selected text on username, not entire text). don't say keep the seleted text on variable while keyboard hide
8:43 AM
Hello Everyone, Busy with diwali?
nope all are sleeping after eating sweets
Ha ha ha!
Anyway how are you leena?
over here in office all r in mood of celebration
traditional day and pooja preparation going on
Same here. Pooja done. Celebration is pending
8:52 AM
yes @pooja_1205
you are working today ?
no celebration in my office today
we ll be celebrating 2mrw
@pooja_1205 @Leena @Praveen Hi Friends....
Hi everyone !
@Dips Hello
9:10 AM
@Praveen hi . I want to do inapp purchase . but dont know which type i ave to use ...
9:32 AM
Sorry, no idea and didn't work it before
10:00 AM
Q: How to upload/download files to wireless media drive in ios

MaheshBabuHow can i upload or download files from wireless hard disk Drive.I saw there is few apps available in the app store. Does FTPManager will work for this ? or is there any library available for this. Please provide valuable suggestions

can anyone please answer this
based on this i should accept/decline the project
Let me make your Diwali more colourful with the lights of wishes of my heart.
Happy Diwali to every one of iOS developer family :)
wow MaheshBabu here
dnt have any film to do ??
plz check this code
10:03 AM
then miss pooja
here i m comparing two dates
but everytime it goes inside the if condition
tell me whre i m wrong
seems this room is for freshers ??
log both the dates
@MaheshBabu not specific for al :)
10:05 AM
@MaheshBabu you have n't clearly describe your question
where is that hard drive
@Leena have a look into link
my requirement is to duplicate the app but not for specific
for all the wireless
have you heard about wireless media drives
Diwali avi 6. have room mathi bahar niklo
seems time waste in this room
10:14 AM
@MaheshBabu who invited to you comming here
one of my date is cuming nil
why its coming nil
check that first
10:36 AM
Happy and safe diwali to evry one @NitinGohel @Leena @pooja_1205 @shantha.kumar @Praveen one week off babye :)
byee @Yohan
Happy Diwali
@Leena you having leave atleast for diwali na?
yes i do have
k :)
@Leena i m stucked with one prob
wasting my Diwali
pls help
10:42 AM
yes say
i m down loading the image from the server and showing in the tableviewcell and using afnetworking+uimageveiw. Requirement is cell height should be height of the downloaded image. how can in i do this
your tableview issue
hold on
is it compulsory for you to use AFNetworking ?
I have used custom cell with one uiimageview coverign through out the cell and a uilabel on the image view below.
no .. but i have to use lazy loading
for lazy loading i prefer SDWEbimage
yes i too...
10:44 AM
then ?
Requirement is cell height should be height of the downloaded image
see SDWEbimage and AFNetworking both provide you completion block
how can i know the particular image downloading is complete so that i can claculate the height
maintain an array for the images
where you can save the height of images
and reload your tableview on download of image
any way which one is better and how can i do this pls
describe me
10:49 AM
see first of all create one array with default values like say 50 for each cell
as the image start downloading replace the original size with defauly in array
and on every download of image reload table
and make use of this array in cellforheight
i will follow this steps once again in cool mind
ok thanks..
10:52 AM
i hope you understood what i said
yes i got
11:22 AM
@Leena hi
hi @SKT
i got stuck with the collectionview problm
images loaded when i scrolled otherwise only white spaces are shown
@Leena if the image no is more let it be 80 is my app will crash
as i am showing the image in whole cell. 320 X 100
what is the best way?
11:50 AM
@Rinku not getting
i got just i wnat to know if i get any memory issue if i use tableview
12:14 PM
@Rinku there wont be any issue
12:25 PM
ok thanks @Leena. i m working.. Now we are going to celebrate Dewali..
Wish u happy, safe and wonderfull Diwali. May your all dream comes true..
same toy you @Rinku
enjoy your diwali
12:37 PM
hey someone give me hint for display offline map
hi everyone
@NitinGohel Custom segment which is best. we use it F.
@Leena have u any idea about my query @NitinGohel
no idea about that
anyone tell me how do I communicate on local network using wifi without internet
12:50 PM
using lan manager
can you gimme some link
remember I am talking about ios not mac os x
on googling I found rabbit mq
but unable to implement its server
sorry man no idea
1:07 PM
happy Diwali to all :)
have a safety Diwali
@KiritModi bonus ma su?
@Anilkumar same too you sir
happy diwali
welcome @GhostRider
Happy Diwali
1:17 PM
you changed your name ?
I think you recognized me
obviously how can i forget the ex- room owner of this room
Hey everyone!

I am trying to figure out how to detect certain attributes of a Sprite Node so that I can use this as a trigger for events. For example, I need to find the velocity of a sprite. But when I use an if statement to check if(node.physicsBody.velocity >= 10) it won't check this at all times.
Hi @NitinGohel have u ever worked with rabbit mq?
1:29 PM
no sir @GhostRider no idea
k need to go home
bye everyone
No help me !!
@johnrspicer sorry bcz i dont know about cocoa2d
This is SKSpriteKit
Sprite Kit*
1:38 PM
yes but have no knowledge about it

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