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11:00 AM
@Anilkumar anil user id man
@hey anil here its working man
ur code is wrong
user id i gave man
working here
whats wrong?
base 64 string?
or what?
ekkada tappu undi brother
@Mahesh unnava?
u rha
ekkada mistake?
11:05 AM
@Anilkumar nenu userid normal ga ichanu
json return chestundi
nuvvu ichina userid toti wrong vastundi
{"status":"Failed","error":"User Not Found"}
succes response vastuna?
ila vastundi yedo oka userid istey
edi ne code pettu
11:07 AM
nuvvu ichina userid to chestey html return chestundi
adenti bro
login webservices work avutunnaya
only uploading work avvtama leda
nenu dadaapu 6 webservice call chesa same app lo
work avutunnaya
idi tappa anni work avutunnai
11:09 AM
vallu webservice yela chesaru php code ha
has any one used tortise?
may be webservice problem
try with userIdString -->3919
once @mahesh
give me some time i will tell u
11:13 AM
did u changed anything in my code?
@Anilkumar no i am using my code same
i am also uploading image
in my case its working
rest client use chesi check chestanu undu
undu undu
@NitinGohel hey nitin gd evening
is apple server is down today?
@mahesh ne code paste chestava?
check chestanu
11:18 AM
wait 2 mintes
Okay brother
conform ga webservice proble
ledu bro
neku ecode use cheste json response vachindi
android same parameter with base 64 corect response vachindi bro
ne code annav
enti adi
u there @Mahesh
ne code annav
edi bro
indulo neku response vastunda?
userid wrong istey vastundi
nuvvu ichina userid toti html return chestundi
nuv base 64 ekkada convert chesav?
they need data in base 64 string
cheyyala yenduku base64
they need that format brother
11:25 AM
@Anilkumar cheyyala yenti
@Anilkumar base64 formatter naku teliyadu yenduku adi
i done bro in my code
@All hello
@NitinGohel hello gudevng!
@Anilkumar i think that problem is with / symbol after converting to base64 format
i dint get u
which symbol?
11:32 AM
that base 64 string contains lot of slash / symbls
do u getting returnData length?
yes in my app i have removed all / symbols
my side working fine
before removing / symbol r u getting html tags in response?
@Sanjay u ther bro?
@Anilkumar i tried like this not working anil
i removed /
@Anilkumar no use
*previewImageData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation(image, 1.0f);
strEncoded =[[Base64 encode:previewImageData] stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@"+" withString:@"%2B"];
try lik dis
html tags coming due to this?
for me
11:44 AM
NSData * imgData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation([UIImage imageNamed:@"marker.png"], 60);
ur doing lik dis
    NSData *webData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation(chosenImage,90);
like this
@sanjay what this Base64
@sanjay give that method
that is third party api
11:46 AM
base64 will reduce image size after encoding ill gove actual size
- (NSString *)encodeToBase64String:(UIImage *)image {
return [UIImagePNGRepresentation(image) base64EncodedStringWithOptions:NSDataBase64Encoding64CharacterLineLength];
it will convert the data into some un readable text and compress the data also
i am converting like this
passing image i am converting
@Anilkumar kindaki veltunna malli vasta
ohh u know telugu also
11:47 AM
@Anilkumar okasari rest client lo try cheyyamunu me php vallani
akkada vastey vachinatley
give me 15 mintes i am going down
still same thing bro
@Mahesh okay
ledu mahesh @Anilkumar have problem
11:48 AM
plz send sample api
        NSString *strEncoded = [[Base64 encode:webData]stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@"+" withString:@"%2B"] ;
sample api?
which was provided by ur php guys
they given one url
and said parameters brother
user_id and base 64 string
thats all
with post method
no nail before that u have to import base64 .h .m files
do u have this files
i done that thing
i already base64.h
11:50 AM
SString *strEncoded = [[Base64 encode:webData]stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@"+" withString:@"%2B"] ;
"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
this type data is coming from response after request
[Base64 initialize];
from server
plz put above line before this line
SString *strEncoded = [[Base64 encode:webData]stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@"+" withString:@"%2B"] ;
still same thing bro
11:52 AM
am also done same anil lik xml format and in soap reqest
i am not doing soap
the data in json format from server
@NitinGohel ?
no problem
@Anilkumar help me bro. ??
for me its getting wrong data as webpage
@AppleMap what hapend?
11:54 AM
@Anilkumar its ok to use Base64 suggested by anilkumar.But for apps >=ios 7 you must use base64EncodedStringWithOptions
@Anilkumar me setting mese sound off karu to appliction me btn click pe sound off ho jana chahiye
i dont know hindi fully @AppleMap
@Anilkumar i want that..when i set off sound in setting in keyboard sound than i want off sound in apps
for encode: NSString *base64Encoded = [nsdata base64EncodedStringWithOptions:0]; and for decode NSString *base64Decoded = [[NSString alloc]
initWithData:nsdataFromBase64String encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
@AppleMap already some body gave answer check bro
11:56 AM
@Anilkumar bt thats not working dude,
somebody gave green mark@AppleMAp
@Alok and @Sanjay
@Anilkumar yeh.. bt how can i use ?? how can i implement..
@Sanjay and @Alok
thats my code
11:58 AM
@Anilkumar yes
i am litle bit busy with my issue, sry bro
@Hello everyone
ok bro. np
even i dont have knowledge on that issue
pls ping nitinGohel
11:58 AM
@Leena hello
may be he knows
okok bro..
does somebody know how to hide console in xcode after ios simulator is stopped?
@Sanjay u there
just click the debug area button from right side 2 one in xcode top
it will hide
@Anilkumar i want that to automatically hide :)
not with button
incase when you are debugging and you are ready, i dont want to scale or close debug console myself
12:02 PM
u r asking xcode programatically?
this few seconds annoying me
@Anilkumar no, when i close ios simulator, for example i click stop. then console should go away.
@Anilkumar i need to check ur code total
is it possible
i gave pastie bro
with webservice
is it not enough?
ya but i dot knw where is mistake once i will debug come to know where will issue
i am taking image form cam or library
normal cropping
and taking that image to base 64
12:05 PM
k k
nothing apart from
thats all
@Sanjay u there?
12:23 PM
Hi all
I am facing problem... i want to get map double tap event. and on that i have to zoom in with keeping map center fixed. (map center should not get disturb.) :(
please mention Google map or apple?
12:48 PM
apple map
@NitinGohel @Leena @AppleMap @Coder @DhavalBhadania @ALL byiei friends Gn.
@iShwar by ..
1:21 PM
byee @iShwar
1:56 PM
@All bye
2 hours later…
4:22 PM
Anybody here who knows how to get the actual screen Size of the "resizable Simulator" programmatically in Xcode 6 beta? I´ve tried it with CGSize result = [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds].size
but i´m always getting 768.0f from this mehtod
it doesn´t matter when i change the values inside the Simulator
with xib files and autolayout evrything works fine, but programmatically only bullshit happens -_-
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