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posted on November 01, 2014 by Johann

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4:35 AM
GM to all
4:54 AM
Gm to all
gm to all
gud all
@AshishKakkad swift to sikhvad dost .. ;)
5:13 AM
@pooja_1205 hi
NSMutableDictionary *paraDict=[[NSMutableDictionary alloc]init];
[paraDict setObject:@"160" forKey:user_id];
i m getting thi serror
Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '*** setObjectForKey: key cannot be nil'
i m giving a value for this key so why is it cuming nil
what is user_id ?
it is a key in paraDict
means data type
plz convert that to NSString if not
5:21 AM
5:31 AM
one more thing
have u declared user_id as a string
NSUserDefaults *pref=[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
NSString *userId=[pref objectForKey:@"user_id"];
in all the other classes
i m getting user_id from this code
all these r connected through segues in storyboard
bt wen i create a separate xin anf instantiate it with storyboard
but in this code nsstring is userId not an user_id
this code gives a nil value in user_id
NSUserDefaults *pref=[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
NSString *user_id=[pref objectForKey:@"user_id"];
it is user_id now
i changed it
is there anything that i might be missing in connecting the xib
some value or something
then problem in this code not in nsmutabledictionary
where r u setting value in "pref"
5:47 AM
  [pref setObject:[response valueForKey:@"user_id"] forKey:@"user_id"];
here i m setting the value
at the tym of login
i get user_id from server
and after that i need that user_id in almost all the classes
response is which type of variable
string type
can u send full code using pastie
where r u stroing value in response ,where r u creating pref object etc
6:05 AM
wait i ll be sending u the code
i was making some changes
*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Receiver (<PasswordVC: 0x17dd5ac0>) has no segue with identifier 'password''
i m getting this error
6:23 AM
- (IBAction)signUp:(id)sender
{[self performSegueWithIdentifier:@"password" sender:self];
[self postTheData];}
reason: 'Receiver (<PasswordVC: 0x17dd5ac0>) has no segue with identifier 'password''
check PasswordVC segue identifier
its identifier is password
wait a min
6:27 AM
check spelling of "password" identifier
it worked now
actually i m working first tym with storyboard
what was the problem ?
it didnt added the identifier password in segue
i just added the storyboardID
this is the response i m getting at login page
6:34 AM
hello every .. has any one used sinch voip sdk
posted on November 01, 2014 by Johann

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my login page code
6:41 AM
@MitsBhadeshiya yes
I am also learning
@pooja_1205 hello
where u set new object don't forget to synchronize
[pref setObject:[response valueForKey:@"user_id"] forKey:@"user_id"];
here i m setting the value of user_id in pref
after setting value in pref try to log.
6:43 AM
and this pref i ll be using in all the other classes
it is cuming nil
plz check the response once
it shud be v
it shud be [pref setObject:[response valueForKey:@"details"] forKey:@"user_id"];or the one i hv used in code
in pastie
[pref setObject:[response valueForKey:@"user_id"] forKey:@"user_id"]; [pref synchronize];
after synchronize log the result
pref dict<NSUserDefaults: 0x17e623d0>
Printing description of pref:
<NSUserDefaults: 0x17e623d0>
Printing description of pref:
(NSObject) NSObject = {
isa = NSUserDefaults
getting this on log
can u give me full responce json data
6:54 AM
of login page
this is all wat i m getting in response
response valueForKey:@"user_id you are doing mistake here
yes thats why i asked u
i think it shud be in details
you can't directly get user_id value ,becoz it is under detail
6:57 AM
@AshishKakkad dude you know something but i know nothing about it.. ;)
@sanjeet then how to get the user_id
when i m pasting ur json response in jsonviewer , it display invalid json variable
@MitsBhadeshiya yes, tell me
that why i am asking full response
7:00 AM
its the full response
@pooja_1205 what you are doing?
working on chat app login part
pooja it is simple parsing you can do it urself, r u working first time with json
@pooja_1205 registration done?
7:03 AM
i hv 3 key-value pairs in the response
no @Ashishkakkad
first is details
in details i hv user_id
then how you will login? :| @pooja_1205
i want to get user_id in dictionary
registration part was already done
that's I asked
ok, go keep it up :)
hv u done that emoji part
yeh, some how
but not complete
7:06 AM
plz do tell me how u did it
[pref setObject:[[response valueForKey:@"details"] valueForKey:@"user_id"] forKey:user_id];
try to set like this
how @sanjeet
7:08 AM
1 min ago, by sanjeet
[pref setObject:[[response valueForKey:@"details"] valueForKey:@"user_id"] forKey:user_id];
@Ashishkakkad does it has custom emoji
ok @sanjeet
@pooja_1205 yes
@sanjeet after this line i m getting EXC_Breakpoint
you are doing chat through push notification ? or you are using any library?
push notifications
i hv to implement that also :(
7:15 AM
r u getting any exception error msg
in PHP?
[pref setObject:[[response valueForKey:@"details"] valueForKey:@"user_id"] forKey:user_id];
this lin eis giving thread 1:exc_breakpoint
no exception @sanjeet
i get stuck up on this line
nslog("%@",[[response valueForKey:@"details"] valueForKey:@"user_id"]) log this
you are working and knowing the PHP ? @pooja_1205
7:17 AM
i ll be getting notification using parse
the server end is php
@sanjeet now on that log line i m getting :thread 1: exc_bad_access
@pooja_1205 Ok
ok pooja tell me, if u r giving me full response code then why json viewer not accepting this ?
evn mine is not accepting it
it is saying invalid json response
ok then ask from ur php team
7:24 AM
@pooja_1205 check JSON here jsonviewer.stack.hu its working or not
let me check wid them
Lunch time
bye @Ashish
it is showing invalid json variable
wait then let me check with the server team
details is an array
inside this we hv a dictionary
[pref setObject:[[response valueForKey:@"details"] objectAtIndex:9] forKey:user_id];
is it ok
7:32 AM
try once
no its not correct
it is saying'-[__NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (9) beyond bounds (1)'
without see json heierchy i can't say anything @pooja_1205
evn i m having this much response only
what did your php team say about this
they r saying that the response has 3 key-value pairs
one is details
2nd is message and 3rd is success
further this details is an array
going for lunch
7:43 AM
then we ll continue
c u in sm time
@pooja_1205 [pref setValue:[[[response valueForKey:@"details"] objectAtIndex:0] valueForKey:@"user_id"] forKey:@"user_id"]; try this
8:37 AM
Gud afternoon..
9:03 AM
is it working @pooja_1205
@sanjeet its working now
thnk u
9:35 AM
at the start of app i hv to check if the user is already logged in or not
hw can u check this
you r storing userid in nsuserdefault, now you have to check at the start of application if user id exist that mean user logged in ,else not logged in
don't forget to clear of nsuserdefault at the time of logged out
do i hv to check it in in appdelegate ?
9:51 AM
in did finish launching ri8
yes you can
plz check this
right, using this approach no need to login every time.
it goes in the if condition
and shows the pop up that it is logged in
but opens the login screen
no, you have to navigate user on home page directly
10:03 AM
i hv to open the chat screen directly
if logged in
see this, you will get idea
10:16 AM
*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[AppDelegate presentViewController:animated:completion:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance
i m getting this exception
show me code
why r u using presentviewcontroller ,is it compusory
then wat shud i use
use pushviewcontroller
10:26 AM
in storyboard?
see my code what i sent earlier
22 mins ago, by sanjeet
its done
thnk u
r u from ahmedabad @pooja_1205
in which city r u working
tell if u don't have any prob ?else no need
10:39 AM
ok delete this now @pooja_1205
actually i have done this kind of application
thats actually gud for me
i can ask for anything where i get stuck
10:49 AM
thnk u so much

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