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posted on September 20, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS UI Controls,iPad,iPhone,Objective-C     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS UI Controls,iPad,iPhone,Objective-C I’ve metioned a number of color pickers in the past, but unfortunately it looks like most of the projects have been abandoned. Here’s a new color picker submitted by Jeff Johns

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4:40 AM
Good morning all
GM @sanjeet GM all
5:15 AM
A: UITableView Using Swift

PREMKUMARFinally I Did. For TapCell1.swift import UIKit class TapCell1: UITableViewCell { @IBOutlet var labelTitle : UILabel init(style: UITableViewCellStyle, reuseIdentifier: String!) { super.init(style: UITableViewCellStyle.Value1, reuseIdentifier: reuseIdentifier) } } For NextViewContr...

GM all
GM all
6:03 AM
Gm @ChitraKhatri
Gm to all
6:18 AM
gud mrng @NitinGohel
@NitinGohel gm
@pooja_1205 gm sister
it isn't ur off today?
@hacker still problem not solve?
@NitinGohel i am in the same pbm?
6:19 AM
@pooja_1205 today off but i am at my own office :)
xcode 5.1 will be giving all simulators
@NitinGohel but not Xcode 6.0.1
see bro u have to removed completly all xcode version from you system
i tried that
and then use xcode6 might be that your system going to be confused
in manage devices only my iMac is present
no simulators
6:21 AM
did you try to seach this issue solution in ios dev center ?
that really strange
when i am trying to add it gives me unable to determine device
that issue with xcode component installation i think
i faces same issue when xcode 5 release
but when i again download and install that was going to be resolved
@NitinGohel i tried by all the way ,like directly install from appstore
i am surprised to see Xcode 5 works fine
6:24 AM
yup me too
@NitinGohel in xcode 6 also everything but simulators are working
are nt working
when i tried it on the macbook pro it works fine ,but in my iMac still nt working
Hello.. In ios 8 i m getting one problem
@NitinGohel i fed up
6:26 AM
Warning: Attempt to present <ELCImagePickerController: 0x171953c0> on <DetailViewController: 0x15d68e30> which is already presenting (null)
I have shown ELCImagePickerController in popover
do you used compliation block
i have dismissed at the end
for preseting ELCimagepicker
and dismiss time also
Now when i open again it throgs error
@hacker which mac osx used
6:28 AM
os x 10.9.5
@SunnyShah that same working in ios7
No i have not used presente block..
ow @hacker i did not get update in my mac mini of 10.9.5
i have 10.9.4
yes.. [popover presentPopoverFromRect:CGRectMake(btnCamerea.frame.size.width / 2, btnCamerea.frame.size.height /2, 1, 1) inView:self.view permittedArrowDirections:UIPopoverArrowDirectionLeft animated:YES];
For present..dismiss for the [popover dismissPopoverAnimated:YES];
@SunnyShah oh are you using ipad popover or new Feature of ios8 popover
6:29 AM
ipad popover
now a new feature
its working fine in simulator..but now in device
@NitinGohel is there any way to go back to 9.4 :)
thats the only thing i have not tried
but i dont think that have an issue @hacker
see i think now mac osx 10.10
release why you are not try to upgreat it
and then check
it was not available to me
check in ios dev center
posted on September 20, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a library allowing you to quickly create app walkthroughs using an easy to configure t

6:40 AM
@pooja_1205 yo
i hv to add a bcak btn on navigation bar
very good
presently i m not having navigation bar in my app
i want to add that
6:44 AM
@NitinGohel its strange man
the app is made in javascript
- (void)actionSheet:(UIActionSheet *)actionSheet clickedButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex
this method call two times
i hv to add native button in cordova
@SunnyShah i think recently some bugs in released version
we have to wait
for next update else put bugreport in app store
@pooja_1205 sorry having no knowledge about cordova and javascript
6:46 AM
@NitinGohel have you checked that.?
no boss
iOS8? @SunnyShah
UIAlertView and UIActionSheet not work perfect on iOS8
Replace them all with UIAlertController
Hi All
Need help on this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25946121/move-my-toolbar-up-or-down-based-on-keyboard-and-the-predictive-text-view-ios-8
7:00 AM
If your app target lower than iOS8, use if else to add more code
@iAn do you have any idea?
Use TextView delegate
That's enough for your need @pankajwadhwa
any one using sdwebimage here?
@iAn how a textview delegate is enough for my need??
7:16 AM
@pankajwadhwa are u sing that in ios8 am facing lot crash using that library with ios8?
textViewDidBeginEditing and ....EndEditing...
Yes i am using it on iOS 8 and didn't faced any crashes in it yet
@pankajwadhwa u ddint even getting any error in that library?
@iAn No man i think you misunderstood my question, how could textView delegate would tell me that predictive text view is up or down?
@Yohan No i am not getting
@pankajwadhwa k bro thanks
7:20 AM
@Yohan i think you are using outdated version of SDWebImage
predictive text view is your textView?
set its delegate to self
No let me put a snapshot over there give me a second
@pankajwadhwa can u give latest one?
@Yohan sdwebimage povide framework
do some seach
@NitinGohel ya ya i know i will search sorry
7:24 AM
that easy to add and use instead of used old method
Gohel sir .. khuch ios sikha do bhai :)
@iAn @NitinGohel i have updated my question can you please look at it
oh, I understand. Keyboard change a lot in iOS8, still don't know about this @pankajwadhwa +1 for you
thanks @iAn

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