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4:43 AM
Gm Every1
hi gud mrng @sanjeet
gm to all
gud mrng @NitinGohel
@pooja_1205 gm
hw r u @NitinGohel sir
4:54 AM
@pooja_1205 me fine maam
today no leave
only alternate saturdays r off
so sad same pinch
hows work going on
it sfyn
4:57 AM
5:12 AM
good morning nitinva :)
Gm leelanva
nitinva WWDC ja raha hai ?
muje kon ane denga undar
tu ja ke aa
what nitinva ab to tune apni company khol di hai ab to tu ja sakta hai
ticket kharid aur ja wahan par
abhi woh waqt nahi aaya he
5:24 AM
Good Morning @All
Hi, can anyone tell me how to get gmail contact birthdate in my app, any tutorial link will be help full.
Gooooood morning
@NitinGohel @Leena
morning @SKT
6:12 AM
after applying autoresizing on right side label, it is invisible.
@Leena @NitinGohel
right side contrain apply for lable
i am talking about right hand side label
can you nslog
its frame
at cellForrowIndexpath
for lable
consider right side
fill up red brack
test with it
6:28 AM
yaa, sir it's working, thanks
Any body knows how to doing like this
@Hiren :P marketing?
its an android ?
and in image have 3_4 for what do you want
No ios dev
i m doing in ios
what is your task
3_4 any click open large in main image
what i use table or collection
6:34 AM
still i dont get your question
what do you want to create
profile, valume menu
i hv a table view controller for the side menu
i want to reduce the table cell width
means i just want the side menu to open in a small portion of the main view
i tried setting the table view controller frame but it is not working
@pooja_1205 you can uncheck Resize view from NIB in Tableview Controller then try it
still no change
@pooja_1205 instead of setting tableview width
you need to set open side menu
resuce its position
do not resize left menu tableview
ok got it @NitinGohel
7:12 AM
Hello everyone!!
Is anyone here?
2 hours later…
9:30 AM
@Leena u there?
yes say
i am new in xamarin, anybody can help me ?
i am stuck in a code
to make p12 file should we choose pushcertificate+privatekey or only pushcertificate?
some where it is written certificate and some where both. in two site i found to select both
which one shoud i do?
only your push certificate
@Rinku following any doc
9:47 AM
this one
is anyone here???
including you here there 8 developers
but i guess no on has knowledge about xamrin
ok thanks Leena....
if i learn swift is that enough to make good iphone apps ? i have ver little background in programming in any language
yes tht will be enough
10:02 AM
@Leena i mean professional apps :)
yes @TheArtist
many professional app developers have shifted to swift language
@Leena Thanks :)
in this link only one pem file is created
from the certificate and . but in raywenderlich it is created two pem file and merged
one from certificate and one from keychain private key?
can you tell me what is the difference in them
10:27 AM
@Rinku hold one let me find a proper link for you
Q: Generate .pem file Used to setup Apple PUSH Notification

Harsh ParikhI tried and tried to generate .pem file , every time generating certificates from client's account and then generating .pem file using terminal, but its of no use. i followed many links for the same. please help me if any one have any idea about how to generate .pem or have any link that gives a ...

see this
yes i gone through this. it was same as apptuitions.com/generate-pem-file-for-push-notification
so i will follow this.
here we are creating one pem file
Hi, Please help me for this : stackoverflow.com/questions/29713553/…
10:33 AM
Apr 6 at 5:53, by Leena
@Rinku try with this link
and test your push notifications
ok mam
thanks leena
pls dnt call me mam
i m just a developer
leena nice one..
thanks a lot
11:26 AM
posted on April 18, 2015 by Johann

Some time ago I mentioned a library allowing you to create table views with unique wacky table view animations including a wave style layout called ADLivelyTableView. Here’s an interesting component providing a custom UITableView called COBezierTableView from Knut Inge Grosland that allows you to make your table view cells move along a specified UIBezierPath. With […]

11:37 AM
@anandmadhav your problem solved or not?
2 hours later…
1:28 PM
no one here today
I m getting <comment line>
lexial or preprocessor issue
@Leena gone..?
1:45 PM
unable to create makmapview outlet
@Leena @SidShah
forgot to add Map Kit framework. :)
Nope @SidShah
Where this issue is coming
Solved one file missing.. @Leena
I was too worried.. suddenly error occour
2:18 PM
happy weekend to all
2:48 PM

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