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Good morning EveryOne
5:00 AM
gm to all
Gm to all
GM to all
@preetam ur issue got resolved
no not
5:25 AM
good morning @IronManGill @SidShah :)
gm to all
webview scale to fit yes make my font size small i
@SidShah hello
5:41 AM
@NitinGohel @Leena @DivineDesert @DhavalBhadania @Coder @preetam @IronManGill @Bajaj @ALl Good Morning Folks :) :)
@Leena Maam .. vGM :))
@iShwar Jai ho
@iShwar Hey VGM bhai ...:)
gm all
@IronManGill Sat Shree Akaal :)
@VARUNSINGHAL hi gud morning
5:44 AM
good morniong to all
YOSEMITE Installed 10.10 rocks
@SidShah on set webview scale page to fit font of text became small
increase scale will increse the font
@NitinGohel yes.. best one is sync with iPhone
great @NitinGohel
@NitinGohel have you checked HandOff?
nope what is this
5:50 AM
check when you are make notes in mac and now you want to transfer this note to the note it will directly transfer to the iPhone.. same as phone if you calling through the mac and now want to transfer to mobile just press one button it will trnasfer to your phone
search handoff and yosimate
you will get more idea
@all very good morning
hi friends did anybody used nsnotification in your app
@Shaki yes
@SidShah can u give some suggestions regarding the nsnotification how its works
6:00 AM
have you evenr read apple doc about push notification
ns notification
or related to notification doc?
@Shaki push notification or NSNotification?
@NitinGohel i have read about APNS
APNS and nsnotification
both are diff thing
APNS for push notificiatio
and i have work with APNS also
but i need to work on NSNotification
for NSNotification : you need to two thing first observer and second POST notification
6:03 AM
NSnotifiaction used for passing and reseving data from one view controller to another view controller
something like protocol Custom delegat
put the observer method where you want to get data.. and POST notification when some notification come
gud mrng all
my datepicker is not working in ios 8
i serached and found that it is deprecated in ios 8
i think datepicker is not deprecated.. where you have been placed?
In actionsheet?
plz tell me some alternative solution for this
action sheet
and action sheet is deprecated
6:16 AM
@pooja_1205 do one thing,
try to add in UIAlertController..
take one uiview and add your uidatepicker in that uiview
6:17 AM
when you want to show the date picker,
I dont know its perfect way
thnks :)
show the parent view animatedly
and 4 line of code you can used any picker
6:18 AM
and whenever you want to hide it hide the parent view animatedly,
Good morning
has anyone worked on Foursqaure api to fetch nearby locations ?
:P @NitinGohel
@pooja_1205 m pretty sure you might be trying to add the picker view in the uiactionsheet? m i right
@NitinGohel code kar ne de na.. library mat de
6:20 AM
woh waishe bhi code nahi karte
i have the the client key and client secret key but i don't know how to create the service...
@SidShah :you have any idea ?
@Leena : any idea ?
@iCodeAtApple i got one link
yes @iShwar i was adding it in actionsheet
Q: Foursquare API for nearby places iPhone

ios developerI want to get the nearby place by passing the current lat-long. And want to get photos of that place. I have got this link: http://api.foursquare.com/v1/venues.json?geolat=40.82&geolong=-74.1&l=50&q=pizza But it is showing me Error page How do i get this error solved? Please help me and sug...

@pooja_1205 in ios 8 the uiactionsheet returns nil for its subview, so your picker view will not appear in ios 8 if its in the actionsheet.
6:20 AM
thats why i m saying.. @NitinGohel
that already i said many time but no effect
so go with the way i suggested , instead of adding the picker view in action sheet add it in uiview.. and just show /hide the uiview with animation , :) @pooja_1205
@iShwar claps
got the solution thanks @NitinGohel'
its quite easy
@pooja_1205 lol
6:22 AM
thnk u every one
@pooja_1205 what's the soluction? lol
@iShwar or @NitinGohel answer?
@NitinGohel : that did help but i don't get the query ....by default it gives me different query (though that works)
try and try you will be success
@NitinGohel :P thanks :)
by default i get this query for self...how do i change it to fetch nearby restaurants
@SidShah sorry bit busy :(
BRB Friends
@iCodeAtApple first generate the accestoken
read this carefully @iCodeAtApple
@iShwar are its k.. BRB?
Good afternoon everyone!
6:39 AM
@iAn Gud afternoon
@SidShah : i don't need to authenticate the user
and as per them i should be using useless access
how do i add restaurant to this'
to get nearby restaurant
also since i logged in with our official fb account i get a default query which works just fine but it gives me only the details of the user who holds the account (in my scenario the account persons) ...do you wish to see the service @SidShah
check this
Q: How to draw image at angle in IOS

Raj SharmaI want to draw a image at angle. I have one ImageView with contect mode Aspect to fit. Also I have one dragView which user can move and rotate on the View. I have moved the dragView with CGAffineTransformMakeRotation Both the ImageView and dragView is added on the main (self) view. I have done ...

can anyone check this issue ?
@NitinGohel @iAn @Leena
I have one drabble view where user can move and rotate with touch
at the end when user press button i need to merge with ImageView image..
and make one image
7:16 AM
@SidShah : perhaps its compulsory...
would you be comfortable giving steps to do so
hello, guys how can i list the user who is in certain range of location, is there any sdk provide this type of functionality ?
no i have not done before.. i have just searched on google
@sanjeet do you have the lat and long of user?
@SidShah : No worries...sid...even that was really helpful....Thank you mate @SidShah
@iCodeAtApple i think u did this kind of work earlier.
7:28 AM
word ?
you can use region moniter..
using ios sdk, or third party sdk
Yes CLLoctionManager
thanks for idea @SidShah
anyone knows how to merge contacts of same name?
7:50 AM
posted on November 28, 2014 by Johann

I’ve mentioned a number of components inspired by the iOS mail app interface, most recently the contact picker component THContactPicker Here’s an open source component called ZFTokenField from Amornchai Kanokpullwad allowing you to create a tokenized editing view like NSTokenField similar to the address field seen in the mail app. ZFTokenField allows you to easily […]

8:32 AM
8:48 AM
@NitinGohel have you checked the image draw question?
do you any idea?
8:59 AM
2 hours later…
10:56 AM
hai guys
good evening
hi all
im doing nslocalization
after i changed language
its crashing app
showing storyboard could not found
i wanted to know any parttime iOS jobs
2 days ago, by Leena
@sanjeet better search on linkedin or naukri sites or glassdoor
11:09 AM
hi @Sanjeet
i have one issue brother
fire ur query
i done nslocalization
for Spanish
after i changed language into Spanish (Esponal)
app crashing
and showing error is storyboard name could not found
but for english its working pretty
u got it?
@Anilkumar put exception breakpoint
i got it ,what is ur problem but don't know solution
i have storyboard name is "mdialer"
11:15 AM
try what sid shah said
any one idea about this ?
Q: UItableview Expandble Cell Section Image issue

iOSI having issue regarding Image for Section Image in which when i expand the Cell then it Showing image in Random Row ... I have to show Image view in Section image + Section name in Section my issue is image is showing in Some random Row's ... Here my code where i am Wrong ?? if (!index...

are you using storyboard or not?
/* Initializing the storyboard */
UIStoryboard *sb = [UIStoryboard storyboardWithName:@"mdialer" bundle:nil];
here app crashing
but for english language its working fine
** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Could not find a storyboard named 'mdialer' in bundle NSBundle </Users/SureshBK/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/728D2B69-110A-4678-9BD1‌​-53FF6FE0C6ED/data/Applications/BEA03A0F-EB68-4D12-9407-5DF16C848726/myIDs.app> (loaded)'
@Sid Shah
any suggestions?
do you have mdialer.storyboard in the file?
morning its working fine even for spanish
i have mdialer.storyboard file
suddenly from 2 hours onwards its crashing
11:19 AM
@sanjeet@SidShah@NitinGohel ...
give yourself a treat (: @Anilkumar
you did it yourself.
NSBundle *bundle = [NSBundle bundleWithPath:[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"en"
UIStoryboard *sb =
[UIStoryboard storyboardWithName:@"mdialer" bundle:bundle];
try this
Read this
11:21 AM
@SidShah his problem solved
@Leena. ... I have one issue
easy way learn the programming the language.. :P
@MayankPatel no idea man
11:25 AM
@sanjeet ..Np ..
i have to set image like this
Events ...image
@MayankPatel its very diff to check the other code
@SidShah ...I checked that but some how this image showing randomly rows when i expand it
while scrolling it automatically manage in other rows
do one thing..
@SidShah where i put this code?
11:30 AM
in section view ?
or row ?
@Sid Shah
its working greatly
no i didnt checked ur code
thank somuch brother
did u check @SidShah ?
actually i am poor at storyboard
now only doing
whats the issue over there?
11:31 AM
but if ur image is apper randomly then try i hope it will work
@Anilkumar ur wc
may i know the issue cause?
yeah but i am confuse about where i put either in section or row ?
u there?
may i know the issue cause?
Put on the cellforrowatindexpath after cell init..
in future i will solve
11:33 AM
if again occurs
which issue?
for other language storyboard didnt detected?
@SidShah Thanks a lot Bro
this workd
the problem is that when you change the language
11:34 AM
Amazing thank u so much for your Help
life saver !!!!
it is finding the storyboad file for the spanish or other language
what i have done for the any language forced for the english language
@MayankPatel fine
its great
hmmm @MayankPatel @Anilkumar
11:36 AM
Talk u leetter bbby thnks yar
11:55 AM
1 message moved to VOID
1 message moved to VOID
@Leena help me
i need some suggestion
to solve my problem
i have a problem
i have a view xib
and its freeform
view has tableview
and height of view is tableview height
but view height always differs from tableview
how can i fix the issue
tableview height constraint is updated after table reload data
yup i will try
and heigt is calculated in heightforrowatindexpath

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