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4:43 AM
Good morning all! :)
good morning @iAnum @SKT @NitinGohel @sanjeet :)
good Morning all !!!!
@Leena hello hru? :)
good morning everyone :) @iAnum @Leena @SKT @NitinGohel @Sport @MayankPatel @iShwar
morning @PremalKhetani
i am good @iAnum
4:50 AM
Gm Every1
gm @Leena
so hows all weekend?
good ... what about yours?
good morning ios stars........ :)
5:05 AM
Gm to all
@Leena gm
@NitinGohel sir good morning
@Rinku very good morning sir
me jo tessarect ka kam kar raha tha....
wo ho gaya ?
wo 100% corect result nahi de sakt
5:09 AM
nahi @Leena
The best is ABBY ocr
par wo paid he...
yup it is
free me sabse acha tessarect hi he
lekin wo human handwriting ko nahi detect kar sakta
5:12 AM
aur text dark color with bg white color ho to acha detect karta he
colorful image me v text sahi se detect nahi kar sakta
@Leena need help........
me ek ebook ka app bana raha hu
Hi Good morning to all
in that 1 pdf of ebook and 1 audio file of that ebook he
lekin me pdf ki page k sath audio file ko synchronise kese karu,,,,,,
Morning allz :)
iska kya logic ho sakta he
@logic please give me logic of the above problem
i'm inserting Hindi text into sqlite databse and retrieve time i'm get uni code, how to resolve the problem
inserting text is : पाऊंगा and retrieve
get unicode
any idea
5:17 AM
@Rinku human handwriting k liye dusri libraries available hai
please tell me
i dont know about that......
tessarect sare font ko v support nahi karti
@Leena upar wali problem ko kese solve karu ? isme kya logic ho sakta he?
" pdf ki page k sath audio file ko synchronise "
woh mujhe nahi pata
@skt sir aaj chuti pe he kya?
@Leena @NitinGohel @Rinku @PremalKhetani @iShwar very good morning
:D... Gud morning Bhai
5:26 AM
@Rinku :)
kya hua @Rinku ?
me jo upar pucha hu uska logic bata
" pdf ki page k sath audio file ko synchronise "
@Rinku i used third party lib for integrating audio video and marking
but it is paid api
no free api available regarding this
ok.. jese ki flipkart ebook app
pdf ka pana k sath uski audio synchronize ho ke chalega
wese banana he
I m doing the ebook app
@Rinku write in english
me ek ebook ka app bana raha hu. in that 1 pdf of ebook and 1 audio file of that ebook. I want to synchronise audio with the pdf page.
suppse it is i have opened page no 32. then audio file should play page 32.
5:36 AM
Hi, I am new to swift language, I have one doubt ,

why we use ? and ! in swift language , can anyone explain
once the page complete it will automatically open next page and audio file will also read the words in that next page
jese flipkart ebook app me he
got it?
@i_Satya this is basic question regarding options (?) in swift so better to do google for it
May 20 at 10:50, by SKT
yes..its very basic question...I feel the explanation of indian developers is better than other authors ..thats y asked...thanks for ur reply @SKT I will go through it...
read this
any more link if u want then also say sir .. we r here for google for u also
ok thank you so much @SKT
5:47 AM
lol m lol
Good morning frnds
6:18 AM
yes @NitinGohel
6:40 AM
posted on May 25, 2015 by Johann

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on our site in the last two weeks. The top resource is an open source library that works with Swift apps that allows you to visualize touches with adjustbale parameters for use when demonstrating apps. Here are the resources: […]

6:55 AM
helloo everyone..can anyone help me out ?
@SKT thank you for replying.. can you please check out this thing, it's really frustrating
Q: Show UITextView scrollbar indicator - flashScrollIndicators not working

Elias RahmeI tried to use the flashScrollIndicators method to at least flash the scrollBar indicators when the view appears, i tried to call it directly as well as defining it as a function and calling it, nothing seems to work. What am i missing?! I have a ScrollView called scroll1, containing a subView, ...

@SKT i litterally tried ALL the suggested answers online..but nothing worked
@EliasRahme could you share snapshot wat exactly you want to create
@SKT i just need to show temporary the scroll indicators of the UITextView, just to inform the user that the text did not end here and there is more to scroll
@EliasRahme you have data more than the frame of textview
is it ?
7:05 AM
@SKT yea the data is a lot more than the frame of the uitextview, so naturally it should show but it doesnt
@EliasRahme set different color of textview from its superview
check once it is there or not
@SKT the text shows up normally and everything is working perfectly...the only thing is missing is the scroll indicators that just dnt show up
its basically really simple
but i really dunno why am i facing this weird behavior
@NitinGohel @Leena @Coder @DhavalBhadania @IronManGill @SKT @sanjeet @ALL "Good Afternoon Friends :) :)"
@iShwar very GUD NUN
@EliasRahme its because u set the same color of textview and its superview
once change its color
and check
can you show me how @SKT
7:11 AM
@EliasRahme just remove clear color from textview
and set different color for textview
@SKT gonna check it now
Needs you my fire brigades
@SKT @NitinGohel @Sport
@SKT i tried it , same result nothing changed
@EliasRahme one more thing .. why u set subview.scrollingenable = no
it should be yes
@PremalKhetani u send me the code .. but it has few limitation .. it won't work 100% accuratly
like dark no it can't read
yes sir actually :(
7:17 AM
so better to go with paid api
and some times its never work
if want accurate result
otherwise no option
have any idea that which are accurate?
@PremalKhetani also having some limitation regarding user handwriting no can't read
actually in our project we dont need to read handwriting
just need to process clicked image
from video
7:19 AM
@SKT yea ok..i did change everything..but still nothing ... any idea what could be going on
@PremalKhetani The best is ABBY ocr
see this is the image
capture it and see what is the result ?
oky ABBy OCR i gone through it a bit
let me check it once
@EliasRahme look u need to enable scrolling of scrollview , and also enable userinteraction
and please check this image with the code
@PremalKhetani right now i cant use it.
7:22 AM
oky no worries :)
@SKT i Did
still nothing
@EliasRahme m coming back in 10 min
alright thank you so much @SKT :))
7:34 AM
ya say
hi @skt
@EliasRahme issue lie while adding subview on scrollview
if u want to show scrollindicator then u need to add it properly
A: UIScrollView not showing scroll indicator

PegolonHad the same problem and couldn't find the cause. The last answer gave the final hint: whenever I added new subviews I first removed all existing subviews from the scrollview (and apparently also the scroll indicators). After checking in my loop, if the subview really was of the kind I wanted to...

@DarshanKunjadiya hi
I want to hide cell when scroll to header in tableview
how can i do like this ?
dont display anyting within cell
8:01 AM
skt sir r u there?
SRT sir
r u there?
sir label ka colour kaise set krte h
code k through
[youLbl setBackgroundColor:cyanColor]
@JasonZhao welcome
ok sir thanks
@SKT i tried your suggestions but still no result :S
8:12 AM
@EliasRahme increase contentsize
8:47 AM
Need a help
Please see this
Q: getting null in InAppPurchase product name and description

RashadMy app was okay a few days ago. But from past 4-5 days when I retrieve product list from app store the product name and description is null but its identifier and price is okay. I didn't changed anything after last working code. What might be the reason, any hints?

@Rashad product id doesnt match so null returning
that could be one of issue
A: In-App Purchase returning 0 products and invalidProductIdentifier

marcusReferring to your post: • Are you using the full product ID when you make a SKProductRequest? ie for example: com.company.sampleapp.productid? yes Actually you need to specify exactly the string (productId) you entered in iTunes Connect as the In-App purchase item. So if you specified pr...

@SKT But shows price and product identifier correctly . :S
where u testing ??
8:58 AM
@SKT iPhone 5 + iPad . Why?
check above link first
@Leena ??
u have data of product price .. description and product name log this
Just name and Description is null
I am worried about that
9:14 AM
@Rashad u logged receiving list
@SKT See this
@SKT Let em check. Btw thanks for so far.. :) I'll get back to you

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