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3:00 PM
I'm going to have to close as "unclear what you're asking" but this is the template @Pedro made if that's what you want github.com/kanytu/android-material-drawer-template
thanks cM
The "correct" behavior for the side drawer is to slide in as a sheet of paper over the entire canvas inc the app bar or toolbar.#android #MD
Well you know what I think about that "correct" word right ahahah
3:06 PM
but if you're using my template just remove android:layout_below="@+id/toolbar_actionbar" on the activitie's xml
And I think you need to put the toolbar include inside the drawer itself
Otherwise you will have the same behaviour has the play store. Which makes the toolbar blacker when you open the drawer
I will do Pedro :)
Hmm...Pumpkin Seeds.... NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM
Pedro, you use appcompat .. Nice :)
Yes :)
sliding menu ?
3:10 PM
You mean navigation drawer?
Yes I use native one. No third parties.
@WarrenFaith I'm trans so I wear what I want anyway xD
happy halloween everyone!
3:11 PM
Good morning, everyone!
- Not to re-hash anyone I just felt it a good time to add xD
Morning @nana
@nil Still?
The new Reddit News app is beautiful, check it out if you haven 't yet.
o/ naners
3:16 PM
youtube.com/watch?v=cWvuB1vSsAc I'll just put this here.
@Pedro why the minSdkVersion is 14
That's the min I use in my company. Haven't tested with lower version So i don't know how it will behave
I see
Oh, and hi CMA, cM and Abd ;)
o/ nana
@PedroOliveira you have added transitionName in values style.xml which requris API level 21
3:29 PM
I know, It will work on <21 but it will not be used. At least that's the behavior i'm getting
> <item name="android:transitionName">actionBar</item>
By work I mean not crash
ok i will try
Best thing would be to create styles-v21
that is the approach
3:30 PM
@nil I guess you don't have it anymore?
But I have other things to do and I have no time to update the template
I will try to work on it next week. But thanks for point that out :)
ok thanks
> <item name="android:elevation">...</item>
this also ^
@TGMCians you have to drop the android: for < 21
3:34 PM
doing same
wb neb
Yes elevation is not on the appcompat yet :\ I will have to change that too.
o/ neb
i wanna use materials NOW.
would look so awesome in the app I'm building.
3:37 PM
throws materials
Anything you can talk about?
I can talk about anything
carl would love it
its all image based
BTW, pretty sure everyone is scared to play me in yahtzee ;)
3:38 PM
such images
What is it?
frakin hazardice.
its a pattern search and browse app
for knitting and crochet patterns
literally 10,000 images per search
all big and pretty, from flickr
I had to come in and poke carl
because... images.
I call it...
Sounds like a headache! But interesting
Oh dear.
3:40 PM
!!!! @nebulae
I like you and I wan't to know more about you!
Carl should be around soon
Lol, nana
my patents went into full on approval as of today
so thats cool
is that you fu?
3:41 PM
master of disguise!
I dun goofed and am stuck in Nana form.
I kind of like it...
bah, nana
Where have you been all those years?
so whats new?
whats happening?
well, i took the summer off and it kinda turned into fall
and I still was off
I got your invite to and wanted to play with you, but then I saw how much it requests and chickened out :(
3:43 PM
so I got a dog and started knitting
now Im feeling like writing some code so I thought, a knitting app!
funny how much you can forget in 6 months of not coding
network on main thread? WHY NOT
It's SCARY how much you forget, I just got back a month or so ago, after 6 months too.
what do you mean, how much it requests?
How much you forget in a couple of months.
no, you said you saw how much it requests...
and chickened out
the game is free so it cant be that lol
Well, I am not normal, bear that in mind. But I think it asked to post stuff on my timeline? My friends? My SSN and where does my mother live?
3:48 PM
oh, thats just normal play services stuff
it asks for:
Version 1.0 can access:
find accounts on the device

full network access
view network connections
I think it was the game platform.. Google Play Games?
yah, thats the multiplayer part
with achievements
and leaderboards
and stuff.
I did install Hazardice, I had no isse with that.
you know, that part where the fun comes from...
you hate fun.
but fine, whatever
But I got an invitation from you to play a game with you and I wanted to but....
I kinda do :(
3:51 PM
dont play with me then, sorry I even invited you
I ma sorry, I will obey, I will give up all my details! Noooooo! :)
play services likes you
play services wants to know more about you
holy crap it's Nebulae
16 mins ago, by codeMagic
Carl should be around soon
heyo carl
3:58 PM
good to see you
you can see me?
yes, there's this little box on my screen with your picture in it
it's very tiny
hows trover with the images?
turns camera on
we're pretty good at this point - have you tried the app lately?
I have NOT
I should tho
did you end up moving over to picaso?
4:00 PM
too many other things to do, and everything is working well enough right now
yah this looks great
I'm trying to get @ mentions working in the app now
i was asking cus Im now building an image based app
yeah I was reading the transcript
i freakin love knitting
I love the yarn, i love the needles, i love the math and the meditative repetition...
4:02 PM
one of my friends at Amazon was a knitter
she wrote some software for it too
although i can't remember what it was now
cool :)
heyo emmanuel
How have you been?!
the picture on the bottom is the sweater she made for my daughter
Ive been pretty great
how have you been?
whats new?
4:06 PM
Em, are you going to tell her the news? Or should I?
Lot of things are new, lol
We are moving together!
I am currently working for a company and we are building the Android app for Panera
Off to eat free pizza...love birthdays around here :D
But starting Monday I will be working in NYC for a startup
4:08 PM
wow, awesome :)
whats the startup?
It is called Bryq
like brick?
The app will be released soon
it completely locks you out of your phone
yah, scary
4:09 PM
makes it so it won't work anymore
thats the first thing i thought lol
I will be inheriting the app and making it better
4:10 PM
Hopefully after I get a hold of the codebase, it doesn't
oh, you and carl and your inherited apps at startups
I guess trover isnt a startup anymore
I am following Carl's footsteps
Its now started
we're still a startup, we're not making any money :D
4:11 PM
better carls than mine.
I am the second fulltime employee of this startup
perfect definition of a startup
got a gem of a recruiter email last night
subject line was:
> Our MOBILE Dev can use your brains and fingertips. Got any to spare???
4:13 PM
I am so glad I never got involved with recruiters
Oct 23 '13 at 15:11, by Carl Anderson
Anyone here in a mood to talk about higher level android design?
tell me about your app Neb
its just a massive gallery that lets you browse and search patterns
where are the images hosted?
flickr mostly
4:18 PM
are you using Picassa/o ?
(we need more software tools abusing his name for me to keep track of)
picasso, yeah
and Im really impressed
does picasso do caching natively?
yup :)
Yeah, you do not want to use it Carl
It makes caching too simple for you
4:21 PM
memory, or disk, or both?
Both if IIRC
When you turn on logging you can see from where the pic was loaded
I think there is even an option to show on the Bitmap itself where the pic is coming from
yeah, that's just too easy
how are you figuring out what photos to show Neb?
You can also apply transformations to your bitmaps
theres an api I can use for searching
did you do back end work too?
starting to sound like the Trover of knitting
4:26 PM
It's a good idea to make an app that show a daily vegetable & fruit price ?
nah, I'm using someone elses api for this :)
ah ok
is it just pictures?
or more?
well, pictures of the patterns, that will open a more detailed view of the pattern,
and possibly a way to add it to your cart and buy the pattern
plus fibers and so forth
so is this what you've been doing since July? :D
lol no
since... yesterday
since july Ive been doing NOT A DAMN THING
except training my dog
and knitting
and walking around the island
and drinking tea
<3 life
4:32 PM
heyo Raghav!
hows things?
Can someone explain the easiest way to use "?attr/selectableItemBackground" and still have a white background?
...use a white background instead?
what color is ?attr/selectableItemBackground?
4:35 PM
nad miss out the cool ripple effect?
?attr/selectableItemBackground = CoolRipple
what is a cool ripple?
I want a cool ripple effect.
anyway, create a new style and have "?attr/selectableItemBackground" as the parent
then change the background color to white
4:38 PM
I think that should cover you
Cannot resolve symbol :/
4:54 PM
@CarlAnderson Haha that's excellent.
I got this one the other night:
> We’re spearheading an engineering recruitment event in Seattle, WA, for software engineers of all levels to come join this exciting team in their Seattle headquarters working on a v1 STEALTH PROJECT which happens to be one of Jeff Bezos' pet projects.
yeah, stay away from any sekrit Amazon projects
those are the ones that will drive you insane from the pressure
Hahaha I can imagine.
I'm quite happy where I am, thanks random recruiter dude.
In other news: I'm sending my permanent residence application today! (or tomorrow!...)
wow, this is new - now Android Studio can't resolve "R"
only for new user :D
Disabled button on Android L is kinda stupid
They looks like a regular button without shadow
I guess I made something wrong
Isn't this the way to disable buttons? - > .setEnabled(true;
5:13 PM
no, disabled is setEnabled(false)
Just a typo
But that just remove the shadow on Android L
nope, I guess not.
I haven't worked with L, so I don't know about their button states, but I'm pretty certain they wouldn't have shipped it out if the buttons don't work properly
The button should be grayed out :p
I can see disabled button looks as if it disabled.
what about the text color?
5:18 PM
johgru, are you certain your setEnabled(false) call is being run?
Let me share a screenshot :)
a screenshot isn't going to definitively prove whether your code is being run or not
I believe you that the button is not appearing in the disabled state,
my contention is that your code where you're trying to set it to a disabled state either 1) isn't getting run, or 2) isn't setting disabled on the right button/object
I have a couple of buttons that are enabled on the same screen
enabled is the default state, so that's pretty easy to accomplish
5:23 PM
please understand this - there is a tendency, as a programmer, to think "my code is always correct, so the bug must be in someone else's code.", but this mentality is often incorrect. Get into the habit of assuming that you yourself broke the code, and exhaustively check that that's not the case, before you go blaming other people's code.
I'm sure that it's my fault
It was my theme
I removed that
5:40 PM
Hello, Android!
o/ code
posted on October 31, 2014 by Tor Norbye

We've just released Android Studio 0.9.0 to the canary channel! This release adds support for the new version of the Android Gradle plugin, 0.14.0, also released today. In addition, there are a number of bug fixes, particularly in the AVD manager (which now also provides builtin emulator skins for the Nexus devices.) Please note that the new version of the IDE requires the new version of the

Yay! A AS update!
I really want to download it, but that will mean requiring my collaborators to do so also.
Yaa.. new gradle plugin version... FML.... I'm so happy right now....
why's that?
5:50 PM
Because every time I have to update gradle something backfires xD
buddies it is only on the canary channel ..
what the secret behind this name (canary) ?
Noun: canary in a coal mine (plural canaries in a coal mine)
  1. (idiomatic) Something whose sensitivity to adverse conditions makes it a useful early indicator of such conditions; something which warns of the coming of greater danger or trouble by a deterioration in its health or welfare.
  2. 2008, Jean Haner, The Wisdom of Your Face: Change Your Life With Chinese Face Reading!, Hay House (2008), ISBN 9781401917555, page 133:
  3. 2009, Steve Kandell, "What Makes U2 Run?", Spin, April 2009:
Canary is a bird too ahahah
5:58 PM
It comes from the practice of coal miners who would take a canary with them into the coal mine. The canary will stop singing if it smells natural gas, which can be lethal to the miners.
Great, I'm getting an error that says cannot get the value of write-only property 'runProguard' ...
> Error:Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name 'android:TextAppearance.Material'.
more like AmateurGuard, am I right?
6:15 PM
right now
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