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5:03 PM
1st devrant --> Note to users: Pairing != Connecting. Thank you
5:14 PM
5:25 PM
@Eenvincible whatsup
I am alright; just another friday
Reading QUora
quora is good
o/ een
good seeing you here Carl
Cm done with bT?
5:32 PM
yeah work's been stressful lately and I've been trying to just focus on that
still play Volleyball?
of course
big tournament on Sunday
reminds me that I need to email my team the details
oh awesome;
Good luck if you believe in luck
otherwise, go get 'em
5:37 PM
lol thanks
we should be able to win it
Carl, I was watching the Olympics VolleyBall match (team USA, ) and that Anderson guy - coincidence you have the same name as him, he was just a total hitter on the court
we entered the wrong difficulty league and are tied for #1 right now
cool, I didn't get a chance to watch any of it
we've been crushing most of the opponents teams 5-0 in our matches
something like a 91% win rate on the season (12 matches, 5 games per match)
I would love to play some VB
it has been really long
Meanwhile : quora.com/…
5:59 PM
@ColdFire never
I am on the verge of panic mode... I haven't finished my part of the packing for my move of the house, my wife is still finishing packing everything else, and we'll be homeless for about a week while we wait for the close on our new house.
\o/ new house!
You should quit talking to us and go home and pack. Or compliment your wife on how great of a job she's doing and maybe she will do your packing ;)
you can live in cM's basement
Yep, come on over!
or pay your wife to do your job if you are too busy doing nothing
6:11 PM
Too busy doing nothing Lol
I know! Very exciting, but now we have 1 day to finish storing stuff instead of 3.
^ what cM said
Yeah, that part sucks. I know that is stressful
moving is a pain though
I can imagine
6:22 PM
I might engage panic mode after I get off work.
6:38 PM
7:00 PM
Haha! Even better
You can buy all 4 for $65
posted on August 26, 2016 by Tor Norbye

We've just released Android Studio 2.2 Beta 3 to the canary channel. If all looks good we'll promote it to the beta channel in a couple of days. Due to some bugs in our release infrastructure, we do not have patches for this build; you'll need to download a full zip. We're working on this. For those users who are trying Android Studio 2.2 for the first time. We recommend reviewing our blog pos

7:26 PM
Was looking at a project Roman Nurik has on github and saw this
ok google
remind me to be smarter.
7:43 PM
7:53 PM
gn guys
good night Fire
@McAdam331 which project
hey tristan
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