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4:00 PM
not that I want to
but it looks quite complicated
lol :D
for a second there I believed you
'cause you know JW could pull it off in his lunch break
Then you saw the all to familiar ?troll=true and then you knew what was up
Yea, the first half of his break
Hi, quick question, what is a book you would recommend for android?
I'm currently oriented on this: Learn Java for Android Development
The one from commons ware is good
Or a bit older, but this
Reto Meier

Developers, build mobile Android apps using Android 4The fast-growing popularity of Android smartphones and tablets creates a huge opportunities for developers. If you're an experienced developer, you can start creating robust mobile Android apps right away with this professional guide to Android 4 application development. Written by one of Google's lead Android developer advocates, this practical book walks you through a series of hands-on projects that illustrate the features of the Android SDK. That includes all the new APIs introduced in Android 3 and 4, including building for tablets, using the Action Bar, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC Beam, and more.Shows experienced developers how to create mobile applications for Android smartphones and tabletsRevised and expanded to cover all the Android SDK releases including Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), including all updated APIs, and the latest changes to the Android platform.Explains new and enhanced features such as drag and drop, fragments, the action bar, enhanced multitouch support, new environmental sensor support, major improvements to the animation framework, and a range of new communications techniques including NFC and Wi-Fi direct.Provides practical guidance on publishing and marketing your applications, best practices for user experience, and more This book helps you learn to master the design, lifecycle, and UI of an Android app through practical exercises, which you can then use as a basis for developing your own Android
From Reto Meier
4:11 PM
thanks, I'll buy this then
looks like the guy knows a thing or two about android
heh yeah lol
got it for 30€ new
you're welcome :)
4:25 PM
Reto Meier have also video courses : udacity.com/course/ud853
I actually bought that book because it says "Professional" on it
and I wanted to feel like a pro when I was a still a noob
oh right, follow the link Abdellah posted
4:28 PM
@TheMexican "when"?
That PSA sounds like it means you SHOULD flag those words.
I had to read that a couple times.
you know cM, you still a noob
o/ Emm
hey Carl!
I feel like it fighting with this damn BT code again
4:31 PM
So I've been using IntelliJ recently, and now I'm wondering if there is actually any good reason to use AS instead?
AS basically seems like IntelliJ with bugs added.
@Ahmad Lol
4:47 PM
WTF! I thought Carl was the one who was supposed to get these stupid errors
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