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4:06 PM
I can clone it if I use git bash
but not windows cmd
ok, so I have it down now. I'm about to eat some lunch but this afternoon I'll make the change and submit pull request
cool! :)
hello every one
4:22 PM
hello dr nick
Staff Hello I have a problem., nice way to start a post
I would answer a question which started with a description of a summoning ritual, and chanting "I summon thee, Gods of Android on StackOverflow, Hear my plea!"
@blackbelt It's funny how many people think that people who answer questions are SE staff, mods, or somehow get paid for answering
wait... you guys don't get your checks in the mail for answering questions?
did you submit the correct address?
@Indiandroid Welcome. Please read the room rules
4:36 PM
no, you probably didn't. Can you check the sent box?
I just want a tee shirt and I'll be happy
I just want some waffles and I'd be happy
keyboard waffles
made by the 404 picture waffle iron
You wouldn't have to worry about the syrup getting on your keyboard as you type!
I could go for some waffles now.
4:43 PM
I want ice cream
I want a bed
I guess I suffer from some kind of post-lunch narcolepsy
sorry. my emoji palette does not have any bed.
I'm not Spanish, but I need a siesta
Ahmad, did you manage to make the emojis appear?
4:56 PM
no but does this satisfy you?
must. not. laugh.
no, a square is not satisfactory :/
does it not show for you?
not on chrome
4:59 PM
highlight the square and right click, you can see it next to Search Google for...
but this gets displayed.
this is a bit scary. A simple query and 2 seconds later I have 5000 emails.
I didn't know github published all that in his public data dump.
5:09 PM
Where's the dump located?
NSA is behind Github
you can use google big query to load the latest dump
Yep, if your worried you can always try this
or you can download it from githubarchive.org
@MrEngineer13 whups!
I had that enabled
but only in my github console
I didn't actually change it in git config
no wonder I am still seeing my email being displayed in the db dump
this is why we don't have nice things
5:14 PM
thanks, will update
i have that sugarman song stuck in my head
so stuck
is it better than having the Frozen soundtrack stuck in your head?
that guy can play. wow.
thats unreal
just unreal.
5:20 PM
Good afternoon/whatever time of the day
good day sir.
Making good use of the massive amount of commit messages.
5:24 PM
Sounds like my Lux commits
So. many. possibilities.
I'm creating a commitlogsfromlastnight.com spinoff
5:26 PM
I was just going to link that
Google bigquery is nice
> Query complete (20.5s elapsed, 137 GB processed)
137 GB (!)
5:46 PM
how can it process so much data so fast?!
map/reduce perhaps?
By All
yep map reduce
Big Data is fun
5:50 PM
you can do so much so fast if you have things structured the right way
> Cloud Dataflow is based on a highly efficient and popular model used internally at Google, which evolved from MapReduce...
btw, it's grammatically correct to spell it either pwned OR owned ;-)
Looks very similar to Amazon's Elastic Data Pipeline
combined with Hadoop clusters
one of my friends works at google manhattan on their big data stuff I believe
last time I saw him he was talking about mapreduce
@CarlAnderson lol
6:01 PM
okay okay, granted I don't know a lot about that :|
that's fine. You've learned far too much already for being only 18.
I just picked up that they introduced that at this years IO
hehe ty
6:36 PM
New device new Bluetooth issues. F U Samsung!
I hate Samsung with a passion
Then you are in the right room Mr
Testing on the Galaxy Tab 4 and just the amount of system errors is nuts
I'm using the Galaxy Tab 3 and every time I run the app I get an error: ...has leaked IntentReceiver com.immersion.android.haptics.HapticFeedbackManager$HapticFeedbackBroadcastRecei‌​ver@427baaf0 that was originally registered here. Are you missing a call to unregisterReceiver()?
6:46 PM
we all hate samsung.
@MrEngineer13 does this only happen on samsung devices?
btw, are you unregistering your intent receiver?
@codeMagic lol
do it in onPause()
Yea, it only happens on Samsung devices so I thought it was one of their awesome hidden features
hidden features lol
awesome hidden feature - bug lol
7:12 PM
Microsoft has a GitHub account now, and their bio is basically an apology. https://github.com/Microsoft http://t.co/B4ZtnntOE0
I'm going rowing tomorrow. Let's hope I don't drown.
running tests
gah. too much sitting around today.
up to the gym!
7:33 PM
i have to put an ad in my app
Look at that, we have someone else from Indiana!
Now @Emmanuel can't beat up on me all the time about living in a cornfield
7:44 PM
codeMagic: child of the corn.
Are you working on that bio now, nil? Future top-seller!
WTF is SM4 in terms of Bluetooth...or anything data related?
If by working on you mean replacing the name of one kid in Children of the Corn with yours, yes.
Woo hoo!
8:25 PM
Does any one work with AES encryption?
@codeMagic truthfully, my backyard is a corn field
Haha...what part are you in, if you don't mind me asking?
La Porte County
lol @Ahmad I'm going kayaking tomorrow
Oh, you're not far at all then from me
Elkhart but work in St. Joe
8:49 PM
@Ahmad finally got it done
just submitted pull request
I like watching my siamese cat go limp when he decides he's going to sunbathe
Just totally flops over.
@trevor-e haha nice :D have fun!
it's a bit funny you mentioning kayaking, because you work at kayak.
@foamy yay!
does anyone know if Mr. Meshuggah was taken off of write access specifically?
8:56 PM
how to I convert a string of hex values into a byte array?
yeah I put him on the ban list foamy
because he was obviously zigi
A: Convert a string representation of a hex dump to a byte array using Java?

Dave L.Here's a solution that I think is better than any posted so far: public static byte[] hexStringToByteArray(String s) { int len = s.length(); byte[] data = new byte[len / 2]; for (int i = 0; i < len; i += 2) { data[i / 2] = (byte) ((Character.digit(s.charAt(i), 16) << 4) ...

does this work?
9:05 PM
Ahmad, I tell you tomorrow
gotta go
we need to get guilherm to use a different color for the shirt on his comic avatar
ahmad has already claimed teal(ish) and it must be different enough that you can tell the diference at a quick glance even on the small icons
Do we actually need a rule 8 to say you don't need to but can do something? O_o
I vote yes
It's like putting in "8. You can do this but it doesn't matter."
9:08 PM
ugh I've been so lazy to work on my parcelable persist library as of late
I'm trying to port RxJava to Swift because sanity's never been my strong point
you know rxjava?
Nope :D
I was thinking about switching my current project to rxjava
but without java8 it looks kinda ugly imo
In reality, I should probably be trying to port ReactiveCocoa, which I also don't know, but part of ReactiveCocoa is dependent on preprocessor macros, and so I've already decided this is guaranteed to be a bad idea
9:09 PM
like the Func1<> stuff
so can someone please explain what rxjava does?
It's reactive programming stuff
It's not really clear to me
i.e., rather than you going in and grabbing data, you say "hey, notify me when this data is here" and when you're notified (or signaled) you react to it.
well for rxjava it's functional reactive right?
9:10 PM
I guess it should really be added to the wording in number 1
I'm not sure how close it adheres to FRP practices, but they're sort of poorly defined anyway
since you can then perform actions on the sets returned like a map function
At any rate, the easiest way to explain it is to just say that it's sort of the opposite of the current way observers/listeners are handled.
For instance, right now, how do you make an observer of something?
Usually, you create an observer class, allocate it, and then tell the observed thing it has an observer and it should let the observer know about things
But that's kind of silly in practice because why should the observed thing need to know?
So it's kind of like having actual observation, depending on the FRP library you use
(scala-react is sort of that way, anyhow)
Its basically just a way of saying you want to know when a value is available and have the option to filter it, wait for more values, transform it into another value, etc.
Ah I see! thanks I think I understood it now
I'd have actually tried to start porting scala-react but it's not under an open source license and it requires coroutine support, which isn't doable in Swift
9:27 PM
So I wanted to see how RxJava is implemented under the hood, so I thought why not go back and look at the very first implementation going from commit to commit
Wasn't he using any version control for the first few thousand lines of code?
There are a few possibilities there.
1) They're like me and just don't create repos for experiments until they've settled on something.
2) It was initially in another repo (possibly another SCM) and got moved.
mass import from a private version control system?
3) The commit history was squashed.
4) Some other potential reason.
Also why was Meshuggah's write access removed?
9:31 PM
because he's a clone of zigi
Ah, right.
Well, can't argue with that.
Ban evasion doesn't exactly help anyone.
He since then managed to get kicked out of the js room and the c++ lounge
zigi was banned? or am I thinking of someone else?
and got into a long fight on meta
yeah zigi
9:33 PM
Emmanuel had some beef with him, so it's not my problem.
he flipped out on me a while back because I asked if there was a way to collapse images after I've viewed them in chat, and then somehow took that as a personal insult that I didn't like his images for some reason
I was just like o_O
see? he is like that
he had a propensity for posting unsavory things, and when he disagrees with people he tends to be very confrontational about it
trevor, you're thinking of OcuS actually
the unsavory things (even the disgusting yogurt) didn't bother me really. But he went on some crazy tirades
9:35 PM
oh am I?
oops then
OcuS is the one who flipped out about you not wanting to see his images
really? o.0
oh ok
maybe it was just a language barrier, I don't think he's from the us
can't imagine Ocus flipping out because someone didn't like his cat gifs lol
I don't recall the whole thing anymore but he got off on a rant one day calling me hypocritical for not wanting to eat human meat, but being willing to try kangaroo meat
9:36 PM
Ahmad, he threatened to ban anyone telling him to stop posting images :-P
oh yeah. I remember that.
o.0 for realz?
the funny thing was that I didn't mind the images
I just didn't want to leave them on my screen for a long time
You gotta get rlemons gif killer script
it will give you a bookmarklet that you can hit and then click any image to replace it with one of your choice
well at my old job I was using a locked down corporate firefox version
but at my new job people don't really care and I have a MBP with admin rights
I searched for that! but I didn't find it foamy. Got a link?
it should be super easy to code an expand/hide button into the chat
make a new bookmark and paste the contents of bookmark.js in there
I don't know the proper place to request the feature though
then make yourself a button for your bookmark (if you want). Then all you have to do is click the button and click the image
and change the hardcoded imgur link if you want a different image
perfect. the image killer works :D
9:41 PM
it is awesome
@FoamyGuy this make trover.com very very funny
@rlemon almighty javascript ninja. Thank you again for github.com/rlemon/Killit
Haha NP.
@Ahmad gist.github.com/staltz/868e7e9bc2a7b8c1f754 ← Maybe read that on FRP
Since I'm still trying to wrap my head around it and my definition obviously differs from this one
9:43 PM
thanks :)
Note: I haven't read this and it mostly pertains to RxJava (I think? Might be generic Rx-style things since they mostly descend from Microsoft's stuff), which I have on my to-do list for learning.
Hi Android
awesome, my first Samsung-specific bug :-P
ah.. a right of passage for all Android developers.
Looks like the ReactiveCocoa folks are having fun
10:01 PM
Kind of surprising to see that ReactiveCocoa, which has 219 files, is only about 10,000 SLOC if you go by cloc.
Closer to 8,000 if you ignore Swift.
The RxJava core, on the other hand... is 43,000
And people call Obj-C verbose ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
Alright, think I'll head out for a walk now
We found out today that one of our new salesman has web development experience...
well, it turns out he has web design experience...
ok, he knows html...
10:16 PM
"I used to know some Java"
"Java and javascript are not the same thing"
"Yeah, I knew some javascript"
I'm actually in the "he knows HTML" boat since I don't have web dev experience.
I told him I was glad he knew HTML and CSS because I don't really care much to mess with that...
His reply, "No, I don't know any CSS"
But you also wouldn't claim to have web dev experience
Confirming my guess that he actually just used wordpress.
I probably wouldn't claim to have web dev experience unless that was my actual job title at some point.
Basically. He said he learned from an online course
10:22 PM
yay, rebooting the Samsung fixed the bug :-P
Also, my cat has apparently been sitting outside my bedroom door waiting for me
I'm his bodyguard now because one of the big cats keeps bullying him
10:48 PM
my CEO runs a Samsung Galaxy s4 on AT&T. It's still running Android 4.2.2, and doing a "check for updates" says it's up to date. Does that make sense? Why wouldn't it update to 4.4.4 ?
Ugh, 1km and my legs are already dead today. I might've gone too fast.
Looks like it should, Carl
Did you have him turn it off and back on again?
But seriously, Samsung needs to be restarted for everything
hrm.. actually he doesn't have the SIM card in, or it's not subscribed
that probably screws with things
and the stupid menu system won't let me "check for updates" more than once per 24 hours
10:55 PM
I'll say again (only the second half applies here)...
4 hours ago, by codeMagic
New device new Bluetooth issues. F U Samsung!
feels like a hate-on-samsung day
But that is strange. I think I can check for updates as often as I want on my S3
do you have a working SIM card?
You are welcome! I see you are a Naruto fan did you watch the original series before they all grew up a bit? — PubNub 10 mins ago
I have Sprint
10:57 PM
so he did respond, naruto
Yeah! :D
It seems he likes Naruto too.
11:11 PM
"People call me a father of the Internet, since I helped create it 40 years ago. I know lots of people over-share about..." stop stop stop stop
You helped create it, but that was 40 years ago. That does not mean I care what you think about it now.
11:32 PM
Night Everyone :)
who said that nil?
night naruto
@Ahmad How's the maths going?
11:52 PM
only watched the first 3 lectures so far :|
I have to structure my math-learning
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