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10:00 PM
Now I have a mac under my bed which is collecting dust, a primary nice laptop, Nexus 5 and 7 and a broken ass iPod somewhere that I accidently ripped the wifi band out of.
Apr 8 at 18:50, by nana
> Internet Explorer, the best browser for downloading another browser since 1998.
I like that so much I'm tempted to favorite that comment, and the original.
id est FIRST
I've said that for the longest time :P
Yeah? My dad can beat your dad.
10:03 PM
Probably, although my dad would probably throw one of his 3-5 phones at you
So, what do you type this one?
Oh a primary nice laptop, gotcha.
Yeah, I mean it's not great but it's something
So does getActionBar() have to be called after you set the contentView?
Well now that the game is over, the grand debate. Do I continue working on my app, or do I start binge-watching parks and rec?
Both, I binge watch while I code a lot.
10:09 PM
Now for the fun part of figuring out why the buttons don't look like buttons on my physical android device...
What? How is that even possible? I need absolute silence.
I'm not sure, although my parents always grumble at me because my posture is shit when I code :P
I can't eat when I code. I live on liquids near deadlines XD
I still haven't figure out how to sit properly to this day.
Where do you both live?
10:11 PM
Coffee every day all day, at least I finally cut the milk and sugar.
It helps a lot if you put your screen up to the right view-level
nana lives in circle
I did put it higher, and it helps, but I always sit on my legs.
Though you should probably have the screen even higher
10:13 PM
I think I have it even a little bit higher. That's why I don't people working on laptops.
@nana If you're gonna live on liquids, milk is good for you.
Damnit, wrong thing
Nevermind, too late, I give up
You can still edit, until you delete.
Last desktop I had (aside from the one my dad used) was in what is now my room, and I remember I played pinball on it when I broke my arm.
I can't binge watch and code, I'll never multitask right.
10:15 PM
Although I think I only ever had one Windows computer growing up. Windows 95 it ran? Or 98. I grew up on Linux and Ubuntu...
That's it, until I got my laptop I had only used Linux and Ubuntu xD
Except when my cousin sent me a Mac for free, I used it until I got this laptop for Christmas. XD
Laptop as macbook?
Yeah, my cousin sent me a macbook.
Now I hardly use it since I have this laptop
Why would you use something other than a macbook?
Don't even!
Only if it is retina
10:19 PM
I don't think I will ever be rich enough to justify buing a mac :)
Good point
I don't think I'll ever be rich enough to WANT a mac
Why isn't this person upvoting and marking my answer as correct. I'M ALWAYS RIGHT
I shouldn't have bought a mac, but I did, and I'll never go back.
Ew icky!
They hate us cause they ain't us.
10:24 PM
Shrug, well, apparently I'm going out to eat so cya!
have a good one
10:38 PM
I am so nice today, answering questions with examples and all. I like me.
10:53 PM
That is nice, Nana.
I almost never answer a MySQL question without including an SQLFiddle, it's almost guaranteed to get you an extra point here and there.
Does anyone feel like giving this n00b a review of their very first ever android app? I put my code on my git: github.com/Gemtastic/GemtasticDistanceCalculator
I have the issue that the buttons don't look like buttons in the app on Gingerbread, but in the emulator, it works
11:11 PM
Gem, I'll try it out.
Did you build it in AndroidStudio?
@McAdam331 Thanks, I appreciate it ^^
What is it used for?
I haven't opened it yet lol
It's supposed to say in the readme :P
oh this is interesting.
I like it. Want some constructive criticism? lol
Yes please to CC. Also, if you know why the buttons don't display on my gingerbread phone I'd be very thankful :P
11:17 PM
Also, the buttons look fine on 5.0 except they're not the same size.
actually I'm running 5.1 lol
Yeah, they're not the same size width wise.
1) Remove the Settings menu option if it doesn't do anything ;P 2) I noticed if I don't enter a speed but I tap on a button it doesn't do anything. It would probably look nicer if you used a Toast that said 'Please enter your speed' or something of that nature.
@McAdam331 They don't in :/
And a cool feature, me being an American and all, would be to allow the user to switch between km/hr and mph.
@McAdam331 I was considering it, but meh. I just wanted to make this work first ;P
11:19 PM
Do you have an actual phone running gingerbread, or were you using a gingerbread emulator?
Yes, I have an actual phone, and it doesn't display the buttons, not with a background colour at least
I don't have a device to test it, have you tried setting up an emulator running that OS?
But the accelerometer detection works fine so I've got that thing going for me which is nice ;P
@McAdam331 Yes, the emulators all show the buttons as they should
Yeah, that's cool
Hm, then I don't know how to help you lol.
Maybe I have to manually set their bg color? :P
11:22 PM
can you take a screenshot for me?
I've never taken a screenshot with that phone... I'll have to google it XD
usually it's powerbutton/volume down on android
yeah, it's the middle button plus on/off
What do 2.3 devices even look like? Why don't you have an upgrade to something newer?
I just saw this in a Facebook ad. Buy it yes/no? gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/…
11:27 PM
For $20 I don't think there's a debate, @AdamS
The snowflake is pretty much gone :')
Yeah, you could try manually setting the background color. I think it might have to do with the background color you've set in combination with whatever the defaults were in gingerbread. I imagine there's a way to set UI elements dependent on the version # but I'm not positive
Possible :O
@AdamS Then you can go buy a Myo and learn how to control the copter with your arm gestures.
11:31 PM

Features: 1. Brand: Cheerson 2. Model: CX10 3. Main Rotor Diameter: 2.9cm 4. Speed Control: Integrated 5. Required Radio: 4Channel 6. Frequency: 2.4G 7. Flight Time: Approx. 4-8 minutes 8. Charging Time: About 30-40 minutes 9. Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh Lithium Battery 10. Transmitter Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (Not Included) 11. Control Distance: About 40 meters 12. Body Material: ABS Plastic 13. Color: Bright Orange 14. Dimensions: (4.2 x 4.2 x 2)cm (L x W x H) 15. Suitable for: Ages 14+ Package Includes: 1 x Mini UFO QuadCopter 1 x USB Cable 1 x Transmitter 2 x Main Blades 1 x User Manual
Played with one couple weeks ago, not bad for the price.
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