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10:00 AM
instagram in beta?
lol no, why?
@Ahmad I found a serializer of XML, casually
oh really?
wow that's nice
It is supported by Retrofit to convert objects
and it was there where I found it
ooooh the app
I don't use win phone lol
never did
10:02 AM
crazy people use windows phones
I will never hate Windows, I do hate Skype.
unless they get android app support today
that thing is BETA for ages
yeah you can plug in custom serializers to retrofit
@Jordy why? Skype is pretty nice
Background noise is just straight retarded
Even when using USB headset, still noisy
10:04 AM
really? it worked fine last time I used it
Yeah Skype's sound is very random.
granted, I don't Skype that often
I find that viber is having a good sound. better than hangouts, though
I only use Teamspeak for online conversations
10:04 AM
and hangouts app is really buggy
But when i need to share my screen skype will do perfect indeed
And agree on buggy hangout
Loooool warren xD
@Ahmad annoying ads, stupid Android app in general, no privacy (they agreed to hand all messages to ФСБ)
but isn't that more of a russian government thing?
or can they not opt out?
opt out of what?
it's implicit for users
10:07 AM
well not in europe, mwahaha.
although I'm not sure how it's dealt with for users from other countries
skype works flawlessly here
skype has no ads in europe?
last time i checked, nope
on OS X?
or other platforms?
10:08 AM
on win10
i use the app though
on OS X it doesn't have ads, that's true
that's an interesting phenomena by itself
will check it today when i get home
that's a cool feature of the new windows, being able to have the app version or the desktop version
Yeah it works fine but it's not the best quality and twice the delay in comparisation with Teamspeak. I don't call it bad but I don't like it eiter.
also it used to have some arbitrary limitations, like no more than 5 users in a video call
When sharing screens its perfect, even on low bandwidth you can share your screen.
10:10 AM
delay in skype?
Yeah small delay
also, skype's video codec is atrocious for screen sharing
IE: 20ms is a delay aswell :p
i usually find more delay on steam's shared rooms
i use skype for gaming purposes
ain't nobody got time to host a teamspeak server
Yeah, steam is very slow
10:11 AM
I mean, it may be unnoticeable if it's given huge bandwidth, but it's not effective at all for screencast-like content
Hahah Im hosting my own Teamspeak on my dedicated
So welcome mate :p!
You know the Dutch footballer Dirk Kuyt?
we picked skype as prefered because we're all ( friends ) using wifi and steam voice chat on wifi is bad as hell
nope :(
10:12 AM
and sometimes Skype decided to eat CPU power just because it can, and there's no way to check what the hell does it do, since the code is closed, and I heard that the binary is thoroughly obfuscated
maybe it's mining bitcoins for microsoft
Well, can't reproduce the CPU problem but will never prefer it above ts :p
Skype worked so good before MS bought it.
the most (random, unintended) cpu/ram consuming software on my PC is chrome.
for general purpose chatting/talking there's also hangouts
Since version 6 and above i'm a little sad
10:13 AM
it usually works ok
Well, hangouts is sometimes very random in giving the notification of "the actual hangout"
Or you join an empty room
@Jordy some people say that the same situation was with MS-DOS…
Dos is just awesome
And unix aswell
day of tentacle 4ever
The good old days when you had an entire list in your MSDos of games
Selecting any game from the menu
10:16 AM
empty room in hangouts is a feature probably. what I really miss there is the ability to start group chat with just 2 members.
"Feature" :D
I'm telling that to my boss every time he has a blue screen
Its an feature!
blue screen screensaver. best winXP prank ever.
could only get out by pressing esc 4 times.
10:20 AM
oh, forgot to post this after the microsoft motto.
Time for a lunch break
Guys, ttyl.
I got into hackingedu! :)
it's quite entertaining but there is truth behind it
I love how an overwhelming majority of the germans is pro refugees, and the radicals are in such minority right now
or maybe that's just my perception
yaay tristan :D
10:36 AM
Guys, can you recommend a good Backend as a service platform?
There's just so many
Ok, noted. =)
heroku isn't a BaaS
heroku is a SaaS
no wait, it's a PaaS
fuck this, it's all too weird
why we keep using so similar acronyms?
10:43 AM
they are actually easy to remember once you know what they mean
^ Greedy rats as a Software Substitute
@Ahmad were you accepted to HackingEDU?
bad joke of the day :
how do you start a fantasy tale taking place in newcastle?
Once upon the thyne.
10:57 AM
I broke my keyboard, here's the list of keys that stopped working:
11:16 AM
trello is amazing for project management
on small collaborative environements
Trello is kinda cool.
it lacks one single thing, implemeting any software tracking tool ( a widget to bitbucket / github / dropbox ) and a issue tracker
Burger King unleashed
11:37 AM
anyone tried deep linking their app with google searches?
got it to work. had to to terrible dark things
google searches , or google search bar url ?
whats the difference?
so "myApp://" in the search bar?
nah, google searches
s othey search for something, and they have the option to open it in my app
hmm nope. afaik, deep linking is for links only
be them on a normal or custom protocol
so, you can set your app to listen for your user clicking or searching on the phone's search bar for "http://yourwebsite.com/app"
11:40 AM
that's annoying, we work with lots of restaurants and want to be able to link with them in google
we can't exactly ask them to verify their website with us
i'm not that expert in deep links.
but for what i've read
it's for url detection only
does that mean i can hijack any url with an intent filteR?
what the hell...
or almost any
i don't know how secure is that.
11:43 AM
well the first step for me was to verify my app with the url I wanted to link with, so it send a request to the webmaster
so I assume I would have to do that for every url
i had to do nothing server side to make this work
replace mywebsite with our client's website
ok that seems very odd
testing it now
so in theory it should work for any link
Shit, it worked
gave the chooser dialog, chrome, or my app
but be sure
11:46 AM
so insecure, i can hijack any site
to put that intent filter
on a secondary activity
an empty one
if you put that on the main (first activity), it overrides the LAUNCH intent filter
and won't show on app list
just create a blank activity that redirects to the main
11:48 AM
do you mean the app won't show in the app drawer? because it shows for me
and launches fine
from the market, no
that's teh secret
we discovered that shit after uploading a client's app on a friday afternoon and coming back on monday to see hell and turment fall upon us
market? you mean google play store?
hmm pressing "Open" works for me
public class DeepLinkRecieverActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
Intent i = new Intent(this,SplashActivity.class);
} }
we had to do this.
11:51 AM
so what I'm talking about is under Services & APIs in your google play publisher account
APP INDEXING FROM GOOGLE SEARCH with a "verify website" button
hmm never done that.
lemme check
aahh ok
it's the same, just at google searches level
so, it kinda adds a new layer of deep linking
when a google search has your linked site that your app is ready to recieve
and you click
it will launch the same dialog as in the search bar
(or i believe so)
so if you search mywebsite app
and click at the google search result mywebsite.org/app/android
it'll open the dialog
or that's what i understand
@Mitch welcome, please read the room rules
brb in 2 hours. lunch time!
"Before you ask a question here, first thoroughly research it yourself, and post it on Stack Overflow" i don't think the question i have is worth asking on SO :/
@Ahmad ^
i'm wondering where the track colour comes from here: i.imgur.com/sW3Vvsv.png
but i can't see where that slightly weaker shade comes from
12:06 PM
maybe it uses transparency? so base colour with a different transparency value?
good point
do you know where those would be specified?
i'm trying to figure out if this is something that's generated or specified by the user if they want to create their own branding
do not know, but here is a material pallete
yeah, i've been using that, but what i don't understand is that the "light primary colour" is exactly the same colour that is used in the track
yet it's a primary colour, not an accent. it's quite confusing to me
for now, using 25% of the accent colour works quite nicely, thanks :)
12:26 PM
12:39 PM
@mitch hmm I don't think that's a predefined color
anyone know where to download crashlytics sdk from? can't find a download link on their site
you have to use gradle
or download the .jar from maven central
they have their own public maven repo
i ca'nt even find the docs for that on the crashlytics website
seems like i need a login
12:55 PM
yeah you do
it's not a public sdk
you need to get invited (?)
not sure if that's still the case
however, you need an account
there we go!
So, it means we can not send any text to anyone without having messenger?
and even if someone has messenger installed, they need to send it
you can't automate that
ok, thanks. I saw somewhere that we cannot post also
because they can set privacy at their ends.
I can automate by integrating messenger
1:18 PM
Hey Ahmad
1:47 PM
is crashlytics just one line to initialise and then it reports all crashes from then on?
I think you have to configure something else
can't remember though
don't believe it's just one line
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