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8:00 AM
@ColdFire nada
@cygery nada means?
how about you CF
8:01 AM
I only ever had ads in RepetiTouch Free
that must be earning good?
and since my AdMob account got disabled a year ago I didn't switch to another network
my friend is earning like 10k$ a month with ads
Anyone tried Adyen payment? Im kinda lost =(
CF game or app?
8:02 AM
I think if I was going to monetize an app it'd be with paid features for a premium version of the app
$10k is a nice sum from ads
no idea he didnt show me his apps
@ColdFire that is pretty amazing
since he dont want anyone to copy him
so he could also be lying
8:02 AM
Probably lying
A lot of bullshitters in the world
the money was there
he showed me his admob account
ah, well maybe not then :D
One less of bullshitter in the world
probably a pink soft keyboard with trojan showing ads randomly as a keyboard overlay :)
8:04 AM
that's brilliant warren
no idea warren could be
Ads scare me, while I'd love to put them in, they can really kill an app
The problem with that is the click ratio is way above average which would result in a ban of your ad network
mark dev dont have any other options
just don't use AdMob
8:04 AM
without ads earning is shit
i tried both approach
uhm, there are other options
paid app, IAP
micro transactions are a great way to earn money from apps
like cygery?
alternative to admob?
I think if I was going to put them in, I'd have to wait until the app has a lot of downloads, because I feel putting ads in early just stops the app from growing
8:05 AM
@TimCastelijns micro?
micro transactions... the killer of mobile gaming
@TimCastelijns I'd argue only for games
Mark, + it makes you more vulnerable to clickbombing
like the supercell is doing. buy gems.
8:06 AM
I wouldn't include ads directly in a new app
If you have a very good app, the way I'd want to monetize it would be with subscriptions because at least you have a recurring income unlike a one off payment if they buy a premium version of the app
I'd do that in future
mark i thought about that
but app need to support that
it's imho also more fair to the user
especially when he only uses it for a rather short time
like if my app dont have a feature that makes user buy subscription?
8:08 AM
It's the best approach, allows the user a chance to opt-out and means you can try and makes it easier to predict your income.
so, if there's ever gonna be a RepetiTouch 2 that'd probably be the way to monetize it
@ColdFire make it :p
be sure to automatically renew the subscription without telling the user. At least that's what all the big companies do
let them never opt-out or cancel ;)
now, I wonder how much I could charge for short email addresses per month
@cygery i have been using admob for 5 years now no banning and any issues
8:11 AM
lucky you
only thing is that i dont ever click my own ads
Maybe it also depends on where you are from. In my area, if an app has ads, an app is deleted
and i mean never
Tim i have a paid for the same purpose if you hate ads then purchase it simple?
another thing in my area: apps that cost money are apps that don't get downloaded
@ColdFire neither did I
8:15 AM
you are from belgium/paris/france/netherland?
well your area is shit i am gonna remove your country from my app
anyway, whatever ad network you use, make sure to get your money paid out asap
i don't like to monteize apps
8:17 AM
yes admob pays after 22 days from the month end
whenever we've done it, we've done it on addons only
mate, anyone here how to check if the camera location was enabled?
like , "have audioguide instead of just text guide"
That highly depends on how annoying your ads are. If you prompt full screen non-dismissal-videos every few seconds you will have a baaad time with users in Germany
no idea winresh.
8:17 AM
that is overkill warren
and still done too often
i general show only one full screen ads every app usage
whether you use app for 1min or 24 hours
so many people rating bad and saying that the ads are too often and still, because fuck dumb 5* voters, such apps still have 4+ on average
warren that is most probabaly in games
well, 5 star reviews are cheap
8:19 AM
good apps have less rating than bad apps
people are stupid i get 1 star rating with very good review
they dont even 1 star is worst and 5 star is excellent
this is a good app, it deserves a star!
there are some narcissists who give 1 star to increase visibility of their comment
can you use inAppPurchase as donation?
yesterday 3 purchase 2 cancelled
wow paid app purchases
i think a 'donate' button is more good.
8:23 AM
which app is that btw?
my music player
link or it didn't happen ;)
he needs link, or you are a liar. simple.
post a link to your app
how long has that been in the store?
nice UI design
yeah it is easy on the eyes
see 2 cancelled order
thanks, you might want to include the video in the Pro version's app page
well, why were the orders cancelled?
8:27 AM
yes just uploaded yesterday testing the video i am
maybe expired CCs?
nope both cancelled by users
did you solo dev that app? How long did it take?
too much time to remember
i have redesigned it 10 times already
month, 3 months, year?
8:29 AM
more than 6 months i guess
actually it is continuous development
so development has not stopped
ah ok
1 tip I have
In library, on Songs tab, there is a list of items
i have 5 feature request from user already
on the right side of each item there is a overflow menu icon, I would align it to the top instead of somewhere in the middle
8:31 AM
why at top?
difficult market I think, I'd try to better promote some USPs in the app description and reduce it overally
@PaulaKristin welcome to the room. Please read the room rules before you participate: room-15.github.io
unique selling point
8:33 AM
aah right i am also gonna put some ads in free version
would look better to me, but mid is fine as well
Hello, Android!
I thought it was meant to be at top, but checked material.google.com/components/menus.html#menus-usage and they have it in the middle as well, so disregard my comment CF
@ColdFire had that before, never been so frustrated when I seen this happen.
@MarkOSullivan94 haha yeah it is not repairable
8:37 AM
paypal in app purchases are banned, right? no paypals in play store. right?
yes banned
@TimCastelijns ohh great
yes because google wants 40% of your income or something
or was that apple
both google and apple
inAppPurchase can be used as donation?
and now google has started collecting taxes also so more than 30%
in some countries
8:39 AM
just don't make it an InApp
if that's the deal
how then? a website?
Really nice app @ColdFire! Why did you decide upon that price for UK?
as i said 72h ago, mantain a flexible and well structured API that handles what users have or don't have.
@MarkOSullivan94 that is the price showing i intend to increase the price
You intend to increase the price?
8:40 AM
why increase?
is that $1.49 now?
£3.29 is more than your competitor
i intend to make it 4.99$
damn it's 4.59 in my country
8:41 AM
it showed as Rs. 100 to me, which is $1.49
CF, might be so that if you lower the price instead of raise it, you will get more purchases which in the end may earn you more :)
in india price is different
@MarkOSullivan94 already seen that app
4.69 in mine :O
As a customer who's looking for a beautiful music player app, I could go for yours or save myself more than 50p for an app which is similarly nice looking but cheaper.... the average customer will go for the cheaper option.
Thanks guys!
8:43 AM
^ you didn't read rules :D
:D what for?
mark you are right but you arent seeing all things
“I have read and understood the rules”.
there you go
everyone thinks his app is better. this is in the blood.
no no i am not saying my app is better
i leave it upto to the users
8:44 AM
Your app has to be better to get the sales
i will say it at least for my app
if i am not praising it, others will not.
you have the description for it
someone out of you is going to help me make a description for my app :D
@MarkOSullivan94 pulsar music player dev has other apps and ads in it to earn
it is not the better app sells
it is the app that has the visibility it sells
@rupinderjeet47 This app does stuff. If you buy it, it does more stuff
8:47 AM
if only the better apps i have shit apps getting ton of downloads
i fail at writing lines that attract someone to read more.
Tim just gave you the perfect line
@ColdFire add some bold text to your description :p blog.boomerangapp.com/2016/07/…
i see nice
@MarkOSullivan94 actually i have a customer who had tried tons of music player
but in the end he decided to purchase mine
there are many small features
some apps dont add
he tried pulsar too
Also, I noticed you have features of both pro and free in the free app description, is this the done thing? If someone is curious would they not just check out the pro version?
8:52 AM
Simplicity also has value, too many features is not necessarily good
my app is damn simple
i dont have many feature
You have like 40 features
1 min ago, by Cold Fire
there are many small features
those are placed in setting if you want to see them
@TimCastelijns read the next lines
all feature are not visible to user
@MarkOSullivan94 actually its more than 50
yeah ok
8:54 AM
i havent listed them all
i keep adding them
Tim :- many player dont resume the playlist you left when you closed the app
this is a feature but user isnt aware of this
I wouldn't call that a feature, but I see what you mean
this has to be done automatically
I'd recommend sorting out your description, you've got way too many things listed. What's the core features which makes your app better than other music player apps? Sort out the layout of the description as well, you have "and many more" directly above "Pro Version Features:-", I'd recommend having a space between them to split the section up.
it is a feature Tim
@MarkOSullivan94 mark my description is a mess
I personally think your app is fantastic btw, just trying to offer my opinion on what I'd do to try and improve it
8:56 AM
already hired someone for free to do it for me
I'd do it for free
mark you can no issues
What way do you want me to send it to you? Hastebin?
@MarkOSullivan94 all feedback are welcome
on my app email id?
Okay, do you need it urgently? I'm in work atm but could work on it during my lunch if you need it soon.
8:58 AM
anytime you want
do it in your free time
just remember it :)
Okay sweet, I should be free sometime this weekend, possibly tomorrow evening
busy tonight but if I have a bit of free time after work I'll take a look then
Downloaded your free app so I'll test it out later but I'll leave you 5 star for now :)
haha i am gonna add ads in next version , probably you wont like it
any one has a seekbar preference that works nice on all version?
9:06 AM
Having a hard time testing callbacks to the activity from viewmodel using MVVM with databinding
I have views that needs to visible and invisible based on the data that you get from server. So i have a viewmodel and i use interface as a call back to the activity. Like datalistener.onRecyclerViewVisibility(View.VISIBLE);. So i am having difficulty in testing callbacks
ohh you mean automated test cases?
yep unit tests for viewmodel. In MVP pattern you can say testing your presenter
aah havent done that sorry :(
9:15 AM
No problem i will find some repository on github and adapt my code so that i can test properly
when someone buys an app for $2, does developer get $2 or less?
2 - google/apple cut - taxes
how much is left, clue?
isGoogleCut = 30%
1.4$ max
if cut taxes 1.1$ max
taxes vary greatly
and in most countries you're responsible for them
9:20 AM
Is there any app which can download all of your spotify songs? (apart from spotify premium)
wouldn't that be illegal?
9:38 AM
I'm just curious
not as if I'm going to do that
didn't meant to accuse you
i believe mark will not do that nice thing.
so, in $2 app, all cuts are about 40-50%
Q: A New Silver Badge That Robots Simply Can't Win

Tim PostWe don't do a lot of socialization on Stack Overflow, or even Meta Stack Overflow. In fact, we really don't do any socializing. But, that doesn't mean being social and having informal conversations is bad in any way, we'd just rather that folks do it somewhere else. Somewhere else turns out to ...

You can now get a badge for attending real life events organized by SO :) first one is up in germany I believe
10:13 AM
Good thing I don't care :D
From my GitHub feed: "Issue closed: Place children deeper in custom container, with wrapper" #thingsprogrammerssay
10:40 AM
the screenshots of Telegram play store entry are well done: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.telegram.messenger
Fuck Apple, fuck Swift 3.0 and fuck Xcode.
So three times Fuck Apple :D
and fuck swift developers that vote stupid hipster features
And god bless android, android studio and java
10:45 AM
Android Studio <3
you forgot iphone and mac.
4 times fuck
they have apple watch too
This airbag hood could save the lives of thousands of cyclists 😳🚴 https://t.co/bmtNFiLn3w
The things people create
Yeah that looks fairly interesting
10:59 AM
Will that replace helmets?
I want one.
Tempting to take a dive just to see it in action.
Could actually be useful for car crashes as well to prevent whiplash
11:15 AM
Probably won't prevent concussions, though.
11:29 AM
If it prevents death then it'll be good
that makes sense
Yeah, it's probably better than nothing
@NathanielD.Waggoner Hey Man! #CM14 Help Required! ^^
Can anyone answer this? I have little experience with images
What is the paint color used for? It works fine without setting a color — Tim Castelijns 23 secs ago
@TheLittleNaruto hey fox
11:36 AM
hi Cold
@TimCastelijns setting the color?
@TheLittleNaruto Cm was asking for you
the code crops a bitmap into a circular form, colors are irrelevant
perhaps the circle color ?
as far as i can see it is used in draw must be used for circle color
@TheLittleNaruto hai !
Talking about CyanogenMod...I'm thinking about rooting my phone. Will it give me more free space for apps?
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