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12:52 AM
@JaredBurrows Welcome. Please read the room rules.
1:23 AM
Hello, Android!
@AdamS Did you see my comment to the accepted answer? I accepted it because it lead me to a very acceptable solution.
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3:00 AM
@Ahmad Thank you!
3:25 AM
Hi all
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4:33 AM
Hai code!
What's going on, Code?
not much
trying to design a new app...and I suck at design
I understand that...I'm the same way
That's when I have to get the whiteboard out and just throw some shit on there,,,
In fact, I have two new apps that I need to design..
4:39 AM
then start working on it and occasionally revisit it to adjust things
one of which I need to figure out how to bid it first, even
Look at you, overachiever :D
sure, if you say so...
I'm just trying to pay the rent
any suggestions for a newb freelancer on how to figure out how much to bid?
Unfortunately, I don't think I can be much help there. I might be in the same situation soon (n00b freelancing) but there are too many variables to consider to determine a price
@Emmanuel I think it was had a link for figuring cost on an app (if he'd quit being lazy and respond)
I don't know how reliable it was or anything but may give you an idea. I will message him and find the link if you want
4:49 AM
He's probably out eating fajitas and hitting pinatas but I will try
Debating if I should reject someone just because their name is creepy.
But, like I said, there's a lot of things to consider on bidding a project. So you mostly will need to go with what you feel is right
stares at @ladiesMan217
Yes, you.
Fajitas are great and probably even more so since they are probably real fajitas from him
That is creepy...
or accept for creativity
4:52 AM
Since I have no rule for banning people for having creepy names, @ladiesMan217 has write access.
Not bad Q/A ratio and from Gotham (I'm assuming Gotham City) worth a shot, I guess
hmm...bot's not running atm, I guess
Nope. You could ping @RaghavSood to wake up Mr. Bot
Hey magic
emm's alive!
4:56 AM
There he is!
We were wondering how long the siesta would last
Didn't you have a link for computing app development cost?
I do
But it will cost you...
mind sharing?
put it on my tab
3 pesos, Code
I'll give 1 peso
don't worry, it's like half a cent
urgh, sorry, the first time I saw Transformers, I created a stackoverflow account
Thanks, pal
Neb shared it originally
lol, at least there's a story behind your name
@ladiesMan217 you're allowed to change your name when you see another movie (any other movie)
Ah ok, Emm. I couldn't remember who did but I knew you had it. You're the man (but not the ladies man, sorry)
5:00 AM
well recently I saw Magic Mike
You aren't helping yourself there, ladiesMan
You should watch Frozen
right now I am hooked on Brokeback Mountain
I now dub you...Elsa
make up your mind =p
5:02 AM
urgh, I don't like iPhones, whats with the built in stock app? Does it actually cater to a common crowd?
and why do people need to register their credit card info before getting even FREE apps?
I like Elsa better
I am about to return mine tomorrow
What are you talking about?
And why did you buy an iCrap iPhone
my company was launching their Production system and I had to be working from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM and my phone decided "hey, this is the perfect time to commit suicide"
and so everyone lost their s*** on the conference call
I went ahead and bought a new phone
Irony: I'm a room owner and only use iOS devices.
5:05 AM
iSuck was a choice because I wanted to try an Apple product anyway
People make Android phones now
I also had the option to get an Android phone recently when I upgraded my phone, but still went with a new iPhone.
I do understand wanting to test the waters. Though, I have no plans on testing the iWaters any time soon
I think if I were to get an Android phone now, I'd still probably get a Moto X.
413 dls for my baseball card app
and still hardly any ad revenue ;-(
5:07 AM
It's older now but still probably the only good Android phone you can get on my carrier.
it seems Apple has a really hipster marketing policy
make things exclusive
like built in SIM so no one takes it out
credit card info so our users feel "hooked to" our apps
stock apps because one of our devs decided to throw in Capstone project in
Built-in SIM?
looks at the SIM slot on his iPhone
You sure about that?
well sort of. I mean its hard to take it out
you need a thin pin
my iPhone packet didnt come with that
It's called a paperclip.
Most SIM slots require one because you don't want to accidentally remove it while your phone is on.
but it seems
Jobs and Cook never wanted you to touch the SIM hence making it sort-of-hard to take it out
5:13 AM
When coming up with things to complain about, it's probably better to pick substantial things.
no I get your point
its just
Nobody wants you touching the SIM because the chance that you'd ever need to is astronomically low >_>
It's not some conspiracy to make it inconvenient for you
A better complaint would be that the iPhone keyboard hasn't evolved at all despite the prevalence of swipe/gesture keyboards.
well it is, t-mobile in Princeton doesn't have a "rent a phone for 30 days using security deposit". I did that in Seattle few months ago.
but thats t-mobile
not Apple
which is why I bought an iPhone
5:16 AM
Or how the phone has been elongated and so all the UI elements get shoved to the top where you can't reach it with your thumb
Granted Android has the same problem in that case. Potentially a far worse problem since a lot of UIs on those are completely unusable one-handed.
Probably depends on whether you have big hands.
At any rate, I just complain about every platform, so I have a huge list of gripes for all of them.
yeah the entire navigation is unreachable on a lot of android phones
navigation drawer is the absolute worst spot
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7:07 AM
Cat making out with a watermelon
It's just evidence that everyone likes watermelon.
Hell, I'm allergic to watermelons and I'll still eat them
My brother hates them
He's not your real brother. He was replaced long ago by lizard people.
7:20 AM
And thus a jellyfish bet set in motion the world's most notoriously dickish chain of evolution.
Second only in sheer ridiculous stupidity to the evolution of the human fundamentalist Christian.
fundamentalist anybody
Anyone who adheres unconditionally to an idea is a moron
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8:37 AM
1 hour later…
10:02 AM
#BREAKING: Former NSW premier Neville Wran has died. More to come.
"More to come" sounds so insidious
10:14 AM
Rise and shine Android
"More to come" is the best-kept promise in the history of death.
I'm pretty sure some of those answers were trolls
10:54 AM
"Carisa Gaylardo says in a lawsuit that she rejected her boss’ request for a threesome with her and the boss’ boyfriend." nydailynews.com/new-york/education/…
That name... giggles
11:12 AM
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12:37 PM
Hey everyone !
So tempted to buy that GPU... then I saw the $1500 pricetag
I think I'll wait for next gen with a smaller manufacturing process
$1500 0.o
12:58 PM
@Karl stay in the house(Walking dead anyone)?
1:16 PM
But, I wanna go out...
1:40 PM
Someone shared it in linkedin:
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3:43 PM
Q: Using POST to send JSON object Asynchronously (android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException)

mitchelltI am trying to send JSON using the http POST method to a web service. Additionally I am trying to make it asynchronous so it runs in a background thread on the android device. My problem is: I want to make this class generic so I can send any JSON object. I added another parameter to sendHTTPDa...

Why is he even using an Asynctask if he's not using it...
3:59 PM
hmm /me also could not understand
He thinks just because a method is in an Asynctask it will be executed in a thread other than the main thread
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5:10 PM
has anyone used opencv w/ android before?
Depending on how many questions you're going to ask me, I may or may not have
was it a pita or easy to work with?
Compiling it is a pita
After that, depends on how comfortable you are interfacing with libraries
oh god
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6:32 PM
Graphics demo 64KB in size
6:45 PM
64 kb?
how's that possible?
The textures and lighting don't seem to be map based. Probably ray tracing and fancy math.
I imagine this demo is relatively computationally expensive.
7:03 PM
Most likely
Still get extremely low performance in my list view. Is this some heavy getView I'm using? : gist.github.com/Den-Rimus/11122268
ListView's layout has android:persistentDrawingCache="scrolling|animation" specified
and still it twiches like sick during scrolling
Hmm everything looks okay
Is there something network related you're doing?
just 2 textviews and icon + custom background (it's different for all 10 buttons)
when I add that commented animation - things gt even worse
on a real device btw - sgs2
might be slow because If you are using somewhat more size of icon
7:18 PM
try commenting out the background (just to see if that is causing the lag)
I think it's because of that
Hmm might be
7:32 PM
somewhat it is weird
Q: My android app is not being updated on the Google Play Store

Anuj JainI have had an app on the Play Store since last December and have been publishing updates to it without any problems. However, for some reason my last update still hasn't shown up on the Play Store, even though it has been 3 days since I uploaded it. EDIT - As a test I tried just updating the de...

8:31 PM
The cat has decided to take up residency inside my sleeping bag again.
Declare war
8:57 PM
You could send your air attack force of parrots after it.

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