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4:01 PM
Mhmm... Yeah, okay. Got your point.
Hello there
What's up, Mauker?
Nothing much. Just discussing about bad and good questions.
Most bad questions are just poorly presented, IMO.
4:06 PM
Sometimes the person doesn't have a good english perhaps.
Yeah, that happens.
Morning everyone
Afternoon here, but ok :p
4:13 PM
where is Carl when you need him?
Leak Canary users here?
@aygul Welcome. Please read the room rules room-15.github.io
Welcome @aygul
New rule suggestion: Newcomers should buy us a pizza.
I have read and understood the rules. To follow them all, I can try to make you pizza with kittens and unicorns :) Hi everyone!
4:17 PM
I want bacon on that pizza
I like the way you think, Een.
Hi, Tristan!
o/ welcome Aygul.
I also like pepper rings.
I dont want kitten and unicorn in my pizza ;-;
I'm here @Eenvincible what's up
Carl, did your spidey senses tingle or something?
Poor kitten
4:19 PM
What's up Adam?
Is there any guide on how to get the most out of Leak Canary?
no, I just flipped back to this screen and caught up on reading.
I remember you used it before
full screen editing on github?
never actually seen the option
this is awesome
Not much, on lunch right now. Stressed at work today ha
4:20 PM
Aww damn lol. Lunch rules lol
Een, it's just a tool you have running during testing. If you can do an end-to-end test of your app, it should give you a good idea if there are any leaks
Food is good. Especially the bacon and pepper ring pizza Aygul is making us.
but there's no way to "run every line of code in my app to see if there are leaks" so you just have to do a bunch of testing.
Alright, thanks carl
heyo @aygul! another german!
we're dominating this room :D
4:21 PM
I thought there was more to the library other than what is demoed on github page
The last time the German's dominated a room...nevermind.
aww, too bad. it got closed. I was answering it (the question about findviewbyid)
Eheh, that's true Ahmad! Also, hopefully girls will dominate this room very soon as well :P #diversity #womentechmakers
Mmm I went to an amazing pizza place yesterday...
4:23 PM
Aygul, you work at Todoist? Oh no...
oh yeah, we're not really diverse here :| we have @neb tho. she's a girl. and a room owner.
you work at todoist? LOL :D
I'm at Wunderlist :) @aygul
I'm getting out while I can.
@AnubianNoob I don't see how that's a bad question. He's a beginner learning the ropes of android. He read the documentation about it. He clearly asked to explain it in simple terms. Not sure if I would have succeeded in that though =p
neb is a girl?
In Wisconsin. Pizza Doctors? Assuming it's a chain.
4:25 PM
lol yes
Pfft. Nothing's fun in Wisconsin. That's why the lake got named after Michigan.
@miva2 I tried haha. But I guess my answer was not that good, nor simple.
thanks tristan, google will remind me when I'm there
Oh wait, not a chain.
@Mauker I thought all answers were good. It was hard to find an approach that hasn't been said yet though lol
4:26 PM
cygery you're going to WI?
no plans in the near future
I have a habit to set location reminders in google Now :D
pizza doctors?
@miva2 Yeah, indeed. That's why I used examples... And linked a lot
Tristan, I didn't buy my quadcopter because it couldn't be delivered before MHacks.
Someone said pizza?
I'm hungry
4:27 PM
@McAdam331@Ahmad: Yep, at Todoist :) I had no idea it's so bad... o___O At night, I'm building my own empire - one line at a time! :D
Mcdonal hacks?
@aygul What kind of empire?
And todoist isn't bad, I just know they're a competitor to WL lol.
I've never used either, so don't ask me.
I read pizza doctors, M(cdonald)Hacks and empires. Not sure if I'm hallucnating or not. I'm going home. cya guys!
4:28 PM
But I downloaded and created an account, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
o/ Miva
You know this feeling when you can't ask your Android dev boyfriend anymore to develop all your awesome ideas and you suddenly realize you just have to learn some good programming language (Java) besides the one you used at your previous work (Fortran) :))
@TristanWiley good game
see ya @miva2
4:29 PM
Carl, wanna play before I leave lunch?
Woah, Fortran.
Sorry, don't know that feeling. I am the Android dev boyfriend.
haha awesome aygul
aygui, I wish I didn't have to ask this but are you a girl too?
4:30 PM
I don't know either feeling, I'm that weird android dev guy that looks at his feet standing in the corner
Like neb; please forgive me
:''''':D Haha, poor you! So I guess your girlfriend is also cheating on you with Udacity every other evening :)
certainly looks like one based on her profile Een
have to hit the shops
4:31 PM
LOL no, she's happy staying as far away from programming as possible, but constantly bugs me on how to improve my app for her lol.
@Eenvincible: I'm a girl :) In fact, thanks to our Women Techmakers group in Stuttgart we're trying to bring more girls to technology.
Awesome; should have looked at your profile before asking but like I said, thanks
Awesome! We have some women in computing organization at my University, for the same reason.
Adam we can play chess
Sorry, busy getting my ass kicked by Carl rn
I know, it's my turn in our game.
4:33 PM
Lol yep
yay more germans!
Jlin, you're not form Germany, are you?
In Saskatoon we have Ladies Learning Code, which is headed up by some awesome ladies I went to school with.
Born and raised, been in Canada for 10 years though.
From near Düsseldorf, mid west represent!
So, Ahmad, Aygul, Jlin, Warren, did I miss anyone?
4:35 PM
It's opposite for me :) Born and raised in Russia, immigrated 8 years ago and got my German citizenship a week ago. Love Düsseldorf, btw! They also have very active Android dev community.
@aygul That's a nice thing you girls have done!
'you girls'?
Women Techmakers group
I'm assuming it's a women group
Sounds like a good reason to use 'you girls' to me lol
4:38 PM
Thank you @Mauker! We organized two Women Techmakers at Google Munich office so far :) Got 99% of female participation. Yay! This year trying to increase diversity at Droidcons in Europe.
Adam, I'm from Germany, too
So many germans
Am I the only Brazilian here? :p
Oh that's right I forgot about that cygery.
please don't make me wear some badge because of that, though
Feels cold in here (for some of us who are alone)
4:46 PM
Damn, that's deep, Een.
hm strange support mail
@aygul I had no idea! I can barely keep track of what "the tech centre" of germany is. I always assume it's München or Berlin, maybe parts of Köln, but never would've assumed Düss - always think of D as a fashion-only city.
all seems well but user writes (in German, remaining part in English) "Thanks a lot Erwin! Now I have the salad!"
Well, I wouldn't call it the tech center of Germany ;) Our local Silicon Valley is still Munich + Berlin. But many other cities are becoming more active thanks to GDGs.
4:48 PM
@Eenvincible Imagine if that guy broke Bolts leg.
I know, the only thing he uses to stay a millionaire
That was mean lol haha
PSA: People are stupid
4:51 PM
@Mauker How was that mean? He's a runner, that's exactly how he makes money.
New Conspiracy : Someone paid the cameraman to try to break Usain's legs that way, he never runs again!
Sounded like he couldn't do anything else, idk :p
Good luck telling the fastest man on earth he can't run anymore.
cM, I'd ask why you say that but the client I've been dealing with the last couple of weeks...
4:53 PM
@Eenvincible Or even better, someone hacked the Segway
I should do a hack with a segway at mhacks
I guess I gave someone an idea
@miva2 ok it's not that bad, but really really demonstrates no research whatsoever
also I leave to grab lunch and 158 messages...
A girl showed up
4:57 PM
I almost want to meet your boss
At least he has code, unlike mine who is a businessman with a computing degree
My boss works directly with me
But he's kinda insane
Insane like, asking people for nudes sometimes
at work.
yeah hahaha
5:01 PM
That's really impressive, congrats!
One day I'll get that one
@Eenvincible lol
Thanks! :) It reminded me that I have to leave you guys. Google I/O community on Google+ got more than 120 spam posts to review o___O
what does it mean if unit testing is virtually impossible to setup in my app, relies heavily on databases and Android unit testing class doesn't let me insert mock data into it my database before starting the activity i'm testing
Isn't there a MockCursor?
5:03 PM
@aygul Good luck. Und auf Wiedersehen
ENjoy your lunch people
I think you'd use that
see u later
Eheh, thank you Mauker and see you later everyone!
5:05 PM
the issue is insertdata into the database requires an a context, and Android says don't call the context until after you have started the activity intent with extras
@DaveS haha this is great
Well guys, going home. See ya later.
5:07 PM
P.S.: God dammit, lost half my vault to a fire on Fallout Shelter.
posted on August 27, 2015 by Reto Meier

Posted by Ian Lake, Developer Advocate Android devices do a lot, whether it is taking pictures, getting directions or making phone calls. With all of this functionality comes a large amount of very sensitive user data including contacts, calendar appointments, current location, and more. This sensitive information is protected by permissions, which each app must have before being able to acce

lol mauker
@DaveS That's one of my words. You're going to have to find another
5:11 PM
sorry that was mean
actually I said it first
Well, I hijacked it so it's mine now
no, you can borrow it when you want but I retain ownership
I'm not so petty that I'd deny someone the pleasure of saying bauchnabel
You're a good man
@matty357 remember Tuesday when I offered to call you and cry to get you out of work? Yeah, I need you to come through for me now.
5:21 PM
All morning something wouldn't work on this damn vehicle. I gave up, at lunch, came back to debug it and it won't fail.
Sorry I left Carl. My antsy coworker who was like 'let's go debug the vehicle' didn't even bother to come back here with me.
Yay, a failure! I can work with this now.
All I've got is, on the first try the ECU responded. On the 100th try it didn't. Why? WHY?
Better than the other way around
5:30 PM
Not really, though? Either way I have two test cases with opposite results with all else equal.
Sort of.
Couldn't figure out why logcat wasn't showing the errors
Had a filter on
fuck me
Spent 10 minutes trying to restart AS because it wouldn't kill a process, smoke a cigarette, and find out I named a table wrong. gah!
Ah, copy/paste just got me too. Forgot to rename the column after pasting.
I'm just going to keep sharing my stupidity until I either feel better or pass out from obvious lack of oxygen to my brain
posted on August 27, 2015 by Reto Meier

Posted by Josh Gordon, Developer Advocate Today we’re releasing the Desktop Head Unit (DHU), a new testing tool for Android Auto developers. The DHU enables your workstation to act as an Android Auto head unit that emulates the in-car experience for testing purposes. Once you’ve installed the DHU, you can test your Android Auto apps by connecting your phone and workstation via USB. Your phone

where's the fucking apk?
5:52 PM
feeling sad for you cM
It must be a real pain in the brain
It is
Een, will you tell me where the unsigned apk is stored on AS now?
it is inside the outputs folder I believe
It used to be but I don't see it there anymore
haha the guy across from is having the exact same issue right now
I don't think it is
5:57 PM
Only if I sign it
I don't know why it is like that for you
Everyone thinks it's in /build/outputs/apk or smth
It's not for me
Q: Build unsigned APK file with Android Studio

klangeI'm developing an android app with the Android Developer Tool. Now i tried the new Android Studio, everything works fine if connect my smartphone with the pc and directly run the program in the Android Studio. But now i want to test the programm with other smarthpones without connecting them to m...

@Rahul.S this room requires a min 100 rep
Is onActivityResult called even if the activity doesn't return data?
6:14 PM
As long as you create an intent with an empty constructor and send it in setResult()
Does that mean you don't have to use startActivityForResult() as long as you call setResult()?
I believe that is incorrect
It needs a request code
Then what did you mean?
Oh if you don't have a bundle of data sent back, onActivityResult is still called?
I'm guessing he means if you do
 Intent i = new Intent()
 setResult(i, someInt)
without putting extras will it get called
But maybe I misunderstood
@McAdam331 Can you be more clear?
he can
6:29 PM
Will he?
that's for him to know, and you to find out.
Carl is a bit feisty today. Lol
you told me you needed laughs today
I'm trying
I know how to use startActivityForResult() so I'm not too concerned if I find out or not :P
Thanks, while failed efforts, I still appreciate the attempt
Woah! I guess you aren't failing because my responses are making me laugh. So you get an assist
Assuming I don't do anymore testing, I believe I successfully implemented this feature within a matter of hours. Go me!
I'm glad I can do so much to help you help yourself.
6:32 PM
Go cM!
soon, you will be closer to being as good as Jake Wharton
I'm like the Scotty Pippen to your Michael Jordan level of humor, codeMagic.
@McAdam331 sorry Mc, I had been left work for 15 mins. Next time I will be there for you. Do I need put on an accent?
@McAdam331 as long as you start the activity for a result, it will be called even if a result code is not set by the closing activity
Haha, Carl!
Jan 15 '14 at 19:22, by codeMagic
Don't feel bad, Carl, my sense of humor is a little different than most (apparently so is Emmanuel's...haha)
Apr 3 '14 at 16:35, by codeMagic
And that's why you're the best, Carl
6:48 PM
@CarlAnderson I guess that makes me Dennis Rodman
you certainly have the hair icon to match!
What theme do you guys use in AS?
The Eclipse theme
Is that the white background?
that's Eclipse
6:49 PM
Are you saying you use eclipse?
@matty357 That's what I was looking for. Thanks!
<sarcasm>The Eclipse theme</sarcasm> would have been better ha
I use Darcula in AS
so would using Android Studio but I'm lazy
6:51 PM
Is it not a strain on your eyes? The text looks quite dark, and the background is dark isnt it?
That's why it's called Darcula.
@Ahmad I've found the solution to your apartment hunting. You can just live on a train instead!
And no, it's not. It makes things especially more comfortable when coding late ate night.
Does that mean you only work at night though
6:52 PM
Darcula with the Obsidian syntax coloring theme
<sarcasm>That's why I picked a vampire pun theme</sarcasm>
No, I don't only work at night, but it benefits me at night, doesn't make a difference during the day, so it's win/win
How do you set your syntax color scheme? And what is the obsidian theme?
Tomorrow is my last day or work, then it's DIY for 3 weeks, then it's uni
Matty, let's build something in three weeks.
Something huge and dangerous?
That fires things?
Nah, I'm already here.
6:55 PM
Color themes here, download your favorite, then in AS go to File > Import Settings and pick the jar you downloaded and restart. Have fun wasting a few minutes trying new ones :D
I'm gonna have to go back and check, but Obsidian looks familiar. Is it not default?
Not quite
I'm also a fan of Wombat
no it's not. this is orange in default.
I was just gonna say wombat is cool
Oblivion too
Oooh xcode midnight
I'm going to waste a lot of time trying these lol
Ugh, updating an older app at my work that we're going to rework in a few months to sdk 23...Apache's HTTP components have been pretty much wiped out
You know what, I'm gonna slowly kill time at work by looking into themes for VS now
I wonder if these can be used in VS
7:00 PM
Can be used in a few Jetbrains projects, though I think VS has it's own thing
For the curious: studiostyl.es
Yeah, I like Obsidian, I used a similar one for VS
Apart from Java, what language do you think is used the most and worth learning?
I was not expecting Java to be #1. It's on the rise again.
Java is what we started with in college and uni, in 2007
That's what I learned in college too, but I didn't think it was that popular. A lot of people thought it would be on it's way out. My coworker said Android was like a saving grace for Java.
7:11 PM
I love Java, but I think I should do abit more in other languages, not sure what though
Well some of the top ones are platform specific.
Well ai chose Java because itcs used in so many things, cash machines, printer, lots of things
C# is best for windows development, objective-C for iOS/OSX, C/C++ are really common for embedded.
For any webdevelopment stuff, I see a lot of people preaching JavaScript (just not cM, though)
C# comes up quite often in job advertisements, maybe I'll do that
7:13 PM
I'm getting OutOfMemory errors on the Android 23 emulator
C# has a lot of similarities with Java, you'll probably pick it up quickly. Do you use a windows machine?
Do you have bit
Lol dont know what happened then but i had to restart my browser
Do you have bitmaps loading?
7:16 PM
Oh, is that for mkorcha?
Random: Anyone in here a baseball fan?
All are scaled down and using very little memory, anything over a 10kb or so is loading from assets so it doesn't get hit with the drawable cache. The OOM happens in a webview
Sorry Mc yes
No, dont do sports
The pitcher for the Detroit Tigers last night almost threw a no hitter. It was the (second) most heartbreaking moment in tiger's baseball I've seen lol
Wow nearly everything is doing OOM on the emulator
Did they lower the memory limits in Android 6?
Buy a bigger hard drive? </sarcasm>
7:21 PM
Lol Mc. Mkorcha, the only time I get outofmemory error is when I don't use calculateinsamplesize. developer.android.com/training/displaying-bitmaps/… other than that I'm not sure

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