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1:04 PM
man that background is really annoying. I'll try something else for now
ah yeah w10 is out right. and free for W7 and W8 users? or was it just W8? not vista I guess? :(
I don't know about 7. I know free for 8. But, yeah it's out
allocation tracker in the new AS update
1:27 PM
windows 7 and 8 get the free upgrade
they were going to update a win7 to win10 here at work, until windows update failed HA
I will make a clean install
I never trusted microsoft to be capable of performing a good update
I need to somehow tell our "marketing" guy that the buttons he sent me suck. But politely since he's the son of the president of the company
I didn't think you used Windows
Oh, you do for gaming, right?
try to find some "against styleguide" reasons
right, gaming
That's the problem, we don't have much for style guidelines and we don't adhere to shit anyway. It's just kind of whatever people think is ok. Until someone bitches about it months down the road
1:40 PM
I just want this flat login button to not be so...flat and lifeless. And it's never had a "state" associated with that.
I've tried organizing some procedures and standards in the company but it always falls on deaf ears
sounds like a fun job
Frustrating beyond belief
Berlin is calling! :D
Haha, I wish I could move there
I wasn't smart like you and had kids way too early :P
too early, I am nearly 33
1:45 PM
I've been looking around here for awhile but there isn't much in the way of Android
I know I meant I did way too early
same for me. I would love to get a job closer to home, traveling 75min twice a day sucks when you get a real family
but there is nothing worth trying around my home
I didn't realize you traveled that far for work. I drive 30 min and that's far enough. Haha
If I wanted to drive a couple hours one way I could get something but I'm not too interested in doing that
Last wednesday I had to travel only 18 minutes!!!
usually 30 to an hour though :)
or 0 minutes from home :D
would I live within Berlin, it wouldn't be far to every potential job location
though the road from my bed to my laptop is definitely more than 1 meter, so might take a while if early
1:52 PM
working from home is nice, but unproductive
yeah, I'm allowed to work home 2 days a week. Usually I don't
If I do it once in awhile then I think it's more productive. But I'm not sure how it would be if I worked from home every day
But I love I'm able to
hmm, there should be some shortcut in android studio to go from the xml layout to the fragment and from the fragment to the layout
I sent the marketing guy the google material docs as a "in case you're interested". Maybe that will help ;)
Haha, nice one codeMagic! :D
1:57 PM
You can in the design view, right click and click go to declaration
Ctrl+B it seems
Hopefully I worded it ok and doesn't read like, "Uhh....dude, you really should read up on style and design"
in germany it is called "vitamin B" when someone has a special relationship to someone or something
it sucks to deal with people who have this relationship to someone important
Never heard that before. We just call it nepotism
Yes, does suck sometimes. And there is a lot of that here
2:17 PM
Vitamin Beziehung (vitamine relationship)
Ah, I see. Should have kept going with duolingo and I wouldn't have needed the translation
2:32 PM
The button he sent me takes up about 1/3 of the screen. Lol
finally a designer who knows how to tackle the UX correctly. No more tapping without hitting...
cM.... i have a new circles for you - and it's hard. vanar.io
also hello again.
@JonClements just found this mass starring. Can you see who did this?
2:41 PM
Nice, jlind, thanks I'll give it a try
I'm too good at the original circles
facebook doing something useful
@WarrenFaith thanks for info.
was just a coincidence, but scrolling up and you see quite some stars on nearly every message
jlind, that is a little more difficult
I can't tell if I get points for shooting the planets or not
Oh, I see now. I do
2:53 PM
Thats an expensive snakebite
get money fast!
1) open hospital that cures snakebites
2) release rattlesnakes
3) ???
4) profit!
you can retire at 25
very lucrative
mmmm giving me ideas
Een goes from making apps that help feed the hungry to releasing poisonous snakes on the world. My how things have changed. Lol
@iShwar You've got access. Please read the room rules room-15.github.io
3:09 PM
rofl what a question
At least he doesn't beat around the bush. Just comes out and asks to have the app written :D
Lol... just a one liner
codeMagic : thanks for right access.
I am more fan of the left access but anyway...
3:15 PM
better than wrong access.
happy Friday
\o trevor-e
cM, I want code that does everything
Een, i can write that for you
cures the world of its problems in 1 line
3:17 PM
I just wrote it, Een
Can't believe that question isn't annihilated yet
if 'codeMagic : thanks for right access.' is your first message, does that not get your access rights removed?
that will make codeMagic a god to be thanked every time someone gets write access?
or a dictator?
i thought he was a god
I wonder if there are enough people making friday covers that I could continue choosing a new cover every week indefinitely and never run out.
3:20 PM
why the fuck have i been worshipping him
sorry bro
You've been doing it correctly, matty :)
@iShwar did you read the rules?
3:25 PM
you are the best cM
codeMagic : will read on Monday.
are you serious?
Until Monday>?
It's one page with 9 line items!
3:27 PM
@iShwar request access again on Monday. You just blew my mind and your access has been removed until you have time to read them
love it
that was ace
Foamy, just watched that video. Wow!
Aww gawd - better behave unless my write access gets revoked too (cowers in the corner)
3:30 PM
how did you color your name again?
That's right, don't think I haven't been keeping an eye on you
He's a mod
oh shoot
you ain't a mod cM?
No, you didn't get enough of your friends to vote for me last election
Darn... as long as @codeMagic hasn't noticed the wild parties I throw in this room when he's not about - I should be safe :)
Just a lowly room owner
3:32 PM
sorry next time I will do my best
Haha, don't think I'm the one to be worried about if there's a party ;)
wow, that question lived for 42 minutes. Let's see how long it takes to be deleted...
how wild are we talkin here?
ass-Bourbon wild
No one leaves until next Friday morning... we steal a few traffic cones, hi-jack a few JD lorries etc...
3:34 PM
I wanted to have the marketing guy make me images for the states of these "folder" icons. But after the "login button" fiasco, I think I'll just tackle it myself
Count me in, Jon!
is Jon just checking were all behaving?
Mostly just you
I'm the most quietest well behaved one here, thank you very much
I don't know, Aamirkhan is pretty quiet. He just comes in and stars and flags all the things
that is an interesting way to tell us that you are quiet matty
3:37 PM
OH, I see someone moved him back to the ban list. Good move
LOUD is the new quiet
@Eenvincible that's next year already for me. I'm just starting working D:
what was that about miva?
click on the arrow thingy? =p
3:42 PM
@codeMagic I can't figure out what kind of app he means. (about that weird question for people to lazy to click the arrow). Does he want to call someone else and then recognize that persons voice to check if it really is the person he is talking about? or does he want to talk, which then gets transformed to text and then text to speach says it out loud again to the other person? Hmm, I think he just wants a voice command for calling said person...
Sounds to me like he wants to say a name in his contacts and have it call that person
I've actually been surprised at how many people who have been in chat for awhile and don't know that they can click that arrow
aren't there already apps for that?
Yeah but how many apps being developed are actually original?
I'm tured, i'm going home. see ya later homies!
3:49 PM
See ya!
I don't know, I guess about 5%?
depending on how lenient you are with labeling something 'original'
That was my point. Sure there are apps for that but he wants to build another one. That part isn't terrible but the "question" is for SO
Yeah, i just didn't figure out what app he meant =p
cya later!
See ya
bye miva
4:04 PM
Hi, Carl
the app I'm working on in my spare time is a straight up copy of another app
except with a better UI
4:37 PM
what app trevor?
top secret for now :P
should be done in a few weeks
Ahmad will hack into your system and find out
trevor, are you copying one of my apps?
4:47 PM
you can't just make that claim hahah
or ask rather
I have a feeling he is copying one of his own apps
He talked about it before but wouldn't reveal the name then either :P
All we know is it isn't a checkbook app
it could be TweetBook
I hope it's another chat app.
okay. I'm in the US for probably two weeks
or maybe a month
4:58 PM
new york, philadelphia, detroit
not Seattle :-(
and maybe San Francisco
no seattle hackathon :/
I was hoping MS was sending you to the mothership
nope, mothership call yet
but if I were to believe HR then that will eventually happen
at least if I can actually work there part time during uni
5:08 PM
nice :)
Damn have to find flights, it's next month already
oh yeah and waterloo
this will be so fun
it's great that I've got some crazy friends doing this hackathon tour with me
5:30 PM
I wonder why all of Google's Android doc pages get redirected to the intl/zh-CN version lol
working fine for me
works fine for me
are you sure you didn't accidentally land in china over night?
It's working for me today but I had that issue a couple nights ago
fine here, check language at bottom
5:37 PM
Dave actually noticed when I referenced them in a comment to a question
language is set to English
any other wrong cookies?
hmm yea, if I open it in incognito it works fine
so must be a bad cookie
a-ha! "android_developer_pref_lang" got set to "zh-CN"
5:54 PM
apropos chinese
chinese is really hard
I spent a day figuring out why my tests were failing in chinese
all other input from other languages was working fine
arabic is more difficult
but I can at least read the arabic scripture
CM the cam is inside iss on the crew
chinese characters look all equally confusing and weird
@ujwaldhakal denied for much chatspeak...so much
Sweet, thanks, matty. Good thing that access request came through when it did ;)
5:58 PM
I think they are doing a test or something
in PHP, Jul 16 at 6:20, by BoltClock
The system banned you presumably because your questions are low quality or off topic or whatever
matty, audio would be nice but still cool
@ujwaldhakal your access request is denied...again
Have a look at our rules for more info room-15.github.io
@ujwaldhakal I really don't care to have a private room right now. Trying to watch the space station.
Maybe someone else is less busy but I doubt it
There is audio, there just not talking right now. I heard transmission lastnight with the astronaughts
I know there is. I just meant right now. Or that they would talk I guess
@emanual This room requires 100 rep min and a decent A:Q ratio
6:29 PM
I really should learn animations. I can get this fucking View to move every which way but up
6:50 PM
that should do it cM ahah
try making the number negative
if that doesn't work just tell the users they are holding it wrong
I don't think we are going to like it anyway. Had a good thought for a minute
making it negative worked though. Not sure why I didn't think of that
7:10 PM
My end of day smoke, finally haha
oh so your day is over?
It is 20.19 and our son has just gone bed. Time to relax ha
You still working?
cM did you guess what they were doing or fixing?
til 5pm
No, haven't had a chance. Been back and forth on some things so just watching little bits when I can
Did you?
Een, are you in the states now? I didn't think you were
There a social feed, i think they may have been fixing something that measures samples.
What time is it now Een?
7:19 PM
3:19 here. I wish it was 5
Though, I should just leave. There's nearly no one here today
Where are you cM?
cM, I work using CST; so am not state-side yet but have to work at night
Ah, gotchya
it is like 22:21 here
7:26 PM
open folder -> ctrl + F -> enter some search term -> select all -> hit delete: copies files to Trash instead of moving them. Good job Nautilus, good job...
I hate having to deal with taxes
how do people do this without getting frustrated
8:26 PM
Ahmad, second time is easier
"Fuck, you mean I have to do them again" -Ahmad
anyone here has done Google Android Map v2 for Driving directions?
Just demolished my 10 year old in trivia crack 6-1. That's right
no mercy huh?
8:41 PM
Yes, some mercy. I don't use the "cheats" or whatever you want to call them against him
But I don't use those much anyway
OK, I'm out for a bit
Until next time
@raghav saw you joined the penn group
so finally we will meet
9:16 PM
^ I hope this is real
> My favorite promise I ever made was the one I made to Brittany from the Foot Locker in Silver Spring. We made eye contact while I was buying some wristbands, and I told her we were gonna get married, and she just looked at me and said “That’ll be $19.99.” I gave her a $20, and promised her I would come back for her one day. I haven’t yet. But I still think about her all the time.
9:40 PM
We repositioned the gophers I brought to work a bit. Now they can see everything.
Now you just need to hack everyone in the office's smart phone and load an app that responds to little Blutetooth LE beacons you place in the office, put little raspberry pis in the gophers and a small speaker and have them say creepy specific things depending on who enters your office. "Good to see you Janice" etc
9:55 PM
Ahmad, make sure you have a cony dog when you're in Detroit
good weekend guys
See ya, Een! Have a great weekend!
I'm going out with a buddy in an hour or so. Let's hope I survive the weekend
@Manulaiko this room requires a min 100 rep. Give a few more stellar answers
10:16 PM
I'm tempted to downvote you cM just to ruin your night out with your friend
make you talk about that asshole who downvoted you and you don't know why
=( y so mean
cause he makes jokes about banging my sister, we've moved from possible friends to hated rival
11:04 PM
Yes...jokes, that's what they are
3 messages moved to Trash can
That would ruin my night, Dave, for about the first hour
the fact that it would ruin even 5 minutes of your night is enough
As long as it makes you happy, I feel blessed
Plus, I hate you
yo what detroit
who's in detroit?
@Ahmad ?
Was Raghav here?
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