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5:02 PM
I'm pretty sure the EU is all in with the US nowadays and its war scheming
they buy our weapons too you know
meh. we're all different countries.
depends on the country.
the EU doesn't care about that though
it does. if any of the main ones, france , uk, spain or germany say "uhh thanks but no", the others can't force anything.
for example, france said "fuck off" to the TTIP merkel wanted.
so it won't be approved because it needs 100% of the votes to yes.
@CptEric Irak did not have such weapons at all
that's true, but I think that's because the whole EU thing isn't going the way they wanted it to exactly
5:05 PM
same happened to staying in afghanistan
That's a huge fallacy
we all know
bush just wanted an excuse
and brexit is happening soon apparently, @Cjames , @Graeme , how are things up there?
Another Apple question. I've seen people say that it takes weeks for an update to be approved but everything I'm reading now says the average update approval process is about 6 days
Anyone with experience there?
it ranges from 3 to 14 days
5:17 PM
depends on how asshole is the apple reviewer you get sent at.
Lol. Thanks
I thought I've seen people say that it can sometimes take 3-4 weeks but I'm not seeing that anywhere now
I think 6 days isn't terrible (for us)
o/ Mac
we once sent it on a friday
the official showcase was in 10 days
and it took 16
we just forwarded all apple customer service mails to them
and gave them the phone nº to shout them at for being slow
Damn, that sucks. But I like how you handled it ;)
it wasn't our fault, so..
android upload & review took 45 minutes XD
so they hired more people. great
yeah, google now manually reviews apps too
just realized i haven't eaten lunch yet.
and im starving.
go eat
go make a cool lunch
5:43 PM
eh, i'll probably just walk out to a place that's close
get some walking in, it's pretty nice outside
Boston best city in the world: confirmed.
hey @MenelaosKotsollaris, how did it go?
also, confirmed :P
wtf I was halfway through pinging Trevor and he was already here for it lol
I'm always lurking
you and Eski I swear. You both say it, and I never believe you until this happens.
Must be an east coast thing
5:55 PM
It was fascinating dude; what can I say; Imagine from the first moment I stepped in the city and I asked 2 random girls in the subway about how to get to MIT, they showed me and they happened to be postdocs at Harvard in business. The entire city is full of genius and passionate people; everyone is extremely educated and the culture itself is adorable; in this city you can find literally everything..
unfortunately it was my birthday weekend with lots of plans, so I couldn't show you around
where did you go?
And the Hackathon was extremely well organized (as expected of course since it was a MIT Hackathon). Everything worked great although we didn't get the first place the experience was unforgettable.
Well I was mostly hacking the Media Lab; then I was simply walking to random places. There was a place just next to MIT at Saturday night and they were holding a punk event. The MIT grads are not the typical anti social people; they are extremely fun to hang out and everyone is way too cool
typical anti social :/
I think I walked the entire Boston. I went on foot from Harvard to South Boston; which I was a little bit scared since I saw some homeless people etc. around that area
some of us just hate clubs,take us to a concert hall or arena and we're amazing :P
6:01 PM
yea some parts of south Boston can be a little rough
did you walk the freedom trail?
also, MIT is well known for its frat parties lol
Hahaha yeah it's just the fact that you expect the typical MIT guys to be 100% nerds and that isn't true; they are way too fun to hang out I had an amazing time in Boston; the best city I 've visited so far :) @trevor-e Happy Birthday; no problem that you didn't make it hopefully we meet in future
yes I walked the Freedom Trail
It's too late, Reno. It's likely Trump v Hillary
@Reno changed your name from blackbelt?
Because for the second time, Bernie Sanders won the popular vote in a state but they split the delegate count evenly because democracy.
Reno and blackbelt are two different people
6:04 PM
Oh. Sorry.
honestly the whole voting process is messed up
first of all, elections shouldn't take place for an entire year, everything should be finished in no more than a month like other countries do
Gotta catch a flight; see you later ;)
6:17 PM
Obama will be missed
At least that's the dominant version on this side of the pond
@trevor-e Yeah, that'd be nice.
I see you lurking @AnubianNoob. You can't neglect us for months and expect us not to notice.
for the truly lazy
or when people dont know how to do it themselves
... my parents.
6:25 PM
@McAdam331 yo
Apparently, the side bar is smaller. Looks the same to me
I guess just less extra empty space(?)
@Arulkumar No, this is due to me not having enough coffee — Stéphane ♦ 3 hours ago
valid reason
When you're a true fan and at work while the game is on mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/…
6:31 PM
One time a student asked my math teacher if he was cancelling class so we could watch the Tiger's playoff game and he said no but I'll let you check the score on your phone, so I put my phone up on my desk to watch the gameday updates.
for the first time in a month I did something on SO
I edited an answer lol
6:44 PM
getting my driveway replaced... $4500 :(
i could find many better things to spend that money on
Like 2 hookers
sorry that was inapprops
Did Dave apologize for being inappropriate? Are you feeling okay?
It's been a rough morning
the hookers left something with you to remember them by?
6:47 PM
they better have for $2250 each damn
for $2250 a hooker better not leave me with anything
Oh yeah I didn't take it that direction but I agree now.
Our landlord cancelled our internet, we're moving but it was delayed 2 weeks an my fiance decided not to notify him we were staying to save on rent but then he cancelled the internet and I need that to pay bills. Then this god damned lady from support who her and her husband have ignored my voicemails over the past 5 days and sent emails to a dealer complaining about not getting a call, while they don't contact support directly, called me before support hours.
I asked her if I could call her back in an hour, then she doesn't pick up.
And our side project time for another client is fighting, it's like seriously fuck everyone.
Damn. That's rough. :/
Good news is my SCUBA instructor says I swim like a fish, and that it's amazing how gifted I am in the water for my first dives.
so there's that
6:49 PM
Sounds like a job for China Team
If they weren't fired I would put them on it Carl
> My life is a hot mess.
> But I can scuba dive.
dunno why you fired that guy
i'd go to starbucks for free internet
he looks.. powerful
6:50 PM
Work has free internet too, but I need a real grill for testing to release Android beta and fucks won't get the grill nor let me get it
So i'm stuck here talking to you assholes
We're tired of your shit, Dave.
a grill?
o/ Dave, how's it going?
6:53 PM
so the app monitors the grill temps
among other things
and controls the grill
beta right now is for cloud connectivity
6:54 PM
we're also developing a social network style recipe app for importing and exporting grill profiles, sharing, rating etc.
i'm imagining a raspberry pi in a gas grill with a temp sensor that can control gas flow.
Tinder, but for grills.
there's lots of grills on tinder
6:55 PM
Except the raspberry pi is made in China, who has functions called ByteToByte(int a)
You know I gotta be honest from a dev point of view Tinder is really well done.
actually that function was from the old android app that I scrapped but search for "china" said by dave S in room 15 and you'll get the idea
Ah, I see the problem with that. SHould be 'BiteToBite(int a)`
raspberry pi's are made in the UK i thought
6:56 PM
that's why they pay you the big bucks cM
That and I'm adorable
it's a custom PCB controller with a soldered wifi chip, HLK-RM04
I got 2 photo ops in our newsletter this month
I have a client coming in to the office today to pick up our tool and he wants me to help him get setup. This is so fucking stupid. Put the CD in your laptop, run setup, and then you're done.
Why do I need to help him with this
6:58 PM
Welcome to client work Adam
just in case it doesnt work the first time
Bring toilet paper to wipe his ass
Well at least he'll give a shit cause I don't.
Don't worry, he'll give you lots of shit
found it!
I had to dig
7:00 PM
Had a guy go on a rant about how much my app sucks, only to discover, the reason his shit never worked, was because he typed in his SSID in all lower case and it's case sensitive.
Aug 31 '15 at 22:34, by Dave S
> static public byte[] ByteToByte(int v)
byte[] s = new byte[1];
s[0] = (byte)(v & 0xff);
return s;
idk what's the worst part: how pointless it is, the method name, that they used bitewise and unnecessarily, or static public
I think static public bothers me the most right there.
Just be glad you didn't inherit the project with the task of making it work properly
What exactly this is going to do with my lib? lol
7:08 PM
keep your shit so your lib works, obviously
But why isn't my shit going to be kept otherwise?
@McAdam331 LOL I saw that
idk ask the code mauker
maybe when imported to a different project, pro-guard ditches your shit
China doesn't really care; ask Dave
China team?
I did import to a different project, nothing happened.
7:11 PM
maybe China overwrote your package
Got lots of downloads from there actually
Maybe it was your China team.
I'm tired of your China team, Dave.
could be
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