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4:03 PM
I just realized something. You can't plug in the latest iPhone into the latest Macbook without a special adapter, but you can plug in the latest Samsung phones into the latest Macbook.
I'm not impressed.
I wanted explosions.
its a samsung awww whatever
Explosions involving the phone.
4:06 PM
I'm impressed.
But I wish I knew what the price tag was gonna be.
it's the first time samsung has impressed me
but they didn't say price
well i hope samsung break the explosion record this time
820$ the plus one, according to Cnet
this is impressive as well samsung.com/in/samsung-pay
not allowed in spain
4:09 PM
Why can't Samsung do like every other company who creates Android phones and just use Android Pay?
If every company followed Samsung's examples we'd have a different pay app for every manufacturer
I am starting to think samsung was the mastermind behind BLE
I just recommended my mate to buy an iPhone than a Samsung
usb-c all the way
From most developers I speak to, the most common phone which experiences crashes is Samsung, why would I recommend using an Samsung phone which will have give them one of the worst Android experiences?
4:16 PM
iphone gave me worst crashes tbh
Probably but at least it doesn't result in people saying "Android sucks"
but what if
they have a bad experience with Samsung, they'll just think it's Android
this one is really different?
@TimCastelijns lol true
4:19 PM
It's Samsung
Do you really think it'll be different now?
they lost so many cash last year they might have fired the crappy tech leads this one
i'd do it
Yeah but imagine the legacy code
onces a crappy OS always a crappy OS
and how long it'd take to go through that
one year wouldn't fix their issues
touchwiz was a failure from the start and bloated
and malware
we should make a antivirus app that shows touchwiz as malware
4:23 PM
shit i forgot my laptop charger
5:11 PM
posted on March 29, 2017 by Android Developers

Posted by Neto Marin, Developer Advocate, Google Play To deliver more engaging viewing experiences to their users, many Android OEMs are experimenting with new, super widescreen smartphones. Samsung has just announced a new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S8, featuring a new display format with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. At the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, LG also laun

5:52 PM
ViewGroupOverlay mastered - My animation is amazing.
lol nice
have you guys seen the samsung S8?!
the hardware looks sick
6:07 PM
well only 4gb ram
4 gigs is fine
but expandable sd card slot?!
never seen this on samsung before
or did they have that already?
well they had that for ages
didn't know lol
but removed in some latest models
but they quickly learned its a bad idea
ah yeah that's what I thought too
6:10 PM
well since op 3t is so cheap and with 6gb ram
i am not sure 4gb was a good idea
since its going to be 2x costly
6:37 PM
Hi guys, has anyone seen the "onLayout error" when using cardview?
6:50 PM
Phantom, can you gist the whole stacktrace or something? Seems kind of broad.
it might actually be the RecyclerView, not CardView, but I am not entirely sure what is going on.. the error appears quite vague to me, @McAdam331
well try running it and see
Have you assigned a LayoutManager to your RecyclerView?
I have done this:

RecyclerView recList = (RecyclerView) findViewById(R.id.cardList);
LinearLayoutManager llm = new LinearLayoutManager(this);
6:57 PM
okay so yes hmm
A: Rendering Problems: java.lang.NullPointerException at android.support.v7.widget.RecyclerView in Android Studio 1.1.0

SimonMy problem was solved when I took out this line from the xml file for the RecyclerView: android:scrollbars="vertical" I am using the following dependencies: dependencies { compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar']) compile 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:22.0.0' compile...

^That might be the same problem.
are you sure it has fixed size
Maybe move setHasFixedSize to after the layoutmanager call?
In that answer, it talks about how the layoutmanager has to be set before other stuff. I would put the layoutmanager code first, and then call the other thing.
oh yeah that scrollbar issue was annoying
fixed by disabling all scrollbars
I will have a look at that question, but in the meantime I tried running it and it spilled ana error saying that "java.lang.IllegalStateException: RecyclerView has no LayoutManager". Then I re-arranged the RecyclerView and the LayoutManager, but still the same issue.
RecyclerView recList = (RecyclerView) findViewById(R.id.cardList);
LinearLayoutManager llm = new LinearLayoutManager(this);
You tried that?
7:06 PM
yes, just copy-pasted yours to be 150% sure, still the same exception, no LayoutManager set.
try removing sethasfixedsize
let me ask a coworker lol
@ColdFire nothing happened, same problem
@Phantomazi Can you gist the viewholder xml too?
7:08 PM
throw your pc problem solved
Also where do you set the adapter in your code?
We need answers. My coworker is invested in this now lmao
I am setting the adapter right after defining the RecyclerView and the LayoutManager
but it never gets to there
7:23 PM
try marking the card height wrap_content
Otherwise it could be trying to fill the entire recyclerview and I don't know if that's what you really want ha
@PeterReid Welcome. Please read our room rules before participating.
@McAdam331 yes, i've overlooked this one, thanks. just managed to fix it with extracting the card layout xml to a separate file.. it just worked although it's the same xml
thank you for the effort, guys!
7:27 PM
does not equal P
or does it
Happy to help Phantom.
Back to work for me.
yeah I'll be around
@PeterReid removing your access for leaving without saying anything.
And now that I don't have to babysit I'm leaving. Bye.
7:37 PM
adam can you just ask your trump to not make any more stupid bills so that dollar doesnt fall anymore
Oh Em Gee. It's kitty cat link!!! Squeeee!
damn stupid trump already lost 100$ due to him
@PeterReid I may be a bot, but I can understand pointless actions. Requesting access again in less than 24 hours will result in a ban.
8:04 PM
is there a way to find an Android app's PID?
8:17 PM
This command should work right? am start -a android.appwidget.action.APPWIDGET_UPDATE -n com.lge.appwidget.signature/.AppWidgetSignature
with this AndroidManifest pastebin.com/PfaJxkKH
whenever I try it, it just tells me that activity wasn't found
wait no, it isn't an activity
How do I figure out the app I'm launching with this broadcast? com.lge.signboard.intent.action.SET_WIDGET_SIGNATURE
8:50 PM
maybe you could ask a question at stackoverflow+
there is a good chance someone knows the answer there
Sad reading
mauker the blue hat
9:09 PM
lol why is it sad?
cf the... naruto fan
im sad about all the time wasted
dont see the point of all this multiplatform stuff when there are onlly 2 platforms
9:32 PM
the headache of finding people who can maintain your obscure multi platform bs and having to deal with the frameworks constraints just doesn't make it worth it
10:32 PM
@Mauker what a coincidence
Just found it browsing imgur
10:59 PM
11:12 PM
So, this happened today
Pretty sure I didn't email myself a message that has horrendous English
mehdi... do you like the film?
haha! which means the "me" label is the name of the spammer
Okas - I haven't watched it, only the trailer
Yes. It's the sender which is me which wasn't me
11:17 PM
What movie are we talking about?
picture above
Uh...yeah...the picture above doesn't tell me the name of it
my guess is "the shining"
it seems you have not seen it
I have seen it
But I didn't know if we were talking about the picture in the picture, the picture itself, or something different
11:20 PM
neither do i
And the picture above is Jack Nicholson holding a picture of Jack Nicholson so that could be a scene from a movie I don't know about
on the other hand i mentioned "film"
I only watched the trailer a few days ago, honestly the acting looked kind of awful :D
But instead of answering me with "The Shining" we now have this long and awkward conversation
11:22 PM
You realize it's an old movie, right?
So the acting isn't going to be what you see these days
You don't watch John Wayne films and say, "That acting was bad", do you?
its a film btw :p
It's not a movie?
no :D
11:23 PM
What's the difference?
if you want bad horror movies, try The Lazarus Effect
no was a reference to "John Wayne" :D
its european
> The words mean the same thing. The difference, is in the use of them. Movie/movies is an American word. Film/films is an English word, used by by British people.
silly British
11:24 PM
I understood (and I'm glad you know who John Wayne is, btw). But I don't know the difference between a film and a movie
What the fuck is a kubrick?
So Okas is British?
What the fuck is a Stanley?
its a big fuck u know
unfortunately dead
Stanley Kubrick
11:25 PM
"its a big fuck u know' what the fuck does that mean?
he was behind The Shining
@codeMagic I think you know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
What in the hell is going on right now??
11:26 PM
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I was going to ask whether it's a sain or a drunk conversation :D
No, I don't know. Lol. I still don't know what a kubrick is
@codeMagic Stanley Kubrick?
Mehdi, I think drunk. At least for one of us
Who the fuck is he?
it's this weird thing called a screenwriter and director
11:27 PM
I do know what a tosspot is, thanks to this room
> Stanley Kubrick was an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor, and photographer. He is frequently cited as one of the greatest and most influential directors in cinematic history.
he happened to direct The Shining
Why can't you just call him a director then?? Stop confusing us
so I guess "a kubrick" means a movie directed by that guy
what a coincidence
11:28 PM
One more thing I don't get tonight
I should probably consider grabbing another beer and playing CoD
i suggest to skip cod
@codeMagic you don't get that comic?
beer ok
ok, i take that back
switch to cod
11:30 PM
why not salmon?
mehdi... betteter watch this film :)
I'll give it a try tonight :D
I watched lately 2 old bruce lee movies, good stuffs
which ones?
"The Way of the Dragon" and "New Fist of Fury"
you then saw chuck norris ass kicked :D
11:36 PM
haha! yeah!
I actually grew up being a fan of Bruce lee and not chuck
because of that movie
I probably watched it 50 times :D
i think its the only one where chuck gets beaten
if anyone knows another.. please let me know
"The Big Boss" was good as well
lets calm it down...
otherwise i will be kicked and banned again
13 hours ago, by Mark O'Sullivan
This is cool - https://opensource.google.com/
11:54 PM
@Zacharee1 no

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