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4:42 AM
@W-I-Z-A-R-D Good Morning
@RoshanJha VGM
@PiyushGupta VGM :) hw r u?
@RoshanJha VGM
@W-I-Z-A-R-D As usual i am fine now after recovery.
@PiyushGupta okay :)
4:45 AM
@RoshanJha tu to hal chal puchta hi nahi mera
@PiyushGupta Android Lollipop
@W-I-Z-A-R-D Very Testy
@PiyushGupta hehe :) This month it is going release
@W-I-Z-A-R-D Yes i had came to know
@PiyushGupta haan bhai main bhi abhi tumhe yahi kehne wala tha
4:48 AM
@PiyushGupta :)
@RoshanJha Monday i have accident so injured at my knee. so right now i am good now. And my parents also with me but they had not much injured.
@PiyushGupta :O
what are you talking man
Are you ok ?
@RoshanJha Yes really. Yes right now feeling good but still some pain in knee
@PiyushGupta Ohh please take care
@PiyushGupta wat happened dude?
4:50 AM
I hope you are on leave
@RoshanJha No bro i have work
@W-I-Z-A-R-D Monday i have accident so injured at my knee. so right now i am good now. And my parents also with me but they had not much injured
@PiyushGupta Take rest brother
@RoshanJha Yes tomorrow i will
and thanks
@PiyushGupta you are fine now, And how about ur parents how are they?
@W-I-Z-A-R-D yes i m little fine now and parents are good now.
4:54 AM
@PiyushGupta okay Dude take care of yourself and take rest, take care of ur parents too
@W-I-Z-A-R-D Yes bro. Thanks
@PiyushGupta How you got injured ? accident with Car ?
@RoshanJha No. With auto-rickshaw. Much careless they are yar.
@PiyushGupta Yes they drive roughly
@RoshanJha yes too roughly
4:59 AM
@Abhi hello
@SilentKiller @PiyushGupta good mornning
@QuokMoon Assalamualaikum
WalekumAslam .
din mangalmay ho :)
@QuokMoon VGM
Q: MediaPlayer getting Null Pointer Exception when do tap on BACK button

SophieStreaming Audio online but always getting NullPointerException whenever do tap on BACK button (when playing music) that time only this is the line, where i am getting exception inside UpdateSongTime Runnable : startTime = mediaPlayer.getCurrentPosition(); // NullPointerException code looks ...

5:07 AM
@QuokMoon How are you today?
@Sophie where are you using UpdateSongTime ?
@SilentKiller myHandler.postDelayed(UpdateSongTime,100);
@W-I-Z-A-R-D Oh great. So today on leave?
@Sophie you need to stop that handler on backpress or onPause or at onDestroy where you are stopping your mediaPlayer
like myHandler.removeCallbacks(MyActivity.this);
5:11 AM
@PiyushGupta Nop
@PiyushGupta All Schools and colleges and government office have holiday today
@W-I-Z-A-R-D Oh great without including IT company
@SilentKiller thanks for efforts and help, i got the answer you are correct i used this: myHandler.removeCallbacks(UpdateSongTime);
@PiyushGupta It company also has holiday but some company don't follow
5:15 AM
@W-I-Z-A-R-D Ya same here. Never follow
@Sophie :)
@SilentKiller Tu muje ping karna hi bhul gaya he
@PiyushGupta Hmmm.
@PiyushGupta mobile me show nahi hota who is available.. :/
@SilentKiller Oh only for me?
5:17 AM
@PiyushGupta Have you ever worked with Custom Calendar ?
@PiyushGupta for everyone. :P
@RoshanJha No bro.. Sorry yar
@SilentKiller Read above conversation
@RoshanJha ask to cappi
@PiyushGupta check my convo i am just replying to messages. :P
@SilentKiller on mediaplayer completion how to reset seekbar to starting position ?
@SilentKiller Ok bro
5:18 AM
@CapDroid Are you there ?
@SilentKiller Monday i have accident so injured at my knee. so right now i am good now. And my parents also with me but they had not much injured
@PiyushGupta you are in tooooooooooooooooooooooooo hurry. :P
ha ha :P
No issuess
@SilentKiller ok :)
@PiyushGupta duffer may hows your parents ?
@Sophie need to setvalue(0)
5:19 AM
@SilentKiller They are good.. But i m not yar
@PiyushGupta no issues with you. you'll be alright. :P where you get injury ?
@Sophie setProgress(0)
@SilentKiller ha ha :P
@RoshanJha lo aa gya.
@SilentKiller At my knee
Good Morningss
5:20 AM
@CapDroid have you worked with Custom Calendar ?
@SilentKiller i tried but not works for me
mediaPlayer.setOnCompletionListener(new OnCompletionListener() {

public void onCompletion(MediaPlayer arg0) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
@CapDroid @Alif Morning
@RoshanJha yes, but not like as your.
@Sophie have you debug ?
@PiyushGupta Morning
5:21 AM
@CapDroid why you are alive ? :D
@PiyushGupta good then stop coming office and take rest. ;)
@SilentKiller yeah think to leave for two days
Good Option
@CapDroid Not like my means.... How do you know what I want in my app ?
@SilentKiller one company need senior android developer 3 years exp..any one then please contact me
@RoshanJha yesterday you told, girdview inside girdview.
5:23 AM
i hve 2 yrs
I used simply girdview
@CapDroid 50k Salary.. :D
@SilentKiller depend on your interview :)
@CapDroid then ask to HVS. ;)
@SilentKiller ya sure
5:27 AM
@PiyushGupta its good and everthing is awsome .. you say ??
@CapDroid Company name?
@QuokMoon I am too good
@Aamirkhan waiting for friend mail.. will tell you in few minute
@CapDroid Yes I need to show Year View but that I have done it
have you worked with Custom Month View ?
@RoshanJha pls yar show your UI what have tried? and how it looks?
5:37 AM
where we can customize cells of month
@RoshanJha Want to make custom month view?
@RoshanJha nope
@Aamirkhan yes
@CapDroid Ok
@CapDroid Fir kiya kya hai Custom calendar me ><
@RoshanJha I used this one
@RoshanJha You can take two buttons and one text view
text view should be in between two buttons
and take two array ,
one string array and second array should be integer array
on String array pass month name like
"January" , "February" ........"December"
5:40 AM
@Aamirkhan hmm
and on integer array pass value like [0.......11]
thats done.... continue
now take one counter which will handle that two buttons click event
depending on value of counter show value on text view from array
5:41 AM
done.. continue
like if counter is 5 than text view value will be
It's Done :)
What is customized here :(
I call this customization
Because android have inbuilt date picker with year/month view
5:43 AM
@Aamirkhan hmm, I need like Say May month is selected now in grid 31 dates will be shown, user can click, long click, add event to any cell (date :- customized date)
You need to show calendar below text view
depending on value of month (integer value, in case of may it will be 4)
depending on that value calender data will be changed
thats done
I am trying to post image here
so you can understand
Q: Want to add custom event on Calendar view in android

user3177222I am refering this Calendar view to create a calendar app. But I want to add events manually to the clicked date. I referred a lot of tutorials ,still i am unable to find a solution. If anyone can suggest me any helpful link or give any valuable comments then it will be really helpful for me .

but dont know why image is not pasting
@SilentKiller alive?
@CapDroid capu u alive?
@SilentKiller ha ha. Have u familiar with new inbox style? exactly what is it?
6:06 AM
@PiyushGupta what is inbox ?
@PiyushGupta yet not tried using gmail inbuilt
@SilentKiller yeah me too. But every body asked to invite for this. i don't know how?
@PiyushGupta then connect with them and notify me.
@SilentKiller Okay sure i will
6:50 AM
good afternoon @PiyushGupta @SilentKiller
good noon
7:26 AM
@PiyushGupta you there?
@Anjali Good Afternoon
Yes.. I m here
mujhe application me fb ke wallpost pe pic upload krna hai.
pr wo ho nhi rha
@Anjali sending image in binary or in byte??
Bitmap bitmap = HomeFragment.photo;
ByteArrayOutputStream blob = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
bitmap.compress(CompressFormat.PNG, 0/* ignored for PNG */, blob);
byte[] bitmapdata = blob.toByteArray();
7:31 AM
@Anjali show me code for post image
@Anjali are you getting image from your HomeFragment?
@Anjali i don't know about this. why it is used? don't use this me/feed???
ok. let me check
@PiyushGupta this is in commented lines.
@Anjali OK then you need you this me/feed
7:55 AM
Request.Callback callback = new Request.Callback() {
public void onCompleted(Response response) {
JSONObject graphResponse = null;
try {
graphResponse = response.getGraphObject().getInnerJSONObject();
Log.d("graphResponse", graphResponse.toString());
} catch (Exception ex) {
I am getting graphResponse = null here.
@Anjali check this link same as you want stackoverflow.com/questions/21153251/…
i m going in lunch but leave a message
8:28 AM
@PiyushGupta is code ka session part every time login page pe send kr rha hai
Gud afternoon..
9:04 AM
Good Noon
9:16 AM
@CapDroid @MysticMagic @SweetWisherツ Hello
@QuokMoon @W-I-Z-A-R-D @SilentKiller
blank getview called multiple times in listview ? why it was like this ?
@Strider yes sir.
A: Android: getView() called twice in custom adapter

Peter KnegoThis is normal and can happen when you have a listview with height=wrap_content (among others): Look at the last post: http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/browse_thread/thread/4c4aedde22fe4594

@SilentKiller Not sir brother
we are same
@W-I-Z-A-R-D i already seen this
but not help in my problem
9:31 AM
@Strider @SilentKiller need help in image posting on fb wall
@Anjali ys
@Strider Hello
@SilentKiller here...AssalamuAlykum
@SweetWisherツ shouldn't i be here ?
@SilentKiller suprised
@SweetWisherツ stay confused too
9:35 AM
Stop starrig msgs randomly
@SilentKiller :/
@SweetWisherツ See my error plz
blank getview called multiple times in listview ? why it was like this ?
are you getting more rows than the list item?? ie blank list items ?
@SweetWisherツ yes dear
getView will be called getCount times
are you passing correct data to listAdapter?
9:59 AM
@Strider okay issue wit black listview
show code of adapter @Strider
10:13 AM
@Strider i am getting you too late. is that solve ??
No still i m waiting ..!
For solution ..!
13 mins ago, by SweetWisher ツ
show code of adapter @Strider
@SweetWisherツ wait plz

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