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6:00 AM
@SweetWisherツ samajh me aayi thi tumhare??
@SweetWisherツ dekhne ki himmat nahi hui starcast dekh ke :P
@PiyushDubey Yo...
@SweetWisherツ lagta nhi ki tumhare samajh aayi hogi.. ;)
@PiyushDubey esa bas Aap kehte ho :D
@SweetWisherツ lol
Genius hai aap. :P @SweetWisherツ
6:01 AM
@SweetWisherツ :P
@Aaღirkhan walikum assalam.bro.just join nw.
@smilyface hw much can u afford :P
500000000000 :-P
@PiyushDubey der se aaye par durust aaye :)
@smilyface 500 smile de do fir :)
6:04 AM
@smilyface We have option for EMI also
b 2 w :)
@smilyface bht ameer ho tmto :D
aha hum
maine kaha naa..
@smilyface :P
6:05 AM
@smilyface Give your short intro...
@PiyushDubey Just bcs every day she is eating Parle G
@Aaღirkhan lol
@Aaღirkhan With a cup of Complan milk.
@PiyushDubey what kinda intro
@smilyface ur experience in IT industry
6:07 AM
@smilyface jo aapki iccha, aastha, bhawna ho.. :P
@NareshSharma @QuokMoon Have you worked on VOIP?
@PiyushDubey yup calcium bhi :P
i am just 3.5yrs exp :) total.
@Aaღirkhan NOIP :P
@Aaღirkhan I did
6:08 AM
@smilyface in which tech??
work in J2EE
@Aaღirkhan nop. I think khan worked on it earlier
@smilyface great :)
@PiyushDubey can you suggest me some good tutorial or reference for same?
@Aaღirkhan LinPhone. Best.
6:09 AM
ok thanks, let me see
Paka-pakaya code hai. @Aaღirkhan
any way, kitna time lag saktahe ek simple demo banane me?
@Aaღirkhan first download the complete code.
download karne me hi 2-3 hours lag jayenge
@PiyushDubey okies
6:10 AM
Bahut saari libraries download karni padti hai.
@Aaღirkhan use opensourse linphone.. you can customize
@SweetWisherツ wo sabke liye hai.
@Nomi ok great
iOS, android, blackberry
@PiyushDubey hmm ,mahnat to karni hi padegi :P
6:11 AM
@Aaღirkhan linphone.org
Good morning frnds :)
@Aaღirkhan code download karne k baad "README" file dekhna. usme pure instructions hai. It'll help you.
@All, see you later.
@Aaღirkhan NOP bro
6:17 AM
@smilyface the answer on your questions seems right. I am using input with type = search in my mobile app, and not having issue with it yet.
@TheReader Nope
type=search doesnt seems working
And yes, search icon will be same in all devices as far as I know. Its framework related Not device specific
@smilyface Not working As in? Because, that works fine for me
and Yea i am not using jQuery mobile.
It might be because of CSS in my application disabling the property of type-search
6:21 AM
@smilyface may be. Because, i didn't need any extra css or js to make the clearing functionality work after adding type = 'search'
But anyway I need (our client) our own icon in the textbox.
@smilyface then better to create custom input :)
A: How to put an icon inside textbox in jquery mobile

deadlockOne simple solution is to put your text box and image into a div that is relatively positioned. Then you set the image position to absolute and give it the needed right value. HTML: <div> <input type="text" /> <img src="http://the-dream.co.uk/images/lens_icon.png" width="15" /> </div> ...

have a look here @smilyface Its about jQM, but you can get a clue for jQuery, as well :)
i took nativeformelements.com in my mobile. search is not showing clear icon there also.
Oh yea. I have seen this already.
Doesn't help?
@TheReader in my code, it is working fine.
6:24 AM
I am sorry , my issue is something different.
Can you please explain then? I'm confused now.
@smilyface pehle issue samajao exactly kya prbm he
I tried using clearableTextField plugin. (http://code.ohloh.net/file?fid=ww59yq-WrcJfUv2W42Xj9IEX3B4&cid=Av7x0X6EEHg&s=&fp=48139&mp&projSelected=true#L0)

THIS IS WORKING FINE when i take my mobile site in desktop browser. But when I take the mobil site in mobile device it works only if I didnt change the orientaion of device. WHILE TILTING (orientation change) the device the position goes somewhere.
And if I fix the same in android it does not work in iOS devices (sometimes it is working and sometimes it is not)
@smilyface Ok. then you need to use media queries in css for all resolutions of devices.
6:27 AM
sorry for cap letter. i mean to make it bold :)
oh. I see.
hehe...to make it bold
use this **Bold**
GM @Gajini :)
@SweetWisherツ all the best
@Gajini thnks alot :)
6:28 AM
Q: jQuery media queries: Conditional function on certain device width (working on resize as well)

Petr CibulkaI have a fluid grid layout. I need some of the columns (less necessary - like Twitter updates) to be "HIDDEN" on smaller resolutions and "SHOWN" on click to its heading. Here's what I have so far: HTML <div id="wrapper"> <div class="toggle"> <h2>Heading</h2> This content...

oke @TheReader Let me try that.
ya. let me know if you face any issue.
@TheReader the actual problem i am facing is.. : The aligntment issue.
@smilyface please explain whole actual problem at once. :/
@smilyface alignment of clear button in edittext?
6:31 AM
@SweetWisherツ hey
And I don't know about the plugin you used, but I think this is much better approach to achieve what you want.
@Shyam heyaa
@SweetWisherツ How r u /

1. Loading the site - working fine.
2. Entering some letters in the text box - shows clear icon. as follows. (zero as clearicon)
3. Clearing by clicking on it - it clears. - Now there is NO clear icon
4. Now i am changing the orientation of mobile - Nothing happens.
5. Entering some letters. - clear icon goes @ the last part like following.
---------textbox----------- -0-
@Shyam M good... :)
6:33 AM
correct one is :

wrong one is :
----------textbox--------- some padding here ------0
@smilyface can u show screenshot??
again if i change the orientation to back it comes as follows.
padding decreases and comes the icon @ center.
yep. pls wait.
can you show what you are getting in screenshot and what you want as a sketch?
:) thanks
6:42 AM
Any idea about video compression ??
@Nomi nop
any issue? @Nomi or just asking to start?
@TheReader no clue found yet....
@smilyface lolz.. painter :D
I found some links. check if helps.
Q: ffmpeg: compress video?

olidevMy question is for an experienced developer with ffmpeg. Would it be possible to compress a video with ffmpeg? What is the difference between encoding and decoding? Thanks in advance!

A: Android Compress Video before Upload to Server

user1859771i got a similar problem.where i had to upload video in server having size within 5.4mb.bt due to different camera resolutions of different phones,there was a problem.these are the solutions which i have opted mediaRecorder.setProfile(CamcorderProfile.get(CamcorderProfile.QUALITY_HIGH)); mediaRec...

Q: Video compression on android using new MediaCodec Library

shemIn my app I'm trying to upload some videos that the user picked from gallery. The problem is that usually the android video files are too big to upload and so- we want to compress them first by lower bitrate/ resolution. I've just heard about the new MediaCodec api that introduce with API 16 (I...

6:45 AM
@TheReader na yar ye sb dekh chuka hu... FFMPED k lyey NDK cheayey... default use karna ha sb...
@smilyface problem with css only...have u used media query or not ??
ye lamba kaam ha FFMPEG
@SweetWisherツ No.
@Nomi pata nahi fir. sorry
@smilyface then please apply :) might ur issue get solved
6:46 AM
Here is the code.

$(document).ready(function () {

w.addEventListener( "orientationchange", runClearableTextField, false );
$(window).bind( 'orientationchange', function(e){
})( this );

function runClearableTextField(){
@TheReader okays .. kaam kro TL aa jaega :P
Here is clearable text field code.ohloh.net/…
1. You have to use http://pastie.org/ for code.
2. You have used position: fixed for clear button. So its in middle in landscape mode. change it to relative
3. Use media queries.
@Nomi :P ok
what is pastie ?
6:48 AM
@smilyface No use of jQuery code. issue is in css :/
@TheReader exactly
oke. @TheReader and @SweetWisherツ I will try it today. Thanks.
will come back :)
ok. Good luck
@smilyface Good.. :)
6:49 AM
Bye all.. c u later
@TheReader Cya..
@SweetWisherツ us room ma abitk access ni mila mje :P
@Nomi check
@SweetWisherツ nai abitk chat box ni aya mere end pe...
@SweetWisherツ koi bolta hi nai ha yr...
6:58 AM
@Nomi hehehe :P tum ques to pucho..syd bol de :P
@SweetWisherツ woi karnay laga hu ;)
yaaradru nan issue solve madthiren pa
7:06 AM
@Wizard i cant help :(
hi hero @Gajini
@SweetWisherツ ok u know kannada?
@Wizard nop :P
@SweetWisherツ ok then how u reply that "i cant help :("
@Wizard just a guess
7:14 AM
@SweetWisherツ ok :)
@SweetWisherツ it have a hint "issue".
@Lollipop what ?
@SweetWisherツ said about Wizards question. :)
@SweetWisherツ :)
Lunch Time
@SweetWisherツ so early :)
7:28 AM
@Makayala are you my shadow ?
7:38 AM
yes @Gajini i am ur follower
7:50 AM
me 2
@SweetWisherツ F1
@TheReader Fire
@SweetWisherツ new issue can u help?
@Wizard ask
@TheReader ?
@SweetWisherツ if i use setOnClickListner for EditText then android:imeOptions is not working
8:02 AM
@SweetWisherツ ruko. tl aa gaye. asking him
@TheReader okies :)
@Wizard have to check
@SweetWisherツ afternun
@Tinker afternoon miss
@Wizard circular list view solved ?
8:05 AM
@Tinker nop still not
@Wizard okie. i tried many ways.. but no luck.. :(
@Tinker ok :( is that possible or not
@Wizard no there's nothing impossible reee..
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