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3:48 AM
@StanislavPrusac Welcome
4:33 AM
Good Morningss
@all gud morning
good morning @All
good morning all
@NarendraPrajapati @LalitPoptani @TopCat Hello
i need one helo
i want to change Welcome text as per tab change. ?
How to do this
GM to all
4:54 AM
@X'Factor @TopCat Any idea about my issue ?
@Strider when you click on 2nd tab change text of title
@NarendraPrajapati i tried like this
but still didnt change it
@NarendraPrajapati pastie.org/9662241
good morning to all
@Strider ping me if u need more clarity
5:06 AM
@AliAshiq i have 3 tabs
on change tabs the test was not change...
this is my issue ?
and are u using fragments or activity
@AliAshiq activity
TrackOrderActivity.class is a fragmet or activity
@AliAshiq All are activity
5:19 AM
Good Morning
Has anyone worked on custom calendar here?
hii Good morning everyone
and good luck to all for the starting of the festival :)
Make one xml file which content only textview for set title in ur layout and
Include this to all layout when you want to show title
then method in globle Method and

public static void setTitle(Activity mActivity, String title) {

((TextView) mActivity.findViewById(R.id.txtHome)).setText(title);


Call this method in activity Pass String to set title eg Global.setTitle("Hey");
Global.setTitle("Hello"); in all activity when you want to show title
@Adi GM
Hii @TopCat
hey do u know how to make labels in gmail
i mean from my app all the messages are going to the inbox
but i want to maintain a seperate label for the types of the mail going
any idea?
@Adi no idea. i think label is created by user himself to group the messages seperately :)
5:25 AM
no i have seen an app for backing up the call logs and sms to gmail
so it automatically makes seprerate label and send all the call logs in call log label in gmail
and sms in sms log label
but i dont know how to do it
5:28 AM
@X'Factor kab aaoge ?
@RoshanJha Kaha?
@X'Factor Song tha bhai :D
ek question hai
great. yeah
February me 28 days kyun hote hain ?
Custom calendar banana hai
5:30 AM
@RoshanJha bhai mene complain nahi piya
@X'Factor :D
Good mornning
@QuokMoon @TopCat @RoshanJha Assalamualikum..
kaisey ho all?
@shihab_returns wa alaikm salaam.
very fine. :) U?
@X'Factor hHave you worked on custom calendar ?
@shihab_returns :) I am good you say
5:32 AM
@RoshanJha No bro never. Need to check why there is 28 days in feb?
yeah,,, alhamdulilllah..good enough,,,@ @RoshanJha @TopCat
@X'Factor No need to create and find everything, like which date, which week, which month and fill calendar
@RoshanJha oh thats great. but didn,t work.
May be rekire has worked
Walekum Aslam @shihab_returns Allahmdullah .. you say
@QuokMoon hello brother
5:36 AM
@QuokMoon fine..
@X'Factor how are you doing ??
@QuokMoon me fine. what about you?
@TopCat any examples I am not understanding the link u have sent me
@RoshanJha Hello
@Strider hi :)
5:45 AM
@Strider hii
@RoshanJha i m handling the back event and i come to homescreen still i back press then all activity comes 3 times why ?
@Adi Hello
@Strider Because you might opening those activities more than 1 time
@LalitPoptani Good morning Sir
@X'Factor doing good .. and waiting for holiday it will start at 23rd
@RoshanJha no i didnt do that
5:47 AM
any idea how to send mail from android to gmail in a particular label not in the inbox @Strider
@QuokMoon same here. but will take holiday from 22
@Strider then it should not be
@Adi no idea
hmm ok :(
@X'Factor thats too great but not fair
@QuokMoon Yeah but now i just got bored yar when there is any festival
5:51 AM
@X'Factor you are right
yeah bro. i don't like to do any work when there are remain two days in any festival
@RoshanJha tell me best way to handle back event in android ? in activity
X'factor tea time
Great. enjoy
@Adi have you gmail id ?
for passed that mail
5:56 AM
yes @Strider
and you did mail to gmail ?
yes @Strider
then mail like this : gmail_username+label@gmail.com
are u sure it will work ?
@Strider Best way is not to handle back event android automatically handles it
6:04 AM
@Adi atlist try that
@SweetWisherツ tum aa gayi :D
@RoshanJha but bhai i have handle then ?
6:05 AM
Hello anyone need help with Tabswipe in Navigation Drawer. Im facing the following issue.
Tabhost tabs are appearing for first time and second time tabhost linear layout background is appearing. As shown in below image
@Strider :(
very funny
6:19 AM
@Adi works ?
I m thinking of making chnages to my gmail in stead of chnaging android side code @Strider
@Adi No need to make like that..!
yes but the problem is i have three types of mails coming and three labels and just one activity class which is specifying the mail id to be used so doing like this will not work
and i have done it by managing labels in gmail @Strider
@Adi ok nice
6:35 AM
@Strider Good morning
@Adi Good morning
@B.rohitNare Good morning
@daniele3004 hi
@daniele3004 morning mate
hi, just a quickie, is there anything like class="active" in WPF application menubar??
I wanted to highlight the current TAB selected from the menubar of my application
for example.. if currently I am in Inventory tab, so I wanted to highlight or change its color to something else than other tabs
6:52 AM
@daniele3004 hii gm
7:04 AM
Has anybody samsung galxy note 2?
nope :)
@X'Factor I have a galaxy note2 :-P
1 hour later…
8:34 AM
I am back
No one to welcome ?
8:49 AM
Welcome @RoshanJha :)
@Adi Thanks shukriya meharbaani
9:10 AM
@RoshanJha :P
@X'Factor aa gaye tum
@RoshanJha my pleasure :)
@Adi Dur se dipika lagti ho
@RoshanJha aur me??
9:24 AM
@X'Factor SRK
@RoshanJha hena ?
@RoshanJha is Altaf RAJA ...! kabhi kabhi gam tha wala..!
Back :)
@X'Factor :D
@Strider Haan bhai jo tu bol le
@Strider Hows your job going ?
@RoshanJha thanks yaar
9:37 AM
@RoshanJha :P :H :T
@X'Factor bhai ye signs samajh me nahi aate mujhe basic signs ko chor ke
@Adi Is this your pic :P
@RoshanJha smiley dear
@SweetWisherツ wekkums
@TopCat Tenkss :)
9:43 AM
@RoshanJha its superb waiting for bonus ,.!
@Strider Bonus :O
@SweetWisherツ welcome
@RoshanJha if you dont want then send me your bonus .! ok bhai
See below message of this and if you know the solution then tell me .! chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/19504853#19504853
10:12 AM
helios all @TopCat @RoshanJha @Adi @shihab_returns @X'Factor
:] @ṁᾶƔƏňツ hi
@ṁᾶƔƏňツ HB
@X'Factor @TopCat hos' all
am fine :D U? @ṁᾶƔƏňツ
@maven hello
10:17 AM
@ṁᾶƔƏňツ Nine + F = Fine.
ANy one knows wheere i found proguard.cfd file in my project ..i don;t find it project root directory
@X'Factor Fine≠Good
@ṁᾶƔƏňツ hi
@X'Factor hahaha
tussi bade majakiya ho
10:19 AM
@@ṁᾶƔƏňツ Not applicable for me.
@RoshanJha :P
@X'Factor @RoshanJha :D @TopCat
@shihab_returns no idea
Q: Where do I find proguard.cfg in my project?

aut_silviaI want to enable the ProGuard for my application and in this documentation ProGuard it says that the proguard.cfg, where I have to modify something, is automatically generated. But if I look in my project folder I only see a proguard-project.txt file but I dont see the proguard.cfg which I need. ...

@shihab_returns .cfg or .cfd ?
then @X'Factor may help @shihab_returns
10:30 AM
yeh..need help
10:58 AM
Any one help how to show small circular icon like pi chart with the percentage??
Any one worked on pie chat?
not me
@TopCat ok
@X'Factor @shihab_returns @RoshanJha @SweetWisherツ @Spark
i want like this
wait @Wiz25
embedded pie chart Demo
ok i will check
Q: Show Pie chart in Android Application

Harshal KalavadiyaI want to show pie chart in my android application like below: So any one idea about this how can I achieve this? If any library for that then please suggest me. Thank in advance.

@TopCat ok thank you i too saw this
@TopCat i don't have any idea how to do it
@shihab_returns i downloaded zip file thr are html files in that wat to do wid that?
@shihab_returns iw ill check it out thr is some tutorial in those html file thanks
@NarendraPrajapati yup
ok i wil check
11:44 AM
I need help regarding the bluetooth integration
12:00 PM
Hi Anyone help me, how can i solve this issue stackoverflow.com/questions/20771395/…
12:16 PM
@sakthi The type android.support.v4.app.Fragment Library is in Library and it is also exists in your project, so remove /delete the android.support.v4.app.Fragment from ur project and just import/include it from the library ..
12:42 PM
any one use wikitude android 4.0?
I need help to display thumb image marker on camera view with wikitude android api. like following image.With JavaScript and html i can not do that.

Please help me. In Advance thanks.![enter image description here][1]

[1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/61NCs.jpg
How display marker vertically or camera view when it overlapped with other marker using wikitude android sdk.
Q: How display marker verticaly or camera view when it overlaped with other marker using wikitude android sdk

SudipHow display marker vertically or camera view when it overlapped with other marker using wikitude android sdk.

Hello all
@SweetWisherツ Alive?

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