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4:03 AM
Morning :)
4:26 AM
good morning frendz
4:40 AM
Good morning :)
Morning Guys
@MysticMagic @NarendraPrajapati How are you ?
4:56 AM
Good Morning Guys ...
5:10 AM
@Strider vgm i m fine.how r you ?
@NarendraPrajapati fine thanks
Have you work on google Analytic ?@NarendraPrajapati
hmm no
but wht is issue
can anyone help me in solving this caller uid 10129 is different than the authenticator's uid
stackoverflow.com/questions/3774282/… seen the bove link but not resolved..
@PiyushGupta there?
@NarendraPrajapati i want to track perticular screen ? Like how many people open this screen
5:31 AM
@Strider check this myandroidtuts.blogspot.in/2013/04/… you have write 2 - 4 code in Activity onStart and onStop methods
@NarendraPrajapati Thanks
i had implemented Google Analytics in my app.. now i want to track events (Like Any Class how many times open )
@UnityBeginner yes
5:46 AM
@Strider wc, did it work for you ?
@NarendraPrajapati that things was done brother
@Strider check this my friend applied this way pastie.org/9744021
@NarendraPrajapati ok let me check but thanks for time and reply
bus bhai rulay ga kya :D
6:03 AM
na re
@Dory welcome
@NarendraPrajapati what is in this Utils.GlobalMethods ?? please check that
Anyone worked with coverflow in Android. Looking to apply Universal image loader for coverflow adapter
@DroidDev hello
@Slade yallow :D
6:11 AM
@DroidDev can u please help me for that image quality problem.
@Slade I saw your images yesterday
the two that you posted
their size was different
and it shouldn't be pixelating if you are not setting the cropped image in the same imageview in which the original image was
@Strider GlobalMethods class -- pastie.org/9744033
@DroidDev sorry, i cant get you..
@Slade Are you setting new image as background resource on imageview to see it?
@DroidDev nope
@DroidDev want to show demo ?
6:15 AM
@Slade no, actually, I am just making guesses and I think, that image is pixelating, because its size is smaller than original image and when you are seeing it, you are enlarging it to same size as that of original image
and I also think that it is bound to be pixelated, you can try Adobe Photoshop or any online image cropping tool
every cropped image pixelate if you enlarge/zoom it
@DroidDev ohhkk.
@NarendraPrajapati ok
@DroidDev and have you seen cropper library?
@Slade No, I have not.
I think what you should do is:
Take the dimensions of cropped image
adjust them to your screen size w.r.t. original image
@DroidDev np, in that library, it cropped image with same or more size of original image.
6:19 AM
and then set the cropped image in it
@Slade Then its time to edit the library and make it better :)
@NarendraPrajapati Sorry but GlobalVariables ?? class plz
@DroidDev yeah same type of code applied in my library.. but little different from cropper library.
@Slade what I am saying is that you have to make the imageview smaller in order to show the cropped image better than the imageview that was showing original image
and you are done :)
@DroidDev hahahaha, but buddy that cropped image is going to upload on server side..
@Slade oh! so you are saying that the uploaded image is cropped?
I never knew that
6:23 AM
@DroidDev i mean after cropping image, i m going to upload it on server. and from server side, client says that image size is diferent from original image.
@Slade It is different because it is cropped
and if it is pixelating more than it should, you need to check your uploading code
how are you uploading the image?
@DroidDev i also think same.. but in cropper library, cropped image size is mostly more than original size.
@DroidDev using multipart
@Slade then library is wrong. You must edit it to change that behavior and keep it same as it is after cropping
@Slade then problem is only with your cropper library
@DroidDev i dont know how to solve it.. because both libraries cropping code is different because cropper library not supporting zoom and my library supporting..
@Slade If you have code for library, then it will be easy to do. Just try to find where is it making image after cropping the original image
and there you'll be able to find the code to make image
6:31 AM
@DroidDev okey, let me try.
6:56 AM
@Strider public static final String TRACKER_ID = Ur key ;
@NarendraPrajapati ok
@Prince Kaun sa ?
7:46 AM
Wow! after updating to latest Google play services jar, eclipse won't make a project for me
it is not giving me DEX errors
I think I need to edit my eclipse.ini
ha! now its giving me error while running project builder
ok, eclipse had somehow deleted my project.properties file from project
I had to create a new one
still don't know the reason for deletion btw
can some one use retrofit
8:02 AM
@DroidDev What is the issue ?
@Strider Actually, right now I am getting error of method cap reached
I have removed the project dependency of google play services and added a jar instead
trying after restarting eclipse again
@DroidDev uncheck build automically
and then clean and try
you know there can be atmost "65536" methods in a project
I think jars are giving me problem
@Strider ok, let me try that
didn't work
Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536
this is the error I am getting
@DroidDev all jar in libs folder ?
@Strider yes, only in lib folder
apart from that
facebook sdk
8:10 AM
@DroidDev make sure all are in java build path
@Strider well..they are added
issue is because of many jar files
A: dex loader unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536

Driss BounouarCheck the build path -> Java Build Path -> Order and Export tab -> uncheck Android private Librairies. If still not working add the following line the project.properties file : dex.force.jumbo=true The probable cause is maybe a big sized jar in build path.

it only started errupting after I added a new google play services lib
@Strider that is the one I am checking
Size of all jar file ?
@Strider many jar files have many methods
8:14 AM
Show me your manifiest file..
but there is a limit to number of methods that there can be in an app
so that is making the error
No nothing like that.!
Check this one
Building Apps with Over 65K Methods
A: Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536

Alex LipovMulti-dex support solves this problem. dx 1.8 already allows generating several dex files. Android L will support multi-dex natively, and next revision of support library is going to cover older releases back to API 4. It was stated in this Android Developers Backstage podcast episode by Anwar Gh...

@Strider thanks reading both links
1 min ago, by Strider
Show me your manifiest file..
8:20 AM
@DroidDev android:name="com.kkt.app.abstracts.BaseApplication" ?? use of this ?
@Strider not much
let me check
I think I created it for accessing database object in notification receiver
but not needed anymore, I guess...
But I don't feel that may cause this issue
@DroidDev then replace it with this one .... android:name="android.support.multidex.MultiDexApplication"
@Strider Actually I am using this to check the app status in notification receiver
a snippet
if(isAppRunning && !(packageName.equals(BaseApplication.getInstance().getPackageName()))){
@Strider its Application class's package name
8:23 AM
@DroidDev i m sure this error because of you didnt give permission which it need ..
@Strider ya, defining the application of multi-dex in manifest.xml, right?
but, I can't
BaseApplication is being used
because it keeps running and I can check the package name anytime
whenever a notification is received
let me just hardcode the package name in notificaiton receiver
@DroidDev yes
@Strider ok, I removed BaseApplication and added the multi-dex application definition to manifest
lets see if it builds now
@DroidDev ok
And add what ever they write there.!
still same error
Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536
8:30 AM
@DroidDev can you share screen ?
@Strider sorry, I can't :(
Actually error only started coming after I added new google play services jar
I think reverting back to old one should solve the problem
I'll try it in a bit
@DroidDev hmm. found same on one SO thread. try
@MysticMagic ya, but given I can find one. Because I pushed the changes to git too

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