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10:00 AM
@SilentKiller atleast u should support me buddy
@Achilles i am with you.
@SilentKiller here u are. :D @varshaBhatia dekh lo ab..
@Achilles : kya ?? he is with me also ;P
@varshaBhatia ha to maine uska kaha kuch bola.. woh jaanta he muje aur mere intense ko.. so u can ask him now.. :P
@Achilles : meri marji mein kabhi bhi puchu usko :P :D
10:04 AM
@varshaBhatia btw, woh tumhare sath he phir bhi tumne baba ji ka thullu diya usko.!! :D :D :D
@varshaBhatia ohhh ha woh to he.. :D
@Achilles : meri marji mein kuch bhi du HUH my wish :P :D
hello,any can plz tell me how to debug at crash point ,means stop like break point if app crashes in ios
@varshaBhatia ehsan faraamos.. :P
@Achilles : ha ha ha :D
@varshaBhatia :D
10:08 AM
@Achilles : lets concentrate on work now
@varshaBhatia m already
@Achilles : m not :P
@varshaBhatia thn do it
@Achilles : hummm :(
@varshaBhatia :)
10:12 AM
yar ye kaam hota hi q he :(
@varshaBhatia uske liye to salary milti he :P
@varshaBhatia kaam kar ab apna.
@SilentKiller : humm :(
@Achilles su???
@SweetWisherツ chat vancho
10:17 AM
@Achilles acha haa..@varshaBhatia ye shi keh rha he haaa
@SweetWisherツ hmmm.. barabar che
hahaha again Aatif :)
@SweetWisherツ yupp..he will always there.. :P
10:33 AM
@SweetWisherツ Batao
@Saggy abhi tk mera wait kr rhe the ?
@SweetWisherツ nahi try kar rha tha par nahi samjh aa rha
@Saggy achaa
@SilentKiller :?
10:38 AM
@SweetWisherツ but my question wasn't regarding registering receiver and receiving it when event happens
It's about how to find that particular event only fired if we have multiple receivers
@SweetWisherツ if (intent.getAction().equals(.NEW_OUTGOING_CALL)) now, <what should be written here>.NEW_OUTGOING_CALL
@SweetWisherツ tumhe samaj aaya mene kya bola.?
@SilentKiller yup
@SweetWisherツ to sahi to bola mene. :@
@SilentKiller nhi bolaaa
@SweetWisherツ hu sahi hu me
10:41 AM
mtlb agr me shi samji to to ap shi nhi :/
@Saggy i cant help
@SweetWisherツ ok
@SweetWisherツ hahahaha
@SilentKiller :@
@NirmalRam Access granted :)
@SilentKiller thanks
i have a question regarding some issue i am facing
@SweetWisherツ thanks :PP
10:46 AM
The site is WP using a theme called Enfold. We have a 3rd party application (trading interface) that needs to be embedded in the page. We have this working but, the theme CSS is overiding the App CSS. Iframe is not an option because need to auto size to the content and there are parameters that need to be passed from the website to the app
@NirmalRam fire
@NirmalRam welcome.
@SweetWisherツ hahahah
@Saggy what you want to do.?
@SilentKiller le lo le lo credit :/
@SilentKiller use kam krna he..jo me nhi kr rhi
@SweetWisherツ use hi ping kiya. :P
mene kb mana kia :O
@Saggy GONE :P
10:50 AM
@NirmalRam is it for android.?
@SweetWisherツ value j nai :(
@Achilles koni
7 mins ago, by Achilles
@SweetWisherツ thanks :PP
@Achilles are Strongly welcome :)
@Achilles lol
10:54 AM
@SweetWisherツ :@
@SilentKiller value j nai rakhi tari frd e.
@Achilles lo..welcome ni b value nhi :/
@SilentKiller sikaho kuch ise.
@SweetWisherツ have su..
@Achilles room ma thi nikad..fri aav...fari thi welome kris taru :P
@Achilles have taro frnd hu ne frnd room ma pan tane welcome joie.. :P :P
hahahaha @SilentKiller
10:56 AM
@CapDroid :D
@Achilles ;)
@CapDroid aap jag rhe ho :O
@SweetWisherツ ha abhi utha me...aur kya value ka TAG laga k rakha he?
@varshaBhatia tu kaam kar apna.
@varshaBhatia Caps Lock ON he..
10:57 AM
@CapDroid setTAG kia h na
@SweetWisherツ @SilentKiller lo aa gya
Welcome @Achilles :)
@Achilles :P
@CapDroid lol
@SweetWisherツ ha but kyu ?
10:58 AM
@SilentKiller : HUH khtam ho gya baba
@SweetWisherツ good
@SilentKiller :P
@CapDroid kyuki logo ne GetTAG kia to kuch mila nhi :P
@SweetWisherツ :P
@CapDroid : nahi baba SHIFT button press kar k type kiya :P
@varshaBhatia hihahaha
10:58 AM
@varshaBhatia chal juthe...
@SweetWisherツ service ban gai.?
@CapDroid hehehhehehehehe..
@SweetWisherツ : heheheheheheheeh...HUH :P
@Achilles :D
@CapDroid : sachi sachi
10:59 AM
@Achilles :P
@varshaBhatia :)
what is the meaning of HUH.?? @varshaBhatia @SweetWisherツ
lol SO chat room me Video available ho gaya kya..??
@CapDroid : are sachi baba mein q juth bolungi
@Achilles huh no moto bhai HUH
11:00 AM
@varshaBhatia pakka, na?
@CapDroid : yezzz
@SweetWisherツ achaa avu che..but me to meaning puchyo
@varshaBhatia goood
@Achilles dubi mar em :P
11:01 AM
@CapDroid : humm :)
2 mins ago, by varsha Bhatia
@SweetWisherツ : heheheheheheheeh...HUH :P
aa jo tane kidhu to :D :D
@CapDroid : :)
@Achilles me dubi ne mari lidhu :P
@varshaBhatia bas itni smile bhi achi nai :P
@SweetWisherツ ehhhhh :D :D hathodo
11:02 AM
@CapDroid : huh ok :/
@Achilles HUH means Get Lost
@varshaBhatia :)
@Achilles mar tara mathe j
@CapDroid really??
24 secs ago, by varsha Bhatia
@CapDroid : huh ok :/
24 secs ago, by varsha Bhatia
@CapDroid : huh ok :/
11:02 AM
khi khi khi
:D :d :d
@SweetWisherツ yeah..tone is like that..
11:03 AM
then :P @CapDroid
@SweetWisherツ @Achilles @varshaBhatia @SilentKiller kam ho gya na islye ab sab ko huh bolte rahte he.
huh means mere pass bolne ko kuch nahi he.. :PP
jab kam hota he tab hmm
@CapDroid : esa nahi hota
@varshaBhatia to kaisa hota he?
11:04 AM
@CapDroid : huh bhav kahana hota he..ha ha ha
@varshaBhatia bhav kahana or khana ??
@varshaBhatia @SweetWisherツ @CapDroid huh means ab mere pe aaya he aur mere pass uska answer nhi he so its simply huh.. :P
@varshaBhatia itna sort form :P
ha ha ha ha guys :) :P
abe huh pe PhD krlo sb k sb except @SilentKiller
@SilentKiller :D
11:05 AM
@SweetWisherツ mene nahi bola
:15941061 LOlz.. khud ko shambhal nai pa raha he islye gir gya
@CapDroid SK SK. :D
@SilentKiller hahaha ...
@SweetWisherツ khud ko meaning pata nhi aur bolte rehte ho
7 mins ago, by SilentKiller
@SweetWisherツ service ban gai.?
11:06 AM
@Achilles haw to?
@SilentKiller na nhi bani
@SweetWisherツ to assumtions to karva pade ne amare.
@Achilles saru :/
@SilentKiller ??
@SweetWisherツ bas pan..
@Achilles kem pan
:15941140 ohkss
@SweetWisherツ ketla mo bagadvani am
11:11 AM
chalo kam kro badhaaa
BroadcastReceiver service me ho skta he???
@CapDroid @Achilles
@SweetWisherツ ha to hoy j ne
@SweetWisherツ yes
onStartCommand pr ?
bolo neeee
wese to bad bad krte ho..ab puch rhi hu to chup q hogyee @CapDroid @Achilles
@SweetWisherツ are jaise activity me karte he esa hi hota h
@CapDroid activitty me to onResume pe krte he na?
11:20 AM
@SweetWisherツ ha jab service start ho tab register karo
@SweetWisherツ tare exactly su karvu che pan
aur destroy ho tab unregister kar lo @SweetWisherツ
@Achilles bhu badhu
@SweetWisherツ to rahva do, nai thay :P
@CapDroid kem :@
11:21 AM
@SweetWisherツ google pe search karo ready code hai. :@
@SilentKiller schii??
@SweetWisherツ yup
@SweetWisherツ :D aaje nai thay em.. monday karjo
in parts you need to merge it.
@SilentKiller whi kr rhi hu mee
@CapDroid em ?
11:22 AM
@SweetWisherツ hummm
@SweetWisherツ then do it fast.
@SilentKiller ok sir
11:41 AM
@SweetWisherツ @SilentKiller I found the solution :)
@Saggy how?
@Saggy Good
@iDeveloper access granted :)
iphone ipad ipod suna tha.. aaj ideveoper bhi dekh lia
simple tha I just need to compare with the action I am calling @SweetWisherツ
11:42 AM
@TheDictator iPatel b he le :P
@Saggy to me kya keh rhi thi:@
@SweetWisherツ thanks!
@SweetWisherツ You were suggesting me how to register for outgoing call through that link dear ji
sorry agar kuch aur samjhana tha uske thru
coz mujhe nahi pata laga :P
11:45 AM
Dont star
12:01 PM
@SweetWisherツ solved.?
@SilentKiller nop
@SweetWisherツ till what time.?
@SilentKiller nhi keh skti re
hiii @SweetWisherツ
@SilentKiller : hieee
kya kar rha he
12:11 PM
feeling lonely ):
@varshaBhatia kaam kar raha hu.
@sanjeet goto market.
thanks sochne ke liye.
try it
lonelyness friends se dur hoti hai crowd se nahi..
to crowd me new frnds bana sakte ho.. go for positive.
12:18 PM
@SilentKiller : ok :)
Good Evening
:D good evening
@Leena Good Evening
@SweetWisherツ very good evening
@Venu vGE
12:24 PM
@SweetWisherツ :)
its summer yar. why are u wearing that cap ?
bye everyone GN
Bye bye.
12:47 PM
Q: Can't use InApp Purchase in my application

Pooja RoyI am making an application with using an InApp pucrchase. In that when user click on the position 0's Image it is free and other all are paid. For that I had used this Code. package com.example.ecard; import javax.crypto.spec.IvParameterSpec; import idev.android.Ecard.inapp.base.BlundellActiv...

1:32 PM
byee all :)
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