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12:00 PM
@hotveryspicy early ??
@SweetWisherツ Hi good evening
@PG_Android Ge
@SweetWisherツ have u used new Facebook SDK?
ask maven
@SweetWisherツ I am starting now so told you
demo project
12:03 PM
are you reporting me ?? :P
@SweetWisherツ No why feel so?
1 min ago, by PG_Android
@SweetWisherツ I am starting now so told you
@SweetWisherツ Oho. Just told you for starting my project if u have worked on that then i have problem in future then i can ask you so. P:
hehe oKie
12:07 PM
for wht?
@SweetWisherツ do you know fb 3.17 sdk available.? surprised. i have worked on 3.0 before 1 yr. Now start for upgrade my self in FB integration. bcos there are much issue in it for many developers.
Nop... i dnt have any
@SweetWisherツ but u have not implemented still so u have not
yes then why u asked
@SweetWisherツ But when i asked then didn't know about that. So are you got angry or hyper for that?
12:11 PM
better to leave :P
@SweetWisherツ Ok nope, But i have really one question for you
ask me anything :P
plz ask to dhruti @PG_Android :P
who is Ranbir kappoor here??
Hi @Anjali :)
hii @SweetWisherツ
12:18 PM
after a long time:)
@Dhruti have u worked on latest FB SDK???
@PG_Android I hereby declare that I haven't worked on any FB SDK. sorry
@SweetWisherツ no.I am daily here.But u seems busy.....
12:19 PM
@Anjali oh... :)
@Dhruti oh okay nope
Nop @PG_Android
25 mins ago, by SweetWisher ツ
ask maven
any query?
m bit busy
12:29 PM
@PG_Android might have
m getting autistic
> Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people
Ya, must be or may be you already got before a long time..
Is this quote or related to any other?@Dhruti
@PG_Android solve FB issue. that wasn't for you.
12:34 PM
continue with ur bakwas FB sdk @PG_Android
@SweetWisherツ hacked? :P
@Dhruti no leave that
@SweetWisherツ no leaved
@infinite_loop_ acceess granted.
@Dhruti i don't like to talk to people
@maven why do they? think over it.
12:35 PM
@maven r u alien??
:( not a joke @PG_Android
@maven as if we like to talk with alien
@Prabuddha Hieee
o.O He just left
and came :P
12:39 PM
@Prabuddha eeeiH
welcome back
@Prabuddha do u think im normal
@maven Do you think we are all doctors?
@Prabuddha Hiee. Have you worked with Amazon API? Also worked with 3D augmented reality ?
also with latest FB sdk?
12:41 PM
@PG_Android No
@maven No
@Dhruti Hiyalo!
@Prabuddha what's up?
nothing, problem here so all the PC's getting restarted :P
@Prabuddha Okay. thanks. nope
great :D
Send a problem here, too. I am tired :P
12:42 PM
@Prabuddha coz its raining here
@Dhruti yes, its great but its bad that it gets working again after sometime :P
:P we can't do anything in that, Boss. :) enjoy that sometime ;)
ok, no problem Adam :)
@Prabuddha typo :P
@Dhruti No, its not I wanted to say that only "Madam I am your only Adam" :P
12:44 PM
@Prabuddha :P
welcome @TopCat
i complete the changes in ResideLayout @Prabuddha
reporting to ??
@Prabuddha for 10 inch tablet resolution can we need to make layout-sw720dp layout folder or layout-xlarge? For images i have made drawable-xlarge-xxxhdpi
Thanks sweetwisher
12:46 PM
@maven great, congrats!
hello. can anyone help with this: stackoverflow.com/questions/25623543/… ?
@Prabuddha size is 2960x1600. I am confuse in it.
thnxx ..its was easy :P @Prabuddha
@infinite_loop_ can u tell how it looks?
@PG_Android sorry but I am not much experience in multi-screens better as someone who is more experienced in that thing!
@maven what do you mean?
12:48 PM
want a snapshot @infinite_loop_
any body worked on the datable grouping ?
ok just a minute
@Prabuddha ok. nope. thanks
exjatly @infinite_loop_
@JanakDhanani not me
12:49 PM
@JanakDhanani no.
any one more?
@Prabuddha Recently i came to know that you'r Lalit Poptani and before 1 yr i have read ur tutorials. Great to see you here!!!
@PG_Android haha, thanks!
@PG_Android which blog post of mine you read 1 year ago? :P
now its getting lol
@Prabuddha jst say thnx and leave him alone :D
why so?
@infinite_loop_ u seems invisible
@Prabuddha At time time i am fresher so i just check link and at that time i have seen many tutorials which was useful for me as usually fresher faced. SO great
12:55 PM
@maven sorry i am new to this. what do you mean invisible?
@PG_Android yes previously I used to blog but stopped now a days :P
@infinite_loop_ can u tell how u want the dialog box to be ? thats y u havn't received any answer on ur question
@Prabuddha Okay. Thanks. I have learnt more from it. And see result I am here now with you in this room. Thanks!!!
Q: Naming convention for Stack Overflow chatrooms?

ItachiUchihaSome time back I came across a chat room created on Stack Overflow Chat named as Java Sucks. I wanted to flag about the name of the chat room, but didn't find any way to do it. Nevertheless, I thought that some moderator would come across it and eventually it will get blocked. Today, after few m...

@maven I added the image
12:57 PM
@ItachiUchiha i also seen & its bad ..y u got downvoted?
only if I could posted it earlier
@PG_Android good to see that and may you go ahead of me in future, best luck ;)
@Prabuddha Oh its my pleasure if its come true. But u r better. So thanks again!!
@maven coz i didnt posted it in any rooms
12:58 PM
@Aamirkhan Hello bhai. seems busy now a days.
@ItachiUchiha i did +1
and the person who wrote the answer did
bro its totally partitality
Java is a pretty horrible language after all
@maven does it help?
12:59 PM
@PG_Android practice makes man perfect!
@Prabuddha Yeah that s really true.
@SweetWisherツ yeah
pretty hard comments
android is built on java
I feel like lolmlol
and so many other things as well
1:00 PM
@ sweetwisher you r ri8
and web devs think they can do anything they want
@ItachiUchiha Great to see here after long time.!!
and java is to easy if you hbtd to it...
@PG_Android heya ! :)
@ItachiUchiha Whats going on?
1:02 PM
i think java is beautiful there is reason behind everything
yes....why not..
@PG_Android a meta question
@PankajAndroid yes, busy to he, but time nikal letehe dosto ke lie :)
@Dhruti @SweetWisherツ @QuokMoon Good Evening
6 mins ago, by ItachiUchiha
Q: Naming convention for Stack Overflow chatrooms?

ItachiUchihaSome time back I came across a chat room created on Stack Overflow Chat named as Java Sucks. I wanted to flag about the name of the chat room, but didn't find any way to do it. Nevertheless, I thought that some moderator would come across it and eventually it will get blocked. Today, after few m...

@Aamirkhan Answer for me not for Pankaj Android: ha ha
1:03 PM
here all are smart developer ....how you can specified that you are smart ?
any one with answer...happy to hear you
@ItachiUchiha someone says I think that they're perfectly fine and we should not interfere with rooms unless they cause abuse.
@maven yeah, everyone have their opinion !
thats what meta is about
@JanakDhanani Smart People are busy here
1:06 PM
@ItachiUchiha did ur rep got deduced ?
yaaa... may be..
No !!
Question Does google test the apk, published on playstore?
ans YES they do ^_^
really @maven ?
not before the 6 month ..but from last few month they are..
1:10 PM
yes -_- my app got suspended 4th time After a regular review, google have determined that this app links the user to a website with pornographic or sexual content. This violates the Content Policy.
@JanakDhanani maybe
@Aamirkhan evening..
@Aamirkhan yes ??
over organization published to many apps and so many time they are fail to publish due to developer policy , but now they followed the rules testing and developing standard and apps are published fine
As much as they claim that content policy, there are items of several of those categories in the Market anyway. For one, spyware/malware is apparently rampant and there have been a lot of articles in the press about this. Point is, you might be able to publish such content anyways.
@Aamirkhan Good evenning
1:26 PM
m leaving ..guys ...bye bye
1:37 PM
access granted @Shujaat
@Dhruti Ohhh Helping Gal... Please help me... i m in trouble yaar :/
@Priyanka :/ issue in that payment gateway?
@Dhruti hmmm :(
@Priyanka Say.. I'll try..
1:51 PM
@Dhruti Are you done your work??
yes.. :)
See this SDk
okies.. where are you stuck?
@Dhruti in this SDk i didn't get any anet-java-sdk-android-X.X.X.jar
> Add the jar "anet-java-sdk-android-X.X.X.jar" to the Java Build Path. This jar is found in the "anet_android_sdk" project under the "lib" directory.
Checked in lib of sdk tools?
1:56 PM
@Dhruti checked all over... no where found
also see this one
@Priyanka see here
It has anet-java-sdk-android-2.0.5.jar
you don't get that while download?
I've succeeded in open login dialoge but unable to login in it...every time says invalid password
but on web i logged in successfully with same credentials
may be due to that jar?
@Dhruti ok give one more try ...lets see this time happen successfully
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