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5:50 AM
@ErumHannan hey
6:10 AM
Good morning all :)
6:21 AM
@ErumHannan gm, r u there?
@Shadow Mrgnss:)
7:03 AM
@NarendraPrajapati gm yes i m here
sorry for late
pls ping me when u come
Hii @SweetWisherヅ
anyone here for help?
@Adi yeah tell
hii @Riser
@Adi hi
can someone help me in alarm
i have done code
7:12 AM
I have one issue : I am using a service in my app which is fetching data from server and then inserting it to SQLite (one row at a time), Now I want next activity to come only when all the rows are fetched and inserted@Riser
but getting issues to set alarm
@Adi check your server data length and every time insert data in table and check inside if condition the loop of value == data length
then move to new activity else not
@Adi so whts the issue?
i tried this but something I am doing wrong I mean where should I place it can you help me with any idea.
it is moving to the next activity then coming back to async and insert data
so in the next activity i do not get any data from database
@Adi are you moving to next activity only after inserted data in db?
no @Riser
I want this but this is not happening
7:20 AM
@Adi have you tried?
@Adi Hi :)
i have taken length of the data in database then took a counter which is incremented by 1 everytime async starts and when counter== length then move to next activity
but it is not working properly @Riser
@Adi does async method call in loop ?
hii @SweetWisherヅ
dont do
iterate loop in async only na
then in Post,call next activtiy
7:23 AM
u should iterate your loop inside doInBackground
see Erum also know this:)
and then call your next activity in onPostExecute
@Adi she will help u.
anyone worked with urdu text in android textview i have done and set gravity to right
but still text is not on right side
not me
A: Urdu font in textview

FurqiAsaalam-o-alakum bibi Tahira You can downlaod urdu Font from this link,i have tested it. Thanks

the answer of our honorable owner :) ^^ @furqi
7:29 AM
yup i already see this link sorry right now i m writing arabic not urdu anyways i m trying to resolve
@SweetWisherヅ how much work u have done with xzing /
@SweetWisherヅ ok
@ErumHannan this much
@Shadow are you shadowing here :P
i have done all this i stuck at some other place is there any option in library to get scan date and time
or may i need to use java code to get scan date and time
7:35 AM
scan date/time ?
yes means i scanned barcode .... on successfull barcode found it moves to next activity
in next activity i want to show barcode scanned date and time , format , content , i found content , format but failed to find date and time
is there any method in library ?
hehe @SweetWisherヅ
means this barcode scanned at 31 - 1-2015 12:36pm
wht the lib returns u ?
u want to get time when we scan the code?
and date as well
can someone pls send email to @NarendraPrajapati to come online
if dnt mind
7:41 AM
he is here only
no i told him to come at 11 he came but i was not here at the same time
wht the lib returns u ?
u want to get time when we scan the code?
@SweetWisherヅ I have a doubt
are u there?
@Riser are u there
Hi All
I have a question. I have a dialog that works fine for devices higher than Android 2.3. However, for the 2.3 the dialog color is black, and the textview is not visible. Because, both of them have black color
Is there any solutions for this?
8:12 AM
9:01 AM
@Adi Yes now
@SweetWisherヅ helllo
one small issue
i have base 64 string i convert and view image view but can't view the image
imgbytes = Base64.decode(imgString, Base64.DEFAULT);
Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeByteArray(imgbytes,0,imgbytes.length);
9:21 AM
hi all
i am using date picker dialog from edittext, when i click edittext date picker dialog opens, and i select the date and it gets displayed in edittext,everything is working fine but problem is
when i click on edittext and date picker opens,without selecting when i touch on outside of date picker dialog , it sets in edittext
@senti chk imageString is correct or not
@Shadow date is set when u click outside?
exactly @SweetWisherヅ
i guess onDateSet might have been called when u touch outsied, Shadow
@Shadow thinking, you will need a boolean
@SweetWisherヅ i m playing audio
but i want to set audio volume using my app means with seek bar
use mediaPlayer
9:34 AM
@Adi yeah
@SweetWisherヅ do u know @NarendraPrajapati
okay will check @SweetWisherヅ
@ErumHannan no
@Shadow :)
ok np
have u done alarm for more than one days
i have set for one day
alarm is working
but now want to set for other days means if m , t , w, t,f,s,s
if f is clicked then set for f
9:45 AM
thanks a lot
sorry for
unavialability at 11am i just came at 11:30
yes pls come on trying to learn room
9:58 AM
Suddenly application crash while loading the Fragment page.This is the Logcat error.Anyone have a suggestion for this issue?
@Naruto only this erorr ?
working with images/ video or NDK ?
A: Cannot debug, Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00007c37 (code=-6)

kvanceI got the same thing: ClassLoader error followed by SIGABRT, but only when running the debugger. For me, switching from ART to Dalvik fixed it.

check it once
byyee all
will let you know after chking @SweetWisherヅ
@SweetWisherヅ yes.logcat didn't pointed out the error line.Working with gridview with tables using local database for the purpose of fetching the letters in tables.I am posted this in SO.
@SweetWisherヅ used this code not working stackoverflow.com/a/20989299/1427037
10:05 AM
@Shadow Cya :)
@Naruto checkng
@ErumHannan any erorr ?
no but no result
u can see seekbar when u touch the screen
did u try that ?
then ?
coz it mst work
when u get this err? @Naruto
in any specific scenario? in any specific device ?
@SweetWisherヅ While loading the fragment page I am getting this log error.It wouldn't work in all devices
10:12 AM
everytime u get this error ?
If yes then share its code
And try to get the line when it occurs with debugging if u can
While loading the 25th page I am getting this error.Wait I will share the code
25th page of ?
let me try and find the error and share the code.please wait for a minute @SweetWisherヅ
ya sure
@SweetWisherヅ i m getting progress values in log
10:28 AM
@SweetWisherヅ I am (posted)[stackoverflow.com/questions/28250581/… the code with full stacktrace.
NPE at (LessonActivity.java:258)
what is this line
lessonList = DatabaseQueryHelper.getInstance().getLesson(chapterId); -->258th line
new issue ?
i thought its of fatal only :/
nope.same crash with this exception
is DatabaseQueryHelper.getInstance() NULL ?
then no nee to raise new questin naruto
10:30 AM
No.it wasn't null it seems
seems ? debugged?
put all null check before that line
if (DatabaseQueryHelper.getInstance()!=null && chapterId!=null )
ok let me try and tell you.
i m sure chapterId is NULL
My only problem is I couldn't get the null check because of crash.
Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT)
10:38 AM
means I couldn't get the debug in logcat
apperantly, chapterId seems NULL where have u initialized it ?
does fatal error occur prior to this execution ?
yes before that fatal error occurred
I am edited and posted the chapter id code please check it
did u put that condition ?
15 mins ago, by SweetWisher ヅ
if (DatabaseQueryHelper.getInstance()!=null && chapterId!=null )
One more thing, later.. First check with this
11:10 AM
check whether your getLesson() method may returning null @Naruto
I am telling more times fatal error occurred before than that.so I couldn't read a null check.it doesn't display the Log.d
@Naruto okay use try catch block in doInBackground or use log.d inside the getlesson method to print stack trace of lessonlist array
11:34 AM
@SweetWisherヅ @qɘɘbɒɿq found out why that fatal exception occurred. texview exceeds the gridview size and throws fatal exception.I reduce the size of textview and error resolved.Thank you for your help.Sorry for late reply
@Naruto good :)
@SweetWisherヅ went ?
11:54 AM
@Naruto Grt :)
12:09 PM
@Adi hlo :)
Hii @malviň
How's you miss @Adi
I am good :) How are u ?
same to same :P @Adi
12:20 PM
U in ofc now
Do u know how to use google map in app@malviň
Yeah I did
Ask what is issue
@ErumHannan nop
I dont know how to get the api key
@SweetWisherヅ once we reboot device all session variables removed ?
session manager
shared preferences
12:33 PM
@Adi read doc?
U have to register ur SHA1 key on Google api @Adi
I have the source code made by one developer and i want to run that app in my system. so i need to generate the key
@SweetWisherヅ have a look at this issue yet not resolved
Q: Handle Toggle button in onResume()

SunI have written a program in which i am using Timer and controlling that timer using Toggle states, Toggle's default state is OFF, once i make changes in toggle state from OFF to ON TIMER starts, and when i again change to OFF it stops the timer as per requirement. But problem starts when my Tim...

@SweetWisherヅ already did but docs are so confusing
Jan 22 at 12:29, by Adi
any one please tell me exact way to get SHA certificate and then google map API key @SweetWisherヅ @FlamePrincessϡ @Unihedro
still here only ?
ohk then malvin will help u
12:34 PM
thanks @SweetWisherヅ
U have sha1 key ? @Adi
no @malviň
@Adi why?
Q: How to obtain Signing certificate fingerprint (SHA1) for OAuth 2.0 on Android?

AlexI'm trying to register my android app following the steps in https://developers.google.com/console/help/#installed_applications which leads me to follow http://developer.android.com/tools/publishing/app-signing.html. However, I'm not sure how to get the signing certificate fingerprint (SHA1). ...

nce we reboot device all session variables removed ?
session manager
shared preferences@malviň
12:41 PM
@SweetWisherヅ @malviň bye bye
@qɘɘbɒɿq bye
@Adi alive?
yes @malviň
@Adi checked the link?
I created something following this stackoverflow.com/questions/27609442/…
is key identifier is the SHA-1 key?@malviň
@Adi that is also correct way
12:51 PM
ok then now what I have to do/
@Adi tell what is issue ???
i got SHA-1 now how to get the key
register it on code.google.com/apis/console @Adi
then u will get it
api key
once u done @Adi pls let me know also i already done google map key but its not working
1:07 PM
ok @ErumHannan
will u be online at 7 pm ?
i wl discuss wd u
have u done ?
1:27 PM
1:40 PM
I have generated the key but map is not showing
4 hours later…
5:29 PM
@Adi Did you given permissions?
5:51 PM
@Prince there
hello @Prince
@ErumHannan am here
@ErumHannan Yes
@nawabsaab Hey man!
@Prince how are you bro?
@nawabsaab Tired bro :/
What about you?
thinking of to start work
are you working in night shift?
you always come online in night
6:08 PM
Working in all shift bro :) Yup because not having much time in day time for SO chat.
@Prince i want to show notification once in a month
Permission given :)
What you have tried ? where you stuck? without this I am big ZERO.
and this will be repetitive for every month means in jan it will show notification then in feb it will show notification
i have tried code wait posting
Q: implementing monthly repeating alarms

NoobDev954I have an alarm which I need to execute every 30 days. To avoid issues with the phone being powered off I have decieded this should be calendar based. The way I'm attempting to design it is when the application is opened - it sends the wifi data usage via sms. Then, depending on date which it is ...

my task is same as this one
6:31 PM
good night:)
2 hours later…

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