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5:23 AM
Good morning
@QuokMoon assalamualaykum
5:46 AM
6:10 AM
@Aamirkhan hi hw r u?
I am fine
@SweetWisherツ hi hw r u??
@Aamirkhan fine..
@Aamirkhan walekumAssalam
can you guide me in bottomsheet dialogue
its not expanding completely
6:17 AM
A: Android-Bottom sheet does not expand

Pablo DelgadoI had the same issue, I updated the com.android.support:appcompat to the last version and now it works! Nowadays I have 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:23.4.0' 'com.android.support:design:23.2.0'

@SweetWisherツ After a long time.. see u guys again .. feel happy
A: Set state of BottomSheetDialogFragment to expanded

efeturi"Note that you cannot call the method before view layouts." <--- This is the clue. Dialogs have a listener that is fired once the dialog is shown. The dialog cannot be shown if it isn't layed out. So, in the onCreateDialog() of your modal bottom sheet (BottomSheetFragment), just before returnin...

@SweetWisherツ im using 23.0.2 only
check 2nd link
@SweetWisherツ i have tried already this link its not working.. let me check with above link
6:22 AM
@MakeitSimple not getting your question
6:52 AM
Q: Android BottomSheetDialog does not expand completely

Make it SimpleI'm using android BottomSheetDialogue. I have google it, didn't get solution. Its not expanding completely. Please any one have an idea share it and guide me. Its showing like this Need to show like this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <android.support.design.widget.CoordinatorLayout xm...

my question
half only its expanded, not fully
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8:26 AM
@SilentKiller How is going
9:22 AM
Assalamualikum to all
@shihab_returns Walaikum assalam :)
@Aamirkhan can i use sqlcipher to a preloaded sqlite DB?
@shihab_returns no idea mate
9:38 AM
@SilentKiller WalekumAsslam
10:15 AM
@Aamirkhan alhamdulillah fine.
10:45 AM
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posted on October 25, 2016 by Android Developers

By: Mary Liz McCurdy, Health & Fitness Lead, Google Play (Originally published on Android Central) It's an exciting time to be a health & fitness app developer. With people shelling out on fitness more than ever before, we're seeing record high levels of gym memberships and attendance, the rise of boutique fitness, and an emphasis on connected devices. Paramount to this growth is the i


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