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12:00 PM
@NareshSharma bluetooth /wifi
@NareshSharma Can You use bluetooth?
i did passing data between two applications via bluetooth
i passed string using bluetooth
@Aamirkhan to different app's ?
@NareshSharma ya
i have demo at my home
let me see if it's there on my gmail account :P
@Aamirkhan good
please send it to me when you get some free time
@NareshSharma Check your mail
if you have any issue ping me on whats app or gtalk
12:06 PM
@Aamirkhan ok thanks buddy
Let me quickly explain you application flow
There are two different applications
one is dialler and second is player
on dialler you will see one dial pad of numbers
earlier am thinking about the socket.io but now I will look into it first @Aamirkhan
you have to press different numbers and depending on any number sound file from player application will be played
on player application there are different sound files available
@NareshSharma got mail?
Time to leave bye every one
@Aamirkhan I got the email
12:18 PM
hi @NareshSharma
how are you?
@Shadow Hello Ram Jee
where are from last so many days ??
12:40 PM
@NareshSharma pata nahi :(
@TopCat :)
@NareshSharma ho gaya aamir k demo se ?
@Prince still not implemented
@Dhruti koi ni ho jaega ye kam :)
@Shadow am also away from sometimes but you can get tuitions anytime on what's app, fb gtalk etc. :)
Hmm okey!
also I will charge a big amount from you :P @Shadow
12:55 PM
back :D
but never leave testing @NareshSharma seems kya been reduced :P from @Dhruti
@Shadow hahaha keep testing your skills on @Dhruti
@Dory welcome back
@Shadow kya? :P
@NareshSharma :)
1:02 PM
@Aamirkhan @NareshSharma @Shadow @Furqi @QuokMoon hv u used proguard?
take care!
bye all
@Prince @Dory bbye
1:20 PM
@Prince bye bye :)
@Prince no use ni kiya
@Dhruti hi good morning
byee :) @Prince
@PiYusHGuPtA :) morning
@Dhruti Kem che??
2:00 PM
@Dory @PiYusHGuPtA @Prince @Furqi @QuokMoon @Dhruti bye all :)
2:38 PM
@PiYusHGuPtA fine
bye @maven
Bye alll @Shadow @NareshSharma
byee @Dhruti
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