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Hello Anyone im facing index out of bound exception]
Did you debug?
label text color is different comparing to status bar text color.. @BradlySpicer
A: How to change Status Bar text color in iOS 7.

Peter B. Kramer Set the UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance to YES in the .plist file. In the viewDidLoad do a [self setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate]; Add the following method: -(UIStatusBarStyle)preferredStatusBarStyle{ return UIStatusBarStyleLightContent; }

Not sure then @Ramdy
thanks @MysticMagic, those concept are used to maintain same color in all screen.
10:09 AM
@Ramdy is it not something like -(UIStatusBarStyle)SCREEN#.preferredStatusBarStyle{
return UIStatusBarStyleLightContent;
@Ramdy okay :) Then no idea as I am not an ios developer. You can still give a look here
after that, I am clueless :P
@MysticMagic what does this. mean? Does it mean I can only use variables defined inside that class/java file?
not exactly.
Aren't you clear about OOPs?
I have a qualification in Software Development in C# from Microsoft but I haven't done it in so long haha
for time being, you can read this. But I would recommend reading thoroughly as soon as you get time.
@BradlySpicer :P
10:18 AM
@MysticMagic thanks :)
ok i hurry up i must go i send to you at night @SilentKiller
good bye doostan
@zohreh cya
@zohreh take care :)
@Ramdy any luck?
Thanks @MysticMagic, im looking on that answer
@BradlySpicer, already i tried that code. But no luck.
okay :)
10:26 AM
Good Evening Everyone
:) Very good evening Mr. Sharma :)
Eveningss :)
Can anyone help me im facing array index out of bound exception
hi o/
Post it here B.rohit :)
27 mins ago, by MysticMagic
Did you debug?
10:29 AM
Well quite simple i got 7 days a week. You can add and remove them. But after trying it for 7 th tym im facing this exception
@B.rohitNare show code and logcat
You haven't done something silly? an array starts from 0... so it'd be 0,1,2,3,4,5,6

Just a guess :P
Before you've even sent it
can we post code here
10:31 AM
@B.rohitNare use pastie.org
Says in the room desc :)
Hey SweetWisher
:) sweet
Hey TopCat :P Come out of the lurking?
10:33 AM
@BradlySpicer Heya
@BradlySpicer Heyyyaa
@TopCat :)
10:34 AM
B.ro Which line?
welcome @Prince :)
@SweetWisherツ nothing
@TopCat kya ?
:17841700 ab wo to aap jano :P
well see the method sunday() to saturday()
10:35 AM
@Prince welcome
@NareshSharma Thank buddy.
There im adding and removing arrayList, but after 6 tries in the emulator, im facing this exception
Accidentally left the chat :p
10:38 AM
Bye Bye All :) TC buddies
@TopCat Bubye :)
Bye @TopCat
@Nomi aap Bye kehne aaye ..wah :)
10:40 AM
@SweetWisherツ Can I borrow your brain? Will have it back washed and ironed by dinner time.
@BradlySpicer lol why ?
Got a small query :P
haha fire :)
@SweetWisherツ lolz.. haan pyar hi bht ha :P
and not the SQL kind
10:41 AM
@Nomi badhate rho :)
@BradlySpicer whtever it is
ab aap ko ki hogya
@SweetWisherツ comment ko edit q kiya?
ye konsa paper p likha tha apne... :P
u can use next line for next comment.
7 mins ago, by B.rohit Nare
There im adding and removing arrayList, but after 6 tries in the emulator, im facing this exception
10:43 AM
agay e bht neend aa rahi ha...
@B.rohitNare did you debug?
@Nomi aah...better not to troll the room :)
Nope will try now
@SweetWisherツ ab mene kya kiya ??
but what im thinking some problem with array, cause after 6 index we facing this exception @MysticMagic
10:44 AM
@Nomi aapne nahi...mene :)
ArrayIndexOutOfBound means you are trying to access may be some (x+1)th position, while list has only x elements
yeah i know but stuck there
what to do
have you seen the code
@SweetWisherツ oka.... today is the year's longest day???? :P
Debug buddy
@B.rohitNare yes. Check its size, and check what you are trying to retrieve?
10:44 AM
@SweetWisherツ http://pastie.org/9411895

In the if(cursor.moveToFirst()) { }

I'm not sure what exactly those cursor.get should equal.
@Nomi really ?
@Nomi is that for everyone?
ive given size 7
@B.rohitNare Busy with my own work too, friend :) Please debug. Its not that tough. You will do!
@SweetWisherツ lolz.. nai yar... time ni pass horaha.... waiting to go home.. feeling toooo much sleepy
@BradlySpicer well i guess :)
10:45 AM
heheh ive done that, lets see. what is your error in the work
@Nomi hehe...muje to esa nhi lag rha
@hotveryspicy status ?
@BradlySpicer is it ur database , right ??
@B.rohitNare no any error. I mean solved, and doing R & D for next work. :)
@SweetWisherツ Lagta ha tmne complan piya ha :P
10:46 AM
na na roza he :/
@SweetWisherツ yea. My Databasehandler: http://pastie.org/9411903

Very small atm haha ^.^
in sehri..
nah i dnt like complan
lolz... acha
@BradlySpicer really too small :P
10:47 AM
@SweetWisherツ :( haha it's my first app
Well its saying to throw exception
@BradlySpicer Np :)
B.ro what's the EXACT error
@B.rohitNare can you show logcat?
hi! anyone fammiliar with SQL?
Alex, SQL as a standalone is very easy :)
I posted logcat on bottom
@AlexStanese issue?
@BradlySpicer haha
@B.rohitNare What's the line CampaignsDayEditLayout.java:238?
@SweetWisherツ actually I need a select in sql lite within javascript
10:49 AM
its name of class
@Alex this is Java :) not Javascript
@Anjali Bade log busy log :D :D
Its saying Invalid index 2, size is 1 @B.rohitNare I know its name of your class. Line 238???
@BradlySpicer Car car = new Car(Integer.parseInt(cursor.getString(0)), cursor.getString(1), cursor.getString(2),cursor.getString(3));
10:50 AM
@SweetWisherツ I followed this tutorial http://blogs.telerik.com/appbuilder/posts/13-05-28/adding-dynamic-data-with-the-sqlite-plugin
but the last part where I select an element isn;t working
it will give car object,,what u wanna do ??
Q: Three level expandable list in android

Make it SimpleI have found many question about Three level Expandable.I have tried i can't able to expand it, its not showing. I need to keep three level expandable list view in my app.. The values are taken from db. I can able to achieve normal expandable native component. I have tried for three level expand...

@Prince @SweetWisherツ @SilentKiller
well thats the exception. Wait let me be clear to you
SMTWTFS, THESE are days and index starts from 1 to 7 for them
any one can guide me in this prob
@SweetWisherツ that's for getting my car details but it's an old not working version. My newer one is Public Account getCurrentCar.
10:51 AM
@B.rohitNare Please tell me line number 238 from your class CampaignsDayEditLayout.java
@SweetWisherツ this is my text database: imageshack.us/photo/my-images/539/ac1f09.png
daysList.add(d, 7);
@SweetWisherツI want for example to select the 2 text_sample that contains "mama"
d is position and 7 is index
wait wait...
10:52 AM
@SweetWisherツ That's where I'm getting confused :P
No No
@BradlySpicer u r making me too :P
@MysticMagic @AlexStanese u thr bro
@Prince have u worked on that
Nop buddy. I checked your question. but no idea :--|
@Prince ok
10:54 AM
@SweetWisherツ I tried this according the turorial but its not working
app.selectRecord = function(caca) {
app.db.transaction(function(tx) {
tx.executeSql("SELECT date_sample FROM MyTable WHERE text_sample = ?",
@B.rohitNare at that time its size is less than even 2. You say you have kept it 7. But your code is List<Integer> daysList = new ArrayList<Integer>();.. Make it as List<Integer> daysList = new ArrayList<Integer>(7); and check.
@AlexStanese javascript
@CapDroid CC
@mystic a moment will try now
10:57 AM
private static final int size = 7;
private int capacity = 10;
if (size == capacity) {
private void reallocate() {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

for (int i = 1; i <= size; i++) {
Log.e("The days of the week are ", Integer.valueOf(i).toString());
what is Account @BradlySpicer ??
With that im facing exception starting itself. Invalid index 1, size is 0
@SweetWisherツ Ignore the top one :P

It's getCurrentCar that's the issue haha inside if(cursor.moveToFirst()){}

I'm not sure what those cursor.getInt() etc is supposed to be. I've tried allocating it as KEY_ID etc and it doesn't work
@all any one is there to help me
Account is wrong, that needs to be removed
10:59 AM
@B.rohitNare for (int i = 1; i <= size; i++) for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
@BradlySpicer did u debug ?
@SweetWisherツ I think it needs to be String
well it can be anything. Its not a problem
@MakeitSimple Did not work with three level expandable listview
@B.rohitNare Please debug! It will be better that way, trust me!
IVe debug it already, showing same exception
Suggesting me to use throw
@B.rohitNare Put a debug point at start where you initialized the arraylist. and check on each point you add / remove
@B.rohitNare It will show same exception. I am not telling to RUN. Debug and check the size and position you try to access.
B 2 W!
11:03 AM
@MysticMagic ok
]how to do that ?
@B.rohitNare debug ??
debug point
Q: How to Debug Android application line by line using Eclipse?

Yaqub AhmadI am familiar with VS.Net IDE & it has a lot of support for debugging. But the android development is something new for me. I am using the Eclipse IDE. I was wondering how to debug the android application line by line just like we can do in .Net IDE? Currently i am using the log window, but i am...

11:04 AM
@SweetWisherツ It's not an error as such :P It's my lack of understanding. I'm not sure what it's meant to be http://pastie.org/9411933

The example before hand provided: http://pastie.org/9411936
I was under the impression it would be a reference to the database
IVe done that
@BradlySpicer read this?
@B.rohitNare how ?
@B.rohitNare o.O
@SweetWisherツ ?
3 mins ago, by B.rohit Nare
IVe done that
11:09 AM
so what you mean to ask me loll, how i done debug or what :p > @SweetWisherツ
I am Back
@B.rohitNare lol u just did that only
@SilentKiller WB
@SweetWisherツ thank you.. :)
11:13 AM
@SilentKiller :)
Nah i was asking here point to point debub, but ive done that as well. But still with same askign me to throw exception
@SweetWisherツ I think I'm getting somewhere! puu.sh/am8uW/f9c1b47a8b.png
got any point ?
Nope i guess im doing something silly with array index
@BradlySpicer keep space(' ') after FROM keyword
11:16 AM
have you seen my code @SweetWisherツ
@B.rohitNare naah :P
@B.rohitNare just debug it ;)
IS that the only solution i got here debug :p
@B.rohitNare Because then only we can find out where is the issue :)
@B.rohitNare Line No : 238 in CampaignsDayEditLayout.java
11:18 AM
@SilentKiller aap bhi aa gye
Issue is not anywhere in the lines
Ooo thanks @SilentKiller I didn't see that :)
welcome back btw ^.^
you get different issues based on clicking the outbound
@BradlySpicer thanks.. :)
@SilentKiller have you seen the logcat mate at pastebin
11:20 AM
@B.rohitNare where.?
2 mins ago, by SilentKiller
@B.rohitNare Line No : 238 in CampaignsDayEditLayout.java
daysList.add(d, 7);
here is the error. what line is this.
but its not going to be just that line, index can be out of bound anywhere. Even on
this daysList.add(c, 6);
11:22 AM
@SilentKiller Do I need to make Car an object before I can return it? puu.sh/am8Mu/d66362017c.png
How can you call Car outside its method >?
you cant return car like that
instead of "public String getCurrentCar" make it "public Car getCurrentCar"
@BradlySpicer ur return type is String
It should be Cursor?
nah Car
56 secs ago, by SilentKiller
instead of "public String getCurrentCar" make it "public Car getCurrentCar"
11:25 AM
Until unless your method return type is void, it should return the value before the mehtod
@B.rohitNare give me that line man.
private void saturDay() {
if (d % 2 == 0) {
daysList.add(d, 7);
} else {
// removeDay(7);
daysList.add(d, 7);
this is the line
what is the size of daysList ??
it must not having index 7
@B.rohitNare 0-6 ??
11:26 AM
List<Integer> daysList = new ArrayList<Integer>(7);
Thanks Silent, and I'd be returning String?
@B.rohitNare then it must b 0-6 na
ok then what this goign to be
private void sunDay() {
if ((x % 2) == 0) {
// daysList.add(1);
daysList.add(x, 1);
Log.e("Added sunday", Integer.valueOf(x).toString());

} else {
// daysList.remove(1);
Log.e("Removed sunday", Integer.valueOf(x).toString());
// removeDay(1);
@BradlySpicer yup
this is first point sunday,then mon to saturday
SMTWTFS [1234567]
11:28 AM
@B.rohitNare array index start from 0 while you are adding from 1st position
@B.rohitNare then make the size 8
List<Integer> daysList = new ArrayList<Integer>(7);
you mean ova here or
@B.rohitNare List<Integer> daysList = new ArrayList<Integer>(8);
for (int i = 0; i <= 6; i++) {
Log.e("The days of the week are ", Integer.valueOf(i).toString());
11:30 AM
@SweetWisherツ hi
Hmm confusing ova here
@SilentKiller hi
@kaushik hello
@SilentKiller bhai
mera screen 600x1204 hain ki nahi detect kare kaise ?
@SilentKiller I'm defining a new Car() as all the cursor strings. So do I not return Car?
11:31 AM
ya fir 400x800 along @SilentKiller
Then what should be ova here
for (int i = 0; i <= 6; i++) {
yup i done the same mate
daysList.add(x, 0);
x is loction and 0 is object
@B.rohitNare check that method.
Error:(101, 20) error: cannot find symbol variable Car
do one thing while adding in list print the value of "x"
11:33 AM
E object i passed the array index
mean for sunday i passed 0, mon 1, tue 2, wed 3, thu 4, fri 5 sat 6
@SilentKiller !!
@Aamir there?
@kaushik fetch height and width and compare
@B.rohitNare issue with that number only. each time you "x" will increase in each function what is value of (x>6).?
thats what im looking @silentkiller
Every time i can add and remove
@B.rohitNare you should keep validation for that.
11:37 AM
how ?
cause i guess array size is filling with other index
you want to add on this index.?
sunday on 0, mon on 1, tue on 2, wed on 3, thu on 4, fri on 5 sat on 6... ???
yes and have u seen the image that i sent you on morning
clicking on sunday we can add and remove, same with all days
ya i have.
so for that i used this for each day
private void saturDay() {
if (d % 2 == 0) {
daysList.add(d, 6);
Log.e("Added sunday", Integer.valueOf(d).toString());
} else {
// removeDay(7);
for location i used this
int x = 0, y = 0, z = 0, a = 0, b = 0, c = 0, d = 0;
based on days sunday to satuday
buddy do one thing tell me what exactly you want to do.
11:41 AM
ok simple mate you have 7 days. Sun to sat, when you click on each day its added to next page
For that im using arrayList for adding and removing days
DisplayMetrics metrics = getResources().getDisplayMetrics();
int width = metrics.widthPixels;
int height = metrics.heightPixels;
i'm using fragments in my application when i'm using back button it is working fine in all fragments but when i'm clicking in the backbutton on fragmentactivity the app is getting crashed..
@kaushik yes
@SilentKiller @Prince
11:42 AM
@Harish what is error
@B.rohitNare nullpointerexception
paste the code on paste bin
either setContentView problem or some minor while calling the activity
Hmm, my chat's nto working?
@SilentKiller I'm not sure what I'm meant to be returning still :P I've tried "Car" but it's saying the symbol variable Car cannot be found. But I though that new Car() was the definition of it being created?

There we go :)
@B.rohitNare giving you a simple logic.
give me a clickevent of Sunday button
private void sunDay() {
if ((x % 2) == 0) {
// daysList.add(1);
daysList.add(x, 0);
Log.e("Added sunday", Integer.valueOf(x).toString());

} else {
// daysList.remove(1);
Log.e("Removed sunday", Integer.valueOf(x).toString());
// removeDay(1);
sunday(), is method call on click event
case R.id.sunday:
From where you calling your fragment
@B.rohitNare from xml
No what i mean u said you trying to call main activity from subfragment
where is that
@B.rohitNare show me your Activity class.
@SilentKiller ITs abig project mate and anyhow im not calling activity class ova here
11:56 AM
@SilentKiller hi
@B.rohitNare hiii
@Mobile hello
once i get the arraylist value will go for it
@Mobile hi
@SilentKiller hows u
@how r u
11:57 AM
@B.rohitNare check 202 to 209 lines
@Mobile me too.
@SilentKiller do u remember me
@Harish just call finish();
@B.rohitNare no it is not working it is also giving the same exception
@Mobile memory is low.
11:59 AM
or you might be trying to call your parentActivity. So, call your parent activity
@B.rohitNare buddy it is required to use Buttons.?
@SilentKiller mate its nothing problem with that code. Only problem with arrayList
cause exception is outof bound. I might be doing a silly mistake somewhere ova the code
@B.rohitNare ya i knw. and mostly code is redundant. id you use CheckBox then you dont need to code for click event
this will reduce tooo much code.
brb Prayer time..
Welll its not about code mate, even for checkbox need to do the same thing for each click and calling days randomly
@B.rohitNare no you dont need to do. you need to create single selector which will handle image effects. you dont need to do click event. while going to another activity you just need to use checkBox.getChecked()
12:06 PM
ok then what for arrayList
cause need to pass selected day to the other page
Anyhow mate thanks for your help will try different way
Have a good eve
@Harish ??
@kaushik hie
You will find patang ni dori on makar sanktranti
12:21 PM
abhi der he use
@SweetWisherツ i have back button in all my fragments (Say A(FragmentActivity),B(Fragment) and C(Fragment)) now when i'm moving from a to b adding a to backstack doing same for c also and when i'm coming back using back button of my app when i'm pressing back on C it is going to b then when pressing back on b going to B but when i'm pressing back on A app is crashing..
@Harish code of back pressed ?
@Harish where did u override OnBackPressed
12:27 PM
@B.rohitNare there.?
1:02 PM
take care :)
1:25 PM
Access granted @Ruraj
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Anyone here familiar with Scala?
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Hey Guys!
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