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10:00 AM
@Mann hello
atlast someone replied ..how's u all :)
Helios Mann!
@Mann hi
@MysticMagic yes. which issue ???
10:01 AM
Somany replies :)
Now dance top :)
@MysticMagic heya
ssup ?
@Prince Piyush is facing some issue in Horizontal scrollview..
@Mann :P I am fine... you?
@MysticMagic is this before clicking on rating bar
10:05 AM
Hey @ItachiUchiha :) a bit free :P you say
@B.rohitNare yes
@MysticMagic i am also free !
@PiYusHGuPtA How you are setting text (category name) in TextView ? show me code/
@MysticMagic not much fine as ur :(
@B.rohitNare so what I understood is layer - 0 = untouched state of that rating var star. Not sure...
@Mann why?
can i ask my question
10:06 AM
i just need to get idea about how to store the changes done in fragment
@Prince Ok wait
yeah that what im mean
@Prince this one pastie.org/9433948
@B.rohitNare hmm. all the stars' default color can be changed using this code. I tried changing color of 1 star.. But couldn't manage that.. Share the logic, if you manage that :)
@Mann while you replace fragment?
10:07 AM
yeah will do aas soon as i get
@MysticMagic i m doing transaction from fragment to 'A' to another fragment 'B' and when user do a backpress then the changes made to fragment 'A' must be saved
A: Save/Restore fragments state android

Android-DeveloperTo achieve the thing which you want, you should use integer value to store the current position in your ViewPager, and after that use this value to set the right position to your ViewPager. For example do something like this in your FragmentActivity: @Override public void onSaveInstanceState(B...

Q: How can I maintain fragment state when added to the back stack?

EricI've written up a dummy activity that switches between two fragments. When you go from FragmentA to FragmentB, FragmentA gets added to the back stack. However, when I return to FragmentA (by pressing back), a totally new FragmentA is created and the state it was in is lost. I get the feeling I...

awesome @MysticMagic it worked jsut changed drawable to 0
@Prince imgur.com/4eMmrB6 snap shot in which All Name category fixed and remaning is dymamic from url
10:12 AM
Hmm. That's what I said... But doesn't it change color of all stars in the rating bar? @B.rohitNare
@MysticMagic thankx ye shyad help karde stackoverflow.com/questions/11353075/…
:) welcome..
Nope it changed
@B.rohitNare changed all stars or 1 star?
@PiYusHGuPtA status= checking
10:13 AM
@Prince Okay brother
@PiYusHGuPtA All, web desing, social networking etc are category names ?
@Prince Yes. Just All is fixed in below in listview all category displayed. And others category are dynimic from server. Suppose when click on web design category then i am comparing id from main arraylist and set adapter again in listview but it is not changing
@MysticMagic @PiYusHGuPtA everyone z so busy with android ! guess i need to learn it so as to speak in the room :P
hehe. when are you starting? :D
@ItachiUchiha Oh not nothing like that brother.
10:20 AM
@PiYusHGuPtA All category are displayed from server ? And when user click on item, it should redirect to another screen. Now how you are redirecting it ?
@Prince No. All category name is fixed.
@Prince remaining all other categories are dynamic
and click on it don;t want to redirect just load data in listview below
@B.rohitNare hmm. I thought you wanted to color 1 star :P congo :)
Loll nope just rating bar color, wil share screen shot wait
send me that link
to share screen shot
10:24 AM
@Prince Now you got it what i want??
@PiYusHGuPtA ok so. some categories are static with static id. some are dynamic with dynamic id.
Then where you are stuck ?
among ids ?
@Prince Only "All" named category is static and all others are dynamic
@Prince have you seen that snap shot?
Yeh seen!
@Prince Yeah so that is issue yar. Tried but nothing happen
1st category is static, other are dynamic. Now show me onclick event .
10:27 AM
@Prince Okay
@Prince in that code which i have you sent there is click event also
@Prince have you got code bro in it?
if (bloglist.get(k).getBlogcategoryid()
.equalsIgnoreCase(catID)) {
@Prince Yes this if this is same then i have take new arraylist and add data to new one but i have found all data
Hello I-L @ItachiUchiha :)
This is called Thigda which you have done in code!
10:33 AM
Thidga-Master :P
@Prince Yes it is Thigda but can you tell me how can i Sew it???
@Prince could u help me in solving my issue?
@Prince meri :P
10:35 AM
@Prince for me?
@Prince :)
10:38 AM
hehe Yup
@SweetWisherツ r u gal :P
ye Geet wala Maan he ?
@Harish Let me resolve @PiYusHGuPtA 's issue. because i am very near to understand it
10:40 AM
@Mann any doubt??
@SweetWisherツ im jst asking say yes or no ?
@PiYusHGuPtA in which array you have static id ???
@Mann Absolutely YES :)
catID ?
10:41 AM
@Prince No. not static id. all dynamic just leave "All" category
Ab ALL pe click kare to kya hoga ??
You dont need to use for loop inside click event dude!
You just need to compare clicked item position's cat id with ALL cat id
@Prince Wo jo listview he pura wo load karna he usme to . Muje bas jab dusri kisi bhi category pe click karu na to All category ka jo listview he usme wo category ka nam hoga aur id hoga to me wo ids compare karvata hu aur agar wo same he to usi listview me us category ka data load krna chahta hu
@Prince Now you got it bro
10:58 AM
@SweetWisherツ you are I :P
@ItachiUchiha hehe OKie :P
but not L
you can be L as well :P
nah dnt want :/
plz plz :P
nah Nah :@
11:01 AM
haan haan
@ItachiUchiha kyu kyu :/
@PiYusHGuPtA sorry bro. webservice developer muje khinch ke le gaya tha.
@Prince Okay nope bro
@SweetWisherツ aiwe hi
@MysticMagic missed :(
11:05 AM
@ItachiUchiha :)
@ItachiUchiha never never
kya chal rha h :)
AC.. :P
11:06 AM
me :P
ok !
@SweetWisherツ ever ever
are are wo sab to yha bhi chal rha h
kuch aur batao
@ItachiUchiha huh :/
11:08 AM
@ItachiUchiha I wont b :@ kbhi b
bus and auro rickshaw :P
you already are
u can ask anyone :/
guys add me on gtalk (if anyone wants) its manishyadav987@gmail.com :)
11:13 AM
yaa exactly :P
guys means friends :P
@B.rohitNare great! cool :)
@B.rohitNare kya UI h (Y)
11:14 AM
@SweetWisherツ L
So that was the requirement different frequency levels
ready for another question
@ItachiUchiha LL :/
@B.rohitNare No data received :O
@B.rohitNare :P say
LL ?
@MysticMagic @SweetWisherツ y u remove or edit ur messages :o
11:17 AM
@ItachiUchiha double L :/
its our hobby :P
you are infinite L
@MysticMagic lolz
@ItachiUchiha I am NOT
hobby oooohhhh
11:18 AM
yeah you r
@SweetWisherツ i have friend on fb whose profile pic is same as urs :)
@Mann I have a friend on SO whose profile pic was a variation of your current profile pic once upon a time :P
Lol nopes now neeed to work with progress bar in that image, based on increment and decrement button progress can be increased and decreased
@MysticMagic is on rage @Mann
@ItachiUchiha hmm??
11:20 AM
haa @MysticMagic zarur :P
@ItachiUchiha no really.. ask @SweetWisherツ
@SweetWisherツ ??
@B.rohitNare please elaborate :P you know I don't get it easily
@ItachiUchiha ??
all maaf kro pls
11:21 AM
56 secs ago, by MysticMagic
@ItachiUchiha no really.. ask @SweetWisherツ
@Mann are chill :P
@ItachiUchiha ya ask ask:P
@MysticMagic sach me h ... i can give u the profile link
no need:)
@ItachiUchiha yoo
ek baat puchu
11:23 AM
We believe you :) and I was also not kidding.
no qustion mark :P
@SweetWisherツ yahoo
@Mann lo! dusri bhi ho gayi! ab without kuchh puchhe question puchho :P
@ItachiUchiha i use gmail :P
@SweetWisherツ gotcha
11:24 AM
@ItachiUchiha L :P
uppss dusri baaat puchu ?
I am not biased
i use everything
good for yaa
yahoo, gmail, live
hotmail, reddif :P
11:25 AM
even exchange :P
@Mann yaa
yeah hotmail z same as live, outlook !
rediff ! I had an account, but its of no use !
@MysticMagic me nhi
11:25 AM
except spam mails
:P :P
@MysticMagic yes
aap dono ki itni reputation kaise ban gyi :D
@Prabuddha color :P
11:26 AM
jag gye kaam krne wale :O
@Mann describe dono :P
@Mann :/
@Mann pata nahi. me roz ye hi sochti hu!
@SweetWisherツ @MysticMagic
tum pata laga lo. aur bata dena
11:27 AM
@MysticMagic lolz
me ek bat puchu?? @Mann
@SweetWisherツ I don't sleep while working :P
@ItachiUchiha :P
@Mann loves to question and @MysticMagic loves to answer !
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