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6:00 PM
@JoeWatkins the body is just one part of the beauty of an human...
people like what the consider "pretty" ... deal with it
eye of the beholder and whatnot
I agree of course ... I'm just saying, don't make it something it isn't ... I find myself pre-programmed by millions of years of evolution to find breasts appealing, beautiful even ... can't help that and wouldn't want too ...
The human character can go both ways, boobs are like vanilla; rarely disappointing, though not necessarily memorable.
@JoeWatkins to be honest I really don't give a damn about breasts, as I do about bottom parts
6:03 PM
@ziGi you're a foot fetishist?
to be clear, I'm not saying the only beauty in a female is their body, that would be horrible ... there is nothing wrong with saying there is beauty in the female form ... nothing ...
some men are beautiful too ... @rdlowrey for example ...
I have a great but and I know it, although I am a guy
@JoeWatkins =)
someone even told me that I would be the dream man if I were homosexual
6:05 PM
I'm some sort of lab experiment; a cross between Hank Hill and a hamster.
haha which was kind of awkward
@ircmaxell any comment on my thoughts from earlier about Multiton and DIC
> That’s all there is to it. Now you can focus on brutal optimizations of your PHP code in certain parts without having to replace the entire PHP engine your app is spinning on.
yeah baby ... he gets it ...
Why can't we program on assembly for the Web
6:18 PM
@ziGi You can.
actually you are quite right
and it is not that hard to set up
you can use C with assembly
and just use C for the input output of the data
and everything else on asm
You can inline it with D too.
true, true
I just know how to do it with C so doing it with D would be a bit harder, but maybe I can learn one more programming language that way
you never know
@DanLugg when would you use D and when would you use C
6:21 PM
I'd imagine it'd be easier with D.
well with C you can again to

asm {
<assembly code>
@VeeeneX no instead __construct($configurator) { $this->configurator = $configurator }
thats a silly question ... I hope you are joking ...
haha actually yes
D has the cleverest inline assembly ... it's cool ... but doesn't make it suitable for the web still ... nothing ever will ...
6:22 PM
I just wanted to see what Dan is going to reply
@JoeWatkins Makes it better than parsed strings in C.
So no one told me about the difference between a Multiton and Dependency Injection Container
@ziGi A multiton is a multiton, and a dependency injection container is a dependency injection container, which may or may not contain a cache implemented as a multiton.
so in a way they are similar
like a peach and a pear
More like a peach and a corrugated 2x8 cardboard box, but okay.
6:25 PM
hahaha I gues DIC is the peach and Multiton is the box
You bet.
@DaveRandom thank you!!! :D
> Haskell is not really a car; it's an abstract machine in which you give a detailed description of what the process of driving would be like if you were to do it. You have to put the abstract machine inside another (concrete) machine in order to actually do any driving. You're not supposed to ask how the concrete machine works
@ircmaxell (check my history)
@salathe ?
6:29 PM
@ircmaxell look at the history of that message…
@salathe nice :-D
@ircmaxell Best seen at work!
> PHP is the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, it's bizarre and hard to handle but everybody still wants to drive it.
^^ Yea, that's about right.
@ircmaxell pardon me for earlier, I think your DI video is really great, I would only recommend giving a concrete example at the end of both DI an DIC in real life because theory is great but it is kind of dry without a practical example. That is only my humble opinion.
@salathe I look forward to it :-D
6:34 PM
@salathe nothing there
@Gordon thanks :)
@ircmaxell Are you planning on answering that? Because I think I'm just going to bail.
Need feedback on removing multiple defaults RFC; hope to put it to vote soon.
6:55 PM
@DanLugg nope
@ziGi Sure
@JoeWatkins which is what I am happy about, the message got through!
: )
@LeviMorrison I think it's good, short sweet and to the point
@NikiC: If it doesn't contain the license, it isn't anything. Nobody will pay any attention what you claim it is, here. — Ira Baxter 8 mins ago
@NikiC well, he's right afaik
@FlorianMargaine look at the dates in that comment thread
7:05 PM
oh :D
@NikiC :-D
@LeviMorrison ship it
7:23 PM
7:40 PM
@ircmaxell Quick question: what branch should I base the 5.7 patch off of?
The 5.6 HEAD?
@LeviMorrison 5.6
what is 5.7 ?
@JoeWatkins 5.7 is "not 7"
this is making my head hurt ...
While we haven't come to an Internals agreement on it, we are hoping 5.7 will contain only code that makes the transition to "7" easier.
7:42 PM
I used to understand numbers ...
In this case, it adds a deprecated warning about multiple default statements.
oh I see from the multiple default cases rfc ... got it ...
still ... my head hurts ...
hmm… we really need to compile PHPPHP with Recki-CT as a standalone binary =)
@bwoebi lol
also: +infinity
7:44 PM
insert dude, I heard you really like compilers meme
@ircmaxell why the name Recki?
yo-dawg, I heard you like compilers, so I compiler your compiler with a compiler while running on the compiled compiler
@ircmaxell which leads to my question… could it be possible to allow Recki-CT to create executable binaries?
@CarrieKendall look at some of the faqs, it's written there.
7:45 PM
well ... @bwoebi it isn't actually that simple ...
Palaeoloxodon recki is an extinct species related to the Asian elephant Elephas maximus. At up to 15 feet (4.5 metres) in shoulder height, it was one of the largest elephant species to have ever lived. It is believed that P. recki ranged throughout Africa between 3.5 and 1 million years ago. The Asian Elephant is the closest relative alive of P. recki. P. recki was a successful grass eating elephant that lived throughout the Pliocene and the Pleistocene until it was pushed to extinction, perhaps by competition with members of the genus Loxodonta, the African elephants of today. == Subspecies... ==
how much do you know about elfs, and wanna learn ?
@bwoebi could it be possible? Absolutely, 100%...
@ircmaxell and easy to implement?
@bwoebi well... there are some ideas...
for libjit/jitfu, you'd need to edit libjit to get it to work (it's not completed)
7:46 PM
not easy to implement ...
@ircmaxell that's hilarious +1
off to a meeting, blarg
the kind of thing you'd be good at I think ... which is why I asked if you wanted to learn ...
but recki supports arbitrary backends. So you could build a backend that targets llvm or gcc or something like that. Which would then let you either create a executable, or a shared object
@JoeWatkins not a lot, really not. Also, if I want to learn; I can't tell without knowing more about the subject. I'd need to learn first a bit to see if it's worth for me to learn it.
I've been thinking about it quite a bit, and I think libjit is the way to go for running inside of PHP, as it's quite fast at compiling, and generates extremely efficient static code. But if you wanted to go further, you could generate a .so... But I don't think that'll be easy with libjit. So you can target other backends like GCC or LLVM... But I think libjit should be the primary tested use-case...
7:49 PM
yeah I don't know anything about that either ... I've read about it enough to conclude that it's pretty damn hard ...
it's been like that for years and years
@JoeWatkins I don't know enough to know it yet.
I would like to add a VM built in PHP though
Igor showed me a really simple one that he wrote in like 15 minutes
well elf is widely used well documented format, there's a bundle of information, even some academic papers turned up when I searched real hard about it ...
@ircmaxell what machine do you want to virtualize here?
yeah I'm not really understanding that ...
you want to take code off the cpu ?
worked pretty hard to get it there ...
7:53 PM
@bwoebi my IR... So it would execute it on top of PHP (like how PHPPHP did)
what purpose would that serve ?
@JoeWatkins Why do you climb a mountain?
because it sounds like a fun project :)
the interpreter built into libjit is pretty slow ... it's probably the fastest it can possibly be and still really really slow
same thing, executes ir interpreted, no compilation ...
@JoeWatkins testing, and academic purposes. So you don't need jitfu to get an executable
7:55 PM
@ircmaxell it's enough to translate here instead of a VM?
well that makes some sense, but would it gain you anything at runtime though ?
@JoeWatkins it would cost you a lot
but it would allow you to test your code with a PHP land debugger
I mean there is a tremendous amount of work to do ... so ...
not at all
@ircmaxell isn't PHPPHP enough for that?
7:57 PM
@bwoebi no, because PHPPHP does WAY too much, and would require compiling back from IR to PHP
@ircmaxell actually translating back would be the least effort I assume…
..instead can we like, you know, improve the engine we've got? :D
If you want viable ideas I have a few.
For instance, go through and find all the E_STRICT warnings and see if we should deprecate/remove them in "7"
And I've noticed a few E_NOTICES we could probably deprecate/remove as well.
@bwoebi nah, a VM is quite easy
@ircmaxell yep.
@LeviMorrison that won't make code 60 times faster !!!
8:03 PM
@JoeWatkins 139.63357:1.00000 :-D
yeah, or that ...
@ircmaxell Oh, I just see that PHPPHP can't compile itself in your twitter…
I always thought it to be completed…
from my perspective there seems like a lot of work to do for a complete implementation, complete doesn't say anything about it really, so it's not like we're done when we have a complete implementation ... I get wanting to do it for the fun of it ... however ... I'd like to deploy this someday ...
not having a debugger .... that's a shit ...
I've seen an approach to having the vm execute code on the cpu before ...
gopal done it ...
that could work as an interpreted mode ... and not be totally terrible ... and be debuggable ...
actually it would still be quite terrible ...
but debuggable ...
8:11 PM
I wonder if we could implement source mapping
tell me what that means ?
I can guess what that means
yes, we can set meta on individual instructions, and introduce iterators for blocks/functions
set meta on blocks/functions, rather ...
we can do that
well, and that'll then let us possibly hook a "normal" debugger to view PHP
jitfu/bits/function.h:629:31: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]
       ZVAL_LONG(return_value, (uint) result);
/usr/local/include/php/Zend/zend_API.h:567:19: note: in definition of macro ‘ZVAL_LONG’
   Z_LVAL_P(__z) = l;   \
yeah actually, about that ...
probably going to drop types php doesn't support ... what do you think about that ?
8:14 PM
jitfu/bits/function.h:625:31: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]
       ZVAL_LONG(return_value, (int) result);
@JoeWatkins well, as signature types, yes
but as internal types, I like having them :-D
hmm ... okay ...
I'll do better casting then ...
@JoeWatkins do you think you could start naming tests instead of numbering them? :-D
can do
a.phpt, b.phpt, c.phpt, ...
numbers make them run in order, but guess it doesn't matter ...
8:28 PM
well, you can use numbers as a prefix
I just want some way of finding a test where I don't need to open every single file :-D
totally reasonable :D
found a bug in getSize...
show me
looking it up, give me a second
8:32 PM
it has to do with casting int to long
I see this everywhere ... hadn't tackled it yet though ...
1) ReckiCT\Integration\JitTest::testStrlen
For iteration 0
Failed asserting that 180388626432 matches expected 0.
testing a empty string
that number, when converted to binary is; 10101000000000000000000000000000000000
perhaps always load-relative as int, and then cast to the appropriate type?
by creating a new temporary value?
@ircmaxell is ReckiCT related to your work? Work as in getting paid to do stuff.
I get paid for it, yes
really? is that some general google thing that you get paid for these kind of things?
8:39 PM
@NikiC it's called 20% time...
@JoeWatkins I fixed it by changing jit_type_sized to jit_type_int: github.com/krakjoe/jitfu/blob/master/bits/function.h#L1962
@ircmaxell sounds like a cool concept :)
@NikiC yup, you can spend up to 20% of your week working on whatever you want
[I can't believe that you really were working only 20% of your week on it…]
@bwoebi far less than that
I have less than 100 hours in total into it so far...
8:44 PM
Writing code, yes, but planning it etc.?
ok so that's the bug ... also that value doesn't have type information ... so that's two bugs ...
I couldn't reproduce that ...
cpu ?
@JoeWatkins fair enough, I just tried the one, and it worked...
@JoeWatkins 64 bit linux
me too ... odd ...
holy crap... with that tweak... the benchmark results for simplecall...
simplecall() - php:            0.37803332010905
simplecall() - jit:            0.0006410280863444
simplecall() - hhvm:           0.030991077423096
what were they before ?
8:47 PM
well, JIT failed, because strlen() wasn't implemented
oh right ...
does the bench test ensure the values are consistent across implementations ?? (you sure it's working) ...
no, because these benchmarks don't have return values
I shouldn't be surprised when I see differences like that I guess, but still am ... is it broken :s
what's the difference between zend_parse_parameters and zend_parse_parameters_ex?
_ex can supress errors
8:48 PM
then holy crap indeed
ZEND_PARSE_PARAMS_QUIET does that right?
@JoeWatkins well, I have found breaks, but I've manually gone in and reviewed the generated code for the big results (like mandel()) and they were right. There could be differences in others...
8:49 PM
Morning room
well ...
@JoeWatkins thoughts for a concat operation? $value = $function->doConcat($a, $b) ?
change it to ulong, run test again ?
(it should be ulong)
timezones issues are always weird
@JoeWatkins it's stored as a C int lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_5_6/Zend/zend.h#327
8:51 PM
you know what I'll just fix it ...
for strlen
right right ... I used ulong for arrays
aren't arrays int as well?
wrongly ...
8:52 PM
I mean I done it wrong ...
simplecall() | 589.72973 | 1.00000 | 48.34590
still getting memory leaks
[Tue Sep  2 16:50:30 2014]  Script:  'ReckiCT/src/bench.php'
php-src/Zend/zend_API.c(1460) :  Freeing 0x03B10508 (32 bytes), script=ReckiCT/src/bench.php
[Tue Sep  2 16:50:30 2014]  Script:  'ReckiCT/src/bench.php'
php-src/Zend/zend_API.c(1461) :  Freeing 0x03477F38 (3 bytes), script=ReckiCT/src/bench.php
=== Total 2 memory leaks detected ===
that's dup strings
sad ... I know the line numbers ...
8:54 PM
@JoeWatkins you have issues you are awesome!
The cpuspus room are the most annoying flaggers in my small test where "Lightness Races in Orbit" is the biggest wanker grumpiest of them all
ReflectionException: Class PDO does not exist
pdo is a dependency ?
it is?
of what?
1) ReckiCT\Parser\StateTest::testFindVariableString
ReflectionException: Class PDO does not exist


2) ReckiCT\Parser\StateTest::testFindVariableAstVariable
ReflectionException: Class PDO does not exist

Oh, phake requires it... sigh
9:01 PM
no biggy, bit strange .... but no biggy ...
now getting segfaults...
from last pull ?
let me pull
all tests pass for me
looks like on GC from here
running phpunit in normal mode, it crashes around test 300 or so
with -vvv or --debug, I get it on shutdown
which is akward
php-src/Zend/zend_hash.c(551) : Block 0x03b88587 status:
Invalid pointer: ((thread_id=0xCAE75800) != (expected=0xF7FE0700))

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00000000007f9307 in zend_mm_check_ptr (heap=0xfd3900, ptr=0x3b88587, silent=0,
    __zend_filename=0xcae758 "php-src/Zend/zend_hash.c", __zend_lineno=551, __zend_orig_filename=0x0,
    __zend_orig_lineno=0) at php-src/Zend/zend_alloc.c:1384
9:06 PM
super strange
I'm not worried
unload xdebug, just for giggles ?
@JoeWatkins xdebug isn't loaded
[joe@localhost recki-ct]$ vendor/bin/phpunit
PHPUnit 4.2.3 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Configuration read from /usr/src/recki-ct/phpunit.xml.dist

The Xdebug extension is not loaded. No code coverage will be generated.

...............................................................  63 / 428 ( 14%)
............................................................... 126 / 428 ( 29%)
............................................................... 189 / 428 ( 44%)
............................................................... 252 / 428 ( 58%)
@JoeWatkins let me refactor away from Phake
9:08 PM
PHP 5.6.1-dev (cli) (built: Sep  2 2014 22:06:30) (DEBUG)
okies ... probably me though ... it shouldn't be able to crash anything like that ...
$ vendor/bin/phpunit -vvv
PHPUnit 4.2.3 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Configuration read from ReckiCT/phpunit.xml.dist

The Xdebug extension is not loaded. No code coverage will be generated.

...............................................................  63 / 428 ( 14%)
............................................................... 126 / 428 ( 29%)
............................................................... 189 / 428 ( 44%)
............................................................... 252 / 428 ( 58%)
PHP 5.6.0-dev (cli) (built: Aug 8 2014 11:33:10) (DEBUG)
even with vvv no fault
well, let me pull from 5.6's head, and recompile
I was off of an older build
USE_ZEND_ALLOC=0 I can get it though
valgrind is so slow ...
I'm getting older here ...
@NikiC thanks for diff tool link :) what do you use it for?
9:13 PM
got memory errors in zend_vm_stack_clear_multiple
between 126 and 189
I'm re-cloning PHP
@webarto Was writing something for PHP 5 -> 7 porting

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