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12:00 AM
In a way I hope that the current PSR-6 passes - as it will end the current school of thought of "MUST FOLLOW PHP-FIG" in most sane projects.
@Danack except it wont
I remain cautiously optimistic.
I want these emoticons here.
Where do I sign?
12:13 AM
Custom would be nice too.
We could make fun of people.
12:25 AM
yay, got the benchmark running at home :-)
on a different computer, so segfault still exists on other machine :-)
12:57 AM
Half of all Americans live in the blue counties, half live in the grey counties http://www.businessinsider.com/half-of-the-united-states-lives-in-these-counties-2013-9 http://t.co/4GNJOUV80S
I wrote a blogpost! Clicky: On Benchmarks
@ircmaxell Am I 1337 blogger yet?
1:12 AM
I think I have an allocation/deallocation problem
If you have a segfault, probably
nestedloop(12) - php:          0.16061401367188
nestedloop(12) - recki0:       1.52587890625E-5
nestedloop(12) - recki1:       1.2397766113281E-5
nestedloop(12) - recki2:       1.2397766113281E-5
nestedloop(12) - recki3:       8.6625417073568E-6
nestedloop(12) - jit:          0.0060552755991618
nestedloop(12) - hhvm:         0.013076623280843
nestedloop(12) - hippy-c:      0.013024727503459
sieve(30) - php:               0.1082558631897
sieve(30) - recki0:            INF
@AndreaFaulds no, because strcat() is thrashing memory allocations and memcpy
static inline void recki_if_recki0_strcat(long var1, int *validReturn) {
    reckistring * var11;
    reckistring * var10;
    long var9;
    zend_bool var8;
    zend_bool var7;
    long var4;
    reckistring * var3;
    reckistring * var2;
    var2 = recki_string_init("", 0, 0);
    var10 = recki_string_init("hello\x0a", 6, 0);
    if (var3 != NULL) {
    var3 = recki_string_copy(var2);
    var4 = var1;
    var8 = !var7;
| PHP 5.5.12-2+deb.sury.org~precise+1 | ReckiCT -O0 | ReckiCT -O1 | ReckiCT -O2 | ReckiCT -O3 | ReckiCT | HHVM - Array | HippyVM - master
simple() | 18215.68182 | 2.57955 | 1.14773 | 1.09091 | **1.00000** | 191.75000 | 991.22727 | 639.68182
simplecall() | 16281.71560 | 2.14679 | 1.84404 | 1.15596 | **1.00000** | 65.84404 | 339.0091
good night
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2:38 AM
@Danack I just pushed some updates in the amp dependency and tagged an artax 1.0.0-rc3. I'm hoping this resolves the issues you were seeing (though I can't say for sure without you actually testing it). Let me know how it goes for ya. Thanks. /cc @Fabien
Hello, I have to create a web application that consumes a restful api. The app is read only but it will be used by 10k users + every day. I am exploring using php as a solution but I have never used it before. I believe I would like to cache some of the data on the server so that the database will not get too much unnecessary traffic. Any ideas where a tutorial for this is?
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4:46 AM
Can anyone help me
Q: Invoke a function when file upload cancel is clicked in Jquery

JenzIn my project, I want to upload an image file. On uploading that file I am calling an ajax function and storing the details in the db. Below shown is my form with file input. <form action="campaign.php" method="post" id="upload_new_camp" style="visibility:hidden;" enctype="multipart/form-data">...

5:31 AM
@HendryTanaka you should not spread deprecated functionality anymore in your answers
you could at least only give the correct SQL and leave the mysql_* function out of it
5:53 AM
@CSᵠ Why?
because you're promoting deprecated functionality
what do you mean by deprecated?
deprecated can only mean one thing @HendryTanaka
@Danack bet he doesn't listen still ...
@JoeWatkins I think that function is working well right?
mysql is deprecated, end of story ...
6:02 AM
@JoeWatkins What's newest after mysql?
mysqli or pdo
@HendryTanaka open up the php.net page on mysql_query()
@JoeWatkins If someone out there already created a website using mysql_* function so what should they do? Rebuild from zero?
refactor ... also I get annoyed when people ask me questions they can answer for themselves ... I tell my kids off all the time for doing that ... use your head ...
@JoeWatkins Fine joe, just take it easy. It will take along time to rebuild it
6:07 AM
the internet is getting old, you should remember that
mysql wasn't deprecated yesterday, you have had plenty of time ... to complain that it's takes too long, years after the extension became deprecated is dumb ... to argue that it's better to keep using it, also dumb ...
@JoeWatkins Yo're right joe, sorry for annoying you
Btw. What is the suitable table type for using PDO transaction guys?
6:38 AM
The coding love
Intern taking notes
6:49 AM
what do you mean by that?
7:08 AM
good morning
@HendryTanaka Table type?
@SecondRikudo it sounds like "how to hack pentagon with visual studio 08" :) not even 12
@nikita2206 No, it sounds like "How do I hack pentagon with an orange unicorn?"
7:25 AM
good meurning :)
@rikudo read something in warning box here
@HendryTanaka it's called storage engine
@HendryTanaka InnoDB is mainly used when you need transactions
read more here
8:13 AM
@PeeHaa How are you investigative skills this morning? :P
8:29 AM
hey guys
how´s everyone today?
could anyone tell me if this peace of code is correct?:
 require "phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php"; //include phpmailer class

    // Instantiate Class
    $mail = new PHPMailer();

    // Set up SMTP
    $mail->IsSMTP();                // Sets up a SMTP connection
    $mail->SMTPAuth = true;         // Connection with the SMTP does require authorization
    $mail->SMTPSecure = "ssl";      // Connect using a TLS connection
    $mail->Host = "smtp.gmail.com";  //Gmail SMTP server address
    $mail->Port = 465;  //Gmail SMTP port
    $mail->Encoding = '7bit';
// Send To
$mail->AddAddress("recipientemail@gmail.com", "Recipient Name"); // Where to send it - Recipient
i tryied and tried and i always get the erros: could not authenticate
posted on October 23, 2014 by kbironneau

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