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10:03 AM
@Naruto Not really if you're a person who was recently taught what back-up is. :-)
@Leri The guy is client here for over 5 years.. I think you should know the software by now? :P
@Naruto Meh.. Why bother when s/he can call tech support anytime?
Tech support? :D You think this company is that big? :D
I think nothing, because I have not idea. :D
10:19 AM
Well we don't :( Well it has it upsides.. If the boss complains about my time schedule.. Sorry man.. to much phones today :D
@FlorianMargaine haha :-D
@FlorianMargaine :D
@FlorianMargaine troll
you think so?
10:31 AM
Yes, he clearly knows what he says, imho.
your sarcasm detector is off
@RonniSkansing If I had room owner powers, I'd already have silently trashed that message.
@RonniSkansing :D
10:38 AM
@bwoebi how come? =/
@RonniSkansing Rebecca's fans have taken everything away. :Ь
@Leri me and gf have a huge laugh over this video (or atleast the 30 sec before we shut it down) every friday.
@RonniSkansing Well, I'm clearly not going to click on that
[= anyways happy fridays!
10:41 AM
can someone tell me if there is any reasonable case in PHP where you should run gc manually?
@SergeyTelshevsky Um, why do you even have that question?
@Leri I just got in an argument with a developer from another team, I said there is no use cases for it while he's saying he ran it manually and it improved the performance of his script and allowed working with greater amounts of data
now I'm just wondering if I'm wrong here
> allowed working with greater amounts of data
> improved the performance of his script
possible, but only if you know what you are doing
As a general rule, disabling auto GC is a bad plan, though
And manually running GC when you haven't disabled auto is pointless
@DaveRandom Possible if large data was allocated temporarily. However, why was it allocated would solve the problem better than forcing GC.
If you have a specific task that you want to do as fast as possible then you can disable GC while you do it and run it manually after, but I doubt this would give you any real-world perf improvement in anything but the specific case where you have a script that does nothing for a long time, then wakes up and does something as fast as possible, then does nothing again for a long time
10:49 AM
@DaveRandom Are you suggesting disabling auto GC for cron-jobs?
@Leri tbh if you understand the internals of the GC mechanism enough to be able to get a real difference there then you probably shouldn't be writing whatever it is in PHP. I'd also counter that increasing memory_limit is probably a better solution.
@Leri Not cron jobs, maybe if you implemented crond in PHP because you are that insane
A cron job isn't generally long lived
I'm talking really about daemons
Fair enough, but still disabling gc without actually being forced to do so is something you should not do.
But even if you did implement crond in PHP for some reason that probably still wouldn't be a good use case for it, because saving a few microseconds here and there doesn't really gain you anything
@Leri agreed
@DaveRandom @Leri exactly my thoughts except for disabling auto gc - in which situation would it help?
> If you have a specific task that you want to do as fast as possible then you can disable GC while you do it and run it manually after, [in] the specific case where you have a script that does nothing for a long time, then wakes up and does something as fast as possible, then does nothing again for a long time
10:57 AM
yes, I've read that, but why :)
Disabling GC is mainly useful if you get a GC segfault ^^
why does it help to turn it off - because gcollection takes time and it's better to do in bigger chunks?
Also might be useful with pthreads. /cc @JoeWatkins
I can see how it can help there, but in 'mainstream' php applications?
@SergeyTelshevsky you can trigger it at a time you do not have a user waiting for results
10:59 AM
There could be something to be gained in perf in e.g. a quiet socket server, but as soon as it started to get busy you'd probably lose it again, and I suspect the boilerplate required to determine if it's busy would eliminate the gains from disabling it.
sounds like the wrong place to optimize?
@NikiC Which happens how, sorry? Because you create too many roots or just because bug in GC?
ty guys, I needed to make sure I was thinking the right way about this
@DaveRandom Because bug somewhere. Segfaults happening in GC are often very, very hard to track down. iirc Symfony runs it's testsuite without GC to avoid potential segfaults during shutdown ^^
11:01 AM
@SergeyTelshevsky In essence yes, but it's such an insanely narrow use case and I'm pretty sure that if you actually have that use case your architecture is wrong
@DaveRandom exactly what I said in that argument
@NikiC This has never happened to me yet.
@Leri yeah well, PHP isn't so broken yet that everybody has to deal with gc segfaults ^^
@NikiC I find it kinda amusing that they don't care about segfaults when testing, but if there actually was one in userland I'm pretty sure people would kick off about it...
11:25 AM
Sounds like a great concept to piss people off.
well it's still better than Belarus where you can't access any other sites than .by domain
@ziGi lies
@ziGi depends on the ISP you choose
well at least they wanted to regulate it
that's what I remember
I think local businesses can't have other domains rather than .by
@tereško Sounds well thought out and totally implementable
11:28 AM
and also using internet in an internet cafe requires you to show your passport
@ziGi not a bad idea btw
Also $0.62/GB is pretty fucking steep, I wouldn't even pay that in service provider costs
@SergeyTelshevsky why?
cause comrade Putin wants to control everything?
@ziGi my mate worked as an admin at an internet cafe, said police raided them weekly
@DaveRandom well, usually you don't have more than 1 GB/day if you don't download videos or big apps…
11:30 AM
@SergeyTelshevsky for what?
@ziGi phishing, fraud, harassment, etc
@bwoebi not on my phone, yes
@bwoebi So "if you don't really use the internet" then...
One thing I can't understand about harassment
@DaveRandom e.g. at home (4 people) we have 120 GB/month on average I'd say.
11:31 AM
you can always block mails that contain harrasment material
@bwoebi are you aware how large are those 5 minute youtube videos ?
but people just complain cause they are illiterate and don't know how to handle their internet stuff
@tereško no idea, I don't watch them ^.^
@ziGi there are different 'levels' of that
if you are gonna cry over someone being a troll or a dick, just ignore him
why do you care
11:32 AM
@ziGi in anycase, for anything illegal
well illegal is not really strict now, is it?
for some people weed is illegal for others it is not
but there is propaganda
@bwoebi Indeed, and $77.50 would be rather a lot to pay for that usage (bearing in mind that's the tax, not even including SP costs and other ancillaries line line rental etc)
if you don't like it
go live in another country
11:33 AM
I did 248.74GB last month (just looked)
pedofiles, etc.
What is the minimum age of consent with someone in your country @SergeyTelshevsky
@DaveRandom uh, well. Then it's bad. (If it's just tax…)
@DaveRandom I wonder, where I could see that
@ziGi 18
11:34 AM
Yay! I crashed gdb -.- in the middle of my debugging session :-(
@SergeyTelshevsky not true
> The age of consent in Latvia is 16.
^ with a caveat
there are nuances
much nuances
in Bulgaria it is 14 for example
so this means that people that are paedophiles in your country are not in mine
criminal responsibility start from 14 in Latvia , and there is "5 year age difference" rule for consent regarding sexual relationships
11:37 AM
@ziGi why do you even compare countries? if an internet cafe is in country X, it should follow it's rules, not another countries
I don't use internet cafes anyway
so enjoy
you can always roam with your phone and use opened WiFi networks
or the Library free internet
I'm just saying freedom is good, but up to the limit
@tereško I've heard about 2 years difference rule, was it changed?
it is good for the good people if they can be separated from the ones that want to do harm
11:38 AM
@ziGi yes, and that's a question of responsibility
but limiting good people because there are idiots with complexes out there that want to do harm is just nasty
who will take it in case something bad happens
Jesus ofc, like she has always saved the day
@SergeyTelshevsky yes, it was changed, IIRC .. besides 16 and 21 seems kinda OK in my mind
seems sensible
11:40 AM
@tereško agree
@tereško Virgin put it on the monthly bill. I have an uncapped connection but I guess the system is set up for people who have capped usage so they can see what they are being charged for
@DaveRandom I am paying ~2€/GB on my phone
adding 0.5€ tax on top of it seems kinda crazy
hell, for lower end of usage it actually is 10€/GB (for those people the tax would not matter so much)
Yeh I mean mobile data is a little different but I wouldn't want to be taxed >25% on that either
it's a ridiculous amount for any country
I pay ~9€/GB.. a**holes. )))
11:50 AM
It's 10€/free calls+sms/2GB for me currently
why is mobile data so expensive
Because mobile phone networks weren't initially designed for high bandwidth data transfer, so they had to add it in at enormous cost.
@tereško Is that even legit? @hungarytax post?
I just encountered a real issue where uniform variable syntax broke my code…
github.com/krakjoe/phpdbg/blob/… \cc @NikiC (just fyi...)
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