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12:07 AM
Paycheques, and I'm spearheading a transition to 5.now @DaveRandom
Also from SVN to git
Yeh but 5.2 is a big ask... you don't have any register_globals dependent code do you?If so you're basically fucked...
No, thank fuck. But it's a rewrite job anyway
I'm ground-upping all the things
I need to stop thinking about 5.2, it's actually physically hurting me
Funny enough, our production environment is 5.2, but our staging environment is 5.3. I deployed some features that used closures, and the whole thing exploded when it went live, lol
Wow, who put that system together and, more importantly, have they been minimum hung, preferably also drawn and quartered?
12:10 AM
Silly me, for thinking that our production and staging environment were running equally outdated versions
No clue, third-party
@DanLugg I bet it's a "5.3.3" with random backported fixes as well
No, I don't… Maybe lol
5.2.13 and 5.3.doesntfuckingmatter
I'd be okay with 5.5, even 5.4
Though, most of my component libraries rely on generators now
Apparently PHP's old-school release process wasn't confusing enough, so some distro (debian?) decided to make it way more confusing by changing the src without changing the version number
Yeah, I recall that, I was reading through some of the caveats in using old versions and that was one of them. I think it was Debian
I might just start calling everything 1.0.0, makes versioning way easier
12:13 AM
Yep. I tag my initial commit with 0.0.0
I seldom bump it
Well that's fine as long as you delete the old tag. It never happened
Actually, on the mention of vcs, i've been doing something very horrible recently. Whenever I'm working on a new library, I just keep amending the initial commit until I'm satisfied with the codebase
Only once I've tagged with a bumped version do I start actually committing things properly
On a related note, would be interested to hear what you think about this: I recently wrote a brainfuck interpreter as a teaching tool for a guy I work with, mostly for dealing with compile-time optimisations. Predictably I've now got obsessed with fiddling with it, and I've started versioning the compiler and the interpreter differently, the idea being that for x.y.z the x.y versions are BC, but interpreter x.y.z will refuse to run something compiled by x.y.z+1
good idea, bad idea?
@DanLugg I have no problem with this in principle, although tbh I'd probably just squash everything before the first tag and not bother until creating the first tag
In pre-release dev it doesn't matter, and I do like the clean "first commit"
The commit log should be useful for tracking changes, at the "throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks" point you're just creating noise by leaving all those commits in there
I bet @rdlowrey has an opinion on this ^
I'm possibly overly-familiar with git rebase -i because of being quite anal about doing precisely that
A clean individual commit is great, but I tend to agree with @DaveRandom ... If I spend a lot of time (and a lot of commits) on something I don't necessarily want to squash the history -- I like there to be a record of the work over time.
If nothing else a real commit history shows you didn't just ripoff the code from someone else
@rdlowrey Talking specifically about the birth of a lib, though, thoughts on squashing all commits (within reason) to a single for the first tag?
Before the first release it doesn't really exist so there are no changes...
12:24 AM
Seems logical to me. I love that fresh clean feeling.
@rdlowrey this is a good point
@DaveRandom I'm hyper-sensitive about things like "showing your work" because I got in trouble once in school when I was a kid for being lazy and plagiarizing writing work.
@rdlowrey would also be interested in your thoughts on chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/23594920#23594920
@DaveRandom this seems fine to me
I don't think x.y.1 is required to support something that doesn't yet exist (x.y.2).
@rdlowrey Genuinely true: a guy I went to school with independently came up with the thing where is you want to add up the number from 1 - n, you split it in half and ad the first to the last etc, got a huge bollocking for "cheating". a) this is pre-wikipedia so I'm pretty confident he came up with it on his own and b) the whole point of maths is to cheat
@rdlowrey Yeh, the idea being that compiler x.y.z+1 can emit opcodes that interpreter x.y.z doesn't know about, but interpreter x.y.z+1 will always understand opcodes from compiler x.y.z, it's it might not be as efficient
*it's just
12:32 AM
@DaveRandom Yup. Stuff like that happens. Especially in the internet age ... If you come up with something very similar to someone else you know what makes you look really bad? Having no git history and a commit dated yesterday when the supposedly injured party has a lots of commits showing progress over time.
Well, what you need is to have pushed it to a public remote you can't manipulate (i.e. github)
You could always squash onto the original commit of course
Or just have a separate branch where it's not squashed.
@rdlowrey Yeh but you still can't backdate things
actually you probably can by just changing your computer's clock
I know it's a cynical way to look at things but you might run into a situation where someone wants to sue you and it's really nice to have something you can point to and say, "well as you can see I've clearly been working on this for a while ... pre-dating you, in fact"
/me really needs to bail
@rdlowrey I really hope that FOSS never comes to this, but on the other hand I have written rectangular code with rounded corners.
12:37 AM
@ircmaxell evenin'
As nice as it is having a squeaky clean history ... keeping that commit history also costs you nothing.
how's it going?
I made the mistake of beer at lunch. Not a very productive day :)
alright, just finished I/O, relaxing for a bit prior to going to my team's after-party
very nice
12:46 AM
yup :-)
@rdlowrey I just logged in as root to try to fix an issue on leviathon:
> There were 102376 failed login attempts since the last successful login
I guess bots don't care what machine it is. I presume it's found mostly through scanning or something.
^^ same here, I got 150k something failed attempts one time so, I got scared and contacted my vps providers and they said there was nothing to worry about as long as I had secure password.
since then, removed root from ssh, and did fail2ban ... yummy yummy :)
I had 0
that means you have no ... IP? o.O
There was linux distro I had heard about, it was meant to be too secure, or security oriented ... been trying to check it out ... but no time :/
Tails or The Amnesic Incognito Live System is a security-focused Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity. All its outgoing connections are forced to go through Tor, and direct (non-anonymous) connections are blocked. The system is designed to be booted as a live DVD or live USB, and will leave no trace (digital footprint) on the machine unless explicitly told to do so. The Tor Project has provided most of the financial support for its development. == History == Tails was first released on 23 June 2009. It is the next iteration of development on Incognito, a Gentoo...
1:05 AM
We switched from fail2ban at work to a home-grown solution we call gandalfd. When you get a ban we print out an ASCII message of Gandalf saying "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
I have that one too $ vi /etc/issue.net
@samaYo no, port knocking
@ircmaxell if you mean changing port 22 to another, yes ... I tried that once it worked like a charm, but second time with a new vps ... all ports seemed to be taken for some reason ... or could not log me back in at least. That was a red flag for me.
1:20 AM
no, knocking. Ssh is still on 22, but you need to try to open, say 81, first before it opens 22...
In computer networking, port knocking is a method of externally opening ports on a firewall by generating a connection attempt on a set of prespecified closed ports. Once a correct sequence of connection attempts is received, the firewall rules are dynamically modified to allow the host which sent the connection attempts to connect over specific port(s). A variant called single packet authorization exists, where only a single "knock" is needed, consisting of an encrypted packet. The primary purpose of port knocking is to prevent an attacker from scanning a system for potentially exploitable services...
hmm, never heard of this one before ... interesting but seems like some hardcore sysadmin stuff.
@samaYo yeah, easy to lock yourself out when trying that :-P I suggest having a backup ssh open while trying to set that up ^^
yeah, even with ssh when doing port changes, I keep a spare active session on putty, just incase .. but this one looks way more advanced, I don't think I'll try it soon .. maybe I'll look at some tutorials and tinker around with it on local first
no one knows the pain of getting locked out both in real and the digital life as much as I do. :)
1:41 AM
user image
^ today's summary
1:53 AM
the server is allowing incoming connections okay but outgoing connections are not working... i.e. unable to browse internet etc
@LeviMorrison Fatal error: Declaration of Aerys\StandardResponse::setCookie() must be compatible with Aerys\Response::setCookie(string $name, string $value, array $flags = Array): Aerys\Response in /Users/Bob/Aerys/lib/StandardResponse.php on line 5
Any reason why setCookie() is without its arguments?
It just was the return type missing
I'd rather expect
Fatal error: Declaration of Aerys\StandardResponse::setCookie(string $name, string $value, array $flags = Array) must be compatible with Aerys\Response::setCookie(string $name, string $value, array $flags = Array): Aerys\Response in /Users/Bob/Aerys/lib/StandardResponse.php on line 5
2:12 AM
warning strpos(): Empty needle in /Users/Bob/Aerys/lib/functions.php on line 267 \o/ … I confused the arguments of strpos… again!
I can ping the server... so the server is reachable but server is unable to ping outside
@marcio just use the shunting yard :p
all hail Dijkstra
array_merge(...array_map(parseCookie::class, $this->internalRequest->headers["COOKIE"] ?? [])) … parameter unpacking actually being useful :-D
also… that's using syntactic features from PHP 5.4 ([]), 5.5 (::class), 5.6 (...) and 7 (??) ^^
though it's abusing ::class for stringification of namespaced function name ^^
2:33 AM
@NikiC yes, except that anybody sane would simply use something like github.com/beberlei/assert/blob/…
@bwoebi careful with ... and empty arrays tho: 3v4l.org/c3UFG
@Ocramius damn, thanks for the hint :-(
@DaveKiss shoot
@Ocramius array_merge(...(array_map(parseCookie::class, $this->internalRequest->headers["COOKIE"] ?? []) ?: [[]])) should be safe then?
@bwoebi yes, but it's always getting that ugly
2 hours later…
4:21 AM
Q: php imap_open function is not working in xampp, wamp

Mahedi Hasani m trying to fetch gmail's email though imap or pop3 server using php imap_open function but there was an error occurred. error is imap_open failed to open stream the imap extension is enable on my xampp or wamp server but its still showing this error. is there any server configuring issu...

5:11 AM
hi sirs..
can i ask guys??
has been deleted along with all its users for being Very Low Quality
lol @Feeds, you tricksy bugger
5:47 AM
hi can any help me out with my question??
Hi all
I need some help with SAML .Is anyboby available for discussion
hello guys is any 1 out there....
@ram what is your question
undefined index error while trying to get value returned from the link?
this is the question posted in stackoverflow
6:05 AM
give me the link
undefined index error comes if you try to get the index in array which is not there
use isset() to supress this notice
You might access the url in your browser (via your link) and it has the GET params in the URL. however, the form on your page does not. Your form is kind of like a redirect, so it needs the values too if your script relies on them. Your 2 variables are not set (hence your error) because your form is posting to edit_package.php without the GET params. — Wade Shuler 11 mins ago
Q: undefined index error while trying to get value returned from the link?

ramI know its a duplicate one but i'm getting this error while trying to fetch data passed from a link..I dont know how to resolve it. here is my code: add_package.php echo "<td><a href='delete.php?name3=" . $row['package_type']."&id3=".$row['p_id']."'>Delete</a></td>"; echo "<td><a href='edit...

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7:29 AM
Anyone know a good place to learn RegEx Patterns quickly and effectively.
2 hours later…
9:21 AM
@Andrea true
how to rewrite a url
From: localhost/q?id=XXXXXXXX
To: localhost/q/XXXXXXXX
Thanks @Gordon
9:48 AM
@Gordon Thank You
I have created a quiz in php which displays one question per page. After the quiz is over user can review the quiz each question per page. I want to have skip button on every page of the review which allows me to skip the review and reach to the end page.
10:07 AM
hi everyone
i need to ask a question,
can i ask ?
please ask
@SudarshanTaparia hi, actually i have php page which redirects user to another page, and when user goes to other page why $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] is unseted?
i am confused :S
user redirect with header("location: otherpage.php");
Q: In what cases will HTTP_REFERER be empty

sameoldI know it's possible to get an empty HTTP_REFERER. Under what circumstances does this happen? If I get an empty one, does it always mean that the user changed it? Is getting an empty one the same as getting a null one? and under what circumstances do I get that too?

thanks, let me check
10:24 AM
@king4aol could you please help me with this..
I have created a quiz in php which displays one question per page. After the quiz is over user can review the quiz each question per page. I want to have skip button on every page of the review which allows me to skip the review and reach to the end page.
yeah sure,
i got your question what you want to do! but i want to know what is problem?
you have tried something?
yep i have tried..
I have a session variable qn(question) which keeps the count of the question.. say the quiz has total 5 questions and user has attempted 2 questions and on 3rd so qn will be 2..
but in the case review user has reviewed 2 questions and is on the third so qn will be 2..
so what am i doing is on click of skip i am setting qn variable to mysql_num_rows()-1
so that it may reach to the last question skipping everything else.. but it doesnt work
11:14 AM
I'm having some major problem adding the img directory to the database using a simple PDO query. I can echo out the image directory properly without a problem. However the PDO query itself, isn't responding. I have a link to my question here: stackoverflow.com/questions/30539060/…
@samaYo It is just once in a week. I have to attend school as well haha.
@samaYo I am not looking for a job because I am just 15 and I dont qualify for the minimum working age
12:14 PM
Hey room
12:35 PM
@PeeHaa o/
@HassanAlthaf good
1:19 PM
@bwoebi Not particularly, no.
@Worf I think the Comparable RFC is a bad idea ^^
1:36 PM
@LeviMorrison so, no issue with me changing this?
@bwoebi Not particularly, no. I believe I just followed the error format for parameter mismatches but I could be wrong.
You may want to double-check that.
In that case I will just fix both :-D
1:56 PM
Write a block of PHP leveraging features you'd like to see implemented in the next 5 years.
class Session {
    public function save () : Promise<bool> {
        // ...
@kelunik Yeah, Generics would be nice^^
class Foo {
    public get bar() : int {
        return 42;
(new Foo())->bar === 42;
@DanLugg /runs
We already have __get, IMHO this is favourable
2:12 PM
@bwoebi That's new.
@NikiC I think I've already said that, but that's not longer ago than 2 months that I changed my opinion
But I still wish we could define Generators as <Promise<T>, T> which changes it's expected sent in value each time a Promise is yielded…
Can't have everything ^^
@NikiC I wonder why this isn't possible ^^
why can't we have stateful Generics?
It'd be a very powerful tool for Amp…
@NikiC Is there any real issue with that or what …?
2:24 PM
@bwoebi Didn't we discuss this sometime in the past and found that it can't work?
Because it's not possible to know it statically?
@NikiC not sure why this is an issue?
@bwoebi Of course it depends on what kind of type system you want and how much runtime support it has (and also how much type inference it has)
@NikiC sure. But that's just implementation.
It's not implementation, it's design.
@NikiC well, then it's not impossible, we just have to design it in a way that it'll work
2:31 PM
Feel free
I'm sure it's an interesting academic excersice
You can publish a paper.

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