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12:03 AM
@ircmaxell Sounds like bullshit, no other way to put it.
@TOOTSKI @ircmaxell the comment after that mentions "notepad++", so there's nothing to add
Basically, I use it just because it's better than Notepad ^^
Hi there
Anyone familar with MyBB???
12:20 AM
Just ask the question.
That was one of my questions xD
No, then :P
@Ocramius I ended up stripping php-cs-fixer so much it's actually not anymore :D
Rewrote some filters, some removed.
@TOOTSKI lol, man
there's a tool by @DASPRiD that should be much better
12:22 AM
Well I am stuck in the mybb mycode system I basicly want to hide a mycode content from guests using mybb syntaxing
hmm, no, nvm
it's incomplete: github.com/DASPRiD/Flitch
Ah, Roave buddy :D
Nice, thanks.
Also, tokenizer, it's very hard to do anything with regex.
Check it out.
> 5,195 people ahead of you
Unl. Storage BULLSHIT its always limited
IMHO storing movies is bullshit, if 10 people upload exact same file, why can't there only be one (shared).
Also, it's probably illegal.
Idk this is basicly themoviebay instead of thepiratebay
Idc if its legal or not xD
12:36 AM
@TOOTSKI put.io
nuff said.
Nuff said, indeed.
12:48 AM
What the stuff??!!
Somebody decided to go onto my site and post some 'yaoi' (that means homosexual) roleplay :barf:

It's like they don't give a crap about the rules
And the primary user base: little kids
this probably isn't the place to complain about it, actually
you might need to introduce a filter :P
OCR, maybe?
If in doubt, don't post it.
Anyways though, there's some serious crap out there and I have to wade through it.
@AustinBurk C stands for Character. Anyways, there are some software/algorithms to filter it
@HamZa yeah, I know what it stands for..? 2. Like what? I tried to install tesseract but yum install <anything> usually returns, no package <anything> found
@AustinBurk wait what? I thought you wanted to filter images that contains nudity?
1:02 AM
Flipnotes can have two colors (out of red, blue, and black/white, depending on whether the canvas is black or white)

It's usually hand-drawn but there's a camera thing there
A lot of the time, however...stuff like this:
Clearly, a sniper rifle is the only way to find people to ****.
Hmm, building an inspector for ZF2/ZF3 - wondering if following would make sense:
# Architecture Overview

This file includes a broad view of the architecture of RoaveDeveloperTools

### Inspection Results

RoaveDeveloperTools is based on the concept of `Roave\DeveloperTools\Inspection\InspectionInterface`,
which is a serializable data-packet that is usually created during any of the various workflows of a
"inspected/monitored" application.

### Inspectors

Inspectors are simple services implementing the `Roave\DeveloperTools\Inspector\InspectorInterface`.
An inspector is a service that may be asked to produce a
very high-level overview...
Oh! How can I change the maximum length of a PHP session id token?
1:37 AM

It worked before, now it's decided to up and do something different
3 hours later…
4:17 AM
The cli_set_process_title() function included in PHP 5.5 has never once worked for me ... has anyone else experienced this behavior?
1 hour later…
5:30 AM
Can anyone please check the code here, and tell me if there is anything that could be improved maybe.
well ... step 1 would be to remove CodeIgniter
step 2: get your PHP code out of DOCUMENT_ROOT
also, why the fuck your "controllers" have hardcoded jquery in them, @AbdUlAziz ?
@tereško The jQuery is for datatables
it can't be global because each module has its own set of columns
with specific formatting/rendering options
so ... why the fuck is it in the "controllers" ?
@tereško For the remove CI comment, that is in the roadmap ahead, i plan to implement the same solution based on laravel . Basically this is a service to enable user/developers to generate a CMS for themselves .
@tereško Where would you suggest i put that ?
in worst acceptable location would be: in views
but I fail to see here why you even need it generated using PHP
5:45 AM
for example , you have 2 views , view01 requires view01.js to be loaded in the header, view02 requires view02.js to be loaded in the header .
how would you handle that ??
and you don't wanna load something that isn't being used at that particular time.
have you heard about browser's cache ?
6:17 AM
@tereško there?
Hi for the person who said about rugular mysql statements the answer is negative i am using pdo but I want to be 100% sure
6:33 AM
lol morning
Good morning ! Hi @tereško ( For some reason I always I have to think about: etdoncvoila.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/dsc_0105.jpg ) When I read your name.
About yesterday @tereško You said 'what the f*** are you doing there:
Well that is exactly what I Am learning how to autoload correctly, that why I saw this example: https://github.com/silexphp/Silex-Skeleton/blob/master/web/index.php And I made : https://bitbucket.org/ward_kennes/silex-basic-application/src/1acb2594f18ff1d74e11bbdfd29c468498d69c1f/oop2/silex/web/index.php?at=master
6:51 AM
// Chat is still Asleep. ZzZ
@Mitchel i have problem in retriving checkbox value into database
@NikiC bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=67011 I assume you wrote the documentation did you ?
@pramod well can you extend it further
6:59 AM
Hell tired about "how heartbleed works"
i am using this query for getting most catches over all
SELECT catch, SUM(catch) as c FROM vsteambat WHERE matchformat='odi' GROUP BY catch ORDER BY c DESC LIMIT 3
and this is working file .
but now i am facing a issue that i am storing the player id in the (catch) field and this query return me the sum of player id ex: player id is 4 and query return me 8
the solution is . divide 8 (sum) by 4(player id) .
question: how to add division process in this query :
"SELECT catch, SUM(catch) as c FROM vsteambat WHERE matchformat='odi' GROUP BY catch ORDER BY c DESC LIMIT 3 "
7:16 AM
hi. mohammad
@UmarFarooq having to search in strings with SQL is like shooting yourself in the knee
7:42 AM
Mood gorning.
7:59 AM
Up at 7 this morning, even had time for a game of titanfall before heading to work
I had time to read manga :p
hi, @Leri @Jimbo
I didn't have time to do anything, but yesterday I played a nice game of Tabletop Simulator :)
try 2048
8:07 AM
Does anybody else get ssl error here?
I get one on wiki.php.net in general
Some certificate revocation? ^
yes, it is
yes, it is
@AlmaDo Are you trolling or what? -.-
yes, it is
8:18 AM
@RemiCollet @PierreJoye dude, that's wicked awesome; fedora 21 will be the first os in the world to have a built in PHP debugger ;)
^ good news. Package?
#PHP 5.6 approved as a #fedora 21 system wide change :)
8:31 AM
Congrats :D
github down ?
@JoeWatkins: site does not seem to be down,
No, it isn't
I can access inner pages but not index
user/repo pages are working fine but github.com is not loading ... nobody else got that ?
8:39 AM
yeah I can wget it too
just firefox refuses to load it ...
oh well, don't need index, I guess ...
8:43 AM
Guy I have a 2D array say matrix[6][9] ...how can I find out for example number 13 is in which row of the matrix array?
@Sean87 Loop through it?
If the width of your matrix is 10
y = floor(13 / 10)
x = 13 % 10

Something like that is what you are probably looking for.
@Machiel thanks, so that is a general algorithm and works with any NxM I guess?
@Sean87 It should, yes.
8:50 AM
Morning there Dave
yo !
@Machiel So I guess for my need I just need x = num / arrayWidth then
@Sean87 Should do the trick
9:02 AM
Is there a way to create a simple logger without using global state?
^ ?
one that can be used in doctrine entities etc
not using static calls
A: PHP - Implement logging mechanism to file in several classes

tereškoWhere are loggers used? In general there are two major use-cases for use of loggers within your code: invasive logging: For the most part people use this approach because it is the easiest to understand. In reality you should only use invasive logging if logging is part of the domain logic ...

9:04 AM
np. I assume it answers your question. Can't be sure though :P
@Fabien Reading now :)
@Fabien RE: Your non-invasive logger, this would only be any good when assuming that individual methods do not wish to log something specific - the only thing that can be logged here would be just the method and args called within __call() right?
Or the response - but as we're not coupling the logger to the object that requires logging, it shouldn't be returning a response just to be logged. Hmmm
@Patrick Dependency Inject your logger using a setter (so it's optional). If the logger exists, log stuff. If it doesn't don't log :-)
The problem is with doctrine though, we need to log when a certain method on a domain object is called. Constructor injection seems not possible, so the only reasonable option seems to be requiring the logger dependency on the method where I need the logging.
@Jimbo I thought about that, but then it's easy to forget adding that during coding?
9:16 AM
@Patrick Well either someone must use a logger, or it's optional. So if they must, it's a constructor / method arg. If it's optional, it's via a setter. If they don't add logging they don't, but it's easy to add it if they wish when it comes to it
Or even a method dependency that defaults to null, so if you don't pass one in, fine... but it's at least documented as a possibility
Decorating something for logging via __call() as in tereskos choice (I may be wrong so say this tentatively) means you can log three things - The method called, the args, the response. For some things that's fine. But if you want to log the results of business logic before the response is returned and after the method is called... that isn't going to work
I think we will go with the method arg in this case, thanks
@Jimbo It's @tereško's not mine :P
Oh yeah sorry, wrong ping :-)
Why not update the answer or add to it @Jimbo?
@Fabien He's seen the ping now so I'll wait for a response - I don't want to go randomly changing other people's work as I may be wrong :p
9:22 AM
Very diplomatic
Makes sense though right
I want to discuss some array search related thing. If anyone will have good ideas, that would be great. I need to perform search and answer the question "is an element inside array?". Array contains integers only. For that, I think to use "half-true" algorithm. 1: Create some numeric X, so for it: X & Yi == 0. Yi are in array. 2. Then, if S is tested value and X &S !=0. then S is not in array
the thing is: how effectively find X ?
also, there's not "fully true" algorithm, because if X & S == 0 there's no guarantee that S is in array
@AlmaDo Are you trying to figure out an array search that runs in better than O(n) time, when you aren't certain that the needle is in the haystack? Because I'm pretty certain that's impossibru
God damnit. We have some really really awesome code in Java that I wish I could convert to PHP, but it just seems.. impossible.
9:30 AM
Hi guys
good mornings
Happy Friday!!!
@Jimbo Nothing is impossible, is it sharable?
@DaveRandom I want to return "half-true" result
i.e. question is "is an element in array"? And I want to check fast if it's not there
notice: element is not in array != element is in array checks
@DaveRandom I doubt it, maybe bits if it didn't go anywhere. General gist is - it parses the keyframe audio and video data of a .flv file. It then injects these into an swf file in the right places so effectively the swf now has a video playing in it with the right video and audio sync.
It does this frame-by-frame, stretched out to the right time
It's great, but it requires us to run Tomcat for servlets
@Jimbo Totally doable, probably a lot more expensive in PHP than Java though. If you really want to sack the Java off I'd probably look more at rewriting it in C/C++ and creating an extension.
9:33 AM
@DaveRandom so with described method, I may quickly find that element is not in array
problem is how to get proper X
@DaveRandom I found a php C ext in japanese that I've used to replace text, images etc within a swf. That's awesome. Video is just.. FML. Seems totally impossible as that's the only lib I've found
@AlmaDo damn simple if you can spare some extra mem... $n[x]=1; vs $n[]=x;
@AlmaDo You've lost me a bit tbh :-(
get out of the box (array)
@DaveRandom huh?
9:35 AM
@Jimbo Does the Java use a C lib or is it written in pure Java?
I mean: X & S == 1 means: element is not in array. Because all other elements have X & Yi == 0
but X & S == 0 doesn't mean that element is in array
that's why it isn't like in_array()
why can't you make use of the hashtable @AlmaDo ?
@AlmaDo Yeh I get that, I just don't see how you could calculate X without an O(n) operation
@DaveRandom Pure java, it uses flagstone which php obviously just doesn't have
@DaveRandom oh, it's not a problem :p I can do it even in O(2^n) time. It's rare operation :p
but of course I want to know as best as possible way to do it
@CSᵠ how would I use it there?
9:39 AM
@Jimbo Well there you go, all you need to do is hack that up and rewrite it in PHP, which you can because it's BSD. It's not a small task but it's not impossible.
@AlmaDo Well it seems like the best way would be to keep it with the array and update it as elements are added
@DaveRandom how would I "update" it?

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