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@DaveRandom No objections. though tbh I'm not convinced that using an async dns lookup with zero configuration is actually the best plan. If people can't be arsed to configure a cache themselves, then they probably don't care that much about the slow down of doing DNS requests in a blocking style through the OS.
@DaveRandom Looks like you need a FactoryFactory
@Danack Not true, if you are using e.g. Artax good chance you want max speed, also acceptable that "I'm using an HTTP lib, I don't have how the DNS resolver works as long as it's fast"
@tereško Wasn't being serious :P
AbstractFactory // effectively FactoryFactory
But yeah, we all talk about FactoryProviderFactoryBuilders anyway
4:15 PM
@tereško that looks good indeed
@Jimbo I have a FactoryProviderFactoryBuilderServiceLayerInterface that can help you out there
morning everybody
4:18 PM
@DaveRandom I don't see anything there that indicates a bug in Reactor?
does anybody here knows how to write a DB/2 equivalent of MySQL's SET NAMES 'UTF8'?
@rdlowrey I know. Just have no idea what's going on. All I know is that the PR'd code fixes it, and therefore there must be one, somewhere (since the PR'd change in theory shouldn't ever affect anything).
The thing that I had that caused it was a hang-over from some previous debugging in my code
I am aware it makes no sense
That's why I retained that change, so you can test it out and debug it yourself if you want
@DaveRandom Oh, I hadn't seen your PR yet
Oh right, yeh it makes no sense without that :-P
@DaveRandom I see what you mean. Okay. Yeah, I may need to modify it slightly. If I create a separate branch can you test with that in a little while after I push some changes up to it?
4:23 PM
btw @rdlowrey the reason I am using an explicit NativeReactor there is that the UvReactor that select() gave me hung at the end of the script
Do you need to explicitly stop() or is that a bug?
@DaveRandom It's likely a bug because each of the reactor implementations should work in exactly the same way (as far as public API consumers are concerned).
@NikiC morning
@rdlowrey k, well I'm just ironing out a bug in my own code atm and then I'll verify it still happens
Okay, I'll be working on the NativeReactor thing. Keep me posted.
@DaveRandom even with stop() it sometimes needs a few seconds to abort...
4:27 PM
Really? weird
or I do something wrong…
I'm going to add a __debugInfo() method to make problems like this easier to debug
@bwoebi It's more likely that something like Artax is keeping a socket connection alive (and therefor socket IO watchers) until a keep-alive timeout is reached and that socket is cleared (along with the reactor events associated with it).
The reactor won't stop running on its own unless all outstanding watchers are disabled/cancelled
@rdlowrey I have two open connections (amp-mysql) then, at some point where I get control back to the Generator in amp-run I execute \Amp\stop(). Then it still needs a second until it actually leaves the Generator.
Not sure, but it effectively might be some timeout there, I just don't know which one then
especially as it always needs just a bit more than one second.
Something something connection still open something.
4:31 PM
A: Stackoverflow's use of localstorage for Authorization seems unsafe. Is this correct else how do we strengthen it?

ircmaxellWell, rather than looking at the vulnerability, let's look at the possible attack vectors. Remote Attacker, can observe traffic, but cannot modify traffic Consider this a passive attacker in a coffee shop. They can see all of the TCP level traffic. The requests back and forth to SO are -by-def...

When you call stop() the reactor will finish the current iteration of the event loop -- so if your libs are doing things those operations will complete before things stop running.
^^ Another book I wrote
@rdlowrey no, the lib isn't doing anything. phpdbg shows no ops being executed in amp-mysql code after Amp\stop
@bwoebi Then there may be a bug ... if you can create a simple reproduce script I can investigate.
define('DOCROOT', rtrim(dirname(__FILE__), '\\/'));
^ I saw this in code that requires PHP 5.3+ >.<
4:35 PM
@LeviMorrison hehe nice
I believe technically they have a bug that will never manifest.
If you are on Linux and have a directory that ends in \ then it will trim it off ^^
But in any case: define('DOCROOT', __DIR__);
@LeviMorrison If you're on Linux and your code is in a directory named *, you get unexpected results when someone tries to use glob().
@DaveRandom You have access to a Windows machine that runs PHP, right?
Can you run dirname(__FILE__) and __DIR__ and let me know if there is any difference?
4:41 PM
@LeviMorrison nope. I happen to know that there is a case where dirname() will convert the type of slash because I've run into it before, just trying to remember what it is
but with __DIR__ and __FILE__ that can't happen
It's to do with reaching the root of the path
Right yeh dirname('/') on win results in string(1) "\"
But afaik that's the only weirdness
@DaveRandom A clarification:
define('DOCROOT', rtrim(dirname(__FILE__), '\\/'));
On Windows, doing that in \ ends up with string(0) ""?
Nope, C:
... and if you tried to include something like include DOCROOT . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'inc.php';
With that C: path?
Hey @DaveRandom I just commented on your PR ... if you could make that small change I'll go ahead and merge that.
I assume it works yes?
4:50 PM
@LeviMorrison would work fine
The only time you can possibly run into a problem is when the path doesn't start with <drive>:, and that can never happen with __DIR__/__FILE__
And actually, even then it won't cause you a problem unless you try and run it on something that can't handle backward slashes
Thanks, Dave.
So really, the only time you have to be careful is when you are manipulating paths to use as URIs
@rdlowrey OK so... firstly that would be the same as writing !$this->alarmOrder && !$this->immediates - would you rather have it with the wrapped || parens? And secondly I purposefully didn't do that because it would slightly change what it does
i am using ajaxsnapshot.com in order for google to crawl my ajax content and the support guy has said that Your Hosting provider doesn't support mod_proxy .
all i need is somehow to be able to get ajax snapshots on website so that google can crawl my content. I havent found any good tutoria(thats why i tried ajaxsnapshots.com)l .I know very little javascript. I am using jquery to fetch the ajax contents. i read that i need to implement history.pushSate and htmlsnapshots. I am not using any framework
It wouldn't break anything as such, but you'd get an extra potentially unnecessary tick() call
(I think)
I may have confused myself
Asynchronous programming is a bit of a head fuck
@DaveRandom no it isn't. Just adapt your way of thinking.
4:58 PM
Actually that's true, the thing that's a head fuck is the internals of the event loop
@DaveRandom It hurts my head too.
Perhaps we suffer from the same condition: small-brain-itis
Wait, actually @rdlowrey yeh the logic itself is sound
I don't see how it modifies the behavior, but maybe I'm missing something.
Would you prefer the !($cond || $cond) over !$cond && !$cond
negatives are confusing...
5:00 PM
And I do prefer the parens. There's some "law" about this somewhere (the name of which escapes me)
minimize, all of the boolean operators \o/
@rdlowrey Because if would mean that it would never hit the usleep(), but obviously that's irrelevant since at that point you know there's nothing to wait for
Yeah ...
So yeh, I'll make the change as-is and just shut up :-P
Actually @rdlowrey yeh I suppose the parens are better anyway because it's a potential short-circuit #MicroOptimisation
@DaveRandom I will try and figure out why the UvReactor doesn't stop for you. Let me know if you discover anything about that.
@rdlowrey ty, will check it out when I've fixed my own bug. I've made the change and squashed
It seems to have deleted your comment as well, unless you did it
5:05 PM
Q: How can you apply xss filters in laravel 4 framework?

user2029029How do you think about security in laravel 4 ? I mean how laravel is managing xss attacks ? In codeigniter you have someting like xss_clean($_GET['yourValue']) to clean user input fom xss code. How laravel manage those kind of problems ? You get user values using Input::get('yourValue') but how...

posted on November 26, 2014 by nlecointre

/* by SZIOSI_is_watching_you */

Laravel manages XSS by !=
@Danack I created a memcached-based Cache impl, not been able to test it as I don't have a memcached server readily available, have asked OP other other issue to try it
@Feeds I... have no idea what that guy was even trying to do.
yay! Reddit's down!
5:19 PM

What about PHP Devs?
@ircmaxell forever, I hope?
@ziGi same as IT consultants
@ircmaxell \o/ you can be productive now!
@ircmaxell isn't that the bestest framework with the most knowingest community ?!
5:36 PM
@rdlowrey I have got simple queries, prepared statements and listen/notify fully implemented and working \o/
@DaveRandom very nice!
I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I've been crushed under work for these last few weeks. Hopefully this holiday weekend will afford me an opportunity.
I still need to revisit your promise/generator based thing for result sets, I'm pretty sure that should be doable by augmenting what I have rather than needing a major refactor
@rdlowrey No worries, it's still pre-alpha anyway, need to implement transactions and cursors yet
Once I've done that I'm going to look at creating an ext/pg based version
Nothing like chicken and fries to make me happy again =]
@JoeWatkins That pissed me off so much the first time I saw it
/me goes home
5:45 PM
Question for you guys. I hate captcha, I'd like to not use it. But I don't want a bunch of dumb-ass spam coming in through my forms. So I'm thinking about this mechanism:
1) Generate random 12-character string, place it in a hidden field. (named uid)
2) Put half that random string in another hidden field (named uida)
3) Inject the other half of that random string into a hidden field with JS after page loads (named uidb)
4) Submit handler checks if uid === uida + uidb
This is basically assuming that a spam bot does not have javascript enabled or is using a script which doesn't execute the page's js. Valid assumption?
@ChrisBaker honeypot
@FlorianMargaine ? You're describing the approach as a honeypot, or suggesting something else? Not clear.
ah, sorry. I suggested something else.
What does a honeypot look like in terms of a simple implementation to prevent form spam? I just don't want captcha on the site, the folks in the back office say "meh, just don't worry about it", but I see the form submissions we get and there's definitely some non-targeted "you won't believe this deal!" spam that comes in often enough that "nothing" isn't viable.
5:57 PM
Where the f did the windows download links for php go?
You see, comment spam bots love form fields. When they encounter a form field, they go into a berserker frenzy (+2 to strength, +2 hp per level, etc...) trying to fill out each and every field. It’s like watching someone toss meat to piranhas.
At the same time, spam bots tend to ignore CSS. For example, if you use CSS to hide a form field (especially via CSS in a separate file), they have a really hard time knowing that the field is not supposed to be visible.
To exploit this, you can create a honeypot form field that should be left blankand then use CSS to hide it from human users, but not
@FlorianMargaine Yes, why is this not linked on php.net?
This is literally the only thing that is of any relevance for PHP downloads...
only saw it in the internals ml when there are releases. Never actually used php on windows... except when using wamp. So can't say.
5:59 PM
Everybody else uses apt-get or git
Also, is xdebug incompatible with php 5.6 or what?
works for me
@ChrisBaker js submit should prevent most spam. Of course nothing works against a custom bot written for your site.
iei, now it works
@NikiC Did you do a recent blog about objects vs arrays or is that my imagination?
@DaveRandom hi
6:05 PM
@rdlowrey no, I just posted an old one in here because someone asked about it
Oh okay. I thought I remembered seeing something like that in here and had filed it away in my mind for later consumption. But when I visited your blog I didn't see it up top. Thanks :)
@FlorianMargaine Ahh, gotchya. I like this better, and it doesn't have the accessibility concerns. I see that article links to a different one where he discusses an approach like the one I was considering. I'm even more glad to see I wasn't in the weeds :)
@rdlowrey analyzed the 1-second lag when stopping the reactor. Cause is when the Reactor is stopped in an immediate() and there are read/write handlers (NativeReactor#112), then the stream_select() (NativeReactor#138) is still executed, which has a timeout of 1 sec. Only then control is returned to run() and the Reactor aborts.
@bwoebi I thought it might be something to do with that stream select timeout
I can address that.
@rdlowrey that was clear, I found that quickly in the oplog that this function was called...
(Interrupt with ctrl+c in phpdbg, then I landed in stream_select() call)
6:16 PM
Interested in practicing your cryptography and puzzle solving skills? Check out the #imitationgame puzzle at http://goo.gl/R41SJ5
@rdlowrey Hey... you logged in to leviathon?
@LeviMorrison no sir.
I'm just curious because... I tried to restart the machine and it said you were logged in o.O
uh, weird.
I haven't logged in a while.
@FlorianMargaine Hi. Please do u mean that if I hide an input text with Css and I check with PHP to make sure it is blank when the user submits the form I can actually forget about captcha ?
6:40 PM
@JohnMax hi. No. It means you can try this anti bot technique, and see if it fits your use case.
Especially, if it does stop bots on your site.
Ftr, this technique is called "honeypot"
class A extends B, A calls constructor of B, how can I get the class name of A from B without the namespace, only the class name?
@BenBeri using Reflection?
Reflection just to get the class name without namespace right?
@BenBeri or using get_class?
@JohnMax A big part of this is going to be about volume, and what you do with posted form data. On the site I'm working on now, nothing that gets posted in a form is visible to the public, so there's very low incentive to spam right off -- no one is targeting this site. Also, the forms on the site are stuff like "sign up" or "contact us", which see relatively low volume to our total web traffic. The important thing to keep in mind is that no solution is one-size-fits-all.
7:10 PM
@DaveRandom For future reference, here's the justification for the boolean simplification I suggested earlier: DeMorgan's Law. And here's a related resource that's more about programming and less about algebra.
It's @MathiasV \o/ ... haven't seen you around these parts before.
Good day to you.
@ircmaxell nice! Didn't realize you had a video about that
I hate when code doesn't work
__debugInfo() ... <3
@ircmaxell I might get downvotes for this, but I think bugs are awful.
7:23 PM
@AndreaFaulds -1
bugs keep programmers employed ;)
@rdlowrey If non-existence of features is counted as a bug too, then definitely yes.
woot, got a timing safe hex2bin function that's only about 20% slower than php's hex2bin
In userland?
Oh okay, still good, but I was like, "woah that's impressive"
7:29 PM
@ircmaxell bitshifting from the negative and then a bitwise and with a negative value… mind-blown… okay
@ircmaxell well, for a moment I really thought so.
Well, you're already smart. And then just assuming that you're a bit smarter than I thought isn't hard.
> a bit smarter
no pun intended.
7:35 PM
@rdlowrey hmm?
Nevermind. I just found humor in something that was clearly not intended to engender any :)
@rdlowrey Yeah, Just wanted to know where you found there the humor?
Because you were talking about crazy bit shifting and then you said "assuming Anthony was a bit smarter" ...
Room 11: where humor comes to die.
@rdlowrey heh, your humor is amusing me :-D
7:38 PM
A bit smarter is 2x
@Danack you may want to accept meta.stackoverflow.com/a/277944/871050
It's the official answer from MS
^^ He doesn't have to accept it. YOU CAN'T MAKE HIM!!!
7:43 PM
He probably isn't even listening on that socket.
It was broadcast and forget.
Also, I'm going to be getting a 27" monitor and an SSD from my wife! \o/
Yup. Seems like @Danack's question was transmitting over UDP.
@LeviMorrison nice!
Hola bros
"Your computer seems slow lately, sweetie. What do you want for Christmas?"
Anybody know good citation material to help my friend learn how PHP and mysql interact? (basically a modern php -> db tutorial)
7:44 PM
An SSD. Oh, and you were complaining about how small the screen is when we watch movies; how about a 27? "Okay"
I haven't really used PHP with vigor since mysql was non-deprecated so my resources are way outdated
just sent a mail to internals...
@SterlingArcher what kind of information do you want?
@ircmaxell what happened ?
He's a noob for lack of better terminology, so he wants to learn not only the syntax, but how PHP works with a database (mysql particularly)
7:46 PM
nothing, got looped into a thread, and wanted to throw $0.02 in
Syntax tutorial I already gave him, so more or less an "Intro to databases with PHP"?
I was watching that one ... reading ...
I hope I'm explaining this well enough
<-- Is back home from hospital
@Fabor congrats!
7:48 PM
@Fabor get anything good ?? set of boobs maybe ?? a cannon in the chest to strike down your enemies ??
heh. Nothing so cool. Feels like someone fused my knee in to my shin!
@SterlingArcher what do you mean exactly? how php communicates with mysql? what protocol is used in the communication?
Kind of yeah
I found this but I'm not sure how in depth it goes into the db protocols
Pictures if anyone is interested. Little gorey but nothing too bad.
If I know him well, he doesn't just want to know to execute a query, he wants to be able to setup a secure db class using mysqi
So connections, errors, security, things like that, but basic level
7:53 PM
@SterlingArcher suggest just using PDO
it's a lot easier to work with
Unfortunately the environment I work in on the game (I'm the owners right hand developer) uses mysql. He's trying to update, but having issues, fell back on mysqli
We know about PDO but that's a task for when we have the time
that's fair
Hello! I have a question about MVC. If in my app I read information from for example a Rss, that can be considerer that function from repository or repository is only for files stored in local?
7:56 PM
Yeah, it's a real pain in the ass. But the games foundation is ancient, and there's just 2 of us trying to secure a better foundation, create content, and retain players at the same time. It's overwhelming
@SterlingArcher well, are you looking for something written about migrating from mysql -> mysqli?
Not really, I'm teaching a player who is showing promise with code
And he has never used PHP with a database before
So I'm trying to find the best intro to dbs with PHP content that I can for him
has he ever used a database before?
No, I'm going to find my old SQL book and try to teach him normalization after we get basic queries down
7:58 PM
I wont hire a coder who can't design a 3NF database lol
third normal form
no idea what that is ^^
me neither ...
Database normalization is the process of organizing the fields and tables of a relational database to minimize redundancy. Normalization usually involves dividing large tables into smaller (and less redundant) tables and defining relationships between them. The objective is to isolate data so that additions, deletions, and modifications of a field can be made in just one table and then propagated through the rest of the database using the defined relationships. Edgar F. Codd, the inventor of the relational model, introduced the concept of normalization and what we now know as the First Normal Form...
7:59 PM
@BenBeri Why do you want to do that?
Dammit, I can't paste into the SO chatbox again. ircmaxell got it though
makes me think of this ... but that's not what you're referring, I guess
@SterlingArcher Ah ok. I don't know of any resources for people that new. If you find anything interesting, can you let me/us know? I try to collect decent resources
@ircmaxell of course, thank you
@FlorianMargaine I'm jelly of those ab definitions .________________.
oh dear
8:01 PM
@FlorianMargaine That's not slightly.
oh? my bad, then, editing
as far as hiring vs not hiring, I wouldn't go as far as not hiring, but depends strongly on the team and the requirements
it's disgusting, work, home, anywhere ...
when anyone starts talking about databases, I pretty much switch off ... give me something interesting to do, or some cake, or gtfo ...
@ircmaxell it's unpaid, but myself and ze owner have been screwed over by people who coded the game with improper practices. Basically people who knew how to google for answers, but implemented the worst possible practices. Hard coded data, cross browser complications, etc
oh, I get that
but meaning in a company setting
8:03 PM
yeah the games foundation is a shit storm of bad code.
Oh yeah in a professional setting it's much different
wasn't the chap on internals saying we should make all string manipulation functions constant time ?
I don't know who said that, but that's insane

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