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12:39 AM
> $p->addFruit("strawberry");
shouldn't this be $cook->craftPie($dough, $fruit) or something?
I've rarely seen a pie with a addFruit button / method on it
you are right
Oh, yay, examples without real world context :-(
oh, I already did
12:55 AM
interface LazyCopiable or LazilyCopiable? :B
ForLazyProgrammers is what I read
@bwoebi yay :)
you are never useful felix :B
that's my trademark :)
til it's not even copiable, it's copy-able with the hyphen
damn u english
!!should I do my due work or play dawn of discovery
1:11 AM
You should play dawn of discovery.
if I get fired I blame it on you @Jeeves
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Why do you ask him then? ;o)
heh. it was supposed to answer that I should work :p
But I've had like three full hours of productive work already. that seems like a day
welp. afayk are there formal-ish names for the "dependent" and "dependee" objects in a copy on write mechanism?, like base/child?
1:26 AM
according to the number of highly starred messages on this board, I'd say @Fabor wants to sleep with @tereško's ban
@Wes you mean the original value and the copy?
yes, the object that is to be lazy-copied and object that holds a reference to that object
@Wes there is nothing like "object to be lazy-copied" there's only object with refcount 1 or greater than 1
why you assume i'm talking of php internals? :D programmers... :P
@Wes that's how CoW works in general
not just in php-src
1:40 AM
i did it differently. and probably there was a simpler way to do it...
@Wes show me it.
i need some time to tidy the code a bit, so tomorrow i will
or i can explain to you how it works now
@Wes just C&P into a gist, I'm not afraid of anyones crappy code.
I've seen enough crappy code in my life so that your untidied code in comparison probably looks like the godly salvation
just gimme some mins
basically i have an implementation A (a single object or an aggregate of objects) that calls internally $this->performDependentsActualFork(); before it changes, so that "dependents" get a new copy with the old state
and each of these dependents will actually copy itself (calling emancipate() internally) when it is about to be modified
the $key is just a random string that is used for validating the communication between the original and the "lazy copies", ie so that one can't break a lazy copy by sending it a wrong new base
it works, tho :B it's not very complicated but probably more complicated than it could be..
hey paul \o
1:57 AM
@Wes woops, busy replying on meta
no probs :D
@PaulCrovella oh hai
@FélixGagnon-Grenier sup sucka
fresh indeed
long time no see. where'you been
2:13 AM
Hello guys, I have this array and I want it to be sorted by
Highest Score and then time.

array:7 [▼
  0 => array:8 [▼
    "id" => "33"
    "user_id" => "1"
    "body" => "123"
    "weight" => "1503"
    "time" => "1000"
    "created_at" => "2016-07-29 23:22:30"
    "updated_at" => "2016-07-23 23:22:30"
    "score" => 1503000000
  1 => array:8 [▼
    "id" => "34"
    "user_id" => "1"
    "body" => "123"
    "weight" => "1500"
    "time" => "1000"
    "created_at" => "2018-07-28 23:22:30"
Q: How can I sort arrays and data in PHP?

deceze Due to the enormous and ever repeating amount of "How do I sort my unique snowflake of an array?" questions, this is a reference collection of basic sorting methods in PHP. Please close any question which does not markedly differ as a duplicate of this one. How do I sort an array in PHP? How...

@Wes $this->dependents->count(), well that's your refcount… But you do some weird sort of CoW where you explicitly track the referencers...
normally you don't track referencers, but referencers check the refcount themselves and then create themselves a copy before executing a state-changing action.
(referencers === dependents)
2:42 AM
but how you do that... type safely?
and without breaking the encapsulation...? i mean there must be an observer, somewhere
3:03 AM
@Wes encapsulation is a tool. Use it where appropriate. Trying to perfectly encapsulate everything is hindering. Perhaps have a two-tiered approach. One level of objects which in turn reference the other refcounted object. and separate when refcount > 1 on state-changing ops.
i thought of that... but ended up doing this instead. is my approach that bad? i was also thinking to weakref the "dependents" so that the map doesn't hold the references forever
3:59 AM
@eXtreme ping me when you're available
@Wes well, your encapsulation is bad in a way, yes (please ping with reply, I don't have the chat open all the time…) You leak a ->set() method on the referencers which is for internal use.
Also, cyclic dependencies...
well, the dependents can't break the original instance, if they are badly programmed it's not my fault. what do you meanwith cyclic dependencies?
and i don't ping people during night, maybe they are sleeping :D
You did ^
You can ping people whenever you want, if it's something specific (not just randomly). It's up to them to handle their notifications.
@Wes I'm only awake for about 6 hours… Also I never have sound on.
@bwoebi: I have something I can use finally :D github.com/markzz/php-alpm/releases/tag/0.1
Thanks for dealing with my crap for the last month or so.
4:09 AM
@Wes referenced objects hold a reference to referencers which hold a reference to the referenced object
is there any way to return the html of DOMDocument->doctype? Having a look through the docs and I can't find anything helpful.
@Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon @Gon
@MarkWeiman Nice :-)
@joshhunt $domdocument->saveHTML($domdocument->doctype) ?
@Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @Wes @@Wes
4:12 AM
when is night anyway?
Night is when work gets done.
Typing in a phone is such a pita
@FélixGagnon-Grenier In about an hour, I think. I don't see the sun, but who needs it?
@Wes doesn't seem to work. Though now I'm wondering if DOMDocument doesn't automatically set ->doctype from the html.
what are trying to do?
4:14 AM
get the original doctype from my html
normally you don't care of the doctype
but why?
we sure don't need the sun to work \o/
so that it doesn't change the doctype that the user sets
1. User inputs html
2. We modify html
3. We output html
Ideally I want the html to change as little as possible
4:18 AM
oh and I'm using $document->saveHTML($document->getElementsByTagName('html')->item(0)); instead of $document->saveHTML() to preserve utf-8
again if you load html into libxml you will have bad times. only use xml. in fact if you load html5 into libxml you almost for sure will end up with broken markup
why do I want it to change the html as little as possible? I guess so that the user has all the control.
i often wonder what was so wrong with xml that they had to make that crap that is html5
really, forget to use libxml with html these days, only use it with xml
Ideally yes, unfortunately I don't have much choice at the moment. Its a pull request for a third party plugin and I would have to rewrite the whole thing.
I also haven't noticed any issues so far, do you know of any common problems?
4:23 AM
@joshhunt check this github.com/Masterminds/html5-php ?
basically all new tags have problems
Looks nice, I'll suggest it to the maintainers
oh its for email html so sadly that isn't a problem
html email is the goddamn devil
I agree. Most frustrating thing ever.
And doesn't seem to be improving.
anyways any idea if there is any way to convert DOMDocument->doctype back to html or do I have to do it manually? Looking at the docs there doesn't seem to be a way but I was hoping that I was missing something. Tested and it does seem to generate it from the original html
maybe I remove the html element, use saveHtml(), and then prepend that to $document->saveHTML($document->getElementsByTagName('html')->item(0))? I'll test and see if it works. Seems silly that you can't just save the doctype directly but oh well
4:51 AM
need a clue for what this log says.
==> app-root/logs/haproxy.log <==
[WARNING] 206/233226 (372694) : Server express/local-gear is UP, reason: Layer7 check passed, code: 302, info: "HTTP status check returned code <3C>302<3E>", check duration: 49ms. 1 active and 0 backup servers online. 0 sessions requeued, 0 total in queue.
@joshhunt echo
    "<!DOCTYPE " .
    $dom->doctype->name .
    ' PUBLIC "' . $dom->doctype->publicId . '"' .
    ' "' . $dom->doctype->systemId . '">';
@mCorr I'd start by googling something like http status code 302
@FélixGagnon-Grenier thanks. :)
posted on July 26, 2016

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:10 AM
this seems a bit quick to the topic stackoverflow.com/documentation/php/1053/…
I'd add some kind of better introduction of dependency managing, not sure if really needed.
5:31 AM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I can't tell… need to compare before and after to see whether it will improve it
New Topic Requests in PHP: ES5 and htaccess rules… wtf
5:49 AM
Need another clue:
When I started the nginx, it triggers a request to "/".
what executes the check? is it haproxy?

[WARNING] 206/233226 (372694) : Server express/local-gear is UP, reason: Layer7 check passed, code: 302, info: "HTTP status check returned code <3C>302<3E>", check duration: 49ms. 1 active and 0 backup servers online. 0 sessions requeued, 0 total in queue.

thanks :)
Software Engineer, Front End at Google (@lifeatgoogle) [New York, NY] http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/121608/software-engineer-front-end-google #javascript
I am always confused when I see job ads from Google. I'd assume they don't need any because they got way more applicants than they can hire anyway
I mostly reordered stuff, removed fluff, corrected the composer commands, and totally forgot to put this in the edit summary
@FélixGagnon-Grenier retracted?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier nobody calls his functions file simpleFunctions.php. It's always src/functions.php :-D
6:02 AM
yeah... just so nobody gets tempted to throw a class in there
but yeah, it should be functions
but my class is called Functions!!!
@FélixGagnon-Grenier It's a great edit… but I absolutely needed to find something to complain about, hehe
hehe, just a sec, the ui is getting full retard on me, I'll soon have functions
@FélixGagnon-Grenier yeh, done and thanks :-)
was a pleasure \o/
I don't understand how creating topics works. I mean, there are 27 upvotes for asynchronous programming, does it really takes a badge to click on create topic?
6:18 AM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier How do you mean takes a badge?
I mean, why didn't one of the 28 voters click on create topic?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier perhaps because they either have not enough knowledge (i.e. they'd like to learn from it) or not finding time or the pleasure to write it?
right. so actually clicking the button would ask me to propose sontent, not only create a new empty topic
what'd be the point of an empty topic after all?
I hear you ;)
6:23 AM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I'm myself a bit too reluctant to create the topic, but I'm happy to improve once something substantial is there…
6:39 AM
!!is today Tuesday
God, yes!
@AnmolRaghuvanshiVersion2.0 I love you too :-)
@Epodax Only 2 days, 17 hours and 18 minutes left until Rebeccaday, OMG!
6:43 AM
Good morning you lovely people
Friday is gonna be a good day, it can only come too slow :D
@Wes nope, in WeakReference we call notifiers after original dtor. I'm working on SoftReference where we will be able to have notifiers called befor original dtor and if refcount in notifiers changed, we do not call original dtor and same soft notifiers may be called again.
7:07 AM
@pinepain is there any reason why you call them only after dtor?
i.e. is there any reason why you'd want to use WeakRef if there's SoftRef?
@bwoebi for me WeakRef is useful when I have key=>value map of objects and don't want to tie value object to key object.
basically, in my case it doesn't matter whether it will be called before original dtor of after, though, when we invoke notifiers mechanism before original dtor, we can check whether object refcount was incremented and prevent original dtor to be called
so we kinda prevent object from being false-destructed and later same dtor mechanism can be invoked again
it stay a bit on the edge of elegance and suicidal bloody mess, but it works and sometimes useful
Hmm, are there any specification pattern based DSLs for implementing password policies in php?
I only found one not so good (because eval) library so far
7:19 AM
/me waves
7:34 AM
@JoeWatkins /me waves back
moin bob
not worse than usual, yourself ?
@JoeWatkins I should learn, wasting time instead :-(
Morning @JoeWatkins :)
7:46 AM
you shouldn't feel bad ... if there is a purpose to life, it is wasting time ...
moin rudi
And your wasting of time has massivley improved the state of SO php docs, so not so bad
do we like the new documentation feature then ?
I personally don't
I've only come across a few bits so far, guess content quality will improve, but the worry is that it won't because nobody cares about the content enough to improve it, because nobody asked the question in the first place ...
but I guess it was tested before we saw it, and was judged to have a positive impact, somehow
I think in some languages, it can definitely have a positive impact. But I don't think PHP needs it
7:50 AM
you can't very well document how to program with php in the php manual, I can see a corner for it ...
@JoeWatkins no, we hate it and want it to die
Please help me in laravel fw
hate is a strong word
if you'd come on SO in the first month it was running, it would have been worse than useless, I think we can't judge it for a year or so ...
doctors appointment, catch you lata peepz
Once rep whores stop trying to submit/edit unnecessary stuff and it becomes more regulated, it has a chance of being helpful. But I still don't think it should repeat anything that's already on php manual.
7:57 AM
@JoeWatkins the SO docs system isn't about "how to program with PHP" either; it's just a collection of examples, by design.
P.S. Good monrigngigns
hmm, maybe stupid question, but do you only run make itself with -j or also make test?
because they take an eternity to run
like ten minutes
@Gordon pretty sure tests cannot run concurrently
@salathe it's somewhat a bit trying to achieve this goal via the collect of examples.
@Sjon a pity :/
8:03 AM
@bwoebi Haha, sure trying. You can't teach someone to program by throwing code in their face. :P
@salathe it is not a tutorial. It's for someone who already achieved a tutorial in some language.
tutorials are another beast.
I know, I'm only referring to Joe's original comment.
@Gordon yeah, I noticed the integrated Jenkins @ github is also terribly slow. Takes ~ 15 minutes to complete
@Gordon fyi you can run a subset of the tests by invoking run-tests.php manually and passing a path to a phpt file (for a single test) or a directory (which it will walk and run every phpt it finds in the tree)
So if you are only working on an ext, you only need to run the tests for that ext - in theory, anyway
@bwoebi i can't do it :( can you show me few lines?
also mornings all
8:17 AM
@Wes what? CoW?
anything i'm thinking sucks... i'm probably missing something
@DaveRandom thanks

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