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4:02 PM
@bwoebi can you nuke your gdb? I assume it's still running because I can't actually get rid of the old process :-P
@PeeHaa oh wrong ping @Danack sorry was meant for @DaveRandom
@DaveRandom I have been running for 42 seconds, since 2016-10-22 16:03:25
Oct 22 16:04:07 149-210-224-55.colo.transip.net php[428]: Processing room event #68375844 for built in commands
Oct 22 16:04:07 149-210-224-55.colo.transip.net php[428]: Passing event #68375844 to built in command handler Room11\Jeeves\BuiltIn\Commands\Uptime
Oct 22 16:04:07 149-210-224-55.colo.transip.net php[428]: Starting action executor loop for chat.stackoverflow.com#11
Oct 22 16:04:07 149-210-224-55.colo.transip.net php[428]: Post attempt 1
Oct 22 16:04:07 149-210-224-55.colo.transip.net php[428]: Got response from server: {"id":33644637,"time":1477152247}
That's what we get now on a successful post cycle @bwoebi ^
Guys do you suggest OVH ?
4:12 PM
What is OVH?
french hosters
reason ?
ovh is the biggest hosting in europe
@user3304007 I suggest Digital Ocean. It's an US company, but you can choose where your stuff is hosted.
Yes and faceboo is the biggest social network
4:14 PM
in ovh, too
Biggest is a stupid metric for quality
Linode is good.
@PeeHaa That's not what she said!
TransIP master race!
I am not looking shared and small businesses, thats why I have included that metric.
@rightfold That was to be expected :P
@pmmaga I'm with transip too
4:16 PM
tell the reason pee
The problem with picking a hosting party is that you only find out they suck once you actually need them. Which is almost never
The only time I ever needed something from OVH they fucked up
fucked up means
@PeeHaa DO didn't fuck up yet. Still running on my student credit, they even extended it for another year.
@user3304007 Not the fuck that ends with smoking a cigarette
4:18 PM
@kelunik I mostly hear good things about them from people who use their services
I had the worst experience with DirectVPS and Heroku.
Also their docs are the best out there
The former had horrible uptime, not even 90%, and the latter suddenly broke an app that had been running fine for half a decade. Without any warning.
@PeeHaa One negative thing about them: Their interface is sometimes too simple.
simplicity is best
in general
than which hosting do you suggest in EU
4:20 PM
@user3304007 In general, yes. But both, too simple and too complex make usability worse.
@user3304007 I'm using DO's datacenter in Frankfurt. Are you looking for hosted within the EU or hosted by a EU company?
hosted in EU
for lowest pings
DO is in Frankfurt and Amsterdam IIRC. I can't really recommend others, as I haven't really used them.
the reason ı am interested with ovh is that they provide 10gbps bandwith, which is perfect
I had a server at 1&1 for 1€/year, it was really good for that price, but had its own limitations of course. And they cancelled their student program. :-/
I am looking for servers which can handle too many users at same time
4:23 PM
@user3304007 Do you really need that? Probably not. Otherwise you wouldn't ask here.
If you need to handle that much traffic, you should probably hire an expert.
If you don't, then there's no good reason to go for that.
not need atm, however, limits make me lose my inspire
10 Gb/s is still a limit!
Also remember, 10gbps makes it possible to attack you easier. :P
If you want no speed limit, you should go for Germany.
4:24 PM
in my country, best hosting gives 100mbps
@user3304007 Which is enough for most personal servers.
how 10gbps makes it possible to attack me easier
The speed of light is your real bottleneck.
Asshole physics
4:26 PM
dynstatus.com doesn't even have a simple green / yellow / red status. :-(
@user3304007 Because now I can flood your crappy app with 10 Gb/s of junk data instead of just 100 Mb/s.
unfortunately, my app has a protection for those who things they are ddosers...
@user3304007 I can only tell you to not use OVH or cloudvps
for just lower support rate ?
@user3304007 No it does not
Otherwise you would have been hired by cloudflare
@user3304007 That and being taken over by another shitty company
4:29 PM
I was also had a botnet of 16 000 in past
Naming things, cache invalidation, off-by-one errors, and deployment is the five most difficult things in software development.
@user3304007 Don't tell the NSA.
@user3304007 You was a botnet?
I had*
You would think you know what you were talking about in that case
4:31 PM
I am not a bad guy, was just used for testing my websites for attacks
Now I know who to point the gun at
You need a botnet to stress-test your websites?
@user3304007 And yet you don't understand how it works :P
ab -c 16000 -n 10000 example.com
imma botnet
yes, because I dont call IP stressers online a real stressers. those are for kids to ddos their shitty game servers
If you worry about getting DoSed, or you worry about requiring huge amounts of bandwidth, you should have a decent budget and hire a professional in this area.
I wrote my attack script in jquery. believe me or not
and it could even down soundcloud's search function.
4:33 PM
How old are you @user3304007?
I am actually a botnet, my physical form was an unexpected side effect of the program which cam about as part of The Change. I not really allowed to talk about it but they can't shut me down so they can't stop me.
hmm you sound like a kid :P
you too
You remind me of my younger self
4:33 PM
you guys opened this topic of ddos
thats why ı needed to talk
@DaveRandom Believe me. We've tried
!!kill @PeeHaa
!!love me @DaveRandom
You may have a better chance with these issues in the Server Fault chat rooms.
4:35 PM
Btw, what happened to Webmasters?
but nobody home :)
I never see questions from Webmasters in the hot questions list.
It seems like not a very active website.
tell the reason pee?
@rightfold It's very inactive
Q: How to find web hosting that meets my requirements?

John CondeThis is a "catch-all" question designed to serve as an answer for all questions about choosing web hosting. Pro Webmasters no longer accepts new questions about how to choose hosting. All future questions pertaining to finding web hosting should be closed as a duplicate of this question. For mo...

It's very inactive?
@littlepootis That's already a question
@littlepootis Was just doing the same thing :P
4:38 PM
Was just doing the same thing :P?
What did you expect?
beat me to it. 1 sec faster
I will no long be using the question mark key on my keyboard
4:39 PM
Ekin merhaba :)
Well that it would scan for smilies and place it proper after te sentence :D
@user3304007 hallo
I like smileys with weird pointy chins
Şimdi profiline bakıyordum ne güzel türke rastlamak burda dedim:)
English please ipne
Now I was looking at the profile of what I said here:) to come across the beautiful Thomas (translated from Turkish)
No idea how it is spelled though
> to come across the beautiful Thomas
4:40 PM
I scare because my nationality can be come from anywhere :)
that cannot possibly be what it says :-P
Hey there thomas
!!giphy thomas train
4:41 PM
Aaahhhh, MediaWiki subcategories break silently if there is a to-HTTPS redirect.
ekin onericeğin cok iyi dedicated varmi avrupada
Seriously english...
1 message moved to Orphan GIFs
BTW what happens when the bot gets stuck again @DaveRandom? It will log it now?
!!giphy tell the reason pee
4:43 PM
@user3304007 You look like Justin Timberlake
giphy is strange
And I know I am not look like a coder :)
we need giphpy
!!command alias giphpy giphy
4:44 PM
How do you pronounce "elephpant"?
like elef-pant?
Command 'giphpy' is now mapped to Giphy # Random
@DaveRandom L<3
I can't be bothered explaining in words so have 4 links instead :-P
@rightfold Like elephant but you have to look like a sad php developer when pronouncing it
@DaveRandom :D
@PeeHaa What does a sad PHP developer look like?
Here is a happy Java developer.
4:46 PM
does anybody knows how to run js inside iframed page which has sandbox attribute ?
like <iframe src="demo_iframe_sandbox.htm" sandbox></iframe>
@PeeHaa oh interesting. I guess it counts that as "default port"
will fix
but composer was fine with it anyway
@DaveRandom Sounds composer's url thing is broken
4:47 PM
@PeeHaa well it says <?, so I'd say this is legit
although tbh I'm not sure about that, I think that's probably a legit think to do in that scenario
For some reason I doubt the rfcs agree
lol edit fail
It may or may not be specified, it's probably technically an invalid URI but PHP's internal URI parsing is best-guess pretty much all of the time anyway
If Phabricator added a feature request tool, it'd be called "RPHCs".
@PeeHaa probably because you understand concept of "consequences" and know where money comes from
4:50 PM
I'm not sure that either of those statements are true of @PeeHaa
"424-dimensional analytic manifold" gah
5:17 PM
Validating manual.xml...
ERROR (/usr/src/php-doc/doc-en/doc-base/manual.xml:54:0)

 XPointer evaluation failed: #xmlns(db=docbook.org/ns/docbook)

ERROR (/usr/src/php-doc/doc-en/doc-base/manual.xml:54:0)

 could not load /usr/src/php-doc/doc-en/doc-base/manual.xml, and no fallback was

ERROR (/usr/src/php-doc/doc-en/doc-base/manual.xml:60:0)
is anybody else getting mixed messages there ?
@NikiC what is a manifold?
it could be a point, curve, surface(s)
up to the dimension
So a job spec doesn't mention Wordpress but the code task they give you is to create a Wordpress plugin. Brilliant.
@DaveRandom yeah, I'm just interested in the case it doesn't work ;-)
That's normal fir now.
@DaveRandom woops... just kill -9 my gdb session; not being home currently
@Ekin Peculiar how sometimes adding an extra 420 dimensions can help prove properties in 4 dimensions...
5:32 PM
Hello... I looking for demerits of php (to develop php extension). Please help me..
Hello... I am looking for demerits of php (to develop php extension). Please help me..
@rightfold Something that locally resembles Euclidean space, for a specific definition of "resembles"
@Jeeves <3 ?
5:41 PM
@JayIsTooCommon I love you too :-)
good: We are observing normal traffic volume and will continue to monitor. Some users may still be affected while DNS changes propagate as of 2016-10-21T22:10:11Z
5:42 PM
@MadaraUchiha lol wat
@Ekin Apparently, it's a real commercial
@NikiC is that for GR or just purely maths?
well, in any case it's maths
5:57 PM
Hi all. Can anyone provide context on which scenario enchant_broker_get_error() will actually return an error message? Looks like utf8 encoding related errors, but not been able to get it to ever return anything other than false.
!!docs enchant_broker_get_error
[ enchant_broker_get_error() ] Returns the last error of the broker
oh gawd spellink stuv
Yep, I've seen that. I'm trying to write a test for the function to provide to the codebase but can't seem to get it to ever output an error.
@Ekin Yeah, this is for GR (but also pure diff geo in that it is independent from field equations or a specific affine connection)
6:04 PM
@NikiC yeah I see, interesting topics.. have fun :P
I always found these quite mind boggling but also actually fun to discover.
Someone broke Generators in PHPStorm again...
Do you actually have the use Generator? Just sanity checking here
Also morning @kelunik
@PeeHaa Doesn't matter. I always import things.
6:17 PM
Does @Jeeves have a global Amp error handler?
Yes, it does.
6:31 PM
@kelunik what's the point in $before?
@kelunik enableForRoom() is called upon plugin registrations/init github.com/Room-11/Jeeves/wiki/…
6:44 PM
is the elephpant alive?
@Jeeves <3 you alive?
@Ekin I love you too :-)
!!reminder finish the reminder PR already :( in 1 hour
Reminder set.
I just realized we can add stars to comments from the transcript.
does anybody know google sends a request to which path for converting "sound to word" ?
6:46 PM
John F kennedy button
@tereško have you used "convert voice to write" of google so far?
only as a joke
6:51 PM
please don't ping me with random turkish stuff
ok that's enough .. now I want to use it in my application .. something like a API
So I need to know, google sends a voice to which path? do you know?
6:53 PM
@Shafizadeh I dont think that's an options. Also the text-to-speech is usually controlled by third party tools
what you would do is implement ARIA recommendations in your HTML, @Shafizadeh : w3.org/WAI/intro/aria
(the text to speech features are usually used by people who are blind or suffering from some eyesight problems)
@tereško well I don't think the link you provided support Persian
the link I provided is for a documentation of a standard (which is language-independent)
@tereško yes that correct .. I know there are few people which use text to speech feature. but I just like to now, can I send a voice to where google does and get the rext?
6:57 PM
the standard itself is in english, because that the "language of internet"
@Shafizadeh they have their own tools. What you need to to is make sure that your webpage is "readable" by those tools/
@user3304007 please, choke yourself with a dildo
@brzuchal btw now is probably as good as time as any for the 'object' RFC. You should probably request in your email that if someone doesn't like the idea, just because they don't want to use that parameter type themselves - rather than just saying 'no' they should say why other people who want to use that parameter type are wrong, for wanting to do that.
@tereško does that mean what google translate seems to say it means, or worse?
no, translation is that he called me to the front desk
@tereško look, I'm sure my webpage can be readable by those tools... because my friend has implemented that in his website .. he get a sound and sends it to a path (of google) via ajax .. then get the text
now I'm looking for that path
what an asshole
7:00 PM
Do you have a front desk?
I only have one desk...
@FélixGagnon-Grenier hence my recommendation
and since I am evil gamergater, I am allowed to tell people to kill themselves
at least that's what it send in the manual
see why I am/was tempted to drop the "i"
and the stomach pain I mentioned yesterday
7:03 PM
well, the purge has pretty much ended
so you should be able to leave later
/me is cooking ribs. hmmm, the smell
/me gets another beer
@Shafizadeh I think you are concentrating on the wrong things now
/me already finished both of his beers & accompanying cheese
@tereško ok, how a "speech to text" system works? it gets a voice, sends it to a path, that path returns a text, right?
7:05 PM
parsing speech into text is extremely hard
@tereško Are you one of those evil green/blue/black/color that cheese really shouldn't have people?
@tereško I know, that's why I don't want to create my own system and I want to use google's tool :-)
@user3304007 I already told you twice now to get lost. You can just stay out now o/
@Shafizadeh did you try googeling?
@Shafizadeh you dont need it at all. Stop betting distracted.
7:08 PM
@Shafizadeh of course you could do that .. if you can beat thier lame protection
@Summer-Sky You are new here. I can tell you: no, he indeed did not try googleing :)
Yeah you are one of them
@tereško "it"refers to what? All I want to do is converting a speech to text .. because of doing that is pretty much hard, so I want to use what google uses ... now I need to know google sends a voice to where?
Probably one of those bad boys
7:13 PM
@Summer-Sky my country is boycott and I cannot oped your link
@PeeHaa :-) ... I'm talking about a path .. as you know google gets our sound and sends it to a path (for converting it to text) .. now just I need that path ..
yes crome will take care of that
7:15 PM
@Summer-Sky That actually works pretty damn good
@Summer-Sky and @pmmaga thank you guys .. I will take a look at the links you provided
var u = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance('ttttttttt');
@DaveRandom ^ yw :P
brb writing a chat to speech user script
@PeeHaa lol, yes .. that i have seen some where before XD
@Shafizadeh converting speech to text is an extremely complicated problem .
7:20 PM
@tereško do you mean "implementing it is hard", right?
I would go with "extremely hard"
@Summer-Sky :P
and using 3rd party services (like google) would require a lot of bandwidth from users
omfg this is so cool
var messages = document.querySelectorAll('.message');

for (var i = 0; i < messages.length; i++) {
    if (i > 5) break;
    speechSynthesis.speak(new SpeechSynthesisUtterance(messages[i].textContent));
limited to 6 for safety reasons
@tereško well yes I know it is hard .. but google does it ...! I only want to use google to convert speech to text for me .. doing that is hard too?
7:22 PM
@PeeHaa he want the other way around
ooooh you can even tweak pitch \o/
I give up
@tereško yeah just having fun with a new shiny @Summer-Sky just linked
@PeeHaa I know. I am not even talking to you, since you are currently in the "fat kid in the candy shop" mode
It's true
boo pitch doesn't work for me :(
oh ptch
Best 10 minutes of my life
!!caniuse SpeechSynthesis
Well played edge. Well played
duh, I see now why I couldn't make it work
ff(s) (firefox)
hi, i want to create a mail system, and i stick with how to create the database for recipient, i mean when i want to send mail o multiple recipient, i am not sure how the database structure for recipients should be
@qaisali google one to many relationship
7:31 PM
i did to many
but failed
: 33646106, Mr. Edgar h. Baker, you call the reception. (translated from Turkish)
@DaveRandom @PeeHaa Make Jeeves a voice controlled, client based AI bot please.
7:32 PM
@PeeHaa A SQL query walks into a bar, and asks two tables: "can I join you?" After a while, he falls off his chair, because he drank one too many.
@PeeHaa are you on a Mac?
@rightfold lol
@JayIsTooCommon ofc not
I only use it when I really have to
Reminds me of the classic:
Jul 18 '15 at 15:28, by JavaFan
I need a MySQL query to select * from table where column1 is not null and column2 is null
PEBKAC? (translated from English)
7:33 PM
@rightfold hahahaha
"Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair"
PEBKAC is the default issue state in our bug tracker.
@Ekin intriguingly, Google translates "Ekin" as "Annex"
I need a MySQL query to select * from table where column1 is not null and column2 is null
7:34 PM
yeah, I assume it is because ek = addition @DaveRandom
and some sort of funky fail
naah, we are going with "annex"
@PeeHaa I think you were looking at text to speech but for the other way round, OSX comes with a really decent customisable voice bot. And I mean, completely customisable.
I should probably go and get some context
heil ekin o/
^ lol
7:36 PM
lol indeed :D
so many things to star
@JayIsTooCommon Go grab that context son
Yep. Got it. I'll go back to watching the dumb box
7:38 PM
@Jeeves LOL
that reminded me: I should check what's new on reddit
Hi Guys
Hi Guy
I need some help with json
anyone? @rightfold
Don't ask to ask
7:42 PM
I don't know anything about JSON, sorry.
json derulo

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