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12:00 AM
Someone make that happen.
white page, must be written in PHP :)
try now
(updated the link)
Welcome to: diabloprogress.com
This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy.com.
@Leigh really? shows up fine for me
12:04 AM
I guess my superior ad blocking is better than yours :)
let me disable uBlock and see what happens
Must be that fancy porn filter your fine elected officials put in place in the UK.
diabloprogress was working 2 minutes ago
funny how it expired just now
NOTICE: This domain name expired on 3/4/2015 and is pending renewal or deletion.
must be rdlowrey's terrible US ISP NSA snooping stuff that lets him continue to see it :P
@Leigh lol
The NSA is all up in mah internets bro.
12:08 AM
@Tyrael Looks like you're doing better than me anyway :) eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Leigh-2329/hero/56512076
bloody RNGs
12:59 AM
@bwoebi ($a <=> $b) === 0 will return true whenever ($a == $b) returns true, but one of those is faster
@Andrea Put NAN into $a or $b.
That's AFAIK the only case where the reverse doesn't hold.
Am I right?
Hi, excuse the possible stupid question. I have an array that is being built and used in an SQL query. I need this to equal 1 or 2 or 3 or 4.
currently it obviously only equals 1 at moment using this 'service.active' => 1,
is there a way to even have that match multiples in an array?
It sounds like maybe you want to use the IN() operator
SELECT id, foo from table WHERE id IN(1,2,3,4);
1:24 AM
1:52 AM
@ircmaxell does your namespace pr fix this bug as well? If so, I can link them up :D
Sometimes you look at a WSDL and you're amazed at how a soap client can make sense of that shit.
@jack yes
Cannot find anything else to understand...
2:48 AM
It there any tool that converts result of print_r or var_dump into array?
you mean like var_export() ?
I think he means a print_r() or var_dump() parser.
Q: Create array printed with print_r

John Kar.I have an array: $a = array('foo' => 'fooMe'); and I do: print_r($a); which prints: Array ( [foo] => printme ) Is there a function, so when doing: needed_function(' Array ( [foo] => printme )'); I will get the array array('foo' => 'fooMe'); back?

magento anyone?
no, thank you, i just ate.
2:51 AM
@Ja͢ck / me hopes not
@marcio i'm afraid there's a good chance I have to disappoint you :)
why would somebody do that? xD
I ... ehh ... well ...
(no need to answer)
2:52 AM
I wasn't going to :)
I doubt you could find a good reason (not defying).
I can think of one good reason, but that's part of an end-of-world'ish scenario.
Thanks. It works.
3:09 AM
i am using nodejs, and there is a socket connection between page and server already, so was planning to use it to verify... — mido22 37 secs ago
"I know you're using JavaScript, but what do you use on the server!" ... doesn't get old.
how to change the product column to 2 in magento?
Q: How to set product page to 2 columns-left instead of 1 column

Michael Lee BurkeHope someone can help me, How to set product page to 2 columns-left instead of 1 column. Ive had a look around in catolog.xml but no joy, Ive been looking for catalog_product_view Thanks Michael

I mean the products inside the categories
the row of the product displayed
That's not what you said ... in any case, it's not php problem.
@marcio There is a valid reason for parsing vardump und printr output. Importing debug data from external sources. (SO questions, re
Mote servers with crepy regulations etc...
3:21 AM
moat servers with creepy regulations?
12 points left...
Hit enter by accident and edit is painful on mobile. Should be remote and creepy
3:40 AM
mobile room11 is really painful
the chat protocol is not open, right?
Don't think so, no.
You could write a websocket client to consume it and then expose the chat yourself :)
indeed :D
4:15 AM
I'm not going to lie ... I've considered this.
I have all the technologies in place to do it lol.
But I'm not going to waste my time.
@Ja͢ck looks like someone just hit 100k.
@Ja͢ck , you got it
hey hey!
I checked and was like, "WTF he's still not there. I better fix that."
haha, thanks!
I wonder if there's a special gift after 100k lol
@Ja͢ck , just take it
4:23 AM
L^ )
I think you get like a coffee mug and t-shirt or something right?
You can ask @Gordon ... I believe he's been there.
4:44 AM
@Tyrael Just to be sure you see it: I sent you a DM on twitter about a commit that needs to be brought into the 5.6.7 release branch.
@rdlowrey Is it of international importance? ;-)
5:17 AM
5:36 AM
Hi @JoshWatzman
5:57 AM
@NikiC I tried recursion with yield from… and noticed that each generator frame costs 256 KB? :o Where does all that memory go to?
See that test… github.com/bwoebi/php-src/blob/coroutineDelegation/Zend/tests/… put a memory_get_usage() in the generator and yea…
@NikiC btw. it's not the real memory… just the memory counter which goes against memory limit…
int(26664083496) (26 GB) … return value from memory_get_usage() while real memory allocated from system only was about 830 MB.
What's going wrong there…
6:36 AM
^ Or just … how is that possible at all!?!?
What would be required to get nullable types into 7.0 at this point?
An act of Git?
6:59 AM
@DaveyShafik a time machine, a bucket of sand, two pieces of string, a one meter metal ruler, and a real live pixi ...
@JoeWatkins no, but really...
Zeev is saying it's impossible due to timelines. I believe that it is something that absolutely should roll out with scalar type hints.
I kinda agree with him
I don't think there is currently an RFC in discussion, no patch either ...
I don't see the problem with targeting 7.1 though, why not do that ?
it's down to release managers what get's merged, you should probably just ignore any dates or timelines and do the RFC, if it's voted in in good time for an RM to include in 7.0 then it will be included ...
we need to choose an rm for 7 too ...
@JoeWatkins github.com/php/php-src/pull/1045 there is already a patch/RFC from Levi
it's in draft though
@JoeWatkins sure. Zeev also says it's trivial to add to his coercive types patch, but if he were to include it in his RFC it would need to be limited to Scalars only.
7:13 AM
it's safe to ignore Zeev, the world doesn't end if we ignore someone from Zend :)
I'd just push ahead ...
hello socium!
Hey can someone help me. Someone is down voting all my questions and answers. How do I report this?
was there not a report button somewhere ?
I don't see one
let me check..
7:24 AM
there is flag button for, as i supposed is ment for reporting... Never clicked that one.
my pleasure
=] is there a way I can find out which "./configure --with-this-n-that .." a build was set with? I tried looking in phpinfo() and failed
I am trying ti replicate a build locally
Is it a distro build?

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