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1:02 PM
need help ^
why does the require fail???
@Saitama Try __DIR__."/../router/router.php";
@bwoebi lemme try dat
\o/ it works...
btw what the reason tho for mine one not working?
using __DIR__ is almost always a good idea.
@Danack i see...
As it prevents stuff from not working when you're running it from a different directory.
Or something calls chdir().
1:10 PM
ah, I got it... thnx!
1:44 PM
(English perspective) Is this correct? "All you need is a few senses of humor"
@Shafizadeh "All you need is a little sense of humor"
ah ok thx
@Saitama Are you watching EPL?
no, man utd is playing against some team, isnt it?
Leicester city.
It LC wins, it takes the EPL trophy.
1:53 PM
It's half time right now. 1-1.
tbh, I want man utd to lose...
I hate man utd
Everyone does, I think even MU fans. I just saw them cheering up to LC :)
This feels good, it's Sunday, Easter and a good EPL match.
2:00 PM
@Ocramius if nothing else, the fact that lots of Laravel people are in favour of a new feature has to be a massive 'smell' factor.
@Danack ha
similar for attributes :-D
If you wish to see something like this in PHP... Well, pray for this RFC to get accepted https://wiki.php.net/rfc/pipe-operator https://t.co/a3dkND3uew
@themsaid @Ocramius It's not the pipe operator that makes that code easy to read, it's having it in correct order. https://t.co/OYeO0R9Iha
People are confusing "not writing shit code" with "the benefits of a pipe operator".
2:08 PM
hue hue
@JoeWatkins '
Anyone can help me in php prepared statements?
> Support group for those afflicted with PHP. Don't ask to ask, just ask.
2:21 PM
@JoeWatkins moin
I would like to combine this code: gist.github.com/CharlesCraft50/22d56cf3640b78e6cbf68e3ca8772ac7 to this code: gist.github.com/CharlesCraft50/c6be67fd136388d7c15375a5cf2e0d9e , in one code and one SELECT Statements but different tables
@CharlesCraft50 so what's stopping you? aka what is your precise question?
yo bob, saitama
@JoeWatkins What are you working on today? :-)
How can I combine them?
2:23 PM
@JoeWatkins o/
well, we upgraded to 7.0.6 the other day and servers are still crashing, I've had to patch memcached in a really strange way, so I should be finding out what is going on there ...
and also looking at what it will take to make xhprof work with 7
someone has an unstable branch of xhprof
If I combine them, it gives me error: Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now
don't know how to fix it
I would recommend not combining them. Instead separate them out into their own functions, and then do:
i) Get data from first query.
ii) Get data from second query.
iii) Display both sets of data.
Combining retrieving data with displaying it makes it hard to use - as you're finding out.
@Danack not loving the pipe operator then ?
@JoeWatkins the examples are terrible.
2:26 PM
is there a good one ?
@JoeWatkins github.com/Yaoguais/phpng-xhprof this thing?
@JoeWatkins nope.
There could be....there could be a something where the intermediate variables don't have any real meaning.....like a complicated maths operation.
In which case naming them would be bad to attempt, as it's only the complete operation that is meaningful. But instead Laravel people are excited about how it's going to make writing shitty code easier.
do you dislike it enough to vote no ?
2:28 PM
@JoeWatkins yes
I think it's a pretty strange direction to go in ...
yeah I think I will also
@JoeWatkins yet another php 7 port :-D
yeah, I wonder why there is Chinese everywhere
@JoeWatkins I think I'd vote no - just because it takes up useful syntax......the talk Marco linked is interesting - youtube.com/watch?v=UvD1VjRvGIk&feature=youtu.be
@Danack lol why shitty code?
2:30 PM
@JoeWatkins the code isn't chinese ^^ … dunno about the readme, maybe google translate can help^^
@CharlesCraft50 no, I'm busy writing my own code, and learning how to do basic stuff is a useful thing for you to learn.
@bwoebi :D yeah I know
I think, I might just do it myself ...
@Danack should I use JOIN in it?
2:31 PM
@JoeWatkins I'm really unconvinced by the uses Facebook apparently use it for - en.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/4h25sw/rfc_pipe_operator/d2n0ilm plus my reply.
I don't know enough about it to fix someones broken attempt
@JoeWatkins just check if existing forks are stable enough first ^^
6 mins ago, by Danack
I would recommend not combining them. Instead separate them out into their own functions, and then do:
i) Get data from first query.
ii) Get data from second query.
iii) Display both sets of data.
@bwoebi the one I was sent comes with a "don't use in production" warning :s
that's what I need it for ...
@JoeWatkins look at the other then
2:33 PM
/me stands up from the computer, to remember the important points about French revolution
@bwoebi no mention of instability in the chinese translation, just that xdebug/phpdbg won't work
it's hard to tell if the translation can be trusted, but they mention it works "smoothly", I think ...
I think I'll give that one a shot on a staging server
just try it…
oh trying locally will be pointless, I can't simulate the kind of pressure a public facing server is under, a staging server can be setup to get a percentage of normal traffic ...
@Danack ha, rails is so magical that he can get away with using an example function that turns an apple into a banana ...
@JoeWatkins ehhh … with rails you could turn an apple into a brick wall…
actually I'm not sure if he's talking about rails, I just assume ...
yeah, he's not ... I should pay more attention :D
nothing is really convincing, when people say "it's obvious that the pipe operator improves readability", I just disagree with that, it changes the way you read it, but I fail to see why it's easier, or somehow better to read ...
it's just different ...
3:04 PM
Spent 2 hours wondering why rotation *= deltaRotation; gave insane results and rotation = deltaRotation * rotation; was OK. I was blaming C#... TIL multiplying quaternions is non-commutative
I know some of those words.
playing with Unity
Who here does null === $someVar instead of $someVar === null? I do it the latter and I can't understand people who do it the first way
I see it in a lot of the Symfony code and it just looks so weird to me
@tibanez I don't, but some like to use it as a "I've thought about this, and want to make it obvious to the reader that I'm doing this on purpose". See it mostly with things like false === strpos(...)
@tibanez Because some people are hipsters
3:08 PM
I guess there's also the "I'm terrible and don't want to accidentally perform an assignment when I type = instead of =="
@Leigh Yeah I see it like that too. Maybe if when I started learning I did it that way then the current way I do it would look completely weird and backwards to me. I just think the variable coming first reads better
that shit happens when some asshole writes a blog post declaring it as best practice.. because if it's in a blog it's true
Every time I read an if statement like that after I read the first half I'm like what the hell is this person doing and then I realize. It just slows me down a bit as I skim through the code
@PaulCrovella amazed there's not a proposed.. standard.. recommendation .. cringe.. including it :p
@tibanez en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoda_conditions - see, no real advantage :)
3:15 PM
@Leigh You gotta be pretty good to mistype a === as = though
good == special ;)
we have to read shit twice because a legion of programmers have been convinced they need ritual to protect themselves from their own typing
I dont know if this is the right place to ask this
On this webpage you have a video and I d like to obtain the link of the video itself
i.e. when you include an image in html it s something like <img src="xxxx"...>
for video s there is a source link as well
view source, it'll be in there somewhere
I would like to get the source link of this video: vier.be/theskyisthelimit/videos/aflevering-van-2-februari/…
@Leigh well I couldn t find it strangely enough!
usually finding the link is pretty straight forward
3:27 PM
alright, dev console, network tab, hit play
and then?
you'll have some kind of connection appear in your network tab?
idk I ve never used that tab. I know it exists but have no experience with it
Ok for me it looks like it might be http://vod.streamcloud.be/vier_vod_geo/mp4:_definst_/theskyisthelimit/s3/201602‌​02_afl1_the_sky_cracco_zingt.mp4/playlist.m3u8 but it also has some dutch pop up that I'm guessing says "the video is only for belgians"
3:30 PM
ok and how did you find that link?
I went to my network tab, and hit play on the video...
oh yes I see!
the issue is that
the links I obtain are from 10xec lengths of the total video
if you understand what I mean
the entire video is 40 min
if I click on the link it downloads the video (with a length of 10 sec)
every approx 2.5Mb loads
and then a new link is generated
3:45 PM
sure, that's how video's get buffered, in chunks, you may find that audio is even buffered independantly
hmmm and what if I want the video entirely
instead of chunks?
umm... guys?
I need some help...
4:03 PM
I have the following code:
but I don't want it to go through if the url contains 'pass' or 'admin'
How do I ensure this?
(sorry, newbie here)
Whitelist, don't blacklist. Check to see if it's getting files that you want to expose to the public, don't try to filter out files that you don't want exposed.
4:29 PM
Umm... actually this is for a hacking challenge I'm designing for fellow students. I just need to prevent access to two folders.
!!doc substr
!doc substr
!!docs substr
[ substr() ] Return part of a string
<3 Jeeves likes me too
@Ghedipunk :P yw
4:41 PM
ok... thanks
(English perspective) Is this correct? "What you said compeletely makes no sense."
maybe... "What you said didn't make any sense at all."
Ah ok thx
Can someone please look at this : stackoverflow.com/questions/36968552/… ?
@RahulBasu and dont use $_REQUEST unless you understand how it is populated. use $_GET and $_POST instead
4:48 PM
@Subin Are you sure the command is runned in the background?
Are you using any asynchronous library?
@Saitama No, I'm sure as it is downloading a file
I mean Yes
I meant No to the second question
I'm actually making a library for Async Background Execution
Maybe the file to be downloaded is getting downloaded before executing the exec method?
No, download starts from the beginning
> Never reinvent the wheel
There is currently no wheel for it
4:51 PM
There are ample asynchronous library for PHP..
I'm making a library to support Windows and *nix systems
It's for running PHP scripts in background
I have already made it. It's just this bug that I found now
@Subin There are, this , this, etc.. etc...
@Saitama I did look at this, this, etc.. But none of them suited me
@Subin This is parallel processing, not async or non-blocking…
^ dat
4:56 PM
I don't want it to be parallel processing
Just let it run
and let it finish separately
Can someone explain to me how this works; preg_match("/\bweb\b/i", "PHP is the web scripting language of choice.")?
@Subin the child process holds the parent process alive … you say output buffering is on … why don't you just flush it?
@bwoebi I could do that. But why does the script not finish execution as exec() is doing a background process ?
@bwoebi Also, the connection won't be released between browser and the AJAX script
I want to do it in the non-blocking way
@Subin background process just means the process doesn't wait on result
but termination of the background process waits
Then what's the word for my need ?
Non Blocking Background Process ? :O
@bwoebi How can I not make it wait for the termination ?
5:04 PM
typically, disowned … but in your case … stackoverflow.com/a/141026/2153758
(I'm not sure how you'd disown under Windows, on unix you'd use pcntl_* funcs)
@bwoebi I had seen that page. I'm making a library, so is there a way to do it inside the library ?
Closing a connection would need changes in the script made by the user
This is where it gets tricky :-(
For parallel processing and multi-threading you can use pthreads too...
@Saitama that's not going to help him…
5:10 PM
He was talking 'bout parallel processing...
@Subin does your Windows solution work?
@Saitama Non Parallel Processing
so use supervisord to run multiple processes.....
@bwoebi Yes
In that case, for unix, you can just pcntl_fork()
and then dispatch the exec()
5:11 PM
@bwoebi Okay, I'm going to try that
@Saitama Oops
@Saitama I'll fix that
@Saitama all he wants is dispatching a job in background to run independently of the process, ignoring its return values.
Ah... I see...
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