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12:24 AM
Mornings to all
TIL why we need move_uploaded_file() and rename() isn't enough: upload_tmp_dir might be outside of any open_basedir path.
12:43 AM
@bwoebi ...huh
@bwoebi tbh having uploads be "files" seems unnecessarily restrictive and likely to cause trouble
storage should maybe be an implementation detail, I think
Happy not friday anymore all \o/
1:06 AM
happy weekend
@PeeHaa Go to US! There it's still Friday! quick!
2:05 AM
well, it's officially the weekend, which means two days of dead time where job-hunting is pointless
@ScottArciszewski If you're in the US 3 days. Monday is Labor Day.
oh shit
you're right
oh well, I might as well focus on getting some work done on a side project then
2:39 AM
2 hours later…
4:26 AM
@NikiC thanks ... I'm not sure how I'm going to solve it, I plugged the leaks that let the old solution work and don't want to open them up again ... I'll figure something out, probably ...
5:09 AM
My first Android app on Play Store: play.google.com/store/apps/…
5:26 AM
Hi room
any one can help me for this Q: stackoverflow.com/questions/32409664/…
5:44 AM
@ircmaxell: see my Q?
Q: Codeignter Custom Encryption Library Fatal Error

Shiv KumarPlease someone help on following error in codegniter: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_get_iv_size() It works fine on localhost but not on live server. Encryption Library class Encryption { var $skey = "SuperKey"; // you can change it public function safe_b64en...

if anyone can help me find the source of this shitty crypto code, I'd greatly appreciate it
I want to seek & destroy
5:55 AM
they prob wrote it
yes, but what was the inspiration?
mcrypt_encrypt(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256, $this->skey, $text, MCRYPT_MODE_ECB, $iv);
I see things like this all the time, but have never found the book, video, or blog post that tells people to use this
there has to be something I'm missing
there's no way all these people can be making very similar mistakes without being misled by the same source
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Using host libthread_db library "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libthread_db.so.1".
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/gdb/auto-load/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6.0.19-gdb.py", line 63, in <module>
    from libstdcxx.v6.printers import register_libstdcxx_printers
ImportError: No module named 'libstdcxx'
[New Thread 0x7ffff2544700 (LWP 23894)]

Breakpoint 1, pthreads_threaded_unserialize (object=0x7ffff6058808, ce=0x10452f0, buffer=0x10931cf ":140737321014048:}}", buflen=17, data=0x7fffffffa0c8) at /usr/src/pthreads/php_pthrea
any one help me fot this Q:stackoverflow.com/questions/32409664/…
Q: separate html from php comments class

NewCod3rI found this class for thearded comment using php and MySQL: public $parents = array(); public $children = array(); /** * @param array $comments */ function __construct($comments) { foreach ($comments as $comment) { if ($comment['parent_id'] === NULL) { ...

krakjoe@fiji:/usr/src/promises$ php example.php
The meaning of life + 2: 44
no cheating this time @NikiC ... thank so much for helping out with that ...
6:10 AM
@ScottArciszewski 99points.info/2010/06/… i think this is your culprit ;p
Best T-shirt ever. http://t.co/OuZf7XjwTc
I have just crashed gedit, for the first time ever I went too fast for it ...
@JoeWatkins When I call Thread::kill(), what exactly is happening?
@Trowski scary things :o
6:15 AM
Does it send a signal to the thread?
the handler bailsout ...
I have an event loop running in the thread, and calling Thread::kill() doesn't seem to stop it. Should I be listening for something?
it's actually not dangerous, except in the sense that writing code that relies on kill is wrong ...
Yeah, I know, but I want kill to at least work.
good find
6:16 AM
what is it doing in the event loop ?
Polling a socket.
it might not be doing something that is cancellable
using what though ?
Umm... in this case I think stream_select(). Depends on the implementation being used though.
actually what's wrong with code why it's insecure?? @ScottArciszewski
ECB mode + unauthenticated (no MAC)
even if you switch to CBC mode, it uses MCRYPT_RAND for the IV (ECB mode discards the IV) instead of MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM
and it's still not authenticated
finally, MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256 is a non-standard cipher (it's not AES but many people think it is)
6:19 AM
if the underlying lib blocks signals (or the SAPI above it actually), it won't matter what you send, or what it is doing, if the underlying lib is not at a cancellation point, then it can't recv signals either, if the code is running on windows, it doesn't support it well either ... it's really a bad idea to use kill, if it doesn't work, it'll be one of those things ...
we can't change any of those things ...
oh, and one more thing: it has a padding oracle (via trim())
paragonie.com/blog/2015/05/… <- it basically hits everything I complained about in this post
@JoeWatkins Alright, I'll have to think about how to approach that then.
Generally kill shouldn't be necessary anyway.
no it really shouldn't ...
But I'm trying to make the library as simple to use as possible. Right now if you fail to stop a worker before the script ends, the script just hangs (because the event loop is still running in the thread).
maybe something we could look at doing is abstracting signals for threads though ...
but it's such a mess, there's no way to tell how whatever you are interacting with is dealing with signals, php, libev/libuv, apache, they all do something ...
I'll think about it ...
6:24 AM
Signals are always such a mess... but if you could find a solution that would be great!
What signal is it sending to the thread?
oh did you try disabling zend signals ?
user signal
it might be that, because pthreads didn't use zend signals, because it was broken until the other day ... but the kill() test passes in the test suite and I have them enabled right now ...
still might be worth a shot ...
Heh, if I add a listener to stop the loop on SIGUSR1 then it works.
you have zend_signals enabled ?
brb, gotta take misses to work, she's squeaking at me ...
@ScottArciszewski thnks for links reading the articles ?? Then can better understand the what's wrong with above code
@JoeWatkins Yes, I'm trying to make it work with some of the default builds.
6:31 AM
I emailed the 99points person
SO should have a list of restricted websites where outdated and worst material exist for learning
6:46 AM
@JoeWatkins Seems the issue is that I just need to disable my own signal handling in the loop.
@Trowski ah I c
Not a lot of reason for a thread to handle signals.
7:03 AM
@Sjon did my script kind-of broke 3v4l? :P the page refreshes now. i want to write a better fix, ping me when you are around
7:33 AM
@Gordon can i bug you for a sec? apparently i'm prevented from creating new rooms (i don't have "create a new room with this user", for instance). why that? what have i done :P
@Abe you've been kicked several times from HTML / CSS / Web Development. Maybe @MadaraUchiha can clarify what that was for.
goooooood morning
oh. i've been kicked by other room owners. it's a fun sport, kicking each others xD we didn't know about these consequences
@Abe I am removing the ban
should work now
thank you very much :P
gotta love documentations that look like:
 * Gets the markers.                YOU DON'T SAY
 * @return array                      NO WAY
function getMarkers();
i find them offensive
// creates a new LinearSelection instance              WOW! i wouldn't have guessed that
$ls = new LinearSelection($direction);
7:49 AM
declare numeric as int | float;
declare Iterable as Traversable | array;
declare ArrayLike as (ArrayAccess & Countable) | array;
declare Something as 1 | 2 | 3;
declare imagetype as "png" | "gif" | "jpg"
ooh, for type hints?
I'm guessing to target 7.1
or 8
I'd find that incredibly useful!
7:53 AM
@ircmaxell i like union/intersection types. but why named?
would prefer way more:
function test(A|B|(C&D) $foo){}
but i don't know if it's any harder to parse/validate
that's less readable
naming them lets you put it up near namespace and use
i believe they would be autoloaded @ScottArciszewski because the same alias can be used by several classes
I'm leaning towards keeping them per-file
meaning that you declare the type at the top of the file.
as far as using it across multiple files, there is that use-case, yes. But there's also going to be HUGE potential for collision (imagine the number of numeric that will be made)
7:57 AM
type hinting already works this way with classes
use Foo\Bar\Baz as Something;
function whiskey(Something $x) {
@ircmaxell how hard is validating compatibility of:
declare ArrayLike as (ArrayAccess & Countable) | array;
declare ArrayLike as (ArrayAccess | array) & (Countable | array);
they are the same, just written different ways. the latter being funky
it's just descending trees
so in an OR, you validate the left side, and if it's OK, then you're good, otherwise you try the right side. With an AND, you validate both sides. And you simply recurse
i didn't mean validating an argument, but validating the two signatures, like:
declare AL1 as (ArrayAccess & Countable) | array;
class A{ function test(AL1 $foo){} }
declare AL2 as ArrayLike as (ArrayAccess | array) & (Countable | array)
class A1 extends A{ function test(AL2 $foo){} }
or is it the same?
initially, I wouldn't support that. But it shouldn't be horrible to implement a check to do that
I don't like the per-file bit
8:02 AM
@JoeWatkins so you'd just allow collisions?
we can detect and throw a compile error ?
s/allow/die because of/
I guess I just see it as a fancy use
actually, screw declare: use ArrayAccess | array as ArrayLike
@ircmaxell i'm working on that too, and i have totally no clue on how to do it
reminds me of P versus NP :P
8:04 AM
working on it?
that's nicer
@Abe it's not P=NP
a type is a type is a type, you can't have a class named Foo in two files that mean totally different things ... I don't see a good reason to allow it for union/composed types
@JoeWatkins sure you can
use imports let you do exactly that
in different namespaces, but they are different classes
8:06 AM
not in C, @ircmaxell i'm for fun working on something that recalls java/c#'s reflection classes
\Foo I should have said ..
to be fair, I'm also talking about opening the door unnamed union/intersection types in signatures
so function(int|float $abc) : int|false {}
so the use syntax would just be sugar
what's a good reason to allow two files to declare a union with the same name and different types ?
not having to have a symbol table entry for it
just like how use works today
the name only has meaning in context..,.
@ircmaxell related, how would a generic class implementing the same interface twice but two different type arguments look like?
interface C<T1 is Foo>{ function test(T1 $foo); }
class CC implements C<Foo1>, C<Foo2>{ function test(Foo1|Foo2 $foo); }
would this work with named ones?
8:11 AM
It wouldn't work in any case
also, you'd just implement C<Foo1 | Foo2>
i don't see any other method overloading alternative than that
I can't imagine the named implementation, I can imagine unnamed unions as parameters/returns, but not sure how names will work ...
method overloading?
@JoeWatkins exactly how use is today, a purely compile-time construct for sugar
:25522869 in java would be:
class CC implements C<Foo1>, C<Foo2>{
    function test(Foo1 $foo){}
    function test(Foo2 $foo){}
@Abe yes, and THANK GOD PHP is not that dumb
8:13 AM
java/c#/etc :P
method overloading is one of the worst ideas in programming. Right behind nullability
i agree
I don't really know if I like that idea ...
namespaces are that ... and they are shit ...
it's kind of neat when you first encounter it, but all it has ever done for me was make auditing very painful
8:14 AM
I probably could have shaved an hour off the last audit I did if they didn't overload the same method 4 times
@JoeWatkins what does adding them to the symbol table buy you? Honestly? If there's a good answer I'm open to revisiting
still thinking about it ...
I don't know ...
I don't know either. And that's why I'm leaning to compile-time only, makes a few things easier, while greatly simplifiying the patch
@ircmaxell why? Comparable would need that
reflection would surely be better ...
8:16 AM
class Foo1 implements Comparable<Foo1>, Comparable<Foo2>{
    function compareTo(Foo1|Foo2 $foo);
it's not going to be compile time only
@Abe No it wouldn't: class Foo1 implements Comparable<Foo1|Foo2>
that's not possible is it ?
@JoeWatkins the named part. The implementation will still need to handle the algebraic type
and as far as $foo instanceof Comparable<Foo>, you could add a rule for instanceof with a generic that checks the type would satisfy the union.
@ircmaxell oh i'm not talking of the syntax, just want to know if it's going to be possible with named ones
8:19 AM
if what's going to be possible?
declare Foo12 = Foo1 | Foo2;
class Foo1 implements Comparable<Foo12>{
    function compareTo(Foo12 $foo){}
why wouldn't that be possible?
I'll wait for you to start a patch, it's unclear in my head ... I like the idea though, obviously ...
@JoeWatkins I'm trying to work out the semantics prior to patch. That way I write it "once"
then I'm useless, I might not be tomorrow ... or later today ...
8:21 AM
@ircmaxell because of the contravariance part
nvm. i got it
anyway, i like it. also named is not that bad but i'm not sure if it should be per file
Every time a developer says "temporary workaround" I remember this list. http://t.co/OpI48BvJxo
Is it normal to see a lot of warnings when building php from source?
namespace LOL;
use NS\{Foo, Baz};
intersection type A{
    Foo, Baz;

namespace ROFL;
use LOL\A;
use OMG\{Bar, Qux};
union type B{
    A, Bar, Qux;
8:38 AM
> see a forum thread titled "wordpress security plugin"
> immediately find trivial SQL injection flaw in it
type IntString = string | int; what would happen with weak STH @ircmaxell? would that convert to string or int? do we care?
@Abe if it doesn't match either, try to convert from left to right, I would think. So 12.5 would become "12.5", but 12 would stay 12
type IntString = string | *int; though i don't think php should even care of that, since both are valid according to the type
8:55 AM
sorry. my english sucks :P i mean we don't care to which type the input must be converted, since both are valid
is it?
we still have to pick one
allowing the user to decide which one would be the best option, but is it worth it? type IntString = string | *int; (prefers int over string)
also that's something you want to decide in the implementation rather than when you declare the type
class A{function baz(string|*int $foo){}} // this prefers scalars to get converted to int
class A1 extends A{function baz(*string|int $foo){}} // this prefers string instead
I don't think that's necessary
but my crystal ball says that some weak types fan will bitch about it :P:P
let them bitch
adding a pointer symbol won't fix that problem
9:04 AM
pointer symbol?
so... I compiled php from current github master branch, copied sapi/cli/php executable to some other random location, and I am trying to implement a little standalone cli app around it (which would use php -S dev server). How venerable is this to broken links to shared libs?
awal@bookstro:~/Documents/experiments$ file php
php: ELF 64-bit LSB  executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]=e59367e94c6c5d2f0fa6be702d1ce8ab4b2181e1, not stripped
depends what exts you built
ldd php will tell you what libs it relies on ...
better just use --prefix and make a proper install I think
stop remind me that i should be learning C! :D will do, once i get the time, about steptember 2074
@JoeWatkins didn't get that :( you mean install php on the system where the app will run? that isn't an option for me :(
@JoeWatkins aha! that really helps. looks like there isn't any special lib to depend on
I think libxml2 is the only one which might not be available everywhere
9:20 AM
confusing people are confusing ...
lol, Tor Blocker grabs IPs over HTTP
@ircmaxell another thing to consider is recursion. imagine the following:
`function setPostData(array<string|*r*> $foo);` where *r* is `array<string|*r*>`
though i don't think all this stuff is of primary importance, but maybe it's something that you want to take into account now before you get started
also cc @LeviMorrison ^
9:49 AM
Q: jquery validate is not working on wordpress plugin

Kakul SarmaI am trying to create a contact form plugin with jquery.validate.min.js But Its not working , have look on my code plugin page : add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'load_frankly_script'); add_action('validate_hook', 'load_frankly_script'); function load_frankly_script(){ wp_enqueue_scri...

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11:47 AM
Hello everybody
@JoeWatkins yay!
12:04 PM
method overloading is one of the worst ideas in programming. Why ??
Function overloading exhibits the behavior of polymorphism
it is definitely a bad idea for interpreted languages though
Overloaded methods can make code much less readable.

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