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11:00 AM
@DaveRandom Oh - it also didn't exist until MySQLND was implemented apparently.
Link-only-answer Downvote please before I flag. I don't care if, "without the href it's a valid answer", it's still a bad answer.
@PeeHaa How this this work in terms of accessing variable and optional?
$router->get('ticket', '/ticket/{variable}/{optional?}', function() {
    return true;
> $id = 'NULL';
@Fabien variable is a mandatory path variable so can be /ticket/whatever
To grab whatever it is though do you have something set up?
11:02 AM
optional is optional so either /ticket/whatever or /ticket/whatever/filled would work
Let me find my gist
@tereško Could be worse. $id = 'one hundred and forty-five';
@Danack $int = intval('one hundred and forty-five');
@Jimbo I never trust a man with that little hair
@AlmaDo Still looking for a project/something to do?
11:07 AM
@Fabien No I think he's busy doing your mum your wife some work
ho ho ho a joke :P
I calls them like I sees them
Hnnng 4k Monitor £499.99
@Fabien At 28", you're not even going to see the benefits of 4K are you?
I was under the impression you would need at least 50 inches
11:09 AM
Unsure, what's the 4k physical size look like?
@Fabien e.g. something like gist.github.com/PeeHaa/11173178
Awesome thanks @PeeHaa :D
@Jimbo You just enjoy setting me up for "your mum" jokes, don't you?
11:11 AM
@Fabien lawd
It's 28'' XD
@DaveRandom LOL
I think that's larger than my TV :D
4k Certainly looks bigger than 28"
8ks are coming out too.
@Fabien as usual - always ready for interesting projects
@AlmaDo I thought a crossword generator would be a fun thing to build.
Sure it's probably been done but meh
11:16 AM
@Fabien Here are two interesting projects
@Fabien that would need a good Q&A base
no other difficulties
Either a Sudoku solver/generator, or a Go player (bonus points: client and server)
@Fabien 4k is already relatively ridiculous for most.
@SecondRikudo there's a few go bots out there. Some open source. But yeah I couldn't fathom the complexities
@Jack Broadband isn't there for me in that regard either.
@Fabien I didn't say Bot, Bots are freaking insane
A player.
Where a user can play go?
Wither two on the same computer, or in a client-server formation.
@tereško App
no, not that one
@SecondRikudo Makes sense.
There was one called kaya which was good but too demanding on the devs so it ceased.
11:28 AM
@PeeHaa there's a small thing with $route = $router->getRoute($request); not being available yet to get the $_GET stuff in the gist... but I will figure it out. Or I am being dumb
'id' => $route->getVariable('id'),
That's not $_GET ;) $_GET is querystring :-)
potato potato :P
well anyhoo $route is undefined in the route setup
11:34 AM
@AlmaDo After some research and own benchmarking I can say that mobile devices are not ready to handle such heavy structures. I need to somehow simplify relationship. :/
@Leri that's what was expected..
@AlmaDo The problem is that I have no idea, what the f... I can do now.
Using this showed columns that don't exist any more. I'm using MySql 5.1.68-cll, the database I'm working of is in bits, so I fell back to @stillstanding answer below — Coombesy 32 mins ago
@Leri reconsider issue resolving method itself? Choose another technology? Re-work whole structure?
11:48 AM
i have configured apache and mysql
in mac
also try to configure phpmyadmin
nothing work
so it's mean php is not configure ?
Any one can help me here
@AlmaDo 1. I am doing that. 2. There's not much available (if there's at all). 3. No time for that. Thanks for help, anyway. ;)
@Gamex "nothing work" isn't going to help
help me here
it's urgent
11:52 AM
Famous last words. ^
^ that phrase was a big mistake..
"it's urgent" -> instant small avatar.
@Leri well, I've done nothing :\ but yet in the same time - may be you need to search for different ways (i,e, divide your issue to something or even use network to process the data)
how to better say "filterable" ?
11:53 AM
I wonder what isn't "filterable"
One day, a boss will ask an employee to build an Animal based system and suddenly every OOP tutorial on the internet will become relevant.
@tereško I'd think that's fine.
@PeeHaa the variables are there privately in the router object
@tereško Siftable? :)
@tereško Context? (sentence it is to be used in)
11:58 AM
@DaveRandom for mindmap node
Hey guys has anyone used gettext? I read so many articles but I fail to make it work, here is my question stackoverflow.com/questions/23267891/cant-make-gettext-work . Also I wanted to ask why to use gettext? I could use gettext logic and use json instead of po files, any advantage of po files?
hell, I cannot even explain it to someone else
@tereško Then I got nothing that's not too wordy
Except maybe "refinable"
11:59 AM
@AlmaDo Basically, this is IM so it's meant to work offline... Otherwise your idea is superb. I am left with 3 options: 1. make dbms process data instead of me (which more likely will be slow). 2. Grab some C++ and get down to the bones (which I don't want, because: additional learning curve, maintenance hell, etc). 3. Take a break and have a fresh look at the problem.
@tereško Perhaps Removable, because through the process of filtering, it may be subject to removal.
But that's probably too broad.
@DaveRandom that actually might do
@DanLugg More like too specific :)
Hello guys
@Leri IM = ? (because my translation stands for instant messenger, which can't work offline)
12:00 PM
Please help if you have time to solve my problem in : stackoverflow.com/questions/17699727/…
@Almis Aside from being "more standard" and not having to re-invent the wheel, not really
wow, that's a problem from last year? oh wait, that's not you :)
@AlmaDo Yes, it is and it can (i.e. browsing purposes).
12:01 PM
@Leri well.. I thought it should be some server-side there.
Sorry @PeeHaa je suis en retard :P
@Fabien For a moment that read as "I'm a retard" :)
It's my way of saying it :p
@AlmaDo There's and most of the integration with server is completed. All that socket and protocol stuff. I am just outputing/saving exchanged data locally so user can browse it whenever s/he wants.
@DaveRandom well if gettext worked for me then I would have used it but I can't make it work, read so many articles and they all pretty much same. Don't know what else I can do, I think I will re-invent the wheel.
12:04 PM
how can I on different words say " application submission date"
@Almis Define "can't make it work" (i.e. what happens or does not happen when you do what?)
because this one sounds kinda off
@tereško release date?
@DaveRandom I have posted a question stackoverflow.com/questions/23267891/cant-make-gettext-work, its just doesnt translate my text
@tereško The word "submission" is redundant IMO
12:05 PM
@Jack it used to be the punishment for being late to French class when I was in school
@Fabien You mean standing in the corner?
@Leri it's referring to "time when you handed the papers in"
heh no. That was punishment for talking too much.
@tereško /me has no idea in that case
12:10 PM
also, what is the term for person who is handling job applications ?
hmm, staff manager?
.. inventing names for entities/variables/classes/methods will always be the hardest part in programming
Ugh, people just love these kinds of non issues.
Nameology :)
can someone explain to this person why he is doing it wrong: stackoverflow.com/questions/23268535/database-security-encoding
12:20 PM
MVC with low and high level? o.0
I question his reasoning and sanity for wanting this.
ignore the "mvc bit", the question has nothing to do with it
I did think about data mapper as well.
but buzzword...
you can do it with mappers, but the whole idea is suspect
... and of course some retard decide to add "just use ORM" answer
12:23 PM
Yeah, I raised the "security through obscurity" flag.
Oh, you added the tag .. lol
@Fabien the CURLOPT_USERPWD option is little more than a wrapper around the Authorization header. So you would do this:
$authHeader = "Basic " . base64_encode($username . ":" . $password);
$request = new Artax\Request;
$request->setHeader("Authorization", $authHeader);
$response = $client->request($request);
<3 @rdlowrey
But FYI unless you're using an encrypted connection you should avoid HTTP authorization as it's trivial to steal the username/pass in cleartext.
Codebase HQ don't seem to care too much but I will see if work will fork out for a cert.
@JoeWatkins Is that a general nudge or a specific nudge?
Also, morning.
12:32 PM
Can preg_replace handle an array as $subject?
> If subject is an array, then the search and replace is performed on every entry of subject, and the return value is an array as well.
@rdlowrey It is a little more than that, since it handles Basic/Digest, could maybe do with an ext for it?
@rdlowrey Huh, missed that
But then the documentation is a bit misleading isn't it?
@DaveRandom Yeah I could add something like that. I keep trying to set aside time to do a major overhaul and keep having more important things get in the way. I'll put it on the list.
12:35 PM
I mean, the signature says string $subject, and the description never says it can be an array
@Fabien :P Soooo it is fixed? :)
@SecondRikudo dat manual :)
@PeeHaa shamefully lowers head yes :X
@rdlowrey Where is that quoted from?
I don't see it in the manual
I forgot/didn't see the updated injection of the AccessPoint. :D
12:37 PM
@Fabien :D
It happens :)
My bad, preg_match
@SecondRikudo Well, looking at the relevant php-src it doesn't look like you can give preg_match anything but a string for the $subject parameter.
@rdlowrey Thanks snowhite Daniel.
@rdlowrey You know you can use something animated for your SO profile right? hint hint :P
12:43 PM
@Fabien really? I just assumed that wouldn't work. Definitely going to "take advantage" then ...
Well I saw someone with an animated one yesterday so I presume so heh
Well, I changed it to your gif ... not sure if it displays, though.
Works when I go directly to it from main site. Just wait for SO chat to update I guess and it should work when I hover over it.
is there any postgresql users here ?
(there is no SQL chatroom, or just not used that much :p )
ORDER BY colName LIMIT 1 OFFSET ... gives unpredicable result. just curious if it's a known feature
@Fabien do you have devices that can output 4k?
12:51 PM
@KarelG unpredicable how? Does it set your cat on fire?
@Gordon hah no. It's a thousand years too early for me :)
@PeeHaa yes, but predictably
@Fabien thats whats keeping me from buying a 4k TFT. Neither my desktop nor my thinkpad can output it
@Gordon My only reasoning for buying that particular 4k would be resolution.
or much expendable income.
well, the OFFSET doesn't give me the 2nd row when using OFFSET 1
but the first one
and in website, it gives a completely different row result then the result from the query in the SQL editor in pgAdmin
12:55 PM
@Fabien I need a new TFT. I am torn between a 27" 4k Samsung, 29" 21:10 Philips or a WHQD 27" Dell
I guess it depends on how you think 4k will go over 'x' years you have your monitor. What would you use it for? I have a friend who said it'd be great for his photography.
@Gordon I think you just won three internets.
@Gordon bless you
12:56 PM
@Fabien mainly programming with a bit of gaming inbetween
Good (UGT) morning, everyone :)
i know that term, but really ? ._.
@SecondRikudo awesome. where can i download them?
maybe i should sit behind the screen <.<
@DaveRandom thanks
12:57 PM
@Gordon What does that mean?
@PeeHaa Oo
can it be?
@Gordon You'll get them on floppy disks in mail in 6-8 weeks.
he doesnt know?
@Gordon at 4k you'd need a graphics card to handle it too :)
@SecondRikudo s/weeks/metric tonnes/
12:58 PM
@Fabien yeah, I know. And a new thinkpad or I interpolate to a lower resolution which will likely look bad
@DaveRandom s/metric tonnes/kilotonnes
@Gordon I don't think so. Unless I'm stupid when I don't know in which case I totally understood you ;)
@Gordon Some insight
@PeeHaa Problem Is Killing All Crappy Happy Ukuleles.
12:59 PM
As mentioned earlier too though. 4k @28" seems a little small.
@Fabien thanks
@Fabien I remember being blown away by the size of my mates !7" CRT
@Gordon Oooooh that thing
lol. Yeah. I had a 19" CRT growing up. it's crazy how big it is now... width wise.
@DaveRandom I'd be amazed at a 1854" (!7") screen too :-P
But this is the first time I've seen subfactorials used in reference to screen size ;)
/me hides.
1:15 PM
@NiekBergman Maybe it was just not 7", I can't remember
Hmm, one of my answers over at the AskUbuntu SE really seems to be paying dividends every time an Ubuntu release is near :-P
A: Upgrading from the command line?

Niek BergmanYou'll first need to make sure update-manager-core is present (it may already be installed): sudo apt-get install update-manager-core Next, run: sudo do-release-upgrade You may need to check /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and change the line: Prompt=lts to: Prompt=normal for the...

1:33 PM
@rdlowrey specific ayres shaped nudge ...
&& morning
@JoeWatkins Was working on it nonstop until 2am, woke up at 8 this morning and picked up where I left off and should be able to continue doing so all of today. With some luck I hope to have usable threaded functionality today but it may take until tomorrow. Either way it's the number one priority and you'll know as soon as I have something you can use.
@Jimbo It's not even that much for where I live. (it is, but it's not) ... Just linked the ad from the github frontpage, most of them are like so... crap.
1:40 PM
I can't stress enough how amazing biscuits and gravy are...
@rdlowrey BURN BABY
@ircmaxell Truer words were ne'er spoken
@ircmaxell The thing you posted the other day? Is there a recipe? :P
This thread is now hijacked.
Discussion for all things culinary, and stuff.
1:46 PM
I don't understand a word.
@ircmaxell do they serve it at the google cafeteria then?
Is the food free? -_-
1:56 PM
I hate you so much right now.
2:10 PM
Questions asking us to recommend or find a tool, library or favorite off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. — TOOTSKI 6 secs ago
I told him!
Test rode that Ducati 899 today. Really didn't like it. Far too small, ran out of petrol after 8 miles (luckily across from a petrol station) and accidentally wheelied in first and when it crashed back down it almost took my balls off
> Laravel itself is the one of the best tools to create an API.
@Jimbo :D
What's the price tag on the thingy?
Hm, that's like my entire yearly salary.
If you use it daily it's worth it I guess.
Much more fun than a car.
I drove Suzuki B-King once, but like 5mph.
Shit is scary to drive.
@TOOTSKI false
2:16 PM
@tereško I didn't want to write... Your answer is crap..
A: Can any body help me to find best library for creating restfull api in laravel 4

sidneydobberLaravel itself is the one of the best tools to create an API. http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/laravel-4-a-start-at-a-restful-api-updated--net-29785 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv-yv_gJhIg Really it's super easy. A RESTful API is nothing more then a group of routes that are connected to c...

That statement along with tutsplus link and saying how REST is easy... crap.
You told him.
@TOOTSKI If before tax, you should find somewhere better- in fact even if after tax... why so low?
What's that tax you speak of? :P
It's not possible to find a great remote job, that's not outsourcing.
@TOOTSKI Just go to India and be outsourced for?
@SecondRikudo how's work?
2:23 PM
I'm happy, if that counts :)
> I will appreciate your help on this matter at your earliest possible.
Nice. It's politer.
@CarrieKendall I predict that 1 in 5 would actually get paid.
Facebook fixed 3 things I reported and all I got is thanks.
2:29 PM
shrug.. +1 because even if only 1 in 5 people are monetarily rewarded, it's more than most are offered for their contributions
I also pwnd PHP project and got nothing for that too.
Where's my karma?
Shower me with karma.
You can't buy respect.
If you can not buy something - sell it!
@TOOTSKI Oh yes you can :-P
2:32 PM
@ircmaxell OF COURSE YOU CAN.
^ you need MORE caps lock :p
It just depends on the price.
@ircmaxell agreed, am on it. project has gone through 3 refactoring stages, with neither finished before the next developer started! A complete mess, looking in to this though is wrongly at the bottom of the task list for next couple of weeks - orders are orders :( — Coombesy 38 secs ago
wtf does $collection->insert($row); modify $row !?!??!
mongoDB ^
the database server is literally broken, but it's at the bottom of the task list...
2:34 PM
adds "_id"
@CSᵠ yes, because it gives you the id it inserted as, since every object gets a unique id
@ircmaxell what do you mean literally ? You've smashed the server by a 50kg hammer?
@Coombesy if that query returned columns, either they exist, or something is REALLY broken with your setup. I would highly suggest figuring out why it's doing that, and not just using some other syntax. — ircmaxell 3 hours ago
@AlmaDo literally as in mysql itself may be corrupted (as in the metadata that it keeps about tables), so yes, literally when referring to the software
ugh. that.. was a joke :D
@ircmaxell indeed, but it's not right to modify my data, should be done some other way
2:36 PM
it's a design choice. you don't like it? make a wrapper that removes that funcitonality
or fork the library and remove it directly
sometimes git makes me want to throw stuff
@Lusitanian i think that's just a part of using git
> git: 'throw' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
What's the leet way to calculate difference between two adjacent numbers in array?
@DaveRandom well, that's where i ran into an issue. and as it turns out, git GoBackToLinusAndNeverBotherMeAgain doesn't work either
2:38 PM
Delta, if that's what you call it too.
@TOOTSKI Outsource it
@PeeHaa Yes, Sir. Very well, Sir. Mister, thank you.
@Lusitanian Oh no, that's just because you used the wrong command, it's git outamyface
@PeeHaa insource it. outsourcing isn't hipster enough.
@Coombesy that's up to you. However I would take indications possible database corruption as a priority 0 task, and look into it ASAP... But to each their own. — ircmaxell 7 secs ago
2:39 PM
@DaveRandom git: 'outamyface' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
every few (days|weeks|months) git issues a wtf moment. interval determined by experience
@TOOTSKI each()-each() ?
@Lusitanian Travis doesnt seem all too happy with it
2:41 PM
@PeeHaa right but i couldn't see why and was confused
it was skipping tests, they weren't failing, and not sure why
@Lusitanian Must only be in the betas, for now you can just add an alias to yum remove git
ow wait. CS issue
extra newline at end
@PeeHaa ahhhhhhh
@DaveRandom does that work even on windows 98?
yay! 200 bronze badges
less impressive than 69 k :P
2:43 PM
@CarrieKendall 90 short of 70k
it'll be a sad day when it rounds
quick Question : i have images folder and i have htacess file that denies access to folder, can google index those images ?
I need to spam out a crap load of security answers... That way I can get my gold badge (I have enough upvotes, just not enough answers)
@Lusitanian Everything works on Windows 9 A fatal exception 0E has occured at 0028:0ABC87DF. The current application will be terminated
2:44 PM
@ircmaxell congratz
if I answer 114 crappy questions, I'll get gold... yay!
i wish i had the motivation to wade through the question queue
note that I rarely answer questions anymore
4 this year
phew, i've answered 9
You won the internet, you already work at Google, why bother? :P
2:47 PM
lol :-)
does htacess deny from all to a folder stop google indexing it ?
$t[] = microtime(1);
$t[] = microtime(1);
$t[] = microtime(1);
$count = count($t);

for ($i = 0, $j = 1; $i < $count - 1; $i++, $j++)
  echo $t[$j] - $t[$i];
@CSᵠ something like this.
@Leri wrong ping, sorry.
3:07 PM
4pm hunger issues :(
too close to dinner to eat and too far from lunch to keep hunger away
My mistake is that I always eat something sweet when I'm hungary like that.
is there some standard regarding how you send location data to external service ?
something like the ISO format for sending datetime
3:16 PM
@tereško timestamp?

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