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12:22 AM
@LeviMorrison Intuitively covariant. (Try to resolve at compile-time/late binding-time if possible without autoloading and if not then at runtime)
Which at the same time is the hardest to implement, but that's what I'd expect to work when writing code.
@LeviMorrison I can just do brew install hhvm. It'll just take forever to install.
Yeah, because it has to build GCC 4.8 and a host of other dependencies.
Oh yeah :/
They really need to fix it to work on clang.
If it doesn't work on anything besides GCC that's really crappy.
I mean, wow, HHVM might be fast, but you need GCC and hours of spare time to compile it? What the hell.
Zend is slower, but it builds on virtually anything and builds fast
12:40 AM
@AndreaFaulds zend_execute.o slowly builds :-P
(yes, I'm really telling you how to write "Eih", even if you really meant "Eh" :-P
@AndreaFaulds Depending on your machine, maybe a different unit of time, like days.
@LeviMorrison I haven't tried on my machine, I think I tried once and cancelled it after a while
1:06 AM
@AndreaFaulds I hate case insensitive PHP class names.
@LeviMorrison Fix them.
but then, it'd ruin PHP's optional shoutyness
My beautiful covariant and invariant checks have to be nasty now :(
Hey, can the opening tag be <?PHP?
1:23 AM
Hmm, why don't we have zend_string_equals_ci yet?
static inline
zend_bool zend_string_equals_ci(const zend_string *a, const zend_string *b)
        return a->len == b->len && !zend_binary_strcasecmp(a->val, a->len, b->val, b->len);
For now I just lobbed that into the zend_inheritance.c
1:51 AM
Oh, damn. It's surely the tenth time I write "public fun..." and then I notice that I'm writing Java code because the IDE is highlighting it in red color...
@crypticツ lol
Stas is spamming php-src git log with pull requests ^^
@bwoebi lol...i do that from time to time...sometimes the other way around too :P
ya know, i love virtualbox...but they really need to fix that "sometimes it doesn't feel like running" thing.
2:11 AM
@bwoebi After writing C++ I sometimes omit function and then get errors >.<
(In PHP I mean)
@LeviMorrison Making function optional does feel like the right thing sometimes :)
2:54 AM
So, I ditched Photobucket's API and switched to ImageShack and I'm finally making progress, but I've hit a stump if anyone here is generous to pitch their two cents in

This is what I have for my code here (with my sensitive data redacted of course): http://pastebin.com/yaVjZWmj

I tested the login separately and it worked okay, but when I attempt to upload any image (whether locally from my server, http:// through my domain, or http:// from any other website, regardless if .png or .jpg) it fails and says it's not recognized as an image file.
@Leaf is the file corrupted? Also, are you sure they are .png or .jpg files? Just because they have that extension does not make them those types of image files. I'm sure it's checking the file header and seeing they are not correct PNG/JPG headers.
... I really should stop learning about theology
@crypticツ I tested another image, this time making sure the extension was .png, it was transparent, and high enough quality to not be .gif (found here urlnextdoor.com/ai/design-layout/images/sample-png.png), but I'm still getting the exact same message
Wait, I just noticed something
It seems it's not getting any file at all...
I'm going by this documentation:
3:25 AM
I got it!
I needed to transload with URL instead of uploading as a file
Thank you for your help, @crypticツ [:
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5:13 AM
6:03 AM
^^ 'ello Jack.
6:26 AM
New Knapsack algorithm: just keep trying
Hi all. Can I ask a little advice... I been working to solve out a little script for days but I am delving into things that are way over my head. I finally posted seeking some help, but so far help has been scarce. Do I post a new question, or what?
Q: convert text url into clickable text or image link

TomAll of these create link in the format <a href='$1'>$1</a> : How to add anchor tag to a URL from text input Convert text url into clickable links How to replace plain URLs with links? How to replace plain URLs with links? http://jsfiddle.net/kZfGV/ Convert text url link into clickable link php h...

Is that the question?
@Ja͢ck pretty big question :-D
So things are enclosed between (* and *)? @Tom
6:32 AM
Sorry I don't understand.
It's good that you have shown your attempts, but it would be better to phrase your question into: example input, expected output ... and then what you have tried.

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