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12:05 AM
anyone try VR
Developing in vr
12:17 AM
Deprecated: The (unset) cast is deprecated in /Users/Bob/Aerys/lib/Http2Driver.php on line 365
@bwoebi ...
i'm gonna miss (unset)
assert(!\defined("Aerys\\DEBUG_HTTP2") || !(unset) var_dump(bin2hex(substr(pack("N", \strlen($data)), 1, 3) . $type . $flags . pack("N", $stream) . $data)));
i do:

dat line is so long :P
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4:58 AM
Knock knock..
5:16 AM
@Jeeves you there?
@Linus is in woods.
mornin brzuchal
5:31 AM
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7:10 AM
best pic i've seen this year so far pbs.twimg.com/media/C5c1__TXQAAsfkt.jpg
hello guyz ,I am facing a problem can anyone help me plz
don't ask to ask, just ask
its not totally related to php, anyway currently I am trying to set up cron jobs which will initiate php file and send mail ..every 1 min but its not happening. I am using Webmin
hi everybody
I want get size text with imagettfbbox I pass uft string to it and return wrong size to me
can you help me
what is wrong with utf
hey, wes do you have any solution for my issue
can anyone tell me what should i write here /var/www/path/to/your_php_script.php
7:36 AM
Q: PHP function imagettftext() and unicode

user27478I'm using the PHP function imagettftext() to convert text into a GIF image. The text I am converting has Unicode characters including Japanese. Everything works fine on my local machine (Ubuntu 7.10), but on my webhost server, the Japanese characters are mangled. What could be causing the differe...

8:14 AM
posted on February 26, 2017

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

8:40 AM
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9:21 AM
Code all the things / Hack all the things
I annonced at my company that I would start looking for a new job
So considering going parttime somewhere + freelance again (but just not with the same kinda clients)
9:43 AM
What does it mean when compiled extension has Extension [ <persistent> extension #14 ... while displaying --re information? What does this <persistent> stands for ??

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