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1:27 PM
Good morning
getting older? (:
Everyone's getting older.
and.. each day
even second :p
yup, if you're not getting older, you're dead
@ircmaxell 31 right?
1:38 PM
Happy Birthday @ircmaxell
I get 7270171 what sort of colour is that? how can I make that a hex colour?
I am going to watch all your videos from now onwards on youtube
@ircmaxell lol
@j0h look at example 1 in the very same link you posted
1:43 PM
@ircmaxell happy birthday :)
thanks all :-D
I'm not joining a private room...
but, but, but he has all these nice pictures to show you
lol i dont , just give us advice how to be a great developer like you , thanks
his consultation fee is 198$/h
that's cheap
1:50 PM
oooh great , then i will be consulting him after few years
@FlorianMargaine sorry ... I am from third world country .. sometimes it shows
it's alright, I know it's your salary/year... might be big
@tereško you're off by a factor of 4
stackoverflow.com/questions/16356420/… i loved this ... implemeting it slowly..
@ircmaxell now you just being mean
1:52 PM
no, seriously, my consultation rate is $850/hr...
you're doing consultation?
so, basically, you can earn my monthly salary in 2 hours
@FlorianMargaine nope, that's why I charge so much, so I don't have to do it...
I see.
does your contract even allow it?
1:53 PM
Happy Bday Ircmaxell
I still dont know what that number is, I know its a pixel colour., but its not a hex index.
@ircmaxell ah ye good ol' "I don't wanna fee" :)
@j0h dechex()
@PeeHaa precisely
@Feeds lel
question: When I call function to get an object and echo to page, the character à and whatever gets printed, when I call it trough ajax.. it becomes ?, did i need to encode or smthg, did I miss something?
@ircmaxell If you're dead you're still getting older, you just stop attending your own birthday.
Among other things.
@NikiC If I do it in pass_two it seems I also need to check for special-case functions there too, such as constructors and destructors.
(ones you can't use return types on)
Otherwise it says "Oh! You returned null with a typehint of MyClass" but the real error is the return type on the special function.
I'm beginning to think that doing this check at compile time really isn't worth the cost ^^
Actually, I could do that particular check earlier.
2:18 PM
good afternoon all. This isnt a PHP question as such, but i think you guys will have the skills to answer this. I have a load balanced setup with 3 web servers. I have a subdomain that has it's source pointed to the load balancer (ads.example.com). Currently i only have the vhost setup on one of the load balanced servers (of 3) and not the other 3.
Iam unskilled but here I go!
will this give me false reporting? SHould i setup the vhost / alias on all 3 web boxes
or is the load balancer clever enough to know what it's doing (i'm currently thinkin g i've made a setup issue and this is actually dropping lots of traffic)
@Andy you should configure the balancer to send requests to only the server that is capable of serving that request...
@DanLugg well you still attend it, nobody else does
@Danack i thought as much, as i dont have a clue how i setup the LB in the first place (well someone else did) i dont think i've done that. Where might i do that?
2:20 PM
@Leigh Self-absorbed dead people... I want an invitation!
/me gets a shovel
@Andy Well it depends on what load balancer you're using....
@Andy what do you mean by "false reporting"
> [...] We need layers to abstract away the underlying implementation so we can change it? OK, let’s give this some serious thought. How often do you really change the implementation? [...]
^^ I don't think that's the only problem it solves though. It solves the related problem of supporting multiple disparate sources under a single (or less, at least) APIs
typically a LB will do a healthcheck to the participating nodes, makes more sense to check with the host header set
whats the problem with setting up the other 2 nodes with a vhost anyway, would have taken less time to do it than to ask about it :p
@Leigh well i'm trying to work out if my advertiser is sending me all the traffic i'm paying for and currently i've got a drop off of around 77%, which means i've been overcharged by like $10K which isnt ideal.
so i'm trying to see if it might be something my end that's a major issue
"whats the problem with setting up the other 2 nodes with a vhost anyway, would have taken less time to do it than to ask about it :p" --- there isnt an issue and i can do it, or setup a ServerAlias.
but if you consider the LB will round robin and if 2 of them have invalid vhosts then that could account for 66%
2:24 PM
nice thing about vhosts is, you can give them custom log files
which i have done :)
if the LB detects a site misbehaving it should drop it from the pool
so maybe 1 server is getting preferential treatment
but, only on WB1 [which has the vhost for default and ads.example] whereas the other two just have default vhost and not the ads.
are you using a hardware load balancer or just a VM with nginx or something?
@Leigh im using a couple of cloud machines (from serverlove.com) that being said i didnt set them up
2:26 PM
hm, well, no idea if you can get request logs from the load balancer
hmmm, it looks like 000-default is called for traffic to this subdomain, which is good as i only have the one vhost
but that obviously seems the best place to monitor to make sure all of the traffic you deserve is reaching you
so does that mean, panic over, should be fine?
@Leigh i agree, will be checking that next
just checking is all
@ircmaxell test
(i know this because i updated my hosts to point ads.example.com to one of the servers that doesnt have the vhost setup and it behaves as expected)
2:28 PM
sorry I had :18961258 in my chat window but forgot what I was replying to :P
I almost wasn't going to reply to confuse you...
31... wat... you look older :x (although I haven't really inspected you that closely)
@NikiC pass_two being defined in Zend/zend_API.c really sucks.
dude, today's one of the guys in the JS rooms birthday, we're the exact same age
2:32 PM
Doesn't have access to zend_add_class_name_literal or seemingly anything nice.
During pass_two the op_array doesn't know if it is a constructor yet.
@ircmaxell like "to-the-timestamp" exact?
2:49 PM
@SecondRikudo U here?
I guess I could add a pass over the function after pass_two that is called only when there is a return type and the function is not a generator.
Has anyone ever encountered PHP Warning: session_regenerate_id(): Session object destruction failed
Noob question but I am urlencoding a string with + in it and spaces. Which naturally makes it ++ so decode just removes them both. What's the normal solution?
@Gordon to the day at least
2:54 PM
@ircmaxell ah. that's not so spectacular then :D
rawr got it
@Fabien Even better: have sane urls :)
@HassanAlthaf Now that I've noticed it, I can't un-see Jack Black.
3:25 PM
@HassanAlthaf that's just painful
where is echo defined?
can't find it on lxr
@Naruto Yo
@FlorianMargaine zend_vm_def.h
@bwoebi ty
3:30 PM
I need to do a PWA on Big-O complexity
@ircmaxell Considering new Drupal or Full Stack PHP dev jobs in NYC at this time?
ok fine room 11 people. I need to upgrade a huge php 5.scary project to 5.4. Is there anything out there that can ease the pain a little for me? (wasn't @nikic working on something like this)?
I can't tell if that guy doesn't understand Big-O or if he just has no ability to explain it.
@ircmaxell Not WordPress?
@PeeHaa Just take the leap, and fix what's broken.
That's what I did with our 5.1 system. Painful, but over relatively quickly.
@SecondRikudo Normally exactly that would be my approach, but when I say huge I mean it this time :P
I think he understand the core of Big-O, but he misses a lot of it
3:34 PM
@PeeHaa I did with with a 50 page app
And by page I mean page
Classes? Pfft, who needs 'em
why can't I see the definition of this function? lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_5_6/Zend/zend.c#332
So... the easiest way I can think of to remove the type checks on return statements in generators is to hook into pass_two and make the opcode a no-op.
@SecondRikudo Did you know the functionality of the site before?
Anyone have a better idea? @ircmaxell @bwoebi @NikiC
example: the reason we don't say O(n)*O(1)+O(1) isn't because the "line will always be under or parallel". It's becasue O() says nothing about runtime, but everything about scalability. So O(n)*O(1)+O(1) is identical (scalability wise) to O(n)*O(1) since the constant time reduces off, and that's identical to O(n) since it fully dominates the scalability
3:35 PM
@PeeHaa Yes
It wasn't a site, it was a monster CLI program.
@FlorianMargaine because there's no function, it's an opcode. ZEND_ECHO I think-
Which makes it all the more complex.
@LeviMorrison return statements are errors in generators...
@bwoebi ah, damnit
@ircmaxell Untrue.
3:36 PM
@SecondRikudo Problem is I don't know anything about the site :P
$a = function(): \Iterator {
    yield 1;
@LeviMorrison they can be empty returns?
@PeeHaa Well then, just fix the PHP errors and hope for the best :D
@ircmaxell Yes.
The hotfix was to check at runtime if the function is a generator and then skip the check.
Would it be better to analyze it in pass_two and make it a no-op instead?
@SecondRikudo Also not really an option for this specific project. What did I get myself into :(
@LeviMorrison yeah, that sounds reasonable
and I can't find the definition of write_func :|
Looks like I just need to get myself some testers and let them click everything
That's what you should do ^
3:39 PM
I want to see where the "send to buffer" is done in echo
@FlorianMargaine it's a passed parameter? look at the function args…
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