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2:43 AM
Y'know, I wish PHP never added traits, but instead just permitted composition of classes with the same mechanics.
class A {
    function foo() {}

class B {
    use A;
    function bar() {}

(new B())->foo(); // no problem
(new B())->bar(); // no problem
(new B()) instanceof A; // false
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4:07 AM
anyone here mind taking a look at my question: stackoverflow.com/questions/26601685/… ? I'm trying to parse API responses from Twitter/Facebook and I'm having trouble with emojis. I'd like to handle them properly so I can use an emoji javascript library to properly display the. Thanks in advance for any help you provide
I made a search array function to iterate thru each day of the month to find a match along with username... but if there are multiple found for same day I would like to add the total duration but it only returns one result... anyone know of a quick solution? I have my search array function posted here: pastebin.com/Kgzv3VfK
5:00 AM
Good Morning AND Friday everyone!!!
I wish you a happy Friday.
I wish you a happy Friday.
I wish you a happy Friday and a good weekend too.
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6:50 AM
Anyone here who can help me out? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26668037/
I'm trying to get a string from a PHP document and use it in JavaScript. I feel like I'm getting closer, but the more I google, the more I think I have to make some obscure setting on the server for it to work.
7:10 AM
not the smartest thing I did today: clicking on "comments" of article abut Tim Cook in a local news site
@tereško why remove the js tag?
because it's about jquery
you don't care about JS
7:29 AM
good mornings
Are there people here famillar with wordpress programing
posted on October 31, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by Stefano_Ziosi_Is_Watching_You */

7:44 AM
Suddenly I have a sneaking suspicion PHP is not installed on my server.
hi guys @DaveRandom @Fabien just wanted to confirm to you the subdomain did register after 48hrs.Thanks again guys and happy coding.
8:06 AM
Hello friends....
8:29 AM
anyone familiar with api.symfony.com/2.0/Symfony/Component/Security/Http/… and can tell me what to return when I just want to continue with the current request?
gooooood meurning!!!!
freaking friday!!! Aaaaa YEAH!
Happy Halloween Peeps
@SecondRikudo even for you a happy halloween ;) Altough you don't need to wear a costume to scare people ;)
8:50 AM
@Naruto Oh, but I do
Have you not seen my "riding a unicorn" costume?
9:06 AM
@SecondRikudo you mean the costume where you look genuinely happy? :D
@Naruto Yeah, that's the one
@SecondRikudo It's freaking me out already! The tought that you are happy :D
@SergeyTelshevsky What the actual fuck?
9:17 AM
@SecondRikudo what? :(
9:27 AM
fuck my life
@Sherif superglobals are already populated just-in-time ...
moin all
@Sherif I'd forget about superglobals, you can't touch them ... I would focus on providing a better abstraction of requests while leaving superglobals alone, the discussion to deprecate superglobals comes after we have a better option and people are actually using it ...
posted on October 31, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by Pissaladière */

9:42 AM
What is better? define("VARIABLE", "xxx"); or define("_VARIABLE", "xxx");
@Naruto , u can google search about good naming convensions
9:51 AM
Good Mournings!
@Naruto What's the point of the underscore prefix?
@Naruto it's not a variable, it's a constant
morning. welp: php.exe -c "e:\php.ini" ".\phpunit.phar" --coverage-text ".\coverage.txt" ".\Tests\." < y u no work?
wtf. I have a PDO statement with an IN() clause for user IDs. When I add user id 1934 it breaks and returns blank. Take it out and returns rows.
10:02 AM
im playing with easy php
anyone know what ${path} is in httpd.conf for apache?
@Fabien sql?
> SELECT * FROM foo WHERE user IN (?, ?) AND RIGHT(last_searched, 1) = ? AND deleted = 0 ORDER BY last_searched
you are passing 3 total parameters to that, right?
Ahh.. bindParam -> bindValue
I'm going to have to try this
@WesleyCrushed Shouldn't that be ".\Tests\\*"?
stupid markdown
There's only supposed to be one slash there
10:11 AM
php.exe -c "e:\php.ini" ".\phpunit.phar" ".\Tests\." <- this works @DaveRandom
You have xdebug installed?
Also, define "doesn't work"
I like how sometimes if you use faker to generate users you get real avatars from gravatar
PHP Warning: include_once(E:\path\Tests): failed to open stream: Permission denied in phar:// -> tries to include a directory

Class '.\coverage.txt' could not be found in..... -> thinks coverage.txt is a class
you windows nuts and your backslashes. you know windows understands / too, right? :P
@NikiC Agreed, I was just thinking about how it would handle string keys and it doesn't seem like there's a good soln to that, I'll remove it
10:16 AM
maybe i can config phpunit using the xml file?
@cHao Except cmd.exe, because that would be too easy
I hope they fix that in 10
@cHao windows can't even understand what's the house and what's the outside actually
@DaveRandom in 10 years? :)
Oh wait @WesleyCrushed --coverage-text=".\coverage.txt"
10:26 AM
it works now, there's no mention about that in the help :P @DaveRandom ty
need to enable xdebug now
@WesleyCrushed phpunit --help, it's the only one with an = :-X
@DaveRandom i meant the online help!
LOL why is it the only with a = instead of a space? xD
Anyone dressing up this halloween?
10:32 AM
Trying to @cover not existing method "iSomeInterface::method"
i can't cover methods of interfaces can't i? i thought i could have re-used some tests over different implementations
@WesleyCrushed Because it can have no argument (default to stdout) so without the = there would be no way to distinguish it from the tests path
Which is the problem you were having, it was treating it as the test path
Although tbh it should be possible to create a more helpful error message...
@Fabien Just fishnets and pink panties, nothing more than the usual Friday night
lol. It's funnier because it's true.
* @covers Full\Namespace\Here\Classname::method <- works
* @covers Classname::method <- doesn't work ( i have the correct `use Full\Namespace\Here\Classname;` at beginning of file)
this is very annoying
stupid markdown
10:47 AM
@DaveRandom aah fishnets and pink panties too ay ?
@CSᵠ wtf lol
@obiNullPoiиteяkenobi yeah, i know... some questions...
are same as Rebecca's song (sucks )
@DaveRandom Manage to read that blog post? Didn't realise how short it was until I put it on here
Can't help thinking it's a little primitive, any extras appreciated
thanks for the golden help @DaveRandom managed to get everything working :D and now my goal is the 100% code coverage. i have the feeling this is going to be addictive
11:01 AM
He's giving golden 'help' now? I always knew he was one of those...
@Jimbo Not yet, will do at lunch though
yesterday, by DaveRandom
@Jimbo please edit that gist and add .md to the file name so it renders the markdown ;-)
Guys if I have a job queue system like SQS and I want to send a job off but I need a response back once that job has been processed, what's the best way to achieve that?
Please do that, it's hard to read as it is
@DaveRandom Oh nice, I didn't see that. Cheers. Can you edit the post on the right so I can remove dillinger.io?
@WesleyCrushed See you in a few weeks :-P
@Jimbo No, only mods can do that /cc @Gordon re chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/19685900#19685900 please remove everything after the pipe :-)
11:03 AM
^ including the pipe :-)
@DaveRandom waht?
Can you edit the linked message to remove the pipe and everything after it please?
@Fabien Response back from where to where?
So I send a job off to an Server. Server sends job to a queue. Any of the scale-able workers pick up the job and send back the result to the Server. Server then response to original request with result.
is there a complete phpunit test suite for primitive datatypes in php?
@Fabien When you say "original request", you mean a HTTP request?
11:12 AM
To the API so to speak
Because you can't really do that sanely without having the web request busy-waiting on the result
Which sucks
Job queues are designed to be async
What you need, really, is to POST your job to the server and then set up a web socket or ajax-poll or something
I guess it could be done in the request but in general you don't want requests hanging around open on the server for an indeterminate amount of time like that
Really you want to just do your stuff and get the response out the door asap
You can still hand things of to other servers for processing, of course, but you probably want more of a load-balanced approach than a queued approach
That's how I had imagined it.
@CSᵠ Meaning what, sorry? Sounds like you want to test the zend engine rather than your code. You kind of have to assume that PHP is going to do what it's supposed to do...
@CSᵠ Unit test your core business logic, that's all you need really :-)
@Fabien is it an HTML response or a JSON-or-something response that will be generated?
11:17 AM
The workers take about 2-4 seconds to come up with a response too.
Can you elaborate a bit more on exactly what you are doing here, then?
Sounds like a post-back might be a better solution
Remember when I did that SSH thing? That could take between 2 - 10 seconds, so I switched to websockets
That would break your existing API (if you already have one) though
@DaveRandom yeah, in a sense, i've looked at a talk about php internals, and they said they just 'stole' the whole unittests from zend and adapted them
better get those than write all the edge cases.
@CSᵠ what are you actually trying to do? (read: why are you trying to test what PHP is doing rather than what your code is doing?)
11:21 AM
i'm trying to make a lib in php to properly convert between datatypes
and see to what extent i can follow standards
also want to make it configurable, for multiple purposes
the point is to make sure the convert results in the desired type (not null, false, 0, etc) and follows a strict set of rules
or (case2) the convert does it best to get what it can, besides what php already does
@DaveRandom does that make any sense / would that be of any use, in your opinion ?
I don't really follow that, tbh - what will it do that casts do not?
fail !
You mean like the stuff Andrea has been working on?
on the same line, yes
i guess
not really up to speed
A compat lib for that could be useful, I suppose
11:28 AM
already wrote 88% of it
the next is gonna be a pain
That's an arrestingly specific number :-P
@DaveRandom most of the shit is here github.com/CS-/typeConvert
not really sure which redirection(s) to go next
11:49 AM
@CSᵠ Will read later, first impression: don't like One Class For All The Things :-(
@DaveRandom was thinking on separating on destination datatype, maybe source datatype, etc...
that's the easy part
@DaveRandom It was just for my convenience of fast knowing those varaibles :)
12:08 PM
@DaveRandom Boss has agreed to go with the McDonalds method :)
Good, that's the only sane thing to do IMO :-)
@Naruto Because auto-complete?
Agreed. It was my original thought too. I'd already built methods to handle it this way.
@DaveRandom yes
@Naruto Use PHP Storm then :-P
@DaveRandom working in netbeans.. :)
12:17 PM
If you were using PHP Storm, that wouldn't have been a solution, and neither would you have needed it ;-)
/me is sticking with Sublime + Brackets
@tereško where do you use Brackets?
@SergeyTelshevsky frontend stuff (js, css, scss, html)
also, oddly enough: for editing SQL scheme exports
@tereško I see, I'm desperately waiting for some ST open-source alternative
@SergeyTelshevsky technically there is: Atom
but it's kinda annoying ATM
12:24 PM
@tereško toooo slow
i know
even phpstorm is faster
@SergeyTelshevsky "even"… I'd really not say that phpstorm is slow…
I just don't understand why the developers of ST are killing it by not supporting and not allowing community to develop it
@bwoebi well, in comparison it is, but it's much faster than it was a couple years ago
@SergeyTelshevsky If something is full-blown with features it gets a bit slower… but not so slow that it'd really affect user experience
12:28 PM
@bwoebi I understand why it's slower, it's completely normal, but my preference is mainly based on ST flexibility and not speed
Hello, folks.
(I hope this doesn't come across as language bashing or anything of the sort.) I came across this snippet eval.in/108854 and have a hard time understanding the results. I know about == vs ===, but that doesn't seem relevant here. I also know about strcmp. I just don't know how to explain what happens here.
@R.MartinhoFernandes comparing strings like that is not safe
A: PHP Type-Juggling and (strict) Greater/Lesser Than Comparisons

CSᵠThere are no strict/identical >== or <== comparison operators in PHP (by php 5.5.0beta2 at least) but there are a few ways to enforce a strict type check before checking Greater/Lower: check both variable types with if ( gettype($a)===gettype($b) ) ... force your needed type-cast eg. if ( (st...

I don't see how that explains anything. I know all about that.
I just don't know how to explain what happens here.
Well, now I think I do.
It pretends they're floating point numbers in scientific notation.
12:41 PM
"If you compare a number with a string or the comparison involves numerical strings, then each string is converted to a number and the comparison performed numerically."
Yeah, I just missed the fact that those two are numerical.
=== would work in your case
both strings, check if identical
I don't need to make it work, as I said.
yeah they also look like floats
> Note: The fact that any comparison involving NAN is always false is not specific to PHP. It is mandated by the IEEE 754 Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic (more info).
> ~ http://stackoverflow.com/a/15813640/2153758
@NikiC Comparisons against NAN are true for bool(true). php -r 'var_dump(NAN == true);' => bool(true)
12:46 PM
Hi! I want to "search" in a database containing thousands of comments (200 characters max) with a traditional search "field" (like in twitter)...
What would you use in MySQL / PHP ?
Of course I could do :
SELECT * FROM comments  WHERE text LIKE 'Bonjour monsieur'
But isn't there a framework / library (PHP / MySQL) that helps to provide better "search engine" features ? Like here : first display the results with both 'Bonjour monsieur', then results with both the words 'Bonjour' and 'monsieur', then the results with 'Bonjour' or 'Monsieur' etc.
Then also, case insensitive search and all the related things (é e ê could be considered as same letters for search), etc.
Is there a library that helps to do all these things ? (instead of reinventing the wheel) ?
@tereško why also use brackets along sublime, why isn't sublime enough?
I actually like brackets better, but it sucks for PHP
do you have an idea for this @tereško ?
... and another user in the ignore list
oh that's sad, I didn't ping you randomly, I did ping you because you kindly helped me yesterday with related things, that's why I thought that I could ask you without annoying you...
Sorry then @tereško
12:55 PM
if you ignore a user can they see your posts?
@iroegbu can you tell him there was no harm intended, and that I pinged him because we talked together yesterday ? probably he would not see my messages...
@tereško Still listening to it. She's captivating.
@DanLugg =) .. also that project has few more songs
@Basj break your query into words from php and generate sql like so: WHERE text LIKE "%Bonjour%" AND text LIKE "%mr%" etc
@tereško Yea, listened through them -- and some related projects.
12:59 PM
@CSᵠ yes but then I have to re-invent the wheel :) (there will be hundreds of cases to consider: multiple words, accented characters, etc.) Is there a library that does nice search engine features ?
google has one :)
@CSᵠ google is one :) ?
1:10 PM
Customer complains that something which works for everyone isn't working. Turns out they are using IE6.
@DaveRandom hehehehe
Needless to say, they were told to go f themselves
what IE versions are supported in your projects currently, guys?
It's IE8 for me
current project has IE10+
IE9 officially, IE7 mostly unofficially, IE6 works but don't expect support
1:19 PM
@tereško lucky
Ticket: #38293
Re: page not wrking

Dear John,

Sorry to hear that, we do apologize for any inconvenience that our IE8+ support requirement have caused, but we kindly ask that you fuck off swiftly.
@DaveRandom ^^
@DaveRandom challenge accepted 8D
@DaveRandom challenge accepted 8===D
Great self-portrait
@DanLugg ahahahahaha
1:30 PM
@DaveRandom challenge accepted :)
sorry for having started this xD
@WesleyCrushed apology accepted
@PeeHaa -1 on the patch
@DanLugg as it should IMHO
//} catch (Exception $e) {
//    return $this->conversionError("Error Converting ".strtoupper(gettype($var)).". (".$e.")"); //need rewrite <-TODO
@CSᵠ don't do this with comments.
It's related, it's a block, use the block comment.
1:37 PM
@webarto thanks, was in a programming craze or editor did that
@ircmaxell Agree to disagree; I'd like the see the pace hastened -- if only a bit. I mean, understandably, this is a huge complicated OSS project, but bikeshedding and personal agendas are tar in the gears.
Also, PHP as a whole seems relatively risk-averse -- perhaps that's what I'd like to see changed. From a marketing perspective, they've already cornered the industry, there's little more to gain in that respect.
@CSᵠ I'm just saying if you're e.g. parsing the code, it's 3 different comments when it's actually 1 :)
@DanLugg quickening the pace will only lessen adoption, which means nobody can really benefit from the new things
@ircmaxell Except the adopters -- people still use PHP4 and nothing is going to change that.
1:40 PM
@DanLugg it should be risk-averse, remember that over 80% of the internet relies on this project. We want to make it easier for them to upgrade (and hence stay secure and be able to take advantage of new things), not harder
@DanLugg if you're on 4, there's nothing we can do for you. But if you're on 5.2, we can not make it hard, or we can make it hard. I see no reason to make it any harder than it has to be.
Let me just clarify; I'm not advocating a Python scenario, I just think that we're crawling too slowly. Maybe it's just too slowly for me, I don't lead or even actively participate (in developing) a project of this magnitude, however I'm reasonably certain I'm not alone.
It becomes tiresome to use a stagnant language, and I feel more inclined to develop elsewhere, which is a shame because I feel like PHP has a lot to offer.
if you think PHP is stagnent, you never used Perl
or C++
@ircmaxell Awesome, tnx! And thanks for all others giving me feedback about the PR! @tereško @DaveRandom @hakre and others I may have forgooten!
or C
To be fair, PHP is now vastly more productive than say 5 years ago.
1:43 PM
yeah, when the 6 effort died, it killed momentum for 3-4 years
I think the current pace is pretty good. Sustainable, yet not too hard on adoption
I'd be happy with the current pace if we could timetravel a version ahead.
One feature dump -- not an ongoing debacle of my "script stopped working between the last two reloads because upgrades"
I think what we could do with, is a big push to get hosters et al. to upgrade... like with the "Go PHP 5" campaign, which worked really well for 5.2
"Does Wordpress still work on 5.3? Oh okay, well, we'll get around to it when we can"
@salathe I don't think the situation is as dire today, but yeah. And I think that needs to start from the projects (which it has, with the exception of WP and PHPBB)
General internals inquiry -- would something like Closure::tokenize() be reasonable to implement at this point? Such that'd you'd receive the result of tokenize()-ing the body of the closure?
1:55 PM
tokens are gone by that point
Oh, I thought they hung around.
What about ReflectionFunction::getStartOffset() // returns starting byte offset in the file?
not sure if that's saved either
<?php (new ReflectionFunction(function () {}))->getStartOffset() // 31
Oh, it does exist though? I thought only line numbers were -- figured this would need to be added altogether.
I dunno
2:21 PM
Hoppy Frodo
2:32 PM
@DanLugg Shut your baggins
moin @JoeWatkins
@DaveRandom I'll cuff you in the gob, you smaugy wizard.
@DanLugg You've got a really bad hobbit of starting things you won't be able to finish
2:48 PM
Guys can we stop being so smaug about this
@DaveRandom Don't tempt me, elf I'll have to go knock your cobbles.
I'm sorry, but the man just has no Elf control
@DanLugg weak
I'm preoccupied, I should really work on prioritizing room 11 nonsense.
My friend has Gondor-to-door, selling vacuums.
2:54 PM
I hope he took he boromirter
That's an awesome image.

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