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@DirkEddelbuettel Is there official documentation for Rcpp sugar functions other than the vignette? I've tried to find documentation for unique but had only limited success.
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8:46 AM
@Spacedman Just FYI, akrun has over 900 answers in just 4 months of membership... :)
better get some more fireworks in stock!
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9:49 AM
@DirkEddelbuettel -229 now. Officially the most downvoted answer on Meta some say
10:47 AM
@DavidArenburg ooh i can practically taste the rage :)
11:09 AM
related to homework/coursera Qs is the "I'm doing a masters, what topic should I do for my thesis?" question. My answer is "Ask the tutors that you've paid thousands for before asking on DataScience"
okay stop me before I have a brain aneurysm datascience.stackexchange.com/questions/2319/…
11:53 AM
How do you know you are a dedicated programmer? You write down 212 if constructs.
12:12 PM
@Roland The vignette, the unit tests, the sources, ... are all we have as you probably knew.
12:49 PM
@Roland wow. I've seen nicer-looking SAS codes.
so you can flag/downvote/close if a Q is violating TOS of an API:
Q: How to remove or hide powered by text from Google Translate

RobinIs it possible to hide or remove the "powered by Google Translate" on dropdown google translate I removed the logo part but couldn't remove Powered by text <div id="google_translate_element"></div><script type="text/javascript"> function googleTranslateElementInit() { new google.translate.Tran...

Q: Should questions that violate API Terms of Service be flagged?

CullenJQuestion is here: How to remove or hide powered by text from Google Translate I've commented to let the user know this is violating Google's TOS, but I was wondering if this should be flagged? As @gunr2171 pointed out, the TOS for StackExchange (understandably) state: Use of the Network or ...

but shut the flip up if someone is cheating on a coursera q? standards x 2 much?
@Spacedman I like that answer
A: How to remove or hide powered by text from Google Translate

Rob QuistJust pay for the freaking API man. Its there for a reason you sneaky cheapo.

I should use this technique for the Coursera quesitons from now on
@DavidArenburg upvoted for the lulz
@Spacedman Me too

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