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12:06 AM
I do SQL work, but I do not administrate Microsoft SQL Server
I wonder if this'll actually expand
@drachenstern referenced?
SELECT fields FROM table JOIN otherdatabase.dbo. <I want to see where this table is used> ON field = field WHERE field = value AND field = value ORDER BY 1 DESC
in your software, you mean?
Slashdot, where every thread's comments turn into political warfare, no matter what the post topic... idle.slashdot.org/story/10/11/08/1521226/…
12:27 AM
@MarkE yeah, I'm trying to find it in the database layer
@drachenstern can't you just search within your project for occurrences of the table name?
@MarkE I guess you don't work with SQL Server and keep most of your logic in stored procedures huh?
or rather, you probably think we have a library of files on disk that correlate roughly to what's on the server via source control too ...
yeah, I don't, so I have to grep the server to find what I want ... bloody shame it is
but I'm working with the lead DBA to get something setup for SSMS where we DO have that :p
ah, I tend not to use stored procedures too often in my database applications
but now I understand the difficulty
yeah, funny that, we do
a large part of our logic is in the database, and client specific customizations, (and it's the way the guy who signs my check declares it shall be done ;] )
fair enough, I'm not judging that you're doing it wrong
just that it's outside my knowledge
I assume stored procedures are useful, but I've never used them...
12:37 AM
I judge that we're doing it wrong, but that's just my opine
If I'm defensive it's because I can feel the hackles on the back of my neck raise when it should be as simple as hg -pull, hg -update and then a form of grep -i 'location'
you could always dump the stored procedure portion of your database...
Q: Converting a Prefix expression to a Postfix expression in java.

BellHello! I'm trying to implement a program that changes a prefix expression to a postfix one using recursion. I've written what I thought would work but instead of the output ab/c*de+f*- I get aa/aa/*aa/aa/*- instead. I think my code is getting stuck when I try to get the first character of Str...

what on earth is this algorithm actually supposed to do?
how do you get from -*/abc*+def to ab/c*de+f*-?
best I can tell the slash's position is constant and you invert the -* and add it to the back
@MarkE infix notation ring a bell?
Reverse Polish notation (or RPN) is a mathematical notation wherein every operator follows all of its operands, in contrast to Polish notation, which puts the operator in the prefix position. It is also known as Postfix notation and is parenthesis-free as long as operator arities are fixed. The description "Polish" refers to the nationality of logician Jan Łukasiewicz, who invented (prefix) Polish notation in the 1920s. The Reverse Polish scheme was proposed in 1954 by Burks, Warren, and Wright and was independently reinvented by F. L. Bauer and E. W. Dijkstra in the early 1960s to reduc...
Polish notation, also known as prefix notation, is a form of notation for logic, arithmetic, and algebra. Its distinguishing feature is that it places operators to the left of their operands. If the arity of the operators is fixed, the result is a syntax lacking parentheses or other brackets, that can still be parsed without ambiguity. The Polish logician Jan Łukasiewicz invented this notation around 1920 in order to simplify sentential logic. When Polish notation is used as a syntax for mathematical expressions by interpreters of programming languages, it is readily parsed into abstract ...
Infix notation is the common arithmetic and logical formula notation, in which operators are written infix-style between the operands they act on (e.g. 2 + 2). It is not as simple to parse by computers as prefix notation ( e.g. + 2 2 ) or postfix notation ( e.g. 2 2 + ), but many programming languages use it due to its familiarity. In infix notation, unlike in prefix or postfix notations, parentheses surrounding groups of operands and operators are necessary to indicate the intended order in which operations are to be performed. In the absence of parentheses, certain precedence rules de...
wow that saturates the whole screen, good job me
he wants to go from prefix (+ 3 4) to postfix (3 4 +)
it works best for me on paper if I first convert to infix
@drachenstern heh, and he wants to do it recursively....bold
12:49 AM
yeah, I don't think it can be done recursively
so I assume the trick here is to basically recursively parse the expression, then when dropping back sync on the operator
oh it definitely can
so for example
with + 3 4 the + becomes a parameter point, and you split the next two characters into recursive calls
what do you recurse on?
so you call foo("34") + "+"
or something like that
a shorter version of the string
he's actually pretty close
I think I see the issue
need to compile this to work on it
so you propose: -*/abc*+def
foo("*/abc*+def") + "-"
foo("/abc*+def") + "*" + "-"
foo("abc*+def") + "/" + "*" + "-"
foo("c*+def") + "ab" + "/" + "*" + "-"

then what happens here?
foo("c*+def") + "ab" + "/" + "*" + "-"
I'm thinking on my feet here
12:52 AM
I am too
reading his code right now
but yeah, the recursion looks something like that
I believe
the tricky part is swapping full expressions
seems like you have to consume two characters and he's not
have you got a compilable version up? I wanna try a change and I don't do java so no env up here
go ahead
i've hacked it up already
but i can test your soln
it's an answer on the ?
1:00 AM
on mine?
the problem is that when a character is encountered it doesn't do anything with the rest of the string
the question is what to actually do
I think I've got an idea
return the rest of the string sent back into the function?
updated again @MarkE
gah, it's .length()
not .length
on mine?
I don't write java code, sorry
String index out of range: 0
1:04 AM
on the final character of the string, so it needs to check length there
I figured as much
but that means we're parsing to the end of the string, which is the correct behavior
ok I got bored and went and found ideone which apparently let's me run java in the cloud, so I see my debug
so the tricky part is deciding how to recurse
so close
this can't be that tricky, we're overthinking it
this is frustrating
but intriguing
I'm getting ab/c**de+f-
which has a mis-placed *
very close
the trick is youneed to read 2 characters
1:22 AM
yeah I was thinking about it, I've got my notes over here
if char + char then do a)
if char + op then b)
if op + char then c)
got it
A: Converting a prefix expression to postfix

Mark ESo the error in your code has to do with where you calculate postfix1 and postfix2 -- note that you're not offsetting postfix2. This should work: public static String pre2post(String pre){ if(pre.length() <= 1){ return pre; } if(!Character.isLetter(pre.charAt(0))){ ...

well if it's an op it's a split and recurse
so when I see an op I need to do pre2post(substring(0)) + chr + pre2post(whatever is left)
A recursive descent parser is a top-down parser built from a set of mutually-recursive procedures (or a non-recursive equivalent) where each such procedure usually implements one of the production rules of the grammar. Thus the structure of the resulting program closely mirrors that of the grammar it recognizes. A predictive parser is a recursive descent parser that does not require backtracking. Predictive parsing is possible only for the class of LL(k) grammars, which are the context-free grammars for which there exists some positive integer k that allows a recursive descent parser to d...
yeah, the tricky part is we were given a string
instead of a stringstream
when building a parser this makes things kind of awkward...
1:36 AM
silly question
whats everyone's view on full stops in code comments?
ie // Modify the Object state to ensure that EF matches the primary key
or // Modify the Object state to ensure that EF matches the primary key.
no opinion
do you try and keep good grammar in code comments?
Rigor mortis (lit. death stiffness) is one of the recognizable signs of death (Latin mors, mortis meaning "of death") that is caused by a chemical change in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff (Latin rigor) and difficult to move or manipulate. In humans it commences after about 3 hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates until approximately 72 hours (3 days) after death. Heat sources can speed up the process of rigor mortis such as fire. Biochemistry After death, respiration in organisms ceases to occur, depleting the ...
I found the applications in industry section interesting.
anyone struggle with the gcc linker?
I am at my wits end
1:51 AM
Hi all.
@JeremyChild - I'm not sure what I usually do. interesting question.
I've given you credit for the original question there via a permalink.
@ShiftBit - hey
@Moshe hi
@Moshe Thank you for your correction
@Shiftbit - On programmers.se?
@Moshe yes
You're welcome.
Seems like this room is pretty dead.
Got any experience with Actionscript/Flash?
no sorry
2:02 AM
o ok
So what do you do? I didn't completely get it based on your post.
Also, the official distinction between a technologist and software engineer and programmer is what exactly?
I am a software technologist working for an engineering firm. They develop automation products for industrial controllers
what country are you from?
In Canada Engineering a highly respected degree program to graduate from
regardless of discipline
Not yet anything but a student.
I like the term "technologist".
you have to graduate from an accredited Canadian University that is recognized for Engineering degrees
It sums me up. I've dabbled in technology from videography right on through iOS development.
in Canada we do not have a tier system for our universities
2:05 AM
What is a tier system for Universities?
every university is "equally" accredited by the government. however, some universities have better research programs and cost more to get into
Ah, got it.
in the US you have ivy league universities
I thought that they were just known to be better and expensive.
Didn't know there was an official rating.
2:06 AM
in Canada "college" specifically means a community college
they have technician programs (2years) and technologist programs (3years)
Kinda neat. Safari Mobile for iOS doesn't do security checks on URLs that launch apps.
for technology related disciplines like electrical/computer/mechanical/ etc
@Shiftbit - I see.
I got some Canadian friends here.
I need to figure out a simple/compact way to pass JavaScript associative arrays to something server-side through AJAX without a big jquery/prototype/etc library
so the firm Im at recognizes education over experience
2:07 AM
@Dan - Just make a basic AJAX call.I don't get why every book/framework flaunts that they deal with AJAX.
I understand that, but I had hoped with experience I would become more appreciated/valuable.
...and how do I get the array in there?
@Dan - I am not certain, but try using a POST request.
What;s on the server side?
...and how do I get the array in there?
@ShiftBit - I hear that.
2:08 AM
the problem is encoding the array in some way to pass it with the HTTP request
@Dan - what is on the server side?
I am starting to wonder if is a "class" based system. I have noticed engineers are treated significantly different
@Dan - Just look through it and encode it in JSON or something.
@ShiftBit - It might be.
Then I need to write a JSON encoder :/
it would be wonderful if that was something native in JS
@DanGrossman - See if you can rip just that part out of a framework, or perhaps find something like it.
There has to be a JSON encoder in JavaScript.
@Shiftbit - Computers is exactly where experience is king. The business world doesn't appreciate self taught and honed skill...
@Shiftbit - What is Tier 2? 2 out of?
@drachenstern - What's up?
@Moshe thats what I thought. I really enjoy the job. I am not going to leave but in a few years if the respect is not there...
@Shiftbit - I am younger than many people here. That said, I've worked a t a summer camp where the kids where disrespectful. I'm going to think long and hard before going back.
@Moshe "The U.S News Tiers rank from Tier 1, the highest, to Tier 4, the lowest. The most important factors in the rankings are:" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_and_university_rankings
2:15 AM
@DanGrossman - Try it. how big is it?
@DanGrossman How many KB is it?
alright good night guys
@Shiftbit - Good night. Good luck.
@Moshe Thanks
@JeremyChild - Looks like you got me some answers: programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/17766/…
@dangrossman the json link you provided earlier is the urgent best practice since not all browsers have that library natively.
Err, s/urgent/current/g ... Thanks mobile safari
2:22 AM
@drachenstern - What about mobile safari?
autocorrected his spelling wrong
@DanGrossman - Ah.
hehe, done that before.
Yep. And technically that would be iOS helping out, but I like to blame safari too for not expanding the textarea
@drachenstern - So you got an iPhone, iPad iPod or both/all?
@drachenstern - (shameless plug) itunes.com/apps/mosheberman
whats programmers.stackexchange?
2:27 AM
and dont ask that on programmers.stackexchange...
Windows Vista. the Wow starts now.
Who uses Vista?
@DanGrossman - Search "Moshe Berman on the app store" on your favorite Google, er search engine.
@DanGrossman Usually not me. I'm on XP/7/OS X/iOS, depending on the day of the week and the hour of the day. On alternate fridays I may be on Vista x64.
2:29 AM
@drachenstern - What?
Be back in a bit.
@JeremyChild - Why not? Seems like a fair question.
@DanGrossman - Thought that Safari was acting up again.
2:30 AM
"I have Itunes i swear"
should be the 3rd option
I really don't have iTunes. I hope to never have iTunes.
@DanGrossman - Okay, fair enough. As an iOS dev, I have to.
HP is my savior, the only non-Apple company making MBP quality notebooks.
@DanGrossman - HP is king of the PC world, My desktop and lappie are HP.
I am not happy with the lappie though, gets way to hot.
GPU could cook an egg and can't run FPSs...
Automation products for industrial controllers, eh? I wonder if @ShiftBit is from around here? :P
2:33 AM
That sucks... I have the HP Envy with switchable graphics (ATI Radeon HD 5650 and Intel GMA HD)... so it can play my games, but switch to the Intel graphics for 10 hours of battery
all metal case, higher quality metals in the heat sinks and some thought to the fan placement means it doesn't get hot (the original Envy 13s weren't as well cooled)
@mootinator - what?
@DanGrossman - HP Envy are MBP prices too...
nah, under $1000 with the right coupons (there are always coupons for the HP store)... had mine custom built to get the 1600x900 screen though
Custom built?
@Moshe Nothin' just reading the log, sounds like a place which sorta tried to recruit me once.
yes, custom order from hp.com
2:36 AM
Ah, ok.
They offer screen resolution options?
some retail stores carry the Envy but only with a lower quality screen
I used to be a big Windows fanboy, but then came iOS SDK.
Speaking of which, I got to get out some apps and whatnot.
Windows is just my shell for SSHing to Linux boxes anyway
If anyone knows about Actionscript classes. I'd appreciate help.
@DanGrossman - heh.
@DanGrossman nice wallpaper
2:38 AM
I dual boot Ubuntu for working on anything Ruby, because getting the environment set up on Windows was too painful
@DanGrossman Ruby on Win -1
@DanGrossman Yep Windows dev environments can be annoying. My friend's WAMP needs a reinstall every other day.
I haven't had a problem with apache/php in windows at least
Those lappies in the photo yours?
+1 Web Platform Installer
2:40 AM
no just giving a comparison to the MBP..
I don't think I've actually taken a picture of mine
Has anyone used this 'Node' thing? I'm thinking about following through the tutorial at dailyjs.com but I'm kinda put off by the lack of support for multiple CPUs
I took a pic of my mb last week.
Heh, my initials are mb too.
@david - nope, I haven't
I've played with node.js and wrote some modules for it on github
@DanGrossman - Penn, US
east coast US
the Radiance display makes my 1080p monitors' white look yellow by comparison
2:43 AM
Says it there.
So it;s been getting dark earlier.
it's dark before 6pm now, depressing
Yep, same.
I notice you're a gamer.
I took a photo with the screen turned to minimum brightness to make it visible in the picture
And that you drink Coffee and that your tables are from... Ikea?
yes, you see my flickr
2:45 AM
Just observing the original photo
only one of those tables is from ikea, the small one the laptop was on
I noticed the XBOX and Wii cases and the coffecup.
ASP.net during the day. Black ops at night.
The one next to it looks ikea too.
it's from walmart ;)
2:46 AM
Or that's a chair/stool?
$20 coffee table
The black one, not the glass coffee table.
there are two black tables, the one the laptop was on is from ikea (and cost $10), the other one is a rectangular coffee table
Ah, ok
You moved between photos.
Just noticed.
yes, heh
2:48 AM
moved to the right.
my living room is a mess of technology
(the layout in that picture is different from now)
Another photo just now?
that one's a few weeks old
oh ok
Looks like a living room or den.
I was gonna guess den.
she might not appreciate being in the picture there :p
2:49 AM
all the same, i have a small two-floor apartment
Meh, that's me being Sherlock Holmes.
Hmmm so alls im missing is a cute swedish girl in my living room to compete.
the difference being sherlock holmes doesn't enumerate every descriptive thing he comes across
he may be snarky, but that's not the same
2:50 AM
@drachenstern - true, but I wasn't going for any particular conclusion -he usually is.
I just practice picking up details.
Like the pen on the floor of the first pic.
Sorry, didn't mean to throw you off your game, continue to enumerate, we'll continue to not draw the association
@drachenstern - hah. :-)
I can tell from your presence that you are some sort of nerd.
That's me being Sherlock Holmes.
@mootinator - Nope -geek is the correct term.
nope, nerd
2:52 AM
A nerd wears overhead braces and has buck teeth
Well hello... Just noticed the chat link in the header.
So... hello SO
A geek knows thier tech.
@JoshPatton Welcome.
a nerd is socially inept and does things like enumerate everything they see
a geek is a specialist
@drachenstern agreed
@drachenstern - my presence on SO means I'm a geek.
2:53 AM
an orthodontist's patient wears overhead braces and has buck teeth
My analysis of the photos makes me (possibly) a nerd.
Let's see what wikipedia thinks
But that's not what mootinator said.
Nerd is a term that refers to a person who avidly pursues intellectual activities, technical or scientific endeavors, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests, rather than engaging in more social or conventional activities. It often carries a derogatory connotation or stereotype. The nerd may be awkward, shy and unattractive. Therefore, a nerd is often excluded from physical activity and considered a loner by peers, or will tend to associate with like-minded people. Etymology The first documented appearance of the word "nerd" is as the name of a creature in Dr. Seuss's book If I...
@mootinator- Well, that depends - did you recently edit Wikipedia?
2:54 AM
@mootinator Possible use for programmers.stackexchange.com ?
I'm wearing a WordCamp t-shirt, I have a whiteboard with an entity-relationship diagram on it in my living room, what am I? :)
a dba
The word geek is a slang term, with different meanings ranging from "a computer expert or enthusiast" to "a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts", with a general pejorative meaning of "a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp[ecially] one who is perceived to be overly intellectual" This word comes from English dialect geek, geck: fool, freak; from Low German geck, from Middle Low German. The root geck still survives in Dutch and Afrikaans gek: crazy, as well as some German dialects, and in the Alsatian word Gickeleshut: geek's hat, used in carnival...
The geek picture is better.
Geek wins
2:54 AM
geek wins
I wasn't talking about a photo. Ugh.
I am talking about the terms 'nerd' and 'geek'
I prefer sandals and cargo shorts and tshirts, but I wear polos slacks and loafers, what am I?
@JeremyChild - Try English.SE.
@drachenstern A hipster geek?
I was aiming for employed :p ;)
2:56 AM
@mootinator mmmm hipster geek.
@drachenstern Oh, I assumed you were wearing the slacks ironically.
sorrry im stuck in a while loop
hipster geek might be the white 32GB iphone tho
sadly no, not ironically
I tried showing up in cargo shorts and sandals one day, I was subtly encouraged to not do that again ...
Going to ask on English.SE
And then on Programmers.SE
I'll get some clarification

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