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1:03 PM
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
@BillyMathews What?
Chatbot ^
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
What about it?
Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever
1:07 PM
Uh, sure does.
You know, I just realized. I've been a nice guy and reported trickier bugs (some serious) to companies, and I never got an answer.
@rlemon i missed u bro o/
@BillyMathews Someone needs to learn how to read.
@Zirak puts on sunglasses
@Zirak Why is that a surprise?
1:08 PM
And yeah, I have too, and they never reply
the thing about space-time is awesome
I'm not asking for flowers, just an "ok" or "fuck off"
Haha, yeah, just acknowledgement
I screwed up my httpd.conf again :/
@rlemon Hahahahahaha
1:09 PM
@Zirak if those were security-holes, you're lucky that you didn't get sued
@rlemon: Server admin extraordinaire
companies being assholes to white and grey-hat guys.
I'm just so awesome at it
@GNi33 And that's why I stopped
yep, most people stopped
1:10 PM
@GNi33 I'm not stupid enough to say "lulz i h@xed u", even out of niceness, not without some backup first. But for instance, Gameforge once sent me my password in plain text.
So I contacted them and explained why that's retarded (I was gentle)
@Zirak That's not the only way they can screw you
yeah, just show them a security-leak, they go all "ATTEMPTED H4X, FEEL SUED!"
@Zirak "You're doing it wrong" is different than "You have a bug"
Q: switch-case performance in ECMAscript

jAndyI'm using switch-case statements on regular bases in ECMAscript. Beside my personal endorsement about it, there is tons of specialist literature out, about performance in this language in general and about conditional statements specifically. One good example I remember for instance, is the exce...

just idiots, they don't even realise that it's the best that can happen to them if people do that
1:11 PM
please give some love and attention
@GNi33 i hav been torched by xat.com for telling them how to fix an actionscript bug
I'd even pay greyhat-hackers for information on that
@zirak Seriously I've just read this loads of times, makes no sense
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
PS i didn't even know actionscript i assumed for it to be working // which it did .. that i found out later. But those people IP banned me -_- , shameful idiots
@BillyMathews What part doesn't make sense?!
1:12 PM
and all i told them was

hey instead of a naked request cant we do



because my adobe developer sandbox kept on throwing an error with the code (x lol
Teehee, you said naked
I am being dumb right: $.getJSON('http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2190797/mikedidthis-branding/svgList.json?callback=?', function(data){
1:13 PM
@BillyMathews I agree with @AmaanCheval, what part doesn't make sense?
does nothing? :(
@FlorianMargaine thousand thanks for the trash-can invitation, but i think i'll pass
@mikedidthis Yes.
All of it?!
1:14 PM
Re-reading it I may not have been the gentlest, but I was nice: pastebin.com/EWuTyT5q
I can tell I'm going to seem like a right idiot here.....
@mikedidthis ... where are you calling this?
even go want to do look more like?
The callback parameter is something you have to use in your code and call in your code
You don't use it on a JSON file
You use it on a service you want to allow other people to use
@RyanKinal in a script thats on Tumblr.
1:15 PM
@BillyMathews Seriously, what don't you get?
I can't make any sense of that sentence whatsoever
I think im reading it wrong
@AmaanCheval That's the cutest thing you ever said
You've got to be pulling my leg
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Imagine I said that in a manly voice
1:16 PM
@BillyMathews Probably not
go want to do look more like
'go want to do look more like' <- that is just wrong
@BillyMathews well, i think so, there's a chance at least
do look more like
Nope, I don't think so.
Really? I've always thought that nobody has been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.
1:17 PM
Just.. nevermind >.>
Q: Don't invite people when moving their messages

Florian MargaineEvery time we move people's messages to some recycle bin/trash can room, they're invited to this room, thus leading to sarcastic comments such as this one. Should these invitations be disabled? I haven't seen any useful situation for those invitations when moving a message. If you think there a...

@FlorianMargaine^Well done.
I fucking hate servers
NameVirtualHost *:80
<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName beta.lemonmeme.com
  ServerAlias beta.lemonmeme.com
  ServerAdmin admin@lemonmeme.com
  DocumentRoot "/var/www/subdomains/beta"
  <Directory /var/www/beta.lemonmeme.com>
    AllowOverride All
    Allow from all
I guessed this
but it's wrong
lemonmeme.com/ and beta.lemonmeme.com/ both serve the beta site
@Zirak chances are certainly not big, yet existing
they shouldn't
1:19 PM
@GNi33 Chances for anything to go want to do look more like are existing, yes. Likely? No way.
@rlemon can we see the other vhost?
@AmaanCheval now you're just being a pessimist
dass it
like I said, not a fucking clue what i'm doing here.
@GNi33 :D
@FlorianMargaine Congrats, you got me to post on meta for once
A: Don't invite people when moving their messages

SomeKittensThere is a use-case for invitations, such as when a user confuses Java and JavaScript (AGAIN!). I think that a dedicated trash bin room should be created that doesn't invite people when messages are moved there.

1:20 PM
so if i'm 100% wrong then make fun of me thoroughly.. then HALP!
@SomeKittens upvotes are coming rushing.
Sure are
@FlorianMargaine \0/
oops, I've got a big head.
Can anyone tell me how to put a background-size: cover effect on an image
@SomeKittens Upvotes will do that
1:22 PM
I have this:

min-height: 100%;
min-width: 100%;
width: 100%;
but obviously when the width calls for the height to be less than 100%, it messes up the aspect ratio
@BillyMathews you want to stretch the image no matter what?
I need it to cover it's parent, but maintain aspect ratio
You need to use JS to work that out sadly
Surely not?
Maybe: height: 100%, width:auto, may work
But that means it will fit in the left, but not the right.
1:26 PM
and then we get the same problem, but with width instead
aspect taio isnt maintained
Yeah, CSS isn't that clever yet.
You could try taking it out of the document flow using position: absolute; but you then loss the width / height bindings
it's already position absolute, parent is relative
background slideshow
But yes, I don't think you can emulate 'cover' on an image without some sort of JS to keep nudging the image.
mm :/
do you know of an event such as window.resize(function()?
Why wouldn't you just use that event, or a debounced one: paulirish.com/2009/throttled-smartresize-jquery-event-handler
1:33 PM
I didn't know it existed..
I do now :)
Its best to use a debounced / timed resize event, as it can fire a bloody lot
I used something similar here: mikedidthis-pierre.tumblr.com
How to fire the mousedown event programatically?
!!/tell lahari mdn triggerEvent
Server error (status 500) occured (message probably too long)
@Darkyen Command triggerevent does not exist.
@mikedidthis I like that theme :D
1:37 PM
@BillyMathews Thanks! People seem to love resizing responsive stuff!
I take it you created that theme?
i have a textfield inside a form of ext4.1. For this i want to fire mouse down even programatically
but triggerEvent is gvg there is no such method error
Yes I did.
1:39 PM
@Darkyen thats superb man!
And you're 16? That's pretty cool
This is my second pen he loves :D :D :D yippiee :D
Hahaha, @Darkyen's 13, not 16
@AmaanCheval fuck you :D
@Darkyen You too, sir.
1:40 PM
Hi all
aiight then when and where ?
CodePen crashes the Chrome tab if I click on "Editor". Does that happen to anyone else?
Let's turn the sexual deviancy knob from 11 to about 6 if we may
@Zirak it dint worked
@AmaanCheval nope
1:42 PM
TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'click
@AmaanCheval codepen is vry heavy though... you might be running out of resources
Well, you don't give us a lot of info, so we can't give much back
Hi all
Because in my example, elem is actually a DOM element
@Darkyen Each time I click on editor, but not if I reload the editor version of the pen?
That's unlikely
1:43 PM
hey, is there a way to get all variables in a scope? Like the window.onload scope ?
All variables? Nope.
@MikeBoutin No.
Hmmm gotta start updating the blog again lol
Properties? Yeah
1:43 PM
@Neal will you blog about my app ?
@Loktar Congrats about your CodePen, by the way! David Walsh really liked it, didn't he?
cause i'm trying to create a "class" for the vimeo iframe player api
@Darkyen eh? what app? does it have anything to do with JS
in my case hw can i achieve that?
1:44 PM
@Neal its an iOS app but has to do with PRIVACY a lot
and it will be out soon
@AmaanCheval yeah pretty cool
I didnt even think it was that amazing
@Darkyen its a js blog.
but a lot of people liekd it so thats cool
@Loktar did u saw my terrain generator ?
@Neal ah nvm then ^^
@Loktar Yeah, prepare to write your guest post! :D
1:45 PM
Im getting into job hunt mode so its good! :P
@Darkyen no
Haha, yeah, that's what I was thinking
and i want to set the "state" of the player to the good player developer.vimeo.com/player/js-api#universal-with-postmessage
@AmaanCheval haha yeah hes been asking me that for months
@Darkyen triggerEvent is not working
1:45 PM
and i don't want to use Froogaloop
I just can never think of something cool to write about
@Darkyen nice man
@Loktar Oh, sweet
@Neal I should write something for that again...
But I don't know what
1:46 PM
@RyanKinal haha I should continue my post that I never finished ...
On scope?
@Loktar what do u say, i am adding damage to it [ the 2d version .... boy chris coyier loves it ... enough incentive to write that mess ] shall i add weathering aswell ?
@RyanKinal I think that was it
I guess I could write about the Factory Pattern... but I rarely - if ever - use it.
@Darkyen yeah why not
1:47 PM
What's weathering?
I wouldnt do it to get Chris to like it though
Id do it because its a fun project to work on :P
@RyanKinal It is just annoying that We had 10K views in january and now we are down to 300
^ not sure if you ever saw that @Darkyen
1:48 PM
@Neal ... well, without content...
you;re using 2d midpoint displacement right?
@RyanKinal True true.
Also, January was when you guys advertised THE HELL out of my constructors article.
@RyanKinal which we can do again :-)
1:49 PM
@Loktar That's absolutely brilliant
I've seen it before
anybody can help?
But it's really good :p
@Loktar didnt saw but why doesnt ur meteor destroy earth ?
it'd be sooooooo much fun!
1:49 PM
@Darkyen haha yeah
i wanted to originally do it with webgl in 3d
but now i will do it in 2d :D lol
2d is easier to understand at first
well for me it was
@Loktar The fact that the stars move randomly bothers me
@SomeKittens what do you mean randomly?
@Loktar for me they both are hard :[
1:50 PM
they all move the same direction, some slower than others
can anyone help me come up with an equation
Hi guys I need to select an image and pass it to a js function which does some manepulation on that image I'm using this document.getElementById('ar_file_photograph') but It doesn't seem to select that image
Oh. They really should all move at the same speed (or, even better, around a central point)
@BillyMathews Sure, but have you really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
@SachinPrasad웃 Yeah, you'll need to include JS_IMAGE_VAL.js
1:51 PM
@SomeKittens Why?
@AmaanCheval I have.
@AmaanCheval because that's what real stars do
they are so far away that they appear to move together
they are all moving randomly, this is true, but out rotation is not random
and they are fucking far
1:52 PM
that thumbnail is misleading!
ergo, they all look like they move together
I was like oh wow that looks badass!
@Loktar watch it for a bit ... wait nvm... misleading
@Zirak huh?
1:52 PM
@rlemon how goes the game?
@Loktar it's going.
I have to fix my server so I can get help with my newest issue :P ha!
@AmaanCheval on window resize I will check if an image's height / width is smaller than parent, if so I need to push the width up untill they are both equal to / greater than the parents respective measurements
you know anything about Virtual Directories
eh not beyond basic knowledge
@Zirak Oh got it, you want to know if that's possible in ST?
1:53 PM
lol VD venereal diseases!
glad you updated it :P
@BillyMathews What's the problem?
@OctavianDamiean Amaan Cheval showed me some plugins. If you've got a native one that's great, but otherwise I have Emacs always open anyway.
well this is all that I changed in my httpd.conf
and atm it's al funky.
NameVirtualHost *:80
<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName beta.lemonmeme.com
  ServerAlias beta.lemonmeme.com
  ServerAdmin admin@lemonmeme.com
  DocumentRoot "/var/www/subdomains/beta"
  <Directory /var/www/beta.lemonmeme.com>
    AllowOverride All
    Allow from all
@SomeKittens where can I find that lib?
@AmaanCheval I can't think how to do width = width when height == 100%
1:55 PM
this is what the function does : function getBase64Image(img) {
// Create an empty canvas element
var canvas = document.createElement("canvas");
canvas.width = img.width;
canvas.height = img.height;

// Copy the image contents to the canvas
var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");
ctx.drawImage(img, 0, 0);

// Get the data-URL formatted image
// Firefox supports PNG and JPEG. You could check img.src to
// guess the original format, but be aware the using "image/jpg"
// will re-encode the image.
var dataURL = canvas.toDataURL("image/png");
@SachinPrasad웃 You'll have to write it yourself. Only true acolytes are given access to the code.
@BillyMathews You want to maintain the aspect ratio?
@SomeKittens I gues it should be just the opposite :)
@BillyMathews Uh, so you want to maintain the aspect ratio, but you also want the parents and the image to have the same dimensions? Can't you change the parent's dimensions?
1:59 PM
@Zirak Well, all I know is a workaround. ST has a ctrl + shift + u binding which you can disable to get the native linux unicode enter mode.

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