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7:00 AM
Ok... now we'll all have to let Safari users die or find a way to test our webapps on Safari. As if maintaining a VM for IE wasn't enough... :\
7:11 AM
@Darkyen "decent browser" today should support WebGL. IE10 doesn't.
I wonder about one point : will the owners of Skype let WebRTC run in their browser ?
!!s/owners of Skype/Microsoft/
and there you got your answer.
IE is far from supporting WebRTC
I don't think microsoft will work on something that doesn't work in their browser
That's what I think. The day WebRTC is ready, Skype will start to die. And that will make one less problem for linux users.
I don't think Skype will die though
simply because everyone has its contacts on it
but the day we can start a conversation by sending an email...
man, that makes me want to check out the current state of WebRTC and see if it's possible right now.
Any chat system, any forum, any web app in which users are in contact will have a feature allowing people to video chat if they want. In group probably. Imagine....
7:17 AM
@FlorianMargaine huh
My chat has this feature... It just fails to work correctly, debugging webRTC is painful.
especially because you don't know whether it doesn't work because of you or because webRTC got a bug
And the fact that the only existing documentations, even while they're only a few weeks old, are obsolete and show functions and structures that changed since...
Guys, could CSS question be asked here?
7:33 AM
We really need to have the bot telling newcomers "Don't ask to ask, just ask"...
Some close votes are stupid
Q: jQuery shortening this query down?

Donald SutherlandIs it possible to shorten this query's down into one at all? $('p:contains(Tel:)').html(function() { return $(this).html().replace('Tel:', '<strong>Tel:</strong>'); }); $('p:contains(Fax:)').html(function() { return $(this).html().replace('Fax:', '<strong>Fax:</strong>'); }); My code l...

So the question is, can I make a rule, that would say set display:none; starting from 3rd element in ul list?
Or will I need javascript for that?
depends on how cross browser you want it to be
Mostly everywhere
7:46 AM
if you can't use css selectors level 3 I'm afraid you need either js or to change the html.
everywhere? sorry, can't help you with netscape.
Is IE8 better than Netscape on this problem ? I don't think so...
does anybody use the Aptana buildin git client ?
In fact, by combining + and :first-child, it should be possible to make a distinct rule for first 2 elements...
@jAndy Isn't that just the egit client?
I mean Aptana is based on Eclipse isn't it?
7:50 AM
li {
li:first-child, li:first-child + li {
Doesn't work on Mosaic, though
Thank you.
@jAndy why use a builtin client ? After tests by me and my team on svn and git, I'd recommend to avoid using an integrated client in Eclipse.
@OctavianDamiean I used egit, but its a plugin. Aptana ships with its own git client
@dystroy I'm actually quite impressed by the aptana buildin git client
I like it way better than eGit at least
my only problem with it, since I removed eGit.. my git username gets ignored
it just shows unknown on all of my commits as user
mhhh.. whats the right site to ask about it ? Superuser.com ?
gosh I HATE to work on a windows machine at work.. grr grr grrr, all this trouble.
guys, just a quick question about underscore again
$('something').on('click', function(){
	_.bind(doSomething(), this);
Is this how you bind this to the doSomething function?
You want doSomething.call(this);
or simply $('something').on('click', doSomething);
8:03 AM
then can is it going to be
function doSomething(){
this; // <- something?
yes, please read about how this works in JS.
Is there a underscore way of doing call?
Why would you ever do that?!?!?!?
It is something supported natively by JavaScript. It would be completely retarded to wrap it with a library...
@ThiefMaster sounds very human to do retarded stuff
Q: Setup Git-User in Aptana

jAndyI'm using Aptana Studio 3 Standalone as IDE. As GIT client, I used eGit for quite a while, but I didn't like the menus and options there too much. So, I wanted to give the build-in git client a chance. I like it way better, but my problem is that after I removed eGit, my username is displayed as...

@jAndy There are many git questions on SO. This would have been a good place. (sorry thiefmaster, didn't want to ping you)
8:07 AM
@ThiefMaster I want to become familiar with underscore.js, problem?
Nope.. but you do not want to use a library for things you can do natively in all browsers...
@ThiefMaster can you move the question from Superuser to Stackoverflow ?
or should I clone
no, you need a SU mod for that (so just flag it)
or delete and repost
8:11 AM
Damn... I upvoted your question... that makes it harder for me to go up you in the reputation ladder :\
@jAndy holy aptana
i hate it
@Nexxpresso I have this shiny windows machine here at the office, I figured its the best alternative IDE on that OS
working with JS/CSS/HTML/Ruby + Git
its actually not that bad.. I like the publishing options for instance.. rightlick -> publish on open files/tabs
and the IDE as such isn't too bad either
8:14 AM
!!/karma notepad
notepad++ has a git client ?
and publishing/server-push options ?
i guess several
bot still dead?
Assuming no access to windows machine. Testing IE on linux, VM is the only real option right?
8:20 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum guess so
@ThiefMaster Except for jQuery, that's always better
@BenjaminGruenbaum could try wine but guess its a hassle ..
@BenjaminGruenbaum that or something like browserling
@ThiefMaster so much win in there
Hello ppl
have some one experience with moderinizer.js?
what i want to do is add media query and show different css for small screen
8:35 AM
No one has any experience with moderinizer.js
Q: How to detect if Media Queries are present using Modernizr

SparrwHawkI'm trying to detect whether media queries are present using Modernizr 2, then loading in respond.js if appropriate. I've put this in my script.js file... Modernizr.load({ test: Modernizr.mq, yep : '', nope: 'mylibs/respond.js' }); What am I doing wrong? I'm really surprised there isn't...

@AfnanBashir ^
I am new to this so i am sure i am mixing things. What i feel is modernizer is for detection of availibiity of media queries and if queries exist you can do @media all and (min-width:500px) { … } in css
what if we simply do @media all and (min-width:500px) { … } and inside custom css
it should work
but it does not
Q: Line of sight AI detection for car race using three js

user2240420I am developing the 3D car game using webGL using three js can you please support me how can i use the concept of line of sight/waypoints to detect the turns or not I dont want to make it cpu extensive is there any easy way or alternative to achieve the same.

8:52 AM
Chrome and Opera changes from Webkit to Blink ?!
Yep, and what about servo: techcrunch.com/2013/04/03/…
FAILS in IE, every once in a while for no apparent reason
Why would they do that?
Why in their right mind would they think it was a good idea...
I've never seen attachEvent before, how is it different to addEventListener?
IE < 9 uses it instead
Instead of doing addEventListener("load" , you do attachEvent("onload"
Supposed to do the same thing
But just randomly doesn't sometimes. Nice
@BenjaminGruenbaum, probably why jQuery does this: james.padolsey.com/jquery/#v=1.7.2&fn=jQuery.ready
9:06 AM
Yeah, I do something similar with an interval and document.readyState
window.attachEvent("onload", function () {
no, you have to add 'on'
Seen. Thanks. But let's pretend IE started with version 9.
@jAndy the chromium team says they can remove 4.5 millions loc with that fork. That's a lot. But now we'll have to find a way to test our webapp for Safari. I can send to hell IE8 users but I have friends using Safari :\
4.5MILLION LOC?? Damn.
!//google mhh
holy brainfuck
9:12 AM
so after 20 minutes of useless typing i got to this ..
Might be exaggerated but I guess it's still very big.
@Nexxpresso "Brainfuck is useless!!!!" ? No way...
it took me
20 minutes
9:16 AM
to write a fucking sentence
@GNi33 o/
@GNi33 looks like you can say "latest" btw github.com/Raynos/continuable/blob/master/package.json#L34
and btw
when removing 4.5 millions of lines, I think they include the JS engine in it, for example
I can't remember the name...
@dystroy ^
WebCore is the rendering-engine
what's the JS engine in webkit then?
9:22 AM
There's something like "JavaScriptCore"
webkit !== js engine ?!
oh, it's even there in that arstechnica - article
I hope that doesn't mean we'll have to support WebKit and Blink browsers in parallel ...
> The WebKit project was started by Apple in 2001, itself a fork of a rendering engine called KHTML. The project includes a core rendering engine for handling HTML and CSS (WebCore), a JavaScript engine (JavaScriptCore), and a high-level API for embedding it into browsers (WebKit).
As an example, WebKit’s JavaScript engine, JavaScriptCore, is a default in WebKit. (It is based originally on KJS (from KDE) back when WebKit started as a fork of KHTML). Meanwhile, the Chromium port swaps in V8 here, and uses unique DOM bindings to map things over.
9:24 AM
@FlorianMargaine ah, thanks, that's useful
I guess chrome only needs WebCore...
and a part of webkit
but it can dump JavaScriptCore altogether
rm -rf JavaScriptCore/ # 5000 files removed
Waaaaaaaaaaaaat? — Florian Margaine 14 secs ago
@FlorianMargaine NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you removed JS!
@OctavianDamiean from safari. Not from chrome :P
Ah, good.
I don't care about Safari anyway. :P
A: How to write below CSS lines in zend framework 2 syntax?

RockyFordYou're looking for the headlink view helper Here is some demo code from the skeleton application: <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <?php echo $this->headTitle('ZF2 '. $this->translate('Skeleton Application'))->setSeparator(' - ')->setAutoEscape(false) ?> <?php echo $this->...

Does such a monstrosity really exist?
9:42 AM
Q: Technical term for above

PrasadCan anyone tell me what technical name we use to call this kind of thing? Thanks in advance.

I especially love the tags
It's actually off-topic.
guys is it necessary to use respond.js to develop responsive website design?
if i do simple query in css it does not work :(
9:49 AM
Holy cow what!? Node.js 0.10.3 already!?
@AfnanBashir what browser?
@AfnanBashir You're probably doing it wrong.
yeah, they're throwing out versions lately
Lol now you can build some serious Windows 8 app with HTML5
9:49 AM
yep, that's possible
@GNi33 Chrome
then you're probably just doing something wrong
I think HTML5 is way better than Flex
@OctavianDamiean teh awesome
HTML5 has way more options to choose when it comes to UI frameworks
9:50 AM
@TemporaryNickName YOUR WRONG
if you can tell me, what HTML5 is, maybe i agree
I really need a learning buddy for the LPI certificate exams, who's up to take the exam?
@GNi33 maybe you?
Crap, I have a calculus exam coming soon.. FML!
@OctavianDamiean LPI?
sure, if you wanna take the bigges linux-noob around, i'll be game
9:59 AM
Linux Professional Institute Certificate (LPIC)
@GNi33 Alright, great so we'll team up on this. We'll be a study group! :D
@OctavianDamiean what level?
LPIC1 for starters.
I don't have any certificate yet.
Nice, I never knew about LPIC thx for the info
how much does it cost?
~200$ per exam as far as i can see
10:02 AM
That should be about right.
and 5 years expiration date of the certificates
I was going to get OCP when I graduate this Uni, anyone already have acquired it?
Which, for the higher levels, kinda makes sense.
I don't quite agree with the lower levels expiring after five years ... it's not like tail, wc, less, cat and the like will suddenly change ...
10:04 AM
I hope they are not very difficult XD
well 400 every 5 years for the lpi 1 certificate hmm
I don't think you'll have to retake LPIC 1 once you've taken LPIC 2 or 3.
Students should be able to reboot the system
You just retake the highest level as far as I know.
i think i can do LPI 1
10:06 AM
init 6
Where's my certificate?
fuck init 6 just use reboot its faster ..
hello everyone
@Nexxpresso On systems that don't feature the reboot binary you'll want to use init. :)
Have anyone heard something about a chrome update during the last few days?
exam 101 doesnt look that hard
10:09 AM
It's probably not hard, but it just sucks to study on your own, makes more fun together.
@Stripps You'll have to be more specific. Chrome updates every 6 weeks
@OctavianDamiean I'd be in, but $200... duh
@OctavianDamiean i want to finally get a linux - partition running anyhow :P
for some reason my javascript app doesint work as it should in chrome, but fine in ff and IE, and I havint been working on it for like 2 weeks
@FlorianMargaine 400
It's like sex. Doing it alone isn't as exciting as together.
10:10 AM
I also tried to take a changeset from like 2 months ago, but none is working. Also I asked a friend to try, on another computer, so it's not some setting in my browser
@OctavianDamiean does your boss pay for it or you want it for yourself?
@Stripps look for errors
chrome is pretty easy to debug in
Aint getting anything in the console
and what doesn't work?
10:14 AM
The problem, right now seems to have to do with the click event
I have areas where you can click, and those are minimal now, even tho i havint changed the code
sounds like a css issue
Is OP or me retarded ?
Q: What's this sorting algorithm called?

dorafmonI am thinking about a non-comparison sorting algorithm and I think I've found one myself. Input: A[0...n] ranged from 0...n //ideally, I think it can be expanded to more general case later Non-comparison-sort(A,n): let B = [0...n] = [0] for i in A: B[A[i]]=i After this algorithm,each elem...

@Nexxpresso I'm probably gonna pay it on my own.
@Nexxpresso You in as well?
meh meh
is it just me or is that whole bullshitting about nuclear war and north korea just pushed and hyped by media and ... ppl of interests in such conflicts
10:19 AM
@GNi33 What's your birth month?
@jAndy sadly hyped lil kim wont do shit
tho murica brough their THAADs near to NK
its so idiotic to think that Pjöngjang would be such an idiot
@GNi33 Great, so you're Pierce then. You're the oldest of our study group.
10:20 AM
so they kinda take it serious
why would he kill himself/the country/whatever for no reason and no hope of success
Pierce? Old? wat? :D
@GNi33 Wait, didn't you watch Community?
You on GTalk?
10:21 AM
@jAndy tho do you know if they brought in the THAAD or Aegis?
not on austrian tv, internet at home way too slow to stream anything :/
@Nexxpresso whats the THAAD
and on weekends, i rarely watch anything
thaad is ground anti missile
@GNi33 You gotta tell me how I can reach you off chat.
10:22 AM
while aegis is sea based anti missile
@OctavianDamiean something ingenious
called email
Hi @all
@OctavianDamiean email, twitter, facebook, probably gtalk too, yeah
its the same story, media is telling the people what to believe. All the bullshitting news about Greece and people who burned European flags and accusing Europe as Nazis and bla bla bla.. I know some people who are in Greece very regulary and they tell a whole different story
@FlorianMargaine wat dat? Neva heard of dat.
10:23 AM
media is way too powerful
add skype to the list too, whatever you prefer
@GNi33 Ah wait! I should have your email address.
you already sent me one some time ago, yeah
@GNi33 I want your phone number.
10:24 AM
but... it's my phone
@jAndy nvm i found out
@GNi33 You have mail!
will i receive weird troll-calls in the middle of the night then? :D
it's BadgerGirl only who does that
I have one requirement where I have given a range of dates. Something like this:
`var startDate = /* some date */`
`var endDate = /* some date */
I need to find out the **Index position** of particular user entered date according to the given range. How to do this?
without using for loop
or any loops
is it possible?
10:26 AM
@OctavianDamiean oh, i see, i gave you my "official" one
that you go visit once every 3 months?
but i got the two accounts connected, so it should show up anytime soon
@BadgerGirl is no human at all, we added each other on facebook a couple of days ago and since then, whenever I looked into fb, the badger-bot was online, all day every day
the unofficial one, sexbossaustrian@hotmail.com, is the one you visit everyday?
10:27 AM
the other one is just a freaking old screenname
but i don't want to change my email-address, too much work
too much work ?
Dec 2 '12 at 14:16, by Zirak
10:28 AM
google - account, connected with my n4, pretty much any interesting page i'm registered on runs over that address
His is lukas@porn4u.com
@OctavianDamiean woah, that would actually be really cool. price?
@GNi33 What are you talking about? The disk?
the domain name
10:36 AM
1 day ...
Seems to be the release 1 week ago that messes with my application. An older version of chrome works. Interesting
Wait, did they say when they are going to switch to Blink?
@OctavianDamiean it's a fork, so a switch would probably change nothing at first
Someone here who preorded aoe II and can see if preload is already enabled?
It will just let them code more easily in the future
10:46 AM
@dystroy The at first part is not what's worrying me but the in the end part.
@OctavianDamiean yeah, disk, shipping, your precious time :D
Nothing mate, well maybe something. Such a fancy pink ice-cream when we'll meet one day. :D
haha, if i'd know where to find that stuff here, sure. But I can get a Tschisi if you want ;)
@GNi33 NO WAY! I used to eat those when I was a kid. I think it's been ages since ate one. :D
yeah, i had the first one in AGES yesterday, still delicious
10:53 AM
If only we'd have a decent weather to really enjoy those ...
@GNi33 So all I need from you is your snail mail address.
wtf is tschisi
The best fucking ice cream on planet.
@OctavianDamiean on it
tschisi is austrian ice cream wtf
Doesn't matter, still the best.
10:58 AM
and some iditos cried so they have to reproduce it
poor companies
@GNi33 That's city name is hilarious!

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