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5:00 PM
Can somebody ping me so I easily find this message later? :)
26 secs ago, by Xeo
Can somebody ping me so I easily find this message later? :)
@Xeo Bookmarks are a thing
@Xeo plink.
@Xeo ping
5:03 PM
@Xeo I am sure you expected to be plinked to death.
@DanielC.Sobral: Here is a followup online test showing ArrayList being 12 times faster than LinkedList for inserts in the middle. LinkedList only appears faster when inserting near the beginning. — Mooing Duck 37 secs ago
@Xeo: you might regret that
@Xeo I'm not sure you got my previous plink, so here is a new one:
Is it me, or does "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" really sounds like "My friends and Zoidberg"?
@Xeo plink.
@EtiennedeMartel lol
room topic changed to Lounge of my Friends and Zoidberg: A blog of useless meat. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq] [no-helpdesk]
5:04 PM
@Xeo I didn't get a confirmation that you received my ping. So here's another one. @Xeo.
So I take it ideone is still usable on everyone else's machine? It's just mine that's silly?
Hurray my name is in a room title!
@MooingDuck Is your machine ever anything but?
@Code-Guru true true *machine(s)
5:07 PM
@Xeo Oh hey. Are you watching anything next season?
I was actually looking for the c++ lounge
Then I found that all you guys were here! :P
So, good evening to all of you! :D
@R.MartinhoFernandes The amazing thing is that google is actually able to search for that ^^
So, this year's edition of Montreal's biggest hipster music festival, Osheaga, features the ultimate hipster magnet: Mumford & Sons.
5:09 PM
I like their music. Not sure aobut the hipster magnet thing...
@NikiC Hmm, I think it would require special treatment to not be able to search it.
I don't get whats so great about Mumford & Sons.
@GamesBrainiac They have a good song
@GamesBrainiac Star the room.
There's a button next to the title.
5:10 PM
@Code-Guru I like how the top has all combining marks rendered on their own.
@Zoidberg Thats how I got here, but I thought I was entering a completely different room! :P
@R.MartinhoFernandes Maybe. Just seemed odd to me that it can search for a single character + extra weirdness ^^
@GamesBrainiac It's folk pop.
That's pretty much all you need to get Pitchfork wet.
I supposed it could ignore diacritics in searches.
5:11 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I was actually trying to link the pic of Emma...err what's her last name from Harry Potter?
It probably does for latin ones.
@Code-Guru Emma Watson
emma watson
yah, I was gonna say Emma Stone, but remembered that's a different hottie.
Both of them are hot.
My agreement you get.
5:13 PM
@Xeo Are you home yet?
@EtiennedeMartel just so
Zoidmaster, you've been using OS X for quite a while, have any dark theme recommendations for XCode (which don't hurt human eyes?)
@Xeo Where are you? I pinged you 3 times and no response. Hello???
@DomagojPandža Control-Option-Command-8
5:16 PM
@Xeo We are not trying to annoy you, just being overly helpful.
@Xeo I'm trying to be annoying
@MooingDuck You fail miserably! :P
@Xeo I want to join the club
@Xeo Oh. Disregard that last message.
@Xeo I'm just doing it because all the cool kids are.
5:17 PM
@Xeo Let us know how many pings there are
@Xeo Have our babies.
@Xeo Oh...I missed that ppl are pinging a reply to your earlier message...
@Xeo Is anybody home?
unrelated: A while back I was whining that rule of zero was not good because default copy assignment doesn't hold the strong exception guarantee. Someone(s) retorted that it pretty much only fails when bad_alloc is thrown, which basically never happens. (A) That's a stupid argument, and (B) arenas make bad_alloc very possible.
@Xeo Guess I'm not as cool as everyone else...
5:20 PM
@Xeo ++pings;
@Xeo Fucking having our babies; I want you to give me all of yours, Xeo-san~
@MooingDuck WoW arenas?
@Code-Guru no
@Xeo Doko ni iru?
5:22 PM
@Xeo Anime sucks.
@Xeo Can we talk about something instead of pinging Xeo without any interesting content?
This should get his attention.
@Xeo we can discuss something while pinging him.
@Xeo multitasking.
@Xeo Like what?
@Xeo Someone has interesting content here?
5:23 PM
@Xeo lemme think...
@Xeo since when?
@Xeo Singletons?
@Xeo We can discuss reducing variance in stochastic global illumination solvers?
@xeo tabs vs spaces?
Q: "Weak" atomic operations?

sammyIn the new C++11 standard, many atomic operations are defined in "strong/weak" pairs: template< class T > bool atomic_compare_exchange_weak( std::atomic<T>* obj, T* expected, T desired ); template< class T > bool atomic_compare_exchange_weak(...

5:23 PM
Uhm. Guys.
@Xeo Dupe votes, please.
Can I flag all your messages as spam? :3
There :Đ
We're sorry.
I swear I had no part in it.
We wanted to make sure you could find your message.
5:24 PM
I was forced.
Me too, they made me do it.
Just trying to help.
@Xeo Screenie please.
@Xeo how many?
@Xeo Including this one.
5:25 PM
... @Xeo .
@Mysticial Most definitly.
@ThePhD Is that for real, or are you just starbaiting?
I used LSD once.
@Mysticial: He's basically doing a greedy algorithm
5:25 PM
@Mysticial Too late.
and he is 100% wrong
As soon as you write a message, they go away, remember?
@Xeo dammit
What was the number though?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Responding to an older message and yeees, I've used and do use boost/
@Xeo Dammit, we'll have to do everything again!
5:26 PM
@Xeo :(
Occasionally, sparingly.
I have no clue, since it also included older messages (as my PC was on the whole time at home)
@Xeo yeah
You can stop now.
Alright, guys, we've had our fun. :$
5:26 PM
I haven't had enough fun~
I mean, not me. I was forced.
It was tragic, really.
@Mysticial: here is his counterexample
his algorithm bombs the 3x3 1-block in the centre
because it has "value" 9
@domagoj did you really?
then bombs the corners individually
but optimal solution is just to bomb the four quadrants (it's 6x6)
@nneonneo that's a good counterexample
5:28 PM
It's springtime in Germany when you've spotted your first Umlaut in full bloom.
@Xeo I count 36 "@Xeo's" before you came back.
his algo does 5 bombs, optimal is 4
so yeah, he's wrong. that greedy solution can't work.
@nneonneo Yeah, I came up with a smaller counter-example.
@BartekBanachewicz Given that I said what you said was a lie, what could I possibly mean?
Anyways @Mysticial, I plan to watch Railgun at the very least, likely also Nyaruko, Hentai Ouji (no, the name does not imply the content...) and Shingeki no Kyojin
5:30 PM
yeah, if it won't even work for the 1D case then it is sorely broken
I've been trying to come up with an NP reduction for the problem, but it's proving to be quite troublesome. The 3x3 region feels limiting.
@Xeo I'm following Railgun and Hyaruko for sure. I forgot what else was on the list.
@nneonneo Yeah, it's tough...
I'm not even gonna try.
But I will upvote you if you manage to do it.
*if you post it as a separate answer that is since I already upvoted your current answer.
@Mysticial Providing motivation, SO style.
@nneonneo which answer are you discussing? The top one doesn't have that issue
A: Bomb dropping algorithm

Anthony QueenCreate a list of all targets. Assign a value to the target based on the number of positive values impacted by a drop (itself, and all neighbors). Highest value would be a nine. Drop a bomb on the highest value target, then re-calculate targets and repeat until all target values are zero. To opt...

I am on the verge of not quite understanding the first answer. So I don't think I can come up with a counterexample since I don't get it. But my gut feeling is that it is wrong.
I think that, unless you let your kids climb trees, they will never learn to climb trees. Unless you let them light candles, they will never learn how to use matches. And unless you let them interact with strangers and make their own mistakes, they will never learn how to interact with strangers, and whom to trust.
Of course, in the beginning you want a controlled environment for that. So you stand under the tree like a praying mantis waiting to catch your kid when it comes falling down, you stand by it when it light candle picked for its easy handling, and you control which strangers it ha
5:36 PM
@nneonneo I already gave him a simpler counter-example that he acknowledged.
@Mysticial: this is probably the fault of me not reading the whole comment thread
by the way, can you explain the first answer in the post?
@nneonneo First answer is basically: start at the outermost layer, and work your way in one row at a time. greedy bomb the second layer in, with the intent to zero out the outermost nonzero layer. I think it's optimal, or very close to it.
I dun gets it
Realistically, you can do the same thing in any direction. Left to right works just the same.
defined vaguely enough, it's optimal
but there must be a lot of backtracking
because there are many ways of zeroing the outer layer
5:38 PM
no, there's no backtracking
oh wait, I see
...then how do you break ties?
@nneonneo Which is exponential to the radius of the pattern.
@Mysticial: précis
So it's O(exp(sqrt(x)))
java udpate
5:39 PM
Better than everyone else already.
wait, you claim it's subexponential time?
@nneonneo true, I don't think he distinguishes, I think he just focuses on the minimum for each individual layer, which I now realize might cause inner layers to be suboptimal. I get you
@nneonneo No, it's still exponential.
@nneonneo Your counter-example doesn't work
@ThePhD ?
5:40 PM
The problem states that rows have decreasing numbers.
Remember, he added that new conditions?
@ThePhD we are working with the "original" problem
@sbi yes, but hopefully by the time your daughter is 14, you have been able to teach her the difference between getting on with new people and some guy trying to rape her. I know what you mean when you say 'let them make mistakes' but when you are not there to catch them, do not you want their reaction to be more inclined towards not getting putting them selves in harms way? I don't think I really need to say this to you, but one of the ...
... lessons you have to learn at some stage is doing things just because you are being told to
@ThePhD the new problem is basically trivial
@ThePhD ¬_¬ god damn you
5:40 PM
A: Bomb dropping algorithm

nneonneoYour new problem, with the nondecreasing values across rows, is quite easy to solve. Observe that the left column contains the highest numbers. Therefore, any optimal solution must first reduce this column to zero. Thus, we can perform a 1-D bombing run over this column, reducing every element i...

but yeah. sorting the rows makes it so easy
actually, now that I think about it
@nneonneo oh, didn't notice that. That makes it far easier
coming up with a CA for the first question may be instructive
@MooingDuck which is why everyone still wants to solve the original
@thecoshman Sorry, I deleted it. :P
Well, wait a second.
@ThePhD ah don't worry about it, and that doesn't fully get rid of it either :P
5:42 PM
Why can't we just sort the rows, do a best-scoring with the bombs, and then reflect the score indices back into their original slots?
Oh COME ON. Stupid state is trying to bill me for stuff I don't even use.
Maybe it'll give us a better heuristic.
@Xeo Just one?~~
@ThePhD hahaaa
Oh. :
@Xeo which is what?
5:44 PM
the spatial integrity of the problem must be preserved because of the bomb's property
@ThePhD Grammar nazi mode and rage mode underly a mutual exclusion
@bamboon They sent me a letter that I should pay ~20€ per month for radio and TV. Which I don't use.
Their exclusive sets.
@thecoshman The only way for kids to learn to judge <anything, really> is to let them misjudge. Let them think they roam freely and are out there on their own as early as possible, without them actually being on their own in the beginning.
sudo rm -Rf /
so the first post gives no information about how to break ties in the outermost shell
@ScottW let me try that
5:45 PM
@Xeo well, the GEZ rules changed so that your internet now counts, too.
@bamboon Really? WHY THE FU... Oh forget it, this is stupid.
I mean, WTF I'm already paying 30€ / month to have internet access. Fuck GEZ. Just fuck them.
@thecoshman There's plenty of opportunities for kids to learn to do what they are told, the most prominent being that you tell them what you think is best, let them ignore your advice, and then get burnt. I have a 16 yo daughter who will employ teeth and nails when fighting with her mother over the most trivial disagreements. But when I tell her that, if I was in her place, I'd really consider doing this instead of that, she will listen well, and there's a good chance she'll do as I advised.
@BrandonDamante I am still here, though rarely, recently.
@Xeo well, I think since this year you only have to pay once per flat and not for the usage but for the possibility of usage under which the internet falls.
@jalf Note that I usually salted my praise for his knowledge with a statement regarding his inability to calmy discuss dissenting POVs. Also, my judgment of his knowledge is mostly based on what he contributed to comp.lang.c++.moderated a decade ago. It might well be that he failed to catch up and his advice is more misguided than good nowadays.
@bamboon Yes, but still, an extra 20€? :|
5:51 PM
How goes it?
> Since 2013, theses fees have to be paid per household regardless of whether there are broadcast reception devices in that houdehold or not.
Sounds like a new rule change...
but then you probably know more about that than I do
@user190929 "How goes it?/Well I’m going..." — Nick Cave, So Slowly Goes The Night
That reminds me. I saw on the news, who knows the validity of this - but that a legislator (US) was planning on pushing to tax email... so wrong.
epic fail that
5:56 PM
Kicker is, it would "save" the USPS
f*** USPS. Healthy competition does the customers good.
Are you guys serious?
"Fuck USPS"?
only half serious
How? What the hell is wrong with the USPS?
@CatPlusPlus How sweet of you guys. I shall enjoy my Honorary Room Ownership, coming with no privileges and no obligations either, as long as I do not step up to claim it.
5:58 PM
Also, just because the internet was initially government funded - this before 1970 - does not mean the government invented the internet. Not to mention, to most people the internet is the web, which the government most certainly did not invent... sigh.
@Mysticial, @MooingDuck: please check this counterexample to the first answer
I think electronic bill pay hurts USPS business as much as, if not more than, email.
@nneonneo well done. Post it in a comment
ignore the last row, it's a distraction. That row takes exactly two bombs.
@user190929 gah...that's one of my biggest pet-peeves...using "the Internet" as a synonym for "the Web"...
5:59 PM
outer layer takes one more bomb in the mid, but then you need two more bombs
I don't think I understand the top answer in enough detail to actually work it out.
I only have it at a high-level approach.

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