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10:01 PM
@daniloquio haha that is odd.
hi there
phew. that was intense.
It was
@daniloquio he got so many negative votes there was integer overflow. His suggestion that SO get sold to and merged into Yahoo Answers was a brilliant strategy.
@TimStone has quite the job now :D
10:03 PM
@daniloquio Three-digit numbers don't show the negative sign :P
I hope I didn't say anything stupid V_V
@RocketHazmat I know I did :p
@Kolink: I probably did >.>
Oh well :P
That was nuts
@Wooble ohhh he didn't (did he?)
10:04 PM
@RocketHazmat I didn't notice the promotey user. That was ba~ad. JNK’s good :D
@RocketHazmat Everyone says something stupid. Don't worry to much on it! ♪
Well, that was a fun 2:30 AM chat.
^ no... those are nuts!
vote for me everyone
10:05 PM
@Neal That looks like something that would kill me
@minitech I sorry!
@bluefeet yeah, crazy to keep up with, eh?
@daniloquio Umm, no.
So, we need gluten-free and nut-free cookies then?
10:05 PM
@AnnaLear very much so.
Vote for me! I'm allergic to a ton of stuff, so I know how to handle a lot of special cases. Logic.
@minitech Now I know your weakness! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA
@minitech Me too! What all are you allergic to?
@AnnaLear i have no idea what the others said because I was busy answering and scrolling
@minitech you are rigth about the 3 digit thing; that is very odd.
10:07 PM
@Gordon haha ditto
@Gordon I always wait for the digest for SO elections, I don't try to keep up
@Gordon That is what I was doing too. I tried to make sure I didn't miss any questions.
I'm allergic to eggs, bananas, tomatoes, random food colorings. Used to be allergic to milk, but somehow outgrew that. I'm really allergic to eggs. Literally will die if I don't get medication really soon.
@RaghavSood Every kind of nut! Peanuts! Milk! Pollen! Several types of wood! Animal fur! Cherries! Peas in a pod!
I guess we must be… peas in a pod
Oddly enough, I'm not allergic to most of the common stuff like peanuts :P
10:08 PM
@RaghavSood Tomatoes! You've got it worse already :'(
Now I am hungry. Gonna grab some food. I'll idle in here. If anyone has any questions, feel free. Laters.
Heh. I can still manage eating tomatoes. Nothing much happens. The reaction only becomes unbearable if I eat a lot of them.
@Gordon peace
Allergy in increasing intensity:
Tomatoes (more than bearable) < Bananas and food coloring (not so bearable) < eggs (death)
@Flexo You have to include a query. Empty searches don't work
Ohhhh I love tomatoes. Now I want a tomato. >_> Grrr.
@animuson I want ketchup
I swear that once worked
Halloween-themed devilled egg must be really bad for you, then, huh.
10:11 PM
I live in India. No Halloween for me :P
Hey, it's hard to come up with stuff that has eggs, tomatoes, and food colouring ;)
Mmmm, deviled eggs. Stop making me hungry!
I live in the US and have never heard of eggs being associated with Halloween.
@Wooble They aren't.
@Wooble How about egging someone's house?
10:12 PM
Heh. Indians have a pretty wide array of dishes that contain eggs and tomatoes (and food coloring, if prepackaged). I stay away from all that
@RocketHazmat well... ok. Not generally done with devilled eggs AFAIK.
Maybe the kids today are more sophisticated.
@Wooble That'd be interesting
yawn almost time to leave work
Not that my house has been egged. may be a regional thing. in detroit, they just burn down your house.
> Oh, that's what you said‽ I thought that delivering devilled eggs to somebody wasn't much of a prank!
Maybe it's like dodgeball. It's a treat if you catch it with your mouth.
10:16 PM
@JeremyBanksᐛ Woah 666 votes. Creepy.
Good night all!
@Neal Peace, yo :)
@RocketHazmat Which one is creepier; 666, or 666 × 666? If the latter, is it twice as creepy, three times, 666, or 667 times as creepy?
@minitech It's creepy squared.
@minitech 666.666 would be even worse
the 6's just never end
10:19 PM
My car recently drove its 66,666th mile. The tire pressure warning light came on.
@Kolink Dude, it's like a sign :O
What song should I listen to?
If you want real trouble, just take 2000/3
@RocketHazmat This one
@Kolink convert to Km and stop worring
@RocketHazmat MmmBop, by Hansen
@Kolink I approve! :O
@minitech mmmbop, do be ba do
10:22 PM
@RocketHazmat More like doobeywapboopbop.
@minitech close enough.
4 messages moved from Town Hall Chat
i should go now :)
see ya'll later :D
bye @RocketHazmat
10:27 PM
10:38 PM
 @UTC 22:36
  1. Andrew Barber        [ 3665] ( 21k rep, 9260 helpful flags)
  2. Flexo                [ 2814] ( 28k rep, 7390 helpful flags)
  3. minitech             [ 2264] ( 57k rep, 3203 helpful flags)
  4. animuson             [ 1960] ( 14k rep, 1583 helpful flags)
  5. Gordon               [ 1898] (110k rep,  563 helpful flags)
  6. ChrisF               [ 1708] ( 60k rep,  434 helpful flags)
  7. Lord Torgamus        [ 1509] (  7k rep,  573 helpful flags)
  8. bluefeet             [ 1411] ( 55k rep, 1270 helpful flags)
15th :( not looking so good!
I'm pretty happy. I started out with a -4 score initially :P
You're doing well Raghav, best of luck!
Thank you :)
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