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12:00 AM
Solution explorer -> right click your solution name -> properties -> application tab -> target framework
I thought that.
@Rob I just hope it doesnt break my Designer.
@phwd otherwise, valid question. But I think that you just need to actually use the distributed vcs sometime and then you'll get the hang of things
@drachenstern @Rob thanks for all the help I am def just going to jump in head first and see how things go. I will slowly fade back to inactivity now :)
@Rob Answer the question for bonus points!
I did :)
12:02 AM
lol, mkay, glad I could be of .. uh .. .assistance here ... I guess
it shouldn't break your designer, I went from 2.0 to 4.0 without much fuss.
@Rob cool. And with 4.0 I dont have to create Dummy tables for Scalar Sprocs... I cant wait.
It does update your model
So back that up just in case
TFS! /me shudder
12:05 AM


Topic: Anything JavaScript, ECMAScript including Node, React, ...
@drachenstern Why Shudder?
somebody care to come over and explain to sebastian that you can't rely on JS to do your validations?
@drachenstern I expected the @personname to act like Intellisense...rofl.
@JeremyChild I just grew to tire of TFS, too many issues
lol, I have that issue too
I'm hooked on kilnhg myself
12:06 AM
Javascript is open to anyone to spoof.
Any person with Fiddler and a Chrome can spoof your JS validations.
Haven't tried either
if the validation occurs server side then your a bit safer as the validation is enforced.
he's stressing that he's already done the validations in JS so he just wants to put that value into the query on his PHP and that will reduce his rowset drastically. I'm fighting a ESL issue trying to help him, so I'm just ready to walk away from helping him
but I can tell he's trying to get the concept
@JeremyChild that was my point to him
I hate how people rely on JS so much these days.
well I'm sure I'm not using the right words at some point to explain to him
12:10 AM
And what if..
u know im just browsing the web using lynx?
will his JS validation work?
....errr no.
@JeremyChild I think you'll have other issues at that point
and why can't they build a JS engine for lynx?
The point is...
Hopefully that helps.
Lynx wont work with it.
12:11 AM
If he didn't understand my explanation he's not going to get it. :p
What if some people are using IE6?
With Javascript disabled?
They should be taken out and shot
(not really but wtf.)
Ummm 25% of visits to our sites are IE6
I've been asked to fix the performance on one of our webpages... It has 2 body tags... This could get interesting
12:12 AM
corporate customers
Shitty. :/
then @JeremyChild you obviously have zombie customers, because they should be taken out and shot
@david o . O
@david o.O +1
I thought IE6 use had dropped alot more drastically after IE8
25% is way more than I expected
@rob not in Australia.
12:13 AM
Almost my entire campus has made the transition to win7 from xp very quickly
I think they wanted to run some javascript when a dropdown list changed... but they didn't know how to, so they decided to use a global 'onmouseup' handler... but they didn't know how to do that either, so they added a new body tag with 'onmouseup="function();"'
I think it eventually boils down to he's going to want to do some sort of AJAX table build based on clicking a button under a textbox but I know there's an ESL problem and I won't be able to help him solve it overall ...
@david wow
additionally I'm going to go home very soon so he'll be stuck solving it himself
holy shit it gets worse, they're using a javascript url rather than just calling the function:
<body onmouseup="javascript:functionName(this);">
haha IE 3.0 interoperability.
@Rob Successfully registered the assembly System.Data.Entity, Version=
Pretty easy after all huh? :)
12:20 AM
Yeah was a terrible noob question but I just didnt want to break my project.
It happens, I was surprised at how little code I had to fix after going from framework version 2.0 to framework 4.0
And it's always good to back things up, I don't trust the designers
One of the first problems I had with EF 4.0 was a documented bug where some XML in the model wasn't correctly generated by the designer and it didn't know about my foreign keys
EF has been quite lame with my FK's and StoredProc
Hoping 4.0 makes things easier.
Hopefully, I haven't used stored procs much
I have one that does some special validation I couldn't do in a constraint, but that's about it
Well its only because I haven't quite figured how to create Alias columns in LINQ.
Another thing I haven't tried tbh... I'm still pretty new to LINQ myself. And I have a pretty basic model.
Where d.Lookup.LookupCode <> "INA" _
Select d.DiagnosisId, _
d.DiagnosisName, _
d.DiagnosisCode, _
DiagnosisType = d.Lookup1.LookupValue _
Order By DiagnosisName
12:27 AM
@Rob Exactly what is thought: Where is DiagnosisType declared?
It uses type inference to determine the type of DiagnosisType from the value assigned
Looks great
Well found.
I need to go get food, then play some halo
peace out guys
@rob thanks!
yep, see ya round!
12:53 AM
I love C# functions that have comments like this as their first line: "// Dim intFHours, intFMin, intFSec, intUserSeconds"
1:12 AM
the function is over 90 lines long...
i could replace it with "return (new TimeSpan(0,0,seconds)).ToString();"
1:33 AM
hi SO peeps
@DanGrossman Hello
30 minutes figuring out why a simple SQL join on 200k rows was super slow. ORM generated table with BIGINT instead of INT columns.
Hooray for ORMs
using Doctrine for the first time
was worried for a few minutes i wouldnt be able to build this thing if even simple queries were intractible
1:44 AM
Is there a reason why visual studio sometimes revives old breakpoints that I deleted a looong time ago?
It haaaaates you.
I already knew that :(
I need to whore myself out for 140 rep so I can see the top secret info about what things are controversial on this here site.
I'd totally hit that up but I'm 10 rep short :(
@david That div sandwich question you answered was funny.
More problems need to be explained using a food analogy.
1:54 AM
ahahah yeah, it was surprisingly accurate
hehe, my little sister tries to understand my tweet...
@djg 30 mins figuring out why a simple SQL join on 200k rows was super slow. ORM generated table w/ BIGINT instead of INT columns. > LOLWUT?
I replied to a tweet with a mismatched ( with "Unexpected end of file." earlier.
hah :)
2:28 AM
to hosting owner: How do you handle mysql after it's commercial announcement?
There was no commercial announcement...
@Dan: Yeah, it turns out I was reading wrong post :(.
MySQL Community Server will be GPL licensed until at least 2015, that was part of Oracle's agreement with the EU before acquiring Sun
2:42 AM
I'm trying to pick a database system to back my web app playing around. At work I use SQL server, so I was thinking of going with sql server express... but the 1 CPU limit makes me sad. MySQL seems to get bashed quite a bit, but I haven't heard much about postgre.
MySQL bashed??
we can onebox tweets?
MySQL runs like 90% of the web
@david: Using postre few years ago when it's still version 7.4. It's quite good actually
2:44 AM
@drachenstern: Nope, but you can shorten the permalink to your twit.
@mootinator I just want to whore out for 51 points so I can break 2k
food sounds like it's done ...
Plausible misinformation: The only thing which travels faster than the speed of light.
that would revolutionize physics
@david I don't get it; what is that other than an ad for a MySQL book?
2:47 AM
@drachenstern BTW I figured out that your FizzBuzz was being rejected because it was using \n instead of \r\n
If you back up a level it has other databases too :p howfuckedismydatabase.com/nosql
@Dan: Someone doesn't know the difference between ads site and news site
I know it's an ad site! It still fits the criteria of bashing mysql while going easier on postgre :p
never heard someone call it postgre
you're lying, cos you just saw me do it >.>
2:51 AM
postgres (post-ingres) makes more sense
supposedly the short form is postgres... but that looks crazy
maybe if you've never heard of ingres :}
If you're writing a movie script, you'd call it PGP/Pl/SQLRAM
i've heard of it, but then why don't you call it postingres? or postgresSQL with 2 ses?
@mootinator seriously?
2:53 AM
@drachenstern For reals
that's a retarded reason to fail the fizzbuzz
I'd report it as a bug, lol.
I want to take "the fizzbuzz"
how do I do this
my 'z' key seems to have some extra resistance, i hope there's not food under it
@DanGrossman Start with this simple example bit.ly/avq4Y3
2:56 AM
what is all that
Bizz buzz (also known as fizz buzz, or simply buzz) is a group word game frequently encountered as a drinking game. Play Players generally sit in a circle. The player designated to go first says the number "1", and each player thenceforth counts one number in turn. However, any number divisible by three is replaced by the word bizz and any divisible by five by the word buzz. Numbers divisible by both become bizz buzz. A player who hesitates or makes a mistake is either eliminated or must pay a forfeit, such as taking a drink. Example A typical round of bizz buzz starts like this: *1,...
you're playing drinking games?
hahahaha, give him an easier example :p
nope, that's not it
is this code related to that game?
oh, i see, a programming test..
is there a reason these .NET programmers are shuffling around memory to write a for loop?
3:00 AM
I compulsively made an obfuscated version earlier.
yes, because we like to push what we know and still have it work
the one I did is pretty simple
Yeah, that one might actually get you past it as an interview question.
that is about the slimmest way I know of to work it
<?php for ($i = 1; $i <= 100; $i++) { if ($i % 3 == 0) echo 'Fizz'; if ($i % 5 == 0) echo 'Buzz'; if ($i % 3 != 0 && $i % 5 != 0) echo $i; echo "\n"; } ?>
I could probably do a nested if to get rid of the flag, or something
but yeah, interview readable is key
Hooray. +1 hard to read.
typing code in a chat box makes readability a little tough
obfizzbuzz is fun
i'm surprised if they say most applicants can't write that..
3:07 AM
Now, do you know what this does?
even newbies run into modulus the first time you try to do a "highlight every other row in a table" in a webapp
I should save my obfizzbuzz to harrass applicants with
what language is that
@dan they can't do it, i promise
that language is bash
do not run it
do not pretend to run it in a bash shell
3:08 AM
[runs it on a production server]
untill you understand it
it defines a function named : and then runs it twice, once in the background. each time you run :, it runs : once and then runs : again
I once was suggested a "disk benchmark" command in a chat room, which overwrote the primary hard drive of a running production server with 0s :)
I don't remember what : does.... ah
ls :: -bash: ls: command not found
(1..100).map{|x| (x%15==0)?"fizzbuzz":(x%5==0)?"buzz":(x%3==0)?"fizz":x}
3:09 AM
It's :()
That would be why I didn't remember :P
in bash that defines a function
my advice is, don't run it
also, I think I swapped the last colon-semicolon
is every number divisible by both 3 and 5 divisible by 15? god i sound stupid
:(){ :|: & };:
lol @ Dan, now you see why people have a hard time with a simple problem
they second guess themselves
i had to think! weird
i used to have a better grasp of modular number systems
The Chinese remainder theorem is a result about congruences in number theory and its generalizations in abstract algebra. Theorem statement The original form of the theorem, contained in a third-century AD book Sun Zi suanjing (孫子算經 The Mathematical Classic by Sun Zi) by Chinese mathematician Sun Tzu and later republished in a 1247 book by Qin Jiushao, the Shushu Jiuzhang (數書九章 Mathematical Treatise in Nine Sections) is a statement about simultaneous congruences (see modular arithmetic). Suppose n1, n2, …, nk are positive integers which are pairwise coprime. Then, for any given set of...
prereq to learning RSA!
i thought you just had to be in the army
3:13 AM
and before I learned the FFT
haha, that reminded me of my fizz buzz I sent to my list few weeks ago:
VISIBLE "FizzBuzz"
so here's a handy tip: if you rent an apartment, get renters insurance. Before you do, write down everything you stand to lose. Now write down the stuff you forgot.
when i was an intern at microsoft we wrote an LOLCODE interpreter for the .NET CLR
@drachenstern Did you get robbed recently?
No, a fire
fortunately not my house, but it's my name on all the paperwork
so I get to do all the filing
3:14 AM
@dan: Care to share?
I mean, the lolcode interpreret
I don't have it anymore :/
*damn typo
I did not realize that between the two of us we had about $18,000 of stuff in the house
was a few years back
the house I'm in now I probably have $30,000
3:15 AM
i would not mind my apartment burning down
and that's not the house itself
excuse to buy all new things!
yeah, ok
not so much
all i need is a laptop and a chair... maybe you need more, lol
so I'm gonna go finish filling out paperwork for a bit, then I gotta sync my iphone, then probably bed
after I maybe check on my sql server at work and see if it ever finished rolling back my transaction
3:16 AM
Ima write a SQL FizzBuzz now
as a stored procedure or a query
you need a table of numbers for that don't you
Nope, I can use a cte
you may be able to use the default recursion depth of 100 to set it up
3:17 AM
that some kind of SQL Server thing?
oh, eww.
ANSI SQL please
you just need a 0..9 table!
CTE is SQL-99
open feature request since 2006 :(
3:24 AM
I'm having trouble remembering how to do this, lol.
@DanGrossman I noticed that...
with cte(x) as(select 0 union all select (x + 1) from cte) select x, case when (x%15=0) then 'fizzbuzz' when (x%3=0) then 'fizz' when (x%5=0) then 'buzz' else cast(x as nvarchar(max)) end from cte
which reminds me of a question i've had for a while: What is the correct way to do type casting in sql?
I am not the person to ask that.
3:33 AM
vendor dependent
CAST() is ANSI SQL isnt it?
Q: Ansi SQL type casting

Mikhail.MamaevIs it allowed to cast types in ANSI SQL like in postgres for example: SELECT SUM( CAST(qnty AS int) - CAST(reserve AS int) ) AS sum ... qnty and reserve are character columns.

6.10 <cast specification>


Specify a data conversion.


<cast specification> ::=
CAST <left paren> <cast operand> AS <cast target> <right paren>
3:34 AM
Ithought it was vendor dependent
yay! i did it right!
thankyou for the links
If you get turned on by having your crotch grabbed or boobs stroked by strangers, it's a good time to live, with the TSA's new policies and all...
[watching Colbert Report]
Mine doesn't even work...booo
Oh, stupid problem.
SELECT 100 AS row, CAST('' AS VARCHAR(4)) as Fizz, 'Buzz' as Buzz
SELECT row - 1 as row,
CASE WHEN (row - 1) % 3 = 0 THEN 'Fizz' ELSE '' END AS Fizz,
CASE WHEN (row - 1) % 5 = 0 THEN 'Buzz' ELSE '' END AS Buzz
FROM fb where fb.row > 1
mine throws the "The statement terminated. The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted before statement completion." error every time, but it does return the 100 rows
3:39 AM
If your fizzbuzz solution recurses until the server runs out of memory, it's probably not a good way to count from 1 to 100.
Personally I think it's the best way to count
@david Recursion? Definitely.
seriously, the amount of stuff I own is way more than I thought. This making a list is rather depressing
In the past 8 years I've moved 9 times.
in the past 6 I've moved 5
$6000 in electronics, easy
$2500 in clothes
$2500 in the kitchen
$4000 in furniture
3:46 AM
I always assumed CONVERT(datetime, '20100101', 112) was somehow nonstandard
when you don't know JUST how much you have, it seems like a really low value
I rented the U-Haul recommended for 2 bedroom apartment when I moved.
Filled it 3 times from that 2 bedroom apartment.
They need a disclaimer: Note if you're moving out because you've become a Tetris expert trying to fit all your things into your apartment go at least two sizes higher.
I had that problem too
the family loves to let me pack the car for vacations, even if I'm not going, because I can manage to make everything fit quickly (imagine that)
Moving considered harmful.
4:10 AM
right, time to blow some stuff up. this chat is interesting, i think i will come back
catch you all later
lol, we're real exciting allright
4:34 AM
well I'm gonna plead off as not as interesting as I would like and go find the holes in the back of my eyelids
2 hours later…
6:36 AM
I want to get some data into the DB for a webapp I'm working on, which requires it talking to a live site. Do I put the whole app online somewhere, or code that one piece separately and just upload that...
6:57 AM
does the data need to be available on "real time"?
@DanGrossman does the data need to be available on "real time"?
not yet
already stole one of my unused domains to put the app online temporarily, id rather not write this twice even if the initial go is rough
need a javascript api for other sites to send in some events to record
I don't understand
something like google analytics
a page view is an event that it records on behalf of other sites, via javascript
You'll pull the data?
i want to start gathering data so i have something in the DB to work against, without generating fake data
7:01 AM
random data looks too random, with real data it'll stand out if something's obviously wrong with the reports
but why JS? server side seems more handy
do you think as many people would use Google Analytics if they had to install code on their server to do so
I think I prefer not to compete with google :)
been doing that since 2004 :x
w3counter.com , i predate GA and still compete with it
7:04 AM
seems risky business
now i need to refresh my knowledge of hashes in javascript
well , it's just anothe bad language design example. A few weeks, and you are there
apparently javascript doesnt have a real hash table implementation, but objects work well enough
object[key] = val... as long as the keys are strings or numbers
lot of questions about nuances of tha in SO, but works
Sorry Dan, need to move away. Good luck with your JS quest!
thanks, cya
7:19 AM
8:14 AM
4:20AM... guess this is about as much as I'll get done today :/
it's 9AM to me :)
3 hours later…
11:10 AM
hello. can anyone help me with this?
Q: JScriptTypeInfo definition

thegravytalkerI have the following code: MSScriptControl.ScriptControl c = new MSScriptControl.ScriptControl(); c.Language = "jscript"; c.AddCode(@"function test() {return {name: 'test', label:'test'};}"); var o = c.Eval("test();"); How do access the properties of the jscript object that is returned fro...

I'm guessing you need to use reflection
to discover the interface or to invoke them?
11:28 AM
If you're in .NET 4.0 I'm guessing you can do some work with a dynamic object, and it'll ease the pain, but without that, you'll need to use reflection for everything in C#
11:42 AM
hmmm. the problem is that I'm not using C#. The code snippet in the question was just my last attempt at finding the properties of the object. I want to use this in a custom language which is similar to VBScript but doesn't support the Class syntax. It doesn't have reflection
Then I'm afraid you've fallen in the usual trap when posting questions
Never try to simplify the question beyond its limits
You should first simplify the code in the original language, so that you have a short and concise piece of code that shows the problem, then post that
but i did include the fact that this wasn't a c# question
Yeah, you did, but it is still extremely difficult to answer since what you usually have to contend with for JScript embedded like that is that it mimics a COM object
so IDispatch is what you could use
But your language might ease the pain or use something entirely different
12:47 PM
I just imagined that someone would know the structure of the JScriptTypeInfo type
which is all I am after

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