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"here's a jsfiddle which shows this typo corrected" lol
12:13 AM
@WesleyMurch I better don't laugh. I may had done that! LOL
"Oops, he did it again"
12:19 AM
@WesleyMurch Not a typo. But, it is still too localized
@Alexander Yep, agree.
I'm not certain if there is meant to be any boundary on what types of CVs should be solicited here.
I think anything's game, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
12:21 AM
2 hours ago, by Pekka 웃
Our first campaign is
2 hours ago, by Pekka 웃
Q: Close all the typo questions

Wesley MurchUpdate: I've been burning up all my close and delete votes pretty much every day, and it's going pretty slowly even with all the people participating. I have had many of my close votes expire, which means I'll never be able to close-vote those questions again. Is there anything we can do to make...

Q: Zend request object redirecting

xenadorI ran into an issue with using the response object to go to a different controller upon validation fail. The setup is one controller(userPages) which calls the action helper (common) which then attempts to verify the user, and if it fails then the user should be sent to another url within the s...

345 views, shall I cv it?
345 views, 2 years, zero votes... I'd say yeah @Alexander
Sorry if I do some repeats, this is overwhelming
I only have 22+ to go
@WesleyMurch duplicates have a nice visited tag in front of it for me ;)
12:35 AM
Awesome, will definitely check it out. I saw that page but the description isn't clear on what it does.
I need to port the extension to Safari!
Just for fun, since I had never wrote a Safari extension before
@WesleyMurch It will optionally: onebox cv/delv requests, add notification on the room, strikes through "handled" requests adds visited tags and some more features
@Alexander Does safari use a different plugin method than chrome?
@PeeHaa No idea
@Alexander Are you running safari?
@PeeHaa Yep
12:38 AM
Not the exact same thing. SHould be easy to port though as I read it
Oh I see, it only shows you the onebox....
@PeeHaa I guess, as long as all that is possible in Chrome/FF is plausibly possible in Safari
I thought it was going to make my CV requests super big and annoying for everyone
Wow this is awesome! Thanks @PeeHaa
@WesleyMurch Nope. And most of it can be changed on the options page if you want to disable a specific feature
@WesleyMurch np. Also don't forget to thank good guy @DaveRandom who also put a lot of effort in it :D
12:42 AM
THANKS DAVERANDOM!!! Very cool shit! @DaveRandom
@Alexander Yeh I looked at it a while ago, should be doable, but I was put off (as always) by the fact that Apple want you to lick their arse for half an hour before you can get at any of the docs and dev tools. The plugin is structured in suck a way that it should be fairly simple to port to other platforms, I've been working on an Opera port on and off. The main sticking point - and you would hit this in Safari as well - is that it relies on MutationObservers, which currently aren't supported
The plugin includes an abstraction lib that is supposed to fall back to mutation events but it doesn't work at the moment, it needs an epic rewrite but it's such a hateful piece of code that every time I look at it I very quickly want to punch myself in the face for writing it in the first place
@WesleyMurch yw
@WesleyMurch lol
@WesleyMurch lmao
@DaveRandom got it
12:48 AM
That was too funny for me to admit it was a mistake...
@DaveRandom Cool. Now, I know there is enough material to work on that for Safari. Anyways, I can use Chrome also but I want to try a Safari extension though :)
Already down to 15 close votes left, better save some for the streets...
12:53 AM
@Alexander The entry point is here, you need to inject the scripts into the page scope and instantiate one of those objects and call start() on it. It's designed to be a browser-abstract application with wrappers for each browser (Chrome | FF) - try and bend the wrapper to the core rather than the other way around ;-)
I'm in the process of documenting the code so it might be advisable to wait a couple of weeks before you look at it so your brain doesn't melt
@Alexander One major thing that will catch you out if I don't tell you: I purposefully inject document from the browser wrapper rather than just using the global, because it doesn't refer to the right thing in FF (neither does window) - it's injected into the constructor of the entry point object. Also there is a modular system for accessing the settings and doing a few other things.
If you're interested in doing something like that I could do with explaining to you at some point where it's going in my head (I have plans) before you start, but not now as I'm going to bed very shortly
I am not planning on working in it today
12:59 AM
Anyways, I need to set-up the environment for the extensions first
Have fun with that
No idea what crapware I will need to develop a Safari extension
Well, OSX for a start
I have a MBP
1:00 AM
My commiserations
So, that's not a problem. But, I want to avoid XCode if I can
Time to sleep.
See ya everyone.
Later @Alexander thanks for your help!
@WesleyMurch np
See ya @DaveRandom, talk later
1:02 AM
So @DaveRandom, is this room a sort of catch-all or should we be focused on the room topic? I mean, is this a short term thing for the typo deal or can you imagine this being used to flush out all the "Headers already sent" questions or something like that in the future? Or should I just post any random cvpls in here?
@Alexander No worries, the plugin lives here
night night
@WesleyMurch IDK, I guess that would be a question for @Pekka웃
Nevermind, I think I answered my own question or something... Seems like the topic of the day is where the focus should be.
2 hours later…
2:42 AM
Is there a delv-pls tag too? Or should a I post cv-pls to an already closed question to send it to the backlog as [DELV]?
@bfavaretto [tag:delv-pls] {url}
ok, looks like cv-pls works for delvotes too
Thanks @WesleyMurch
But does that really work? I don't see the question in the backlog. Cache, maybe?
As far as I know it only updates every 30 minutes.
Ah, I missed that
Damn, I ran out of delete votes... for the first time.
@bfavaretto I suggest checking out the browser extension that DaveRandom wrote: cv-pls.pieterhordijk.com
Ah yeah that's been happening a lot to me too, 28 per day so it seems
I just really hate being out of close votes while browsing SO
2:58 AM
@WesleyMurch I'm running the extension now, looks good!
About stackoverflow.com/questions/324307. I may have CV'ed too fast on this one. There is a typo problem, but also as confusion about how async code works. So many not that localized (could be closed as a dupe, probably).
3 hours later…
3 hours later…
9:18 AM
overload! =oO
I'm out of ammo!!! Someone cover me!
9:37 AM
@crypticツ Why should that question be closed actually?
@Jack localized
@Jack isn't it a case of RTFM? The user is trying to send multiple queries seperated by a ; using mysql_query()
11:19 AM
This one was a typo and I think it should be closed.
@Ren definitely. Remember to tag the links [tag:cv-pls] so they get caught by the backlog script. Like so:
3 hours later…
2:14 PM
"You've reached the maximum of 50 Closure votes per day; come back in 9 hours"
Still waiting
3:14 PM
cv-pls = Close Vote please and
delv-pls = Delete Vote please?
Or am I missing something here
3:31 PM
@hakre is it me or you posted the same thing twice?
oh, looks like my computer hang.
omg .. so you all are posting cv request here ?
@NullPointer only those for the topic, right now TYPO questions.
@hakre ahh typo question ...got it .. :)
4:51 PM
Probably this may be pinned:
@Alexander yup.. got it .. thank you
@KatieK FYI:
6 hours ago, by Pekka 웃
@Ren definitely. Remember to tag the links [tag:cv-pls] so they get caught by the backlog script. Like so:
actually there were like 50 typos O_O — Joseph Marikle Aug 9 '11 at 17:18
@KatieK You have an edit and delete options ;)
5:37 PM
@Alexander So it turns out that Safari does support MutationObservers in 6+, which should probably make it fairly simple if you require 6 or later. I don't own a Mac and there is no release of 6 for other platforms at the moment (and probably ever from what I've read) so I can't help you actually do it but in order to get it working all you need to do really is write the settings abstraction and fire the bootstrap and I'm guess the rest should pretty much just take care of itself.
@Pekka웃 You're to blame for chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/8011362#8011362 - shame on you
@DaveRandom That's great news :)
5:40 PM
I'm out of votes soon :/
6 hours to reload.
We really need to hook into /review, it's not really fair that all this work doesn't count towards badges :-(
I've already earned gold. :D
5:44 PM
Yeah, I got gold ever so long ago.
I need moar shiny goldness
6:05 PM
@DaveRandom why?
There's nothing wrong in answering localized questions
It's wrong to complain if they are deleted, though.
These days, I will answer + cast a "too localized" vote
Not sure how productive that is, though, as votes seem to wither away after some ridiculously short period of time.
@Pekka웃 It's probably more productive with the new review queue, plus to the rescue
@DaveRandom True that.
Using the UI interface is rewarded whereas looking manually for a question to review is not. It's plain stupid.
@Alexander The API doesn't expose it at the moment and the IDs are different (doesn't use question IDs) but a little birdie told me that it may be possible soon but he wasn't prepared to commit to that or be quoted on it, so we'll have to see.
@DaveRandom Looking forward to it.
6:35 PM
Q: What does 8badf00d mean?

Vladimir GrigorovSometimes my iPhone application crashes with a weird crashlog, that reads exception code is 0x8badf00d. The stacktraces show random snapshots of app execution, but nothing suspicious. This happens very rarely and I'm not able to find out how to reproduce it. Does anybody know more about this kind...

I read "ate bad food"
"0xB16B00B5? Really?" - lkml.org/lkml/2012/7/13/154
It's hard/impossible to tell if I''m reposting requests, so apologies
You are not sorry!
So is it just me, or is the backlog not updating?
Maybe it's just me not paying attention....
I noticed some people are linking to answers rather than questions, will that work to populate the backlog?
@PeeHaa !
@Alexander Yo yo
@WesleyMurch @PeeHaa
I'm shit drunk
7:45 PM
^^ Follow it
@PeeHaa LOL
Oooh scavenger hunt
Let me get a beer and read back a bit
@PeeHaa Does it only recognize questions in a determined format?
I'm quite curious also
Too lazy to read cv-backlog code though :)
@WesleyMurch It should be updating every 30 mins
@Alexander Yes it does. it checks for for questions using a pattern for links which also have either a [tag:cv-pls] or a [tag:delv-pls] /cc @WesleyMurch
7:57 PM
I see
Support for answer requests is on its way
@PeeHaa You mentioned something about a page scrapping limit?
I hope we don't hit it after the daily CV reset xD
@Alexander SO limits requests on the search pages of chat. That can be fixed by using the SO API to get the results. However chat is like the retarded little brother of SO main so it doesn´t get much API love
@Alexander With the 30 minutes refresh throttling I don´t think it would be an issue.
3 hours later…
11:02 PM
T minus 1 hour.
11:19 PM
@PeeHaa I bet we can make Zirak's bot do something useful there
@DaveRandom, I need to upgrade to be able to use Safari 6
What a fail. Mountain Lion, scary.
11:35 PM
@Alexander I'm going to take another look at the event/observer abstraction lib over the w/e, if that worked properly it would work in 5

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