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12:01 AM
Bye Lix
How many positions are open anyway?
Ah, it's 4.
only 4 ??? should be much more...
I disagree, 4 is plenty enough. Too many mods, and you run into long-term issues.
While it does mean that the work-load is greater per-mod, it ensures the integrity of the mod crew.
@roXon I suppose that's something only current moderators can tell
I will run away now
12:18 AM
I'm reading the election's proposals and after a second look, it seems like some thinks that being a moderator equals to perfect field knowledge and gain "diamond precedence" over other answerers instead of gettin more into "human correlations"
@RichardJ.RossIII I partially agree, tho while 2 are sleeping the other ones should get both an Oscar for handling it all ;)
2 hours later…
2:41 AM
Is it too early to vote? Do we have to wait until the primary or elections?
3:04 AM
yes. right now you can just comment (which will be impossible during primary/election phase)
3 hours later…
6:20 AM
Well in my views the moderator should be that who can come onsite daily for at least 1 hours and will review all the parts of the site.
1 hour later…
7:32 AM
@GauravVashishtha all parts as in?
@Sathya you are community elected mod on other tow website
i suspect you wont get much time to moderate so
@NullPointer what makes you think so?
@Sathya time
i think superuser have lots of traffic
@NullPointer traffic doesn't necessarily mean Mods should have to step in. Super User community's pretty good in self moderation
Super User's current mod team is pretty good, spread throughout timezones for even handling
7:58 AM
yet i can see only one 100k+ user interested to be a mod ..sounds :\
@NullPointer there's no correlation between rep & becoming a mod.
a certain amount of rep is needed, true but a high rep person doesn't always translate to a great mod & vice versa
agree but some what rep == ability .. and in case of 100k you can only get if you have knowledge ..
@NullPointer certains tags are conducive to gaining high rep. Rep is not necessarily an indicator of your knowledge
@Sathya while you need good knowledge in those tag ..
100k is not a joke ... imo
@NullPointer why is knowledge relevant to being a Moderator?
Moderators don't judge a post for technical inaccuracies
8:04 AM
@Sathya its always nice to have mod with good knowledge
8:37 AM
Problem is that knowledge is useless most of the time
how can I vote? just write a comment or vote +1 for a comment?
8:53 AM
ah is has not started yet
9:07 AM
@gurehbgui yes, it's in the nomination phase
Q: No text for the link to the Community Moderator Election in activity tab

j0kI posted a comment for a candidate on the 2013 Moderator Election and later when I check my activity tab, I can see that the link label doesn't exists: But when I check the code, I can see that the link is here, but there is no label. So it can't be displayed. And that's the same when I got...

10:08 AM
@NullPointer - by and large reputation is directly proportional to participation. If you ask and answer questions (particularly answer) you will gain reputation. Yes, the better your answers the more reputation you get per answer, but the volume of your answers is a better prediction to the level of your reputation.
Hello, is this page working for anyone?
It appears to be getting stuck on "Loading user tag information"
It's getting through some tasks, but I guess the splines are just not reticulating atm. Or should that be the reticulations are not splining?
@SalmanA It isn't. Sorry about that.
The fix is fairly easy, but we're waiting for SE to actually deploy it
I am getting an error in console
10:22 AM
Yes yes, I know what the problem is
@YiJiang no prob
When were the previous election held? Feels like < year.
Guys, I can't see the vote buttons. Is something wrong or is it because I voted on another SO site yesterday?
@webnoob voting hasn't started yet.
There is no voting yet - that happens in 6 days time.
Voting hasn't opened yet. We're in the nomination phase right now
The election is currently in the nomination phase
11:28 AM
Oh, of course. (need more sleep :) )
Thanks Sath, good modding ;)
@webnoob ;)
Well, work calls. Good luck all.
12:15 PM
heyup, first time in chat
interested to join in this years election
just missed last one
It's currently in the nominations phase, but next week will move onto the primary and then elections phase when you can vote.
Ooh, I didn't spot that there's a chatroom. Excellent.
How come I can't see the voting buttons?
Haha just kidding
So, at least one nomination appears to be an early April Fools' joke; some really good candidates though.
It's nice to see people taking it seriously and (for the most part) putting real thought and work into their nominations.
Looks like I might be struggling with my third vote again this time, some really awesome people in the race.
12:30 PM
Evidently I bashed mine out in 10 seconds ;)
@Lix ... she said playfully. :)
@Lix ctrl+c & ctrl+v ;)
@TimPost I've pretty much decided already - I didn't find it too tough. Though of course nominations are far from over innit
I have to say, as much as I moan about certain aspects of SE, that we elect moderators in this way is ace. I'm no "democracy democracy democracy" zealot but it seems to really work in this case.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit It does work. It's rather rare that an elected moderator (for whatever reason) does not work out, the community is pretty good at picking people.
*bites tongue at comma abuse*
... dammit
12:50 PM
@Lix I'm chuckling at your 'voluntary suspension' - I loaned my account to science in a similar way, and to this day it's annotated as being suspended for very low quality over time and voting irregularities. But it was clear that Bill did it in the name of science :)
1:08 PM
@timp - I knew it was going to come back to haunt me some day :P And @yan's related comment also cracked me up :P
It's alright, if you get elected people can ask you "how you got those scars" :P
I can't even see my own scars now :P Are they sexy?
1:48 PM
Q: What are the necessary requirements for self nomination and where is the nomination link?

DownvoterI want to know the criteria(requirements) to participate in the moderator election on SO. I know 4 badges, covention, deputy, Civic Duty, Strunk & White are required. Is there any certain amount of reputation required for that? Where can I access the link(given that I've fullfilled all the re...

2 hours later…
3:44 PM
@Sathya agree with you ..
you will get my +1
4:13 PM
@ThiefMaster It's still possible to comment during the primaries, if you go back to the nomination tab.
hm i thought it was read-only during that phase
2 hours later…
6:11 PM
@RaghavSood: Beware. The diamond falls heavy on those of us who are unfortunate enough to think about running.
@jrg Warning heeded :P
@RaghavSood but seriously, the only caveats are that you'd be a marked man.
more so than normal moderators.
i've got a huge big target painted on my back now.
I can live with that.
YES I AM! pumps fist into air with war cry
6:14 PM
@jrg that's ... dramatic :)
@AnnaLear next time you drop by Cleveland and chat it up with Zee, tell me and I'll show up for coffee with the target. ;)
@jrg hahaha, never been to Cleveland. I hear it's scary.
@RaghavSood so i assume you've read about BoltClocks troubles.
@AnnaLear no scarier than Canada is to me. ;P
People walking 'round with targets on their backs... crazy!
6:18 PM
@jrg well, if you ever brave Toronto or surrounding area, give me a shout. :)
@AnnaLear Will do. :)
@RaghavSood EC baits everyone on all sites except SF.
you'll be perfect EC fodder.
he will eat you up. unless you are loaded for troll.
I've dealt with trolls in the past, both on SO and in physical interactions
I'm usually the youngest developer at any meetup/conference I go to, and there's always someone
oh, on that note: Use that as a litmus test.
6:25 PM
As in?
but we should get a room if you wanted to talk about that subject. not really election-related.
7:20 PM
@jrg I commented on @RaghavSood's nomination with a link, so...
@BoltClock Did not see that.
@jrg I commented on each teen's nomination with the link
@jrg Shog gave it a historical lock - I had to link it ;)
@BoltClock It would have been funnier if you had given it the historical lock.
7:23 PM
yes, yes it would have.
@animuson Heh, I actually wanted to, but by the time I woke up the lock was already in place
Oh, SO uses a different sound. Was freaking out for a moment "what just beeped at me!?"
Not that I can't just unlock it and relock it myself...
@animuson yeah, freaked me out for a minute too.
i much prefer the THWAUNK that chat.SE has.
Q: Chat notification sounds have become like icicles repeatedly driven through my ears

BoltClock's a Unicorn(Yes, I said "through my ears", not just "into my ears".) It looks like HTML5 <audio> elements are now used to produce notification sounds in chat. And good heavens have they become startlingly loud. Please lower the volume of these notifications — or do whatever it is that needs to be do...

7:28 PM
every time the chat.M.SO one goes off, i respond by saying "come!".
it's a stupid reflex, i watched too much star trek.
7:49 PM
@NullPointer On Stack Overflow, I've seen 20k users breaking the rules--answering closeable(NC) questions instead of voting to close, writing link only answers, etc. I've seen 50k users do the same. 100k as well. Do you trust these people to enforce the rules? On a site as large as Stack Overflow, there is very little correlation between rep and moderating abilities. So don't vote by rep. Vote by the little grey numbers below the nomination. Or take a look at the elections.stackexchange.com page
hi guy's what's up
@dot - Hiya
8:17 PM
@all Hey!
Has the fight already begun?
I don't know.
Yes, we all beat up on Yannis for wanting us to fight.
Not yet... we're still in the pre-fight trash talk phase :P
8:18 PM
I just wanted a safe pokemon style fight
what are the rules to get into the nominations? Is there any minimum rep that has to be gained by the person?
@app - there most certainly is - take a look at the left sidebar on the elections page...
With regard to voting, you can take a look at that same sidebar in the primary phase tab
8:36 PM
@Lix Got it. Thanks. Are you participating?
@app - Indeed I am
@Lix Great. Good Luck dear.
@app - thanks! Be sure to come back in a few days to cast your votes!
@Lix Sure.
8:55 PM
hey hey fellow candidate... how goes it?
Let the fight begin!
sigh I'd hate to kill the rest, but if I must...
9:11 PM
@MadaraUchiha Heya! I don't know what does your name mean? But it sounds typical and I like it.
Is this question a good fit on SO: stackoverflow.com/questions/15082634/… ?
@PeeHaa Sure, why wouldn't it?
You are the want to be mods. You tell me :)
Seriously can't you people not just start fighting over something already
I vote for banning PeeHaa from chat.
Who's with me?
Chat?!?! You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands
9:21 PM
@PeeHaa That can be arranged :)

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