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8:00 PM
> nomination period began 22 secs ago
All hail @Gordon our new master mod
Heil @Gordon!
byee guyss
@DaveRandom It looks like the constant maps directly to the openssl TLSv1_server_method(void). OpenSSL also has an equivalent TLSv1_1_method(void) (though I see no parallel method for 1.2).
So at the very least it should be trivial to get a new constant for TLSv1.1 on clients and servers and map that directly to the equivalent openssl method.
8:07 PM
Is it not possible to use global variables in php cli?
If I have some time this week (that's a big if), I'll see about fiddling with the relevant changes and if all goes well look at submitting a patch to php-src so we can get TLSv1.1 support.
@amof I think you can use global variables in CLI too.
@amof Global variables are the ones declared outside functions and classes.
@amof You may have to use the global keyword to reference those variables in some cases
@Nitin yes i have a variable called $job_id used throughout and rather than passing it through the function i just declare it global, this works fine when its executed via apache
but cli doesnt seem to see it
here again after my last 24h ban :)
@echo_me I just wanted to mention that the mysql_* functions would be deprecated in PHP 5.5. It's a long time from now though.
8:11 PM
5.5 won't be that long ...
@BoltClock thanks for your no-sense ban !
3 months max
@amof Try to use the global keyword before the variable name like this: "global $job_id;" and then access/modify that variable.
couple of months or so
@Nitin i know i just want see where the problem is , why cant get success message back , and then i will fix all. thx for this i know it
8:12 PM
@Nitin yes thats what im doing within the functions, should I do it outside the functions aswell?
@echo_me If you can, use a debugger to step through the code.
Someone please make sure to star something once Uncle @Gordon posts his moderator nomination so I can remember to vote.
@donotusetabtodigitthisnick Why did you get banned?
@donotusetabtodigitthisnick Why did you get banned?
@Nitin already told me this but how to debugg in sendata file ?
@rdlowrey I'm part of the uncle @Gordon election team so expect me coming to your house to tell you to vote
8:13 PM
@Nitin cause i asked who had the privilege to ban people
24h ban so do not ask that
I disconnected my landline so I didn't get any more of your automated phone messages! I need to be wooed in a more ... intimate ... setting if you want my vote.
if i make this code in index.php it works good , but if i make it in sendata.php i couldnt get the json variable :( , i dont know if this is wrong
echo json_encode(array('returned_val' => $found));
@rdlowrey Only thing I'm saying is: Expect me biatch!
@echo_me I'm not sure what you mean, but you can have xdebug setup for debugging the script, or just run it though an IDE
@donotusetabtodigitthisnick That shouldn't have banned you - nothing wrong with asking. Who knows, it may even be a bot that looks for a specific pattern or set of keywords in a message.
@Nitin Of course that didn't got him banned...
8:16 PM
@donotusetabtodigitthisnick That got flagged? Wut.
You guys are way too sensitive.
@Nitin i also sad my opinion about ass lickers nothing too bad, just my opinion
@donotusetabtodigitthisnick Right, because opinions are automatically not bad.
@PeeHaa I'm glad it wasn't over just asking about who can place bans.
@Nitin You can safely ask who can ban :D
@EtiennedeMartel yes but , i think i'll be banned once more, if say more abobut :P
cause i have another opinion which will be not in accordance with Moderators so better if i do not say nothing more :)
8:19 PM
I sometimes think we don't discuss enough about PHP frameworks in here.... unless there's a separate room for each framework.
They won't ban you just by disagreeing with you. Stop trying to look like a martyr.
@Nitin There is a reason for that. Actually two
@EtiennedeMartel pls do not make me express my opinion once more or i'll be banned i'm not an ass licking :)
@donotusetabtodigitthisnick Maybe your opinion sucks.
2 mins ago, by Nitin
I sometimes think we don't discuss enough about PHP frameworks in here.... unless there's a separate room for each framework.
^ I'm totally starring THAT
8:21 PM
could be but it's not a reason to be banned
Why do people think Mage::doShit() is somehow related to ? :(
That and "Call to a member function on a non-object" is OOP because it has the word object in it
Oh noes. The lawyer is back. Everybody look busy :)
@JuanFernandoz hola
8:27 PM
Can someone help me clean up this logic? pastebin.com/SL0CjkGD
@SteveRobbins Use count() instead of the alias sizeof().
well, my presence here its about the "echo" and "print" words, you are still using and its a Copyright violation. See you in court
@PeeHaa Hola parceroª
@PeeHaa yeah
Also please give your variables sane names. The future you will thank you
8:38 PM
Woah, that new green badge from the plugin is sweeeeet.
@PeeHaa is this have a role why i couldnt get callback success message ?
` <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge;chrome=1" />
    <meta name="description" content="Liquid Slider : A JQuery Slider Plugin" />`
i have firefox
if i remove them i get error The character encoding of the HTML document was not declared. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. The character encoding of the page must to be declared in the document or in the transfer protocol.
well , its just this if i remove it i get the error message ` <meta charset="utf-8" />`
is this have a role to dont get the json success message back ?
We have already chosen ;)
Guys I always have a problem with the word fetch I asociate with "search" right?
I don't know... chosing Madara? think a lot.. what about konoha? what about this guy just use the power to destroy it?
9:06 PM
@webarto DUDE!!!!
@JuanFernandoz Trust me, I don't need your help to destroy it
I have several gigantic monsters plus a meteor (which I almost dropped on Russia) at my disposal.
@DaveRandom I know XD
@Gordon what's the difference hail/heil ? No harm intended :)
@webarto The e
@PeeHaa > heil - German for "hail" ... or not?
Ok, I'm sorry. I'll flag it.
@webarto lol
dont need to flag it
9:16 PM
/me waiting for someone from Lounge C++
@webarto Heil is something like "good" IIRC from school
I think it's hilarious but its also completely inappropriate saying it to a german rofl
I thought it was like "long live", good health, etc.
@webarto it does mean that. it just happened to be how they greeted hitler, too
@Gordon Yes, but hail is a synonym too, I didn't know it was hitler only thing, anyways, long live @Gordon :)
9:18 PM
Our führer leader
@PeeHaa stop it. lol
@webarto started it. Flag him
stop making fun of ze german!
9:20 PM
*waves with hands furiously*
@webarto You almost made it sound happy :)
I mean. Waving to people is a good thing right?
Not sure what is the word.
Cmon people only -7. We can do better than that
ok, so lets check who's nominated already and what they wrote
Go for it.
9:23 PM
@PeeHaa not enough rep yet :/
can I borrow some?
/me transfers funds to @Pheagey's account
@PeeHaa Nice! I like the !
@PeeHaa invests funds in real estate...
This picture is worth over 9000 words.
9:25 PM
@MadaraUchiha Thank good guy @DaveRandom for that nice feature
@DaveRandom well done, I like it a lot!
@webarto 403 forbidden?
@PeeHaa Fix'd.
@webarto hackers
9:40 PM
@DaveRandom I think he nominated himself last year as well, hasn't he?
Yes he did
rofl my nomination is too long by 1119 characters
@Gordon Make two :)
> I am Raghav Sood, a 15 year old (16 in April) programmer from India. I work mainly on the android tag.
Sounds promising
@MadaraUchiha Not that I really care about the [android] tag, but there is really a lot of crap in there
9:52 PM
@PeeHaa I extracted the following information from that sentence: 15, India, android.
Not a great sentence to start with on your mod candidate. (Nothing personal, it's just isn't)
I am dissapoint.
Distilling is the correct term I believe
@PeeHaa ping
@webarto where did you generate the picture from
@Baba jojo
How's life?
@PeeHaa Stressful
lol, Neal is nominating once again ^^
10:05 PM
@webarto How do you generate Backlog ?
@Baba I just load 50 latest from cvbacklog.gordon-oheim.biz and you can input yours... this is how I do it, load backlog, press Submit, close some if I can, press again, to see updated stats (Batch #2, etc), I'll add more options and "Save List" option, etc, but, real work first :)
@webarto I see some manual process .... in loading the backlog

$html = file_get_contents('http://cvbacklog.gordon-oheim.biz/');

$doc = new DOMDocument();

$elements = $doc->getElementsByTagName('a');

$a = '';
$i = 0;
foreach($elements as $element)
  if($i >= 50)

  $a .= $element->getAttribute('href') . PHP_EOL;

echo trim($a, PHP_EOL);
@webarto You know you can get it in JSON format if you send Accept: application/json?
10:12 PM
@Gordon Make it a link please
@DaveRandom I didn't know that :P
(evening @all again)
wb @DaveRandom
@Gordon expand it.
Let's do it like so
10:13 PM
@webarto what do you mean? one boxing it?
Now now, there's room for everybody
Nominations: Gordon | Madara
@Gordon No no, maybe add a bit more description, etc. But this is initial text, so good luck! :) <strong> <em> :)
Good luck @Gordon, hope we'll get there together :P
10:15 PM
@webarto I cant add more. it is exactly 1200 chars now
@MadaraUchiha good luck to you, too
I'm having this problem too
I'm still 40 characters over the limit for my edit, and I have no idea what to do XD
I don't want to remove the sentence about my plot to take over the world :(
@webarto Nice .. good effort ... its would be better if you do not have to load the links
@webarto Unfortunately not really flaggable
10:19 PM
@Gordon sorry, but it is true.
It really isn't
@DaveRandom What do you mean exactly?
Is it italic day today?
/me wants in
@webarto That was a response to the post above, but with regards to the other matter it's not spam and it's not offensive, it's just an opinion
@PHPNooB well, I asked you once already how you come to that conclusion but you never really explained it to me. but you are of course entitled to your opinion.
10:23 PM
@DaveRandom well OK, but that is just rubbish, and should be deleted because it derails the comment conversation, whether it's true or false, it only does false.
@DaveRandom Let him think what he wants.
@Gordon: can I run something by you in private? I wrote something that I want to get your take on...
@webarto agreed, I'm just saying that a flag would probably not be considered helpful
That's the point of democracy. Everyone get to have a say in it.
@DaveRandom Flag it, that's an order, sport(?):
10:24 PM
@ircmaxell sure. channel?
gtalk? freenode?
If I made a private messaging extension would anyone actually want/use it?
@webarto fine
@ircmaxell pick one :)
10:27 PM
which channels are you in?
What goes around comes around, you should thank my Nokia for abnormaly slugging out on me by 30sec, otherwise I would've made the top comment.
@PHPNooB f* you.
> Browsers should be afforded flexibility as to which image formats they support. Xbm and Xpm are good ones to support,
x what now?
We are such a noobs :)
10:29 PM
@webarto you are psycophantic
I also love how it ends:
> ...and wait for the perfect solution to come along (MIME, someday, maybe).
> Let the IMG tag be INCLUDE and let it refer to an arbitrary document type. Or EMBED if INCLUDE sounds like a cpp include which people will expect to provide SGML source code to be parsed inline -- not what was intended.
Ugh, so that's how the <embed> mess started
> You're a smart guy and have a lot of good insight. But I've seen you get snappy with people in the chats and comments. How can I be sure that wouldn't affect your moderation?
Just who is this "Tim Berners-Lee" idiot anyway? :-P
I'm getting a bit worried because it got 8 votes
10:33 PM
lol @DaveRandom
What do you guys think?
@DaveRandom Shhhh, it can affect you when you apply for a mod :P
Also in the same message:
> I know Adobe are trying to establish their own postscript-based "PDF" which will have links, and be readable by their proprietory brand of viewers.
Very historically interesting thread @webarto, nice find
People I think we have just lost @DaveRandom. He's finding out who is responsible for every crap thing in the HTML spec
Somebody is wrong on the internet
10:36 PM
I opened pandora's HTML tag box.
this is just too good not to post here, where people are able to appreciate it... not really a thing that will impress my friends or family :) 1997.webhistory.org/www.lists/www-talk.1993q1/0182.html
@MadaraUchiha I ... don't ... know ... what to say...
@markus Too old. It's so 10 mins ago.
@markus Welcome to the party :P
@markus too slow :-P
oh, I see :D
10:37 PM
11 mins ago, by webarto
11 mins :P
damn... ;)
well, I should have known
We are still enjoying it.
I was 10 minutes too late... that's like ages
@Gordon say the majic word!
Don't let me repeat myself.
12 mins ago, by webarto
@PHPNooB f* you.
10:43 PM
Why can't I link comments from elections?? Better drink my own piss ask on meta
@webarto I have nothing to say to you, as you are unmature, guy who likes attention
@PHPNooB orly?
Hey everyone
I saw @MadaraUchiha nomination ;)
@Alexander @Gordon nominated as well :)
/me F5
10:45 PM
@webarto I appreciate your support, but just ignore him please
@Gordon I ... just can't ... but OK.
@webarto some people just love to watch the world burn
Hahah, just came here to check in the chat transcript if @Gordon was really mean to @PHPNooB, but it just seems like you like attention PHPNooB ;)
@Gordon: thanks for the feedback
10:46 PM
@PHPNooB It's you who has apparently a problem with me. I am offering you to talk about it. But I certainly wont crawl.
@Ahmad Yes, he is attention whore galore. Cheers.
@MadaraUchiha I just read the comments in his nomination. LOL
@ircmaxell you're welcome
@StenW too much code, not enough question. Can you try and narrow the code sample down, or at least try and sum the question up in a TL;DR sentence. No-one is going to read that much code without more explaining text or at least some comments in the code
Also questions usually have a question mark in them somewhere ;-)
10:52 PM
how did 6 other people liked my comment, if I was making things up?
@DaveRandom sure, you are right.
@PHPNooB That's a mystery to me as well.
Multiple accounts? Just saying
wow, neal is running?
10:53 PM
Bitches like to be running for president mod
So, he did last year IIRC
Yo @PeeHaa. Hello there.
Hiya @Alexander
@ircmaxell I know
you don't need 6 votes to prove it. I can tell you I had one
I'd like to run for mod next year. But, I need meta participation :(
@Pekka웃, you got the six likes :)
10:58 PM
@Alexander You're meta skills are weak oh young one
gets insta-mod.
I don't really know you (never seen you on SO or at least I don't remember it) but lack of meta participation might not be a dealbreaker if you have the necessary badge.
I also wasn't that active on meta when I became moderator
Anyone know how to check if a php script is echoing out json data or if it is broken?
@PHPNooB by that logic, if I post a comment claiming you've had relations with a goat, and get six likes, it must be true! – Pekka 웃
hahah :D
11:01 PM
PHPNooB is into goats and sheep. And since this will surely end up starred it's the truth!
@StenW If it is echoing stuff you should see it on screen right?
my inbox is exploding
I had one. It was awesome,
@webarto I know is quite saddening :|
@PeeHaa May the meta-force be with me :)
@PeeHaa well it is going thru a Jquery script so I don´t know if the problem is in the php script or the Jquery.
11:03 PM
@PHPNooB There, you've said it yourself.
at least I made it to the finals, even though I was the first elimitated from the final election (although I had a decent number of 2nd and 3rd votes)...
@StenW You can do a console.log(the data returned from the ajax call) on the client side and see if it contains shit
@ThiefMaster Good
yea, with you @webarto
@ThiefMaster Can you do anything about nuking some of the flame war comments or is the election stuff locked from community mods?
11:05 PM
@PeeHaa that is done in Firebug for example?
@PeeHaa sorry for asking dumb questions, but this is kind of new to me.
@StenW If you do console.log(theData) you should see it in the console tab of firebug
@DaveRandom That's a very good question. I hope comments are closed in the real phases. Right?
@tereško stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/asp.net+mvc - down to under 1000
@Alexander Can't remember tbh, might some more info on meta if you dig around
@PeeHaa thank you!
ooo drama
11:09 PM
@StenW yw :)
@DaveRandom Found it, there no comments allowed
A: There's an election going on. What's happening and how does it work?

ben is uǝq backwardsWhat's happening? The community is electing diamond ♦ moderators; those individuals responsible for moderating the site the election is happening on. Moderators are elected by a three phase process: Phase 1: Nomination Duration: 7 days Anyone may nominate themselves to be a moderator as long...

@crypticツ Are you looking for "syntax error" questions?
@webarto sometimes I just do the following search "[php] error"
11:12 PM
narrors it down to almost all PHP errors =oP
@Alexander Thanks, that answers a couple of other questions I was too lazy to ask
@ircmaxell was wondering the same
@MadaraUchiha you have my vote :D
@Lusitanian Thank you :)
@DaveRandom You're welcome
11:15 PM
@MikeB #fueling the #fire ;)
Q: Link to comments in the election

PeeHaaI just tried to link some comment from the election page only to find out there is no link on the timestamp. Is this by design? If so: can this be reconsidered. Sometimes I want to link to comments in chat which is not easy to do now. To make my question a bit less dupe. The comments once linke...

I can't believe am saying this but VOTE DUPLICATE DELETE MASTER for Moderator
@MikeB Neh. Just kidding
I just noticed that I reported that the Statistics page wasn't working during nomination and it was removed from the Election description
It seems it was really broken after all
@PeeHaa lol
11:19 PM
@Lusitanian why he isn't banned...
The question during the Christmas Hats really was epic. It rocketed underground in a couple of seconds. I believe it shouldn't exist anymore
Normally a newly created accounts gets automatically banned for stuff like that. But, for an old account I suppose it is more difficult
@Gordon bullshit
@ircmaxell i wont comment on it. just wanted to link you with yet another one
/me bans all that sexism bullcrap that people are posting, because they want to say: Hey me too
Wow, I'm dumb, only now I see p*...
@PeeHaa they should grow some b***s :P ?
@webarto have you seen one of the headings in that post? "The hardest battle". I am offended by that!
11:41 PM
@PeeHaa :O (smiley not to be associated with beejay)
P.S. Totally unrelated DOM exceptions are stupid
Just use regex.
@Gordon thanks
@PeeHaa I have one I'm debating posting
Neh. I was talking about the exceptions your browser throws when doing a stupid @webarto
and now that the dust has settled on my nomination, i am heading to bed. thanks again everyone. you are all great :)
11:43 PM
@PeeHaa Oh, right, plugin thingy? :)
later Uncle
@Gordon Yes we are Uncle Gordon. Night.
@ircmaxell It better be the final blow to this whole discussion in that case :)
@Gordon Here I though those were flames
11:45 PM
@webarto No just doing DOM stuff in javascript in general;
If by dust you mean the ashes then fine
@PeeHaa OK, I'M SORRY!
Q: Jquery live('change', function() wont trigger drop down

StenWAnyone can see anything wrong with this code? It is connected to a php function that echos Json data. I am running Jquery 1.9.1. I belive the problem is at the end of the Jquery script, but I can´t find any solution... var formObject = { run : function(obj) { if (obj.val() === '') { ...

@StenW Are you using a reeeeally old version of jquery?
11:50 PM
1.9.1 does not support live()
You should use on()
P.S. I'm not going to post that as an answer, because I'm working hard to get [javascript] above [jquery] :P
I think the question should be closed personally. A very rudimentary search of jquery.com will give you the answer: It was removed in the version you are using.
I am doing review job and I am not paying attention to at the moment. I believe undefined will jump at it anyways xD
@PeeHaa Nice

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