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2:00 PM
Seriously, who could think testacular was a good name?
^ to get those is > $100
whats funny is my kids.. nor any of their friends even like TMNT
why the hell did i just read Zirak's baby jokes again
@Loktar I think tonight I will watch the movies
I need the old cartoons
I miss Krang
had all the toys growing up
yeah same here
2:05 PM
I totally had him
and the underground base
although I preferred Heman
and hated the turtles for a while
since they overtook Heman.
the morse code walkitalkies
no way... Bravestar > all
Found it!
morse code communicator
was my favorite toy for the longest time
Back in my day, we just had legos
2:13 PM
but... we're older than you....
@jAndy yea... I do not remember that show at all.
I must have missed it
lol wtf never heard of bravestar
also @SomeKittens I had a massive amt of legos :P
which my kids have now.. and have more than doubled
^ My childhood
I love the art style of that @jAndy
Oh, I loved Swat Kats!
2:16 PM
thats how Transformers used to be
cmon. Darkwing Duck ^_^
Transformers the Movie is still my fav all time movie.
I don't know what happened to most of my childhood legos....
2:17 PM
I kept most of my toys @SomeKittens
have all my Heman toys.. tranformers, legos, spiderman
samurai pizza cats
@rlemon lol i think i remember that one. not well though
My childhood was filled with bad stuffs - all of my toys and possessions are gone. All I have now are fading memories and scars.
POGS! I loved Pogs!
anyone else?
@rlemon /me gives @rlemon a hug
2:18 PM
I got suspended from school for pogs
IDK what happened to all my pogs...
Remembered Biker Mice from Mars
Hey I was poor too, lost multiple houses :P
and pokemon cards
thats why I kept my shit
2:18 PM
used to win them from the 1st graders and sell them back to them for their lunch money
I took good care of all of my stuff
I looked at it as a business - my school called me a "hustler"
@Loktar I didn't have the option
What was their slogan? (In spanish it was something like: sausage and rock and roll!)
@Sam whose slogan?
shitty. Im sure my parents would have tried to sell my stuff if they knew it had value
instead they just took any money I got for christmas/job etc.
2:19 PM
@Neal Biker Mice from Mars
in C#, 2 mins ago, by Neal
@Magikarp how often do you use "splash"?
@Sam no idea...
id kill anyone touching me legos though
I actually took all my minifigs from my kids because they were mismatching all the parts
I was like no. You keep them together, time for me to take them all.
well when my biological parents split my mom just took my bro and I and we left everything with my father - my mom had the plan that we would see him - anyways long story short he got into some bad places in his life and some crack head moved in with him and sold everything in the house. the rest she 'tainted'
but yea. lost everything
yeah that sucks man
no drugs in my family, dad was disabled so we were just crazy poor
living off welfare ect.
mine was an alcoholic so we were poor for different reasons
2:21 PM
prob why I buy crazy amt's of games now
because my younger self would freak teh fuck out
"omg you have so many games dude!!"
I just buy pets..
moar love fo me!
^ fav lego set
the pirate ship on the top with the red sails
took over a year to save up for it with my paper route money
ohh and I got a bitchload of meccano
nowadays with as fast as lego pushes out sets itd be gone
meccano is awesome stuff. it's like durable lego
2:23 PM
those are erector sets here
my uncle had some of those, he gave me as et
you used real screws and everything
it's all metal
2:24 PM
yeah thats weird they are called meccano there and erector here
lol the pages are the same :P
thaha... erector...
2:25 PM
erector ... I would rate that 18+
@GNi33 lol I know right
childish me is childish again
haha I used to have an erector set. came with a drill and everything. twas fun
no idea what happened to it though
why the hell do they call them two diff things..
Here they are called meccano, too. I used to have a lot of them.
2:26 PM
@Neal that sounds..... a little weird
Canada: Race car, iphone app, sonic
America: Race car, Race Car, Sonic, Tank.
would be like lego being called brick in Canada
I love the difference in the carousel
lol yeah
@Loktar same with Axe and Lynx, right?
2:26 PM
@GNi33 why does that sound weird?
@GNi33 whatt?? The deoderant?
An erector set that came with drills and was fun.... ah, well
I didnt realize they had diff names too
@Loktar yeah, isn't it called Lynx somewhere?
so weird, must be trademark issues
2:27 PM
I'm right in saying that you don't need to URL encode JSON in the body of a post right?
its Axe here
> In 1990, Meccano S.A. built a giant Ferris Wheel, in France. It was modelled after the original 1893 wheel built by George Ferris at the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago and was shipped to the United States to promote "Erector Meccano" after Meccano S.A. had bought out the "Erector" trade name and began selling Meccano sets in the U.S.A.
yeah same here
2:27 PM
Meccano is a model construction system comprising re-usable metal strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, axles and gears, with nuts and bolts to connect the pieces. It enables the building of working models and mechanical devices. Meccano was invented in 1901 in England by Frank Hornby and manufactured by the British company, Meccano Ltd, between 1908 and 1980. It is now manufactured in France and China. "Erector Sets" currently sold in the USA are actually Meccano sets manufactured by Meccano S.N. of France, part of the Nikko Group of Japan. History First Meccano sets In 1901 Frank ...
> Axe or Lynx (in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand)
Axe or Lynx (in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand) is a brand of male grooming products, owned by the British–Dutch company Unilever and marketed towards the young male demographic. History Axe was launched in France in 1983 by Unilever. It was inspired by another of Unilever's brands, Impulse. Unilever were keen to capitalize on Axe's French success and the rest of Europe from 1985 onwards, later introducing the other products in the range. Unilever were unable to use the name Axe in the United Kingdom and Ireland due to trademark problems so it was launched as Lynx. ...
alright I need to go get my breakfast
It is like Acura. I do not believe it exists outside US/canada (although I could be wrong)
childhood reminiscing is fun
2:28 PM
in other countries (i believe) acuras are just the higher priced hondas
we have acura's here
name branding for axe and lynx i can see being for social purposes.
er wait @Neal you are in the US as well right?
when I worked in elearning I know the states were buthurt about us putting "mark" in our language pack vs "grade"
mark means "I KILL YOU!"
2:29 PM
@Loktar yes.... As I said Acura exists in the US/canada
@Neal yeah for a minute I thought you were from the UK
Good god, I feel like beaten up. Standing up to get some water already feels like a 20km march ...
also lexus, infinity, etc..
I am from NY! @Loktar
yeah we have so many car brands..
yea car brands from Canada to the US are pretty much the same
2:30 PM
I only buy Domestic though
hence I asked earlier if anyone was coming to NYC anytime soon
Toys I find are the biggest difference.
because Im from MURICA (Detroit originally)
so domestic is in my blood :P
and some foods we no longer sell in Canada and you do in the States
@rlemon lol yeah
2:30 PM
@Loktar baaah i am fond of hondas.
@rlemon like what?
the UK has stopped selling stuff we have as well
certain hormones for meat, etc.
@rlemon and vice versa ... for instance, as far as I know hemp milk can't be produced in the USA
/me gets breakfast for reals
there's a fun name-story on that one too -> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsubishi_Pajero
Betty Crocker rainbow chip icing... a tonne of cereals. mostly junk food
@Sam check Washington ;)
2:32 PM
@rlemon why?
pots legal - I'm sure regulations on hemp have changed.
Maybe ... but I thought it was just for medical use. Not sure, though.
yea but hemp has no THC
it's only regulated in places because it's almost pot
Yep, it is also "cannabis sativa", so despite not having THC it's regulated. Anyway, it's subproducts like seeds cereal and "milk" are sold legally everywhere.
ahh as it seems cultivation is possible in certain states but because of federal drug blah blah blah no where in the US can it be grown.
2:36 PM
Also hemp fabrics... like my wallet :-D
But I once read in a page that they had to grow the plants in Canada 'cause it was illegal in the USA
(and the productor was from the USA, I think it is Tempt)
yea well we got the good shit up north. just keep it hush hush ok?
(Where is hemp grown?)[livingharvest.com/hemp-101/faq#Where is hemp grown?]
syntax fail
parser fail, too
@rlemon rainbow chip frosting is my favorite
Ive considered ordering a pallet in case it ever went away
every time I goto the states for work I "smuggle" home like ten things of it
gf would kill me otherwise
2:43 PM
lol nice
thats crazy that CA doesnt have it
I get that and the rainbow chip cake mix
it's like the only one we don't
we have the cake mix! not the icing! :P
man that sucks
but all other flavours of icing we have :P
its been my bday cake since I was 8
yea makes no sense
2:44 PM
or earlier idk even, all I know is now my wife makes it every year for my bday
My gf loves to bake so I get cupcakes or a cake like once a week
anyway if you ever want some let me know I can ship it to you if you aren't making a us trip
problem is I don't often eat sweets. :P
@Loktar I am going to tell her this right now :P haha she will be very happy to know that
I have a question
I have an answer
We should get divorced
2:46 PM
does anybody know if we can access the state (valid / invalid) from a required and pattern tagged input element via ECMAscript directly ?
is there some kind of event or listener
I mean we can address it with CSS and pseudo selectors like :invalid
or do you actually need to apply the regexp which is provided within the pattern tag for yourself ?
could be a SO question, but I just felt you genius folks will know :(
google does not
why isn't there an answer yet ?!
:p nothing to smile about
good question
!!/google html5 constrain validation api
I guess its time.. a rare occasion... a SO question is coming up... woohooo
2:54 PM
Q: TV Series from the mid-nineties where kids go into a computer

The DoctorI remember this show from the mid-nineties (I could be hallucinating, it could be late eighties.) Basically a there was kid was able to go into a computer if he did something a certain way. There were other kids who were able to go in. It was live action (for most of it). When they went into t...

I'm just going to ask my question here @rlemon Might as well.
Q: HTML5 input attributes, access via Javascript?

jAndyas you might know, within the HTML5 spec we got some new attributes for <input> elements, such as required and pattern. This provides as a great way of validating user-input and we can even visualize it using CSS and pseudo selectors. Example HTML <input type="number" pattern="\d+" req...

vote push please ! I need an answer :P
I have a li that contains an img and a...I need to darken "lightbox style" the li. What's a nice way of accomplishing this?
@jAndy jquery?!
Apparently, there's a checkValidity method
2:58 PM
@FlorianMargaine: just for the attentionzzzzz
@Zirak: only on form elements, no ?
@FlorianMargaine: grinch!
@m59 vague questions are vague
@jAndy Nope, on inputs as well
@Zirak: no kidding !
second, lets try on some browsers
@Zirak: @FlorianMargaine stole your greatness
hunt him down
while giving credit.
It's just for the upvotes.
lol :P
3:02 PM
@rlemon for example, a method of accomplishing this would be to put a hidden div on top of the li. Set its background to black with an opacity of .6 or so. When the li is clicked, the div appears and darkens the whole li. I just can't think of a way to make that very semantic. My markup is so perfect so far.
You're a dirty whore
@Zirak I just want to to darken a li!
stackoverflow.com/questions/14462840/can-i-override-important answer are there is not working .. could anyone tell me what those exactly mean ?
So you want to override a !important rule?
@m59 man, I felt like referencing Muddy Water's "I just wanna make love to you". That would've been inappropriate, right?
3:03 PM
make the lightbox in js
@WinterBash don't use !important unless you really need to...
That means the rule that should override it must be !important, too, and have a higher specificity (or be defined after the original rule).
or else just make a second important rule to cascade over it
@ThiefMaster yes ... i have used override ,... before now i want to override existing one
hm, makes me curious, what would an inline !important - statement would do?
3:04 PM
> Venus: Unfortunately, X-Plane is not capable of simulating the hellish environment near the surface of Venus. But physics calculations give us an idea of what flight there would be like. The upshot is: Your plane would fly pretty well, except it would be on fire the whole time, and then it would stop flying, and then stop being a plane.
@GNi33 I think it would override the css rule
should, right? inline -> higher specificity + !important
function lightbox(img) {
  var overlay = document.createElement('div');
  img = new Image();
  img.src = img;
  overlay.onclick = function(e) {
    if( e.target == img ) return;
@GNi33 yaaa most probably. Try it out :-P
but that would be an ultimate sign of fucked up CSS anyhow :D
3:05 PM
@GNi33 Ugh... that's like the "Voltron" of bad practice.
agreed ;)
you could... sniff the stylesheet - using regex replace the style you are funking with... then remove the original stylesheet and append your newly created one
seems like the best solution to me
in null pointer answer ... he posted image
@rlemon yeah, it sounds sophisticated and enterprisey, this has to be the right way to do it!
i never saw this code in css
is it any new version of css ? or we can use if else in css ?
^ madness.
@WinterBash that's probably because that isn't css
Must be a troll...
3:11 PM
it's part of the FF source code for their layout engine
he's showing you how the layout engine sees !Important
posted on January 29, 2013 by Nicholas C. Zakas

One of the most important aspects of accessibility is managing focus and user interaction. By default, all links and form controls can get focus. That allows you to use the tab key to navigate between them and, when one of the elements has focus, activate it by pressing the enter key. This paradigm works amazingly [...]

wtf did they do to jsfiddle again?
3:13 PM
Man... every time I see an accessibility article I think "None of my shit is accessible to anyone ever"
> The markup to use should never be based on the appearance of a UI element. Instead, you should try to figure out the real purpose of that element and use the appropriate markup. You can always style button to look like a link or a link to look like a button, but those are purely visual distinctions that don’t change the action.
NZ I love you
@OctavianDamiean you really gotten no work done today have you?
@OctavianDamiean so, you've been browsing text from dog for the last hour straight? :D
@rlemon I'm in bed with fever. :D
let me get you more material then "Atheist pig" interest you
@GNi33 Nah, I was fighting some squirrels for a couple of minutes.
didn't know there was a constraint validation api
sometimes I just type in random subreddits to see if they exist
user image
^ i can relate to that
how do you make a subreddit
vote for constraint validation api to be on caniuse.com :P
@GNi33: lol that is a REAL good one :P
Hi all
I loled hard
3:19 PM
Someone know why my css won't apply when i change and object class?
@rlemon does that count?
yes sir
post it up
lets get this subreddit rollin'!
Anyone have experience with taking payments online (through PayPal, etc)? I'm brand-new to the idea and could use some pointers.
WAIT?!?!?! you guys get paid for this shit?!
3:22 PM
for everyone who doesn't want to see this picture here longer than necessary :p
@ThiefMaster tisk tisk
link to the site man!
Q: Example of JavaScript observer pattern

jalpeshCan anybody send me the good links of the observer pattern in JavaScript?

How does this get 12 upvotes?
@rlemon Well, Dormless will be
@jAndy you should check out my last edits
> However, checkValidity fires an invalid event if it's invalid. (The form will be red-outlined.) You may want to use the willValidate property (or the .validity.valid property) instead.
!!/choose work or play
@Zirak play
3:30 PM
Infact you even have the eventlistener invalid that triggers on invalidity. — Christoph 1 min ago
!!/choose work or play
@copy "SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier"
@copy play
3:31 PM
@GNi33 I wanted to try out... and then jsfiddle is just fucked up
!!/choose play or play
@jAndy play
okay, i bet with you guys, this will go wrong when i try it
3:32 PM
!!/choose pikachu
!!/choose play or work
@KendallFrey pikachu
@GNi33 play
ah fuck :D
!!/choose work or play
@FlorianMargaine play
3:32 PM
@GNi33 work
@Christoph is it triggered oninput, onsubmit, or something else? I can't find any documentation about this. — Florian Margaine 1 min ago
I'm still waiting for the bot to respond "or"
3:34 PM
!!/choose or or or
!!/help choose
@rlemon choose: "Randomly" choose an option given. /choose option0 option1 ...
!!/choose or or or
@jAndy All of the above
ok understood :p
3:36 PM
filters conjunctions
		function conjunctions ( word ) {
			return word !== 'or';
yep, or is just ignored
Ah, was trying to find that myself.
!!/choose news booze lose whose Jews
3:39 PM
@KendallFrey booze
@Zirak: you just got betrayed with a great answer and 110 rep, how does it feel ?
3:55 PM
like i said
Zirak will haunt you in your dreams for that stolen rep! — GNi33 48 mins ago
i'm sure he's plotting out an evil plan already as we're speaking

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