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12:00 PM
Step 1) Be @rlemon
say something people find interesting/funny/whatever
Why would you want a star ?
because I find related SO badge something weird
you'll need 10 stars or something like that to get that badge, right?
ah, ok, there's a bronze and silver one
There's a silver badge too?
12:05 PM
how many of you earn them?
Oh, I obviously got that one already.
I'm pretty sure you have it already
I don't. I'm even surprised I have the bronze one. Obviously a bug.
12:08 PM
How to set radiobutton checked using its groupname in jquery?
@RenjithPalavilai just the groupname ? How do you want to decide which radio button to check ?
$('input:radio[name="q1"]').filter('[value="October 2, 1869"]').attr('checked', true);
Sumthing like this
don't pass true to attr
use prop if you want to set a property
is it about Gandhi ?
when i use .prop('','')
it shows javascript error
Of course it does.
12:14 PM
@RenjithPalavilai then update your jQuery.
@RenjithPalavilai You gotta tell it what property to change ... your property call is empty.
I mean you pass empty strings to it, how should it know what property to change?
$.update() // if this doesn't work, look at the site's download page
Does everyone have Informed badge? =)
Hu ? Is this a new badge ?
12:17 PM
I was sort of surprised when saw it :)'
!!tell Renjith Palavilai jquery prop
ffs, how can this be hard for you?
@dystroy Y U NO MAEK SENSE!? Could not understand tell Renjith Palavilai jquery prop
12:18 PM
I have to set a particular radiobutton checked from a radiobutton group in jquery. How is it possible?
@VisioN well, i have it now :D
@RenjithPalavilai You fucking kidding me?
If you scroll till the end of '/about' page, you'll get it :D
@GNi33 So, can you tell why are function pointers ?
I've just linked you to the goddamn solution and you're asking the same question again?
12:19 PM
@dystroy huh?
@octavian Sorry, I am not kidding u.
@GNi33 You didn't read the page well enoug...
Octavian is about to enter rage-mode i guess
U hav done it through html and i have to do it using jquery
@dystroy aah, hehe, no, i just scrolled to the bottom
12:21 PM
@RenjithPalavilai You're a dead loss ...
Should I flag Gni33 for a moderator ? He's obviously a cheater.
you got me
You either have Elephant dump on your eyes or you are a new breed of retarded.
Again sorry , you are using the id and i have only the radiobutton group name and the particular value
Jon Skeet refused to help a newbie
Q: I have some problems for learn Java

Luz BarreraI want to learn Java now, because I has studied several years about java, readind but I cann't understand, Please help me!!

12:24 PM
@VisioN I'd even refuse to get close to that guy ...
@RenjithPalavilai $('input[name=test][value=B]').prop('checked', true);
$('input[type="radio"][value="whatever"]').prop('checked', true)
@VisioN deleted. I find sometimes Jon Skeet doing that, or commenting. He behaves well. Contrary to many 100k+ he doesn't just fast answer to gain rep.
@dystroy I guess everyone upvotes him immediately even without reading his answers :)
@dystroy Besides he is Chuck Norris in software.
@VisioN It's partially true. He often gives good answers that should be upvoted. And sometimes I got more upvotes than him on java questions so it's not just about the fact he's known.
12:29 PM
@dystroy btw, how the heck you got +111 for that: stackoverflow.com/a/13648529/1249581?
@VisioN well... you perfectly know the hard questions aren't the ones giving us reputation...
It happens that many people fell into this trap.
So... Some people found it useful.
In fact I had answers really too much upvoted but this one is OK.
This one, for example, was really too much upvoted : stackoverflow.com/questions/12955890/…
@dystroy yes, but such easy questions are asked every day... you know, I find more and more situations when really perfect solutions hardly have +1, while on the other day someone has +200 for nothing.
@dystroy So true!
its just about answering at the right time with the right folks online :p
A: requestFeature() must be called before adding content

Octavian DamieanWell just do what the error message tells you. Don't call setContentView() before requestFeature().

I mean seriously ... 23 for a sarcastic one-liner rant.
12:32 PM
@dystroy it looks like people all are gathering at one time at one place
I somehow just stopped answering stuff
whenever i put some effort in an answer, it gets maybe one, on good days 2 upvotes
For this question on which I got +111, I found it so interesting that people fall into it, and why they fall into it, that I made it a blog post...
@dystroy ... while this one stackoverflow.com/a/12900504/1249581 is not
I'm sure I could have answered it another day and got 0 upvote...
And I agree with Gni33 that it's sometimes painful. I more and more wonder if I'll go on answering past when I get the legendary badges (in 2 weeks probably)
oh, now iOS wants to piss me off too? Great, like the day isn't shitty enough already
can i kill a freaking process completely on this horrible thing?
without it remembering it's goddamn state?
12:37 PM
probably not without rooting it
@GNi33 If the day doesn't require an AK it is good!
I learnt a lot by answering SO, though, especially when I was hunting for the Generalist badge
@ThiefMaster Doesn't that mean spending 10 years in jail now ?
i accidently opened that cloud-stuff in the settings
not my phone, just for testing purposes
now it asks me to agree to something, when i hit cancel, i can't fucking go back to the settings screen, because it's "checking" something and doesn't offer a cancel button
@dystroy What? For rooting an iPhone? They can try ...
kill the settings - dialog -> open it again -> same shitty thing
seriously, iOS, seriously?
@OctavianDamiean anything's possible in the Land of the "Free"
the USA are just getting ridiculous the past years with shit like that
12:41 PM
Yea, right. The exact reason I won't ever go there.
dammit, i know exactly why i'm getting an android phone
Speaking of phones ... I have to unfuck my HTC Desire somehow. Flashed a strange hboot image onto it and now I have no space for apps whatsoever. That's nuts.
@dystroy In fact it was not too late. I have written that answer before you, but it looked sort of stupid, so I decided to find another. While writing another answer, you have posted yours :)
@VisioN I had the time to do some research and testing it in jsbin
@dystroy while I did it in jsfiddle :)
12:47 PM
@VisioN That's where you lost the race. :D
@OctavianDamiean I tend to agree, jsfiddle is soooo sloooooow last days...
I stopped using jsfiddle just for that
(I've now added a solution without jQuery)
@dystroy who cares about non jQuery solutions...
@VisioN there is no mention of jquery in the question
@VisioN I do.
Anyone up for helping me find my damn Micro USB cable?
12:52 PM
@OctavianDamiean They're hard to find?
Yea, they keep hiding from me.
Did you look in the fridge ?
That's a good idea actually.
It might have been hungry.
Check near the TV as well
And under the couch
Or near the couch and under the TV.
12:55 PM
What does rgba(1,159,98,0) stand for?
Red Green Blue Alpha
I mean in detail
What is the color?
12:56 PM
RGBA stands for red green blue alpha. While it is sometimes described as a color space, it is actually simply a use of the RGB color model, with extra information. The color is RGB, and may belong to any RGB color space, but an integral alpha value as invented by Catmull and Smith between 1971 and 1972 enables alpha compositing. The inventors named alpha after the Greek letter in the classic linear interpolation formula αA + (1-α)B. The alpha channel is normally used as an opacity channel. If a pixel has a value of 0% in its alpha channel, it is fully transparent (and, thus, invisible),...
it's some kind of green
Is it light green or what?
see it yourself...
@VisioN 1 bit red, 159 bit green, 98 bit blue and 0 bit alpha.
Ah yeah..
12:59 PM
rgba(r,g,b,0) actually means 0% opacity so the color is just transparent... the r, g and b values don't really matter in that case
Q: javascript is not working on Event Submission?

Bhuvnesh GuptaI am using Events Manager Plugin Javascript is not working on Submit Events Page . I found the reason behind this , that was, I have written a line of code in functions.php to call jquery file. wp_enqueue_script('jquery-1.7.2',get_template_directory_uri().'/js/jquery-1.7.2.min.js'); When I rem...

@ThiefMaster Yes, that is exactly what I wanted to understand.. so I can easily replace it with transparent as I see.
Oh right wait a minute! The alpha channel is in percent, not in bit. Stupid me.
@VisioN Depends how you use it.... I have code that takes colors and build opacity variants in my canvas...
@dystroy experimenting with canvas. I need to make radial gradient, and I stuck with the last addColorStop
that makes the outer transparent
1:05 PM
What's exactly your problem ?
I have a function that takes a color from the canvas and builds a new one with a specific alpha.
@dystroy It is fine, no problems now. I just misread the specified color and didn't get where transparency came from.
don't forget about hsl() and hsla() folks
pretty nice neat nice
and apparently husl
But I like HSL
I use HSL when I want to build random colors while managing the contrast
OH HOLY FUCK! I've partitioned my SD card without backing anything up ... wtf
if you just partitioned it (i.e. no formatting) recovery should be rather easy - just recreate the old partition(s)
1:17 PM
How does one even do that by mistake?
in PHP, 32 mins ago, by ScoRpion...
user image
why? Why would anyone do this?
some people just want to watch the world burn
me, for example
note to self : don't let Octavian go near my computer
@ThiefMaster Well, question is if I know how since it was my phone that partitioned it. :D
1:19 PM
@AmaanCheval That's easy. Get all grumpy, have some fever and do things you shouldn't do while having fever.
Just turn the glass...
@OctavianDamiean then it probably also formatted it
well the answer is obvious.
you hope to catch them on excitement
how did you he do that! I totally want to do that !
put money in glass
put water in glass
put white dish-thingy on glass
turn glass + white dish-thingy while holding down white dish-thingy on glass
1:21 PM
^ that
say avra-kadabra while doing that
Just to sound more interesting.
^ essential!
ohh right its flat and smooth, didn't realize :p
the white dish-thingy
no the kids all understand the Harry Potter talk
That was from Harry Potter!?
1:21 PM
then say something else, that sounds occult
> Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
not avada kedavra :D
be sure to pronounce it right, though
otherwise the big squid will be pretty pissed off, and that's not a cool thing
1:23 PM
@dystroy Do you have an idea how to make that in canvas?
Klaatu.... barada... nich<garble-cough>
conDOM ?
DOMinatrix !
@VisioN Yes but it looks like work
can't something like that be done with css and gradients
Boring tuning with radius function to get the same result
but nothing especially difficult
1:26 PM
great perfume here folks
@jAndy If I ever write a DOM manipulation library then conDOM is going to be its name. "conDOM, the safe way to interact with DOM"
@jAndy Bastard
@jAndy I like to wear it while listening to this CD
@AmaanCheval: I was also very surprised that Davidoff joined the game
1:27 PM
@dystroy jsfiddle.net/W9kzK in case if I need transparent in the middle, in which way should it be tuned?
I like their slogan tho
ugh - the smell of welding early in the morning ...
THE GAME - winner takes all
1:30 PM
holy fuck
thats the bling bling I was seeking my whole life in my professional gaming
@Zirak that is why I hate people
Bad math?
@Zirak I think he is right. (Except for the grammar fail with "wint")
Hahahahaha, dafuq?
1:34 PM
@dystroy Nice effect btw: jsfiddle.net/W9kzK/1.
Yeah, he's right, but that's tangent to the point
So, I don't get the whole point about it.
@VisioN From that, I don't get what problem you still have.
@rlemon This may restore some love: cheezburger.com/7003434240
1:39 PM
certainly did.
@Zirak WAT!?
@rlemon this may restore some more love: reddit.com/r/gonewild
"Look how shy I am"
^ this close to tilting my monitor and clicking......
@rlemon Do it! :D
1:41 PM
@rlemon ...and now it's gone!
@rlemon unzips
haha, lol
@ZachShallbetter Y U THINK I AM BOT?!
1:45 PM
Neal, Robot
Also, I'm pretty sure he was referring to the actual bot
@Zirak no, no he wasnt. he flagged me
for invoking the bot
@dystroy The problem is that it should be transparent in the center, while other "tors" shouldn't have transparency.
1:48 PM
Neal Neal Neal....
@rlemon baah!
anyone heading to nyc anytime soon? ^_^
depends on when you'll be out of town
Please don't rape us >:(
We need a js room meetup ^_^
(at a kosher restaurant :-P)
1:49 PM
Doubt people will be flying for it. Maybe during a JSConf or something
no. we need a js room meetup at a steak bar with lots of tities and booze.
in Canada
better booze - younger age - and easier to get into
ahhh, but is it kosher @rlemon ?
@rlemon I hate you
1:50 PM
@Neal if only one person need kosher... that one person can put up with it or eat before hand
@rlemon baaah
and you show me a kosher boobie bar.
Bring a dead cow and a rabbi with you?
@Zirak you get escorted out for bringing your own props. :(
1:56 PM
posted on January 29, 2013

var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3727700-1"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {} Oh man. I can't wait for these shows (wait for it...) to actually ex


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