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2:00 PM
tag wars!
@sbi But it's flat
@LucDanton Yeah, but it does get the message across.
@sbi I was just experimenting
@sbi Can I have that in red?
would really be a tag I need to be expert in :)
2:01 PM
@TonyTheTiger Haha!
@LucDanton I'm too old for experiments. I need working solutions now. :)
@MartinhoFernandes What?
@LucDanton I'm too old for experiments. I need working solutions now. :)
so where are all this chat hidden features documented?
Mhmm. How did I do that?
@TonyTheTiger Actually, this just spilled over from changes to the mark-down engine done for questions/answer and comments. (Though I'm not sure tags work in comments.)
@sbi another hidden feature!
2:02 PM
Not so hidden anymore.
@Martinho: What do you want in red?
If you're wondering what to say to your fellow community members, we hear there are some pretty amazing easter eggs in chat … maybe they know how to trigger them?
@sbi would get the message across much better in red.
Who says C++0x is dead?
Big red letters.
2:05 PM
@JohnDibling Nobody. Why do you ask?
Room title.
And jalf's starred comment.
@MartinhoFernandes Ah, now I see. Sorry for being so dense. You might want to ask the stack overlords for a special red- tag feature.
@sbi I'd like to meet nobody, wonder if he/she is smart?!
[status-like this?]
@Nobody, if you're here, please stand up!!!
2:06 PM
@TonyTheTiger That's easy to find out: "Nobody is smart." <== Is that sentence true? See, he isn't.
Meh, only works on meta.
@MartinhoFernandes what's the meaning of that?
@JohnDibling @jalf's message doesn't say C++0x is dead. It only refers to it being re-christianed.
@TonyTheTiger Martinho's cat was on the keyboard.
@jalf, @sbi: Why should C++0x be rechristened to C++11?
@TonyTheTiger Type it yourself.
It's a regex to parse HTML.
2:08 PM
@sbi must be... I don't even write such jibberish walking over my keyboard, but then again, my paws are much bigger...
@MartinhoFernandes ? Did you never read the infamous post on SO?
Go on, type that regex here.
It's an easter egg.
@JohnDibling Ten years from now, when we're all awaiting C++2x, do you still want to refer to C++11 as "C++0x"?
@TonyTheTiger The center doesn't hold.
@sbi: When C++0x actually gets released, then we can substitute 0x with an actual number.
2:09 PM
@sbi huh? - I have a parse failure.
@JohnDibling It will be released 2011: stackoverflow.com/questions/5436139/when-will-c0x-be-finished, so its name will be C++11.
23 hours ago, by sbi
But if it fails, we can always make c++11 a synonym of c++12. :)
@TonyTheTiger "the <center> cannot hold" is a famous quote from that infamous answer.
@sbi ln -s c++11 c++12?
@MartinhoFernandes oh I get it
It's also the title of a book.
2:12 PM
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

bobinceYou can't parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can't be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML. As I have answered in HTML-and-regex questions here so many times before, the use of regex will not allow you to consume HTML. Regular expressions are a tool th...

@JohnDibling yeah, technically speaking we should wait a few months. But it seems pretty certain that it will be c++11, and it seems like a lot of people here are impatient to do the rename/synonymification now ;)
@sbi thx :)
@jalf, @sbi. I'll believe it when I see it. Until its actually out, the tag should not be changed.
People have been saying things like "it seems very likely it will be done this year" for several years.
@JohnDibling So downvote the suggestion. <shrug/> That's what the voting is for, after all.
doesn't bother me either way. As @sbi said, we can always make c++11 a synonym for c++12 if we need to
2:14 PM
@sbi: I tried, wouldn't let me.
You need 5 answer upvotes in .
it's not like there's suddenly going to be another c++11 it might be confused with
@Martinho: Lame.
@JohnDibling Well, we do have an FDIS which everyone voted for, and the only thing standing between us and C++11 is the same people voting the same in September. That's certainly a very different situation from what we had the last decade.
@JohnDibling I believe they've been saying "we'll be done next year"
2:17 PM
ugh, hopefully the next standard doesn't take 13 years, else we won't see that many in our working lifetime :(
@JohnDibling Well, presumably this is to assure that not every C++11 newbie can come and downvote such a great idea, and it does seem to work! :b
@sbi: It should be based on rep somehow, but I should be able to cast my vote in disagreement.
You need 2000+ rep and 5 answer score on the tag. Lots of rep, and some activity in the tag. Seems fair to me.
@JohnDibling I agree with @Martinho there, except for one point: With this feature, it takes five users with a score of 5 each in some obscure tag to hijack a very popular tag with thousands of questions. That's certainly rogue. OTOH, once they've done that, thousands of users suddenly have enough rep in that tag to reverse the decision.
I've been wondering about that as well. But you need 4 users with score 5 in that tag and 2000+ rep and willing to do the hijacking.
Seems like a very unlikely scenario.
2:26 PM
@MartinhoFernandes Yeah, it is. But still.
@MartinhoFernandes My understanding is that the 2000 rep is only needed to propose the synonym, not to vote on it.
@Martinho: I have lots of rep. I have activity in the old tag. Some random user created the new tag and decided it should replace the old tag. I disagree, but my volice isn't heard because I'm not the one who created the new tag? That is fully lame. I should have a vote.
@AProgrammer Hmm, yes.
Consider this scenario: Five of us get together and make a synonym of .
Q: Tag Synonym Voting Rules

John DiblingIt has been proposed that [c++11] become a tag synonym for [c++0x]. In other words, any time a question is posted with the [c++0x] tag, the tag will be corrected to [c++11]. I disagree with this change, but I cannot cast a vote in disagreement. I have perfectly valid reasons for disagreeing wi...

2:28 PM
@sbi that would be an interesting proposal :P
@sbi Chaos ensues.
I wonder what they store in the DB. The original tag the user typed on the question, or the master?
If the former, seems reversible, if the latter... OMG, Tony the Pony.
@MartinhoFernandes Well, I guess this would end up with five users being put into suspension for a while. :)
But that does not solve the bigger problem. Now and are utterly broken.
@MartinhoFernandes Only if that truly isn't revertible.
Which I doubt.
2:31 PM
@MartinhoFernandes I don't have a pony!!
@TonyTheTiger He didn't say "Tony's pony".
@sbi lol
A case of tag synonym misbehavior:
Q: Tag synonym attracts trolling

Someone has added "lame" as a synonym for "perl": http://stackoverflow.com/tags/perl/info Very funny, ha ha, this seems to need a flag for moderator attention rather than a voting system.

Unfortunately, it was shot down. ;)
A: Revert tag synonym [mysqldb] -> [mysql]

Nick CraverThe old synonym has been removed, it was an over-generalization and incorrect. The new synonym is mysqldb -> mysql-python I can't undo the renames so easily because the retagged questions are mixed in with all other legitimate mysql related questions, but all future renames will be more corre...

@TonyTheTiger Well, it would be a great prank to play, but to do that A) it would require sockpuppet accounts to do that, and B) we shouldn't have discussed it here.
Seems like my chaos scenario is plausible.
@sbi And don't do that with ! No matter who's the master, that breaks both tags.
2:37 PM
@MartinhoFernandes we were just talking hypothetically, we wouldn't do such a thing!
@MartinhoFernandes See, even if I would have planned it, B) would be a strong arguments against doing it. :)
Good synonym for would be .
very few trolls on the chat, considering the sheer number of users on SO... interesting
Any new trolls here would be eaten alive by veteran trolls.
@CatPlusPlus you mean @JohannesSchaublitb?
2:40 PM
@MartinhoFernandes Yeah, that does seem to imply that they change it in their DB. That's stupid.
2:53 PM
@sbi you can't vote once they hit +4 and are automatically accepted
@FredNurk Are you sure??
@sbi it means this type of hijacking, which it seems is going on now with c++ tag synonyms, cannot be easily reversed
to be clear: I'm not saying what is going on now is malicious, but it does seem to be going on
Nevermind. You said reversed.
3:05 PM
Q: Wreaking havoc with tag synonyms

sbiAs we have just discussed in the C++ room, the current tag synonym system has one "security flaw": It is possible for a minority (5 users with a score of 5 in some obscure tag and 2.5k rep) to "hijack" a popular tag with thousands of questions. Doing so would certainly cause utter confusion, but ...

@sbi hmmm interesting question
@FredNurk No, not at all. However, I have retracted my vote from @Xeo's proposal until that is cleared up. Not because I think the proposal is wrong, but I don't want to overrule those with concerns by being too fast to be stopped.
@TonyTheTiger: Hey tiger wadda?
@sbi: back to community service i see :)
@Als nadda
3:11 PM
@TonyTheTiger yadda.
Q: Should the [c++11] tag be synonymous with the [c++0x] tag?

In silicoAs far as I know, the tags c++0x (1,048 questions) and c++11 (8 questions) on Stack Overflow refer to the newly finalized C++ standard that is expected to be published in summer 2011. Should c++0x be the "real" tag and c++11 be a tag synonym, considering the question count and the fact that it'...

@Als Waddaya mean?
IMO, C++0x will never be synonymous with C++11 or C++12, or C++13 (whichever it'll end up being)
C++0x includes questions about things that may one day be standard, or not (like concepts) but won't be in C++1{1,2,3}
C++13 seems a rather unlucky number, for the superstitious that is :P
@sbi: wadda just a slang for whats up
3:14 PM
@sbi Glad to know there's some inertia to prevent .
@Als And "yadda" is just a slang for gibberish. I was, however (correctly) referring to your statement about community service.
@sbi: Hmmm
meh C++ is really missing a null object or was missing
@RonaldLandheerCieslak I disagree. There are already been mention of what's coming after C++11: TR2 and then C++1x
(disagreeing about the second bit)
@Nils struct null_object { null_object(){} };
3:21 PM
@LucDanton yes, but that doesn't invalidate what I said: when c++0x was discussed in the past, it included discussions on things that won't be in c++1{1,2,3}
I change some of my pointer stuff to references, now it's bitching about constructors which do not initialize references..
so what when C++ version goes into the hundreds, will we have C++xxx? :P
@RonaldLandheerCieslak Oh like after C++11 someone would like to open a question about "C++0x concepts"
@Nils No, C++ is not missing nulls everywhere.
@rlc This indeed seems to be a very valid argument in this discussion, which so far I had completely overlooked.
3:22 PM
@sbi thx :)
Do you want NullPointerExceptions from Java or NullReferenceExceptions from .NET?
That's hideous.
@MartinhoFernandes Assuming I want to declare a reference somewhere which I can later initialize..
@MartinhoFernandes why is that hideous?
@Nils boost::optional<T> (but it's not a reference)
@TonyTheTiger no, only two digit years will be needed to disambiguate C++ standards, even all the way up to 2098. otherwise, if 100 year old c++98 is still relevant then, all c++ devs will (or at least should) spontaneously commit seppuku
3:23 PM
.. or say later initialize with something useful. Then I would first initialize it with null
@TonyTheTiger Because most of the time you don't want nullity. Turning every . into a potential exception is too high a cost to pay.
@rlc However, according to @FredN, old questions won't automatically be re-tagged anyway.
MartinhoFernandes is right: nullable types add to the cyclomatic complexity
humm well could also be that I'm too much Java damaged
3:24 PM
the fact that not every type is automatically nullable is a blessing
@FredNurk oh, valid point
@Nils I do lots of C# and I hate nulls.
Also note the comments by Grace, which imply that @Xeo should never had been able to even propose the tag.
@Nils If you don't want to use boost (why?) you can do the same manually (and dangerously), or reimplement it
What's to hate about it, @MartinhoFernandes
3:25 PM
@MartinhoFernandes fair enough
nullreferenceexceptions can be frustrating
just as your program was running well, there comes that hideous bastard
@Nils What I said above. Every time you write a . you must consider if it's going to blow up in your face.
@LucDanton well let's say boost wasn't really useful so far for me..
humm silly discussion, cause you could check for null
@Nils If you need a nullable type you have a workable solution right there though
And the worse is that object x = null; is just planting a timebomb. Ten minutes later, that object will be dereferenced five modules away and boom.
maybe every time a null ref exception occurs it should automatically delete the machine's MBR, that'll teach not to forget it :P
3:27 PM
@Nils Everywhere?
@Nils The argument was that you must check for null all the time.
@Nils That's the point: checking means a new code path, hence more cyclomatic complexity
so can I initialize a vector with something like null?
@sbi hmmm... "unless they're edited"? I still think c++0x is the project that leads up to c++1{1,2,3}, and artifacts of that project will (and should) continue to be called c++0x - like concepts. Once c++1x gets underway, and concepts come back onto the table, there'll be c++0x concepts and c++1x concepts. Hopefully, the c++1x concepts will be better to the point that we'll stop talking about c++0x concepts, but that doesn't make them c++1{1,2,3} concepts (which don't exist)
In C++? No.
3:28 PM
hope I'm making sense..
@TonyTheTiger See, another way C++ is superior: This could be the outcome of UB, so C++ can do that. :)
@sbi oh I like :)
@sbi I prefer those compilers that launch nethack.
At least you can claim you're working.
@LucDanton yes basically you should know weather it's initialized or not
@MartinhoFernandes There's an xkcd about that. (Yeah, I know, you can say that about just anything discussed in here. So?)
@Nils weather* w = new weather(sun);
3:30 PM
But in that xkcd, the guys are playing while the code compiles. If your compiler launches nethack, you are compiling.
@Nils Even when it's implicit the path is there; it's just not taken. But you don't know that when you're doing the review (at least you shouldn't assume without checking)
@sbi haha :)
@LucDanton ok
You don't get anything if everything is nullable; however when you need something nullable, and just that thing, there is e.g. boost::optional
3:33 PM
@LucDanton woot for boost::optional
does anyone know of an article that states that comparing the speed of different languages is essentially a silly thing to do?
@rlc I didn't say my argument would invalidate yours, I just wanted to point out that the situation is not as grave as you thought.
Q: Tag Synonyms and Revisitation of Hierarchical Tags?

John DiblingThis question is predicated on two others: Tag Synonym Voting Rule Wreaking havoc with tag synonyms The current C++0x standard is in the final stages of ratification and publication, but it hasn't actually been released yet -- it is not yet publicly available in final form. C++0x can be view...

So I have a struct with a bunch of references to objects, which I do not have a the time the struct is instantiated.. does that make sense at all?
The last part doesn't
If you mean reference as T&
If you mean in the wider programming sense, you can use T*
What do you want to do with such poor useless thing before initializing it?
3:43 PM
yes reference as a C++ reference of course
@Nils: You must initialize references in the struct's constructor initialization list.
@JohnDibling I know..
@Nils: And you can never re-seat them.
@Nils So what are you asking about?
Then what's your question>?
3:43 PM
that's the point..
@JohnDibling That's three tag questions on meta in little over an hour. That ought to stir them up. :)
well I have a bunch of vectors which I need to access from several methods / classes.. so I put them in a struct and want to have an instance of that struct which is globally available
@sbi: I predict all will be declined with no explanation. :)
it's more a design question
@Nils: Well, the first thing that strikes me is the "globally available"
3:46 PM
well it's in one header file
if I include it then it's available, otherwise not
"available" as in visible? Or as in a global variable?
@JohnDibling Oh yeah, I forgot about that oddity on meta. (Haven't been there in a while.) In fact, the questions will probably be erased from the DB as well. <sigh/> Why do I even bother?
@JohnDibling available as if you write int a; into a header file and include int somewhere..
@Nils This is wrong
You need extern int a; to make it technically correct
and a definition somewhere
@Nils: Are you talking about visibility, accessibility, or both?
3:48 PM
well so far I just had a struct with pointers which was instantiated once
Global variables are "bad." You'll have problems with ownership semantics, concurrency, and general hackish architecture that is difficult to work with and extend.
and since pointers need no initialization, i had no problem :)
If you mean that you can statically initialize a pointer
What's the use of a statically initialized pointer?
@JohnDibling Full Ack on all accounts. @Nils, you do need to rethink that.
3:50 PM
@Nils Yes, you do. :)
@Nils: What was the "no" in response to?
Nah it's not that easy: I'm trying to write an interface for a software to use the GPU which didn't use the GPU before. So my approach I write a shared lib which exposes some functions and structs via a header file. This shared lib needs to be compiled with the cuda compiler and all the cuda libs. The software can then use the header file and link against that library.
So far I had a struct with pointers and some methods. Now I probably want a struct with references..
@Nils Minor nit: can you say objects instead of structs please? It's clear from the context that you're not talking about types but this can be confusing sometimes
we should encourage discussion of that more on meta than here in chat; it's hard to follow the chat more than a day later
4:02 PM
@FredNurk I've taken that "encouragement" and copied what I said here to an answer on the question :-)
My first post on MSO :-D
is it just me, or is it a real oddity that this question:
Q: What does && mean in C++0x?

paxdiabloI've been looking into some of the new features of C++0x and one I've noticed is the double ampersand in declaring variables, like T &&var. For a start, what is this beast called? (I wish Google would allow us to search for punctuation like this.) What exactly does it mean? At first gl...

is not tagged c++0x?
it was until yesterday
What's for?
@FredNurk Yeah, @sbi someone used that to launch himself into the top users of so he could vote ;)
@rlc though tags of [c++] [c++0x] [c++-faq] [rvalue-reference] [c++11] seem a bit weird, and I'd like to keep [ampersand], because if we just start ditching relevant tags...
@MartinhoFernandes a lot of symbols have their own tags, which is the only way to search for questions about them or some operators
Ok, makes sense.
4:36 PM
What do you call a stock market thingy like MSFT or AAPL?
ticker tag, iirc
Wikipedia suggests ticker symbol
Thanks. (I do like stock market thingy though.)
'tag' did look wrong as soon as I said it; too much about tags on meta just now, perhaps? :)
4:55 PM
(stupid differing format rules in chat)
I find the comparison of C++0x to Duke Nukem Forever to be apt, funny, and depressing :(
@FredNurk why depressing? cause of the time factor involved
Cause DNF will never be?
(They're lying! It's all smoke and mirrors! DNF is a myth!)
@MartinhoFernandes: due to be released this June, the press release even said "It's real this time, guys. Seriously."
@FredNurk :)
It was delayed once already. :P
5:04 PM
Yes, and it was due to be released two weeks ago before being delayed "one last time".
@TonyTheTiger because I've been using c++98 for 15 years, whereas something like python gets incremental updates on a much smaller scale, and is immensely better off than c++ that way
@FredNurk oh I see
but surely you are using the TR1 stuff etc too? or not at all?
if I need those libraries, I generally use boost
@FredNurk The transition to the next major version is ongoing and taking quite a while, though.
@CatPlusPlus but without stopping incremental updates (2.5, 2.6, 2.7)
5:08 PM
@CatPlusPlus But keep in mind that Python 3.0 seriously breaks backward compatibility.
That's not something to be done light-heartedly.
@MartinhoFernandes I've come around on that somewhat
anything you can break but provide an automated update (e.g. 2to3) isn't nearly as bad
but c++ is a specification rather than an implementation, so providing a tool such as 2to3 has some bureaucratic problems
I like how you can import 3.0 features to 2.7 from future.
true, optional selection of when to break backwards compat, like __future__.print_function (which was added in 2.6? maybe 2.5)
or, well, almost everything from future; even with_statement breaks variables named "with"
5:52 PM
hi @thecoshman
long time no see
| series = Duke Nukem | platforms = Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 | release = | media = Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Steam | input = Keyboard and mouse, gamepad | requirements = }} Duke Nukem Forever is an upcoming first-person shooter video game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 currently in development by Gearbox Software, and a sequel to the 1996 game Duke Nukem 3D, as part of the long-running Duke Nukem video game series. Development Intended to be groundbreaking, Duke Nukem Forever has become infamous in the video games industry and become synonymous with vapor...
that is depressing
6:47 PM
Its not depressing, it's exciting! I pre-ordered 13 years ago, and it may finally ship!
You find it exciting when something you ordered may ship?
Interesting factoid? C++0x and Duke Nukem Forever had approximately the same development time.
@Luc: When there has been nothing for 13 year, something is very exciting. :)
Doesn't mean I'm not going to keep my money until release!
Another intersting factoid: Duke Nukem Forever will almost be older than my step-son on release, and he will undoubtedly be better at it than me from go.
@JohnDibling You should be practicing right now!
6:53 PM
@JohnDibling hahaha
never seen this jumping into a loop before, wth?
Q: C/C++: goto into the for loop

SergeyHello! I have a bit unusual situation - I want to use goto statement to jump into the loop, not to jump out from it. There are strong reasons to do so - this code must be part of some function which makes some calculations after the first call, returns with request for new data and needs one mo...

7:16 PM
@TonyTheTiger, Trying to do (a restricted form) of coroutine in C or C++. Quite a few languages have such a restricted form (yield is popular as keyword to return in these). Rarer are languages which have them directly.
@AProgrammer hmm had never heard of coroutines before
interesting concept
though I couldn't think of many uses for it though
hi all
where did i make mistake :
let me open a question
@TonyTheTiger It is nice way to organize some programs. You can get a very similar organization with multithreaded programs where all but one thread are always blocked. On multicore/multiprocessor machine, instead of such an interlocked march, having queues makes a better use of hardware.
well i solved my error ..
7:32 PM
May 10 at 14:25, by Martinho Fernandes
The act of isolating the problem into a simple example that reproduces it tends to keep my question asking rate on SO very low. It's a great debugging technique.
@AProgrammer Do you have a c++ coroutine lib to recommend?
I am wankered
@LucDanton No. I used them in a Pascal dialect a long time ago. The cases I missed them lent themselves to a state machine implementation so implementing the restricted form I needed was easy.
@FredNurk Nice.
coroutines are just multiple state machines hooked up together anyway
8:05 PM
@DeadMG why is that?
too little sleep
ugh :(
I've just been having bad dreams the last few nights
I seem to possess the capability to push myself to stay up all night for various work reasons
and then not actually do any work
resulting in a rather large quantity of tiredness, and not much work actually done
hmmm not good
yeah, I know
8:15 PM
so you planning to sleep then tonight?
still working on this prolog thing?
missed that deadline some time ago
oops :(
8:18 PM
so you don't have to finish it?
well, if I did, then it's much too late, so what would be the point?
I still have an examination in it to worry about
oh gosh
more importantly, I have group courseworks due in
and one day to finish
and is it almost finished?
8:23 PM
should have been finished this time last week
but sick, and my teammates have been kinda jerks
seems luck hasn't been much on your side lately
honestly? at this rate, I'm just gonna claim sickness for the whole damn year
yea, starting to sound like you should
so when are you getting those medical tests?
one tomorrow
the rest when I have time between sleeping, being sick, and working
8:25 PM
oh ok
and chatting
hey, this is really sleeping
and a little being sick
so I guess the sickness disturbs your sleeping too?
oh yes
@DavidRodrĂ­guezdribeas Hi
8:41 PM
A: Converting a member function to a static function in C++

DeadMGNot unless you make a global object. If the framework takes regular function pointers, then you're stuck with what you've got, unless it provides like a void* userdata or something like that.

check out the first answer
very poor, and it still gets a double upvote
9:11 PM
I still find it interesting how someone that is suggesting use of a global can complain that much for the suggestion of a singleton... In that particular case they are the same poison (the question is about a test, and the singleton or global is a test object in the testing framework)....
the difference is that the unique instance is not required
and, honestly, come up with a better idea to solve the problem
9:31 PM
No, it is just that I found some irony on calling the singleton option a very poor answer, when there does not seem to be any (much) better option. I agree that the restriction to a single object does not need to be enforced --even if most probably there will be a single object there, but does that difference make the answer very poor?
BTW, @DeadMG, any luck with your health issues? (From the last comments I see that they have not been resolved, but are they at least any better?)
yes, in my opinion, it does
the answerer reached for some design pattern because he felt it was easy and dependable to rely on, instead of considering the requirements to solve the problem at hand
and, hopefully, they will be resolved soon, and that's pretty much the only good news on the health front
10:06 PM
@TonyTheTiger hi Forsties! I was 'properly' around yesterday... been sorting out moving today, epic amounts of packing! hopefully will be able to spend some more time on line soon.
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