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11:12 AM
@BomberMan hahaha :D (is it we called Kung fu?)
Like saktiman ?
@hotveryspicy how is it related to make me as culprit?
@Alice I just don't know (always you) behind the scene
@hotveryspicy punch
Ohhhh ye to gaya
11:14 AM
@Hardik No, like James Bond's 8th SON, who hasn't taken birth yet.
@LalitPoptani anteryami..;););):P:P
@RobinHood getting scared
102 messages moved to DUST
@RobinHood gayab...??
@PavanKumar you?
11:25 AM
konsa event hy bhai ab??
hehe :D
@Alice villian (negative role)
@AdilSoomro @SilentKiller @hotveryspicy last time i missed discussion here,registered for event so came here,what topic today?
@Alice you?
11:28 AM
@vignesh4303 ask to owner @RobinHood
@AdilSoomro here
can we discuss common threats of web applications/applications
@vignesh4303 see below \/
Every member will get chance to tell.
1. General Introduction
2. Technology and experience
3. And new things learned this week(not compulsory)
4. Any interesting questions asked or answers given last week on StackOverflow
Starting event
11:29 AM
@SomnathMuluk there should be some change in agenda...
==================== START OF EVENT =====================
@SilentKiller i ll go will your decision
@SilentKiller Any suggestions accepted... what are they?
what is the event ????
Suggestion session will be after today event completion.
11:30 AM
@SomnathMuluk like discussion on some hot topics in IT
@SomnathMuluk general introduction should not be a part of the event every week as mostly developers are regular here, it should be only for new comers of the room.
@RobinHood I will go with you
ok whoms starts
1 min ago, by Somnath Muluk
==================== START OF EVENT =====================
11:31 AM
21 secs ago, by vignesh4303
ok whoms starts
@BomberMan if no any new member is there then not require
@vignesh4303 you.
@SomnathMuluk you stasrt
If yes.... then it take half minute to know about you to them...
@SilentKiller me?
11:32 AM
I will be starting with me
@SilentKiller ok but i m tester is it ok?
Exp of 1.6yr in PHP
@vignesh4303 It's fine
This week was not much special.... only enjoyement new year and cricket matches
11:34 AM
Started working on some new features in our product
Previous week I have asked one funny question on movies: :P
Q: Why didn't Simran get into bogey from first door in DDLJ?

Somnath MulukOff-late, many people on Facebook have been sharing this particular still from DDLJ. It seems funny or logical? Why didn't Simran get into bogey from first door? Does director want to show LOVE IS BLIND? Or director seized the opportunity for Simran to take the longer route (she's in Love, my bou...

@RobinHood: Your turn...
Some points:
Please don't post any message in-between until and unless one not complete.
When anyone start he should post first message with *start* and when he/she end then he should post *end* message.
this per-forma we will follow
@SilentKiller you start now
Exp of 6 Months in Android and 3 months in BlackBerry
New things : First Drawer in Blackberry...(No one has created yet)
who next?
11:40 AM
@RobinHood @Alice thanks..
@SilentKiller Congrats...
@SilentKiller Great
@SomnathMuluk @NareshSharma thanks brothers...
@NareshSharma: start with your self
@SomnathMuluk ok Boss
Exp 1 year in Android
11:44 AM
point 3 and 4 @NareshSharma
This week i have done Nothing just Made the Document for my new project and client interaction
@NareshSharma thats also a good point to interect with client..:)
@hotveryspicy now ur turn...
@SilentKiller you are right
Let me introduce my self
Exp of 2.7 Years in Android, J2ME
@Mihir that's great
11:47 AM
Recently I have created on small puzzle kind of game
One interesting question I have asked in Game Development
@Mihir welcome and still not got the logic ^_^
Great! @Mihir
@Mihir game is cool ;)
@hotveryspicy is it? :P
@hotveryspicy lolzz
dude lots of users already solved it :P
@BomberMan Yes
11:48 AM
@Mihir v.good
@Mihir Weak student Man
@BomberMan you start now
@Mihir seems great game...
@RobinHood will start after you :P :D
@Mihir liked your question very much
11:50 AM
who next?
@SomnathMuluk @hotveryspicy thanks man
Exp: 1.7 years
Tech: Android
R&D : FingerPrint Scanner (continue)
Given couple of answer on SO.
@RobinHood impressive
@RobinHood FingerPrint Scanner in android?
@RobinHood thats great :)
@RobinHood Only for screentouch mobiles?
@BBdev: please hold on..
@SomnathMuluk ok
@LalitPoptani: What's special?
11:54 AM
Busy preparing flow charts for a new project assigned.
Worked on YT Player this week
@SomnathMuluk he'd daBomb
just created a small App that streams live episodes of ShivMahapuran on Market!.
@BomberMan Interesting
@Sathya hahahaha :D
@Sathya Kat not avail here BTW
11:56 AM
@BomberMan bum bum bhole.... :)
@Sathya I want you to introduce yourself please(in Hindi) ;) :P
@BomberMan show me the link of your app
@BomberMan LOL
@BBdev: Carry on....
11:58 AM
Worked on Blackberry for a year now developing for android
Having 1 year 11 months of total exp
@BomberMan seen, nice one
@RobinHood thanks :-), also I should mention thats the work of my team(@hotveryspicy & @Dharmendra) including me, one more is busy in global issues(he will join later) :P
@BomberMan looks nice
Nice team.
Exp : O (final year )
Tech: PHP,HTML5,CSS3,Jquery(more),Javascript(less)

New thing started : Working(learning) in C

Interest : C (now a days )

[BEST answer](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12859942/why-shouldnt-i-use-mysql-functions-in-php/14110189#14110189)
12:01 PM
@Sathya thanks :)
@NullPointer i like your name
@NullPointer Exp : Null still (final year )
@NullPointer It's really best answer....
Exp: 1 year with training..
12:03 PM
@hotveryspicy lol'wt ....
@NullPointer: how much time it took to write that?
@SomnathMuluk ~ 4 hours with my extreme typing speed (35wpm) lol
event end?
@Hardik I think yes,
12:06 PM
oppss Ok
@Alice start yourself now!
1 min ago, by Jignesh Der
@Hardik I think yes,
@Hardik its not ended yet hajam!
12:07 PM
BIG color
'm starting
@NullPointer That's great... I will take coaching from you for typing class... :P
@Hardik copycat of RobinHood? :P
Android dev.
Exp. 1 year
@Hardik continue
12:09 PM
@SomnathMuluk lol... 35 is yet below the average ... :-p :-P :-p
@hotveryspicy you can start now
@Hardik ok
Android Developer
1.7 year
Face Recognition Android, Titanium and Documentation
@NullPointer I am average -10... :P
@hotveryspicy nice
@hotveryspicy GET LOST
12:10 PM
@hotveryspicy i like hot very n spicy food .. specially in winter ...:P
@hotveryspicy really spicy.... :P
@NullPointer whats there in Name? ha
@hotveryspicy i like your DP :P
@Mihir just started studing
12:13 PM
@hotveryspicy ?
@SomnathMuluk same here
@JigneshDer come will lost separately
@NullPointer in HVS
@hiro @Sathya @vignesh4303 @VineeshKalarickal @ChiragPatel @SAHIL @Priyanka @furqi @rahularyansharma @George @Anil @HarshidVasoya @CapDroid :are u der?
@hotveryspicy @RobinHood same pinch you guys have same experience as me :P
12:14 PM
@Sathya: your turn?
@Sathya hehe yeah, Introduce youself and let everyone have the pleasure to know you :)
:p not much to say :p
12:15 PM
HVS ??
chalo will mention anyway.
@Sathya the super user....::::)))
@SomnathMuluk a really super ping
Hello everyone..!!
@Sathya I know you have a list of qualities that won't be possible to write here :P
12:15 PM
I have a problem in my application..my app has a TableLayout inside a TabHost and works perfectly fine on Emulator as well a device with android 2.3.3 But fails to show Table on android 2.2.1...doesnt show any Error or anything. Just blank screen with my default background.wat can be the problem..??
Stack Overflow member for close to 4 years, Moderator on 2 other Stack Exchange sites + another forum.
@NilayOnAndroid its time of event, just wait for a minute.
not an Android developer. <----- read. read. I'm tired of repeating :(
haha! :D
12:16 PM
@Sathya great buddy
@Sathya I will repeat for you, now onwards :D
Oracle forms/Oracle database/PL/SQL developer by day. Working since 5+ years.
Freelance writer/blogger
Know a little bit of C#, Python, Ruby.
@Sathya blog ?
12:17 PM
lots of minor projects, never finish them.
Most recent "completed" project was StackEd in Ruby. github.com/SathyaBhat/ruby-stacked
@Sathya-Then what should I write..??
@Sathya lolw't /.\
it's an automated editor, which converts SMS speak to English
@NullPointer That's what I am for.... :P
ends in 11 minutes.
12:19 PM
one man army :P
so "hw r u" becomes "How are you". Also converts to sentence case etc.
@Sathya great!
so.. yeah that's about it :P
@Sathya: really
on man armi
yeah I agree always!
12:19 PM
@NullPointer yes, I write for techie-buzz when I have some time.
for those interested, this is a complete list of what gets corrected in my editor
@rahularyansharma @SAHIL @M.J.: go ahead...
full disclosure, it was not done by me, the project was in JavaScript, I ported it to C# & Ruby
******************And one announcement....*******
Hai All
@Sathya seems great!
12:23 PM
One chat room for Bollywood film reviews....

 Indian Movies

Where we do usual chit-chat and sometime discuss on Indian mov...
@all: Inviting all der....
@Sathya sounds great
@SAHIL great dude
@SAHIL what else?
@SAHIL: any special this week?
12:25 PM
Working on Grocesory store app this week
@BomberMan @hotveryspicy thank you.
almost completed need to make the DB Connectivity to app
@all : anyone is remaining? interested?
so many but they are afraid...
@NullPointer I start my projects & let them die because I drift off :/
12:28 PM
Event ends in 1 minute......
I have a problem in my application..my app has a TableLayout inside a TabHost and works perfectly fine on Emulator as well a device with android 2.3.3 But fails to show Table on android 2.2.1...doesnt show any Error or anything. Just blank screen with my default background.wat can be the problem..??
hii allll
@ashishagrawal: hi
@Sathya yo... but i have to do some project to get job... and now worse part is going to start ....
@ashishagrawal hola
@ashishagrawal Are you for event?>
12:31 PM
_________Event Ends___________
================= END OF EVENT ===============================
@all: bye .... it was nice time with you all
bye bye
@VineeshKalarickal There was event at 5pm... see past chat history... you can participate at next week...
change the topic
12:46 PM
@SomnathMuluk Great.. thank you
@SomnathMuluk there..??
Yes still @SilentKiller
change the topics..
@SilentKiller what are you people gona do after 1 hour..... ?
@SomnathMuluk going home...;)
12:48 PM
I am going to play CS after 1 hour! :P
@Mistu4u online..??
ohhh cs player here
mee too cs payerr
ny one der on steam
I am going... :(
12:49 PM
No. Don't play online. Only LAN>
where u play
i mean in which cafe
We come prepare with our laptops. We have 20-25 friends all time ready to play.
@ashishagrawal @Mistu4u I am University champion in CS...:)
But when we create a match we go to cafes!
ohhh...i m till date d best player of my college
n won many awards..
mine in stelly
12:51 PM
@SilentKiller, Maybe someday I would find you guys on net and kick your ass :D
wht is ur nick
@ashishagrawal congo..
12:51 PM
@Mistu4u we'll see that...;)
@ashish, Thats great!
heheh :P
@silent killer u on steam??
@mistu4u ur nick?? in cs
Like today we have meeting in my house for a mega match!
okkk...which map??
12:53 PM
@ashishagrawal now days m not on stream...
simple name
12:54 PM
@ashishagrawal @Mistu4u me SameName or SHER...
for which map u gonna have meeting @mistu
@ashishagrawal random..;);)
one & only
12:55 PM
@Mistu4u instead of de_dust2 try webWoods..
so whts ur strategy going to be like
for dust 2
@SilentKiller, Never played that one!
yaa me too never played
lets discuss dust2 strategy @mistu
guys this is tech chat room not game..;)
12:57 PM
that is true
Lets end it here
okkkk :(
wht else den
@RobinHood for what.?
12:59 PM
@RobinHood @SilentKiller hai
@RobinHood @SilentKiller @SAHIL hai
@SAHIL hiii
@Hardik @ashishagrawal hai
1:00 PM
@SAHIL @ashishagrawal hai
@SilentKiller ignore
@RobinHood ek jabardast thought for the day...
ya say!
1:04 PM
@SAHIL we are wating
The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing.
Everybody share ur thoughts for the day
everythng in life happens for a reason
for example
1:06 PM
it can be nythng
good one
sabhi reason share nahein kar sakte :-)
chalo byee alll...time to go chat with u all sumother tym
@ashishagrawal alvida
@RobinHood share ur thought , you got 6 stars for previous one
*******BYE ALL*******
laterzzz ...
1:19 PM
@Hardik @HarshidVasoya bye C you at whats app...
@SilentKiller bye bye c ya at whats app
@BomberMan @M.J. HHRPK PMCC
Bye bye all
hai evryone....
is anybody working on android app using ODK?
4 hours later…
4:53 PM
hi all i am new here
happy new year
i have a question about codeigniter tank auth
does anyone work on it
5:16 PM
I have developed a project
5:30 PM
Q: how to create Dynamic ListPreference uisng edittext and listview in android?

B K SINGHI am crating Dynamic ListPreference for display size list(Integer) in listview as well as user insert size(Integer) in editbox. and use that size in Livewallpaper.

any one know this.
@harshallonare I have developed a project
6:29 PM
android is cool
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