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3:00 PM
@rlemon But you still have a bug there - typeof callback !== Function
And why are you using setTimeout?
!!> function fn() {}; typeof fn === "Function";
@rlemon false
hrmm, you are right.
24 mins ago, by Zirak
!!> var f = function(){}; console.log(typeof f === Function, typeof f)
24 mins ago, by SO ChatBot
@Zirak "undefined" Logged: false,"function"
yea well clearly I posted that code then walked away
enum my_states {
How are you eating, sleeping, and talking at the same time?
@Abhishek I assume your life is difficult when you go out on a date
Me.StateChanged += new StateChangedHandler;

void StateChangedHandler(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    if( e.State == my_states.SLEEPING ) {
        Me.ExecuteAction( new object[]{ my_states.CODING, my_states.EATING, my_states.TALKING_ON_STACKOVERFLOW } );
Yeah. He doesn't shower or go to the bathroom.
"Yes dear, I never shower. Because then the compiler will complain"
3:13 PM
"To reduce bugs in the application I stopped showering so they would be attracted to me instead of my code"
@Zirak It's primarily because he's either eating or he's on his phone talking on stackoverflow on a date
I hope you don't sleep anyway.. you'd make a boring date
no thats my routine for now :P , and for the next 4 months :P
having shower is a different case
@Neil So when you meet somehow who has never showered or went to the bathroom in their life, the first thing you'd think is "how rude, they're on their phone"
@Zirak Perhaps there was a patch for the software that enabled him to shower or use the bathroom that has since been removed
Obsolete code, that sort of thing
I would have kept that functionality though..
Also, he couldn't even get to the date. He never drives or walks
Meaning that his computer, kitchen and bed are the same place
Which is quite admirable, tbh. But since he doesn't go to the toilet anymore...
3:17 PM
@rlemon it just sucks though
@Zirak yeah...
@Abhishek look sir, it's js room here not C++
@Abhishek Now you're just boring
And you have syntax errors
@Zirak its supposed to be a joke
look up what u did
@FlorianMargaine really since when ?
3:20 PM
Key phrase here "supposed to be"
bonj all
@SimonSarris How's the book coming along?
3:28 PM
slowly but well enough
writing about HTML5 drag and drop right now
what a godawful api that is
anyone whos CSS savvy care to have a go at my question :)
stackoverflow.com/questions/13934087/….... also made a fiddle (although it not really working) jsfiddle.net/rusticblonde/zMaGM/1
@SimonSarris salut
@Zirak it's not a phrase, it's 2 words
@SimonSarris Omelette au fromage
@FlorianMargaine It's 3 words
lol cheese omellete?
@Zirak Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir ?
3:32 PM
No, just "cheese omelette", without the "lol"
@FlorianMargaine Mon fils est un pantalon?
@Zirak your son is a pant?!
Hey guys is it possible to substitute this kind of inclusion:

<div id="detailsDiv">
    <%@include file="DataExchangeDetails.jsp" %>
@FlorianMargaine Et ma fille est chou!
3:35 PM
@Zirak Hahaha
@Zirak chou might mean "sweet/cute"...
Monsieur Président, aidez nous!
@AndersMetnik What do you mean?
Thus ending the display of my French skills
3:36 PM
$('detailsDiv').innerHTML = '<%@include file="DataExchangeDetails2.jsp" %>';
Would that run?
@Zirak did you google for e acute?
@AndersMetnik By the server? No
@AndersMetnik yeah, no
3:37 PM
@FlorianMargaine how so? [if] You need to batch process smaller chunks of a larger array...
$('detailsDiv').innerHTML isn't really valid...
Why not ?
@FlorianMargaine Tu es une pomme de terre!
@AndersMetnik try it
@AndersMetnik Guessing the jQuery object of the element doesn't have innerHTML
3:38 PM
I'm using prototype, not jquery
so if that's the only reason it will work, prototype gives me the dom object in that way
Along with not having the # in the selector
@AndersMetnik No, the server will not run code
@AmaanCheval I'm not using jquery but prototype
@AndersMetnik No. Your server handles these things. After the data is sent from the server, it meddles with it no more.
3:39 PM
ah, works then
Thanks :)
and goddamit
prototypejs sucks big balls though
@Zirak hey! more coming?
hey peeples :)
batters eyelids
@FlorianMargaine Libération de la lingerie! Vive les jambes nues!
(admittedly, used google translate for that last part)
naked legs?
3:41 PM
saws your arms off
Tuez les infidèles!
@KirstyHarris that's what you want? jsfiddle.net/Ralt/zMaGM/2
@Zirak Au bucher!
thats the one!
now WHAT u done different lol!
actually i will have a look thru the CSS lol
thankyou as usual @FlorianMargaine x
@FlorianMargaine Woodshed?
3:46 PM
ahha! ... u changed this... .sf-menu li.sfHover ul {
Do you have the attribute type="button"? If not, the button becomes a submit button by default. — Patrick James McDougle 2 mins ago
oh florian you are such a diamond... you know that ;)
Q: How to solve programming problems using logic?

md nthI know these principles: define the constrains and operations,eg constrains are the rules that you cant pass and what you want determined by the end goal, operations are actions you can do,"choices" . buy some time by solving easy and solvable piece . halving the difficulty by dividing the p...

@PatrickJamesMcDougle why would it submit if there is no form?! — Neal 4 secs ago
@Zirak upvoted!
@Zirak "burning at the stake"
@SimonSarris Why? The title doesn't match the (possible) content, and the question is ill-defined: Programming has a practical side and a theoretical side. One is completely different than the other.
but programming has a human side too, and I feel bad for him
@MattW thanks.
So you're insulting him by giving him a gold star for "trying"?
3:59 PM
How is this a hot question?
Q: How to display value of value of another variable?

Rakesh Juyalvar foo = "bar" var bar = "realvalue"; Is it possible to print the value of bar using foo ?

There is definitely a duplicate of it somewhere...
meh, js sucks about this kind of stuff
it doesn't really support symbols, just plain identifiers
Whoa, Instagram's becoming bitchy
@Zirak Quality post!
Never used it
@cole007 Jan 16th they have rights to sell your photos and use them in ads without asking, even if you delete your account.
But this just gives me more reason never to
:O thats rude!
4:06 PM
Q: Testing a mixin function

Sayem AhmedI have a mixin function which is as follows - function mixin(receiver, supplier) { for (var property in supplier) { if (supplier.hasOwnProperty(property)) { receiver[property] = supplier[property]; } } } To test this function, I am using the ok method of Qu...

ooo i got 92 rep!!! go me!!!
@KirstyHarris The universe is no longer balanced.. someone needs to have 92 rep removed now..
@AmaanCheval It's nice seeing Facebook leave the "we made a product for you" category and more into the soft, lovable spot of "you're using our product, so we own you, bitch"
:O :(... nooooo dont remove...i feel proud hahah!
@zirak... such a way with words!
4:08 PM
@Zirak Only more blatantly now
well my project theme is looking RATHER sexy atm
we sell those!
thats all i bloody heard about for weeks! :P... they are rather cool thou
Where are you working?
Talking meese? (the proper plural of moose)
4:10 PM
!!/tell Zirak define meese
@Zirak meese: Meese was a four-piece rock band from Denver, Colorado, signed to Atlantic Records. [\(source\)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meese)
@Zirak meese: Meese was a four-piece rock band from Denver, Colorado, signed to Atlantic Records. [\(source\)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meese)
Hmm, the bot's escaping is showing.
Perhaps because it's a multiline message. And I object to Englush's (no typo, bitches) weird rules. Booth -> beeth, moose -> meese!
Moose is actually both the singular and plural (afaik it comes from the Indians, something like that)
Am I the only one who thinks it's incredibly ironic that we argue about what the "worst language" is in English?
@SomeKittens Say whaaat?
4:18 PM
so.... I started blogging.
I'll share the link once I get some quality posts up
I tried blogging, even vlogging, but I'm just too lazy for it
So, never?
@jAndy that is the problem I've always had.
"tried" blogging a few times now.
4:21 PM
@rlemon Where are you hosting it? rlemon.com? :P
It was on there earlier, wasn't it?
I just accepted it. I was born lazy, I am lazy and I will ever be lazy. UNLESS there is some exciting stuff to explore, then I'm able to shake the lazyness away for some time
I am also (for work) doing this sales training crap ( I don't think I need it but the boss wants me to do it so w/e ) - and they keep up on how you have to sell yourself and for technology people blogs are a great way to sell yourself.
so long as you offer value first (unpaid consulting... i.e. code snippets and tutorials)
Ew. The "Personal brand" thing is just a bunch of hipster marketing fail.
@AmaanCheval yes I was, this time i decided on blogger
free, and easier to setup :P
Yeah, I know :p
4:23 PM
What you want to do is establish that you know what you're talking about. (Still working on that)
Woo blogger!
I'm using Blogger too
It doesn't look as ugly now either
At least that's what I think :p
@SomeKittens well yea, and the only way to do that is to offer value (answers, information, tutorials, etc)
posts would be of no value if you're talking BS
I like your blog, very nice content.
+1. Your blog is fun!
partly what pushed me to get off my ass and write my own.
I'm a role model now? Scary...
4:24 PM
my original idea was (since I was a stackoverflow.com junkie), to collect the most interesting q&a's (front-end world) and present+discuss those in a blogg'ish way
nahh... moreso "if SomeKittens can do it... fuck I have to be able to do it"
but after.. 2 or 3 posts I was like.. meeehhh, whats the use anyway
@rlemon Let that be a motivation to everyone in the room.
@SomeKittens: can you please get a harem
4:28 PM
Ok my first blog post was about that code I was talking about earlier. Not that great, but w/e it's all that was on the mind at the moment.
My next post (might start it and finish it today) will be "how to make a Canvas Meme generator"
might have to split it into a few parts.
I shall hold thee to it
Yeah, it's hard to come up with ideas for blog posts apart from "how to make [something you've made]"
lol :P
@AmaanCheval that is my only game plan :P
regurgitate everything I've already done in the form of a tutorial or free snippet.
@rlemon Then people will steal the post and sell it....
hey @rlemon I own learncanvas.com
4:30 PM
@AmaanCheval I have the exact opposite problem...
if you ever wanna help me fill it with tutorials
@SomeKittens the idea behind posting the "how to" will be so no one sees value in buying it anymore
I'll be giving away instructions on how to diy
Yeah, but people are lazy and fiscally irresponsible
@SimonSarris Greenland Farms?
you a farmer?
Hahaha, that was unexpected
4:31 PM
agreed. problem of any tech-blog is, that people who care most likely already know and vampires don't even consider reading
Maybe he's a farmer's daughter
@rlemon nay my girlfriend's parents
how did you find that?
4:32 PM
My company makes automation control systems for commercial grain dryers ;)
@SimonSarris learncanvas.com!
oh does it redirect?
no, it's the content
4:33 PM
It's hosted there XD
silly nginx
do they operate a grain dryer?
@rlemon Hahaha
puts on sales man hat
4:34 PM
Looking to get some sales, huh?
Sales? I could use some sales. Anybody need mass SMS capabilities?
Or even, we mostly operate on a dealer base. So if they would like to be a authorized dealer we can also hook that up
@RyanKinal Me me me! Then she can't refuse to go out with me!
thats the real website, nginx has no record for learncanvas.com but I set up DNS for it
4:36 PM
@RyanKinal Hahaha
well, I'll probably receive nothing but negative scrutiny about this post... sourcoder.blogspot.ca
Gee, are you seriously using a dynamic theme?
consider this:
1) I set it up 10 minutes before posting the blog post.
2) I haven't put any effort into selecting or developing a theme.
3) It's the default theme (or at least was for me).
Yeah, I know. That was my way of telling you to pick a better theme
I think @Incognito wrote a pretty elaborate blog post about why the dynamic theme sucks
Ooh, embedded fiddles! I'll have to try that!
4:40 PM
In a perfect world I'd spend a day writing my own theme.... however it's a week till christmas and works up my ass with projects and deadlines.
nooo dont recommend a zakas article! recommend the book! :D
@SomeKittens they're awesome
@SimonSarris the article recommends the book.
@rlemon Just use the template editor
I didn't want to link the articles/videos/and book so I found an article that does it for me.
fair enough
4:41 PM
@rlemon: no scrutiny, but runaway script timers best practice is to let run as many loops as possible within a defined timeframe and then interrupt with setTimeout or nextTick or setImmediate
typically, timeframe should be below 100ms, better around 50ms, since human eyes won't recognize any "lag" below
@jAndy hrm, do you have an article or can you explain that a little more clear for me ?
@rlemon nice. little note: node.js has process.nextTick for this exact purpose
Me: "Windows CLI sucks. Maybe I'll try Powershell"
Powershell: "I still suck, sorry"
Me: "Screw it, installing Cygwin"
@rlemon: don't know about a specific article, but there is a whole chapter about this in 'high performance javascript' by nicholas zakas
nice. I need to really give node.js some more attention.
4:44 PM
@RyanKinal powershell is really nice afaik
@rlemon Yes. Yes you do.
@jAndy I will check out the book. thanks! I have read a lot of NZ articles and watched his videos. I will be honest, I never read his books :(
pretty smart bad ass guy
@FlorianMargaine Meh. It's okay. I just want my nix-like utilities.
@AmaanCheval It without a doubt sucks, it's why I've stopped posting on that site. Blogger's junk.
4:45 PM
his humor is weak. I love his talks... I hate when he tries to crack jokes.
haha true story
@Incognito Even the static themes?
posted on December 18, 2012 by Peter Beverloo

This update discusses the 1,522 WebKit and 2,131 Chromium changes that landed in the past two weeks, totaling up to 3,653 changes. Chromium updated the libvpx library to include support for an early version of the VP9 decoder, the successor of the VP8 codec that’s currently used by WebM. Furthermore, though still behind a flag (also [...]

It makes setting a blog up really easy. That's why I'm using it
@AmaanCheval those are OK, but you can't actually customize anything.
4:46 PM
well.. he is pretty likeable nonetheless when speaking
Blogger > Wordpress && Blogger.allowsExportOfPosts === true
I think I've customized it enough
@jAndy ohh yea, he's not a painful presenter... just his bad jokes are bad :P
@AmaanCheval They force stuff into random files all over the place, it's really upsetting.
I do plan on moving over to a hand pressed blog (when I get the time to write one).
4:47 PM
however for now, lesser of two evils.. Blogger.
@rlemon: I'm think he quite often opens a talk like, excusing himself for any bad jokes or no jokes at all :P
I don't know if that IS a bad joke or just the truth
@rlemon I had the same plan. I don't think that's going to happen now, though :p
@jAndy little bit of column A, little bit of column B
Re: Blog post subjects - I find they're like comments. The why you did something is more important than what you did.
4:48 PM
This is not tested, but i believe it should work
That's a terrifying comment to read
@GNi33 A Day To Remember's cool! Thanks!
@RyanKinal so "Processing large arrays with no perceived latency"
would be a better title?
@rlemon fork some jekyll template and you're good to go
eww. Ruby
@rlemon Could be, yeah.
4:50 PM
I haven't seen any ruby
Isn't the very base engine Ruby?
!!/google jekyll
@Zirak So, what you're saying is: If I write something and believe it should work, but I haven't tested it, I should leave the comment out?
I know
but I'm not seeing any ruby
4:51 PM
I prefer to use platforms written in languages I understand :P makes debugging a hell of a lot easier
@RyanKinal What I'm saying is that you test it or leave it out. Warning me is cool, but maaaan, seriously?
haven't had to debug anything
var data = new Array(10).join('Foo-').split('-'),
    frame = 100;

function worker( arr, fn ) {
    var start = Date.now();

    do {
        fn( arr.shift() );
    } while( arr.length && Date.now() - start < frame );

    if( arr.length ) {
        setTimeout(worker.bind(null, arr, fn), frame);

worker(data, function( elem ) {
@rlemon: that is a runaway-script timer how I learned from zakas
@Zirak Psh. Proving is better than testing, amirite?
//the full comment:
/* This is not tested, but i believe it should work, based on:
 * opensource.apple.com/source/OpenSSL098/OpenSSL098-35/src/fips/…
4:54 PM
nice reference :D
And it's followed by some stuff that don't appear to be even loosely related to what's going on in the referenced source
re: blogs. I've been toying with sculpin to build my blog again... I just have so little time these days for personal projects. Sculpin: github.com/sculpin/sculpin
The author provides a skeleton for you to build your blog, then everything is based on twig so you can do whatever you'd like as far as templating and markup/down formats.

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