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7:00 PM
@AmaanCheval The godfather of this chat.
dont wack me'
@Neal well, he won't
someone gunna tell neal steve died :S
@GNi33 :-P
@OctavianDamiean Link his profile, man
7:02 PM
i agree
nope, just chuck testa
Good news is, Ben seems to like my onebox.
he prob kickin it with chuck norris
7:03 PM
Where you talking to him?
that'd be a great idea for chuck testa..... actually, never mind
@AmaanCheval On chat.Meta
Way to go.
@GNi33 Did you try it yet?
no, i'll try it later. i'm on firefox right now
7:07 PM
thus i have no idea how to import a userscript :D
oh yeah, right
GreaseMonkey, yea. :)
Install GreaseMonkey from the store. Then click on "raw"
7:08 PM
ah, thought it was a chrome userscript
@FlorianMargaine It is both.
@OctavianDamiean You should add the number of stars it has
@FlorianMargaine You have to reload.
7:08 PM
@FlorianMargaine Refresh first
the onebox appeared for a second then disappeared
Oh o.O
did that already
You're just ninja'ing me Octavian
7:09 PM
Console errors?
I see the pretty onebox for a second then it fades right back out
Did you try one of the other url types?
none, that's the thing :/
7:10 PM
Maybe you receive new messages twice, and so it gets replaced or something
Now it's broken for me as well.
@OctavianDamiean now that one works for me
@FlorianMargaine It has to have .git at the end (for now).
you're removing the message-related options though
I'm doing a lot of crap at the moment.
It's meant to be a prove of concept currently.
7:11 PM
yeah same, appears for a second then fades right back out
yeah got it :p
There's a pluralization issue, I'm aware. :)
Looks the same for me
That's funny, so the one which is broken for me is fine for you. lol
I only posted that to fit in
7:20 PM
im thinking about learning python...what you guys think?
@m44m31 I'm thinking about a sandwich right now.
sounds good
I know, right?
im going to go make one now
in the meantime...think learning python good idea?
Good god, almost destroyed my display because I thought I'd have a dead pixel but it was a rendering artifact ...
@m44m31 Why not? Learning new skills is never wrong, especially Python.
7:25 PM
@RyanKinal gist.github.com/4277738 (hmm) @SomeKittens read that Ryan wants u to
And good night .. :D tomorrow will be a LONG day ;D
It will be 24 hours, or 1440 minutes, or 86400 seconds long (± some seconds).
It can't be longer than that.
hey all, have i put this in the wrong variable...
     var toAdd = $('input[name=checkListItem]').val();
$('.list').append('<div class="item">' + toAdd + '</div>');
oh, i kind of want to go home
7:35 PM
@KirstyHarris Before you go any further with that, go learn the basics of JavaScript.
Give me a second.
This is a very good read by our very own @IvoWetzel.
So do it, go get the basics first and then start using fancy frameworks and stuff like that., also make me a sandwich while you're at it please. :D
does this get oneboxed?
nope... that is odd
But it totally should.
Q: Carreers profiles do not onebox in chat

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM ACareers should profiles onebox in chat. I am not sure anything else that I could add, but as regular Stack Exchange profiles onebox in chat, so should the careers profiles.

Q: What sites should have hyperlinking (onebox) support in chat?

Juha SyrjäläSome sites are integrated to chat . What additional sites should the chat support? One suggestion per answer.

@OctavianDamiean nothing to do with that. that is asking about non SE sites.
7:42 PM
@Neal Nope.
Believe me, I'm from the internet.
@OctavianDamiean :-P
@Neal You just want to farm some Meta rep, ADMIT!
I'm reasonably impressed.. seems like more and more female developers are showing up, at least, more female questioniars on so from my perspective
7:47 PM
How is that impressing?
my girl is getting into javacript
ever since codeacademy came out iv been seeing a lot of children & girl devs
@OctavianDamiean: from my (professional) experience so far, women were pretty rare in that whole industry
@jAndy Oh, that. Yea.
@m44m31 Hah :D
idk if im going to want to do javascript anymore after she learns
@OctavianDamiean I give away meta rep!
7:49 PM
she is stubborn and think she knows everything when she knows little and thinks shes a goddess when she knows much
so i think im going to switch to python when she learns javascript
> "No mommy, go away with your breast, I want to finish this function." ~ a 4 months old baby
@GNi33 Awesome!
couldn't find one so far
beside something like
actually I'd be quite happy to find a goodlooking (at least in my eyes) + smart girl :p
@AmaanCheval try to introduce her to codeacademy

its so hard
7:52 PM
Good god, I'd never want a girlfriend which develops software ... just think about it for a moment.
to find a smart/clever girl
in C#, 42 secs ago, by m44m31
in C#, 37 secs ago, by m44m31
wrong chat sorry
7:53 PM
And I wonder why people hate me.
Who hates you?
@OctavianDamiean why? works out for me
anyways i need nap
night people
> "Hey sweety, I have this bug, can you please fix it for me? While you're at it, please could you also vacuum the room? <puppy-eyes>" ~ annoying girlfriend 2.0
@OctavianDamiean I agree with that. Just understanding a little of it would be nice
@OctavianDamiean tell her you will fix it after she is done fixing your bug
7:54 PM
> "Hey you asshole! Why don't you accept my pull-request?"
@m44m31 She'll have migraine ...
Hey sweety, I have this annoying bug here, I'd love to blow it away
> "well, how do i put this... your code sucks"
> "We're through, you dick"
7:55 PM
anyways..i need rest
Interesting idea.
I'm off to bed. See you guys tomorrow. Bye!
@ŠimeVidas That's pretty neat actually.
@AmaanCheval bed? its only 2:57PM! :-P
@OctavianDamiean what sandwich lol
7:58 PM
@KirstyHarris Meh, you figured. Thought it might work. :D
lol still didnt fix it, was in the bath lol
@GNi33... was that aimed at me?
trying to follow a basic jquery tutorial i thought i didnt do that bad... im kinda getting there lol
@KirstyHarris It wasn't supposed to fix your code but to make me a delicious sandwich, and to tell you that you need to get some more basic knowledge, which Code Academy apparently miss to teach.
Hey I just met you,
You code? Thats crazy!
I code also!
Can I add you on FB?

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