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9:00 PM
(Just in case there were any doubts)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Well, when we teamed up for that additional bar visit, you were still tolerably drunk.
"Tolerably drunk"? I was the only sober one!
@kbok Not as ginger as I should be
Then you ordered those mojitos without asking if I wanted more.
That's not fair.
9:01 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes You didn't even think so yourself. When the three of us left that bar. you were swaying and talking nonsense — and realized it. You said so.
@sbi But I was sober when I came in!
@R.MartinhoFernandes That's free alcohol
@R.MartinhoFernandes I wasn't talking about going there, I was talking about having to take you home.
You said "when we teamed up".
@R.MartinhoFernandes That's when you were still tolerably drunk.
9:03 PM
@CatPlusPlus Indeed, D. and me mostly paid for those. But since we've had a full evening of free food and drink, that was Ok.
I honestly don't remember how much I paid.
But you were totally sober
I remember grabbing some random coins and bills from my wallet until you said it was fine.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I shall call D. and point him at this transcript. I like his way of laughing.
9:04 PM
@CatPlusPlus Not after drinking, you silly cat.
@R.MartinhoFernandes One of those mojitos was seven bucks. D. and I shelled out 20 each, and we made you put five atop.
7 mins ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
@sbi :/ You make up the most elaborate fabrications.
Dammit, I'm bad at telling the truth.
9:06 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes That's a lie!
@R.MartinhoFernandes You just pay my bill next time, and we're square. :)
Gah, you can't edit in private betas? /cc @StackedCrooked
> I recently started learning about type erasures. It turned out that this technique can greatly simplify my life. Thus I tried to implement this pattern
@sbi Assuming the referee had started play, yes, completely legal
@sbi Missed pun opportunity
@Xeo I can edit my post and comments.
9:08 PM
@Collin Unless the referee decides that pushing a fellow player is unsportslike conduct or whatchamacallit.
@CatPlusPlus Tell me.
We're wheel
@R.MartinhoFernandes True
@StackedCrooked Yeah, but not other's. Can you edit your meta question to include light novels / broadening the entire target of Anime.SE?
It's terrible BUT STILL
9:09 PM
@CatPlusPlus He did not miss any opportunity. You did. An opportunity to stay quiet.
Although I can't think of any rules that would prevent you from simulating something like that.. it's not really striking
Bad puns every day
You can't simulate on a penalty kick, but free kicks are fine
@sbi Seems only fair.
9:09 PM
@StackedCrooked Why is meta so ugly?
I honestly had no idea how much that had cost :(
Because it's meta
@StackedCrooked That was your own question, and I can't edit that. :/
@R.MartinhoFernandes We know.
@Rapptz Because beta and no style has been discussed yet?
9:10 PM
Well, here's mine:
Q: How is Jaegar alive in at the end of Valkyria Chronicles?

MysticialIn episode 25 of Valkyria Chronicles, Maximilian shoots (and strongly implies that he kills) Jaegar: Yet at the credits in the final episode 26, Jaegar is seen walking at the background in the train station: What's the deal here? Did Jaegar not get killed? And if not, how in the world did h...

Oh never mind I refreshed.
@Xeo Don't you normally need a minimum amount rep in order to edit other people's questions?
@sbi Also, I remember you saying I was just tipping.
@StackedCrooked To close vote, you do too. :P
9:11 PM
@sbi <3
@sbi +1
@sbi Shut up. You are not the boss of this room, remember? :P
You made sbi snap
9:11 PM
Doesn't the site have chat for it?
We should make a Lounge<C++> over there.
I know scifi.se has.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I have already looked. No. But I bet they can create a room.
@Xeo C++ No Lounge
9:12 PM
@CatPlusPlus Not a big deal, really. My kids make this all the time.
@sbi *do
@CatPlusPlus You misspelled "FRIST"
Only been 1 minute
@Xeo They do me snap?
Already insulted :(
9:13 PM
@sbi No, "they do this." "Do what?" "Make you snap."
@StackedCrooked You got this all wrong. I am not an owner of this room. There's a difference.
Ok, sorry boss..
@R.MartinhoFernandes O'Reilly?
Anyway, I'm grumpy today and will go to sleep. Also, snow is cool.
Good night.
9:15 PM
He goes to sleep? I am still at work!
Chatting. whistles
@sbi When they were younger they made you nap (when you could). Now they make you snack. You'll eventually retaliate by making them pack.
Damn, I should go to bed when the yellow jacket shows up, and I'm still an hour from home.
@sbi Okay -- I'll disappear for a while...
9:17 PM
@JerryCoffin Of course, that will make me feel so much better.
We had a staff meeting today, where they explained the company's revised business plan, and encouraged discussions. One of the issues discussed was how to make the company more interesting for potential employers. Also, there was snacks and champaign afterwards. So this one guy from management who also sat at my interview (I think he's the CFO) asked me what I think about the company. I don't think he was completely happy about him having asked that, when I was done ranting.
I started out explaining that I like my cow-workers a lot, and love the job, but then said that dislike just about everything else, starting from where we sit and ending with the IT policies.
In all fairness, he seemed to listen well, asked pointed questions, and promised to look into what can be improved.
I wish I could be so straightforward.
@sbi Why do you keep saying cow-workers?
@EtiennedeMartel Maybe they're just big boned. Gosh.
9:25 PM
@StackedCrooked One of my cow-workers had joined in and confirmed everything I said, only he said it way more politely. When I was done the management guy thanked me for being so outspoken. So this cow-worker (we had worked together at a previous job, and I had gotten him in touch with this company) chimed in again told him that he knows me from way back and that I am always that way. :-/
@EtiennedeMartel Why do you always talk about drinking alcohol?
@sbi To be fair, I mostly talk about drinking beer.
Also, the way they endure everything that's thrown at them always make me think of cows. Some of them are still awed that I dared to make that splash after a week here, in order to get at least limited admin access to my own machine. And two or three who stood close to us when I said my thing looked awed, too.
I mean, they work in a company where the management is on first-name terms with everybody, and they were just asked to talk about what they think could be improved, and they don't dare saying what they hate the most about their work.
Really, like cows.
@EtiennedeMartel Ah, I forgot. And, of course, since beer isn't... Oh, wait.
@sbi Despite what you might think, I mostly drink beer for the taste, not for the alcohol content.
@EtiennedeMartel I say that a lot too.
Nobody believes me yet.
@netcoder Well, I exclusively drink microbrews.
9:32 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Considering how little alcohol it contains, I find that easy to believe. Oh wait -- forget I said that. I'm really not here.
@EtiennedeMartel Oh yes, so do I.
@sbi He didn't mention alcohol specifically in the link you posted.
I spend the day pair-programming with Björn, and I bet we spent 20% of our time waiting for my machine to swap itself to death. — And that's despite the fact that I essentially closed down everything than the VC which we doodled code in, including my beloved 100 FF tabs.
@StackedCrooked Oh, of course, he was referring to drinking apple juice. How could I have misjudged him so badly?!
@sbi Yeah! :)
Nov 27 at 12:54, by R. Martinho Fernandes
@melak47 8-core CPU 3.10GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD.
My boss is awesome.
9:35 PM
@JerryCoffin The point is not whether you're here, the point is that you're already awake enough to be at work. That reminds me that it's late here.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah, I know. :-/
Also, today I learned there's an AMD graphics card in there. I was like WTF.
@sbi I'm probably not awake enough, even though it's mid-afternoon here. Actually got a decent night's sleep last night, and my body still hasn't recovered...
Oh, it's already 2012 here.
it's nearly 2013 here :|
@sbi So much for that one.
9:39 PM
Bye guys.
@jalf You might be surprised, but that was covered by my statement.
goddamn pling sounds... What idiot came up with them :(
@sbi Wait, you're working with that Björn?
@Xeo You didn't know?
SO 2013: Deploy bwoo sitewide
bwoo.flac for president
9:41 PM
@jalf Ahahaha, try the one on any chat.stackexchange.com chat room
@jalf Either balpha or Marc Gravel, I think. You can turn it off, though.
@sbi I can turn it off temporarily, yes :(
@sbi Would I have asked if I did?
and then suddenly, when I'm least expecting it, PLING
@jalf Like so?
9:43 PM
@sbi Hmm...should produce an event that you can map to a sound of your choice.
@sbi Nope, I turned it off now. It'll be another couple of weeks before it reverts that, most likely
@Xeo I was just expressing my bewilderment. FWIW, I was asked by what's now my superior whether I know a C++ programmer, and knowing that Björn was looking for a job back then, I recommended him. Later I was asked again and recommended that former cow-worker of mine I talked about a bit upthread. Also, that guy kept asking me whether I wouldn't want to work for them myself. So finally I posted him a stiff list of things I'd want if I'd work for them, and they said yes to everything.
Only I failed to get across that I want a good machine to use as I please.
heh, I see.
@sbi oh, that's a must!
9:50 PM
fucking fucknuggets, what a waste of taxpayer's money
on the android emulator i get call to onSaveInstanceState (OK) but no corresponding call to onRestorInstanceState and bundle passed to onCreate is null. can this happen also on real phone? (it does not happen on my phone, but there i get calls to onCreate that are not app start calls and do not have corresponding earliser onDestroy)?
@Cheersandhth.-Alf In fact, just today I found an early email of mine where I wrote what machine I was having back then (from my employer) and that I want something similar. It seems they silently skipped over this one requirement. :( OTOH, I work 30hrs/4days/week for a very reasonable pay (for Berlin, anyway) and enjoy 7 weeks of vacation per year. (Take that, @Jerry!)
whoah, whoah
that article is really kinda BS
if you check their source, it states "Developers will be awarded with four points for instance if at least 75 per cent of the game is set in the UK or another EEA state, and three points if only 66 per cent is set in such locations."
the EEA is practically the whole of fuckin' Europe
@sbi Good point -- still being married, I rarely enjoy my vacation time much!
9:52 PM
Mhmm. Running multi-threaded proof-of-concept toy programs that indifferently write to std::cout can produce some disturbingly garbled output. Not recommended when you suffer from epilepsy.
lots of the other stuff is UK or EEA as well.
@JerryCoffin You see me speechless.
@JerryCoffin oh, i'm going to have a vacation before i die. i'm adamant about that.
still a giant waste of taxpayer money
Make tetris with London double deckers.
9:54 PM
“It’s set in the UK!”
not sure what i'd do though
what do people do on vacations?
I write software, play with friends, chill out.
@Cheersandhth.-Alf The best I ever had was hiking through Trollheimen.
I hope I spilled that right.
Huh. It appears VTune can profile C#.
@sbi yes :-) iirc it was with too little food and possibly with your girlfriend
9:55 PM
What do you call the grouping of a series, merchandise, movies, books, etc? The trademark?
@EtiennedeMartel Considering what they charge for it anymore, it should profile anything!
@Xeo "Branding" or possibly a "franchise"? "Trademark" is very specific.
@Xeo Franchise.
or Brand
@Cheersandhth.-Alf Oh, we had enough of food. When I had a chance to weigh my backpack after a week or more, it was still 25kg. (My girlfriend's was 20kg, BTW.) I guess living off blueberries for days played an important role in us still carrying so much weight after so many days of eating out our backpacks.
"Franchise" is the word I was looking for, thanks.
well blueberries are nice
9:59 PM
Nicer than BlackBerries at least. But again, that doesn’t say anything.
2 hours ago, by Cat Plus Plus
You're software sluts
best thing I've seen ^ all day
@TonyTheLion Bad day, huh?
xml all frecking day
now you tell me if that's a good day?
my coworker laughed at me for hating XML.
Take a cheese grater to his face. That'll teach him.
10:02 PM
@TonyTheLion Time for a new job.
@TonyTheLion hey, I was prototyping C++ while pairing. Also I got to vent off my frustration about this company's IT to some management dude. My day was good.
I need some moral support. I am doing an assembly "exam" (really a type of project) and I've utterly lost all motivation for university altogether.
another one (Java dev) thought I was insane for hating XML.
XML is terrible.
@sbi Oh nice. :) Venting about IT dept is good. Ours is pretty terrible too, as IT depts go.
@EtiennedeMartel I'll remember that one :)
10:03 PM
@TonyTheLion Comfort yourself with knowing that their lives are truly miserable if they haven't seen things enough better to realize how awful XML truly is.
@beta0x64 Talk to the @Cat, he knows all about hating uni.
JSON ftw.
@beta0x64 That's normal
@JerryCoffin Thanks for your support :)
@CatPlusPlus I am interning right now, and it's a delightful job. They're happy with what I do. Now I am so depressed that I "have" to finish my degree. I know I should want it, but if I have what I really need (work experience), then why the hell am I wasting my evening on increasingly complex assembly? I've gotten poor grades this term, which normally bothers me. Now I'm bothered because it doesn't bother me.
10:06 PM
Grades literally don't matter
Unless you really need to get scholarship or something
oh what have I done :|
I mean I'm pretty broke but I will survive
@beta0x64 @CatPlusPlus might be one hell of a nihilist, he's right on that one: what's important is getting the fucking degree.
As long as you have the paper at the end, nobody will give a flying shit about the grades you got.
10:07 PM
@TonyTheLion oh what have I deone :|
I felt like they were extremely critical classes
@Zoidberg'-- Dat pun
@beta0x64 Pretty much, yeah. I've interviewed a lot of people and it never even occurred to me to ask what grades they'd gotten.
@beta0x64 You would only be about the tenth hundredth person in this chat to realize that CS degrees are completely pointless in every respect.
10:08 PM
You know, I am normally studious. I can do better next term, but I won't have the opportunity to re-do these classes this term.
Ha, when I search SO careers for "C++" in "Berlin", two out of the three jobs are about Java, PHP, and the like. What a fail.
What you need to be good at is learning new stuff quickly and adapting
and here I am, wanting a degree, so I can more easily wrangle myself a nice job.
@DeadMG Degrees are not pointless. Degrees get your resume on the stack. That's it.
@beta0x64 if you pass, doesn't matter
10:09 PM
@beta0x64 Waste of time and effort and everything
I'm passing but skating by
@DeadMG we're not agreeing that teh CS degree is pointless, we're only in agreement about the actual grades.
to get any decent job in London, you need either a degree or some number of years of commercial experience
I'm starting to halt
else no one looks at you
10:09 PM
I don't really care
I was worried they'd want to see transcripts.
@beta0x64 nope. They don't even care where teh degree came from.
@beta0x64 They'll look at your actual skills. Hence why internships are so important.
Nobody gives a shit about your grades anywhere
10:10 PM
"They." You know, Catbert.
@beta0x64 you could probably grant it to yourself and nobody'd even notice.
Nobody will ever ask you about your grades
I have a new plan.
@MooingDuck That's not quite so true.
@TonyTheLion They're looking for developers here, too, but a degree is listed as a must. You might still apply, if you want, but I'm not sure you'd have a chance.
10:11 PM
exactly the kind of thing I run into ^
What's hilarious is all those PhDs who think their title matters
@CatPlusPlus I asked one of my professors for career advice and he said "Look at the job I got!" Then he kinda backpedaled.
And then you see how they teach and facepalm
I feel better now
The Duck has a plan, he'll start mooning quacking.
10:13 PM
My GPA will drop from a 3.5 to a 3.0 for sure this term. The rage was overwhelming
Moping duck
for some reason that's a hilarious concept to me
a moping duck
Calculus II, Algorithm Analysis and Assembly in the same term ran me over a barrel
@beta0x64 It took me three years to pass my calculus classes. Employer never noticed.
10:15 PM
a dickstickle
I was doing well in Assembly until I tried sacrificing a project in the name of algorithms and calculus. Now I've lost all motivation for all these "very important classes"
cocksickle, scrubbery
Breast-like vegetable.
10:16 PM
a nipple
@TonyTheLion boost::variont
how unsurprising
it's spreading...
@JerryCoffin What are you looking for when you interview people?
He checks if their coffins are ready...
10:18 PM
People who are good at the job.
@beta0x64 if they can code
Whether they are fucking morons or not. Aka I would never pass.
why would you want a moron that can fuck, when looking for a developer?
10:19 PM
@Zoidberg'-- So that's why there's an unemployment crisis...
"Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print "Fizz" instead of the number and for the multiples of five print "Buzz". For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print "FizzBuzz".

Most good programmers should be able to write out on paper a program which does this in a under a couple of minutes. Want to know something scary? The majority of comp sci graduates can't. I've also seen self-proclaimed senior programmers take more than 10-15 minutes to write a solution."
@beta0x64 Really.
If I were recruiter and the candidate couldn’t implement fizz buzz I’d fire him before he’s even hired.
@beta0x64 scary eh? Feel better about yourself?
I'd hire him just so I could fire him
Of course the majority of CS graduates can’t since they don’t learn anything useful at school.
10:21 PM
@beta0x64 Really.
The people in my class cannot even write a for loop without syntax errors.
Even the most naive implementation isn't more than 15 lines.
Or they write i + 1 instead of i += 1 or something stupid like that.
@Zoidberg'-- Well, university should guide you, not teach you everything from A to Z.
fizzBuzz i = if null desc then show i else desc where
   desc = concat [label | (j,label) <- tags, 0 == rem i j]
   tags = [ (3,"Fizz"), (5,"Buzz"), (7,"Baz") ]

main = mapM_ (putStrLn . fizzBuzz) [1..100]
10:22 PM
As in, personal research o/
#define theloveofgod 1
for (theloveofgod) {
@Griwes well my school doesn’t stimulate that at all.
Mine does.
And you actually need to think about the algorithm on the programming tests sometimes.
@Griwes I'm scared of thinking
10:24 PM
@Zoidberg'-- what language is that?
We get loops and if statements on our exams and we need to tell the outcome.
It's never worked out in the past, so I don't see why it will now.
@beta0x64 Then I dunno watcha doing here.
@MooingDuck Haskell.
This was on our last test:
10:24 PM
var sum = 0;
for (var i = 1; 1 < 3; i++) {
    sum += i;
What is i at the end of the loop?
@Zoidberg'-- also, I think the normal fizzbuzz doesn't have a Baz.
@beta0x64 read more carefully.
@Zoidberg'-- I remember discussing that one
oh dang
10:25 PM
@MooingDuck oh well. The idea is the same.
It won't end
Worst thing, it was an ABCD question.
@Zoidberg'-- Oh.
And the right answer (nothing; the loop never ends) wasn’t in there.
@Zoidberg'-- I probably would have asked the instructor if that was a typo.
10:26 PM
On our last test, we had to draw shape of hourglass in console.
...this question killed many people.
@beta0x64 it’s a test. There shouldn’t be any typos on it. (And it wasn’t the only typo.)
There was also this:
if x < 5 { in JavaScript.
Yeah that's isn't ain't gonna make no sense to the browser.
@Zoidberg'-- Change your school while you still have a chance.
10:28 PM
But yeah, my school sucks. Everything is very unclear (especially dates and times and homework) and the teachers don’t know what they’re talking about.
> that's isn't ain't
And the worst is that they make spelling and grammatical mistakes in the documents that tell us to use correct Dutch. I cannot stand such things.
@Griwes Why is this so difficult? "That is is not am not going to make no sense to the browser"
@beta0x64 Oh, you were trolling.
Nvm then.
@Griwes Technically the contraction for am not is amn't but I couldn't think of anything for ain't because it doesn't exist :(
10:30 PM
IIRC what I was always being told, technically, there is no contraction for am not, at least in modern, not slang English.
@Griwes Since there is no actual legal authority on modern English, it is legal by the fact that you understand it, amn't I right? :)
I think my computer is slow because I'm running Netbeans and MSVC2008 side by side.
@MooingDuck MSVC2008?!?! Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
@Mysticial company hasn't upgraded yet
I have to use visual studio 2010 to do my intel x86 asm project
10:32 PM
@beta0x64 at least you have rvalues
@beta0x64 VS 2012 can't do asm? o.O
@melak47 I'm sure it can but I am using the Irvine libraries
I have no real opinion on the matter. I use linux at home, so I just did whatever I was instructed to do to run intel x86 asm in windows.
Well, VTune works well.
10:36 PM
I am so close to writing this all in C, cranking down the optimization on the compiler and adding comments
@beta0x64 Your compiler probably generates better assembly than what you can write by hand.
Hand writing assembly is mostly useless these days.
@EtiennedeMartel Yeah, that's the problem haha. I have to write it by hand for my course.
Spread the love
@beta0x64 2012 with CTP is out.
@TonyTheLion Awww.
10:39 PM
@DeadMG any idea when the preview is going to become a proper update, with stdlib support?
@melak47 I think Herb said something about January.
but I'm not sure
I wonder if Herb is vegan.
10:45 PM
@beta0x64 Sorry -- had to disappear for a few minutes. Being able to code is part of what I looked for (notice: past tense -- I do consulting now, and haven't interviewed anybody in years). More important to me, though, was their apparent ability to work as part of a team.
@EtiennedeMartel I don't think so (unless it's happened in the last few years, since I met him).
@EtiennedeMartel His middle name is Carne.
@JerryCoffin You did meat him?
@JerryCoffin You missed the Pun Train. @sbi went right on it, though.
@EtiennedeMartel I C.
@JerryCoffin so, basically, open source devotion is the ticket on the money train? hmm
Hi everyone
10:53 PM
@beta0x64 If I may chime in, I don't think it matters that much.
@EtiennedeMartel I think it'd be the best way to show that you can write programs that do things and also work in a group of other humans
@beta0x64 For a student, internships also work.
Sweet, I'm in an internship and from the sounds of it they want to hire me full-time next year.
Well, then, no problem.
Just get the degree and you're set.
Right. I wanted to make sure I have mobility. I'm not interested in signing up with Google or anything. I was hoping, praying that my low grades in Calculus, Assembly and Algorithms this term wouldn't point to ruination

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