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2:00 PM
@Abyx oh, you linked to docs of a different function. no matter! :-)
@Cheers Hmm, §7.4/1 reads "The header <ctype.h> declares several functions useful for classifying and mapping characters. In all cases the argument is an int, the value of which shall be representable as an unsigned char or shall equal the value of the macro EOF. If the argument has any other value, the behavior is undefined." Why does that imply UB for anything other than ASCII?
Shit just got real, u guys talking about coding here? O_O
@R.MartinhoFernandes on a common system with CHAR_BITS = 8. not a TI DSP. there are limits to how many details i press into a comment or answer
@Cheersandhth.-Alf wait, how is it a different function? we're talking about isspace, right?
anyway this give me a real fucking headache: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaternion and I want to master quat calculations but I somehow cn't XD
2:02 PM
@Abyx the name is overloaded
@Cheersandhth.-Alf so what?
@GamErix Quaternions are a pain in the ass to understand.
theyre like onions to me, when I see them I want to cry
I gave up about quaternions.
@Abyx overloading of a name means, it is has different definitions, functions with different arguments but the same name
@Borgleader I've had many attempt to at least TRY TO DO something with them but I even fail to convert it to XYZ rotation (from the point of a object) in San Andreas Multiplayer
2:03 PM
the one you looked up is one in the C++ standard library, that takes two arguments
@Cheersandhth.-Alf Do you mean this: std::string is a sequence of char. If char is signed, not all values are representable as unsigned char, so things beyond ASCII go bad?
the one we were discussing is the one from the C standard library, that takes one argument
ah, I see it now
@R.MartinhoFernandes roughly. except i narrowed it to not original ASCII. it can be narrowed further again.
2:04 PM
@Cheersandhth.-Alf Ok. I see it now.
I'm wondering, if quaternion is the extension of complex numbers (which I mastered already), is there a extension of quaternions? I heard the graphics industry uses dual quaternions to make skin look realistic on a skeleton where animations are applied to
so you won't get an leg which is at some point 0.001 mm thick LOL
Here's the thing, you don't need to understand how the quaternions work. You just need to understand that multiplication of unit quaternions composes rotations if they're represented by unit quaternions.
@GamErix there are octernions, which are utterly useless. But I'm not sure if they're an extension of quaternions exactly.
2:06 PM
@jalf like 5D space? ; o
I liked math when it was only about numbers...
still like it but not as much
Octonions have eight dimensions.
@GamErix umm, google them if you're interested. I never studied them in more detail than to learn that "they're basically useless, so don't bother with them"
@GamErix Quaternions are numbers.
2:07 PM
if octonions are an extension of quaternions, are onions a simplification of quaternions?
I fail at memes
@R.MartinhoFernandes I mean the representation :p 58393x495873/353 balblabla and ijk=-1 ij=k ji=-k etc is much tougher
I thought that meme was supposed to be for mind blowing things.
@TheForestAndtheTrees lol
"SQL sucks" is definitely not mind blowing.
2:07 PM
oh I fail
@R.MartinhoFernandes so what do you guys use on a website if not MySQL/SQLi/PostgreSQL ?
@GamErix So you mean you liked math when it was easier?
@R.MartinhoFernandes that's the point yes XD
gosh I think i fucked up my chemistry exam today ; o
2:09 PM
tht's what I ment with dual quats
@GamErix Wait, are you saying that MySQL is a technology to make websites? I thought it was for databases.
@R.MartinhoFernandes You are correct.
2:10 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes to save data for website like user account etc..
@Borgleader Yes, that's a tautology :P
@Borgleader I never actually bothered reading the history of that meme.
Am I the only one who doesn't give a fuck about memes here? ;/
@R.MartinhoFernandes LOL
In mathematics, the octonions are a normed division algebra over the real numbers, usually represented by the capital letter O, using boldface O or blackboard bold \mathbb O. There are only four such algebras, the other three being the real numbers R, the complex numbers C, and the quaternions H. The octonions are the largest such algebra, with eight dimensions, double the number of the quaternions from which they are an extension. They are noncommutative and nonassociative, but satisfy a weaker form of associativity, power associativity. Octonions are not as well known as the quaternions ...
2:12 PM
@GamErix probably not. But hey, this is the internet. Meme's are all over
@Cheersandhth.-Alf maths, what ur duing? mmaths!! staph!!!
@Cheersandhth.-Alf Onion with 8 limbs!
^ It is like a book with several thread plots left dangling. It tells that octonions sort of complete the possible kinds of number. No more kinds. But why?
What are the main ideas?
Nowhere mentioned!
No use in the real world... well fuck it then don't even learn it XD
It reflects the fact that they're relatively uninteresting.
2:13 PM
and fuck the guy who invented it
Be glad there are only 3 conceivable dimensions to work with
If we were 8-dimensional beings, these sorts of things would be far more complicated
@R.MartinhoFernandes Do you actually understand what that means?
that stuff just confuses me most of the time
@Neil then we wouldn't use a stupid keyboard and internet connection to communicate with each other
2:15 PM
@TonyTheLion What? ||xy|| = ||x|| ||y||? Yes.
That's not particularly difficult, I'd say.
difficult is a subjective thing
tomorrow my bday, topic change please? XD
@GamErix Ever seen a tetrahydron rotate in 3 dimensions?
I'm turning "adult" lol
2:16 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Thx! You rock. Wikipedia sucks!
Q: Variable declared in header not declared in class scope

user1750289This header file appears to declare the variable user_matrix but when I use it in the default constructor it appears not to be declared. This is the header file: #include<iostream> #include<cmath> class matrix{ public: float** user_matrix; int n; matrix(int n1,int initiate...

@Neil what's a tetrahydron in dutch?
#ifdef US
#define ADULT 21
#define ADULT 18
or polish
@Borgleader ye
2:17 PM
u forgot #ifdef AFRICA #define ADULT 0
oh and china, #ifdef CHINA #define ADULT 99
@TonyTheLion ||a|| is a norm of a (the absolute value here). For reals that's... well, what is known as the absolute value (in C, abs). For complex numbers a+bi (isomorphic with 2d vectors), that's sqrt(a^2 + b^2), i.e. the length of the associated vector. And the notion can be extended for any dimension. ||xy|| = ||x|| ||y|| means that the absolute value of a product is the same as the product of the absolute values.
at least it applies to the women there XD
@R.MartinhoFernandes I hate myself now for the fact that I started this discussion and see it escalated into this.
@R.MartinhoFernandes ah I see.
2:19 PM
@GamErix It's a tetrahedron made of water.
Man, that was a terrible joke.
@R.MartinhoFernandes however yes that's correct ; p
@GamErix the prefix tetra means 4 so work it out
I knew tetra means 4, I HAVE CHEMISTRY :o
but hydron? 4(OH)
so you rotate a molecule?
2:21 PM
i mean
(OH)small 4 below here
would be an ionisation of 4-
or whatever it's in english
@Cheersandhth.-Alf To be fair, it was linked from the octonions page. You seem to have missed it somehow ;)
@GamErix Google doesn't know "Tetrahydron"
2:22 PM
Because it's tetrahedron (hence my lame joke above)
Replace this example text below with information about you: Hello, my background is in electronic engineering, with a main interest in light communication. I speak English and Chinese. In my off-time, I listen to a lot of music, and I have discovered that Wikipedia is a very good source for information in that department. Hopefully I can help make it even better.
lol ^
In geometry, a tetrahedron (plural: tetrahedra) is a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, three of which meet at each vertex. It has six edges and four vertices. The tetrahedron is the only convex polyhedron that has four faces. The tetrahedron is the three-dimensional case of the more general concept of a Euclidean simplex. The tetrahedron is one kind of pyramid, which is a polyhedron with a flat polygon base and triangular faces connecting the base to a common point. In the case of a tetrahedron the base is a triangle (any of the four faces can be considered the base), so a ...
Basically, a tetrahedron is a d4.
2:24 PM
shouldn't be hard to rotate this:
this is 3d ; o
so how is this 4d? :
nice shadows..
2:25 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes ? unallowed?
@GamErix Nevermind, I thought it was animated (you mentioned rotating it).
that one is animated..
at least it plays for me if not you
@R.MartinhoFernandes Sister
it's 400k bytes so don't worry
2:27 PM
1 message moved to bin
If your computer can’t deal with animated GIFs, I don’t know how it can execute JavaScript either. It must be from the seventies or something.
@DeadMG srsly you could at least add some space or something to the message instead of removing it...
- link would unbox it
@GamErix Well, he couldn't. That's the point.
@R.MartinhoFernandes then say it to me and I will listen lol XD
2:29 PM
what ur thinking I will flame if you ask me to edit my message? ; o
@GamErix TME; Puppy is flazy.
4 mins ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
And you didn’t listen, you fool.
@GamErix Where's that from ?
@WTP'-- he just said "GIFs", likke he was excited to see a GIF for the first time in his life
2:30 PM
Een viervlak (tetraëder) is een ruimtelijke figuur met 4 driehoekige vlakken, 4 hoekpunten en 6 ribben. Het is de 3-simplex, en een piramide met driehoekig grondvlak. Een tetraëder van gelijkzijdige driehoeken heet een regelmatig viervlak; dit is één van de vijf mogelijke soorten regelmatige veelvlakken. Zo'n tetraëder past precies in een kubus waarvan de diagonalen even lang zijn als de ribben van het viervlak (zie ook het diamantrooster). Hij heeft tetrahedrale symmetrie. De oppervlakte A en inhoud V van zo'n tetraëder is: :A=r^2\sqrt{3} :V={1\over12}r^3\sqrt{2} Hierin is r de leng...
@GamErix Then how would he know it’s a GIF?
@WTP'-- right click > source

▲ ▲
Newfags can’t triforce.
anyway i'm wondering what my gf will get me for my bday, she said she has a hard time finding something for me XD
2:31 PM
oooh, my raspi has been shipped :D
@WTP'-- failcakes
@GamErix a GIF.
@thecoshman What you gonna do with it?
@kbok It waz un purpoze.
@WTP'-- mhmm it not virtual, it's real what she wants to get for me :P (an animated gif on paper would be cool though, and possible with current technology)
2:32 PM
@GamErix a real member function?
@R.MartinhoFernandes streaming to tv maybe...
@WTP'-- pffff srsly why talk about programming here at all? XD
@GamErix Real? "Here, have π".
Anyone has experience writing LSB startup shell scripts ?
2:34 PM
@GamErix Ok let me guess.
Sep 9 at 14:09, by daknøk
@GamErix small
A strap-on!
sept 9 was a long time ago, what's about it?
oh weenie
2:34 PM
nah, stephano
9 september?
I had to bring back a book to the library at 9 september.
9th of September 2011, that is.
2:35 PM
any blog posts about it?
how went it? was the book in good condition? how much sperm on it?
I still have it, you fool.
What the fuck is going on?
I’ll bring it back in a year or ten otherwise I’ll get a fine.
ah too much sperm xd
2:36 PM
Or maybe I’ll just put it in their mailbox or something.
Q: How to create a file with its name given on command line in C++?

Djordje AnatasovicI'm doing some C++ tutorials, and so far I am pretty damn good at it. However, there is one thing that perplexed and forced off the rail my knowledge acquiring, which gives me a headache. How to create a file with its name given on the command line?

@WTP'-- What's the fine, a couple bucks?
^ priceless
@Collin 10 cents per day, except weekends.
@WTP'-- @MySchool 5
2:37 PM
oh crap, forgot it wasn't 2011 anymore
> I am pretty damn good at it.
294 weekdays ago.
> How to create a file with its name given on the command line?
Somehow this doesn't add up
So, say. €29.40.
OED actually agreed with me about their poor definition of 'average'!
2:38 PM
@WTP'-- Not that bad I guess
@kbok Like touch?
@thecoshman Who's OED?
@R.MartinhoFernandes .. yup.
@Collin Too much for a school I’ve never liked. And the people who worked at the library were arrogant and annoying. So I’m not really gonna pay anything.
I’ll just put it in their mailbox soon.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oxford English Dictionary, the de-facto
2:39 PM
You're evil.
I know, and I agree, and I’m proud of it. And you already told me.
@thecoshman What?
I've read on some blog post that every programmer considers one's own level above average. Do you think it's true ?
I mean, this guy obviously thinks so
@Collin they basically had it defined as synonym of 'mean' but I emailed them saying that maths clearly has three ways to calculate the 'average' and by not making this clear in the definition of 'average' could lead to confusion with people assuming they meant mean but actually used mode or median
2:41 PM
The "create a file in C++" guy
@kbok Duh. It's not limited to programmers. Every car driver is prone to the same fallacy. The human condition requires that kind of logic to be motivated to even bother to try, or something
@kbok Yes, it's quite true.
FWIW, if you formulate a question like "How to create a file with its name given on the command line?" you don't sound pretty damn good at it. You sound lazy.
the problem is that if you're below average, it's difficult to recognize how badly you suck
2:42 PM
$ touch foo
Human logic? Sure... "Could not connect to the internet, loooking for solutions online..."
@R.MartinhoFernandes So, he's probably a pretty damn good lazy bastard programmer
but for all you noobs out there, let me help you out
@sehe I know about the car driver fallacy, but that doesn't mean it's the case for every skill
@DeadMG wanna help me out? ; o
2:43 PM
"How badly you suck" -> "How much you code like the robot"
@DeadMG Isn't that Dunning/Kruger or something?
@DeadMG That was uncalled for
@sehe "Dunning"
@kbok It doesn't follow from that, but it has been (unsurprisingly) shown in other research, IIRC
2:44 PM
@DeadMG this
@R.MartinhoFernandes Thks. Jeff Dunham is sometimes funny, though
there's a Wikipedia page on Dunning-Kruger but none on Dunning
@thecoshman Interesting, I wonder where they got that consensus from? Looking through my college stats book, the word average is only mentioned when talking about the mean, (and they say 'arithmetic average'), and it not mentioned at all when talking about the mode or median
2:45 PM
But there's a difference between having enough knowledge to recognize the vastness of your own suckage and, OTOH, thinking that the average programmer is not as good as you
There's a page on 'Aha Erlebis" but not on "Aha"? Stumpefayed
I'm wondering if the human eye sees any difference between 24bit and 32 bit collors? or maybe even 16bit <-> 32bit colors?
@Collin well, 'average' is used almost exclusively to mean 'mean', but it is wrong :P
srsly 2^16 colors is much..
@kbok My daughter of 6 thinks she's really good because she has the alphabet down. 'Teaches' her little brother. Yet, we have all the signs that little brohter is going to be a bit quicker learning that (since more patience)
2:46 PM
IMO programmers with online activity (SO, opensource, blogging or whatnot) are above average
@Collin Oh noes, the OED is taking advice from @thecosh? What has the world come to?
@thecoshman The question is, who calls it wrong?
@Collin The umpire that got fired
@Collin Statisticians.
I've yet to see someone in statistics (admittedly, I have limited exposure) consider 'average' to be anything other than arithmetic mean
2:47 PM
@GamErix 16bit 32bit is easy to see on gradients. They look shitty on 16bit
@Collin o_0 the fact that that there is more then one way to calculate 'the average'
Maybe an American/British english subtlety?
Good morning peeps.
@kbok so what about 24 bit <-> 32 bit ? : P
O think that additional 8 bits is the transparency, right?
2:48 PM
@GamErix I don't think so. I don't even think 32bit colors are used for more than 8-bit color channels. It's for alpha transparency generally.
@EtiennedeMartel Portuguese kittens!
@R.MartinhoFernandes Damn.
Who's going to add 2 bits of additional color channel
@Collin My sister (former statistics professor, coauthor of a textbook on stats) will happily give an hour-long lecture on how "average" should be expunged from the English language, because it means too many different things (speaking from experience here -- I've heard it several times over).
@JerryCoffin She would know better than I do
2:50 PM
@JerryCoffin My god, your sister must be quite fun to have in a party.
Since we can't measure programmerness, "average" is a good enough word IMO
@Collin but perhaps that is because people so rarely use mode or median
@kbok My programmerness is bigger than yours.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Dude, you said you were frail.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Did you a word ?
2:51 PM
My programmerness is so big, you would start to cry if you saw the end of it
@EtiennedeMartel How's that related?
Yo momma is bigger than my programmerness.
My mom is cool.
The "open file" guy is programmernessless.
@EtiennedeMartel She actually is pretty nice -- as long as you don't hit one of her nerves. Most of the time, she's much happier to talk about knitting than statistics.
@sehe I'm sure your mom is hot.
@JerryCoffin Told ya: real fun.
2:53 PM
@kbok Good then we have a calibration point: 0 OFG (Open File Guy scale)
@R.MartinhoFernandes and whilst I may not have the most brilliant spelling skills, I think you will find that ability to write does not even factor when it comes to defining words. That is something that can be done verbally.
@EtiennedeMartel Yo momma is fatter than she is cool.
@EtiennedeMartel Well, both of my sisters are into knitting, so they can spend hours on that (and on their kids, who are reasonably close to the same age).
@thecoshman FWIW, I was joking. (btw, "brillant")
@thecoshman What did OED actually say back? I forgot what their previous definition was, but now it's definitely arithmetic mean
2:54 PM
@JerryCoffin Most of the time? Is that a probability > 50% of time elapsed in conversation? or a frequency, really? Or maybe amount of arguments exchanged?
@sehe Hmm, we need a high reference point.
@Collin that's what it currently is
@R.MartinhoFernandes We need a human for that.
@DeadMG I will remember this.
2:55 PM
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: Quiet Please: Committee is deciding on the OFG ("Open File Guy") scale [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq] [ofg]
@sehe She's the statistician, not me. I just ocassionally throw in a word like "avarice" so halfway through the word she's completely wound up, then is suddenly left biting her tongue 'cause she has nothing to say.
The say they have forwarded my email the editors who agree that they need to add a strictly mathematical context to the definition of average. They will consult with 'experts' and update the entry
@JerryCoffin lol, sounds like she's a bit of a nut job to be honest
2:56 PM
@JerryCoffin Party animals, I tell ya.
I propose Herb Sutter to define the point equivalent to 100 OFG degrees.
@thecoshman Cool
@thecoshman Probably -- but having grown up with me, I can't exactly blame her for at least a little bit of insanity. Sometimes you get it from your brother, not just your kids.
@R.MartinhoFernandes noo, 'brillant' gives me a red line or wrongness, 'brilliant' does not.
why is the topic in the cpp ounge chanched for everybody when he/she is having a bday but not for me? :[
I knew you guys don't like me but that much? ;o
@GamErix It's tomorrow, dude.
let's be fair, here
Paula is 3 on the OFG scale.
2:59 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes deadmg had even his topic changed for a POSTbday xD
@R.MartinhoFernandes oooh
I changed it for my birthday and half the lounge didn't even notice
@GamErix Your post birthday is after tomorrow.
@DeadMG was it friday night? :P

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