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3:02 PM
is there anything like boost::in_array ? or I need to use std::find and check whether the returned iterator is end or not manually ?
@NeelBasu I believe std::any_of does what you want
Whitechapel is the only station where the Underground is over ground and the Overground is under ground.
England for you
@Prætorian ya right
@Prætorian actually I've arbitrary C style array like
static boost::uint32_t punctuations[] = {
    0x7c,// |
    0x2c,// ,
    0x3a,// :
    0x3b,// ;
    0x27,// '
    0x22,// "
    0x2d,// -
    0x3f,// ?
    0x2e // .
would it take boost::any_of(punctuations) ?
or I need to pass the end also ?
> I tried using "Kinect for Windows" on my Mac.
It's for Windows, it's not going to work on Mac by definition
are people stupid?
oh yes they are.
3:16 PM
@TonyTheLion Yes.
Q: Kinect hang up suddenly. How can I fix it?

TaKUMA7I tried using "Kinect for Windows" on my Mac. Environment set-up seems to have gone well, but something seems being wrong. When I start some samples such as OpenNI-Bin-Dev-MacOSX-v1.5.4.0/Samples/Bin/x64-Release/Sample-NiSimpleViewer or others, the sample application start and seems working qu...

well, it might just be able to work on linux via wine, not sure if wine has bothered with mac at all...
oh boy, been a long day of reading through shit code, trying to work out what the hell is going on all the while keeping an eye out for things I might be able to do to improve what is going on. Time to head home and star at stuff real close :D
see y'all
A: Looking for solutions for tricky C++ templates and pointers usage

Luchian GrigoreNo preprocessor: /* <-- added line int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]) { L<A>* pA; L<B>* pB; pA = pB; return 0; } */ //<-- added line int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]) { } works fine for me.

3:32 PM
@LuchianGrigore Make it char* argv[] or no arguments at all.
@Fanael I believe that's the signature required by MSVS
@LuchianGrigore It's not.
@Fanael depends on the config. If I use main, I get a multiple def error.
@LuchianGrigore Oh you .. :)
@LuchianGrigore If I use main, it works everywhere. If I use _tmain, it doesn't work anywhere.
3:34 PM
@Fanael lucky you.
@LuchianGrigore Comments are actually on the preprocessor side.
@LuchianGrigore Moreover, standard says it's main, it doesn't mention _tmain anywhere.
(But +1 for the lulz)
@kbok "Please do not use preprocessor's directives."
@DeadMG Bro. WorldEdit.
3:36 PM
Agreed, excluding comments comes before compilation.
But comments aren't preprocessor directives.
@Fanael with some solutions/projects, main is generated by the IDE, and in turn calls _tmain.
@NeelBasu I've never used the boost version, but for std::any_of you will need to pass begin and end iterators
True, but your A starts with "No preprocessor:" which is not completely true :)
@kbok right :) corrected.
@LuchianGrigore So? I can write a fuck function that gets called by main.
I'm sharpening my pedantic knife right now, lol
3:38 PM
@Fanael ok. </thread>
If the compiler detects an UB somewhere in the code, is it allowed to compile the code "successfully" even though the code has type errors?
If there are type errors, I don't think it's a well-formed program.
Does UB consists of only runtime errors ?
@LuchianGrigore Yes, but UB means "anything can happen".
If the errors are diagnosable, it's not UB. If the errors are not diagnosable, the compiler is allowed to compile it, regardless of UB or not.
3:43 PM
> compiling versio on
Is proofreading a lost art?
> code isn't complete hammered down
A: Obfuscator's "Prevent Microsoft IL Disassembler from opening my assembly" option

logicnpThe protection only works if the decompilation tools honors the SuppressIldasmAttribute. Microsoft's ILDASM honors this and refuses to open any assembly marked with this attribute, but most other tools like Reflector, etc do not. These are not "real" protections anyway - they are just an additi...

What decision was taken about pushing advertisements in answers (even with a disclaimer)?
@EtiennedeMartel It's ok, so long as it's not spammy
@EtiennedeMartel "don't be Ira Baxter".
After clicking through ten answers, 3 were about his 3rd party tool.
3:47 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Checked last 20 answers of this guy, 6 of them contain an advert. Not an Ira's sockpuppet, but close.
And his username is the name of the company, which is worse than Ira imho
Flag all the things (spam)
@Drise I don't see a problem with that.
@R.MartinhoFernandes It can be used as evidence that he/she is here for promotion
Also, for example:
Accepted answer at Jan 3. Posts about tool on Aug 21
A: How to hide a licence key from casual inspection

logicnpYou need to obfuscate your assemblies with an obfuscator which supports string encryption. This feature encrypts all literal strings used in your code. Take a look at Crypto Obfuscator which supports this feature. It also supports a more powerful feature called Method Body Encryption which repl...

3:51 PM
@Drise Good catch.
Once more:
answered Oct 22 '08 at 20:24
@Xeo well, that's how I got there...
answered Aug 21 at 10:37
A two year old question
Note also: Aug 21
@Drise Where?
@Drise And where?
3:54 PM
A: Software protection by encryption

logicnpYou need two separate tools for this - A copy protection licensing scheme to replace your hardware scheme. Further, to prevent others from seeing your code and data like strings, keys, et, modifying it or bypassing it you also need a code-protection + obfuscation tool. Take a look at Crypto...

I don't like this guy.
He has some reasonable answers, ok, fine. But it's obvious he's trying to push the products.
I'm going to play devil's advocate and say that I can see a lot of non-adverty, entirely unrelated to his product, helpful answers from that guy.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I know. Still.
@R.MartinhoFernandes That doesn't sound right, I'm pretty sure there's some UB that's diagnosable.
It seems he mentions his product when a relevant question pops up. I'm fine with that.
A: Software protection by encryption

EnricoGentlemen, Thank you all for your very fast and usefull replies. I don't want to use licensing over the internet, since the application is running not always on computers that are connected. I will then get probably more problems then solving them. We will now most probably go for a commercial s...

3:57 PM
Ira looked exclusively for questions where he could plug his product, and even then, sometimes that plug was quite a stretch.
Also: Not an answer
I'm also fine with that, I didn't try it's product, but if it really works, why should the answer be downvoted ?
@daminetreg Still feels nearing the edge of spammy
@MooingDuck A problem that contains a violation of a diagnosable rule is ill-formed by definition.
What is the header for boost::any_of ?
I don't have cxx11 under algorithm/
3:59 PM
@NeelBasu I do have one in boost 1.51 : boost/algorithm/cxx11/any_of.hpp
@daminetreg I don't have
@R.MartinhoFernandes reading from an uninitialized variable is ill-formed?
I am suing 1.47 I think
@MooingDuck That's not a diagnosable rule :P
I'm just gonna leave the poor guy in peace, as my frustrated-with-life self is beginning to want to take him out.
4:01 PM
@MooingDuck Stuff that is explicitly called out as UB is not diagnosable by definition.
@NeelBasu 1.47 is too old I believe, I think it appered first in 1.50
If someone else wants to do something about it, I'll follow, but I'm not going to start anything.
@daminetreg I think I saw it in 1.43
@NeelBasu It's update time.
@NeelBasu Why are you suing them?
4:03 PM
@Fanael I am not getting an updated version from repo. and I am too lazy to compile by my own
@R.MartinhoFernandes and yet several compilers can and do diagnose it
@R.MartinhoFernandes also I'm pretty sure that's not part of the definition.
@MooingDuck Only in certain situations. The standard always requires diagnostics on diagnosable rules.
@MooingDuck That's conforming.
@MooingDuck It is.
@NeelBasu boost.org/users/history/version_1_50_0.html tells that the algorithm lib came as new library in this version. What you certainly found was boost::any
4:05 PM
> The set of diagnosable rules consists of all syntactic and semantic rules in this International Standard except for those rules containing an explicit notation that “no diagnostic is required” or which are described as resulting in “undefined behavior.”
@daminetreg Hmm I am using std::find instead
@NeelBasu Updating boost is always a great thing :)
@R.MartinhoFernandes ah, didn't realize the spec actually defined "diagnosable". I was using the term colloquially.
is there any safe shortcut for sizeof(l)/sizeof(l[0])
@NeelBasu array.size()
4:07 PM
@NeelBasu boost::array / std::array
@NeelBasu don't use raw arrays, and you don't have that problem
@Fanael boost::array ?
I can always pass a raw array to boost::array I think ?
@NeelBasu Yes, except it's in std now.
I don't have C++11 here in all machines
@NeelBasu std::extent for raw arrays
4:08 PM
@NeelBasu C++ doesn't let you "pass" a raw array into anything
@NeelBasu boost is C++03
A: c++ - declaring an array of strings and finding the number of elements in it (openFrameworks)

daminetregFirst of all the vidArray->size() call you made is equivalent to vidArray[0].call() because an array is nothing else than a pointer pointing the first element, so by calling vidArray->size() you are simply doing : (*vidArray).size(). Such old arrays doesn't have a size(), there are however unadv...

@Potatoswatter That's C++11.
template <typename T, std::size_t N>
std::size_t size(T(&)[N]) { return N; }
@NeelBasu also it was in tr1
4:09 PM
@MooingDuck Yes but cant I pass boost::array(raw_array) ?
@NeelBasu no
> cerr()<<"a1 is:"<<a1;
Lol, cerr()
Who puts () on std::io?
@R.MartinhoFernandes You forgot constexpr.
@Fanael C++03
@MooingDuck OMG. then What to do ? I cannot change the already coded array to boost::array in header file
4:10 PM
@MooingDuck Don't make life any easier for people who're still using C++03.
@NeelBasu Actually, you can reinterpret_cast the address of the raw array to a std::array because the address of both is guaranteed to be the same as their first element.
@Fanael nonsense, lots of companies still use VS9. Mine does.
@Fanael Erm, then I'd suggest std::array, not that function.
@NeelBasu then use the function RMartinho wrote
Don't think many would consider it a good practice, but it's perfectly fine.
4:11 PM
@MooingDuck My condolences, then.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Hmm I see the trick
Thanks Worked
@R.MartinhoFernandes It's elegant :)
LEts see how much fail today's xkcd is going to invoke on Onebox.
Epic failure
that isnt todays?
@Drise That's not today's xkcd.
4:18 PM
@Ell Yesterdays
It's yesterdays
finally home
@Drise that's all the picture is. Disable plugins and such and that's what you see on the page
@kbok Since xkcd is done every other day (with weekends as an exception), the phrase "today's xkcd" can cover "monday-tuesday", "wednesday-thursday", and "friday-saturday-sunday". Saying "Today's xkcd" is entirely legal to reference any xkcd comic posted in the respective day-block.
4:23 PM
@StackedCrooked Oh that would not be fun.
@MooingDuck I know. I just want to find the whole image, if possible. Inspect element suggests it's a bunch of smaller images.
Don't bother. It's too large.
4:23 PM
20 hours ago, by Mooing Duck
user image
@Drise That's totally not true and I'm not even debating it.
Erm, seems I broke chat search again.
Does this open for any of you? chat.stackoverflow.com/…
Q: Limits for self promotion, round III

sbiThe chat has come across a case where one user does something similar to Ira. From the few of his recent answers I looked at, it seems he hasn't done it as badly as Ira Baxter did. But then he goes out and actively searches old questions (new ones, too) and plugs his products. Yes, he adds a di...

I just can't sit on my hands and quietly watch such assholes around.
seems like
@R.MartinhoFernandes doesn't seem to open here
@R.MartinhoFernandes nope
4:30 PM
@sbi I've given my support like I said I would
Ok, reporting.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Might that try to inline a link to a very large version of the map? I remember someone linking to such a thing yesterday. :)
If 10% of us did the same, the 10% of us would earn more money from this terrible site.
@sbi Googling LogicNP leaves me unimpressed and disgusted with a terrible website.
@Drise Incidentally, this is exactly what you see when you open the jpg on the XKCD site.
4:33 PM
@sbi I know.
@sbi Nah, it gives a server error. The server won't try to load the image, it will simply serve me the link to it.
@Drise I don't even care whether their website, product, support, whatever is bad or great.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ah, I didn't wait long enough to see a server error.
@sbi I know. But still a shitty website
Did you guys go through some of that guys answers and down vote them because of the advertisements?
Ha, someone downvoted my meta question. There's always someone.
4:35 PM
@Chimera serial downvoting isn't allowed
@CatPlusPlus lol
@MooingDuck Understood. I asked if you guys went through and down voted.
@sbi I'm sure it's just the query timing out.
As in one down vote from a few members here who wish to rid SO of some abuse.
However, this is the third time that this particular query: chat.stackoverflow.com/… fails because of that.
4:37 PM
@Chimera If you look at the timeline of those answers, you will see that those downvotes are fairly recent. So I suppose everyone here was as disgusted as I was and clicked the downvote button. But, yeah, since everybody did this within a very short timespan, the serial voting algorithm will probably revert this over night.
@sbi Sorry I didn't realize you were pointing out a more systemic problem. Next time feel free to ping me directly, or one flag indicating that we should look at the body of answers would be fine.
@casperOne Um, I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. :-/
Q: Third time's the charm! Chat search is broken yet again

R. Martinho FernandesNow that I can search for all the times I mentioned in the C++ lounge that chat search sucks, it seems I can't search for something actually useful, like the link to some neat xkcd 1110 viewer that Mysticial posted yesterday. All I get is the 500 lolcat. I have confirmation of this feature bug fr...

@sbi Limits of self promotion round three.
@sbi It would be better to downvote then add a comment about the self advertisement. No?
4:38 PM
@casperOne Protip protip protip: the answers were flagged.
@casperOne You mean you read that question and weren't aware that I was pointing out a systemic problem? I am thoroughly confused.
@sbi Just saying, if you want to be more efficient and don't want to go through writing a whole meta post, you can just ping me directly, or a flag indicating that we should look at the entire body of answers that's fine.
@sbi I assumed you did the spam flags. The question was after.
@casperOne I also was one for spam flags.
@Fanael Yeah, we saw that, but from the mod queue point of view, we look at the answers, we see disclaimers, we don't always get the whole picture.
44 mins ago, by Drise
He has some reasonable answers, ok, fine. But it's obvious he's trying to push the products.
4:40 PM
@sbi: Thanks for reminding me. I've been meaning to write something about software patents for quite a while, and your tweet this morning got me started writing a bit about it. Feel free to read it if you care.
Generally, just saying, if we should look at a corpus of work, then use a custom mod message, it helps point us more in that direction.
So you want to kill him?
@casperOne But then I can't whore flags :D
@casperOne But spam flags are cooler because they're red :(
@Fanael It makes my eyes bleed, and then I'll start deleting comments from blindness. You don't want that =P
4:41 PM
@casperOne Ah, no, I wasn't aware that some here had thrown flags across this. I got a pretty snide remark a moderator on one of my flags when I flagged more than a dozen answers by Ira the other day, essentially telling me to not to add load to the flag queue, but take the discussion to meta. So I did this time — and I promptly get a (friendly!) remark from a mod asking me to flag and explain there... :(
But thanks @sbi for pointing it out in the meta post.
@casperOne Nice word - corpus.
@JerryCoffin "what he believes to be the best most" Should be "method"?
This might be a stupid idea, but maybe the solution is to force people to pay for advertising space on StackExchange and ban ads on answers?
@sbi Yeah, sorry for the confusion on this. The meta post was solid, thank you for that. If you want to be more efficient in the future, like I said, ping me, I'm sympathetic and don't mind doing the leg work on these kinds of users. Or a custom mod message. Your choice.
@Chimera Thank you.
4:43 PM
@Fanael Often when I flag, rather than clicking on "spam!!!", I pick "other" and explain my reasoning. Yeah, not as sure, but you have to remember that moderators look at a queue of dozens, if not hundreds, of flags, mass-processing them one at a time. I am sure it's helpful to explain your reasoning.
@sbi 400 today as of now... And this is my norm.
@casperOne I enjoyed it because I got to learn a new word. :-)
@sbi Bah, too lazy.
@Chimera Sign up for word of the day and have it delivered to your inbox.
@casperOne Ah ha! Excellent!
4:45 PM
@thefuckingword, nyc
it's easier to improve your lexicon with sex, drugs, and fucking swearing.
1.5k tweets, 3.7k followers, following 0 users
@Chimera Not stupid at all, we reference how to contact advertising in the FAQ, but moderators can't make users pay advertising dollars. =)
@Chimera Why don't you go to meta and suggest that as an answer to a suitable question?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Added.
@thefuckingword is cooler :)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oops -- quite right. Thank you.
4:45 PM
@sbi Should I?
Thanks @sbi, everyone. Laters.
@Chimera The worst that can happen is that the meta crowd doesn't like the idea and downvotes it into oblivion. But that's only meta rep, so...
Ok I will do so
@Fanael But for you it's just a few flags to do a bit more about, while, as casperOne said, to them it's hundreds. It just doesn't seem fair to be lazy at the cost of volunteers that shoulder a lot of work for us.
Erm, someone voted to close my bug report as not constructive. WTF.
4:48 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes your standard buf report?
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'd vote as "too localized" :P
@Shog9: I don't even get a page: i.stack.imgur.com/JZfgu.jpganimuson 34 secs ago
Beautiful. It's so... artistic.
How in the world can someone vote to close a bug report as "not constructive"?? — sbi 11 secs ago
Let the down votes begin.
A: Limits for self promotion, round III

ChimeraI realize this is likely to be wildly unpopular, but how about Stack Exchange allows those who want to advertise products to pay for advertising so people who want to see ads can go to a specific place or places to view them? Then advertising links in questions and answers would be banned. Botto...

4:52 PM
@bamboon No, a chat search bug.
@sbi cause it's obviously a feature :P
@Chimera Um, now that I think about it — they are selling ad space at SO.
you guys are on meta too much
@TonyTheLion Well, sbi is well-known meta lover.
@Fanael did not used to be that way.
he turned to the dark side :P
4:54 PM
@TonyTheLion Hey, I'm just reporting a bug.
@R.MartinhoFernandes so?
A regression of a regression.
I need 2 more upvotes of answers to hit repcap
@TonyTheLion You want to use a buggy site?
then I think it'll be the second time in my life I hit repcap :P
4:55 PM
@TonyTheLion Consider it done. I need one upvote to hit 2K
@TonyTheLion Done.
@R.MartinhoFernandes no, but I don't like meta
@Fanael Actually, I only ever go to meta to complain. It's not exactly universal love I earn for doing so.
@Chimera ok
Dark side is the rep game.
4:56 PM
@Chimera Congrats
Meta is the grey side.
@CatPlusPlus you say that with 40k rep.
@Drise :-) Thank you
@CatPlusPlus Meta is the grey site.
@TonyTheLion Would it somehow be different if I said it?
4:57 PM
@JerryCoffin be worse in fact
@CatPlusPlus lol
@Cat I hate and love you at the same time. I just spent the last 4 days immersed in DayZ. I hate you because I spent 4 days in DayZ. I love you because I had a lot of fun doing it.
So torn...
People with high rep are repwhores, people with low rep are dumbasses.
@TonyTheLion It wouldn't be different, but it would be worse? How can it be worse without being different?
@TonyTheLion More importantly, I'm defending my right to free speech!
4:58 PM
@StackedCrooked with "high rep" and "low rep" defined as "more than me" and "less than me"?
@JerryCoffin It's so much worse it overflows and wraps around back to the same value.
@JerryCoffin FTFY
@MooingDuck Usually :)
@R.MartinhoFernandes oh yea you can defend that :)
@StackedCrooked Sounds like the old line about drivers: anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anybody driver faster is obviously insane!
4:59 PM
@MooingDuck With "me" defined as yours truly, the robot.
@StackedCrooked Heyyyy
@R.MartinhoFernandes "me" is the observer, obviously

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