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11:11 PM
@IanCampbell Yep @IanCampbell, I already reported that issue.
11:22 PM
@Dharman Ohh wait, I found this on Meta, so it's probably off-limit here.
@TylerH Can you remove it just to be safe...
@user17242583 Ah, thanks, I looked right over it because it was -2 instead of -1.
11:41 PM
Can anyone see the time of the vote on the reputation page?
I only see Nov 29. How can I tell that this is voting fraud?
In the time tab, you can see the time if it was more than 24 hours ago.
What's the difference between "time" and "post"?
Time has always been ordered strictly chronologically. Post was ordered by post within the day.
I switched to post and I still don't see time
different application of over padding? :P
11:47 PM
Isn't that what you're looking for? That day was Nov 20.
@user17242583 How did you get that?
Did you click on something?
Consider this vs this
@Dharman 1. visit stackoverflow.com/users/17242583/user17242583?tab=reputation, 2. Scroll to and expand Nov 20, 3. Expand the top latest post "Merging rows based on condition of two rows?"
Wait, I can see it now. What did I click on?
11:50 PM
You clicked on the Time tab
I think this thing is just really broken
Open this stackoverflow.com/users/1839439/… and expand 24th nov
The reputation page is the WORST of all the changes. The excessive padding is egregious, and the whole page is, rather than a delight, crunching with information, an eyesore. I feel dizzy looking at it, or like the sun is shining right on my screen.
I can't find the information I need easily, this is a nightmare
@Dharman When I do that, there is no time in "Post" tab and times listed in "Time" tab
ok, but there is no time in the time tab either. Expand yesterday on this user stackoverflow.com/users/1839439/dharman?tab=reputation
11:53 PM
There's only a time if it's older than "yesterday"
No actually @Dharman, I know what's going on. It's because for Nov 24 in your rep, each rep change happened to a different post. Consider Nov 10 of your rep. There, you had three events on one post, so you can expand it and see the times. Someone should open a bug report.
better not me, because I am too angry with this
Ok, I'll try it.
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